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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payments

4.4 out of 5 stars
Based on 59 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and GoCardless, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About GoCardless

GoCardless powered by Directli allows you to take control of your payments, ensuring your invoices get paid in a timely manner via Direct Debit. With automatic reconciliation within Xero, GoCardless will improve your cashflow and reduce your admin. Check out GoCardless.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with GoCardless, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support checkout the Support Centre.

So far GoCardless and Xero work very well together. It is easy to collect payments and do the reconciliations. However, we do seem to get quite a few failed mandates and then have to ask the client for credit card payments and we don't get any real explanations as to why the mandates fail. Overall, though, I think the system works well.

Rene Chang  

Very easy to receive payments and integrates well with Xero. Easy to reconcile and saves time. No need to worry about when invoices will be paid.

Atelier Accounts  

I love Gocardless so far. I was comparing 5 different platforms and not regretting choosing Gocardless.
Integration with Xero works well, auto-reconciliation works well. I had couple of hiccups, support was helpful and responded pretty quickly.

Anna Yakavenka  

Integration works well and nice and intuitive. Integration with Xero was one of the main features as to why we selected Go Cardless.

Mike Fry  

@Jake F

Thank you very much for your review.

I’m truly sorry to hear about your experience with GoCardless and the verification process.

GoCardless is required to carry out verification checks as an FCA regulated company.

While we try to make this process as smooth as possible there will be occasions where we need to ask for additional information, which can cause a delay.

We apologise for any frustration and inconvenience caused.

Partner Gocardless  

Was quite optimistic about this service, but similar to other reviews, it was unfortunately a waste of time.

A bizarre verification process over strung out emails ended with a rejection email immediately closing the account and mentioning that any payments already processed or debited from customers will be returned to their accounts?

No explanation for why this was the case, mentioning that 'security reasons' meant they couldn't offer a description.

Jake F  

Excellent product and first class customer service.

Stuart Goldenberg  

Simple to use - the integration with Xero is so smooth once its setup you're done.
These two products have completely removed any business cashflow issues. Absolutely no need to chase payments now!

Anthony Swain  

@Jim Condron

Thank you for your review, we are very sorry to hear about your experience.

With GoCardless payments can be collected as soon as an account is created. In most cases, merchant’s find this to be very beneficial.

As part of the account setup, we are required to complete a number of different verification checks on merchants to comply with our regulatory responsibilities. As a result, ultimately, a merchant’s ability to use GoCardless as a payment processor depends on the successful completion of these checks.

We apologise for any frustration and inconvenience caused by this decision however we hope that you can appreciate our commitment to the protection of both merchant and customer activity.

We have made a number of attempts to contact the customer and provide instructions on how they can chargeback the payment. Unfortunately, we have had no response so we are limited in the assistance we can offer.

Thank you again for taking the time to reach out, we wish you all the best.


Partner Gocardless  

GOCARDLESS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. On June 25, 2020 we applied to receive ACH payments through the Gocardless for Xero via Xero directly as it was recommended integration, but that decision ended up being a HUGE MISTAKE. After signing up, we were notified that we could start taking payments immediately, while the account was being verified. We logged on to Gocardless and uploaded the requested copy of a bank statement, and assumed everything was in order.

On July 29, a large customer paid a US$3,889.70 invoice via the Gocardless ACH payment link directly on the Xero invoice, and we were notified via Xero that the customer paid the invoice in full. Our bank however never received the payment. When we contacted our bank, they saw no incoming wire payment, though the customer has a receipt showing the payment, and the amount had been deducted from their account. We logged onto the Gocardless portal, and saw the payment in there, less the GoCardless fee -5.39 USD, but the account still appeared to be unverified, as it stated at the top of the page "You can now start taking payments! We're verifying your account to activate payouts - this normally takes a few working days and we'll email if we need anything else".

We contacted Gocardless on several occasions, and were given canned go responses. We then contacted Xero directly, and were told to contact Gocardless directly.

Over the next several week we opened several support cases with Gocardless, and were told that the "review that took place on your account, which unfortunately was not completed successfully" and basically that our account has been closed (while retaining our customers payment to us). We then had several correspondences with Gocardless only to be told that they cannot simply pay the amount into our account, and that they would be in contact with our customer to reverse the payment.

More than a month on, and the payment is still in the hands of Gocardless, and to this date, customer, nor the customers bank, has never been contacted by Gocardless regarding the payment.

