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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.1 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and TidyWork, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About TidyWork

Industrial and professional service organisations use TidyWork as their job costing workflow system to manage time, materials and expenses efficiently. For more information, check out TidyWork.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with TidyWork, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the TidyWork support centre or this page for information on connecting TidyWork to Xero.

Reporting side of Tidy needs a lot of work

Terry Ozanne  

We have been using TidyEnterprise in Kenya since 2013 (when it was Procision+) and seen it grow. I've not come across another platform that helps discrete manufacturing and project management move away from paper, spreadsheets and general chaos. We handle between 20-50 projects at any one time and TidyEnterprise ultimately is the only way we're going to monitor profitability per project and overall. The development team has always listened to our requests and discussed in great detail about how our workflows on the ground are compared to what they designed against and vice versa - they are definitely a team working customer-centric as opposed to churning out a product and wishing you well on how to make it work for you.
I remember one interaction I had with the support team and realised that some things in this platform are not just there for the sake of it - they are extremely well thought out!
Integration with Xero was easy and the information exchange is without hitches 99% of the time. I'm glad that the integration allows Tidy to focus on the core of what it does and leaves the accounting to Xero - the combination is effectively an ERP with a good amount of flexibility so that you can still run your business the way you want.

Asim Shah  

I Have been using this program for years now, its great, we don't use it to its full potential tho,
it is great for getting jobs on before we start them so that we can follow them thru to invoicing in xero, never had any major problems, - any small issues the help team have been so helpful!!

Anna Valk  

I have applied Tidywork and Tidy Enterprise in different industries. Powerful and user friendly packages that punch well above their weight, coming in at a fraction of the subscription and support costs of the big guys. Support is prompt and helpful. Combined with a commonsense look at business processes, the system improves transaction rates, lowers the wastes of time and material, improves traceability and accounting accuracy.

Edward Fyvie  

We have had incredible support from you guys. Both the online support and the telephone conversations when we’ve needed them with the Customer Success team, have been very helpful.

We have being using TidyEnterprise for a year now and I genuinely think it’s a great product.

Roger Smith  

Switched to Tidy in July and have been very happy with the move. Their support is great and change requests are dealt with promptly. One such example was having the material CODE preceding the description now on a material list is FANTASTIC !! Small change but a massive improvement for us. Makes identifying materials so much easier - thanks guys. Keep up the great work

Craig Mitchell  

Support is non-existent, from frontline support through to senior management. We use industrial Tidyworks for a manufacturing business, the software is unable to issue purchase orders for suggested suppliers as advertised. This is a problem when you are trying to automate over 20 purchase orders per day. Tidyworks management have acknowledged the problem, however their support stops there, we have been now months without this capability in the software, with no definite end date, and management expecting the fee to be paid ongoing even though we are unable to use the software, saying: "I have discussed this with Kevin (CEO) but as Rob pointed out, there is already a discount included in this subscription. If we were charging full price, we would give a reduction but the good will is already embedded into the 12 month period."

Essentially we signed up for a subscription we can not use, and Tidyworks is happy to continue taking our money even though we can't use their software effectively due to a technical glitch.

If you decide to use this software I hope you have a better experience than we did!

Carl Bird  

We've used Tidywork since we formed our environmental services consulting firm 3 years ago. We'd search quite extensively to find effective project management and accounting software at an affordable price. The combination of Tidywork and Xero ticked all the boxes. Tidywork allows us to quickly set up projects, bill hours, direct-charge expenses and track employee work. The information merges seamlessly into Xero for invoicing. There is room for improvement in a few areas but we're happy with our daily use of this product and would definitely recommend it.

Helen Mongillo  

Our business is a Workshop based Engineering Company. After moving to Xero nearly 2 years ago we chose Tidywork as our Job Management Software package. We now use Tidywork extensively on a daily basis and are very pleased with how it works for our business. All aspects of a job are recorded within the program with integrated purchasing, labour recording and invoicing at job completion. The integration with Xero is seamless making it a very complimentary package. On the odd occasion when support is required it has always been timely. While not yet perfect, I have no hesitation in recommending this package.

Michael Crooks  

Our business has been using Tidyworks for a number of years now and we think the project management software is terrific. Kathy has been most helpful right from the word go in making sure we have the support we require and our questions answered. Our staff have no issues with entering their times, materials and expenses against projects. When it comes time for invoicing in Xero - It is just Beautiful and our data from TidyWork transfers over just beautifully too.

Diane Taylor  

I don’t know how we would manage without Tidywork, I spend quite a bit of my day using it.
It has professionalized the way we manage projects.

Sara Hunter  

Can't seem to get any support. Queried the link with Capsule as doesn't seem to work in Demo/trial which isn't helpful. The training videos can't be made full-screen and just can't see what they are showing. Shame as it seemed to tick lots of boxes.

Laura Morgan  

I think your software is terrific and have been very impressed with Peter’s prompt replies to my never ending questions.Please pass my thanks on.

Kerry McFetridge  

Great product and a great team to work with.

Has a lot more indepth features for job cost base businesses like Engineering and Manufacturing and if you need a combination of job cost management and integrated inventory I believe it is the best on marketplace at this point.

Daniel Farthing  

I wish it was easier to sign up for a trial - like Xero. I just want to "window shop" and give it a whirl. Having to make contact for a trial is annoying. I know it is to manage the sales funnel but you'll have my details from the sign up and I'll make contact if I need to do so. Sometimes a client's specific requirement can't be accommodated by an add-on and I need to quickly "try on" the product and see if that's the case.

Leanne Crisp  

FNE Engineering have been using Procision + since the beginning of FNE Engineering
(December 2011) We are able to track and record all Time Materials & Expenses very quickly and very accurately. Procsion + allows FNE to quote a project, send it off, order materials, select who will be working on, execute the project, invoice the project and reflect on the project all within the same day.

We are able to put our trust into this forever growing programme to provide us with the best of the best service. Our staff find it easy to use and importantly our large client base have the respect for the amount of data & project progress tracking they can see.

I have worked with Xero for the same amount of time and think the integration was just a spectacular idea I no longer have to double handle all my accounts and the mapping to the correct code has been done before I even begin.

It has been our pleasure suggesting Procision+ & Xero to our suppliers/ Clients and will continue to do so. We look forward to seeing what they will think of next.

Sarah Clark
FNE Engineering Limited

Sarah Clark  

We are a professional services firm and have used Procision+ for some time now. Procision + is an excellent tool for time, material and expense, and workflow management.

After trialing the equivalent Xero add-ons on several multi-million dollar infrastructure projects over a period of three months, Procision + came through as the best solution for us. It is easy to navigate and is based on best practice industry standards for project planning and execution. Our team enjoy using it.

We find the Xero integration is just what we need – there is a good amount of flexibility in how you can map to Xero accounts.

Laurence Sherriff, Align Limited (ex. Environmental Challenge Limited)

Laurence Sherriff  

Can't find anything good to say about procisicion, integrations with Xero are bare minimum and the software is hopelessly inflexible

Greg Simmons  

if you have materials .. this software is the one - thanks Kevin - fab software

Gayle Buchanan