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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 72 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Re-Leased, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Re-Leased

A complete cloud based property management software solution, designed for successful property owners and managers, check out Re-Leased.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Re-Leased, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit the Re-Leased support center

The fact that we can warehouse all tenant contact and lease information in a simple, searchable database, accessible from any device, anywhere, all synced with Xero, and then generate tenant communications right from the platform makes Re-Leased a very compelling proposition.

We also find the reporting and alert system impressive. The system is designed to make sure we never miss an important date for an electrical, fire or gas check, and helps us keep on top of maintenance task management.

Peter Darragh  

Re-Leased is intuitive and simple and does everything that we want it to do. It has reduced our admin times significantly, even just the fact that you can send an invoice out via email. It takes seconds to check through an invoice, clicks the button, and off it goes. One of the biggest benefits we’ve found with Re-Leased is that when you enter a global pandemic, you can carry on working from wherever you are in the world. It was absolutely no issue

Sebastian Moss  

The integration between Xero and Re-Leased is seamless. In comparison to other database systems where the accounting is not integrated this saves an awful lot of time with transferring and reconciling data. Both systems are highly intuitive and are very easy to use.

Nigel Gurkin  

We started using ReLeased at the beginning of the year, as with anything new after using an older system for a while it was quite daunting, but after a few hours or so of using it it is really easy to use. I also like the way that it is connected to Xero so no need for the printing of invoices. Would certainly recommend this package.

Anne Smith  

We have been looking for an accounting software to manage our multi-co property portfolio for a while. When we came across Re-Leased which worked alongside Xero, It was a "No Brainer" moment to switch to both software for the whole business. No more spreadsheets and complicated formulae. Still not using both to the full capacity.

Muhammad Bucksun  

I have been using Re-Leased and Xero exclusively to manage a national property portfolio for over 3 years. It has been a fantastic improvement from our previous method of using spreadsheets and has proven to be the most innovative and efficient system I have used. The two systems work together seamlessly and are very easy to use.

Matthew Fitzgerald  

The strong integration with Xero was a major factor in choosing released. The experience working between the two platforms has been seamless, but when we do have had issues, the Re-Leased team has been more than willing to help us work through it. The integration also allows us to work through Re-Leased in a way we are most familiar with and allows our accounting firm to have real-time access via Xero to all the changes we make. We definitely made the right choice and thank you to both of you for creating solid platforms.

Jamie Simchik  

We undertook a lot of research on property management software and concluded Re-Leased was the best fit for us. The software has streamlined our business (and for customers) and we will never revert back to a spreadsheet again. The technical support from Re-leased and integration with other applications makes the entire process of property management seamless and efficient.

John O'Malley  

Its our 4th month into using the system. The training given was very good, and the ongoing support is great. I had used another system for over 10 years and was quite scarred of moving as I had got so used to the old system. But I needn't have worried as it is very easy to navigate.

Ravi Dulay  

Comprehensive and covers all the points we require to integrate with Xero. Good customer service and training.

Dave Thomson  

Excellent bit of software. Clearly written by property people and does what it should do.
Saved us money and time already. Very good support in set up and asistance as well.
Worth the investment. Streets ahead of what we used before.

Steve Grail  

In-house management of our property portfolio was something completely new to our business as this function had always been provided by external experts. The move over to in-house was therefore quite a step up for us and we needed a bit of hand holding! When we discovered Re-Leased, we needed look no further! The software itself is extremely well written, intuitive and very easy to pick up. All of our management functions are now largely automated and the seamless fit with Xero just makes everything so easy to do!

The team at Re-Leased have been exemplary in every regard. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they remain positive, even in the face of the most stupid questions!!! We really cannot fault the customer experience provided by every single member of staff we have dealt with from day one.

As five stars is the maximum rating we can offer, we have, without hesitation, awarded this but if we could give more we would! Thank you to everyone at Re-Leased for making our transition so painless and for providing such a fantastic solution to our requirement. Absolutely outstanding.

