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Cheque printing for Canada

Started by Catherine Walker (Community Manager) -   in Feature Requests | Completed

Starting a new feature request for this on behalf of customers wanting cheque printing in Canada.

For general discussion on how this feature should work in Canada, how it's specifically different to what we've implemented for US customers, please leave comments on the thread: Calling for input on how you use checks/cheques in your business

If you're keen to see cheque printing offered in your region, please start a specific feature request - thanks!
Official Xero Reply
I'm very pleased to let you know that today we released cheques for Canada. Check out the below for more information:

Xero Help: Cheques in Xero

Xero blog: Cheques in Canada and Quotes improvements

We're keen to hear your feedback on how it works for you. Cheers.

Matt Barnett (Community Manager)