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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Time tracking

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 90 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and MinuteDock, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About MinuteDock

MinuteDock is an online solution to help people who bill by the hour track and invoice their time. 14 day free trial (and then from $16/month), check out MinuteDock.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with MinuteDock, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the MinuteDock frequently asked questions

We use MinuteDock at Southgate Labs for all our time tracking. It's the perfect tool for a high performance team.

The time-tracking functionality is completely painless and streamlined for our team. Because they don't have to fight with some horrible interface we know we're not having billable hours slip through the cracks.

The reporting and invoicing functionality is incredibly powerful too, our finance team can slice and dice the data as required and generate everything they need.

MinuteDock is the perfect balance of ease of use and power, we recommend it to everyone.

Michael Koziarski  

What can I say, MinuteDock enables me to track time so easily that I don't even think of it as a chore any more.

Customers like the breakdowns I can give them along with the details etc.

The ability to start and stop the timer whilst on the move is such a boon as I never have to try and remember how long was I at X's

Michael Tott  

We would be lost without this now - it's so simple and efficient.

As we provide book keeping and administrative support to other businesses, we perform a lot of different tasks for different customers throughout the day. Using Minute Dock means we don't have to waste time figuring out what we did for who.

We can easily itemise our charges, showing clients how much time we spent on different tasks which they love, as they know exactly how we're spending our time to assist them.

Definitely recommend this one!

Abby Porter  

I've been using Minute Dock for 2+ years and it's an integral part of my day. I track everything I do so I can review how I spend my time and make sure I'm capturing all the billable hours. Then at the end of the month it's a simple process to generate invoices and get them into Xero.

As my company grows we are planning to stick with Minute Doc.

Aaron Morton  

MD is simple and extremely effective. There is no messy interface or learning curve involved, and the fact that it is mobile is awesome. Great data breakdowns too.

Well recommended.

Blair Aickin  

Does exactly what it says on the box. Pricing model is fair. Reporting is quite straightforward.

Cal Wilson  

Have used for one year & would not give it up. The amount of value it has added to my business is far in excess of its monthly cost.

Jonathan Brewer  

Minutedock is simple to use, works exactly as advertised and is value for money. I use it to keep track of time for multiple clients every day without any issues.

Scott Muller  

Brilliant time tracking tool, so easy to navigate and use. Logging time used to be a tedious chore, now it's simple, easy and quick. My clients have been thrilled that my invoices show exactly what I have been doing and the time spent on each task. Thank you MinuetDock and Xero.

Adrienne Booth  

MinuteDock is great. Being able to generate invoices directly from MinuteDock to Xero is a huge time saver.

Richard Bourne  

We have been using MinuteDock for 3 years now and it is fantastic! It is super easy to use - which means our whole team remains diligent about logging our time. The project and task tags gives us the granularity we need for our business and our customers. The goals and reporting functionality makes it simple to keen a handle on things. We also give some customers direct access - which is great for transparency.

Integration with Xero is the pièce de résistance - invoicing time is a dream. The combination of MinuteDock and Xero makes our time recording and invoicing incredibly efficient.

We rely on MinuteDock and it has never let us down - I totally endorse this service!

Carl Penwarden  

Best Time Tracking Software I have used as I like simple and it paid for it self in the first week with recording lost time that I may not have normally recorded.

2 year user and would not change it.

Great Export to xlsx, and I love the goals as it reminds my to record lost time.

Integration with Xero is great (8/10), but needs improving as I would like to add:
Product Code and Tracking ID into the Minutedock to Xero upload, so I can better analysis my time in Xero.


Tim Brown  

We use MinuteDock every day and find it excellent. Its interface with Xero is seamless and allows our invoices to be created on Xero without fuss or complication. Our clients often complement the narrative we add to their invoices using MinuteDock. Since using it we have never had a customer question the time we spend on their assignments.