The customer at their own expense did a trace on the the payment, and it simply shows paid to us, though it is sitting with Gocardless. The customer has a receipt showing our invoice has been paid, and we would appear to have lost face with the customer.

**UPDATE** OCT 09, 2020

Jim Condron  

@ Q T, we're really sorry to hear that this review of your account came at a difficult time for you. Account reviews are sometimes necessary for us to comply with our regulatory responsibilities. We try to complete these reviews as quickly as possible, unfortunately a bank holiday falling in the middle of the process meant it took us slightly longer in your case.

I can see that the review is now complete and the funds have been paid out to you. Once again we apologise for the inconvenience this caused you and hope that you enjoy using GoCardless to collect your payments in future.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist!

Partner Gocardless  

@Madira Ginige we're sorry to hear about the experience you've had getting started with GoCardless. Our Account Review Team have been in touch via email and hopefully the issue is resolved for you now.

If you have any questions at all, please reply to our email.

Partner Gocardless  

I don't think GoCardless worth even one star. Hope you all not had this kind of experience. We try to setup direct debit payment and their service is hopeless .

Madira Ginige  

@Leon Jay Thank you for taking the time to write us a detailed review and for updating it now the issue is resolved.

We're really sorry for the experience you had with the process of getting your first payout from GoCardless. We've looked thoroughly into the situation to understand what went wrong. There are learnings we have taken from this in order to amend our processes to prevent this from happening in the future.

We hope that now you are fully set up with GoCardless, your future experience with us will be excellent and you can gain the full benefit from using our service.

If you have any questions at all, please drop us an email.

Partner Gocardless  

So far a terrible experience.

Had it up and running okay, and a customer made our first direct debit payment at their end without trouble - that was a few weeks back and we still have no money in the bank. All we get are notifications to say the payout bounced.

We have a Kiwibank business account, and after calling them found they have no record at all of any payment being made to them. I contacted GoCardless whose support clearly had not read my message as repeatedly asked me to try things (such are retry the payment, check bank details, and call my bank) - all of which I had already explained I had done.

Eventually, they told me the issue was with their bank. Each time I have followed up they just tell me they are waiting. Well, I am still waiting, never get a progress report from them, and still feel no closer to ever seeing our money.

Would love to be a fan of this service, and would be if it had worked. Unfortunately, a system that does not work, and incompetant support leaves them with a solid 1 star from us.

UPDATE: Have increased to 3 stars thanks to the issue finally getting resolved after getting the issue escalated. Unfortunately, it appears to have take this negative review to have gotten any action. The problem turned out to be very minor too, and should have been resolved in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

In summary, they have a great product when it is working, but the customer support is awful (though the escalated assistance was excellent). So long as you don't have a problem, an awesome service.

Leon Jay  

@Chris Brown thanks for the kind words! We love hearing that using our service has made such an impact for your business.

Partner Gocardless  

Love GoCardless! We've been using it with Xero repeating invoices for over a year now, and it's transformed our business. Can't recommend it enough!

Chris Brown  

@donaldpaul, thanks for your feedback! Our Engineering team are actively working towards localising date formatting for payments collected in the US.

The transaction limit in the US is indeed $1000. Apologies for the confusion caused - we have now updated the information to reflect this on our website.

The integration has been designed so that invoices are collected and marked as 'paid' on the invoice due date.

Partner Gocardless  

@fergusthain really sorry to hear that this hasn't been communicated prior to setting up an account.

One GoCardless account can be used only with one Xero organisation at the moment, I am afraid.

Apologies once again.

Partner Gocardless  

Wont allow payments over $1,000, the date format is Euro (confusing to customers), and it does not collect payment or mark Xero invoices paid until the due date.

If you offer net 30 and the client pays on the day they receive the invoice, it doesn't actually take payment and mark the invoice paid for 30 days. In the meantime, the client is receiving unpaid invoice reminders reminders, and sees their invoice unpaid in their portal.

Donald Paul  

We have two companies under one Xero log in. GoCardless can only work for one of these companies. Their response to this query was:

'You would need to have a separate GoCardless, GoCardless for Xero and Xero account in order to take payments for a second company.'

Not made clear at all during setup. Disappointed and frustrated as its a basic usability issue.

Fergus Thain  

I have been very happy with Go Cardless for Xero. It works very well, with a well-designed user interface and email notifications. Go Cardless makes it easy to send an email or include a link in my own emails to encourage my customers to sign up.

