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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payments

2.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 43 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Stripe, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Stripe

Stripe makes it easy to accept credit card payments for online invoices sent from Xero. For more information, check out Stripe.


For integration support, contact Xero, or for issues relating to Stripe service, contact Stripe. Please also see this guide on integrating Stripe and Xero.

We used for 2 payments. Both payments were charged a $46.50 processing fee!! Marked as paid which is a great function, but we still had to reconcile.

We didn't receive payment for 7 days, so ended up waiting 14 days for payment on 7 day invoices, with no recourse to go back to client as technically they had already paid in good faith.

Have removed from our invoices, would not recommend.

Michael Finn  

Has there been any word from Xero when the update will be released which will automatically add the processing fees to any Xero invoice when customers are trying to pay via Stripe?

Marie Hendren  

Removed it after 1 payment. Not liking how it operates on the whole, immediately reconciles without my approval. Customers shouldn't have to work out Stripes fees it should be automatically added to the total at payment time and I sure don't want to deal with Stripes inadequate processes. Waiting till the 20th of each month (up to 7 weeks) then having to wait again for cleared payments isn't fast enough. The 20th of each month is important I need the money cleared to pay subcontractors suppliers etc. Seemed like a good idea but they need to fix it first. There support isn't helpful you just get contact Xero. NOT recommended for now.

Matt Fahey  


I have just integrated Stripe with Xero and it works well so far. The integration was easy and I like being able to create a foreign currency invoice and have our client pay in that currency.

Does anyone know the best way to handle automatically charging a client each month? I know in stripe you can set up subscriptions however I presume this will cause a reconciliation nightmare trying to reconcile all of these payments with the invoices in Xero.


Thomas Riddell  

Deceitful. They make the setup process look very easy but after your first client pays you, they send you a whole heap more requests and they want me to scan and send my passport over the internet!!! They first said this was because my initial ID had failed authentication, this is a lie and they finally admitted that asking for more information later is there standard practice. I don't like dealing with liars. They also said the reason they keep the money for a week before forwarding is because of MY COUNTRY'S security policies. These Americans are strait up liars. don't deal with them.

Dom Hines  

I get the feeling that many of these reviews are from competing companies...
Since Xero introduced the Stripe fee reconciliation, I've found this a great tool to use (although automatically reconciling these entries would be even better - hence 4 stars).

I find it a little unfair that people are rating this integration is based on Stripe features and functionality. Yes, stripe takes a few days to move your money to your bank account, and yes Stripe has a transaction fee (so do all payment providers) but you know this when you sign up. The integrations' functionality and features have nothing to do with Stripes' functionality and features so it should (in my opinion) be rated with this in mind.

Keep up the good work (and by that I mean introduce more automation)!

Matthew Bingham  

Never worked. Couldn't receive payments.


NEVER WORKED!! Commerce SYNC which is needed never ran a sale.. Took $7 A month for 4 months after canceling! Have to do charge-back for refund. Save yourself the hassle go to PROPAY! works great..

Kevin Walls  

I found the rates reasonable but very disappointed in the 5 plus days before the payment hit our account. It also took about 5 minutes to download an authentication code to me phone and 'silly me' after 1 minute kept requesting another code as per the prompt which invildated the previous one. After 3 attempts i worked it our but not a 'good look' for an IT dependent business.

Ken Wortley  

Don't do it. Stripe charges you a fortune and doesn't release the funds to you for a week, so they collect interest and fees. Waste of time and money

James O'Kane  

Stripe is an awesome way of collecting payments from customers. It is effortless for us and the customer.

Patrick Barnes  


To those of you having the problem with the Stripe fees etc. You need to check out Silversiphon - this specifically solves that problem and saves us hours every month.

Arnold Smyth  

On receiving a payment through stipe for an invoice that was issued. When Xero received the money in it has automatically paid that invoice even though the difference between the Stripe payment and the invoice are different (due to the stipe fee), also the monies have appeared as received in the bank fee to be reconciled however there is no invoice to reconcile it against because it has automatically been put as paid. What do I do and how can this be adjusted to stop it in the future.

Joanne Hayley  

Worked as advertised. Easier than my previous system although shouldn't the transaction fees Stripe charges be automatically entered as a transaction in Xero ?

