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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 161 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and TradeGecko, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About TradeGecko

Online inventory and order management software for smart businesses. Easily manage all your inventory, orders and customers online with TradeGecko. For more information, check out TradeGecko.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with TradeGecko, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the TradeGecko support centre or this page for information on connecting TradeGecko to Xero.

We are a med sized handle manufacturing company Trade Gecko has improved the flow and ease right from production all the way to invoicing. The integration between Xero and Trade gecko is a superb tool to get your business up and running really smooth, controllable and professional. Simply a must have program.

Mathew Lord  

hi, i am in food production and supply in Singapore. I was first a user of Tradegecko, almost since the beginning of it. It's a great platform.
Then i look for an accounting and automation between invoices and outsourcing my accounting. I was very please to discover Xero and Tradegecko collaborate to get there platform connected.

Since, it's been a great experience and easy to set up and operated.

I am very grateful of such innovation in technology, but more important to see 2 different company to collaborate with such passion and willingness to perform. Both company show omnipresence in their collaboration, and all to our benefice.

Keep up, it's great.....

Julien Bompard  

I've been using Trade Gecko for a few years now and have been super impressed by it's integration both into Xero and into my website. I am a sole trader and if I didn't have this app would be struggling to finish invoicing and journalling, but TG does all of that for me. My system is linked so that when my customer places an order, Trade Gecko
- produces the invoice
- reduces my inventory level
- pushes through to Xero and creates the same invoice in Xero, reduces my stock holdings in my Balance Sheet in Xero,
My only issue is the monthly cost, which is a bit on the expensive side, but really the program is fabulous.

OPP Belle Mason  

Great tool

Patricia Maceoo  

We are delighted with the integration between TradeGecko and Xero. Would really recommend this add on. It has been a lifesaver in terms of managing our stock management for our business.

Laura Jackson  

I've been using TradeGecko for 5 years now, and am delighted with the features. I am super fortunate to have found an affordable system that has allowed us to scale our company. Plus the integration with Xero is seamless.

Edwin Broni-Mensah  

Trade Gecko to xero integration works mostly well.
we do have a strange randomly reoccuring error which is an inconvenience but is usually noticed immediately and rectified.

the error is the line items for sale are doubled in the xero invoice, upon clicking approve.

sometimes when the invoice is generated in xero, some edits may occur in TG and also in xero, but sometimes it seems to occur when simply approving the invoice in xero...
the line items for sale are doubled in the xero invoice, upon clicking approve.

the visual difference of extra lines is usually enough to be noticed by the staff member,
who is/are myself or my manager, it's just the two of us.
so we delete the extra line items and save the invoice.

luckily the invoice has not been emailed to the customer with double the items and double the price. as we tend to email the invoice to our customers straight away.
but it could happen one day.

on one occasion the line items doubled in the TG invoice too.

has anyone else has this issue?

apart from that Trade Gecko and Xero work well together.
although the stock numbers in TG have been going a bit haywire for some items too.

Katie Otto  

TradeGecko is an integral part of our business, managing inventory at multiple locations and allowing for invoicing and payment processing via email. The integration with Xero makes our lives simple as we book production and revenue on TradeGecko and sync with accounting. Well done.

Oliver Shuttlesworth  

The integration with Xero is very comprehensive. The UI of TG is the best of Xero integrated inventory system. Integrations with e-commerce platforms is very easy to with payment sync through to Xero. We use multiple channels for shopify in different languages and tg helps integrate all the channels and helps to keep a track and monitor inventory all at one place

Sumegha Mehta  

Before TG we had stitch, and whilst adequate its integration with Xero was appalling. Since the switch to TG the accounts team have never been so happy, it saves hours of invoice amends. It's a shame there are only 5 stars we can give TG the software and the support team deserve more. Keep up the good work👍

Glenn Wrigley  

The integration with Xero is very comprehensive. The UI of TG is the best of Xero integrated inventory system. Integrations with e-commerce platforms is also very easy to integrate with will payment sync through to Xero.
With the recent addition of a lite manufacturing module that is very easy to manage and use i highly recommend TG.

Dan Farthing  

Integration with Xero, B2B customers sales platform, intelligence reporting, all at a very reasonable price. This is the main reason we have used and will continue to use Trade Gecko for our inventory management software solution.

Shane McCarthy  

I believe the best part of Tradegecko is the integration to Xero, it is really easy to manage and to identify issues when they happen. From my research and after trying another inventory management product, Tradegecko is the best in how it integrates with Xero.
The best part is that I don't really need to worry about the balancing between Tradegecko and xero, nothing happens in Xero that is not linked to Tradegecko movements, it is 100% reliable. I wish I would have made the move earlier.

Always areas to improve the way it interfaces, but I appreciate how tradegecko takes note and follow up on users' suggestion to actually improve the product.

Apart from the integration with Xero, Tradegecko works, it is super-super easy to use, very intuitive. I run a wholesale shoe business and for me the B2B section is perfect.

Miguel Barbudo  

Awesome an easy program to keep inventory balanced and maintain control over invoices and sales orders

Harrison Haskell  

Keeps track of records for clients excelently, easy to use

Tom Metcalfe  

The ability to have an inventory management system that syncs with our bookkeeping system is wonderful! The two programs work very well together and saves me a lot of time.

Angela Jenkins  

This is a lovely solution for entrepreneurs who are struggling to manage finances and inventory. It has eased the burden off my back and made my life a lot easier.

Varun Rathi  

Works perfectly ! Really good app for accounting and inventory management.

Simon-Pier Ouellet  

Using Tradegecko with Xero makes life so much easier. Inventory is updated in real time and things like processing returns/credits is much easier with less repitition. All in all a great integration.

Nicolle Mintilana  

I have been using XERO for 6+ years and kept reviewing inventory systems in the market, looking for the one: critical set of features together with seamless XERO integration.
I opted for Tradegecko in 2017 and have not looked back. This choice has been validated over and over by the regular additions of useful new functionalities.

Alain MICHEL  

Definitely helps to enable a simpler way of managing inventory and giving a broad overview of stock levels and sales which are good for reporting to the management. An added bonus will be if we can see aging inventories especially if we want to align with the FIFO or LIFO structure. Hope to see that in the pipeline.

Zoe Sim  

I have used Tradegecko in my previous job and started using it in my current role as well. It is very user friendly and the fact that it links to Xero directly is very helpful. I would definitely recommend this system as it is easy to use and also very effective. Thumbs up from me!

Hanna Cartwright  

We have been using TradeGecko and Xero for around 6 months now. Since implementing TradeGecko we have been able to reduce our stock losses to less than 0.5%. The integrations, manufacturing, invoicing and stock control have radically improved our business operations helping us focus on our product and customers.

