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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 10 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Streamtime, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Streamtime

A project management tool made for humans, not robots. Plan jobs, track progress, spot opportunities and log time intuitively. For more information, check out Streamtime.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Streamtime, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Streamtime or check this page for information on connecting Streamtime to Xero.

I have been using Streamtime for about five months now. I have found it brilliant. It's really intuitive. It does everything I need it to do, right down to invoicing a percentage of any one Stage of a project. It keeps me accountable for my time, without having to fill in timesheets (you know you despise those things!). I can easily see how I'm tracking on a project in terms of time as well as dollars and I can trust the data that is gives me. It's perfect for my small business. I trialled quite a few Project Management software programs when I was choosing a new one and Streamtime won, hands down.

Adam Brewer  

Simple and powerful with a pretty face. Streamtime is a next-generation platform that looks great and is simple to use. A breath of fresh air compared to some of the overgrown clunky behemoths out there. Easy integration with Xero which makes our life a lot easier.

George Ihring  

Such a dynamic and relevant application that the whole team can use! Agile and user friendly! Really boosting how the studio and business is working! Awesome. Integration between XERO and Streamtime is seamless – love it!

owen Turner  

Streamtime’s Integration with Xero saves us a serious amount of time. Can literally go from quite to invoice to approved and sent within a minute or two. Also means the team can send invoices directly to Xero for approval.
And of course, streamtime has removed the need for us to do retro-fitted timesheets as the team plans their todo list at the start of the week and just has to hit done at the end of each day.

Andy Wright  

We have been using Streamtime for several years and it was always a nail biting time at the end of every month as to whether our sales invoices would transfer correctly into our accounting software. We have been using Xero for the last couple of years now and I can always feel confident that all will go smoothly. I would highly recommend it.

Lynette Francis  

Ive been using Srteamtime for three years now and I really would be lost without it. We tried a good few options when we were starting out with time management software and Streamtime ended up as our final, and by far, best choice. I cant even remember how I managed time, jobs and staff in the past! The only thing worst than time, jobs and staff for someone creative is 'doing the goddamn books" - now that Streamtime hooks up seamlessly with Xero I can keep my creative hat on always - it really is foolproof and between both pieces of software I am saving a huge amount of time - and that is the only commodity we all really need more of. (PS. I hated MYOB and Quickbooks equally). I also have to say Streamtime customer service is exceptional and I have never been anything but 100% satisfied whenever I needed some help - the guys are easy to talk to and always get the job done! If you are in the creative world and need to control your workflow and keep some of your sanity/hair/free time do yourself a favour and get your hands on Streamtime.

Paul Cotter  

Our studio was an early adopter of Streamtime after exploring multiple options for studio management software. We instantly took to Streamtime as an intuitive, designer-friendly, easy to use solution to a host of tracking and documentation issues. From time-keeping to quoting, tendering for external production to tracking of productivity and profitability, Streamtime keeps everything together in one place and being easy to use we actually USE it. Worth every cent and much more. The difference in our time realisation and billing of time properly was enormous, we couldn't believe we had survived without it. Plus they will often call us to check that everything is working fine, we are happy with the product and is there any support we need - what other companies do that these days?! I recommend Streamtime every time someone asks me about studio management systems.

Adam Carpenter  

As a freelance designer, keeping track of my time spent on projects and ensuring this information can be easily shared with my accounting program was a big must. After moving my business over to Streamtime + Xero, my total hours of work spent on non-billable tasks has dropped dramatically. A simply click now allows me to export invoices and purchase orders directly into Xero. Streamtime is my one stop shop for all my business task. Streatime would have the best support I have experienced in a long time. I often recommend them to others in similar industries. Really worth it if you are a small business looking to save time on non billable task and get a quick overview of how your projects are going.

Kylie Meller  

Prior to Streamtime, our agency had been using another job costing & time tracking system. I say using; actually no-one was using it because we were all completely baffled by it. 

Streamtime is excellent; both intuitive and pleasing on the eye!  And with comprehensive reporting but not too much reporting. It’s a one stop shop for managing creative tasks in a business environment; i.e. make money without a big headache.

The Streamtime folk are very supportive and always happy to help, so getting started is pretty pain free.

Through Streamtime, we were introduced to Xero, which has both transformed the way we manage our accounts and saved us a tone of cash.

It’s a no-brainer. Streamtime + Xero = very happy studio manager + bosses.

Lindsay Schofield  

If you are looking for the total studio management package as I was, then I can recommend Streamtime and Xero. We've been using Streamtime since they began - almost! Legends. We've been with Xero for a long time now too - the best of both world's. My studio has no more slippage and every cost is captured with Streamtime. My ability to get info on any invoice is awesome - not sure what I did without xero and Streamtime. Anyone looking to get their company running like a well oiled machine should check out both.

Paul Fairbairn