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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 59 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and ServiceM8, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About ServiceM8

Manage any field service business. Keep track of jobs and the work process from quote, scheduling, emails & texts to job completion and invoicing. For more information, check out ServiceM8.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with ServiceM8, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the ServiceM8 support centre or this page for information on connecting ServiceM8 to Xero.

Hi Andrew.

Thanks for taking the time to post some thoughtful & constructive feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your experience getting started with ServiceM8 hasn’t been great.

Regarding the possibility of staff forgetting to Clock Off — on their devices, staff can set ServiceM8 to remind them to Clock Off at the end of each day (go to Settings > ServiceM8 > Reminders > Clock Off). Regarding the ability to export timesheets — we’ll be resolving that issue in a future update. Once done, you’ll be able to edit clock on/off times in Xero if needed.

Regarding auto-address suggestions in the job card — we support this feature (Online & App). In the Online Dashboard’s job card, an address suggestion should be appearing to the right of the address field as you type. If this isn’t appearing at all for you, please get in touch with our Support Team at support@servicem8.com.

Regarding the app being exclusive to iOS devices — the high quality of our app is one of our biggest points of difference, and our decision to specialise and develop exclusively for iOS is a big part of this. Field service businesses need a software and hardware package which is capable of constant, dependable use in the field. So, we believe it makes sense to develop software for specific, high quality hardware. I’m optimistic that you will see investing in this package as worthwhile for your business.

Regarding our UserVoice forum —its intent is to provide our customers with a transparent and constructive place to suggest enhancements or new features for ServiceM8 (it’s not a location to which we direct customers when they may have found a bug). We value our customers’ input and often implement suggested changes, however ServiceM8’s simplicity and ease of use is one of our most highly-rated characteristics, so we do not add extra features/buttons lightly.

ServiceM8 Team

ServiceM8 Team  

SERVICE M8 in the beginning appeared to be the answer to our scheduling issues. We are an electrical contractor and have field techs. Overall the platform seems to be ok. However, they do misrepresent some features and and actually say they have some features they dont. For example: They say you can export time sheets from Service M8 to Xero. What they don't tell you is that feature ONLY works in Austrailia, not the USA. After bringing this to their attention, they still have not updated their website with the truth. They are still saying you can do this when you can't, unless of course you live in Australia. The 2nd annoyance is the fact that when a staff member uses the clock ON and clock OFF feature (known as clock in and clock out in the USA) those entries can not be edited. That would be fine except for the human element. If a staff member forgets to clock out on Monday night, he still shows clocked in on Tuesday morning. They don't allow you to edit those entries.

The final annoyance is every time I chat with them about issues, they tell you to go to a website and "vote" on issues that need to be resolved. Yes, you heard me right - they want me to VOTE on solving their own issues. I shouldn't have to vote. They should simply fix them.

would I recommend them? If I had it to do over I would have never used them. They only work on Iphones or Ipads - NOT android. So I already replaced all our phones with Iphones and am too heavily invested.

Also, when you type in an address it does not auto suggest like their competitors UNTIL you go to the next line. All their competitors auto suggest as you type.

If they would fix the issues I would give them a higher star rating.

Andrew Byrd  

We have been using SM8 for over 2 years now and it has been a massive help for our business. The Xero integration has made our invoicing processing so easy and the custom built Forms & scheduling in SM8 has made our team much more efficient. Definitely recommend both Xero & SM8.

Thomas Aldridge  

Hi All,

I own a glass and glazing company and have been using servicem8 for a coupl eof years with great success.

One issue we have always had is taking deposit payments on jobs and I am curious how others are managing this?

For example - a job is created and quoted in servicem8, our customer pays a 50% deposit via cash (or card), the cash gets deposited into the bank account but cannot be allocated to the customer until the job is completed, approved and pushed to xero.

If this days takings is deposited into the bank account it cant be reconciled as this customer is not recognised in xero yet.

We have tried using the partial payment function but this has continually confused our customers as it generates a completely new invoice that doesnt show previous payments on the orginal job.

How is everyone else overcoming this problem? its currently very time consuming and alot of manual entry and adjustment for my book keeper which is costly!

