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Fooman Limited

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |eCommerce

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 8 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Fooman Limited, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Fooman Limited

Save hours in administration with our Magento-Xero integration options. Sales, Returns and Customer info is automatically added to Xero for you, check out Fooman Limited.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Fooman Limited, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Fooman Limited.

As a user who has basic programming knowledge, and has quite specific requirements from what they need, i can assure you that if you are looking to Integrate Magento 2 and Xero, this extension is an absolute must. We have been using another extension since we migrated over to M2 last year, and have had nothing but troubles, 4 day support replies and endless amounts of re-coding (hard at that). With Fooman, 95% of the issues we had to undergo with the previous extension simply were already corrected (price rounding, discounting correctly etc), and the last couple of edits (Extra bank accounts, specific functions for those accounts) were swiftly implemented with the help of Kristof at Fooman. His replies were always within a 24 hour time bracket, and he was so reliable i actually started getting up at 2am to read his email, so i then could implement the changes.

I cannot stress to you enough how good this works out of the box, and how good the customer support is over at Fooman.

Ben Kyte  

The amount of time this module has saved me is almost incalculable. It was a seamless and bug free solution to my admin nightmare. Any silly question I had was answered quickly and respectfully. I highly recommend this company and software.

Brent Rasmussen  

After moving over to Xero I was looking for a solution to get my Magento sales into Xero without a fuss. I tried other extensions but as a seller specialising in low order value, volume sales, these didn't work out to be great value with the pricing based on transaction volume.

I am therefore exteremly grateful for Fooman creating this mavellous little bit of software. I had a few initial teething problems however Kristof was exteremely courteous and had a solution to every issue that came up. Replies were prompt, and best of all? This extension is actually doing a much better job of importing my data than the previous extension I tried.

The great thing about the Fooman extension is that it syncs back, right into Magento on both a list of exported invoices & on the order itself the sync status with Xero. It brings in the PayPal transaction reference, even for my orders imported with M2E which is a much smoother matching process during reconciliation than the other extension which was doing it by price & customer name alone - often eBay customers will have differing names which previously meant I had to be searching through PayPal records to accurately record data.

Extremely reasonable at the monthly subscription rate which is a perfect fit for a small business like mine.

Ash Sheppard  

Exactly what I needed to connect Magento and Xero together. What prompted me to leave a review is that the support is excellent. I had a unique to me issue and it was resolved very quickly.

James Bailey  

This is my second subscription of Fooman & Xero, and I asked Kristoffer for some customizations which he was able to quickly apply, working exactly as I requested and efficiently.

I am very happy with this add-on for Xero.

Topic Rentals  

I am truly AWE struck by your effortsŠ. Fooman, Xero and Magento. I just
processed my first export transaction from Magento to Xero, and you should
have heard the gasp at the unexpected surprise when I realized the amount of
productive time that I had just gained back by your effortsŠ...I cannot THANK
YOU ENOUGH! WOWŠ this is a great day for our company.

distributor services  

This is a review thread for Fooman Limited Sergey, so you can only post once. You'll have more success posting in the Using Xero Add-ons section, contacting our Support team (using the 'Contact Xero Support' link above), or contacting Fooman Limited directly.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

Is this thread still active? I have an issue with import from Magento to Xero. Please could help to investigate? This is what happened with some of my items immediately after export from Magento to Xero.

"Item 8718104161092 changed from tracked to untracked. Item name changed from Hot Lips "Rose Violet" to empty. Sales Description changed from Hot Lips "Rose Violet" to Hot Lips Rose Violet. Purchases Description changed from Hot Lips "Rose Violet" to empty. Tax rate for sales changed from 20% (VAT on Income) to No VAT. Tax rate for purchases changed from EC Acquisitions (20%) to No VAT. Cost of Goods Sold Account changed from Cost of Good Sold to empty. Inventory Asset Account changed from Tracked Inventory to empty."

The problems is that I cannot undo this and I need to duplicate a product within Xero to properly account a transaction from Magento. How can I fix this? Please help.

S G  

Great extension and very useful to our company's everyday operation. The developers are very fast in providing support. They usually respond within 8 hours, and fix your problem in one or two email exchanges.

Fred Reyes  

Very useful module with seemless transfer of orders into Xero. We chose this module after evaluating a few Magento / Xero options and have not been disappointed. Great support from Kristof on any questions I've had on the module as well.

Jacques Malan  

I have set this up for our store to streamline the accounting process. We had a few difficulties getting it set up but the support by Kristof was outstanding.
He identified a conflict with another module and made the necessary changes and got our set up working nicely.
This has a lot more useful features than other Magento-xero modules that are out there that I have tried.
Great stuff

POL Australia