Mark Groves  

Great software, simple and user-friendly.

Dimitar Ushev  

Re-Leased is a great tool that we use on a daily basis. The layout is very logical and a great way to get key information from a lease in a hurry. The Xero interface has excellent functionality.

Isobel Childs  

I have been using Re-Leased & Xero for 6 months now and find that it's a great system to use.... Also find it so easy to find an answer with any problems that I am having. They work great together and would recommend these to anyone!! I'm looking forward to seeing what else it has instore for us... :)

Stewart Collins  

Amazing Integration that saves a lot of time for my clients! Re-Leased has a super awesome and sufficient support staff!

Anneline van der Riet  

As a company we spent a lot of time investigating different property management software solutions and the linkages with XERO (which we already used). For us, Re-leased was the out and out winner and we have been delighted with the product to date!

Jane Walker  

We own and run a property investment business. Two things are very important: software to assist with the property management, and software to keep on top of the numbers.
Look no further than Re-Leased and XERO which offers a great integration.

James Walker  

We have clients who have been using Re-leased for a couple of years now.
As they have grown we have worked with Re-Leased and our Xero knowledge to provide solutions to client requirements e.g. Application for payment.
Clients love this software.

Angela Ashworth  

Must have I should say, for property of any kind I would suggest anyone to take advantage of this brilliant setup. Very reliable, accurate and convenient software, easy and simple to use.

Kayle Asquith  

We started using ReLeased at the beginning of the year, it was quite daunting at fist. I like the way that it is connected to Xero, no more printing out of invoices, they can all be sent electronically. Would certainly recommend this package.

Adele Hughes  

I have been using Re-leased for about 2 years now and the software is pretty well made with few minor omissions that would be useful (calculating invoices for rent periods with incentives mixed in e.g. half rent, rent free etc and a few more reports). That being said the support team is very good and are always quick to respond and are helpful. They also take on-board improvements you may have.
Overall I am very happy with the software as it makes managing the portfolio easier and it will probably only get better.

James Wilgose  

We are a new property company started this year. searched for a long time before settling on Xero and Re-Leased. Integration with Xero is great. Very helpful support team who clearly know their product very well. The more we learn the more we like Re-Leased.

Barry Lea  

Amazing system ! The dashboard is so helpful, like that I cannot forget anything, and it's very practical as I need to manage more than 70 offices. The way to create new tenancies or add a new property is so easy, and the invoices generated by Released and appearing on Xero is just perfect ! I recommend 100% :D

Tiona Murray  

Been using Xero and Re-Leased for 18 months now and love them and how they integrate with each other. Rather than import lots of old data into Re-Leased/Xero I decided to start from scratch with both and do it from th ground up so that I knew exactly how it all fitted together and how it all worked. I always had the team at Re-Leased by my side assisting me every step of the way helping me. It's a massive step up from the spreadsheets and accounts package we were using previously and I would never looked back!

Phil Bartlett  

Re-Leased is used as an everyday tool to manage our different accounts with multiple tenancies in an efficient way, providing us with easy tools to notify us of maintenance and review dates.

Aldenham Estate  

The integration is fantastic!

Emmanouel Kontis  

As a commercial property manager who had previously worked at large practices with an accounting team to handle that element of the business I was concerned about setting up on my own. Re-Leased is a game changer and has allowed me to work both for myself and clients in a vastly more streamlined and efficient way than I could previously have imagined. Integration with Xero has so far been faultless and the support they offer is brilliant.

Jonathan Aspinall  

Easy to use and integrates seamlessly to landlord company files in Xero. Our client are using the version without Trust accounting as they own the properties and are doing their own property administration, and assistance from support has enabled to do some additional great reporting in Xero as well.

Maria Giacosa  

We have used Released & Xero exclusively for 6 months and the two systems integrate seamlessly to form the cornerstone of our property management and accounting. The support & training offered have been second to none and we have been able to streamline our office processes and improve our Tenant service. The cloud functionality is superb.

