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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 46 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Quotient, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Quotient

Incredibly simple quoting. Your customer will love the one-click quote acceptance. You’ll love the Xero invoice created perfectly when it's accepted! check out Quotient.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Quotient, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact the Quotient team

Excellent app. Our entertainment agency sends quotes daily and Quotient has made this task easier, and the end result more beautiful than before. We then use the digitally signed quote as a booking agreement (the text items are so versatile). My workload has halved and we've seen a definite increase in quote acceptance.

Do not hesitate to purchase this add-on!

Jasmine Clea Danks  

The Capsule//Xero//Quotient integration is just perfect.
Covers all our quoting needs, product supply only, or selling a service or selling an installation. Be good to have more flexibility to change template layouts (ie the look and layout such as differing logos) as opposed to being stuck to same outline.

Also, when are we going to be able to add social media buttons/icons?

Nick Hall  

We are in the door hardware business and have been looking for efficient quoting system for our team of salesmen. Previously, draft quotations were made using excels that was time consuming and prone to human errors.

Having quotient saved up more than 70% of quote-making. The text items, pricing items and various templates have been REALLY HELPFUL. Adding pictures to the quotations are easy.

I can track my salesmen & client activities related to proposals, everywhere (EVEN IN JAKARTA's TRAFFIC!)


Quotient is a game changer. I spread the word everywhere I go.

Swamitra Dermawan  

We have been searching for a cloud based quoting system that meets a very specific set of require and have found that in Quotient and we couldn't be happier! We needed a quoting program that was able to handle more complex and detailed quoting and Quotient has given us that. The clean and user friendly platform makes it beautiful to work with and the ability to track quotes is great. There are many great features but the ability for clients to accept quotes and to also choose options for products are the most valuable feature to us. Also the accounts department love how it integrates seamlessly with Xero. The only thing that might be an issue in the option to download to PDF link within the quote is sometimes missed by the client and they asked for a copy of the quote as a PDF. But not a major problem and most seem to find it ok.

Sarah Girvan  

Though we were able to quote through Xero, we found that it lacked the flexibility needed to give our customers a number of options. Additionally, we wanted a more efficient way of tracking and following up our quotations. Quotient has allowed us to send professional looking quotes quickly, monitor our conversion rate and open a dialogue with our customers.

Laura Fulton  

Impressive looking quotes, that are simply laid out and easy to read. Can be used in any industry and has complex but simple functionality to make the quoting and invoicing process a lot less time consuming for those on the go.

Zack Whalley  

Quotient has really helped us in many ways. Our sales team love it for creating beautiful quotes. Our tech team are able to prepare quotations for routine maintenance and parts. And our accounts team are delighted as the quotes just turn up in Xero to be approved. It totally joins up our organisation and we highly recommend it!

Precept IT  

Ever since using quotient app we have been getting really great comments and feedback from our customers.
The abilty to add options and multiple choice items makes it simple for the customer to make various choices wih out the need for multiplequotes being generated.
Siimply one of the greatests additions my business

Daniel Clifton  

Great product. Integrates perfectly with Xero and produces smart, clean proposals that sit well within our brand and cloud style. Easy to use and good VFM. Highly recommended.

Mark Drage  

We have been using Quotient App for some time now. Its great for producing the quotes, tracking quotes and integrates with Xero really well. Its hard to find apps that integrate exactly the way you want, but this is certainly one app that does it well.

Simon Buckingham  

Im not the best with apps but Ive really got into this!
With our off grid energy business http://www.ianeenergy.com taking off , we need to give professional looking, highly detailed quotes to clients who are new to this technology.
Having our Xero inventory linked is a game changer.
Quotients growing with me and my growing business.
Personal attention and help from the creator Nathan has been a very pleasant surprise.
Great looking, great value for money, great support.

Ian E CEO Ian E Energy

Ian Emberton  

We moved to Quotient from a popular but rather clunky server/web hybrid quoting tool.

It's one of the best things we did for our business (up there with moving from Sage to Xero).

Quotient has most of the features we wanted and the flexible pricing model makes it affordable for more of our team to be able to quote our clients quickly. Clients are more likely to sign if we respond to them in a timely manner.

I'm confident that we will see additional features added to Quotient in the future.