Any help, guidance or recommendations would be appreciated


Gene Graham  

My whole operation revolves around Service M8. My customers are always surprised by the efficiency that is shown, and they always think that I am bigger than a one man band.
Keeping in touch with needs and demands of customers is easy, I can do it from on top of a ladder.
10/10 customer service from the team at Service M8 too. Recently I needed urgent help whilst onsite with my invoice template, Elaine went above and beyond to help me out
10/10 for a great piece of software. I am constantly recommending to friends and colleagues.

Michael Pedder  

I have just started using ServiceM8 and have found it excellent. Very easy to use and integrate into my Company structure. My field technicians have found it a pleasure to work with. Sync's with Xero. I have asked for assistance from ServiceM8 help and they have responded immediately and helped with my template without fuss. Very very impressed and will recommend to all other trades we deal with.

Jesper Pedersen  

We have been using service M8 for nearly 12 months. It has worked well for our business when all the employees use it. Still finding short cuts that are helping streamline our job queues and the support has been great. I have recommended Service M8 to other tradies.

Janelle Parrington  

Our tradie clients love ServiceM8! Easy to use and great functionality. The support team has been so helpful withall of our queries.

Stefanie Papa  

The chat function is easy to use & I always get the help I am seeking.

Mark Bartholomew  

I have been setting up my clients on ServiceM8 and have found the support team at ServiceM8 excellent. Prompt responses to queries, and details assistance when required. My tradies love it.

Suzy Roberts  

Just learning both systems currently but have found so far the process to be very streamlined, and the customer service support has been great - very efficient and thorough...none of this "try these general troubleshooting tips". Detailed, personalised and accurate answers to all my queries so far - so helpful when you are working solo and learning as you're going!

Justin Fahey  

Hi Toby,

Sorry to hear you had a poor experience searching for items in ServiceM8, we’ve found what was causing the issue in your account and have fixed it. I've also sent you an email, so let me know you have any further questions or need anything.

ServiceM8 Support

Service M8  

I tried this app but found that the search function in the materials was useless it would find nothing when "16a RCBO" was entered even though there are at least 4 items matching that criteria. I'm sticking to Tradify

Toby Dhue  

I have been using serviceM8 for 2 years now and I can not express how much this software has helped me run my business. The link between M8 and Xero is simply fantastic I have not logged into Xero for month on end as my bookkeeper keeps Xero running and all my reporting comes from M8
Daily information from my 8 technicians on parts used, hours on jobs and client feedback is sensational
I have had a few issues with my invoice pro former layouts and the online support from M8 is great and very reliable, in most cases same day reply and resolution
I have converted 4 of my friends to M8 and they too have not looked back, simply put your crazy too not at least give it a go

Scott Hanson  

ServiceM8 enables my business to schedule and track jobs with ease.
My customers and staff are impressed with the level of job progress communication we can offer with quotes, progress photos and notes and Invoicing.
The seamless integration between ServiceM8 and Xero allows us to keep track of our monthly creditors and sales performance.

Alex Griffiths  

I find Service M8 user friendly and I love that it is integrated with Xero to make my accounting easier.

Julie Madams  

Servicem8 is great. The integration with Xero works wonders - straight from job to invoice in SM8 then auto update Xero. Brings across tracking fields and everything. Just to add icing on the cake once it is paid it is marked as paid in SM8. Keep it up!

Phil Hopper  

We have using Service M8 for a wild on and it work for us as a small business It work with Xero

Bromley Richard-Preston  

We starting using Service M8 almost two years ago and we love it! All job information is held within the job, including photos, notes, tasks, time recorded, quotes, invoices, emails and so much more! Converting quotes to invoices is a breeze and invoices sync to Xero when approved, making reconciling so simple. Job scheduling is easy and allows us to run so much more efficiently.

Emma Jackson  

Syncing Service M8 and Xero was so easy and it works beautifully. Our clients also love the reminders and efficiency of Service M8 and we love reconciling invoices with just one click in Xero. Both are great applications.

Melissa Ramsay  

I use ServiceM8 for 2 separate businesses and I I love it! I could not run my businesses near as efficiently as I do without it. There are regular updates of consequence and it is easy to use. Highly recommended 👍👍

James Burt  

We run a small business and we use servicem8 integrated with xero and we couldnt be happier this has made book work alot quicker and easier then ever before it has save our company alot of time making and chasing invoices keeping track of all invoice has never been so easy thanks guys

Steven Bahbah  

I have 100% satisfaction with servicem8
Our company loves the user friendly app
Being a trade company it allows my tradesman to use the app correctly with little training
and linked with xero halves our paper work

Mick Wilson  

All the staff are happy with how easy Servicem8 is to use and the way it works with Xero is hassle free.