Dan Elwood  

The integration between Xero & Re-Leased works well. The few issues we've had with Re-Leased have been resolved satisfactorily (syncing disconnects and miscommunication with regard to number of tenancies). I was bothered for a while that I was unable to create a batch deposit in Xero after processing payments in Re-Leased, but after some experimentation I discovered that I could record payments in Xero WHILE creating a batch deposit, and the payment info would then transfer back to Re-Leased. The only recommendation I have is to make the batch deposit an actual deposit ticket (with micr coding of routing and account numbers), but that would be an improvement for Xero rather than Re-Leased. Overall, a great system for property management and accounting.

Ninette Farrier  

We have been using Xero and Re-Leased for a while now. Xero is very similar to QuickBooks and has been easy for us to learn. It seems like it provides some better work tools for our financial accounting that I feel make it better than QuickBooks. Re-Leased is a bit more cumbersome than our old privately developed property management software. Our old software was slightly easier to get around and to add / change tenancies and properties. I am certain after we have used it a bit longer it will become more understandable and better than what we have been using for over 25 years. All in all the two work great together.

Tom Matovina  

Seamless integration with Xero removes the need for entering everything twice. No need for time consuming reconciliations. Keeping on top of tenant payments is easy and clear.

Christine Hawkins  

Great software that is clever and has provided much more added value than we initially thought. Has made our property management tasks a breeze and year-end financial reporting a much simpler process.

Thomas Botha  

Great tool for property management with a brilliant Xero integration! The system is very intuitive with a wide range of reports that accountants/property manager will find handy.

Lija Rahman  

Been working on re-leased since May 2017, but couldn't get used to it a first, used to using spreadsheets but after training with your team and personnel in the office, I find it quite easy but the downside is that in Xero there is no SAVE button when reconciling pages and pages of figures.

Linda Idziak  

Great property software that integrates and syncs with Xero. This is backed up with a team of people that understand the software but more importantly are there when you need them and actually know the answers to the questions or issues or knows someone that does. The other thing is their desire to understand what the customer, us, wants to happen to makes things better. All of which is fed into the development team., Keep up the good work...

David Abrahams  

Great software and easy to use. The team are helpful with queries and are keen to improve and the software to suit the needs of the user. Managing maintenance work and ensuring all paperwork for all properties is in place helps us provide a much improved and efficient service to our tenants.

Cheryl Newby  

Re-Leased is simple to use and makes managing properties easier and less time consuming. Great that it links with xero!

Molly Malsom  

Brilliant software, easy to use and great for the fact it connects to Xero. Takes away all of those boring spreadsheets!

Lydia Howe  

Great software for property management. Easy to use and a much needed replacement for the old spreadsheets. We love the seamless integration with Xero and we wouldn't want to be without Re-Leased now. Help is always given when needed and the one to one training was ideal.

Emma Unsworth  

We have been using Xero and Re-leased for almost two years now , it has made a huge difference to the accuracy and speed on producing invoice. The reporting facility on maintenance issues has also proved to be a great help and time saver.
The assistance from the central office is always useful and pleasant.

Sandra Boal  

I have been using re-leased for 6 months and I think it is a fantastic system. User friendly and easy to use.

Danielle Rose  

Released is a very clever and useful piece of software for Property Letting Companies. Not only is it very easy to use, it also works like a dream with Xero. It helps us keep on control of our commercial & residential portfolio including rental payments and tracking maintenance tasks. Released automatically produces rental invoices with Xero saving the company an invaluable amount of time. The Released support is fantastic too!