Ken Walton  

We have been using TradeGecko and Xero for more than three years now and the integration was a critical point for us when deciding what products to use. As we primarily needed a stock control system that spoke to an accounting system, TG and Xero made very good sense.

We have found the integration to be very good with a few limitations. As an example if you credit an invoice in Xero, you need to manually receive the stock back into TradeGecko - not the end of the world but just something to be aware of.

Marnix de Lorm  

The intergration between Xero and Tradegecko is seemless. A few minor issues setting up but the Tradegecko team were extremely helpful in nursing us through this - and it has to be said they've been there for us every since with whatever queries we've thrown at them. But since set up we've had no problems at all, so would recommend this arrangement to anyone looking for an easy life.

Matthew Howard  

We recently opened an account with TradeGecko and connected Xero account fairly seamlessly with this. Admittedly we had to do a lot of work to align SKUs and stock levels etc. before hand, but if this is all correct from the start then you can align TG and Xero almost immediately.

Once connected the two systems work very efficiently and gives us a much greater outlook on our stock levels and future orders. Have had a couple issues where purchase orders weren't going through to Xero but the TG team were very helpful in getting that sorted straight away.

We are still trying to find the best way to use the back order functionality. One of the main reasons for using TG was to be able to see which supplier we require stock from and for when, we are still a little unsure as to the best way in doing this as some of the reports seem a bit clunky and hard to come by. Before TG we had a spreadsheet with all this information and although time consuming to keep up to date, was very efficient when we needed to see which items we required for when. That would be our only real criticism so far but the time saved in managing our stock still makes it worthwhile for now.

Really recommend for any small/medium sized business looking to streamline their operation and avoid repeating information.

Sean McFetrich  

We have been very happy with the Xero -TG integration - which we have had now for 4 years. We can't really fault it as even when we have had issues the support has always been fantastic and the issue resolved. We also love that TradeGecko is always improving the platform with new innovations that improve the overall Xero TG experience. It has made it a very practical and scalable solution for our business.

Alannah Monaghan  

We are really happy with the way Trade Gecko and Xero integrate - everything updates really quickly, Our business is growing rapidly and it is good to know we won't have to change software to cope with it. Everything is all really user-friendly and processes are improved all the time to respond to users' needs. Above all, the customer service from support@tradegecko.com is second to none. Xero is a very simple but powerful accounting tool.

Sarah Sadler  

The integration of Tradegecko and xero is very good. The sharing of data between these two platform allows for simplification of my task as a manager.

Muzammil Chumroo  

Xero has been amazing since using it for almost 2 years now. It is easy to navigate, Has all of my customers information needed, and works great with my tradegecko software!

Alley Sack  

Trade Gecko has become the central hub of our business.
It works really well along side XERO meaning inventory, sales and accounting is accurate, and very easy to view.
Due to the nature of our business there are one or two things that we would like to add to tailor made to our needs this is always looked at by the support team who are always very helpful and we do usually work around it.

KH Accounts  

The integration between and Xero and Tradegecko is great for us. User friendly and quick for us to find invoices & PO's on both systems.

Would definitely recommend.

Gabrielle Turner  

Hi its the best Pair together trade geko doing the inventory and xero the accounting!!!

Ari Perl  

* I have amended my rating now as we got fantastic support from Robin in Trade Gecko and we're on our way to get the program implemented, we would have been still lost if it wasn't for him*
It hasn't been great for us, can anyone recommend a Trade Gecko partner in Ireland or UK? Is anyone using it in Ireland with success?
Can't seem to get it off the ground since December 2018 and we are desperate at this stage.

Patrycja Drennan  

We've been using Xero and TradeGecko for more than 4 years now, and we find it works well for us. Having Xero connected to TradeGecko makes things so much easier and eliminates the need for duplicate entries. Both applications are intuitive and navigation is easy to figure out. TradeGecko also works well with other apps we use for our e-commerce business and the TG team is very responsive when we do have questions or concerns.
One point in Xero: we leave our invoices in "awaiting approval" status until ready to send in case there are any last minutes revisions. Then we "approve" them. In doing this, we have cut down on needing to delete and rebook any entries into Xero.

Christine Lupton  

Hugely beneficial for our small business. We love the ability to run the Trade Gecko app over multiple devises. We can do sales orders when we are on the road and then pushes so well through to Xero for our accounts to manage. I especially like how it can push through credit notes on any order that has reported damage etc. We are so glad we came across TG as it fits all our requirements and is becoming more integrate-able as time goes on.

Brett Mather  

The integration between TradeGecko & Xero is seamless. We have used this for our wholesale business for 4 years now. Tradegecko are constantly updating and upgrading the software adding new features. We appreciate how they take our views on board and incorporate them in upcoming upgrades. The constant tweeks gives us a software programme that grows with our company.

Rae Keery  

Tradegecko is a great inventory management platform for small businesses and offers great scalability. Easy to manage both a wholesale B2C and/ or consumer facing website and offer inventory levels. Integrates great with shipping and in NZ with GoSweetSpot making the fulfillment of both Wholesale and Reatil orders from one place simple. Definately more expansion of features needed from TradeGecko but I believe they will get there in the future. 3Pl and Dropshipping of customer B2C sites are obvious features we require.

James Mander  

We have been using TradeGecko now for two and a half years, initially as a means to make stock ordering easier. We have linked it with Xero and now there is no way we could ever be without it. Purchase orders are so easy and the reporting function is excellent.

Adrian Clarke  

Having never use Xero or TradeGecko ever - I am quite impressed by TG's system functionality, and ability to generate a multitude of inventory management related reports which has provided valuable insight and visibility to my Company (approx 400-500 sales transactions per month). Have not had any issues with the interface between the two systems and TG's customer service group are quite responsive (have not used Xero's customer service yet).
Giving a rating of 4 stars because there are specific routes that must be taken to obtain certain data in TG and Xero which is not the most user friendly e.g. issuing credit notes that are not returns in TG and running trial balances in Xero at a specific point in time with no prior period comparisons but we are working through these issues now. Would recommend these products to high volume startups/small businesses!

Amanda Chu  

We use TradeGecko linked to Xero, shopify, amazon and we have wholesale reps. TradeGecko makes the whole thing effortless and we really couldn’t do it without their intergration. All our stock levels across all platforms update in an instant when an invoice is created. We can easily track our sales through TradeGecko and Xero from all platforms. We did use Quickbooks and TradeGecko until earlier this year but changed to Xero when we had some issues with Quickbooks and they weren’t interested in helping solve the issues. Glad we changed to Xero now, all the issues disappeared as soon as we moved. We highly recommend TradeGecko and Xero combined.

Joanna Maxwell  

we are importers, wholesalers and purchase locally, this software tackles of of them easily. The software is practically an employee replacing an in house person. the reporting makes tax time a breeze and its at your finger tips.

