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SquirrelStreet (formerly Shoeboxed)

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 17 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and SquirrelStreet, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About SquirrelStreet

Squirrel Street provides effortless and accurate capture, management and storage of all your financial documents, business records, receipts and invoices. Check out SquirrelStreet.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with SquirrelStreet, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the SquirrelStreet support centre or this page for information on connecting SquirrelStreet to Xero.

Alternatively you can contact SquirrelStreet via phone:

  • 1300 00 1333 (AU)
  • 0508 00 1333 (NZ)
  • 1 (888) 369-4269 (US)
  • +1 (919) 687-4269 (RoW)

Shoeboxed is a great way to get rid of your filing cabinet and digitize all of your documents.
Highly recommended.

Scott McNaught  

Like Vickie above, we had allot of problems following the 25 November upgrade, which thankfully now seem to have been resolved.

I like the shoeboxed service because of the automation and online storage aspects of the service, however there are definately a few things that need tweaking/adding to make the service relevant and more than the files service now offered in Xero. The few tweaks needed I see are:

1. The shipping/delivery costs need to be extracted/automated as well as any other relevant fields, then exportable to Xero.
2. When exporting invoices to Xero, the invoice date then also defaults into the due date over riding the Xero payment rules we go to the trouble of setting up. Xero and Shoeboxed need to sort this out quickly. Each keep blaming the others API interaction.
3. The invoice number needs to be recognised and used as the reference # instead of the long and cryptic shoeboxed database reference, and then automated to be exported to Xero.

These are important features for me otherwise I will likely cease use of the shoeboxed service as it currently causes allot of manual repair work, negating the automation benefits in both systems. Almost as much work to just use the files feature in Xero and save the $$ subscription cost of Shoeboxed.

Mark Crompton  

Shoeboxed, in theory, is a great idea but we've had a bumpy ride from the beginning.

We finally resolved our concerns - by amending our general practices - but the recent upgrade has created so much drama. We cannot be the only business which Shoeboxed can't upload our scanned documents to the site, ready to import into Xero.

Has anyone had any problems with Shoeboxed since 25 November upgrade? It's so bad that we are investigating other products - there are a few out there partnered with Xero!

We'd appreciate any feedback or comments on your situation.


There has been continued growth in Xero add-ons available to extract data for bills and expenses. Despite various awards and recommendations from Xero representatives, I have not tried most of them. The reason for this is that, since starting with Xero some years ago, I have always been satisfied with my existing data capture service: Shoeboxed. Responsive support staff and progressive introduction of features has always made me entirely confident in both using and recommending the service for my clients.

Increasingly, as I work with multiple Xero add-ons and related services, I find that service is the difference in smooth setup and ongoing operation for the client's business systems. Shoeboxed shines in this regard. No matter how I want to tailor the access by users, manage document handling and export with/for a client, or otherwise use the features offered, there is always a dedicated Shoeboxed representative that will engage with me to achieve the desired outcome. Rather than being just another subscriber being offered default solutions, my client's business needs are addressed with consideration to their particular requirements.

Nathan Major  

Shoeboxed makes life easier for bookkeepers and even more simple for your clients as they simply forward all their invoices to Shoeboxed via mail or email.
Then you have perfect document storage with no more need to keep endless boxes of paper plus access to each invoice in Xero with a simple click.

Shoeboxed is simply amazing and a must have add on for cloud bookkeepers.

Daniel Lidonnici  

Shoeboxed has fundamentally changed the way we manage out practice and has added massive value to our clients - and it keeps getting better. Transparency and audit clarity are winners, not to mention the reduced data entry load on our team.. we remain more relevant and responsive to our clients needs - especially being able to provide that emergency document that's needed 'right now' or bad things happen.... no problem. Document turnaround in 60 seconds. Gold.

Cate Kemp  

Shoeboxed is great, and a big timesaver. We use it with a Doxie wireless scanner, so paper based receipts get scanned, automatically transfer to our server, where they get emailed to Shoeboxed for processing, and ultimately sync to Xero.

Two things I would like to see:
1) The interface in Shoeboxed needs work - they could do with a UX expert to increase the usability
2) It would be great if more of the detail of receipts were extracted - like the description of the items or an overall description.

Paul Murphy  

My opinion on the Shoeboxed / Xero integration is that it needs some tweaking. Shoeboxed does not have a bill / invoice number field so the reference transfer into Zero is a field that I always have to hand input data into. Not the worst thing in the world but if I had to do nothing it would be better.

