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Job Cost Tracking in Xero

Started by Nadine Davis-Atma in Feature Requests | Done!

Hello, I am new to Xero and prior to moving over, I have been able to track job costs by line on each invoice (I was previously using Quckbooks). I was under the impression that I could continue with job tracking in moving over to Xero, but I don't see that this is the case. Although I am very impressed with all of the other areas Xero has on offer, the ability to track costs by job is a very major issue for me.

Tracking of costs per job (or per customer) is a large part of how I forecast my budgets by month and quarter. Is anyone able to make any suggestions on how to get around this? I am using category tracking for the different areas of my business (such as SEO, PPC, WEB etc), so I don't think that creating a category for each customer will work.

Please help if you can!


Official Xero Reply
Hi everybody, it's been a whirlwind of a year so far, receiving lots of great feedback about Projects as well as slipping in a few more improvements over the last few months like; launching the projects app (continuously being updated with more detail to help on the go), new user permissions, logging time on behalf of other users, getting Projects into the Demo Company, and more.

Today, with the full launch of Projects now hitting the US market we want to return to thank you all for the detail and interest we've received here. We're going to return your votes, so you can all decide what's next on your wish list.

Take your time to explore Projects in Xero, how you might manage these in your org, and ask questions with Support to work out the best plan for your business, right now.

Now, this isn't the final haul. We'll be working iteratively to add more enhancements and further shape the space of Projects in Xero. I've listed a couple of the new requests below, but you can search for a full list, or add your own idea if not already there. :)

- Projects - Assign a Purchase Order to a Project - Under Consideration
- Projects - Assign a supplier credit to a project - Done
- Projects - Assign Quote/s to a project - Done
- Projects Reporting - Add a profit or loss total - Done

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Projects is our solution to Job Costing in Xero, and we're continuing to enhance on the functionality within this feature - Appreciate it won't fit every single business case however if due to something missing, it'd be good to hear and I recommend starting a new idea if not already sprung-up in the community here.
As much as it's been amazing to see the utilization in Tracking, we've been clear from the get-go in it's designed uses. We don't have intentions to build upon Tracking to develop the job cost ability that's being asked in the conversation here. If this is of necessity, again I suggest exploring Projects (try in the demo co.) or looking into the connected apps and services on offer through our ecosystem.

Kelly M (Community Manager)