Nancy Sibai  

We have been using Xero and Trade Gecko for a number of years now and find the systems work seamlessly together. Trade Gecko is very easy to use and the team is always looking at ways to better their system for their customers.
The support team are always on hand ready to help.

Tracey Van Uden  

My company (e-commerce business with c. GBP 100k monthly revenue) has been using TradeGecko for the last 6 months and we are very happy with it. It definitely ended a long period of having little to no visibility into our inventory, and integrated seemlessly into both shopify and Xero (which was one of our key requirements). In particular, it is great finally having visibility into our unit economics on a daily basis. It also offers a range of additional features (such as stock forecasting and other analytics), which we are slowly rolling out. All in all, we are very happy with it!

Axel Stelk  

TG and Xero, TG and Shopify, TG and Shopify POS made a huge difference for us. Streamline our inventory and order fulfilment process. TG has great customer service, we always get a solution in less than a day. Changed my review to 2 star because TG can send PDF copy of invoices - a very important feature that they missed.

Gerry Cortez  

Adding xero and trade gecko to our business has not only simplified business practices, gives real time inventory, and this has made a huge difference to us.
Would highly recommend this combo!

Jai Harvey-Yin  

We use Trade Gecko and Xero together and it's been a life changer.
Great customer service, great platform, easy top understand and correct errors.

Charlotte Macmahon  

We've been using Tradegecko and Xero since Oct 2015. The integration between the 2 works smoothly - although because we are generally a manufacturing company there has been a few things which we have had to do to 'make it work' for us. Looking forward to using the new TG Manufacturing addition! Being honest got to say that in the beginning TG had a lot of things that it needed to work on and things were a bit frustrating, that being said, the improvements that they have made and progress they are making is really impressive! Keep it up. Only giving it 4 stars because it's not quite perfect for us at the moment - if the manufacturing element turns out to be great then will increase this to 5 stars!

Andy Cross  

Excellent! Trade Gecko and Xero are veru useful and make things a lot easier and simple

Paris Webb  

Good stuff

Paul Clark  

We have been using the Xero/Trade Gecko integration for over 4 years now and are really happy with it.

Thomas Higginson  

Very helpful and quick response to our questions! Many thanks.

Susan Lansdowne  

We started our company on Sage and within 2 years we had made the migration to TradeGecko and Xero, there is simply not a better solution available.

Sam Nankivell  

We've been using TradeGecko + Xero since the middle of 2017. And we tried several ERP's before we lanted on TradeGecko. It has made a world of difference to have both programs working and integrated in terms of asset and inventory management. And keeping us both organized on this front and therefore freeing up time to do other things. TradeGecko support is also super responsive to beta suggestions and any help questions. Highly recommend if you are on the hunt for an ERP system!

Andrea Sreshta  

Integration with Tradegecko works very well and saves us so much time! We love it.

Bradley Steenkamp  

We find the link between Xero and TradeGecko a perfect fit. We outsource our accounts work, therefore using fully automated systems from start to finish is important

It’s also key for us to analyze our sales data, and understand where we are making and losing money. Using Xero and TG together allows us be efficient and gather this process.

Ewan King  

We were one of the early adopters of TG and loaded Xero very early on, since then it has performed as it should, very pleased.

Dawn Rose  

We have been with both TG and Xero for many years. Our journey began before the integration was available between the two. Both TG and Xero have continued to demonstrate continuing progresion and once we were able to combine the two it has allowed us to rapidly grow. From all levels business growth, having the ability to seamlessly access real time inventory and accounting with an incredibly user friendly interface has been a crucial part of our journey.

Whether small, medium or a large business the forward thinking and seamless integration between TG and Xero has proved invaluable to our organisation and would highly recommend to anyone.

Darren Etheridge  

I am a Sales Specialist and i use Tradegecko everyday and i must confess,it makes my work easy, generating of my invoices and waybill is done easily. just with the right information, my invoices, pro forma invoice and waybill is generated. it also helps me to tract every transaction i do. even if my transactions are voided, i am able to detect that it was voided. aside the fact that, ones in a long while it becomes slow, i enjoy using it. i will most definitely recommend Tradegecko to every business man/woman.

Bessie Plange  

Syncing Tradegecko with Xero was a breeze, all of our needs was accomodated. Both of the systems are great, even their customer support is very accommodating.

Jethro Concepcion  

We have changed from Sage to Trade Gecko & Xero - finding everything very intuitive and fairly simple - integration between the two is very good. Still getting to grips with some of it's abilities. For anything we need help with the support team are excellent.

Emma Harrison  

I have no complaints about the Xero system and TradeGecko. Very easy to use!

Heather Peak  

Are there any business running on WooCommerce >TradeGecko > Xero ?

Would love to know how are you coping with the bundled products sync with TradeGecko.

Yong Shun Han  

My Xero client just started using TG so needed some help with the setup. It did take me a while to understand what TG needed re Xero set up but once sorted, it is a good system for managing shipments and average cost, the main reason my client got it. The support was good once you got the query going.

Peter Chapman  

Have been using Tradegecko and Xero integration for 4 years and the two together work amazing. Tradegecko controls our Inventory management mostly and pushes purchase orders and invoices out to Xero to manage our debtors and creditors. We have also linked Tradegecko with Shopify for our online store which also pushes all sales back to xero. Personally we believe tradegecko is a must have for any business looking for a superb inventory management system that links to the best accounting system available, xero.

James Wescombe  

I've been using Xero for 3 years and started using Tradegecko on January 1st this year. 18,000 SKU's & multiple price lists. It was the best solution I could find, the integration with Xero was vital and works brilliantly, any errors are flagged in Tradegecko and easy to trace back and fix. The support from Tradegecko has been truly excellent, including cover on Bank Holidays and weekends.

Andrew Nield  

TradeGecko is the only platform that has successfully synced and balanced our inventory across multiple platforms. It connects seamlessly to our accounting application Xero. Very happy with TradeGecko.

Ashley Wilcox  

Trade Gecko is an excellent platform that has allowed us to expand our inventory across 2 countries & easily maintain stock. There are many features that have been invaluable as wholesalers. Easy to use, seamless integration with Xero. Wouldn't move away from it & rely on it for sales using the app too.

Joanne Whitney  

We love Tradegecko, and the integration with Xero works great. It's very easy to manage our orders across both platforms, as they sync and there are clickable links to open in one or the other.

Daphna Gall  

The integration is seamless and we are a big fan of Tradegecko and Xero. Hassle free experience especially when they are connected to handle plenty of moving goods. Records are kept properly and easily traceable. All returned shipments and void orders are reflected automatically.