Simon Totterdell  

Looks Great.... except it only works with Apple Products: iPhone and iPad. No plans for Android, either.

Karen Mahoney  

I signed up to Servicem8 as it appeared to have everything we needed. The UI on the website is clean, it seems to integrate well with xero. It offers good low cost options. However due a dose of strategic hubris servicem8 has decided to restrict its usability to less than 40% of its potential customers by maintaining an apple jail approach. Unfortunately for our company who operate as BYOD and have a greater than 50% android user base this is a deal breaker. Like saying you are providing a product at great price point but only for Mercedes drivers, it makes little sense in this day and age to consciously exclude the greatest proportion of your market.

Should they decide to rethink this strategy we would likely be instant subscribers.

Aaron Drew  

Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear you haven't had a great experience, as long as your using a modern browser on your PC or Mac the dispatch board works as advertised, it's great because once it's loaded you can continue to work throughout the day without having to reload when opening/viewing jobs - allowing you to work much faster even with slow internet.

If you're having trouble getting started succesfully, we recommend getting in touch with one of our ServiceM8 partners (cloud intergrators) to assist you in understanding how to setup your account and get the most out of ServiceM8. You can find your nearest partner by going to https://www.servicem8.com/partner-directory or you're also welcome to reach out to our support team via online chat or email at support@servicem8.com .

In terms of development, ServiceM8 is being constantly being improved based on feedback from our customers. In fact, we have some exciting new features we're launching to customers this week including a new app and several new addons. You can tune into our live launch event on March 24th at https://www.servicem8.com/live to find out all the details.


ServiceM8 Support

Service M8  

The idea behind ServiceM8 is great, it has some features that others are lacking, but the biggest problem is the endless bugs, the dispatch board is so buggy it makes it almost useless. I have found that putting jobs into queues does not work as it should, jobs seem to disappear from the queues upon exiting and entering back into ServiceM8.

The invoicing templates are almost pointless (Take a look at Ferguson app for how it should be done) you have to select the template when selecting the job, which can work from time to time but really needs to be able to add individual templates when making a quote.

The pricing structure of ServiceM8 is great, however, I feel that due this they don't make enough money to employee developers to continue working on developing ServiceM8 and making something really great, probably needs a bit of a design overhaul as well (personal opinion)

Michael Riddell  

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback, we're proud to be Apple exclusive as we believe that a product that does everything and is for everyone isn't focused on anything. We've focused on small business, and believe that focusing on Apple devices allows us to provide a great experience for staff and owners in the field. 100% of our effort goes into our iPhone/iPad app, so every ServiceM8 customer benefits each time we improve and enhance how it works. Our customers can confidently invest in new hardware knowing we will continue to provide support.

We also realise that it's not reasonable to dictate purchases to sub contractors, and so I would encourage you to take a look at ServiceM8 Network which was launched October 2015. ServiceM8 Network allows you to send jobs to any sub contractor with an email address, they will receive all the job details, be able to complete it on any computer or smartphone and you'll receive real-time updates on their progress - sub contractors don't even need to use ServiceM8. You can find out more about it here: https://www.servicem8.com/tour_network


ServiceM8 Support

Service M8  

ServiceM8 looking great - 3 stars only though as restricts usage to Apple products only and we can't expect our sub contractors to purchase apple products. And website doesn't appear to work very well on Android tablets either. Other than that a great product from testing - off to search for something more flexible.

Chris Johnson  

I absolutely love ServiceM8 and Xero.
They both work together so well it makes my life that much easier.

I would just like to request a report that can help with the actual CASH Banking deposits.
When using ServiceM8 the job is completed and cash is paid onsite, then CASH payment is marked by the driver.
But when the invoice gets transferred to XERO all payments get bundled to the one account with no reporting option to search by description. (You can export the report to excel, sort by description and add it up... Just the same time to manually highlight them and use a calculator though) In Sales you can search for many things including description.

If this Search option (or a Report would be even better, as it would give a total amount) was available in transactions for the PAYMENT REF it would really help to work out the cash that needed banking each week.

Please consider for your future updates as Banking is a huge part of day to day business.

Lauren Howie  

Hi David

One of the ways we've managed to provide ServiceM8 at a cost effective rate is by designing it to be self-serve, which is why we don't provide phone/voice support.

