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Sales Invoices - 'Ship To'/Job Address

Started by Maximum Business Solutions in Feature Requests | Done!

Selecting and using a client is a bit cumbersome, you have to wait for the name to appear and then you can't get anymore information until you SAVE the invoice / bill and then see the address etc.
Can we have SHIP TO address for when the PAYER is not at the address where the work was done.

eg: Rental property maintenance is not paid by the tenant so the bill goes to a different address but should have the 'ship to' or works done at Address!!
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I’m pleased to share that today(5 June 20) the team has just released delivery addresses for Sales invoices.
I appreciate this isn’t quite the functionality that some here we’re seeking and if there are parts of the feature that you’d like to see more enhanced we'd like to hear your thoughts, though the best way for the team to get a real sense of interest is through a fresh request. You’re welcome to start a new one to share with others in the conversation here who may want to see the same.

As mentioned in my last update, the improvements that the team have made are accessible through the contact card once entered within an invoice. From the contact card, you’ll be able to add a street address (if not already saved) that can appear as the delivery address on the invoice.
I’d recommend having a try of this either in your own org or the demo co. to see how the feature works and become familiar, we have content on hand to help, and you can raise any questions with our Support team through Xero Central.
Thank you for all your inputs to the development of delivery address everyone.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Completely get the sentiment team and currently in April 2020 we’re just as eager to get this feature out to you all asap. Leaning back from my last update in Sept 2019, there have been inter-dependencies that'd occasionally diverted the team’s attention for work on adding delivery addresses to an invoice.

There is slight change to the feature development since my post in June 2019, and to clarify what’s in the works for delivery addresses right now - We’re building the ability to add a Delivery address that’s pulled from the Street address saved within a contacts record. Where you don’t have a Street address saved for the contact you are invoicing you’ll be able to add this on the fly from the Contact card (this is visible when hovering over the contact) within an invoice.

To give you a bit of a glimpse of what’s coming here’s an image of where you’ll add a delivery address within an invoice, and this is how it’ll appear through the online invoice your customer views.

I know we’ve given time frames before and to avoid getting up hopes, at this point in time I do just want to assure you this is on it's way and will be live to you soon as soon as we can. I’ll be back with more of an update once there’s more news.

Kelly M (Community Manager)