Mark Wickman  

Integration was simple, just wish Xero would automatically add the Stripe fees.

We also use WorkflowMax, a Xero product and this has no Stripe feature at all. As both products talk to each other it would beneficial for them to share Add-Ons.

David Spearing  

As a cake business it is critical that I offer credit card options which is why I added the payment services to my account, however I also require the ability for my customers to pay a deposit for their cakes and remainder on pickup/delivery it is the way all cake businesses run, I hope the ability to pay 50% is soon available

Sheila Aldred  

Stripe is a pain in the ass. Does not record transaction fees or sales tax. Have to download 2 or 3 reports just to get this info. Save your money and use someone else. Lousy service and support as well. They just don't seem to care.

Karen Atkinson  

$15.22c processing fee? yea right GFM. deleting stripe from my invoice payments immediately. much cheaper to pay rent on an eftpos machine and associated fee's. If I had of known it was going to be so steep I wouldn't of added it in the first place.

Lachlan Skinner  

We just recommended Skype to a client who has had a terrible experience. The first payment posted was roughly $25k. Stripe has held on to the funds for over a week now and requested so much information it would have been quicker to set up a standard merchant facility with an actual bank.

This is a large amount for the client, its completely messing with their cash flow and I can't find any numbers to call stripe on.

Has anyone else had this experience?

David Boyar  

Well this isnt good enough Xero and Stripe.
Last week I accepted the Xero prompt to join Stripe. Then it asked me to complete my registration which I didn't do as I then had changed my mind and decided I didnt want to offer CC payments to my clients and not be in Stripe. I kept receiving emails to complete my registration which I ignored. I then found out that it was appearing on my invoice so I had to delete Stripe from my XERO. In the meantime one of my customers have paid into Stripe by their Credit card. I cant receive the money as I havent registered. If i register then it will appear on my invoices and more clients will pay!! So now I cant access my money until I contact Stripe and ask for it back and there are no phone numbers or email to contact them.

Peta Van Heurck  

New Zealand isn't a selectable country when signing up for Stripe, their supported countries are here:

...this is a bit confusing. Why isn't NZ officially supported yet? And why is Xero pushing Stripe integration (I had a message with a video about it) when NZ isn't supported yet?

Sam Evans  

Hi guys, I'm new to Stripe and our clients pay their invoices via EFT currently and I am just wondering if there is an option to charge the clients the credit card payment fees?

Kristina Grant  

Very confused - saw a Blog on new Stripe features in invoices 2 days ago and it suddenly disappeared (and the features aren't there). On a related note - can someone add Braintree integration to the set?

Rich Brandwein  

I was very happy to see that Xero used a payment service that I was familiar with, one that we already had an account and satisfactory service with. I think the reconciliation process for my Stripe payments in Xero is effortless. I am unsure whether this is due to our process of having an invoice in place first (I have seen many references as to the burden of having to create invoices to match to payments), but I have no problem accounting for the merchant fees at all. I wait until the payment shows up in my bank feed to reconcile. I can then use Find & Match to locate the gross invoice charged, mark it and then scroll to the bottom and use the adjustments box to account for my Stripe merchant fees. I literally can reconcile the transaction in seconds. I am pleased beyond words! We have just migrated from a basic accounting system that I loved, but were now in need of more robust reporting, accounting and classifying features. Xero incorporates many of the features I loved from the old, while giving me much of what I needed now as we have grown. Of, course no system is perfect, but I am enjoying what we can do with it so far.
VP of Ops/Co-owner, Reasonable Air, LLC

Ragin Shirley  

Same complaint as everyone else. Extremely frustrating that Xero hasn't addressed this. Just simply adding the Invoice Number to the Stripe payment would be very helpful.

Brian Wilson  

First of all, there is no bank feed supported (makes no sense at all), without a proper bank feed the fees and transfers also have to be manually recorded after I have to create a "statement" from Stripe. Tip: be sure you create a bank account for your stripe payments. You are not forced to do this by activating this payment method and you should be.

Second, multi-currency is a nightmare, Xero applies their own exchange rate and stripe applies their rate. I have undo/redo each payment in order to reconcile!