Max Whitehead  

We use minutedock to track all our time - its great, simple and intuitive. It enables us to quickly record time on projects specific to task codes, and save lots of data entry. we export draft invoices to Xero and edit when required. Enabling us to track the difference between all time spent and what we were able to invoice so know if on track re: budgets etc. And of course the regular use of reports as the month progresses helps lots.

But best of all we LOVE the daily encouraging notes on the lighter side of life - bringing a smile.

have been using it for over 2 years now.

Tracy Ogden-Cork  

Memia has been using Minutedock since 2010 and we put all our internal and customer-billable time tracking through it. End-of-month billing goes straight through to Xero and is now a streamlined process that now only takes 30 mins, if that! Nice.

The real-time reporting is great, the time tracking painless and easy to learn and it's been reliable too - I've only ever noticed a couple of minor downtime moments in over 3 years.

The transparency of realtime customer-viewable timesheets is also a differentiator for us and helps us build 360 degree trust with customers on what they are paying for.

Absolutely recommended.

Ben Reid  

Time is money and money is made using MinuteDock.

It allows us to easily track our time across the team, per project, per task, however we want to breakdown our reporting and QUICKLY output invoices through to Xero.

MinuteDock is superb, it just makes our lives so simple!

Priceless and highly recommend.

Lisa Mcfarlane  

Love Minute Dock! It's a very simple and effective way to track your time and, essentially, where and how your money is being made (or not).

I recommend it.

Hannah Iranon  

This is a great app. The short cuts require a small investment of time and patience in the initial hours of docking your time but the payback is outrageously good.

Once you get used to the very very well thought out interface all other time logging software will seem like its from the 80's.

Great app by some smart people.

Stop your search for a time logging tool and get going with Minutedock.

Patrick O'Connor  

I've used MinuteDock for several years now, I'm a sole trader but work with Associates as well. I love the integration between MinuteDock and Xero and the ease of using the system.

It's rare I have any issues I need to speak to the guys at MinuteDock about but when I do they are friendly and helpful.

I'd be more than happy to recommend them and their service.

Helen Stothard  

Minutedock has saved me hours a month. I am a sole trader providing mobile computer support services. I charge for my time & ancillary parts etc.

Invoicing used to be my most hated time of the month. Now with Minutedock - as long as I faithfully record stuff AS I DO IT, it is a breeze.

So much easier than trying to create a keep invoices open, or cutting and pasting data from my calendar.

Love it!

Bob Southwell  

Perfect Combination of systems. Makes tracking time, logging and more importantly converting this time in to a Xero invoice a breeze. If you provide time billed services and use Xero, MinuteDock is the most value you can add to your business for $120 NZD a year!

Laurie Barker  

I use MinuteDock for my one man software consulting business and it is a life saver. I used to do this complicated Excel spreedsheet for tracking time and it took more time to fill out than it was worth.

Switched to minutedock and never looked back.

Xero is so good about being fast to enter data and being very keyboard focused. MinuteDock follows the same approach and this is a big selling point me.

Time entry needs to be quick and out of the way. That is exactly what Minute dock is. At the end of the week pushing invoices to Xero couldn't be easier.

If you working on an hourly rate basis or need to track project time on an hourly basis you can't get much better than this combination of MinuteDock and Xero. Well worth the money.

Brad Cunningham  

I've been using MinuteDock with Xero since I started working for myself over 2 years ago. It's excellent for someone like myself because it's very easy to use, and invoicing is a dream. End of month billing is an absolute breeze.

I also manage a company using Harvest and Xero, and I always dread billing time with that setup, but with MinuteDock I'm in and out in 10 minutes.

Robin Marshall  

I've used MinuteDock for the past four months. It is very easy to set up and use, can be used from anywhere, and the support is excellent. End of month billing is quick and easy.

