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Create Delivery note/packing with one click

Started by tony stock in Feature Requests | Idea

Can we have a simple feature that allows a one click option to create a delivery note from an invoice that has already been reconciled. My customers always pay me up front so I normally reconcile their invoice quite quickly. Their goods are then sent out to them several days later at which point I need to print a delivery note for the delivery driver. I currently have to take the payment off of the invoice in order to change the invoice to a different template and then after printing the delivery note revert it back again to the original invoice and re add the the payment....bit of a pain just to produce a delivery note!!
Official Xero Reply
Hi All, sarcasm aside, do appreciate the continued feedback here.

Despite what it may seem, the new navigation recently released was a decent chunk of work. I know this wasn’t something you’ll asked here, but looking at the product as a whole, this was necessary to improve the general flow & understanding across the product, as more people are using Xero day-to-day. Do have a read of what went into this on our Blog.

I did want to follow up on Brittany’s last update here, as we’re coming into the end of 2018 and our new invoicing is in the midst of being made available to you all. As you’ll see, there’s a refreshed workflow experience designed to help get invoices to your customers faster, so you can get paid quicker (plus there’s auto-save functionality!).

We’re aware this doesn’t address the direct delivery note situation being asked for here, and while we don’t have plans for developing a direct packing slip feature, we will continue to take on board your feedback and comments, & if there’s any movement will be sure to share.

In the meantime, we have the help article around how you can create a packing slip in Xero right now or, there’s also a range of invoicing apps that can provide this for you.

Lauren C (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Lauren C (Community Manager)
Hey team - this was started on 9th May 2013, but again the date a request was started doesn't influence when it's worked on. There's so many factors that affect when a team starts work on a feature, so please look here on our blog if you haven't already. I 100% get that having this feature would speed things up for your day, however we do prioritise functionality that doesn't yet exist in Xero - recent examples are Projects, new Expenses Claims, CIS and more.

We've also mentioned a few times that the team in charge of Invoicing (and so therefore Delivery Notes), are still working on the complete refresh of Invoicing. So don't have room in their schedule to add a whole new document type and the other work that comes with developing a Delivery Note/Packing Slip.

If we have any news to update you with, we'll be back to share with you all. For now, the Docx template is the way to go.

Brittany H (Community Manager)