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3.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 13 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and TradeGecko, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About TradeGecko

Online inventory and order management software for smart businesses. Easily manage all your inventory, orders and customers online with TradeGecko. For more information, check out TradeGecko.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with TradeGecko, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the TradeGecko support centre or this page for information on connecting TradeGecko to Xero.

This review is because a customer of mine who tried several different inventory add-ons was so impressed with TradeGecko's platform and ease of use she called and emailed me with thanks. Well done team

Gayle Buchanan  

The integration between Xero and TradeGecko is great. Reduces the number of times we have to enter information, and upstream entry by our online customers through shopify means we never have to enter this data again.

Having Inventory levels maintained in Xero is a massive bonus. All up a great integration between two very useful systems.

James McCarthy  

Oh man... I'm a manufacturer that needs to track BOMs and raw materials, but that said if I only sold finished goods TradeGecko would be the company I would align with. I spoke with Cameron the CEO a little over two months ago and at the time he made several mentions of new functions that would be released. Normally these should be taken with a grain of salt, but he actually delivered and then some on all of them which is impressive.

Also, I have tried using it as an interim solution and the support and usability was top notch. My only problem with it is it would be great if it could integrate with Shipwire or something similar and have an API to link with 3PLs.

Peter Smith  

Having used a number of other Xero inventory add-ons, I can confidently say Trade Gecko is by far the best cloud based inventory management system in the market.

It is clear while using the application the TG team continue to focus on delivering a first class user experience and functionality that customers need to efficiently manage inventory. Additionally, the on-boarding process (i.e.product & customer import) is seamless and ensures time is not wasted manually entering data into the system, which is exactly what cloud based systems is all about.

The external integrations are also a point of difference. Unlike a number of other systems, TG does what it purports to do by seamlessly integrating data with external systems like Xero and Shopify without the need to correct or adjust transactions post integration.

However, where TG really kicks the winning goal is the online ordering application. Having a propriety application that allows a wholesale business to offer its customers the ability to place an order online is a true innovation and one that sets TG heads and shoulders above its competitors.

If you or your clients are seeking a cloud based application to manage inventory and your customer relationships, look no further than Trade Gecko.

Simon Knapp  

I tried tradegecko and while it has a lot of good sides, it has some downsides and ultimately wasn't a good fit for me.

I liked:
-The actual Inventory functions seem quite well sorted and flexible.
- Multiple sub-contacts and sub-addresses is great, especially for stores where we ship to multiple locations but bill to only one office.
-The setup is relatively easy.
-The Intelligence section has some cool and useful features.

I didn't like:
-Lack of flexibility in the xero-tradegecko integration. I can't turn off what changes what in either direction, it's all or nothing.
-Lack of flexibility in tradegecko-shopify integration. I can't turn off what changes what in either direction, it's all or nothing.
-Especially aggravating with Shopify is that every order through my web store creates a new company contact in tradegecko and then xero. There is no way to stop tradegecko from cluttering my contacts with hundreds of retail customers, forcing me to ggo through them by hand every week or two. I do retail and wholesale and I'd like to be able to separate how these two channels impact tradegecko.
-Lag. Scrolling down through my contacts in tradegecko meant having to pause every 20 contacts waiting for it to load. I don't have a problem like this in Xero or any other cloup-based app.
-After trying it, the CRM in tradegecko is really basic and doesn't have enough features to be useful to me. You can't do much useful sorting in the main relationships screen. A glaring example of a basic CRM feature that Tradegecko lacks is the ability to search by last date of contact.
-No ability to print invoices/print packing lists and many other things in batches. I typically have 40 wholesale orders a day to ship. I don't want to have to click around a bunch to print them all individually. I want time-saving batch functions and minimum clicking.
-No way to get immediate help due to their customer service people being on the other side of the globe. Most of the time this wouldn't be a big deal, but when I had a problem I needed an immediate response to, there was no way to get help fast.
-Lots of annoying spammy emails during and after the trial period. The emails are all addressed from the VP of customer relations or somesuch, but I never actually communicated with him, just their robo-email software and customer service people farther down the totem pole.

Dana St.Pierre  

I run a small business with modest needs - I've been using TGecko for over 12 months. Each Month has cost me $99.00 + GST + Currency Conversion Fees (VERY EXPENSIVE). TGecko is SLOW, it is poorly featured and cannot reliably synch with Xero. The Workflow processes are getting better - but after a year of assisting the TGecko people to improve their system (at my expense) I've had enough. If you want a streamlined, reliable Cload based inventory system - this ISN't it!

