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Search - Search field always active on invoice tabs

Started by Sean Thexton in Feature Requests | Done!

I would love the option to have the search field always active on the invoice tabs. Quite often we have to search for invoices and regularly need to make the field visible throughout our day. If you change between tabs it closes too. Many thanks :)
I think this feature would be handy for purchases/bills as well as I am frustrated with not being able to do this.

Michelle Campbell

Good news: One of the many exciting Xerocon US presentations showed us we were getting expanded and web searchable Partner profiles. Our clients would see these while working in Xero and be able to click to reach us. As part of this we learned that Xero would soon have search much more active, throughout the program.


I would appreciate having an option for a user level default on the search tab - whether it appears open or hidden by default. We have about 1000 invoices a month, so our user have to open the search tab almost 100% of the time.

Dean Wilson

Has there been any development on this? It would be so good if the search criteria remained when using different tabs in both sales and purchases!

Kellie Ireland

Agree invoice search would be great. Often on the bank statement only an invoice number is quoted. To be able search by invoice number would be a great help.

Melinda Dawson

A shortcut key would be awesome. Click F9 to search for any invoice. Click F10 to search for any purchase order. No matter what screen your on, click and it takes you there.

Susan Miller

you need to be able to search on a invoice no either a debtor or creditor .when will this be available. i have a payment made into my bank account with only a invoice no as reference and as i have many many inv's with the same amount i have to open each one to find the correct customer. help please

christine Neader

When will there be search function for invoice / purchase order numbers?

Peter Mc Whinney

Xero Search is now available from the header of most pages :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Search field to stay open when you change between ALL, Awaiting Payment etc would be very useful. I find myself having to copy my keywords then change tab, open Search function again, paste keywords and search again.

Michelle MacGregor

I don't think this request is actually done. I don't think Sean was referring to the search box at the top of the screen. I think he was referring to the search option when you are looking at Invoices. When you click between ALL, Draft, Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment, Paid, and Repeating, the Search field goes away and you have to click Search again to search for specific invoices.

Nancy Prose

This definitely is not done. Search should be at the forefront on all invoices tabs for drafts, awaiting etc

Anna Anderson

The current Search button is like an Advanced Search option. Most the time, you don’t even need the parameters but the default Search for.

You should be able to do a quick search by typing a value and enter. The current search option is like an advanced search function

Put yourself as a user.
When you have to do 100 searches at billing time, it is most inconvenient to click the search button 100 times as well !!
Please add quick search to the feature list.

Accounts SP

Is there any update on this? Would be great if search criteria remained when using different tabs in both sales and purchases as well as changing bank accounts.

Angela Hird