Support is provided via email at support@servicem8.com , or via chat from within your ServiceM8 account. We recognise that not everyone is able to dedicate the time to this approach though, and this is why we also have a network of ServiceM8 Partners who are able to provide extra support as well as training and setup services. Our support model is actually very similar to Xero's -- we provide e-mail support directly to our customers, while phone support and on-site training is provided by third parties.

Jodi is one of our ServiceM8 Partners and she's posted a message just above this one, I'd urge you to have a read of that and consider getting in touch with Jodi or one of our other ServiceM8 Partners.

ServiceM8 Support

Service M8  

Hi David, sorry to hear that you are finding the service poor, however I can confirm that as a partner of ServiceM8 I provide awesome over the phone service to my clients, cost can be very minimal if you are setting up the system yourself and just need to bounce a few questions off me!

I own a landscaping company and also use the Xero/ServiceM8 combination and it is awesome, and this fact also makes me an awesome partner as I have a lot of trade knowledge. If you are willing to give this another go I'm certainly keen to help! Go to my website www.fippet.com.au/servicem8/ and check out my services and drop me a line!

ServiceM8 treats partners like me very well, and we are here to provide support to people just like you!

Jodi Homer  

I am disappointed to find that the only support is by chat line or paying, you cant talk to anyone directly about support questions without paying. This is deal breaker for me, I cant bear plowing through FAQs to find solutions!

David Sharp  

I have been using servicem8 for our Electrical business for a while now. Last October I trialled it with Xero and haven't looked back! It makes invoicing and book work easy. Any issues I've had are responded to quickly and effectively. Totally recommended.

Wendy Fanning  

We've been using servicem8 for 3 years now. We had tried a few similar products but there wasn't anything that compared in value and ease of use.
The sync with xero is seemless and saves us hours of data entry each week.
Highly recommended

Clinton Richards Electrical

Clinton Richards  

As a small business, we are always working to streamline systems but also keep good records, as we grow. ServiceM8 has helped us do both in the field and the office.

The pricing structure is also simple.

We are happy customers at Phos!

Todd Dearman
Phos Electric Group

Todd Dearman  

ServiceM8 was the first app we used when starting up RJ Stewart Electrical & is still the best job management app 2 years later. ServiceM8 is always updating itself with new ideas to make it easier for us to work efficiently. Going paperless has been a breeze!

The different options to customise ServiceM8 to suit us has also made it perfect for us as the company grows!

Could not recommend ServiceM8 enough!!

Ryan Stewart

RJ Stewart Electrical

Ryan Stewart  

We're wrapped with Servicem8. After searching the market high and wide we're really happy we went with Servicem8.

Servicem8 makes us look highly professional and has allowed me to hand over most operational task to my team without my involvement. What works best for us is the scheduling ability. Unlike many competing products it was important for us to be able to book in a time that we've agreed with the client.

Our Technicians struggle with most technology, but not Servicem8.

The list goes on but needless to say. It's working for us.



Tim Haycock  

As a totally mobile organisation, I needed to manage everything on the move, so combining our accounting systems with service delivery was vital. We tried many packages but they never worked well together but eventually found ServiceM8 and it just works. The integration works well and it has streamlined our processes completely. We have added professional client reporting using Forms and our clients love it. The other important thing is staff acceptance - our field guys love it because they can complete all reports immeadiately the job is done, saving time and effort - a key selling point internally when implementing systems. Our business just works and has saved us loads of time and money - highly recommended software systems from Xero and ServiceM8

Graham Chapple  

We have been using service mate for over 12 months. We tried other programs before and none offered what service mate does. It is so easy to use from booking jobs all the way through to invoicing.Easy for all our technicians to use on the road saving us time in the office. Its great that it syncs with our accounting package xero for a fully streamlines service. Highly recommended.

Stacey Austin
Frozone Air Pty Ltd

Stacey Austin  

Since using ServiceM8 our business has been able to streamline our Quoting and Invoicing processes. It's easy to using and invoicing can be done while out on site, saving me time when I get back in the office.
Matt Johnson
MJJ Carpentry Pty Ltd

Natalie Johnson  

This service has streamlined my business and minimized my time dealing with administration and accounts. It's also great that I can log in anywhere in the world and have up to the minute access on where my business is at. I won't ever look back, thanks again!

TWS Total Water Solutions .  

