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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Point of sale

4.2 out of 5 stars
Based on 12 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Retail Express, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Retail Express

Point of sale and stock control software to grow your business faster - POS, Stock Control, Loyalty, Marketing and Webstore Integration.
Check out Retail Express.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Retail Express, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact email the Retail Express support team. Retail Express can also be contacted via phone on 1300 732 618 (Australia) or +61 7 3117 0530 (International).

We are a Partner with Retail Express and have reviewed the application for a number of our retail based customers, who are currently in the process of fitting the application to streamline their point of sale and stock management. The key advantages of Retail Express over any desktop based solution are the same as any cloud based solution, plus these retailers are making some massive saving in monthly license fees over their older platforms they have been using.

The reason we partnered with Retail Express is after reviewing this POS system is that the fact that the point of sale and stock management all sits in one main platform. Also within the point of sale their is alot of smarts and CRM functionality built in. Also the platform really caters to multi site businesses and stock movements between retailers and warehouses.

The best way to discover Retail Express for yourself is took book a guide tour of the platform and you will more than likely see why this is a great product for the retail space coupled with Xero to stramline the accounting.

Robert King  

My Retail clients have primarily use MYOB RetailManager. In a single store that was great but now I have clients who want to track sales and purchase orders, back orders and inventory control. Some of my clients are opening up multiply stores and they want to see and sell stock from other locations and they want a loyalty program, Some even want multi currency. RetailExpress can do it all. Just call the guys at RetailExpress and organise a webinar it will be worth while.

Jo Threlfo  

Buyer Beware!

I thought I was purchasing a great POS system to help my small business grow and increase its efficiencies. What I got, was the worst customer support I have ever experience from an organisation.

Five months later, they have my $4576.50,and I have my old POS system!

Their pre sales customer support is fantastic. They would return my calls right away, reply to my emails almost immediately and call me many times to see if I had made a decision to purchase. Even the CEO came to my store in Melbourne to see me. Gave me his card and told me to call if I had any questions. Wow! I though great, these guys are on the ball. After all, look at their adds.

After I signed up everything started to changed. I had appointments booked and confirmed. But no one called. After the third, consecutive, missed appointment, I started getting upset. I even called the CEO, (the one who said to call him if I had any questions). I got an answering service and I'm still waiting for a return phone call.

Then, I find their documents are out of date, because, the only label printers that will print on the labels I asked about, were no longer available.

The next little glitch tipped me over the edge.
Not even a week from going live with the system, and doubts in the back of my mind with regard to tech support, I find out that the accounting export from Retail express into Xero via One Saas does not support accrual accounting.

Now I understand why, when I asked how is the export into Xero handled, before I signed up, the reply was; Refer to our implementation document. There was no way a non accountant could understand that diagram.
This was either a deliberate, deceptive tact to secure a sale, or there is no communication within Retail express. Either way, not good. I later found out that this was a well known issue with the program.
When I tried to resolve this issue, all communication from Retail Express stopped. They would not return phone calls or emails. It was like they did not exist.

If you are considering signing up with Retail express, please, do your home work. Get your solicitor to check out the contract, and an experienced accountant to ask the right questions.

I would expect a little more from a company I just gave over $4500 to, given most other POS systems do not ask for an upfront payment.

NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roy H

Roy Habibis  

We value feedback from our clients, but wish to clarify some of the points made in this review.

1. We are very pleased that our connection rate with our clients during the implementation of their new software is 99.78% for the past 12 months. Due to the nature of the implementation process, some scheduled phone calls run over-time, but we always endeavour to meet our client’s expectations in this area. We can always be contacted on our direct incoming Support Helpline on 07 3117 0530.

2. There are at least 8 readily available Zebra label printers which are supported by Retail Express, all of which are available from most POS Hardware providers.

3. We provide our clients with a free-of-charge Accounting Import Solution which supports both cash and accrual based accounting methods. This easy to use tool is flexible and allows the user to set up a link to their accounting software in a very personalised way. As we have moved to Version 2 of our Retail Express software, OneSaas no longer provide an option for new Retail Express clients to use their integration service.

Thank you
The Retail Express Team

Retail Express  

We are a small retail business that used to use MYOB retail manager. I must admit I was very nervous changing to a cloud solution, and took a lot of convincing it was worth the pain!

