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4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Re-Leased, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Re-Leased

A complete cloud based property management software solution, designed for successful property owners and managers, check out Re-Leased.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Re-Leased, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

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I am getting the following message -
Xero access has been revoked for Company:
Everything has been working fine up to this point and I wondered if anyone else had had the same message.

Andrew Hugill  

Re-Leased is Awesome, and the integration into Xero is fantastic!

George Brown  

Our new software package from Re-leased is brilliant. Very easy to use - I have worked with a number of systems before but this just tops them all.


We have been using Re-Leased for a few months now and it has made it much easier to stay on top of rent and invoice payments as well as giving us a platform to quickly access all information relating to particular tenants and houses in one place. We have had a couple of problems with processing payments but apart from that, great software!

Caroline Canty  

We have just moved onto re-leased from a spreadsheet based system and already seeing the benefits. Transition went well and Carolyn was a great help in getting things up and running. Integration with Xero working well and looking forward to getting the system fully operational for property management.

Mike Ward  

Brilliant property software, the best system in the market - we love it.

Simon Howard  

After struggling with spreadsheets and trialling other property management systems, Re-Leased has definitely come as a bit of a saviour when it comes to handling all our tenancy information.

Additional benefits, such as maintenance logging and key management, really help keep us on top of things, and the Re-Leased team are always willing to provide assistance when needed.

Chris Wilson  

New to property managment and accounting process, very steep learning curve! Carolyn from ReLeased has set up my ReLeased software and Xero for me and from the first minute i've used it, it's been nothing but easy! Carolyn has helped with setting it up right so i am getting the best out it, plus she is on hand to answer any questions i have. After a long struggle with an external contractor managing our business and months and months of frustration and lack of information, I feel like it's Christmas every morning as i discover another function that makes my life so easy now!!! For what I need in managing my property with 38 commercial tenants, ReLeased and Zero is perfect!

Kirsty Johnson  

The demo video was very good, however where was volume?

Sharon Goodlace  

We have assisted a number of clients in implementing Re-Leased to manage their large property portfolio and it has resulted in improved efficiency and more importantly for the client the ability to stay on top of rental payments, reviews, reimbursements etc.

Troy Townley  

I have been using Re-Leased for well over a year now and absolutely love it. Tasks that were previously time-consuming and done on spreadsheets are now completely automated and happen without thinking.
The Dashboard where everything is driven from is intuitive and saves us missing key milestones that could otherwise be forgotten.
In terms of evolution, even in the comparatively short space of time we’ve used Re-Leased it has grown and gotten better and better. Nice work guys – keep it up.

Blair Haynes  

I'm loving using this software and am feeling very much in control of my property portfolios. It is leaps and bounds ahead of other property management software that I have used before. I am particularly impressed with the hands-on support offered through implementation and training.

Julie-Anne Jefferson  

Generally a great system and the seamless interaction with xero is great. The one thing I find slightly frustrating (not so intuitive) is the contact details section in Re-leased. For a while I seemed to have the wrong contacts added to the invoices and was forever changing things in re-leased. Quite possibly a user error LOL.

Robyn Burns  

Love it !

Ivo Gospodinov  

Re-Leashed is just great! I liked it so much after the first month I signed up for 12 months and took the discounted rate, a good saving about 20%.
I am really enjoying using Re-Leashed for my commercial property business and my business partner who lives in another city is enjoying it even more, as every thing is now online in the cloud and available to us both all the time , AWESOME!!
We had run manual system for many years duplicating saving files and missing reviews and now thats all in the past. I has taken me a bit of time to get to grips with how it all works and integrates with Xero, but now I think I have it sorted and each month gets easier and easier.
I have found the training session very helpful via Skype and have had fast replies to my email inquiries.

mike peers  

Brilliant. Simple and Easy. We went from spreadsheets, reminders, calendars, to do lists, order books, filing cabinets and data entry to complete automation. Our property manager just got back from 4 weeks leave - and not a single glitch.

Judy Brown  

Great to see finally an accounting software that can manage all our commercial property owners and makes life a lot easier compared to our 'manual' system we were using with Excel spreadsheets. Very handy too that it ties in with Xero so therefore not having to double up on entries and processes. With the software's automated function, we can focus more on managing these particluar clients.

Hamish Thomsen  

Fabulous software that 'does it all' Definitely a must have for all commercial property owners and managers. Simple and easy to use.

Business Buddy  

Brilliant step up from previous integrated property management and accounting software we were using. Re-leased provides all of the commercial property management tools in a user friendly and intuitive fashion. Written by a knowledgeable commercial property professional. With Re-leased we can now make full use of the excellent Xero cloud based accounting functionality.

Harvey Dunlop  

Nothing beats an industry written software that works. Thanks Re-Leased for sharing this with other landlords. Multi floor plate tenants, R&M control and especially like the dashboard

Gayle Buchanan