Calvin Seng  

We've been using Tradegecko alongside Shopify and Xero for our online baby store www.meandbuddy.com since July 2016.

With 1,000 SKUs to manage and 80 suppliers, Tradegecko has proved absolutely crucial for us to stay on top of our inventory, manage purchase orders, and ensure all our accounting is smooth and quick to manage.

We did dabble with another inventory control system last year for a couple of weeks because we could also ship from it. However, we quickly realised that we shouldn't have taken Tradegecko's features for granted. We swiftly returned to Tradegecko and wouldn't consider moving to another system now.

Very happy customer indeed!

Madeline Walsh  

Trade Gecko has become the central hub of our business.
It sync's well with our woo commerce website and XERO meaning inventory, sales and accounting is accurate, automated and easy to view.
Occasionally we come up against the rigid structure of TG as we often need to do things bespoke. However, the support team are always very helpful and we do usually work around it.

If you are looking to gain control over stock, centralise your sales workflow and organise purchasing - I highly recommend it!

Mike Keen  

Our company has been using Xero for a few years, and added TradeGecko integration earlier this year. I've never had integration issues, even when we have added additional stores to our programs. Flawless!

Assistant Accounts  

I was a product manager for 8 years and worked with various systems over that time and can honestly say I've been very impressed since switching to TG 11 months ago compared to more established players in this space. In starting my own business I needed an affordable option that not only integrated nicely with Xero but also Shopify too. I researched a lot and took a chance with TG and have not been disappointed. The recent addition of giving customers the ability to pay invoices has meant payment has been very smooth and effortless, I have also noticed invoices have been paid much quicker than in previous years. I have a lot of moving pieces to my business and TG has really given me the ability to manage inventory, purchase orders, and sales orders all under one roof. Definitely recommended!

David Eaton  

We have been trying to use Tradegecko for 2 years. It has been a terrible experience. We are not capable or have the time to make the software work and link to XERO. If you do not have the time to make a study of how to set this up we suggest you look elsewhere. In New Zealand we could not find any support or knowledgeable support for this product. Downloading a stock update spreadsheet from Tradegecko and making 3 product changes resulted in 76Errors - All downloaded with the spreadsheet from Tradegceko. I am sure this is great software if you can make it work If you envisage needing support try Unleashed or CIN7 as we are now going to do. It appears much more support for these 2 products

Gerhard Diedricks  

We are still getting our set up and going, but we really love how easy it is to quickly update a lot of information, and how customizable it is.

Tiera Peterson  

I'm in the process of trialing the software. It looks good so far for our needs. It's a shame that there's no live chat for support but other than that, looks great

Guy Mor  

They work seemlessly together and I highly recommend Xero and TG be used together. My ecommerce store has grown much faster than expected and I would have never been able to keep up with all the paperwork. TG and Xero together has been great!!


Johnathan Cannon  

Trade Gecko is the 3rd inventory management system that I have tried - it is simple, easy to use and streamlined. I integrate with xero and Magento and both integrations are seamless. Good support and simplicity make TG head and shoulders better than anything else I have used

Gill Doms  

Great software that links all our systems, sales channels & warehouses together, makes it the most efficient from all the others we tried in the past.

Also, being cloud based its great as it works with any device.

Tiago Alexandre  

TradeGecko is an easy to use, accurate, intuitive platform for inventory management. It connects well to Xero and if you're ever in need of help, the support team reply quickly and clearly. I would highly recommend it.

Claire Bond  

We use TradeGecko for Inventory management related to a very specifc business unit at my company. The reporting works surprising well, telling me all the vital information I need to calculate crucial KPIs, as well as current order statuses for customers. The fact that it syncs with Xero is an added bonus.

Quinten Thompson  

I use TradeGecko for Inventory management and sync with shipping platform as well as my ecommerce platform. The best thing is being able to have all my financials flow directly into Xero is just amazing.

Richard Borek  

I love TradeGecko and it has been an excellent addition to our e-commerce business. It seamlessly integrates with both Xero and Shopify, is simple to use, has excellent built-in reports and great features.

For a company that buys and sells complete products, this is the best inventory platform hands down and is reasonably priced as well!

Jeremy Michel  

TradeGecko has been fantastic for our business - notably bridging the 'gap' with Xero in relation to WET. As a wine wholesaler and distributor, TradeGecko allows me to provide legal tax invoices with GST and WET separated that are then uploaded automatically to Xero. Working with TradeGecko as our inventory system and Xero as our accounting system we have all bases covered.

Fleur Candy  

The TradeGecko Xero integration has allowed us to automate a huge part of our business administration process, and produce up to date daily reports to monitor business performance. It is very easy to set up the integration.

James White  

TradeGecko and Xero have made our business run so smoothly and enable us to produce a great range of reports to monitor our progress. I would definitely recommend to other businesses.


TradeGecko and Xero have made our business run so smoothly and enable us to produce a great range of reports to monitor our progress. I would definitely recommend to other businesses.

Gabrielle Amiel Walters  

Starting a new business is pretty daunting, but by using Xero and Trade Gecko linked together to run stock, invoicing and accounts has made the process much easier.

Easy to learn, cost effective and great back up, if only all things in life were so simple!

Trevor Leigh  

Great Product. Works seamlessly with Xero and Shopify. Any hiccups are dealt swiftly with the support!

Taswell Maneveld  

I would thoroughly recommend Trade Gecko. We used to use Unleashed but found it clunky and hard to work with. We're really pleased with Trade Gecko, especially the ease of integration for Shopify and for Xero.

Ben De Haan  

I find TradeGecko really easy to use being a bit of a technophobe. I use it to raise po's, sales orders and pull sales report. All of which are really straightforward and user-friendly.

Niamh Mitton  

Pairing TradeGecko and Xero to run my small business has been one of the best decisions I've made. A simple integrations saves me a ton of time, and I'm sure my accountant frustration. The service and support so far has been exceptional, and as a small business it was nice to feel like my needs mattered. I'm looking forward to growing and using the software to it's full potential. I've recommended it to other entrepreneurs and will continue to do so.

Lacie Leatherman  

Very Helpful application for Business.

Mohammed ALSysy  

Trade gecko is an excellent platform and I'd be happy to recommend it to anyone.
They are open to feedback and are constantly striving to get better and better.
Customer service is top notch.
App also works great - very impressed.

Danni Curtis  

Integration between Xero and Tradegecko is a superb tool to get your business up and running really smooth, controllable and professional. Simply a must have, period.

Eric Adams  

We are a small leather goods wholesaler in the uk and after making the transition to Trade Gecko I find things much easier to implement compared to our previous stock control system.

Brent Mason  

Our company Fusion is a British manufacturer of high-end musical instrument bags that are sold worldwide through three different channels; via distributors, trade and online to consumer. In January 2014 our e-commerce was launched on a Shopify store that integrates beautifully with Trade Gecko.
Trade Gecko was our inventory management system from day one with a flawless integration of Xero.