Andrew Burnet  

What a breeze to use. Natural language and style for time entry, and use online anywhere - makes it easy for staff. Along with the good price, it's a painless investment to cover time logging. End of month billing is incredibly easy - shift all time across to the invoice then edit as necessary.

Mark Blackham  

I've been working as a contractor for the past two years and have been using MinuteDock to track my time and create my monthly invoices.

I also use it to prepare a client's monthly invoices which can be complicated, but MinuteDock takes all of the stress out.

It's a simple but powerful tool and I love how my invoices magically appear in Xero - it's super quick and super easy to use.

It is a pleasure to use so nice work MinuteDock guys :)

Ange Travers-Jones  

We're architects so we basically sell time (spent on all the esoteric design stuff but time nonetheless). Minutedock is a great way to track that time and we can easily log job, stage, client etc... to as much detail as we can handle. Cost is good - simply because we use it so much. It's part of how we work now - highly recommended

John Durkin  

We use MinuteDock for all our time tracking at elucidcode. It provides an easy way to record and report on time spent on a project. Integration with Xero is brilliant and has saved so much time creating invoices. We are able to provide our clients with a read-only link so they can view how much time has been spent on a project. No more time-sheets!

Awesome product, highly recommended!

Tim Ross  

Minute Dock is a powerful yet simple to use program that provides us and our customers some great reporting on many levels. I love its intuitive use short cuts like time, tasks and projects.

Its integration with Xero is faultless and makes weekly billing of clients a breeze. This program truly deserves 5 stars.

Graham Miles  

Minutedock is excellent. Contacts, projects, tasks, budgets. Different ways to slice up your time, report on it, and invoice.

Entries are a breeze too - use a form if you prefer, or get to know the shortcuts, and enter everthing in one go into a twitter-like interface. Or just use twitter itself!

The only downside comes from Xero, rather than minutedock. You cannot force a contact to be a customer in Xero, and a contact won't sync to minutedock until they are a customer. So you have to step through a silly workaround of creating and deleting an invoice in Xero just to convert a contact to a a customer so it ends up in minutedock.

Paul Murphy  

nuff said.

Agustin Musi  

Finally, an easy to use Time Tracking system! Great reports as well.

Nigel Fish  

Awesome app, simply the best.

Geoff Hunter  

I do the book keeping for our business and the Minutedock/Xero partnership is perfect for us. The invoicing system for clients is quick and simple, the reconciling of accounts through the automatic bank feed system is SO handy, the help centre is easy to navigate (and very helpful) if we ever hit a wall so there is minimal time spent trying to understand the software, and when tax time comes around everything is organised for you with a few clicks! Any business will find this system easy to adopt and so economical. 5 stars :)

Godel Accountant  

We've used Minutedock for about 3 years now. Very solid app and the UI makes actually docking time just work. It's not a swiss army knife but ultimately you need everyone able to record what they're doing and we've found it excellent at capturing that. Minutedock ftw

Josh Forde  

It's great! I love the smart parsing of your time entries, e.g. "@client worked on X, Y and Z for an hour and a half"

Nick Malcolm  

Didn't have to think twice about recommending MinuteDock! Have seen it work in all sorts of different businesses (we are bookkeepers) and it is exceptional - simple to dock, easy to report and invoice from, and the support team are efficient and comical. Homegrown goodness right there! :)

Katie Le Roux  

I love MinuteDock's integration with Xero. Creating an invoice is quick and simple and takes Xero's next invoice number. I wish some other tools I use that integrate with Xero had the same level of sophistication in their integration. Well done guys.

Joseph Hanna  

I used to spend half an hour entering time into Xero invoices on the previous time-tracking tool. With MinuteDock, I only need 5 minutes.

The best part is being able to use natural language to enter time.

Su Yin Khoo  

As a bookkeeper with a number of clients, MinuteDock is a great time, project, and task time-recording system. It is simple to use, and the invoicing integrates perfectly with Xero. Clear interface with just the essentials on the screen. Easy to setup too. Prompt responses to any queries, and support are very helpful.