From the customer's point of view, the sign up form is clean and straightforward, nicely branded with my company logo.

From a collections point of view, the very reasonable fee structure is easily recouped in the time I no longer have to spend chasing my good but absent-minded customers!

Patrick French  

Amazing app for payment collection good job guys. Save us so much of debtor chasing.

Swift Accounting  

GoCardless is one of our top 3 apps within our accounting firm. Our internal credit control is pretty flawless now with all clients paying by monthly D/D, unpaid D/D's notified immediately and we retry payments straightaway. We've converted the vast majority of clients to paying monthly subscriptions to us in advance, so essentially we have negative debtors!

GoCardless not only cuts down the bad debt risk, it saves time by automatically emailing new clients and gets the new mandate in place for us, and of course the system reconciles all monthly payments against our monthly invoices in Xero.

Highly recommend for accountants and indeed most small businesses too, especially those who have recurring revenue or who operate in professional services.

Kieran Phelan  

GoCardless works really well, there are some small minor issues, but overall GoCardless has taken the pain out of collecting clients' debts. The biggest issue is really a Xero problem: when customers look at our invoice online and click the Xero button that says PAY NOW they don't always realise that the direct debit will be taken on the due date - I had one angry client demanding to know why I was taking the money twice: once when he clicked on PAY NOW and the second time when the due date had arrived! But once the direct debit is set-up and the customer has asked for all future invoices to be taken it just works like a dream.

Simon Young  

We always try apps for ourselves before recommending them to clients. GoCardless is one we are more than happy to recommend.

It has proved a real boon to our own cash-flow with a system that is easy to put in place creating minimal work for ourselves and our clients.

Steve Brown  

We find GoCardless to be an essential app for our business and recommend it to our clients too. For such a tiny fee we know that a large chunk of our regular invoices will be paid and in our account by a certain date. The invoices are also marked as paid so the process is almost totally hands free. So simple to set up and run, it's a bit of a no-brainer! Keep it up girls and guys.

Alys Stuart  

Ironically this is a pain for other Xero users as all payments are described as "Go cardless", leaving you guessing who took the payment; making it hard to track expenditure and reconcile your accounts in xero.

Peter Rogan  

GoCardless and GoCardless for Xero is a game changer for businesses and getting paid on time. We use GoCardless for all our monthly packages and it saves time and hassle but most importantly it ensures we can rely on our cashflow. I recommend to all our client as well.

Philip Oakley  

Love GoCardless & Directli, it has been incredible for our business as we could not have got so many of our clients onto Direct debits without it! It's been a total game changer in helping boost the cashflow of our business! We now use it for every client we take on as has to be direct debit and Directli & GC facilitate this in a really easy to use experience for us and our clients.

Aidan Malone  

Couldn't be happier with GoCardless. We have recommended GoCardless to many of our clients with nothing but positive results. From set up to integrating this with Xero, it's a simple and smooth process.
Well done!

Hayden Winters  

Whenever there is a problem (which is rare and inevitably self inflicted) the support team are really responsive and helpful even providing tips as to how to avoid the problem in the future. I can't speak highly enough about them !

Julian Hickson  

We recently moved from Sage Accounts to Xero and moving the direct debits was a major concern for us. The process, however, was very straightforward but we did run into an issue with some of the Sage mandates not showing in Directli.

The Directli support team was fantastic, I must mention Amy as she resolved the issue for us. Their communications were clear and responsive and had given us massive confidence in the service.

We have only been using the service for a week now but the automation is far superior over the Sage platform and we are loving it.

Thanks Directli, keep up the good work!

Mark Rowland  

I have just had a couple of queries and Amy in the support team has been wonderful.

Many Thanks from Julie @ Read & Co. Accountants.

Julie Tomsett  

A few teething problems but is a really helpful service and the support is excellent.

Alan Pratt  

Fantastic product and outstanding service. Collected over £6k in a month and was charged less than £30, this has literally saved me £100's of pounds in time.

Couldn't be happier well done!

Marcus Ayres  

Absolutely brilliant product and would recommend it to everyone.

When people say "but I will lose part of the money from the customer" the answer is simple

"Do you enjoy calling people and begging for money, being lied to ("Its in the post" or "Can you send me a copy"!!), calling them back again or just not knowing when you will be paid? If so then carry on, if not and want to just get on and make your business better then use Go Cardless"

David Kime  

Amy wen't above and beyond making, trawling through thousands of transactions to help us find the issue. Incredible product with incredible service. Product itself saves us so much time every week!