I can highly recommend this trio of very useful systems.

Nicole Szekeres  

One of my clients has been using TradeGecko for over six months. We have integrated Woo to Trade Gecko to Xero relatively seamlessly. Our system uses online sales channels, B2B individual stores (TG) and manual entry. The TG integration to Xero gives you the ability to set up multiple ledgers and payment pathways. We are very happy with the results.

Matthew Macdonald  

I've been using TradeGecko for 6 months now for two of my clients with excellent results. One of the clients is dealing with 10,000+ SKU's and the system can manage this easily. The connection with Xero is a plus for us, but the high featured management inventory system is its biggest selling point.

Fred Monteiro  

Tradegecko is a great system which gives great inventory management and more to offer than xero in terms of ordering. Xero is a fantastic invoicing system. The sync between the two is pretty much seamless. Invoice an order or create a PO in Tradegecko, and it is sat in Xero waiting to be approved by the time you have logged in. I definitely recommend tradegecko if you are using xero and struggling with your inventory management.

Jake Farrow  

The business I work for switched over to TradeGecko in August last year after struggling to work with our old system. Giving the reps out in the field the power to place orders, see stock, and quote prices from anywhere has been the biggest advantage, but overall the system has made our internal workflow much cleaner, easier, and more efficient. We are making far less mistakes, and with everything being intuitive and easy to explain, the whole team is onboard and using TradeGecko.

Mikaere Britton  

We've just implemented Trade Gecko for 2 clients in quick succession both of whom were using different eCommerce platforms (Shopify, woocommerce) with multiple payment methods and different retail / wholesale pricing and in both Hong Kong and Australia. Turns out this is not as simple as we would have liked (but understandable given multiple systems / usage / jurisdictions) needing to ensure multiple integrations are setup right and feeding through. Steep learning curve for both of our clients and ourselves and through it the TH have been super responsive and supportive. We absolutely regard TG as our "source of truth" for all things inventory and recommend for all of our eCommerce clients

Remco Marcelis  

We moved to TradeGecko from Unleashed and were very happy with the move. The TG development team are far more supportive and receptive to ideas and developments than those at Unleashed. It is a solid platform and fully functional.

Ross Hendy  

As a small E-commerce business, it is extremely important that we have cost effective inventory / sales / accounting integration. Tradegecko and Xero give us exactly that. Whilst there are inevitably some issues that arise from time to time, these are dealt with swiftly and accurately by the online help gurus. Both Tradegecko and Xero are also constantly being reviewed and improved - throughout the three years that we have used these systems I have seen some fantastic upgrades that have allowed for greater business reporting. Thank you very much - highly recommended.

Tony Griffiths  

We are a small wholesaler of Computer Accessories & Office products in HK. We were using a small accounting system to manage all our sales, purchases, inventory and finance. Our product list is more than 1500 SKUs and we have more than 2,000 B2B & B2C customers. Before switching, our salespersons could only process orders in office and hence has less time visiting customers and securing more orders. Products and prices in our system and our website do not always match or sync because we had to update both individually, which caused bad service and lost orders. Lots of time are wasted until we found this integrated system (Xero - Tradegecko - Shopify) one year ago.

In the process of sourcing the most suitable system for our company, some of our major considerations were
1) System Security / Backup / Failure / Recovery
2) Process Automation
3) Reducing Duplications & Errors
4) Increasing the mobility of our salesforce

The Xero / TG / Shopify integration helps us solve all the above problems. Although they are still not perfect, but it provided a system that enable us to compete with big companies without spending huge amount of IT costs. Now we have more time to concentrate on doing our business and serving our customers.

Simon Ng  

We are a newly established business, importing motor components into the UK. Although a new business, we have inherited a substantial business stream from another company at a few days notice and chose Trade Gecko as a fast and efficient solution allowing us to build stock files and price lists, quickly, Everything has worked seamlessly including our integration with Xero. I full heartedly recommend Trade Gecko for it's ease of use and great support staff, who have offered their services, but haven't yet been needed.

Bob Drew  

We recently acquired a business operating with no integrated stock control or accounts systems, and replaced that with TradeGecko and Xero. One of the main reasons for this choice of vendors was a fairly exhaustive research effort into possible options, and this particular integration ticked more boxes than any other.

When you buy and sell goods in a retail shop the amount of ledger entries you must maintain is phenomenal! I don't believe it is actually possible to manage a shop without this kind of integration. Large companies can spend millions on SAP type systems, but we are a small business with a lot of lines (around 10,000).

This integration has brought for us the best in SAP type ERP systems for small business at a fraction of the price. Our financial director is able to manage all the financial affairs of the shop in real time, as data is seamlessly updated from TG to Xero.

A small note of caution about the integration, and the reason it gets 4 not 5 stars. Modifications are really one-way. Changes made in TG will overwrite changes you may have made in Xero, which is fine - you just need to be aware of it and bake that into your business processes. This means that an invoice should not be processed in Xero until it is fully received in TG, otherwise changes made (order discounts or reference codes, for instance) will be lost when TG updates the order again.

Once an order has been Approved in Xero it really should be readonly, and I blame Xero for that, but the integration could check and simply error when this happens.

Also, refunds do not seem to be correctly synced to Xero and there is some manual intervention that has to happen there.

In case anyone is doing the same, we actually have end to end integration from Shopify POS to Xero via TG and it works very well.

BUT - we are getting a fantastic, smoothly integrated system, albeit with a couple of wrinkles that are easy to work around, for < $100pm. Unbelievable!

Roger Foxcroft  

We run an educational publishing company that sells curriculum as individual items and in sets. TradeGecko's composites have offered us a powerful tool to build sets and track their sales. In addition, TradeGecko is the only inventory management system that offers infinite inventory. This allows us to track our PDF and digital sales without messing up our inventory numbers. The competitors suggested we add 1,000,000 copies to all digital products. Our sales are made through a Shopify webstore, through the Shopify POS app at educational conferences, and by purchase orders from school districts. TradeGecko has been an amazing addition to our company as it allows us to track our inventory, funnel sales into the correct revenue classes in Xero, and manage our shipping and orders from a central location. In addition the reporting has been valuable to us and provided us greater and insights into how our sales are divided. By adding tags we have been able to classify schools as private, public, charter, etc. TradeGecko has also become central to our customer service in that we are able to look up orders and add notes to customer accounts. We give TradeGecko 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who needs more complex inventory management.