Quotient saves us time by posting invoices into Xero which we then approve and send. Our previous process was very manual and prone to error. We like to check the invoices instead of automatically sending. Having monthly and one off items split into two different invoices is a great feature.

The support team have been hugely helpful in answering our questions as we got to know the system as well as responding to our suggestions. Nathan responded to faults quickly and we are never left for long without helpful or thoughtful advice and solutions.

I've been able to secure more business faster, by reviewing and amending quotes on my iPad whilst with clients. Our sales process is shorter and more effective thanks to Quotient. I have even converted a few clients to using it themselves.

If you are considering Quotient, waste no more time and take the plunge. You'll be happy you did.

Paul Dean  

Love using quotient with the ability to attache almost anything especially images ant technical spec for fittings. with the link to Xero just makes it great

Simon Gomes-Da Costa  

We love it! For a small business it looks great and is easy to use.

Justin Estreich  

Simple, efficient, make your quotes stand out from your competitors. It just works.

Tim Baker  

So yeah... this add on just quartered my workload.

Bryan Ford  

Scan the Xero forums and you will find plenty of people who shared my frustration with the lack of proper quoting tools in the standard Xero package - inability to link documents, embed pics, set up proper templates, give people options etc.

The cost to us was hours of extra work every week, and very clear evidence of lost sales of our very visually engaging product. Like plenty of others, I pleaded with someone at Xero to actually give a toss, and listen to their customers. For whatever reason, they didn't do anything with their quoting tools and it is seriously flawed for our needs.

Then I found Quotient. Quite simply the smartest bit of thinking I have seen in years.

Beautifully designed, thoroughly thought-through, brilliantly simple to use, and devastatingly effective.

Quotient has totally nailed it!

Have all our regular products set up as templates in Quotient, with embedded pics, attachments, options and recommendations for clients, and follow up systems - and all sweetly synched to Xero (which if you ignore their outdated quoting monolith is otherwise a great accounting package.)

Massive time saving every week, significant improvement in the consistency and thoroughness of our message, and an instant and sustained spike in sales.

Just one timely follow-up using the Quotient follow up functionality delivered two extra sales totalling more than $10,000 last month.

All our quoting problems solved in one fab little app which delivers consistently every time.

Love what you guys have done - just brilliant. Would give it ten stars if I could.

Mark Tolley  

This product has revolutionised my business in all seriousness. My quoting skills grew out of excel spreadsheets and was haphazard at best. Too many pieces of information floating in my head - 'if this happens then this cost applies but not always' kinds of stuff. Errors were costing me money and my confidence was smashed.

I now have 5 quote templates, with every scrap of information from my head listed in there. Instead of building my quotes up, I now delete my quotes down, taking out all items that dont apply. Quotes take minutes and with no stress. They look professional, and being itemised gives my clients confidence that I know what Im talking about. The errors are over.

Love it love it love it

Simone Morrison  

Quotient has been a pleasure to use. We've been using the estimating software for our small business service company for over a year. It's clean, easy to use, saves a ton of time, and we've gotten a lot of positive feed back from our customers about their quotes. The designers are also constantly updating and improving Quotient. Syncs up with Xero great. It's the main reason I use Xero. Keep up the good work guys!

Michael Ash  

Im so grateful for Quotient! It has revolutionised the way we do business. Having the ability to create elegant quotations from site has increased our conversion rate tenfold!

Christopher Edwards  

The perfect product for the small to medium business owner!

Spend a few minutes setting up items and you are ready to send out nice looking quotes in a great format.

Sure, the occasional quote might not reach your customer, BUT at least you can SEE which quotes are opened and which aren't! Yeah that's right, you can see when and how many times they were opened... powerful tracking software and if you can not see the value in that alone then you need to look harder.

Amazing product for the price...

Ben Chadwick  

This is a 5* product if you want quick and professional quotes that are easy to template. We have been using it for six months and I absolutely love it but our business has sadly (or more accurately happily) outgrown it.
Quotient does not do the next bit - work flow - calendaring - assigning people ... 150 projects involving 15 people ...... and of course not inventory. We need all these now/soon, and to have them integrated to each other ...
Quotient also is focused on simplicity but there is not a management overview depth we need as we grow.
So although we will soon ditch it! _ I am giving it 5* because, Quotient is fantastic at what it says it does! - simple quoting.
Cheers Simon - Sales Manager | Flexiroof

Simon Moore  

I've been using Quotient pretty much since they started. I love it. It is simple to use, the quotes look great and I can keep track of how I'm doing easily. We are a heavy user of templates which enables me to get quotes out quickly and accurately.