The pain I had was mostly getting used to a new system. Getting all of our data across to Retail Express was pretty straight forward, and the integration with our existing POS hardware was simple. We were up and going in a week or so.

Integration to XERO was a bit time consuming and difficult to start with, as we were one of the BETA testers for this new export tool. We were learning alongside the developers, and both sides had some problems (us and RE). After the export tool went live, we have had no problems with the data transfer from RE to XERO, and can highly recommend this combination of products if you want to be really well informed on how your business is tracking.

Cash or Accrual is supported, Stock Purchases, Cost of Sales, Income, Invoices, Invoice Payments etc, Everything is integrated. It takes me 5 minutes each morning to import yesterday transactions into Xero. Much easier than MYOB Retail manager.

We have had excellent support from Retail Express most of the time, they are prompt with email questions, and their main phone number is answered quickly during normal business hours.

The Computer Company

Russell Barker  

Had the software for a week. Cost me $4k plus , No free trial, no support and very arrogant / rude. You will not get your money back. What a waste of money and time. Absolutely disappointed and feel ripped off.
Couldn't agree more with Roy H his experience mirrors mine!


Peter John Mabasa  

We truly welcome feedback from our customers and take this seriously.

In your case, we note that your transaction with Retail Express was actually way back in 2013 and we don’t have any records of contact from you since then, apart from this post on this site in Feb 2015.

Our internal emails from you on file show that after purchasing Retail Express you experienced some business ‘issues’ at your end; and that you never attempted to implement the software, nor had any specific concerns with Retail Express other than that you asked for a refund as a ‘change of mind’ purchase.

We also wanted to clarify that we absolutely do offer a free trial of Retail Express before you come on-board and always have (as is offered by our sales team during pre-sales discussions and as is described in our terms and conditions).

We can always be contacted on our direct incoming Support Helpline on 07 3117 0530 and we have a team of Support staff ready to respond to customer questions/comments. Our Support Team are also available on support@retailexpress.com.au

Thank you
The Retail Express Support Team

Retail Express Support  

I have contacted Skystreet Retail twice to enquire about their system - emails and phone calls; no one has responded to either.
After reading these reviews I am quite glad that I finally gave up with them. Also slightly confused are Skystreet and Retail Express the same people? They do have the same logo.
Beware of both I would say

Jill Legane  


Roy and Peter, my company has just experienced the same issues described in your post. Would really like to hear about your experience in more detail as we are taking further action. There definitely appears to be a pattern in the way this company conducts business.

Nyi Nyi Maung  

As always, we take feedback from our clients very seriously and as you are aware we are currently in discussions with you to assist you in overcoming any concerns you have. We can always be contacted on our direct incoming Support Helpline on 07 3117 0530 and we have a team of Support staff ready to respond to customer questions/comments. Our Support Team are also available on support@retailexpress.com.au

Thank you
The Retail Express Support Team

Retail Express  

I took over an existing business a few months ago and needed to change the POS to something cloud based as the old system was literally falling apart.

We trialed a few on the market and Retail Express is pretty much the only one with detailed reports so you can actually see what’s happening in your business. Also, super easy to create purchase orders and track your order...the whole process is just so much easier. Clearly integrating with Xero was a major benefit.

Retail Express and their team have really been very easy to deal with and the system just works. We’ve been using for around a month and no hiccups.

Happy to recommend.

Suzy Jennings  

We moved over a while ago and I can honestly say it’s freed up around 2 full time staff in our business.

We had some serious issues with stock management that was costing us a lot of time and money but this system has given us a lot more clarity over our business operations. It took a few weeks to get it all running smoothly but it’s definitely made our life easier. I've always been impressed with the help I've received from the guys in the support team...so I'm not sure what the reviewers above are referring to? Like with any new system it takes a bit of time and patience to settle in but it's worth it when you can understand your stock better.

Highly recommend it.

R Hughes  

We’ve been in business for just over a year and we spent a long time looking for the right POS. I needed something cloud based (can't really imagine life without it now to be honest!) as I needed to be able to access everything from anywhere because I travel a lot and also so that I can set up pop-ups. Retail Express pretty much ticked all the boxes …and quite a few more which was great.