Denise Eide Ellsworth  

We have been TradeGecko for over 18 Months now and it has become the essential part of our business. The links into XERO which we have also been using for over 3 years save us so much time and increase the overall productivity of the team. The integration is seamless and always performs as expected. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Jonathon Ladmore  

We are so pleased that we have finally made the move to an effective inventory management system with a user friendly product and good customer support. It has made life so much easier especially with multiple warehouses.

Caoimhe Ryan  

I have been using Tradegeko since some months now, every time I discover new feature I get more impressed about it.
The inventory management is so flexible, clear and easy
The reports are a great help but the real power - from my own point of view- is the TAGs feature that allows me to handle hundreds of items with no time.

Nour shabsogh  

Tradegecko has managed to offer a solid integration with Xero. It is very well thought off that when our local tax regulations changed, we were able to set the new settings like a breeze without any headache. The reliability is high to a level that we know our reporting is up to our standards and are sure all our operations on Tradegecko are properly and seamlessly pushed to our accountants who usually are not involved into day-to-day operations. Much recommended. Thank you for making us do business much easier.

Cherif Herrawi  

User friendly, great customer support, integration between TradeGecko & Xero is awesome. Love the product!.. Oh and great price!

Denise Grech  

We are new to Trade Gecko but have found the integration with Xero and WooCommerce easy to use and the support team are an excellent resource, always very helpful. I would highly recommend TradeGecko for your business.

Clare Kenyon  

Really happy with how easy and simple the integration between Xero and TradeGecko is. Can't recommend TG's support as well, very smart and patient people always willing to help and figure out the specifics.

Waleed Lakhani  

We've been using TradeGecko and integrating it with Xero for about 2 years now. It's been working really well. Our bookkeeper just reviews the info and provides us with the financials.

Helen Cross  

Trade Gecko was intuitive and generates beautiful invoices. The B2B e-commerce platform is very useful too because my customers are now able to re-stock their items without having to send me a manual purchase order.

Grace Gan  

We've been using Xero with integration to Trade Gecko for a year now and are absolutely impressed with it! Easy seamless integration - you don't need techie skills to set up and there are no problems to troubleshoot!

Chalotte Holm  

I am helping one of my clients to solution & implement a TradeGecko-Xero integration. I was expecting clumsy out-of-the-box integrations as I have been acclimatised to expect from all other systems integration. However, the integration worked like a beauty! Not only was it easy to setup, it was easy to keep track of the logs. U guys sure hid the mess away from us! Thanks, this is a great job!

Kevin Ang  

We use TradeGecko and Xero on a daily basis, the integration has been great connecting our payment gateway to our inventory system, allowing us to keep track of payment statuses easily in one place.

Andrew Lim  

I am thrilled with the integration between TradeGecko and Xero. It saves me a ton of time and makes my job so much easier.

Heidi Danos  

We love trade gecko and how it integrates with our accounting software Xero, as well as our freight software go sweet spot. This saves us so much time and everything is accounted for and recorded. This also means we do not have to re-enter the same information which makes everything a breeze, and no mistakes are made. We no longer have to stock-take all the time because trade gecko manages our inventory and we are able to easily keep an eye on how our profit and costs are tracking everyday which is very helpful. High recommend!

Sarah Carson  

I absolutely love the integration between Tradegecko and Xero. We have recently moved all of our business over and have been amazed by the results. We moved primarily to be cloud based but have got so much and have saved hours. Tradegecko is a quantum leap forward in our stock management and the integration with Xero is seamless, transparent and frankly awesome!!!

Luke Sherriff  

Tradegecko has saved us a lot of time and stress. We love that it can integrate everything with Tradegecko and Xero in one place so we never need to do any time consuming data entry meaning less room for error. It bridges two different components of our business, wholesale and retail seamlessly. Its quick, enjoyable, and user friendly and is going to great for scalability as we continue to grow. The report feature accurately shows our position at a glance which we are finding very useful.

Jordan Cordtz  

Quite new to TradeGecko but over the years I have used numerous systems, set them up and operated them. So far TradeGecko is by far the easiest system to use that i have seen. Quite enjoying the process of and I am finding the feedback and response from their team excellent.
I'd recomend the system to anyone looking for something easy to use that links easily to other systems, eg Xero, or CRM etc. Great stuff TrageGecko

Robert Keast  

As a Xero partner of over 5 years we have assessed and worked with many application in the Xero add-on ecosystem. All have varying degrees of functionality but few truly seek to understand their place in integrating with Xero in a way that adds value to a client's overall processes.

Tradegecko is one of these elite few. Our experience in working with them has been second to none. They have eagerly taken our feedback on board and actively improved their application for the benefit of our clients.

Good software takes time to build but great service can be delivered immediately and the team at Tradegecko do this in spades. Their support is second to none and they are always able to provide a useful solution to problems that arise or specific use cases of their product.

For a wholesaler or ecommerce retailer, large or small, I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Campbell King  

Using Zero is not difficult, once you get accustomed to it. To get to do certain functions requires a lot of clicking, but overall easy to use. I am satisfied with Xero.

Norman Petchnik  

Ive been using Xero for just over a year now...had no formal training, and my accountants has been the main source of training...in saying this, i must admit, for a real starter, I found Xero to be very user friendly. Coming from Quickbooks, Xero is soo much more easier to use and very accommodating to all my needs. The intergration between Xero and Trade gecko is great too!!!

Cindy Thomas  

TradeGecko is very powerful software could make your business easy and organized.
With their helpful and fast-response technical support could make you professional on it in no time.
It has iOS and Android App in order to check your sales orders easily.

The great advantage of TradeGecko on other software is B2B E-Commerce feature, so you can make your business bigger.

Emadeddin Muhsen  

The best thing that happened to us after gecko was xero - seamless perfect integration keeps all our stuff on the cloud - safe and available at all times.

Bartechco Fzc  

TradeGecko and Xero just work! The integration is intuitive, super simple, seamless. Let's us focus on business and leaves the admin side of things to the pros! Highly recommend!

Mark White  

Trade Gecko is the best inventory management system on the planet.

Mitch Norton  

LOVE TradeGecko. It is super easy to navigate around and it seamlessly integrates with Xero.
The online ordering service is fantastic, our retailer love the ease of it.
The supper TG is fantastic also, you can email them and they respond very quickly and help solve your problems. This was great when I was setting up TG.

Would highly recommend Trade Gecko :)

Adrienne Norris  

I've been using TradeGecko and Xero for about 2 years. When I started my company, I was looking for the best cloud-based accounting and inventory/order system available and after multiple tests I chose TG+Xero. Since then I have been increasingly pleased with all the updates that have made my life easier and our business run smoother. Not sure we could have grown as efficiently as we have with any other combination.

Kevin Simback  

I have been using TradeGecko for about 6 months now and part of the reason was that we were already using Xero and the integration between the 2 platforms had huge apeal to me. The Xero TradeGecko integration set up was super easy and has made our bookkeeper a lot happier now that invoices and bills between the 2 systems now happens seamlessly.