Third, Xero does not sync the invoice number to the stripe payment (Freshbooks does) so it is not straightforward determining which invoice was paid from the stripe statement. Add to that the difference in exchange rates....

I don't think you can legitimately call this an Add-on/integration... there is no value added to this and it is a massive time waster.

Charyl Denomy Lieder  

I put together a script designed to create the sales, fees and transfer transaction from Stripe in Xero. Using webhooks, this worker will be executed every time a successful charge is processed or a bank transaction is made by Stripe. https://github.com/guillegette/stripe-to-xero

Guillermo Gette  

Stripe is a very straightforward payment service. It does what it promises, no more and no less. Very easy to set up and connect to Xero. Light years ahead of services offered by other credit card processors in Ireland

Kevin Mitchell  

Have used with our billing system and worked very well. Great documentation

David Tuck  

So frustrating. It's breeze to setup - but there is no way to match payments to invoices.

Dan Brazelton  

I just wanted to state for those who are looking for a payment plan option that integrates with Xero, checkout Rerun. It is similar in that you are only charged when a card it actually processed. I have been using it and really like it. It also send you a notice if any credit cards expire on file. Also, you can run onetime payments in Rerun if needed, but it is mainly to help with those auto-payments.

As for Stipe. I use it and it is just okay. It would be nice if more details came into Xero, like the customer name or invoice number in the memo so that you can easily figure out who paid you. Or, at least receive a notification that someone paid you and have the details included in the email or notification in Xero.

Cassandra Bartunek  

I am a also disappointed in the integration of Stripe and Xero.

I like the customer experience of paying using Stripe, but on the bookkeeping side it creates a bit of a headache trying to reconcile. Extra work is created by the way payments show up in Xero. Only a net amount of various payments shows up in the Xero feed with the concept of "Stripe." There is no way to know whose payment has been received without opening up the stripe dashboard. Even though the integration marks the invoices as paid in Xero, in the reconciliation screen there is no way to sort the invoices between paid and unpaid.

There also doesn't seem to be much customer service.

Chad Folse  

I am very disappointed with Stripe. They connected me with a UK based business (I am in Canada) which is not related, and cut me off immediately and without warning. They then arbitrarily refunded several clients again without warning or permission, taking money out of my bank account and almost putting me into over-draft. When I asked why they were rude and unhelpful.They told me I would have to contact three months worth of clients to ask them for an alternative payment method. Imagine! Talk about casting us in a horrendous light in terms of customer service.

I would recommend NOT using them in the strongest possible terms.


David Anderson  

@April Lane
@Peter Cain

There are a couple of services that will do this now. We've just had some chats with Xero to get the OK on our solution.

You can set up Stripe as if it were a bank account and pull in all transactions like a bank feed, set up rules and so on. Check it out here.

James Rose  

HI there, I have just integrated Stripe with Xero for handling direct payments from clients where they have not purchased online. We normally take a 40% deposit with balance prior to delivery of product. there is no option for partial payment though, so what is the best way around this please, does anyone know? Also, is a bridging app like Commerce sync recommended for supporting the Xero/Stripe relationship with better ease? thanks

Kura Perkins  

For those of you looking for a simple way to reconcile Stripe with Xero, PennyPipe syncs your charges, fees, and refunds every 5 minutes.

PennyPipe Support  

terrible service - no contact number - seems like a one man band! witheld over £10,000 of my money had to refund all my clients and ask them now to do bank transfer! since read all reviews and they are terrible - avoid at all costs!

kate Lovland  

xero need to integrate stripe, like they have paypal ... very poor form from Xero!! first time I have seen Xero stuff something so simple like this up

Peter Cain  

I've been researching solutions to the many issues mentioned above, for most of the day, in an earnest attempt to truly fall in love with XERO, once and for all.

Luckily, I've found two very viable solutions, which I'd like to share. And, I'd love to know if anyone has tried either of these.

First I want to say though, that I have to agree with Rob Tulloch's Aug 14, 2014 note describing Stripe as a Payment Service. And then I'm hearing echoes of the same from everyone else who, like me, really, really needs Stripe to function as a full XERO integration, or at the very least, as a bank feed, to have it make any sense for their businesses.

