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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 13 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Sharesight, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Sharesight

Sharesight is a new generation, online share portfolio management system designed for DIY share market investors. Sharesight is simple and intuitive to use. It is designed to provide maximum output for minimum input. Check out Sharesight.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Sharesight, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact Sharesight, or see this guide for instructions on connecting Sharesight to Xero.

Just cant understand the enthusiasm of other reviews for the Sharesight/Xero integration. Its been a real problem for me. The big issues are all the extra work it creates at tax time to reconcile income transactions. Income from funds are a particular problem. the handful of different categories the income needs to be broken down into for the tax return is just not catered for. For the last two years I have had to reverse and renter manually over 80% of transactions to get the books straight. (took about 3 weekends to finish it) The second thing is Xero's integration with NAB does not match the level of integration of sharesight. I have no problem getting buys and sells from Nabtrade loaded automatically into sharesight but Xero doesn't integrate with the Nabtrade accounts.
I have turned the automatic integration off now and am looking at Quick books as a cheaper and simpler solution for my SMSF book keeping. Also starting to question the value of Sharesight vs Nabtrade and Comsec.

John Cooling  

Sharesight and Xero are a great combination for clients with investment portfolios. Once set up the integration works really well with income flowing from the portfolio through sharesight to Xero. Will save a lot of time in the second year and onwards.

Taryn Port  

Sharesight even better for tracking investments (all kinds) than Xero is for tracking your money!

Phillip Edwards  

We have been using Sharesight and loving the functionality plus the integration to Xero. The only comment I would make is that for not-for-profits it would be useful if withholding tax Sharesight sends through to Xero was derived from the tax setting entered for the organisation rather than just using the default tax withholding rate (which tends to be wrong for non tax payers).

Suzanne Main  

Have use Xero Integrated with Sharesight this year and it saved me heaps of time in Management and reduced the time for my Accountant to so the Annual Tax Accounts. Thank-you. Also, I love the part I can store the PDF with each transaction saving so I can go paperless.

Terry Yan  

We have been using Sharesight for four years now. It just keeps getting better. Last year I fully integrated it with Xero and it have been a real time saver. Much better than the spreadsheets it replaced. If you are an investor you need Sharesight.

Martin Dowse  

Sharesight is one of our favourite add on's, it is very sophisticated with direct intgeration with Brokers, the reporting is also awesome, particularly if you have Foreign Investment Funds in New Zealand and Capital Gains Tax in Australia. The integration with Xero is straight forward and has bulk importing tools to bring in all trades. Sharesight delivers service to both the Advisor for year end Accounting in addition to the Client who is interested in their portfolio. Definitely recommend.

Melanie Morris  

Agree with you guys - Sharesight & Xero are an awesome combination. I love the fact in Sharesight that I can give read-only access to multiple brokers (I'm happy to share my whole portfolio with each of them) and then I get competition between advisors to give me the best advice and they highlight bad advice in the 'other guy'. :-)

Jonathan Herrman  

I have just signed up for Sharesight and am very impressed by how easy it is to use, how quickly and accurately it updated the information. I just wish I had found this app earlier.

Marilyn Bryce  

I've been using Sharesight with Xero for over 2 years now - fantastic. I use the combination for managing my business, 2 investment properties, SMSF and personal expenses, which makes the whole tax return and auditing process so much easier (and far less expensive). I am now building a new bookkeeping business to assist others to accomplish the same efficiencies and savings.

Norman Vincent  

We have been using this great app for several years. It makes it easy to review portfolio performance, keep track of income and manage those awful FIF calculations at tax time. The subscription is easily recovered in time savings at year end, particularly where clients likes the DIY approach to managing their portfolios.

Margaret Holmes  

Save time and money. Automatically sync client investment portfolios with Xero. Handles trades, dividends, franking credits, corporate actions automatically. Great for tax time, new FoFA rules, and SMSF

Doug Morris  

Another fantastic industry written software, load your share portfolio and back date purchase prices ... totally awesome Xero add-on and such passionate owners - vcool

Gayle Buchanan