There will be suggestions, and I'm sure it will develop more over time - but provides me with everything I need to track time for clients.

Diane Chisholm  

We (Novo Group) are a professional services consulting firm and have been using MinuteDock for over a year and find it great. Its simple and intuitive for staff to use and makes accurate and detailed recording of time incredibly easy.
The responsiveness and support by the MinuteDock team is also fantastic, with quick responses to any questions big or small and suggestions on feedback.
There's some room for improvement with customising views and sorting of contacts/projects and standardising or simplifying invoicing before it gets to Xero, but this will inevitably happen over time and certainly shouldn't put you off getting on board!

Jeremy Phillips  

Use this product everyday, has enabled me and my staff to more accurately bill our customers.

We would be lost without it.

Nathan Dunn  

I have used minute dock for almost 2 years - makes time recording simple and quick.
Links with Xero smoothly and when I have had the occasional question or suggestion I have always had a prompt response

Peter McLean  

Minutedock used to drive me crazy because I have to log all my time with my clients timetracking system, and I had to manually copy and paste over the entries into Minutedock every month. Then I discovered their awesome, easy to use and very powerful API. Now I have a tiny script that I run each month and it autopopulates minutedock. Really awesome tool and a great team. Definitely worth trying it out.

Ben Nolan  

Minutedock has made a great difference to our business. We get all our timesheets lodged quicker, which means invoices get sent sooner, which means we get paid faster and nothing is forgotten. Now we also use it to track coffee intake!

Tony Miller  

MD is easy to use and has allowed me to get a better understanding of how I am allocating my time.
As well as customer tasks I also log my internal admin, travel, promotional activities etc.
This has meant that i can better track all my un-billable activities.
It is also great for tracking those tiny 5-10 minute tasks that you do for clients but may not remember to bill. Great product.

Hugh Bowman  

MinuteDock is great. It does everything we need. I just use it in a Fluid app so it's like a native app. One of these days they'll make a native app with menubar start/stop and it will be time tracking nirvana.

Jason Garber  

After trying a variety of alternatives, I found minutedock to be by far the best option for simple time tracking. It's realistically priced, unobtrusive, no learning curve, and "just works".

Levi Wheatcroft  

MinuteDock and Xero are a great combination for freelance workers like me. Definitely the best option I've found.

Ben Allfree  

I am new to both Xero and Minutedock and I am trying to integrate Minutedock with Xero - can any one help please. I also want to change the hourly rate to £20.00 within Minutedock, but I am having some difficulty - any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Danielle Millar  

@Danielle it’s great to hear that you’re getting set-up with Xero and MinuteDock!

Any specific questions about integrating this Add-on with Xero are best directed to the Community page: Using Add-Ons - as this thread is for the review of Add-On Partners.

You might also want to have a look at the MinuteDock’s FAQ section of their website the answer to your question appears to be here: How can I change the default hourly rate for a Contact?

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

We've been using Minutedock for a few months now to manage a small professional services IT consulting team. The interface is very easy to use and the price is great. As the business owner, I no longer fear we aren't recording all of our billable hours. The reporting interface gives me what I need to check on employee billable performance throughout the week and the invoicing is simple.

The only downside so far is that I didn't find this sooner!

Nathan S  

MinuteDock has worked great in our transition from Freshbooks to Xero. Their staff has been very helpful and responsive also.

Brian Wilson  

I am a great bookkeeper, but was never great at sending invoices to my clients. I have been using MinuteDock for a couple of months now and I am sending out invoices on a regular basis and receiving payment which is nice. Dont have to sit down with the diary once a month (or in my case, once every few months and go thru each client and bill them, can now just create invoice in MinuteDock and pick it up in xero, make any changes I want and out it goes to my clients.

Debbie Garchow  

Minutedock is brilliant. So easy to use that it was zero effort to integrate it with what we do, and our staff were happy to adopt it.

