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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Viberent, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Viberent
The complete rental/hire business solution for all types of rental business from SMEs to large companies. Viberent will automate your business and integrate transactions directly into your Xero organisation.
For more information, check out Viberent.

Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Viberent, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support via email, phone or skype, visit the RentalSaaS knowledge base
We found Viberent a very valuable tool to manage our rental equipment and invoicing.

The system integrates very well with Xero and saves over 20 hours every month that is otherwise spent in manually tracking inventory and invoicing separately in Xero. It has also improved the tracking of our equipment.

We strongly recommend Viberent for any business renting equipment.

Richard Head  

Our small hire business has grown so quickly we have had to implement a hire and accounting program in the past few months. We tired a few hire programs before we found viberent. Not only is the program easy to use with the ability to personalise so many areas, but the staff behind the program have customer service better than I have ever experience before. They happily go above and beyond to help us out (even if it is late night email and calls). The program works easily with xero and for once I am excited to push out quotes and reconciling the accounts each month.


Renee Klug  

We have been using RentalSaas for about 3 years now and we love it! It merges seamlessly with Xero and any time we have had any issues or needed help Siva has been awesome and so helpful!

Teresa Hay
The Zest Group WA

Teresa Hay  

Product integrates well with Xero. Siva and the management team at RentalSaaS are accessible and responsive. Easy to use interface and good functionality.

Ed Robertson  

Hi, We approached Siva at RentalSaaS (now Viberent) beginning of last year (2016) and decided to update our very old DOS based rental system (we've had for 25 years) to Viberent. Siva made it very easy and we emailed them a excel spreadsheet (of our equipment) and they loaded it into Viberent. After a couple of hours training and a couple of hiccups along the way, it's been 12 months now and it's the best decision we have had ever made. We no longer batch up our rental transactions and then invoice but we input the data direct (as we are selecting the gear) and then we post it into XERO. The client receives their invoice via email before they have left the our office. It has saved us alot of time and money over the year. Thanks.

Darryl Callaghan
PC Rentals Ltd

Darryl Callaghan  

After changing to Xero for my rental hire business I found Viberent and now use this for my photographic hire business. I have found them fantastic to deal with great back up and support. They took all my old hire information and had me up and running in no time. Highly recommend them
David Hamilton
photohire ltd

David Hamilton  

We purchased a business in early 2016 and with no previous experience in equipment hire so we needed to ascertain exactly what our needs were and the software to match. We did significant research into products and accounting systems and came across the pairing of Xero and Viberent. We trialled the software and Siva and his team have been nothing but helpful and their after sales service exemplary. We would have no issues in recommending them and their software as it has proven incredibly successful for us and we urge you to give them a go - you won't be disappointed.

Dolly Shop NZ

T K  

Launching a new business early 2015, I searched widely for a programme that could run the business, and be tailored to our needs. Keen also to use Xero, "Rental Saas", now "Viberent" became the best choice. It took some time and patience to set up, but it was totally worth it! The stock control capabilities really suit our needs, and the interface between the two programmes is so simple. Other colleagues in our industry use more complicated systems that are laborious. I recommend Viberent without hesitation.

Connie Constantine
Dome Property Styling

Connie Constantine  

We have recently changed to Viberent and are very happy with the results. One of the main reasons for changing was due to our previous system not being able to integrate successfully with Xero. The support offered by Siva and his team is second to none, any issues that we have faced have been rectified promptly. I would definitely recommend investing in this hire management system.

Alexsae Brown  

I have been using Rental Saas in conjunction with xero for over a year now and have found that the intergration between it and xero to be majic, very time effective and simple to manage. Thank you

Accounts (Shelley Kelly)  

RentalSaas software is an excellent management tool for our hire fleet. We now have better control of our fleet and can forward plan when trucks are coming off hire. It is a great system for keeping track of our ever increasing fleet, no matter where in the country it is. It also makes it very easy for the regional managers to know which hire vehicles are available and where in the country they are. The integration into Xero is just awesome, very painless.
We have found Siva and his team excellent from the very beginning. They are ready to listen to our needs and are only too ready to make changes and upgrades to the software. The continued development and new features are great. Nice to see a company supporting their clients’ needs.
The program is working really well for us, and will go from strength to strength as they roll out new & improved features. Can’t wait to test drive the mobile app.

Tania Osborne  

In 2015 we transitioned to Xero for our accounting and needed something to keep a track of our containers that hire and sell. We were made aware of RentalSaas through our accountant and within a couple of weeks we were up and running.
We did have a few teething problems along the way, however these were dealt with quickly by Siva and his team.
I feel there are still some features that could be adjusted and am hoping that the team will be able to deal with these in due course.
I would recommend RentalSaas to any hire company.