Charles Arnold  

Jan 2018- Since Directli has taken over GoCardless we only seem to have issues after issues with time delays and no real assistance to answers or tickets. We had at least a year's worth of good service and I did feel those 5 star older reviews were acceptable reading.


In the last 2 weeks I've lost more time trying to search and problem solve these new issues from Directli than gocardless solves our business. It has disrupted our cash flow and slowed down payments from clients into our accounts.

Now searching for an alternative- more business time wasted by this app, but if the last 2 weeks are anything to go by an acceptable use of time.

Robin Thom  

I use GoCardless as a standalone service and love it.

This review is for GoCardless for Xero which I initially signed up for in 2016 and then immediately cancelled. I have two issues with the GoCardless for Xero service using Directli.

(i) For subscriptions using GoCardless by itself, the client only receives one notification email at the start of the subscription. According to legal requirements of direct debit and per the GoCardless website "For subscription payments, where the frequency and amount remain the same, you can send a single payment notification email to cover the entire subscription."

However, using GoCardless for Xero, clients receive an email EVERY time a payment is taken (I believe there may originally even have been one email notifying that the payment will be taken and another email once it had been taken - but this has now stopped and there is now only the one for each payment). I queried this with Directli and the response was "All payments we take are based on 'ad-hoc' payments because we reference the invoices numbers, and invoice amounts could change" - which means an email for each payment.

Clients already receive enough emails (one invoice email per month) and I had complaints about the volume of invoice/payment emails.

(ii) The previous integration has been removed so that only the GoCardless for Xero integration is available and once you activate this, then you can only use GoCardless for Xero integration and not use GoCardless by itself. It forces use of the new service only and the old integration with a direct payment link on an invoice (without Directli) has been removed.

If Directli allowed subscriptions on their system, it would get rid of the notifications issue.

Paul Kelley  

I've only been using GoCardless for a few weeks now but have found the product and the support team really excellent. Super responsive and get to grips with any issues (self inflicted!). I would definitely recommend.

Steve Stringer  

I've recently started using Directli/gocardless with Xero, and have had a steep learning curve. But the telephone and email support from Directli has been excellent. They helped me sort out one or two issues with the direct feed, so that now it's working pretty seamlessly. I would say, don't struggle on your own, but enlist the help of the team at Directli.

Harriette Disdale  

The integration is absolutely brilliant, highly recommend to any business looking to use Direct Debit.

Harry Boyne  

Very good understanding of issue and much quicker response times now - such an easy system to use and great service.

Kirsten Smith  

When I raised a ticket and explained the issue it was resolved very quickly and a good explanation given. Couldn't ask for more. I always recommend Xero/GoCardless/Directli to all my business associates, it saves so much time - without it we're at the size now where we would have to employ someone to do what it does automatically.

Nigel Apperley  

GoCardless for Xero by Directli is easy to use and the occasional questions/issues that I've had have been sorted by their friendly support staff at lightening speed

Ian McCall  

Used GoCardless for about 6 months now. Easy to use and organised in a friendly manner.
Customer service is also very helpful when you need them.

Alex Protopapas  

We've been using GoCardless and Directli for years and would be lost without it. It streamlines our collection process so it happens in the background, and the support is always very speedy and helpful.

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

The support from GoCardless for Xero is always fast and accurate. Good job

David Holland  

Directli is a superb timesaver, a must have if you've got GoCardless. The only note of caution I would sound is that after installation, you have to realise that all GoCardless transactions must be done through Directli and not through GoCardless on its own. Saying that, the helpdesk (Amy on this occasion) have always been incredibly patient with me. They take ownership of an issue and navigate it successfully to its conclusion.

Andrew Davis  

I have to say I am very impressed with Directli functionality and support. The integration works seamlessly and has saved me untold hours of busy-work. I’m most impressed by their support. Whenever there is a nigle or a question, they come back straightaway and always get to the solution quickly. This is a great way to integrate automatic payments.

Christian Malcolm  

Very easy to use and great integration with Xero

Ralph Smith  

works well except if you take a payment and the invoice is already paid then you will NOT be notified so you end up with a duplicate payment.

Azeem Javed  

We've been using GoCardless with Xero powered by Directli for almost two years. It makes monthly billing incredibly easy, it usually works seamlessly and the staff at Directli are always extremely helpful and quick to resolve any problems should they arise.