Reece Howe  

MinuteDock is a flexible and friendly application to which my team have readily taken. The easy integration with Xero, friendly and sometimes humorous reminders, and intuitive interface have made time recording and billing easier and more worthwhile.

David Connor  

We have been using MinuteDock for a few months now, it is a great application for logging time on the go against our different projects. The nature of our business means we have multiple interactions with different clients and their projects daily, the toolbar function has simplified our billable time tracking in an effective way. We believe we have become more time aware and more efficient with time as a result and are stoked to be generating sales on all billable time as opposed to estimated time, thanks heaps MinuteDock!


Todd Dunick  

I use Minutedock to track my billable and unbillable time for my interior design business. The first to facilitate accurate and detailed billing on hourly rate based projects and the latter to help me better understand my productivity and use for future fixed fee proposals. I'm sure even the very process of logging my time has made me better at making every minute count!

Frances Fraser  

Great app. I was doing some independent consulting and MinuteDock provided a seamless way to track my time from any device and then invoice direct via Xero. Love your work MinuteDock team.

Ryan Castle  

MinuteDock is working really well for us. So much more than a way to track time and bill for that time....MintueDock is a productivity tool. We enjoy using this to track our time; the reports are useful; goal-setting is a wonderful plus. Invoicing for time-based projects is so easy and integrates with Xero seamlessly. Highly recommend.

Dianne Shelbrack  

I'm super impressed with MinuteDock. From the easy way you can record time, through to the smart generation of invoices in Xero. There is a clear integration line so there is nothing unclear happening between the two systems - they work very well together. I highly recommend!

David Archer  

I've been using Minutedock for that last 2 months and I have to say it's great. The time entry is so quick and easy. I used to hate filling in time sheets but they have made it as painless as possible. The goal setting is really helping to keep on track as well. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Brent Dickens  

I'm a virtual assistant so I bill my clients by the minute. MinuteDock enables me to track the time I spend on each task brilliantly and come the end of the month when it's time to send the invoice to the client, I can seamlessly send it over to Xero. The goal setting function is brilliant as my clients on a retainer package pre-pay. I can put a goal in and I can track the unbillable time and send it to my client at the end of the month as usual so that they know exactly what I've spent the time working on. I would absolutely recommend it.

Jayne Connell  

Excellent time management tool, easy to use for myself and my staff especially the intuitive keyboard shortcuts. If you know how to use twitter, you can use Minutedock. Price is excellent too, highly recommended app.

Dan Mandich  

minutedock is my new best friend. I bill based on the time spent working with clients, and split it according to projects I am working on for them - minutedock enables me to do this with ease, and enables me to very easily work to a budget, and know at any given time where I am at with the budget.

I also love that I can track all of my non-billable time, based on activity, which means I can easily review where I am spending my non-billable time and work on improving productivity accordingly. I have set myself goals for non-billable time and these sit on my dashboard as well, so I know whether I have spent enough time on business development, or too much time on admin etc. The inner nerd in me loves this functionality!

Invoicing with minutedock is a breeze as well; with a few clicks I have my time exported to Xero where I send my invoices from - so there is a record in both Xero and minutedock that matches. If you bill based on your time and/or projects, then this is the tool for you, can't recommend it highly enough.

Leonie Green  

The time tracking has been most useful in managing hrs spent on clients accounts across all team members. It has ensured we commit to the time we are paid for and bill for additional hours. The graphical presentation of the data is also very useful and provides some valuable insights

Kiran Mehta  

Keeping track of time used to be a nightmare with our company. We have four main clients with at least 2 or 3 projects at a time and one client requires every task to be in a sub category and listed on the invoice. I had to create an incredibly complicated excel spreadsheet which I was constantly hassling the staff to fill out but it would always fall back to me to chase up everyone for their hours.