Admin Shipping  

RentalSaaS has allowed our company to further streamline our Scaffolding rental operations with easy preparation of rental documentation for our customers. With the ability to post short-term and long-term transactions to Xero directly, we are able to save on average 6-8hrs of work every week that is otherwise spent on duplication of data in Xero and manual work. Such savings of time have directly contributed to our business bottomline as we able to focus more time on operational matters and our customers.

Also, RentalSaaS support has been very good from the time of initial setup to ongoing assistance as and when we required. We are happy to recommend RentalSaaS to any Scaffolding or Equipment rental business. Keep up the good work, RentalSaaS!!

Richard Small  

Thank you to Siva and his team for making the transition to RentalSaaS so smooth.
I have found your team and product to be very adaptable in meeting our requirements for a rental hire management system.
We have over 700 products totaling more than 90000 stock items. We have found managing and finding these items with RentalSaaS relatively easy.
We email invoices to account customers straight from RentalSaaS with all the contracts details which means our customers can track the invoice to the relevant event. With over 150 invoices per month, being able to post straight to Xero has saved time and money with account receivables.
Checking and updating orders from any computer has increased our ability to service customers at anytime from anyway.
The freshness of this product and the attention Siva and his team have given us, means that we look forward to future updates. We have seen our input (and others I’m sure) implemented regularly which shows as a customer we are being listened to.
We are excited about the continued support from RentalSaaS.

David Simmons
Linen Hire From Di Simmons

David Simmons  

We have been using Rental Management System since June 2014. In that time we have found it to be generally reliable and any problems we have are sorted quickly by Siva and his team.
Rental Management System has helped us keep track of our inventory items and avoid double booking. We are probably not using it to its full capacity at the moment but it is meeting our needs.

Debra Clements
Got It Covered
Event Management and Hire

Debra Clements  

I have just just moved to Xero and RentalSAAS....... very very happy with the program functionality and Xero compatibility. We are a rental and sales based business with Equipment all over the country. RentalSaaS is saving time and helping us drive growth. Siva and his team are always available and accomodating and helping us customize the program to meet our specific needs.
Alex Aldis
Flexikitch Ltd

Alex Aldis  

One of our clients required a rental system that could meet their specific niches that is almost expected from most businesses. Hire Management “RentalSaas” were able to meet our needs and even customised the system to meet them. Siva and the team were very helpful; they took the time to understand the business processes and create solutions that they were able to achieve within the software.

There are one or two features that the software is lacking (which they are probably working on!) and we feel the ergonomics are not quite up to the standards of, say, Xero, but overall the system works well.

Engine Room CA

Hakan Nedjat  

Since the beginning of July we have started using the Rental Management System from Smart Report Solutions and have been very impressed with the Xero add-on.
We have had to make some necessary changes and Siva has been very accommodating in accomplishing this task & further changes when necessary.
I have no hesitation in recommending the system to any potential clients of Xero who need a rental / inventory based system.

James Harke
ABC Containers

James Harke  

This hire management software has proven to be just the thing needed for our business. Siva and his team have been great with helping to overcome our complicated hire situations with solutions. There is continued development and each new upgrade has added features which make this cloud based application even better. This is not some stale app being resold, they are active in support and development and have produced a very impressive hire management application.

Maroochydore Home Health Care

Jon Pushong  

Smart reports Add-on to Xero with its Rental Management system has helped our clients manage the hire side of their business and keep track of bookings and hire items. This has been a huge help in the running of equipment and with the up and coming releases to the software there will be much more functionality. Good on you Siva for your friendly help and assistance. It is a credit to your company.

Scotty Jenkin
Noone Ford Simpson Ltd

Scotty Jenkin  

We started off having a few issues with the system and with the 2 systems linking. These were quickly sorted and the people of smart reports were more then willing to help us sort these out.
I found Siva very willing and helpful towards us and understanding towards us learning the new system.
With the changes to the half day option and the clients changing over it is a very efficient system for hiring out our products.

Air and Power Team

Vicki Gallagher  

Hire Management software is an excellent management tool for managing items should you hire items out to your clients. Having integration into Xero is just perfect. With the recent addition of updated inventory management it is a simple cost effective program for your business. Using Hire Management makes for rental transactions and now inventory management makes Xero function like it should, nicely in the background. Hire Management has certainly helped me to keep track of items I hire in my sleep apnoea business!
Siva and his team are also ready to listen to your needs and are only too ready to make changes and upgrades to the software. This is a rare quality these days as companies bring out software and if it does not suit your needs perfectly, you need to find alternatives which takes time which we all have so little of. A company that listens and wants feedback can then make a better product for the marketplace!
Thanks Siva for your efforts in getting Hire Management working for my business! I highly recommend anyone to check out Hire Management software if you have a rental based business or inventory needs and are using the world best accounting package, Xero.

Bill Lawson
Bill's Sleep Clinic

William Lawson