What a fantastic product ! Since starting to use ServiceM8, I feel I provide a so much better service to my customers. It has made me more organised, reduced paperwork, stay on top of invoicing, reduced admin workload and just helps me catch all the balls I used to drop, because we are all doing so much at once. If you run a service based business, as I do, take my genuine advice and try it out. I can't imaging going back to pre ServiceM8 days and cannot recommend this highly enough. The support is also great, I logged a ticket on a Sunday and got a reply 15 mins later ! 10 Stars !

Nerge Agusi  

We really pride ourselves on providing good customer service and using ServiceM8 with Xero has enabled us to deliver great customer service very easily. With Service M8 our field staff can generate professional and tailored reporting on the spot and in minutes - zero admin time!! Scheduling jobs and monitoring work in hand is also greatly improved with Service M8. The quick link to Xero then makes managing debtors very easy. The Xero/Service M8 has been so valuable for our business.

Admin BWE  

We have been using ServiceM8 and Xero together for over 12 months now. Our technicians can be out in the field, produce their invoices, receive the payment, email a receipt and all of that information is automatically synchronized to Xero. It has saved our office administration staff so much time and makes the accounting a whole lot easier.
The new add-on with Stripe has improved our cash flow and makes taking Credit Card payments a breeze.

Jodie Clarke  

Excellent on all accounts, I believe I may have been one of the earlier adopters of servicem8 and it is now an integral part of the business. Currently moving from MYOB to Xero so sure it will be even better

Jonathan Grey  

I have been using Servicem8 for about two years now and integrating it with Xero. It has been a great move from the previous method of involving & quoting that I was doing before. Servicem8 and Xero have improved my companies productivity by reducing admin time significantly.

Tom Dixon  

We all hear that small business owners are busy. For me I seem to live & breath my business 24/7. I won't go on, but anything that slows you down is going to get rubbished, tossed to one side, screaming as it hits the ground hard.

So having Xero on my team means that:
1) I have regained control over my business dollar. I know where I'm going, what it costs us. So I can measure & plan in real time.
2) My accountant has instant access and can provide real time help.
3) My business is expanding both Xero & ServiceM8 will continue to do their job and support me as we grow.

The key here is 'REAL TIME'. Xero & ServiceM8 allows you to measure, plan & grow. In the office or on the road it's all there. These people provide some of the super tools to become successful.

I have looked at other applications and they mostly fail in the areas that are so important to the small business. I personally found is easy to ask them the hard questions because I was already getting super service for the leaders in this market.

Great work team, I'm very happy. :)

Rob Hore  

we checked out and trialled many field management systems and made the informed choice to go with serviceM8. We had already been using Xero, so to add serviceM8 for our field management was easy. We made the change from paper to digital management at the start of the day about 1.5 years ago, never needed to go back to our old ways once, and have been very very pleased ever since. The sync between serviceM8 and Xero is excellent. Being all cloud based we are free from having to be in the office, our key staff can run the business from their iphones when they want to, or need to be away from the office. I have told many people that this is the way to run a service business.

David Young  

We have been using ServiceM8 and Xero together for 2 years now and it's been absolutely fantastic. We are all working so much more efficiently now, I have no idea how we operated without it! The two programs integrate seamlessly sharing information back and forth without any issues at all. One of the best features of working in the cloud means we have so much more free time as we can take our work with us anywhere without being tied down to the office. With so many other options available in the software market (that are much more expensive and far less effective) we're extremely happy with our decision to use SM8 and Xero. Highly recommend these two programs to anyone in the service industry.

Renae Alsop  

Service m8 has really taken our business to the next level. We have not printed a work order or quote request in about a year and we run everything from our iPad, iPhone or computer. It is all synced and it's saving us a lot of time on the phone as everyone is on the same page. The team at Service M8 are very responsive when you need help with something. Great system!

Katie Lang  

My bussiness switched to ServiceM8 over 12 months ago, and integrated with Xero at the start of this the 14/15 financial year. The ease of which the two work together makes the process's of quoting all the way through to receiving payments and generating reports a breeze.

ServiceM8 in particular has been a great tool that has seen a reduction in loss of billable hours and products, and also allowed us to effortlessly improve our customer service. Our business is now fully structured around ServiceM8.

I could not recommend any software more than ServiceM8.