Now everyone has minutedock on their laptops and phones and I can just watch the hours getting logged throughout the day. Come the end of the month I just press create invoice, it gets sent to xero, and im done.

I cant imagine not having it now.

Scott Sambell  

We're really happy with Minutedock as a time-recording tool in our law practice.

It's elegantly designed, easy to use, has great reporting, responsive customer service by people who know what they're doing (the developers themselves). We give clients access to the real-time view of the work done on their files, which helps to build the client bond.

We can use it out of the office on our laptops and smartphones and it's about 1000% better than the clunky office-bound database which was our previous solution.

It's so easy to record time that we're capturing more of it and it pays for itself several times over.

gareth davies  

I love using MinuteDock, it's just so easy, which is nice for productivity these days. :)
Personally I use it with LastPass so I can login from anywhere, have a strong password and not need to worry about remembering it.

The customers I work with love it as well. I'm often asked queries about time, what I was working on, particular projects and so on. I just pull them up in real time on my reports page and go through the query with the customer there and then.

Totally recommended.

Edward Peel  

I really enjoy using Minute Dock. I even tried (after a month) to NOT use it - lasted me a week and then I had NO idea what I needed to bill - so I was back on it in a heartbeat!

I love that (as I work from home), I CAN forget it sometimes - and it sends me an email (that I check on my phone or iPad) and I can stop the timer from there and then adjust when I get back to my desk (and I'm probably sure I could adjust there and then - I'm generally too tired and not awake enough to put that much thought into it though!)

Helps keep a real look on the time that I'm billing.

Loving it! What a great app - and so easy to integrate into some great invoices in Xero!

Recommend it again and again and again! :)

Trish Reeve  

I started using MinuteDock when I converted to Xero for my new business venture in July 2014. I trialled about 3 different time billing add-on products and MinuteDock was by far the most user friendly and enabled me to track what I needed to.
The customer service both during the trial period and on-going is excellent. Great reports and graphs which show clearly what and who I have billed and not billed.
Totally recommend it to anyone who needs a time billing add-on for Xero.

Delwyn Robertson  

We use MinuteDock internally for all of our time tracking in our cloud accounting practice. We love the speed of entry, which makes it much more likely that employees will track all of their .1 and .2 billable hours. The bookmarklet is a really nice touch--makes it easy to enter time from any web page, even if you're not on the MinuteDock site. The Xero integration works great.

Blake Oliver  

I use Minutedock for both myself and my casual staff member to track time spent on both client work and internal admin (so social media updates, updating policies, etc). That way I quickly and easily know how long was spent on each task, and whether or not my staff member is getting the required work done each week and meeting her productivity targets. I match my employees minutedock hours with her timesheet submitted in Xero. I create my invoices in Minutedock and stream them straight to Xero - and the feedback I have had from clients (especially new clients) is that they love the detail on the invoices as I now list the time taken for each portion of work - rather than lumping it all together. This way they actually see the value. Couldn't be happier and I am now charging more of my time than ever before. Any questions I have had (which have been minimal as it is very easy to use) have been responded to quickly and accurately. Very happy customer.

Stacey Price  

We use Minute Doc internally for our cloud-based accounting company. It is a great tool for us and makes setting up client projects real easy. It allows my boss and I to be in tune when it comes to client billing too, and we do any hourly billing directly out of Minute Doc, which syncs to Xero, then syncs to Bill.com where the client will be charged automatically after receiving a copy of their invoice. It is a great system that takes us all of 15 minutes to bill our clients twice a month. When I am talking to accounting client prospects who need time tracking capabilities for billing or project tracking I highly recommend Minute Doc with an integration to Xero in planning a streamlined accounting system for them.

Matt Nyman  

Prior to using Minute Doc I would manually keep my time in an excel spreadsheet and then enter into another software. MD saves me a ton of time and I know my time is being tracked accurately. I've tried out a lot of time clock software and none has worked as well as MD.

