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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Time tracking

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Timely, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Timely

Appointment software for clinics, salons or anyone that needs scheduling. Save time, attract clients, seamlessly sync invoices & payments with Xero. For more information, check out Timely.


For general support, check out the Timely support centre or this page for information on connecting Timely to Xero.

I have been using Timely for 5 years now and the Timely and Xero integration was initially frustrating because of the duplication of PayPal entries into Xero. The team at Timely we fantastic in helping me get organised and showed me how to choose which payment method was required to create the necessary transaction flows. It is a shame that since then Timely has changed the features available in each of the packages and I am no longer able to receive payments without upgrading. This is the only reason why I have given 4 stars and not 5. On the whole Timely is effective as booking software.

Amanda DeZilva  

I've been using Xero and Timely together for a few years. Generally it works really well but my only issue over the past year is that when a client pays through paypal their invoice doesn't get sent to Xero. It's caused me a bit of a headache but I got around it by creating a new sale with the correct invoice number in Xero.

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks  

Does not recognise items easily and so can spend lots of time searching for the right item to reconcile - made worse for me I think as my costs are largely the same and not easy to tell apart - but when you do a small amount at a time and reconcile as you go along it works very well - still worth having and glad I have integrated with timely

sasha hvidsten  

I chose Timely over other booking software, because of it's integration with Xero. I think it's great that new Timely client details are transferred to Xero, you can time synching or do it instantly, can work with both on mobile apps. I dont use Timely to manage client payments, just Xero but that's how I want to use it. The ability to set up different Timely services and link them to the relevant Xero sales codes it also a bonus, meaning no journal adjustments in Xero. A highly recommend both these products to other therapists and tutors in my industry sector.

Tracey Nixon  

We chose Timely primarily because there was an automated link with Xero. The two together are a great combination and means I can run business admin from literally anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. There are loads of booking software options but we've found Timely to do exactly what we need it to, and more. I look forward to seeing what new features they bring our next.

Jennie Wallace  

I find the Timely integration is very loose. It causes many issues with creating duplicate clients in Xero, It overwrites Xero contact details and generally needs some strong primary key fixes. It would be great if you could just add the Xero account number to clients in Timely so that it could sync on that but you cannot.

Mark Robinson  

I have now set up Timely for several clients and they have all found it easy to use and manage. It's great that it integrates with Xero as it makes managing the cash flow so much easier.


I noticed Candace made a comment about different calendars for staff and this sounds great . Is this for staff to view their roster and make shift swaps with each other?

Cheers, Deb

Debbie Burgermeister  

Timely has been a great help to us this tax time, with the automatic email confirmations,SMS reminders and online booking feature it has helped streamline our client bookings.

Courtney Hanlon  

One of the best decisions I have made - after getting involved with the Jims group newest franchise I knew I had to get away from my old diary that I had used in the past . What Jims had did not really cut it for me & my long search started , being a big fan of Xero it suited me that the two could link together. The guys at timely are helpful & every report I asked for I got.
Keep up the good work guys.

Michael Dillon  

Brilliant.....that would be one word to describe Timely. Such an easy system to use yet one that saves a bucket load of scheduling in appointments and gives your clients the opportunity to book at a time that suits them. Clients are loving Timely :)

Steph Hinds  

I can't really explain how happy I am with Timely, our contractors can check their schedule remotely so we don't all have to meet in the mornings and to be honest it's just so EASY TO USE, that is the key difference. It saves us Time, and we had unknowingly followed the same thought process with our business name (Timeless Car Cleaning!)

Not to mention the fantastic customer service from Andrew and the team.Keep up the good work!

Richard Barker  

How did I live without Timely and Xero before?! I absolutely love Timely! I have tried a heap of appointment software and Timely is by far the best. It covers all of my needs and allows clients to make their own bookings through my website or Facebook page, saving me lots of time. As I run a business both on the road and from a shop the multiple calendars for each staff is amazing. It's so easy to keep a track of where I am and future bookings. Also the integration with Xero makes book keeping an absolute breeze. Highly recommend!

Candace Breach  

I used Timely for the first time today and loved it! So user friendly!

Danielle Berkelmans  

We love Timely! It works just great and they really care about each user - they are part of our team!

Quirky Kid  

I ditched my old online booking system after months of searching and testing. The team at Timely are highly responsive and so friendly. And Timely itself has got great features (such as customisable SMS/email reminders meaning no-shows are almost non-existent, full Xero integration, iCal calendar sync and simple, seamless integration with my existing website), but the benefit to me of saving time by letting clients book and change their own appointments has been huge, not to mention the increase in revenue! In essence, Timely is awesome!

Rachel Ah Kit  

Timely is exactly what our small business needed - the ability to schedule jobs and roster staff in one step. We used it to move into the 21st century from a paper diary system and we haven't looked back! Another important note - the support guys at Timely are completely amazing - always a prompt reply with plenty of helpful advice!

Holly Kershaw  

Timely has added so much more time to my day! I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a booking system! All my clients love the online booking and love how easy it is for them to use. The add on with xero is fantastic! I don't know what I would do with out it!

Lisa Pritchard  

Implementing Timely in our clinic has been a very positive experience. The customer support is exceptional, & (excuse the pun) timely. Very user friendly.

John Deare  

Timely has made this tax season so much easier. Clients can make their own appointments, we can put links to checklists in the confirmation email, we have very few no shows thanks to the SMS reminders, clients know the cost before they come in, our calendars are colour coded so we know what the appointment is for at a glance and best of all once the appointment is done it takes 2 seconds to raise the invoice :)
Love Timely - best appointment software we have ever used.

Kathryn Harris  

Don't know what i would do without Timely. "The experience has been fantastic - so much so that I have recommended Timely to my clients, who also benefit from using their cool booking system. The team has been absolutely tremendous to deal with providing A+ technical and customer service. What is even more attractive is the fact that Timely integrates with both Xero,Vend & Mailchimp. I call this a beautiful modern masterpiece of collaboration."

Gillian Rossouw  

If you have appointments to manage you can't beat Timely. SMS, email reminders are a breeze, manage your entire day, no need to answer calls to change appointment times - customers do that themselves ... a dream!

Gayle Buchanan