Amy Young  

We have been using Re-Leased for the best part of 3 months and it is a complete game changer in the way we manage our properties. We use Re-Leased for both client accounting and with Xero. The integration is seamless. It's brilliant, simple and easy to use

Christos Liondaris  

Re-Leased is a sophisticated and intuitive platform that has delivered several benefits to my team and my role as a property manager. Tasks that were once time-consuming and critical dates that were often forgotten are dealt with on Re-Leased. The implementation and support staff are attentive and ready to provide assistance if you are ever in need. It's a great software with a great team behind it.

Simon Dunn  

We started on Xero and Re-leased 8 months ago and it has been a joy to learn and use both Super easy to use, accessible anywhere anytime, visually pleasing and they integrate making life even easier!

Aysha Bhimji  

We were already using Xero for our accountancy needs and then re-leased came along and filled the niche for pretty much everything else. Very intuitive and the frequent updates add plenty of new features to play with. Excellent piece of software.

Dan Wright  

This is great software that does everything, for me it's a must have for all commercial property Managers. Very easy to use and makes life easier. I have been using xero and re-leased for 3 years now and have never had any issues.

Halim Ghanima  

We have used Xero and Released for a few years and management of portfolio has been seamless. have recommended to others.

harold lefton  

Thanks very much Doug for all your help. Your answer was very clear and also the walkthrough you sent will be useful in future.

Marilyn Simpson  

We have been using Re-leased for a couple of months now and I am surprised at how easy it is. It has helped us keep track of all our properties and the interaction with Xero is great. I would definitely recommend this software to any property management company as well as my fellow Almshouse Charity's. A huge thank you to Doug and PJ for being patient with me!

sareena cobden  

Being new to property management Re-Leased has made my life so much easier. I was initially really worried about keeping track of reviews, rent payments and maintenance. This system is amazing and keeps track of everything. Another bonus is the integration with Xero. A massive Thank you to the support team who are brilliant and so easy to deal with.
I would highly recommend this software to any property manager.

Emma Miles  

I have been using Re-Leased with some a few clients who have complicated set ups in terms of property ownership and tenancies. Re-Leased really simplified the day-to-day processing of transactions and they now have access to information which they didn't before. Once set up, the operation of Re-Leased is easy and the integration with Xero is magical! I'd definitely recommend it, and often do!

Neil Stevens  

Re-Leased is wonderfully clear and easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Xero so that you would think they were part of the same package. The team have been extremely helpful in getting us set up with several training sessions online to cover all the essential areas, and it has been great to have someone on the end of the phone to answer additional queries.

Laura Evans  

Re-Leased is absolutely awesome property management software! So intuitive and I love how simple and seamlessly it turns maintenance bills into invoices for the Landlords, who can then see all the financials and activity on their property through the Landlord portal. The dashboard features and notifications are amazing and reconciling the Landlord ledgers is a breeze now. The Re-Leased support is fantastic too!

Natasha McLaren Doerr, CPA, CGA  

ReLeased has proved invaluable; particularly in how it links to Xero which is the accounting software that we have been using for the best part of a year now. As soon as we upload a new tenancy onto the ReLeased system it creates the monthly invoices for the rental amounts due. It is also easy to create other invoices like the initial admin fee that we take from our applicants. They all appear on the Xero platform for our bookkeeper to reconcile. It is a great visual tool too as everything that is going on with the tenancies in our properties appear very clearly on the front page of each property page. It is great for us as the landlords of the property but it is also very concise so handing over the management of our portfolio to a third party will be done with greater confidence now that we have this system in place.

Gervaise Cerio  

Re-Leased is Awesome, and the integration into Xero is fantastic!

George Brown  

Our new software package from Re-leased is brilliant. Very easy to use - I have worked with a number of systems before but this just tops them all.


We have been using Re-Leased for a few months now and it has made it much easier to stay on top of rent and invoice payments as well as giving us a platform to quickly access all information relating to particular tenants and houses in one place. We have had a couple of problems with processing payments but apart from that, great software!

Caroline Canty  

We have just moved onto re-leased from a spreadsheet based system and already seeing the benefits. Transition went well and Carolyn was a great help in getting things up and running. Integration with Xero working well and looking forward to getting the system fully operational for property management.