Stevan Buckman  

The integration between TradeGecko and Xero has been awesome for our business! Works well without any issues,

Hasandeep Singh  

It was a tough decision choosing the right CRM system for Xero. After working with TradeGecko for the last 4 months I could not be happier. Even when experiencing issues the TG team respond quickly provide the answer I need. Would highly recommend to others.

Sven Dawidowski  

I can't believe how much better our business is running now that we have TradeGecko and Xero working together.

Liz Montgomery  

TG x Xero integration is integral to our business, and for the most part, works brilliantly. Improvements on backwards compatibility from Xero to TG (as opposed to the other way round) are needed, but great on the whole.

James Tailby  

When we began to use Xero, I tested a number of products similar to TradeGecko and found it to be the best solution at that time. Having been with them for nearly 3 years, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the product.

In general, TradeGecko is very user friendly and on the odd occasion when we have needed it, the support team have been prompt and effective.

Dominic Whittome  

Like other users already appreciate what I love about TradeGecko is the smooth integration with Xero. From an initial quote to Sales order to Invoices it doesn't miss a beat and nothing gets lost in translation. Having everything linked there's no fumbling between systems to check on order fulfillment to invoice. Everything's already done in one step or a click away. So organized for a growing business, love it! So user friendly and me being new to using it I'm sure there's so much more it can do that I haven't even fully discovered yet, so looking forward to that.

Green Theory Accounts  

A great saas platform for SMBs that need an intuitive solution for an inclusive sales order to shipment process. The integrations with Xero and Shopify are brilliant and what really set TG apart from the competition. I also like the TG chrome app that integrates with gmail — very smart and current.

I have been consulting a SMB company and just completed the adoption of TG in their daily processes. They are no longer dependent on the chaos of spreadsheets and ongoing/consuming communications to ensure the orders are properly fulfilled.

There still is room for improving features and integrations. I think the key improvements need to be in the following areas:
1. CRM - currently we still have to use Insightly to manage accounts so there's the headache of managing accounts in both systems. Beyond making the "Relationships" module more robust TG needs to add a full-featured email component.
2. Batch printing - as the business grows this fall there needs to be the ability to mass print multiple pick lists and packing slips rather than clicking on each order.
3. Shopify Integration - each order creates a new account and ultimately duplicates if customers are reordering. TG needs to be able to pull and push with Shopify to ensure that existing accounts are connected so that there isn't a long process of purging duplications in both TG and Xero.
4. Shipping - we use Shippo and would prefer to see TG integration with those services. We are investigating the ShipStation option but currently prefer Shippo.

TG can be a good fit. There is much to appreciate about this saas platform. I believe the key in adopting any saas platform is understanding there is always room for adding and improving features. I look forward to seeing the ongoing improvements as we scale up.


Paul Wegenast  

Using TradeGecko alongside Xero is practically essential in my eyes. The company I work for has three warehouses, sells to distributors across Europe, and has a B2C e-Commerce site based in England. Trying to manage all of this using Xero was nigh-impossible, especially considering the faults with Xero's official Shopify app. TradeGecko has streamlined everyone's work within the company, reducing errors and removing the need for work-arounds to deal with Xero's shortfalls.

On top of that, the customer support and implementation of new features on request is second to none. I'm a big fan.

Tony Gale  

TradeGecko is absolutely the nerve center of my whole business and it integrates SEAMLESSLY with Xero and ShipStation.

TradeGecko support is also superb — they always respond within a few hours, and are receptive to feature requests and suggestions.

The combo of TradeGecko and Xero means that I can create 150 invoices in TradeGecko, bulk select them and press "Invoice." Then head over to Xero, bulk select the synced invoices and press "Email." Minutes later, I'm receiving payments in Xero (via Stripe), which then sync back to TradeGecko to close the loop.

I can't recommend TG enough.

Ryan Meehan  

switched to Tradegecko 4 month ago and it works great for our shopify online store. It's a great tool for our start up company. Powerful software with reasonable price. Recommend it!


We transitioned to Tradegecko a month ago and have been loving it.

Jason Feinberg  

We are very happy with Trade-gecko and its B2B store

There are some necessary simple improvements that they need to make like 1) allowing mass image imports and 2) enabling multiple supplier sku's and info per product

We currently run XERO - Trade-gecko - Shopify and are very happy with the integration

I have another company that runs on XERO - Dear -Handshake B2B and the combination is not as slick

James Pudney  

We have been using Trade Gecko for 4 months now and we are very pleased with it.

Simple and easy to use is the best thing about it.

Good points are: synchs with Xero. Xero is brilliant too, you can get a snapshot of where your business is instantly. Xero is also simple to use and cuts down some manual tasks needed (with bank feeds etc) to do your books.

We have also integrated Big Commerce as an online shop which we have found to be a big improvement on what we used to use.

There were a few glitches in the change over as is to be expected. The Trade Gecko support team were pretty helpful, and get onto sorting things out pretty fast too.

They have implemented suggestions we have made also, which improves the platform for everybody.

While no software program is perfect we wish we'd gone to Trade Gecko sooner.

Sophie Allen  

We wanted to love TG so much and have used it now for 6-9mths. Unfortunately, this is another case of "launch it" then develop it on the fly. For example, one of the main reasons we went with TG was the much flaunted (by them) Backorder functionality - the ability to multi-select salesorders and convert them into a manufacturing order for your suppliers. So stupidly assuming it worked (given we're paying AUD$130 p.mth) we enter our dozen or so SO's from our retailers and eagerly go through the Backorder steps. What does it produce? an incoherent, mashed up, nonsensical report that has zero value to anyone. Nothing is grouped properly resulting in a useless report for your manufacturer. We ended up manually creating our PO on a spreadsheet. Worse still was the customer service experience - no response for over a week until i threatened some course of action. Their customer service (specifically their turnaround time) is horrendous and one might accept that if it was your own query/request but when it's TG's fault and a massive one at that then it unacceptable.

The Shopify synch is also glitchy and drops in strange characters into the item description etc.

A lot to be desired for a fully priced SaaS platform.


Paul Barton  

The last 8 months of using Trade Gecko has been hell. Absolute Hell. I have opened more than 100 tickets and have wasted thousands of dollars in hiring IT support to fix their issues as well as an unknown amount of lost revenue from their software wiping my web-store and countless other problems. Today I lost 95% of my products from my website... POOF, gone!
Today was also the day I cancelled the subscription and will be seeking compensation.

Rick Bazerghi  

I thought I would trial TG.

The trial went well, we are small and their system suited us.

At the end of the trial their system incorrectly declined my credit card when I was trying to sign up for the Hobbyist plan @ $49/month despite there being available funds.