The only extra comment I have would be the ability to have multiple browser support for the back office (it's fine in POS) but other than that, we’re happy.

H Taylor  

We are pleased to announce the release of an Accounting Import Solution feature with Xero. The new functionality is suited to retailers who take pre-payments on sales prior to an invoice being created, and where deposits need to be taken to the balance sheet as a liability (identified by customer name). This type of requirement is generally reserved for retailers who take orders upfront and later fulfill their goods in different accounting periods.

This functionality was not previously available due to limitations in Xero’s API. Xero’s latest API now support this feature, so we chose to modify our Accounting Tool accordingly. More detail is available in our knowledgebase, however a summary is shown below:

Option #1 - Do not import
Payments extracted from Retail Express, which don't have a corresponding invoice in Xero, don't get imported to Xero immediately. Once the order gets uploaded to Xero as an invoice, the payments relating to that invoice get uploaded to Xero and allocated to the invoice. Pros - payments automatically allocated to the invoice when the invoice is imported into Xero, Cons - when payments eventually get imported, they are backdated to the original payment date (which may impact bank reconciliations).

Option #2 - Import as Credit Note
If payment is extracted from Retail Express and no corresponding invoice is found in Xero, payment will be imported into Xero as a credit note, and appears as credit on the customer’s account (a negative to Trade Debtors/Accounts Receivable). When the order has met conditions required in the Accounting Tool it will get imported into Xero as an invoice against the customer’s account, credit notes can then be manually applied to the invoice in Xero. Pros – payments are imported into Xero in a timely fashion (helping with bank reconciliations), Cons - credit notes must be manually allocated to sales in Xero.

Option #3 - Import as Prepayment
If payment is extracted from Retail Express and no corresponding invoice can be found in Xero, payment will be imported into Xero as prepayment and will appear on customer’s account as a payment against a dummy invoice. When the order has met the conditions required in the Accounting Tool it will get imported into Xero as an invoice against customer’s account. Pros – payments are imported into Xero in a timely fashion (helping with bank reconciliations), Cons – Prepayments must be manually allocated to sales in Xero and must use deposit accounts of “Bank” type.

Retail Express Support  

Very pleased with Retail Express since we moved over from another provider, we have 5 stores now so had outgrown the other system.

My bookkeeper took care of the Xero integration tool, so has been very smooth for us. Very impressed.

Lucas McClellen  

We are an SME based in Jersey ion the UK and have been using Sky-street Retail UK which is the UK version of Retail Express.We have been happy with RE having been using the system for nearly 2 years, there are some bugs but no system is perfect. However when we signed up we were promised that Sky street ( RE) would connect seamlessly with Xero. This so far has not been the case and we are STILL waiting. It would seem that as talked about in an earlier post "due to limitations in Xero’s API." using Onesaas? We were also promised to have access to ongoing development improved versions of Sky-street Retail (RE). This delay and lack of action is causing us to consider moving to Vend who do have full integration.We are becoming less happy with Skystreet as the days/weeks/months go by with no sign of any improvement!

Michael Rogers  

Don't touch anything to do with this company with a barge pole. Terrible support. Terrible company. I have implemented a new POS it's OK but not great. It took a lot of pushing from me to get them moving with my POS implementation. There are better POS systems than this and in hindsight I should have gone elsewhere. Many key functions on the back office only work properly with internet explorer ....

Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of getting these people to build me a webstore .... BIG MISTAKE!!! . BIG MISTAKE!! Through no fault of my own there have been big delays on the project, very poor communication from retail Express with constant lies on when the site will be delivered and really no sense of urgency to deliver the site as promised.

I am in a seasonal business and made this clear at that start that I needed the website completed by a certain date (was assured that it would be) the date has now passed. In the end I have already paid them $12,000 and have a website that will be significantly late to be completed and have a website that I already know is not going to meet my needs or am happy with. I will probably have to start again in the near future with someone else.

To get things moving I have had to resort to reporting these guys to NSW & QLD Office of Fair Trading.

If you want more details don't hesitate to contact me...... there is a lot more.

Do not use these people. I wish I could give them a score of -5stars

Andrew Nicholl