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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 7 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Synergy, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Synergy

Business and project management software that gives architects and engineers #moretimefordesign. It's a wingman for your business. 30-day free trial.

For more information, check out Synergy.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Synergy, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Synergy email support (help@totalsynergy.com) or this page for information on connecting Synergy to Xero.

Anyone out there with a current review for Synergy as a Project Management / Workflow management program as well as it's integration with Xero?
We are currently using Workflowmax which is proving not to be so great at the Workflow side of things - very manual and tedious, difficult to manage a high volume of projects.

Tamika Collins  

We have been using the Synergy new website since October 2017.

Our accountant had moved to Xero and recommended it. That was one of the reasons to work with Synergy, because of its connection to Xero

The Xero add-on for Synergy definitely makes it easier for our bookkeeper. When we do the invoices, we can send them straight to Xero, our bookkeeper will process payments in Xero and we import them back in, it's a great feature.

Synergy allows you to set up invoice templates how you normally would in your architecture practice. I initially tried to create the invoice templates in Xero and soon realized I needed Synergy to help me achieve the information and layout I was after.

Synergy has much more flexibility and information input options. Client names, addresses, project stages etc are all populated automatically to the invoice from the Synergy Project Details & Work Breakdown Area. So data entry time is significantly reduced.

I would highly recommend Synergy to any architectural practice using Xero.



Daniel Calder  

Just wondering if anyone can post an updated review regarding this integration as we are talking to a client about Total Synergy and would like to know if people are happy with it?
Thanks and cheers

AK Caust  

We implemented Xero at the beginning of the financial year and have been utilising the Xero connect feature in this time. Previously we were using the connect feature with our other accounting software package but have been able to sync our project related expenses since switching to Xero.

We have saved time in eliminating the need to enter project related expenses in both Synergy and our accounting software. The bank feeds in Xero have saved considerable time with matching debtor payments and reconciliations of the bank accounts. The bank feeds in conjunction with the connect feature has allowed for a more seamless reconciliation of the business credit cards.

The tracking feature was relatively easy to set up and the maintenance of ensuring categories are used has been straight forward and will allow for more in depth reporting that was previously unavailable.

Our only hitch was with the leading zeros on invoice numbers being omitted when the invoices were brought across to Xero and this means they are unable to be matched. It is a small inconvenience which is easy to work around.

Melinda Hughes  

Our company provides business support/infrastructure to SMEs in the AEC market. Part of this is providing Total Synergy as the backbone of our client's company to manage project financials as well as capture and track project and client related data and allocate/manage resources. Due to the nature of our offering, we run multiple Synergy and Xero databases utilising Xero Connect to link them together.

Xero Connect eliminates the need for double entry of sales invoices, payment of invoices, credit notes, supplier purchases and client details. With the number of databases we manage, it saves us a huge amount of time giving us more time for growth and value creation. We couldn't live without it!

Cathy O'Connor  

Our Company has been using Total Synergy for some time, however, it is was a new package to me. When I started here, I was more conversant with Xero - so a big learning curve.

This firm is multi-disciplinary with Engineers, Surveyors, Town Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects & Designers. We use Total Synergy for all our job management requirements, contacts, sales invoicing in varying formats, time sheets etc. The reporting structures available are practically endless and easy enough to navigate - these provide us with very useful and detailed reports for our management meetings (Aged debtors, creditors, $'s receipted, productive hours, staff utilisation, WIP etc).

My main bug bear has always been finding a software solution that handles the necessary job management & reporting whilst also coping with the accounting/taxation side of a business (my area of expertise). The Xero/Total Synergy connection solves that issue.

The majority of our multiple users work with Total Synergy only, whilst the administration team handle the syncing between the two packages. It is a seamless integration - time saving and easy to review what is being transferred between the two packages with confirmation that all has been completed correctly.

The Synergy help team are quick to respond to any queries and sort issues efficiently and pleasantly.