Tony Laughton  

Ronan, this is a review thread for Quotient and you can only post once here. If you're wanting to continue this discussion, I'd suggest posting again in Using Xero Add-Ons. If you end up going ahead with Quotient, I'm sure they'd appreciate you editing your response to a review.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

Am currently a WorkFlowMax & Xero user.
Has anyone made the transition to using Quotient after using WFM? Keen to hear of any major issues...

Ronan Royer  

I found Quotient really excellent to use. The layout is very visual, uncluttered and straightforward. Clients responded well to the simplicity of it all and it tied in very nicely with Xero. That and the price tag is great. Top Marks.

Aengus Ryan  

I was looking for a quoting system for my photography studio that integrated well with Xero, saving tedious double-entry. Quotient ticked all the boxes - effortless quoting with a clean interface on both the client and admin side, and speedy replies to feature requests and tech support questions - these guys really listen! Looking forward to the new features coming soon to make this a perfect app.

Jatin Valabjee  

Simple, yet attractive (both UI and output-wise) quote generator. Customer service is top notch and the pairing with Xero is icing on the cake.

Brandsten Media  

The transition to Quotient for our quoting has been so smooth. Knowing exactly when or if a client has opened a quote has been life changing. The ability to create quote templates and line item templates is also super fast to use and has saved us hours of admin time each week. Ultimately it means we are able to get quotes out the door faster. It's also great to be able to setup contacts on the fly when setting up a new quote.

Jeremy Johnson  

One month in and I have finally found what I have been looking for and bodgied together with excel and word for the last year. Well done! You have a fan – and I asked feedback from each client I sent quotes to and they all said without fail that it was simple and professional ( a bit like me!).

Great vision well executed.

Sue Binney  

QUOTIENT IS....amazing software I refer every one to use it, before my time was truly wasted doing manual quotes in inDesign, I love it that it pushes the quote to Xero, again saves me more time so I don't have to generate invoices..... it is THE BEST software as I have tested the others and nothing compares. Also the support team are great speedy and reliable

Jarman Smith  

We have been using quotientapp for a while now. It is an excellent quoting system. Quotient is very easy to use, easy to see where our quotes are at and it seamlessly integrates with xero. We always recommend quotientapp to anyone who asks what quoting system we use. Thanks Quotient!

Trudy Woolley  

This is by far the best quoting tool ever. So easy to use, saves me so much time. Not only is it great, its backed up with great service from the developers. Awesome Job Quotient team.

Joel Cameron  

I absolutely love both Xero and Quotient. I use quotient as an electronic contract for what I do. It is very easy, saves my customers on having to print it out, fill it out and fax it back (old school). Love the simplicity and being able to access anytime from anywhere. I am all over the place, seldom in my office and I have access to everything. LOVE IT!!!!

Tracy Hueth  

I just signed up but it looks good so far. I'm not sure it has the Analytics that Quote Roller has and I'd love to see that.

Most importantly, I would like to be able to customize the look of the quote a lot more. Colors, fonts, etc.

Jeff Singer  

Fifteen months in, and we're still loving Quotient. The templates feature is really handy, and saves huge amounts of time. We (and our clients) love the visual aspect too - inserting images and attaching specs is a breeze. Thank you Quotient, and keep up the good work!

Kate Thomas  

Quotient is a first class tool for not only creating quotes but for analyzing how the quote process is moving along.
It's easy to use and looks very professional.

John Bond  

We have been using Quotient for about 10 months and love it.

It not only produces professional quotes that makes you stand out, but it makes the acceptance process easy. Getting signatures on confirmed quotes is a painful process, but Quotient makes it simple and easy for clients to accept the quotes online.

Their reporting on the dashboard is also great for cashflow forecasting. In fact, it is the best cashflow forecasting too I have ever used because it is so simple. Simply look at the quotes confirmed in the "last 30 days" and you get a good idea of what the bank account will look like in the following 30 days.