Catherine Fogarty  

I love the time Minute Doc saves me, especially the time clock feature. It's not easy when working on multiple clients to track time accurately, but this software does the best job and it summarizes all the entries with great report options.

Michelle Egan  

When I started up my consultancy business I decided to invest in tools that would make my life easier and fit with my strategy of going 100% cloud based. I decided to use Xero as my accounts package as a starting point, and wanted a time recording system that integrated with Xero seamlessly to track time and generate invoices. I tried a number of the packages suggested by Xero, but after the free trail of MinuteDock I decided to go with them. I had tried a couple of US based packages which I found cluncky and which didn't calculate GST as part of the programme, but MinuteDock did this. Once I had worked out how to use MinuteDock I fell in love with its simplicity and functionality and the integration with Xero is seamless. I also had reason to need some support in getting going (user error nothing to do with the package) and Jared and the team in Wellington provided personalised and rapid support - resolving all my queries. I would certainly recommend MinuteDock as a good value tool to increase productivity and reduce stress.

Marc Slade  

MinuteDock is simple, quick and easy to use. I'm not that computer-savy and it's a breeze to use. And I actually always smile a little when I see the comments it posts if I don't log work for a while :)

Anna Cherry  

This is the first time I've worked for a company that uses online time tracking; it's great! It's incredibly easy to log all of my time and track how much work I'm putting in on which projects. I don't know how MinuteDock compares to other online time tracking, but I can't think of a single way it could be better. It's even fun to use.

Kirk Garner  

I think everyone else has really said it. I've used Harvest, I've used TeamworkPM, I've used custom-grown apps - nothing matches the user experience of MinuteDock. The interface needs an update, but from a UX standpoint MinuteDock is just fantastic to use. With its' seamless integration with Xero, I know my billables are properly invoiced!

Jody LeBlanc  

I use Minutedock for working with several different clients. It is really important to have accurate timings. Also useful that it links into XERO. I couldn't do without it and it was so simple to set up!

NSL Limited  

I know I'm going against the grain here, but I am not sure this add-on deserves as much praise as it has been getting.

The good stuff: Support staff is very responsive. I've only had one time in two years where it wasn't working/online, and that was brief.

The "huh" stuff: Integrating with Xero is easy but it's not without issues. For example, dates are clumped into the description field, and the tasks could be more integrated to the actual tasks or categories in Xero with very little trouble.

The bad stuff: NO MOBILE APP. The forked web version is useless, not allowing you to do much of anything beyond just recording time, which is clunky in and of itself, many times I've thought I've made an entry and it doesn't show up. I've asked and asked, and they have promised that a true app is coming, but that has been over a year.

BAD UI: This website UI is awful looking, and not intuitive. Having to jump around is a pain in the rear, and it just isn't very well designed. Plus it's really ugly to look at.

Disappearing Time: More than once I've had time disappear on me. This is about the worst part of this review as it has cost me money.

I'm going to be leaving MinuteDock end of year after two years of use. I would like more functionality, better design, and MOBILE, a truly MOBILE, useful app. Till then, two stars. Sorry to be the contrarian here, but I suspect a LOT of these reviews are from MinuteDock employees.

David Rossi  

I spent a few days trawling Google and Xero add-ons for all possible time-keeping apps with an aim to find the simplest one to use. I couldn't believe how in-depth all the others were... and perhaps that's fine for other people but I just wanted to track time and send to Xero as an invoice; that's all!

Thank you Minute Dock for being uber simple to use and working flawlessly with Xero. The UI is perfectly nice to look at and intuitive to use (not sure what David finds "awful looking" in his review above). In fact, Minute Dock was the most modern and aesthetically intuitive of all time-keeping apps that I explored. I haven't had the timer disappear on me, although I do often forget that it's on and receive a nice reminder email to go back and turn it off. I have asked three questions to support and each time I get a very swift, thorough and friendly reply.