I'm happy to recommend Total Synergy and confirm the connection with Xero is trouble free.
Jenny Clark
Office Administration

Jenny Clark  

We have been using Total Synergy for a *long* time now (10 years or so) and it is absolutely vital to our practice. We previously struggled with MYOB and found issues with errors and ommissions in having to double enter data between the two systems, but since we upgraded to Xero just over a year ago and have been using Xero Connect, double entry is eliminated. Errors/ommisions are virtually eliminated between the two systems, and everything is just quicker. Our monthly invoicing run used to take days to report, draft. authorise, finalise, distribute. Now it takes an hour or so, and it's done. Payments are synchronised from our bank feeds through to Total Synergy with very little effort, and the Xero Connect process is very clear to understand and see and control what exactly is being synchronised.
Rachel Tilleyshort
Office Manager

Rachel Tilleyshort  

We have been using Total Synergy now for over 5 years and started using Xero just over 12 months ago. As an architectural firm with 3 offices around the country, a multi million dollar annual turnover and the occasional foreign currency transaction to deal with, we were dubious about moving to Xero because Total Synergy is the backbone of our company. Thankfully the move turned out to be a great decision because of how well Xero works with Total Synergy.

We use Synergy to:
- Invoice in various formats, eg hourly rate, fixed fee, in advance plus more. Synergy helps us decide how much to invoice this month and this saves our PM's time. Invoices can also be easily accessed by Project Managers because they are in Synergy and we don't have to set up permissions in Xero.
- Forecast project revenue which in turn helps us forecast company revenue, great for cash flow forecasting and budgets.
- Project budgets - we show our teams how their projects are running according to its budget on a weekly basis.
- We track individual utilisation and profitability in Synergy so we can accurately budget and track project profitability. Again this helps with company wide budgets and cash flow forecasting.
- Keep track of time and wip - this links together with our invoice and project profitability.
- Record project related purchases and employee expenses to be reimbursed - we enter them into Synergy first, sync to Xero, This has saved a lot of time from double entry.
- We have many team members travelling on site, they record their expenses in Synergy against the project, we sync to Xero and have again avoided double entry.
- When syncing occurs it brings across to Xero, our selected linking such as project names, project numbers, offices, and chart of account codes. This reduces errors due to the reduction in double entry.

Phone support is the best for any software our company uses.

Reporting is one of my favourite aspects of Synergy. The huge amount of standard reports can be filtered in so many different ways Synergy deserves top points for this.

In summary, with Total Synergy and Xero working together, we are covering all aspects of measuring, tracking and recording data that we need to help us make proactive decisions throughout the company from top level management through to individuals responsible for their utilisation.
Terry-Anne McPhail
Finance Manager

Terry-Anne McPhail  

The integration between Synergy and Xero saves our team heaps of time. We create invoices and enter expenses in Synergy and the information is seamlessly sent to Xero for the accounts team to work with. It’s a 2-way process so Xero can also send back payments to Synergy so everything is always up to date. Synergy sync process in quick, meaning I can transfer a lot of data to Xero in 1-2 mins. Having Xero Connect in Synergy means there is no double entry, and I have happy project teams and happy bookkeepers. Thanks Synergy and Xero – you’re awesome!

Jillian Glasby  

WOW – I can’t believe that NO-ONE has made comment..?! ?!

Total Synergy is how we manage our projects – it is our organisational Nervous System...
We manage our Clients and Suppliers, Invoicing, Expenses, Staff Forecasts & Timesheets (International and Domestic) and the great majority of Reporting and Analysis...
As you can tell I am a fan – it is a totally different world to ‘how things have always been done’ (aka Spreadsheets)

Similarly, when our accountant encouraged and supported us to make the change to XERO we were pretty excited to find that the Total Synergy Team were already there and doing it... and doing it well.

We have totally alleviated double handling of data... During the month of April I synchronised data 5 times...
• 13 Contacts were updated
• 9 Invoices were transferred
• 7 payments were reconciled
• 6 Supplier expenses were exported
• 38 Supplier expenses were reconciled

This took me a collective 119 seconds – YES, seconds..!

Support from Total Synergy is always responsive and their development is insightful, pro-active and prompt.
This is possibly why I have never seen this community ... because this integration just works and I have rarely needed to go looking for help...

I cannot recommend Total Synergy and XERO highly enough...

David Yeates  

Are there any firms using the Total Synergy software at the moment who would be prepared to do a review. I have a client who is considering this and would just like to get some more info from a current user. Thanks.

Troy Purcell