Matthew Thomas  

I have been using Servicem8 since it first started. It has evolved significantly. Its great to have the ability that I can work from anywhere as both my Job Management System and Accounting System is both in the cloud! Looking at other businesses, I can see how they duplicate / triplicate all their job notes.... Not with Servicem8 and Xero! LOVE IT

Matthew Brown  

I've been using Servicem8 for 3 years now. It's easy to use and not overly complicated like other job management packages. Keep up the great work guys.

Mark Brown  

Extremely happy with both Xero and ServiceM8 as a packages team. They work seamlessly together and have certainly optimised time spent on both job management and accounting. My business just would not be the same without them. I know exactly where my quotes, jobs, and invoices are up to and also exactly where my business sits financially. Would (and have) recommend to anyone with a business!

John Wilkinson  

We started using Service M8 in January 2012, when our business was only a few months old and haven't looked back. It's been great to see the platform evolve with our business needs as well as the needs of the SM8 community. Initially we ran our books on spreadsheets which was very time consuming as the business expanded. When we integrated the two platforms we couldn't believe the time savings, especially when we started using Receipt Bank in conjunction with Xero. I estimate time savings of around 40-80 hours per month by making the decision to integrate to these three awesome software platforms.

Accountability of company resources is paramount to any business and you need these sorts of tools to track them in real time. Highly recommended!

Nathan Cayirylys  

ServiceM8 & Xero have transformed our business. Invoices and payments now integrate seamlessly, avoiding the need for manual entry & potential duplication & errors. We can issue receipts via the app and it gives an extremely professional look to our company. Very easy to use. Highly recommend!

Hatty Philips  

ServiceM8 + Xero just works. Especially since the interface improvements with ServiceM8 Version 3 September 2014. I can run my business just with the ServiceM8 iPhone as a Job Diary, Quoting, Invoicing and receiving credit card payments through ServiceM8 integration with Striipe. The Xero iPhone app to reconcile accounts on the go. The combination is great.

David Micallef  

ServiceM8 has cut out all the double handling & re-entering of information. It has streamlined how we quote, allocate and invoice jobs, intern saving me hours every week and days every month.

ServiceM8 allows me to be completely mobile, while everything I need is no further away than my pocket.

Im over 50 and not very Tech' savy, but the connection between Xero & ServiceM8 has encouraged me to embrace technology and the accounting side of the business as well . . .AWESOME!!!

Jon Nixon  

Service M8 has been by far the greatest addition to my business and now having it integrated to Xero it's even better! Our cash flow is always on point and setting accounts is a breeze to insure you can track all sales properly!

We have been a user of Service M8 since 2012 and highly recommend their system, do yourself a favour and give it a try!

Leigh Rowlands  

ServiceM8 has become the life blood of our business, integrating with Xero has reduced our accounting and bookkeeping costs significantly. We highly recommend ServiceM8 to all like minded business people wanting to reduce their admin time, improve their cash-flow and impress their customers, with good communication. It's an easy to use system even for a one man plumber, right up to a much larger multi-staff, multi location national business.

As a business manager, tracking all details and communication between staff and clients is a absolute godsend. From little notes, to time tracking, invoicing and the whole process all for a small cost per job, and that's it. Absolutely pays for itself each day in the time it saves and the piece of mind you gain using this system. Plus all the ServiceM8 staff and Partners are there every step of the way!

Craig Randall  

Have tried them all, GeoOp, Vworkapp, Syncroteam then Servicem8. This software rocks. Our team love it in that it has service reporting and forms from within the app. The biggest plus is the xero interface which actually works properly unlike many others we tried. The platform seems very stable as well.

I agree with previous comments that the interface could be improved i.e. for data entry etc and also the job scheduling could be improved however a great product with great potential. If you really need the service report or job report done in a pdf format and emailed from the job site this will actually do it rather than the promises and failures of other products and bonus the app mainly works offline!!

Tim Bloy  

Surprisingly powerful! I had written ServiceM8 off originally due to it's basic appearance (assumed basic functions). After trialing a lot of other apps (and much frustration and disappointment) we will now be moving from Geoop to ServiceM8 for the day to day functions of our plumbing business. Try it, I promise you'll be impressed!

Dennis Green  

I now have 3 clients using ServiceM8 with Xero and they all love it! Easy to set up, great support and easy to use and understand. Syncing with Xero is a breeze!

Carol Mann  

I have just added it. Both applications say they are linked. No syncing has been done yet. I will give it time.

Dominic Tutty