...And no, I'm not a "MinuteDock employee". Just a happy customer from Sydney, Australia who had to change from FreshBooks to Xero a few months back and needed a timer that FB already integrates but Xero does not.

Definitely 5 stars. I'm very happy. :)

Thank you!

Shona Creative  

I operate an accounting practice and value MinuteDock for making our time sheet tracking easy. It is user friendly, integrates well with Xero, tracks billable and non billable time and reports are great.

I would highly recommend trying this software as it is definitely value for money!

Antoinette Palmer  

For small BAS agents this is perfect, easy to track time and the biling process is literally two clicks of a button,

ok software look forward to see whats next,

Its not perfect but i think this is a winner,

Ben Caruso  

I am trialling MinuteDock. Can you trial the interface with Xero to see what it can really do? Is this in the Demo company?

Mel Mason  

I've used a number of timesheet systems in the past but I would have to say that MinuteDock is by far the most intuitive and flexible system I have used. My favourite feature is being able to run reports specific to projects so that I can assess if I costed a job correctly and learn from it for the next similar job. I would highly recommend to anyone looking into it.

Melanie Helmy  

We have been using Minute Dock for about three months now. Absolutely love the integration with Xero!. It is easy, allows for us to give detailed statements to our clients and helps us maximize our time.

What I like about it is not only tracking billable hours but also projects by time. We bill by project and this MD allows us to manage this well.

Finally, great service to help us get up and running and then with any needs or questions we have had--Jared has been great!

Jeff Putthoff  

Our company doesn't have many clients for whom we bill hourly anymore since we've moved to fixed pricing. However, there are still a few clients who we need to track and I've found minute dock to be outstanding. Not only are there shortcuts for clients and projects when adding time, a clock timer and numerous reports to run for time, billing etc, but they also allow you to create a report for a client or job with dates and push the data into an invoice that flows right in to Xero without ANY challenges or manipulation. There is even a Minute Dock dock, that can stay on top of your screen as an interface instead of having the website open. It's absolutely a great product that we use here online and on the iPhone App. Kudos to them for making something normally so arduous to something that is simple and easy.

Marc Rayner  

Hey folks,

Can any minutedock users tell me a bit more about how the integration works? We currently use Freshbooks for time tracking and the problem is that the invoices are synced to xero using only one account code, so every month we have to re-code all of those transactions. Does minutedock sned the invoice out from it's own system or is it pumped into xero and then sent out automatically?


Chad Thomas  

It is an AMAZING program to use!!!!!!!!!!!

Mendel Shapiro  

I've been using Minutedock with Xero for a few months now and I have to say I love the ease with which you can create an invoice with all the time-sheeting information clients want. It's such a simple process and the integration is seamless.

Katja Forbes  

We provide IT Help-desk services and have used minute dock for the last couple of years, it has proven itself over and over and has significantly improved our bottom line.

The increase in revenue alone would be enough reason to recommend this product to anyone looking to keep track of either ad hoc time or for projects work, but it's so simple to use and easy to setup we are happy to recommend it.

A great product that ticks all the boxes...

Paladin Helpdesk  

The beauty of MinuteDock (MD) is simple to use. I have tried Deputy and few others but MD is my choice.

Andy Roosvanto  

I love MinuteDock. It is easy to use and actually makes logging time fun!
I run a bookkeeping and accounting business and I can imagine using this for up to 5 or 6 staff. The reporting is great and suits my needs at this stage.

Ally Wilson  

I am relatively new to both Xero & MinuteDock (starting in January 2015). I've moved from a MYOB package that had inbuilt time billing so this was an absolute must to have as an ad on for Xero. Before subscribing to MinuteDock I tried several of the timebilling ad ons and have found this to be the simplest - by far - for a Xero novice (and technological novice!). Literally a couple of clicks and everything is logged, a couple more and everything is invoiced. Too easy and I would certainly recommend to others!

Jacqui Pryor