Anyway, I've found these two resources that appear to have made that integration available. The first one is currently free the second one is not, however the price is reasonable.

Both include, to some degree, mapping line items such as tips, etc. And, they both appear to do the basic things we all would expect like separate fees from revenue & aide in reconciliation, ect.

The two I've found are here:

I'll try them both & attempt to report back. But it seems I may have read farther up the review list a XERO rep comment that reviewers can only post once.

April Lane  

Not happy. info coming from stripe through commerce sync. waiting now for helpdesk to get back to me. waiting... waiting...

Clayton Frost  

We now have transactions sitting in the account that i have no idea how to reconcile because its not at all integrated!
Any advice? #nightmare

Adam Broadbent  

It's not actually integrated. Stripe is great on its own. Xero is B+ on its own. Together they're D-. It's just terrible:
- Doesn't push transactions
- Doesn't split fees from revenue
- Doesn't record invoice #s in Stripe.

Randall Lucas  

Why not pass along the invoice number to Stripe. There is no data to match your invoice with the transaction. They only things you can use to match payments are the following

Dollar amounts
Name and E-mail Address (if the customer used the same name and e-mail they provided for their xero account)

Daniel Croak  

For those interested in processing pre-authorised Credit Card charges using Stripe please check out uCollect. It automatically charges the credit card on the due date of the invoice in Xero. It costs as little as US$13/month.

Peter McCarroll  

Half of the power of Stripe is the ability to store customer cards and use them for either recurring payments or to offer to charge clients without them having to give their card details every time an invoice is to be paid.

I just came off of Wave, a free accounting software, that allowed me to store multiple cards for each customer and to take a payment for a customer that is automatically paired with an invoice. Stripe's fees were also recognised and categorised. All this through their Stripe integration...that I didn't have to pay for...

By comparison, Xero's Stripe integration is bare-bones.

Greg Stewart  

Perhaps the worse customer service experience of my life.

***If you are looking to have an actual conversation with an actual human being, this is not for you. They have no phone number, and boast about how great it is on the website.***

After using them for less than a month, processing a little over $10k in transactions, I received an automated email indicating that my account was going to be shutdown in a few days.

The email referenced a domain name that was not mine. I figured it to be a mistake. I emailed, three times and received no response.

Finally, three days later, I received a response. They apologized for getting the domain name wrong, and indicated that they would be steadfast on closing my account. No explanation as to why was given.

I asked for an explanation, and I was told that they could not provide one.

Save yourself the head ache, and choose a processor that cares about its merchants.

Sebastian A  

Are there any plans within Xero to integrate stripe, they are both amazing tools, but without integrations is a bit of a pain.

Martin Jarvis  

Really need the stripe import capability!

Aaron Shaw  

We are in the process of selecting accounting software and were very seriously considering Xero because of its "integration" with Stripe; however, it seems that it's not a complete integration.

Does anyone know if there is something in development to facilitate an automated feed from Stripe to Xero? If so, timeline?

to ri  

The integration is pretty weak, in my opinion. I can reconcile dozens of transactions in my PayPal account in 2 minutes. It takes me an hour to reconcile my checking account every month, because I have to have Stripe open in one window and Xero open in another, and I have to click back and forth to create transactions (these are un-invoiced transactions, for the most part), look up names, etc.

It's pretty inadequate. I'd like to see a full integration. Apparently the SquareSpace integration looks closer to what I'm hoping for (although creating invoices seems silly when there's no reason to have invoices, and it would probably just throw off our invoice numbering).

Sam Glover  

It is amazing except for the fact that there is no Stripe feed integration.
Not enough to make me stop using it but it does take up alot of my time.

Kate Hodges  

I have been checking out Zapier (an online system that creates all sort of links between otherwise unrelated programs). The good news is that there are Zaps in there that will solve some of my issues. The bad news is that all the zaps that link Stripe and Xero are one way - i.e. they can create an entry in Zero following an action in Stripe. That's great for me as I plan to use it to create invoices in Xero, every time I take an online payment - but I can see that doesn't help those who want to start with an existing Xero invoice.

I'll be testing what I need to do over the weekend and I'll report back.