Nicola Stonehouse  

New to the world of DD, but this addon makes it so simple. Had a problem when we started (due to my lack of knowledge and too much playing "what does this button do ?"), but their support was great and took me through how to fix step by step.

David Rose  

Definitiely a must-have Add on.
Makes life so much easier.

Lia Biddulph  

Great way of taking control of your invoices that need to be collected by direct debit. Love that is always has your current debtor list ready so at a click of a button you can collect your fees. Makes live very easy! Customer Service have always been very helpful and friendly.

Joe Wade  

I own a vehicle tracking company and charge £5 per vehicle per month with hundreds of customers with different fleet sizes the Xero-Directli-GoCardless partnership is a must.

On the 1st of each month hundreds of tracking rental invoices are automatically created and emailed to the customers by the Xero accounts system, then with the Directli and GoCardless system, the invoice values are requested after 3 working days, then I get paid after 5 working days and all the invoices that were successfully collected are them reconcilled in Xero, all the functionality above would be a min 1 or 2 person full time job every month.

Best threesome ive encountered :) not enough stars to choose from in the rating below.

They also seem to listen to customers and impliment the features that are requested the most.

Simon Atherton  

Outstanding, fast customer support - especially from William and Amy, who have both been on hand to help us with any questions that we've had.

The automation of our Xero account is excellent and saves us a huge amount of time and effort. Not running the risk of human error has also been a life-saver. Thanks again to all the team.

Richard Evans  

I've been very happy with the Directli / Xero integration. Before using Directli, we were processing a lot of monthly payments through Gocardless directly and reconciling them in Xero was a royal pain in the backside. Now, it all happens automatically, saving us a bunch of time, and we don't have to worry about synchronising the invoice date in Xero and the payment date in Gocardless because Directli manages that.

Cancelling a subscription is now easier too as we just have to stop the Xero invoices - before we had to stop the invoices AND the DD payments manually, which inevitable led to the occasional mistake. No longer!

The team at Directli are really helpful and QUICK. There are couple of quirky things you need to get used to as with any system, but the team are very happy to help when needed.

Thanks for a great service guys.

Tim Freed  

We find the Directli Helpdesk customer support to be really helpful and quick to resolve any queries we have. We have been enjoying how easy using Directli is making our direct debit run, and would definitely recommend it!
Thanks for the excellent support...
Danny Hassall (DH Business Support Limited)

Danny Hassall  

Just wanted to thank William and the guys on the Directli helpdesk for their excellent customer support. Keep it up!!

Stephen Blissett  

Hi Jo,
If you only cancelled their mandates, they will still be within your Customers list so you don't need to import them - just go to their record and 'Create Mandate'. If you need any help, please get in touch with helpdesk@directli.co.uk Thanks!

Directli Team  

I really like how simple Directli is but need to enquire if anyone else has had a similar issue? I cancelled a couple of mandates at the customers request but need to set them up again. When I go to the Import Customers tab, those clients arent showing anymore? So, I cannot set them up again. Any suggestions anyone?

Jo Dehavilland  

Just so you know, this is a review thread for Directli so you can only post once! If you'd like to continue this conversation, I'd suggest posting in Using Xero Add-ons.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

Kristina - Let me know your questions, and I'll see if I can answer.

Andrew Duncan  

Is there anyone UK based who has done xero / Directli integration and can chat through a couple of concerns before I import customers? I can chat to Xero or chat to Directli but I would really like to talk to someone who has been through the start process. Many thanks in advance!

Kristina Le Feuvre  

Directli/xero/go cardless works really well - excellent system.

And just received excellent customer support. Thanks guys.

Mike Fieldhouse  

Directli / Xero is an awesome combination, it saves us loads of time each month - no more tedious reconciliation! Our previous direct debit system was paper based which was a real pain. The ability to e-mail over a direct debit link and get them setup online has transformed our business. It's simpler for our customers, reduces admin to a bare minimum and helps us get paid faster!

Jonathan Hutchings  

This is a must have add-on!

Streamline how you collect your money from your clients - it is easy to set up and takes minutes to refresh. We'll be sharing this with our clients.

Jonathan Gaunt  

We love Directli, it has made our monthly billing cycle so much easier. We also use it as part of our customer screening programme. If a customer doesn't want to set up a Direct Debit, it then alerts us that an upfront deposit may be required or whether we want them to be a client at all!

We have been using it for a couple of months now and have started to recommend it to our clients, its that good.

Kieron Townsend