I strongly recommend Quotient

Will McTavish  

Love it! Has really cut down on amending quotes with the interactive elements for my customers... makes it easier to track variations required prior to commencing a job!!! Recommend this to anone trying to reduce email and paper trails!!!
Post sale service has also been awesome!!!

Manuel Galaktidis  

We love Quotient too. Our clients have commented on several occasions at how professional it is, we do all our correspondence through the comment section so any changes or requests from our client are at our fingertips, we use the private note option for information we need to recall without the client seeing it, this is all great when it comes to sending the invoice. We also use Xero and find going from Quotient to Xero super easy, there is no having to go back to the quote to get the information as it is all sent through with just one click. I cannot speak highly enough of the support team at Quotient, basically "my wish is their command". I have made suggestions on several occasions and before I know it they have been put into action. Thanks Nathan!! You guys are great and have designed an awesome product, well done!

Sue Dyer  

I love Quotient! Do you know how many people have commented on this great little quoting system? Nearly every one. That translates to accepted quotes. Quotient reflects our company culture perfectly. Friendly, efficient and professional. All credit to the team at Quotient! I'm a happy client. Best thing, I don't have to type up the invoice, its generated automatically with all accepted quotes into Xero. What!!!! More time on the road people. Get to it. Oh if you are wondering why I only ticked a 4 star rating, that's because the team are working on some new stuff (awesome guys 5 stars for that) . . . so i'm leaving some space to congratulate you . . . Keep up the excellence - it helps me keep to mine.

Vivienne Corin  

As a stickler for offering my customers the best possible experience, from initial inquiry all the way to the finished product, Quotient has filled everything in between perfectly! I get comments all the time how fabulous the quotes are and what a pleasure it is to receive them. My conversion rate has grown ten-fold and whilst our services are not at all the cheapest, what wins the clients over is the way Quotient allows me to subtly explain products, rather than lumping them with a bunch of patronising technical terms and numbers that traditional quotes offer. The integration with Xero was paramount in my decision to use Quotient so nothing slips through the cracks anymore. Love the reports on the dashboard too, nice to see the average dollar sale going upwards and upwards.. Can't wait to see further development and what this has in store!! Great job guys!!

Renata Korot  

Quotient is AWESOME. We have used a lot of different systems and whilst none has exactly everything you might want (the earth, right?), Quotient is the best we have used. The developers are customer focused, friendly and really open to customer ideas. It's great having open dialogue with a client, inside the Quotient system, to be able to upload pictures, edit the quote, and once accepted, see the draft invoice perfectly set in Xero. And the investment? Tiny. No excuses. Try it. You'll love it.

Will Roffé  

Quotient is a great tool and is an essential part of my business saving me time and double entry of information between quotes and invoicing. The relationship with Xero is faultless and the ongoing development of Quotient just makes this product better and better. I highly recommend Quotient to anyone wanting to streamline their quoting process.

Dave Sewell  

I have been using Quotient from the start. Its becoming a growing part of my tool box. The ability to add photos captured from my phone attached to specific line items means my quotes are relevant, specific and cutting edge and really offers my clients the wow factor. The continual improvements the Quotient team make means the program is so organic and alive I would be lost without it. A no brainer.

Ryan Hamilton  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 @ 9:53:24 AM
We have been using both Quotient and Xero for around 10 months now and fine both outstanding in operation!!
NEVER not once had any problems with either of them, any hiccups have been easily sorted within minutes – could not recommend Quotient highly enough… makes completing those dreaded estimations a breeze and believe it or not enjoyable.
To ALL the team at Quotient – thanks for your great service and outstanding help whenever we have asked for it.

Tauranga Horological Ltd  

Beautiful in its simplicity, Effective in its design, Perfect for All. What did we do before Quotient came along. Quotient has made presenting proposals and pricing easy. An email pops into your inbox... another job accepted.
Thanks to the team at Quotient for making such an outstanding system!

Quentin Weber  

Quotient is the coolest system for SME's who need to raise quotations. Engage with your clients in real time from start till signed off and finally attached to a draft invoice in Xero. You will be up and running in next to no time.

Gillian Rossouw  

If you want impressive looking quotes that are easy for you and your customers to update and discuss - this is an awesome add-on (fab job guys)

Gayle Buchanan