Bruce Eisenberg  

I see shoeboxed as the specialists in efficient data scanning. I've been using the service for two years in my own businesses and have no hesitation recommending to my clients.

Jonathan Ryall  

The Shoeboxed - Xero integration has kept me out of the mental hospital! No more manually entering data, just snap a pic, and import to xero. It really is that simple. The automation has saved me countless hours. Thank you Shoeboxed! and Thank you Xero!

- Had to make an edit for the worse unfortunately
The only grievance that I have is that when you have a receipt in shoeboxed in a foreign currency then you export to xero it automatically changes it to your base currency in xero (which is always the wrong amount so I have to go in and change the currency back to the original currency so that I can reconcile. It would be great if there were an option to import in whatever currency the receipt was originally in.

Misfit Incorporated  

Using Shoeboxed has taken the battle out of keeping track of my finances. If I can't manage to take a picture of a receipt as soon as I get it, I can drop it in a magic envelope and have it appear in my account, worry free. The integration works wonders, and is a huge bonus to using Xero.

Brooks Carney  

It's great for tax clients. Making it easy to get expenses recorded and receipts stored makes my job easier at tax time.

Rose Westwood  

I'm the first one to admit that my organizational skills when it comes to paper is awful. I was constantly losing receipts and this was before I started traveling >50% of the time. I've used Shoeboxed and Xero for several years now. Cloud based technology is a godsend for me in many ways.

When shoeboxed introduced a more tightly integrated product with Xero the time I spent on accounting dropped by hours in a month. No more frustrations with importing a csv file and no more manually choosing the correct accounts. Just make sure you assign the receipts properly the first time.

Benjamin Uecker  

We have used the integration recently and have loved how automated it is. Allows you to change the tax category and then export easily. Quick and Easy.

Bookkeeper 360  

So far so good. We've enjoyed using the integration - and it's definitely saved us time. Some major positives are the extraction done on Shoeboxed's side with our data. Another huge help is the linking of the transactions. A couple of challenges have been that the receipt images don't pull directly into Xero, there's no way to submit expenses through shoeboxed, and the import process takes a while - with multiple approval steps to go through.

Caleb Jones  

I'm a huge Shoeboxed fan! The integration between Xero and Shoeboxed is seamless and a huge time-saver. I'm no longer wasting hours scanning documents and doing data entry. Shoeboxed syncs with Xero and handles all of that for me. This is a must-have app for small business owners using Xero.

Peter Williams  

I love being able to upload receipts in real time: it is a huge time saver both mentally (its so quick and easy to upload them- the process takes literally seconds!) and it reduces having to keep up with papers unnecessarily. I think this is the direction companies are headed; working in real time just makes good business sense.
Also the customer support is outstanding. Five stars for Xero!
www.vinoandvangogh.com + www.marquindesigns.com

George & Marquin Campbell  

MAGIC ENVELOPES! What a sensational idea. We have been using Shoeboxed for 2 years now internally and for our clients. It's reduced admin data entry time by 50% not to mention never having to file again! Snap a photo of the receipt, auto forward anything that goes to accounts@ and pop those pesky paper invoices in an envelope once a week, one click and all your invoices are in xero ready to either click the ok button or for you to pay.

Not to mention a great team :)

Steph Hinds  

I love shoeboxed. I've been using this for the last 2 years as well and find that it intergrates with xero beautifully, I great feature that you can see the receipt from inside Xero,

Overall saving my clients time and money.I get excited that I don't have to find storage space every financial year, I can just copy this to usb or dvd to give the receipts to my clients. The team at shoeboxed is great, giving heaps of support when its needed.


Serina Tran  

Fabulous team, fabulous product. They are there for SME's taking the stress out of having to locate documents using their simple solution of Blue Magic envelopes. Having a paperless office is something we all dream of. All documents safely stored and available within their awesome storage system.

Gillian Rossouw  

I've been using Shoeboxed for my business for just over 2 years. I'm a huge fan!! Shoeboxed not only saved my sanity, it saved (and still saves) me a great deal of money, time and angst. When I found Shoeboxed, I was considering employing a data-entry person to enter the previous year+ of receipts and records (kept in one giant folder). Instead, I used Shoeboxed - one magic blue envelope and a couple of days later and everything was uploaded, online forever and good to go (even sorted into categories). Now, nothing will ever be lost again (all the data is searchable too). How good is that!!

Between Shoeboxed and Xero - I'm almost excited by doing my books now - who knew that was even possible!!

Kristin Austin