Jon Hardey  

brittany, the link doesn't work.

Quickbooks Online has Stripe feed integration. Xero does not.
Xero forces customers to stop using Stripe's native invoicing, and switch to the Xero invoicing. This solution is not as good as the Stripe native integration.

But it sure takes a lot of reading through the help section and experimenting to make this clear.

If we want an automated Stripe feed into our accounting software, we'll have to leave Xero.

Ed Johnson  


The relevant (but non-obvious) way to get Stripe setup with Xero is that Stripe IS NOT a Xero add-on, but IS a Xero PAYMENT SERVICE.

So to set it up you do not go to the the Add-on page, instead you go to Settings > General Settings > Invoice Settings > Payment Services.

From that screen you will have the option to add a payment service and assign it to an Invoice Branding Theme.

Since I figured that out, Stripe has been processing cards for us with a smoother workflow and invoice presentation than I had been able to get from Square. And significantly better processing fees (for our typical transactions) too!

Rob Tulloch  

Please if you have any questions about the integration, move over to the Using Xero Add-ons page. You can either join an existing thread or start a new discussion. This thread is just meant for the review of our Add-on Partners - thanks!
Edit: have updated the Using Xero Add-ons link

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

If I have multiple brands or dbas can I have separate stripe accounts linked to xero and different payment links on the invoices depending on the brand?

Blake Heinemann  

Xero will not let me add stripe, anytime I am in the Add-On Gallery, it says I need to sign up for xero, to get the add on

Nate Frank  

Seems like it would work well, once the issues are resolved to integrate it with Xero. I don't feel that it can really be called an add on when it doesn't integrate. Perhaps a recommended service, but add-on implies that it combines with Xero in some way.

Jeremy Brown  

Agree with Amy Jarrett's ask above -- the ability to append a dynamic Credit Card fee equal to the fee charged by Stripe would be ideal

Ron Steslow  

Bump to Wojciech's question. What's the best way to reconcile invoices that are autogenerated with the lump transfers from Stripe?

Yaniv Tal  

as far as I understand this integration service requires me to issue an invoice (via Xero) first, and then send it to the customer so that they can pay. Is it possible to use the stripe API to perform the payment (on the website) and then have xero create invoice and reconcile it with payment?

Wojciech Ptak  

I have a lot of subscription billing. Many of my customers do not want to have to log in and pay their bill every month. I have these plans set up in Stripe but i don't know how to set them up and integrate them with Xero. How would i go about doing this?

Jeremy Wells  

We would love for the option to add the Stripe fee on top of the invoice if customers choose to pay using Stripe. At the moment, we have to send one invoice theme without Stripe included with a note saying "if you would like to pay by credit card please email us and we will send you another invoice". If a customer does want to pay by credit card, we have to void the first invoice in Xero because you cannot change the theme once it has been sent. We then create a new invoice with the Stripe theme and add a credit card fee and send to the customer. Would be great if this could all be handled automatically - for example - if customer chooses to pay on Stripe, it automatically adds the Stripe fee on to the invoice for payment by the customer.

Also agree with Tony Stewart's and Robert Tran's points above.

Amy Lockwood  

I've added Stripe integration a couple of weeks ago.
The setup process was a breeze, my customers now get a nice big green Pay Now button when viewing in.xero. I like that the payments are automatically posted to the invoice.

My small gripes are,
1. when the payment arrives 7 days later it's an aggregate of charges and fees. However, the Stripe fees aren't automatically recorded in Xero, so I have to add them manually in order to reconcile.
2. I thought about using Stripe's Webhooks https://manage.stripe.com/account/webhooks to do some magic in my web app. Stripe sends through the JSON object with the charge.payment info but in that I'm yet to find the invoice number, reference or UUID that will let me link back to the Xero invoice.

Tony Stewart  

I recently added Stripe integration, so that my customers can make payments online. Stripe automatically transfers the funds in a timely manner. But Stripe service quality aside, it appears that my customers only have the option of paying the full amount they are invoiced. This is a problem to customers who have arranged payment plans with us. So the workaround for now is to just create an invoice for each partial payment due. I would definitely like to see support for customers to enter in their own payment amounts.

Robert Tran