Try instead Dear Systems or TidyStock.

Glenn Cassell  

To put this in context, not only do I build bespoke, integrated e-commerce websites, but I also run an e-commerce business that is integrated with TradeGecko and Xero.

I had a client requirement and spent 3 months looking deeply at all the popular inventory management systems that integrate directly with Xero. After speaking to the team at TradeGecko I settled on their system. The condition was that some additional functionality would be added to their product variants and API to allow me to effectively integrate their solution with my e-commerce platform. They agreed, and although it took over a year for that functionality to be delivered, I am extremely pleased with my choice of TradeGecko over other similar platforms...and my clients are too.

The integration with Xero has been seamless, and although I am probably more technical than their average customer and have navigated my way through some of their limitations, I think a TradeGecko + Xero integration into an e-commerce business is a "no brainer" for small to mid-size etailers - assuming the e-commerce platform selected is both flexible and suitable.

Highly recommended.

Andrew Mobbs  

I implement a range of accounting and inventory software applications and recently looked at TradeGecko for a client, it didn't have all the features they needed but I decided to trial it for my own small online business that uses Shopify. I was really impressed with how easy to use it was and how much time the Shopify integration can save. I would recommend this program for simple businesses that trade online or B2B. Over time with the addition of a few extra features this program could be a stand out.

Kathy Mitchell  

I am a cloud integrator and have implemented a number of Xero + inventory add-ons. I selected TradeGecko for a client of mine based on its Shopify integration and a product structure which contained composite and regular variants inside a single product. I was really impressed with how it handled the structure and how smooth the Shopify integration was.
However, even with some improvements made in recent months, I felt the data importers are weak. In many cases I encountered some very strange behaviour. I also had to resort to many manual updates via the GUI for composite variants and image uploads. Despite some of these weaknesses, I do recommend this application for those distribution business that want to sell online and do B2B. With maybe a simple POS module and assembly / dis-assembly capability I do believe this application will do really well and appeal a broad range to businesses that sell “goods” at Retail & Wholesale levels.

Greg Kelly  

Beautiful Warehousing, Beautiful Accounting... & Beautiful Service :)
Many thanks!

Rohan Callander  

Great app but I failed to sync with xero, and don't give me an option to make invoice from Xero

Mostafa Grp  

Very good application for those small/med business looking to streamline their operations. We found the advantage of packing slips really helpful. One suggested feature (which I believe they are looking into) is the two way syncing of invoice and payment information from Xero back into TradeGecko. This would help immensely in our monthly sales calls.

Julian Gray  

My client is trying to work out a way to manage inventory and also get good/integrated reporting within Xero. I have been looking at the Xero add-ons (Tradegecko, Shopify & Carrytheone).

I don't know much about these add-ons and was wondering if I could speak with someone for advice and information on which is the best one to use. My email: mbsrv@tpg.com.au

Many thanks.

Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks  

Hi Michelle, this page is just for the review of TradeGecko. If you have questions about this Add-on or any others, the best place to get an answer is here: Using Xero Add-ons. Thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Totally Flawed and updates completely ruined my set up. Been a customer for 18 months- but they no longer care about existing customers- Support used to be stellar but now focus is on growing customers not keeping existing paying customers happy. Support takes a week to respond and responses along the lines of what you get at the Warehouse" If its there it will be out there if not we dont have it". Opened a complaint, but no response- the thread just got closed with a response.

Other annyong things include TG branding- You cant remove this in Purchase Orders or Wholesale apps- they dont seem to understand paying customers dont want them to advertise to their vendors or customers.

Have been using them since I needed
Woocommerce integration which only they seemed to have but now Stitch has a great app for Woo that also lets you do much more. Moving over to them- and highly disappointed with customer service at Tradegecko.

Smashing Pumpkins  

There are good features to trade gecko but I feel I am constantly asking for BASIC features (like users permissions and adding multiple shipping options) that when they do implement (after MONTHS of asking for them) they ask you to up the plan you are on (to over $200 USD) to be able to use said features. VERY frustrating, especially when the program has a lot of growing to do (which I was willing to go through) but it is definitely not worth $200/month at the moment when you cannot even control the different ways you ship (only options are courier or pick up). Reporting/intelligence is horrendous also and totally unreliable. I often have to check reports it creates to ensure it is correct (and it often is missing many orders that have been entered).

Grace Newman