Mike Ward  

Brilliant property software, the best system in the market - we love it.

Sam Howie  

After struggling with spreadsheets and trialling other property management systems, Re-Leased has definitely come as a bit of a saviour when it comes to handling all our tenancy information.

Additional benefits, such as maintenance logging and key management, really help keep us on top of things, and the Re-Leased team are always willing to provide assistance when needed.

Chris Wilson  

New to property managment and accounting process, very steep learning curve! Carolyn from ReLeased has set up my ReLeased software and Xero for me and from the first minute i've used it, it's been nothing but easy! Carolyn has helped with setting it up right so i am getting the best out it, plus she is on hand to answer any questions i have. After a long struggle with an external contractor managing our business and months and months of frustration and lack of information, I feel like it's Christmas every morning as i discover another function that makes my life so easy now!!! For what I need in managing my property with 38 commercial tenants, ReLeased and Zero is perfect!

Kirsty Johnson  

We have assisted a number of clients in implementing Re-Leased to manage their large property portfolio and it has resulted in improved efficiency and more importantly for the client the ability to stay on top of rental payments, reviews, reimbursements etc.

Troy Townley  

I have been using Re-Leased for well over a year now and absolutely love it. Tasks that were previously time-consuming and done on spreadsheets are now completely automated and happen without thinking.
The Dashboard where everything is driven from is intuitive and saves us missing key milestones that could otherwise be forgotten.
In terms of evolution, even in the comparatively short space of time we’ve used Re-Leased it has grown and gotten better and better. Nice work guys – keep it up.

Blair Haynes  

I'm loving using this software and am feeling very much in control of my property portfolios. It is leaps and bounds ahead of other property management software that I have used before. I am particularly impressed with the hands-on support offered through implementation and training.

Julie-Anne Jefferson  

Generally a great system and the seamless interaction with xero is great. The one thing I find slightly frustrating (not so intuitive) is the contact details section in Re-leased. For a while I seemed to have the wrong contacts added to the invoices and was forever changing things in re-leased. Quite possibly a user error LOL.

Robyn Burns  

Love it !

Ivo Gospodinov  

Re-Leashed is just great! I liked it so much after the first month I signed up for 12 months and took the discounted rate, a good saving about 20%.
I am really enjoying using Re-Leashed for my commercial property business and my business partner who lives in another city is enjoying it even more, as every thing is now online in the cloud and available to us both all the time , AWESOME!!
We had run manual system for many years duplicating saving files and missing reviews and now thats all in the past. I has taken me a bit of time to get to grips with how it all works and integrates with Xero, but now I think I have it sorted and each month gets easier and easier.
I have found the training session very helpful via Skype and have had fast replies to my email inquiries.

mike peers  

Brilliant. Simple and Easy. We went from spreadsheets, reminders, calendars, to do lists, order books, filing cabinets and data entry to complete automation. Our property manager just got back from 4 weeks leave - and not a single glitch.

Judy Brown  

Great to see finally an accounting software that can manage all our commercial property owners and makes life a lot easier compared to our 'manual' system we were using with Excel spreadsheets. Very handy too that it ties in with Xero so therefore not having to double up on entries and processes. With the software's automated function, we can focus more on managing these particluar clients.

Hamish Thomsen  

Fabulous software that 'does it all' Definitely a must have for all commercial property owners and managers. Simple and easy to use.

Business Buddy  

Brilliant step up from previous integrated property management and accounting software we were using. Re-leased provides all of the commercial property management tools in a user friendly and intuitive fashion. Written by a knowledgeable commercial property professional. With Re-leased we can now make full use of the excellent Xero cloud based accounting functionality.

Harvey Dunlop  

Nothing beats an industry written software that works. Thanks Re-Leased for sharing this with other landlords. Multi floor plate tenants, R&M control and especially like the dashboard

Gayle Buchanan