TG support people did not respond to my requests, not at all.

In the absence of support after 3 days I closed my account with Trade Gecko and received this email from the CEO:

"Thank you so much for giving TradeGecko a go. I'm sorry that you didn't love it.
I have a quick question that I hope you'll answer to help us make TradeGecko better: what stopped you from signing up?
Just reply to this email and let me know. I'd really appreciate it.
Cameron, CEO of TradeGecko
P.S I personally receive and read every one of these emails "

I replied that I did love it but obviously a system error was stopping them from enabling my card, and I requested further assistance.

None came.

So I went to another company.

3 months later I discover that TradeGecko not only have been charging my credit card, but they have been charged me for the Business Plan at $199US/month not the Hobbyist Plan @ $49US/month.

I had never authorised this charge. I had never received advice from Trade Gecko about this.

But worse, when I contacted them asking them to fix the error and refund my money, the response I got was a either a canned one or from a person who completely misunderstood my request and was trying to sign me up and asking me to see if the problem was now fixed.

Again I wrote back clarifying. Support this time took 7 days to respond with the same response, "terribly sorry, was wondering if this was fixed already?"

So still no refund, we are another month in, and it would appear that there is no one in support, only Ben and Cam, and I'm not entirely certain that they aren't the same person.

Equo Mojo Accounts  

Same TG/ Xero sync issues as before happening again, and despite promises of the issues being fixed, they have not been.

We are sick and tired of spending time and money manually reconciling orders between Tradegecko and Xero. It has been a year now. I want to focus on my business, not deal with Tradegecko all the time.

We have been paying our accountants around US$1,000 extra a month for the extra work, on the assumption that these issues will be fixed. Tradegecko have now told us that they cannot provide a solution, and suggested we migrate to DEAR or Unleashed (another US$2,500 cost to us).

Tradegecko have told us that the issues we are experiencing is also affecting other customers of theirs.

Raymond Shuai  

Speed and quality of their customer service and technical support is highly problematic (and completely disqualifying for any client I work with).

They also do not support reorder quantities, which is an incredibly basic inventory management feature. (The lack of this feature suggests they aren't really trying to be a serious player in this field.)

Nick Leighton  

I have a client who has been using TG all of this year.
the bad:
no landed cost reconciliation.
very few reports
support delay of 24 hours - I believe they are in Singapore
I do like the latest release with backorders and creating a purchase order from sales orders...
The biggest thing is support and no reports. ... When you email, its takes a day or two for a reply.
There are no reports for daily receipts to batch and reconcile to the bank feed in Xero.
update: After having a number of reviews with a rating of 3 or less, in August there were suddenly reviews almost daily! ?? I've never seen that before on any app site.

Doreen Archard  

Hi I am not a developer and have been working with Forge media to build 2 websites - one being a wholesale site the other being a retail website - both are word press with woocommerce and of course linking to Xero. After months of research I decided that i needed an inventory management platform to feed into both websites and of course into xero - and that TG would be the best option - however TG may be great if you have 2 websites that complete a paid transaction BUT not if one is an 'on account transaction' (wholesale to approved clients) - we have spent months trying to find work arounds - I even upgraded my account at TG's advise to provide for a better customer service level from them however I now have 1 website with inventory feedback though TG and a wholesale site that won't sync (unless you do every sky manually) and won't work as transaction payments aren't complete. I am still working with the TG team but fair to say am feeling quite disappointed as I expressly went through what I need with their reps at the beginning and have spent a lot of time and money to date to end up with what a more simple (cheaper) single site serving inventory system could have done. I am though still hopeful. chrs tania

Tania Bui  

@Tom Atkins how well does Dear Inventory integrate with Woocommerce? Can you share your experience? We're on the fence between TradeGecko, Unleashed and DEAR Inventory.

Shai Schechter  

We have been a client of TG for just short of a year. Our annual contract is finishing with them and wanted to share my experiences with everyone here.

The Good:
-Nice interface, is less cluttered than some of the others we have looked at
-Support staff has been really helpful over the last year
-I give them an A for effort, which is tough as a young company with a lot of growth

The Bad:
-Not ready for prime time. This is a product with a great foundation, but as Tom Atkins and Smashing pumpkins said above, it is not a mature product.
-Updates are random and there is no communication that they are being implemented. We had multiple occasions when our customers alerted us to changes in the system via their view on the ordering portal. Visual updates are one thing, but when functionality is impacted that is something I need to be aware of so I can prepare my customers who depend on our systems.
-Negative impacts on our customers. Their branding is all over everything and cannot be removed. That is great when the experience is slick and smooth. In our case the experience for our customers wasn't smooth, so TG's inability to deploy compromised our reputation.
-Lack of communication reflected poorly on our reputation.

We are a growing company just like TG, so I understand the challenges that come along with that growth. However, we look for systems to make life easier, so we can do more with our existing staff and time; Ephemeralization.

Bruce Brown  

We used TradeGecko for about 2 months. Unfortunately it was not a good fit for our needs as a company operating out of Ireland. We integrated with Xero and WooCommerce but had numerous problems.

Here's a quick summary of the main issues that made TG unusable for us:

- no ability to associate tax with products (essential if you sell items that incur variable rates of VAT as we do)

- no ability to remove TG branding from document pages such as invoices. Support told me that their branding was not removable despite suggestions in the support forums that it was.

- unstable versions of the software being temporarily released into a live environment causing errors during busy order processing period

- very limited customisation options for templates

- no ability to bulk update customers via CSV

- support time-zone out of sync with us so always a 24 hour delay for a full response cycle

- TG focusing on new features when there were functionality issues with the current software

- inflexible pricing structure that would require us to upgrade to a plan we couldn't afford to get features we needed (pricing based on user numbers would have made more sense, with all features being available on any plan)

- lack of updates / replies on support forums and product roadmap discussions

I concur with Smashing Pumpkins comments above. TG support staff did try their best to help but the product is not flexible and definitely not mature.

We've moved to Dear Inventory and it's a much more mature product in almost every way.

Tom Atkins  

Fantastic tool ... the roadmap to amongst the leaders to introduce the B2B online ordering app and the ipad sales man ordering app, clearly shows their appreciation of the inventory business. Not a 100 integrations yet, but a few important ones and integrations are built very tight and in depth (unlike various cloud integrations out there ... we are cloud integrators and we have tested infinite integrations).

The product is still to develop, amongst which is a full document editor! Nonetheless, a fantastic product ... keep up the good work, because you have some functionality catchup to do, you are certainly on the right track!

Brian Ferris
Scope Solutions

SCOPE admin  

There are good features to trade gecko but I feel I am constantly asking for BASIC features (like users permissions and adding multiple shipping options) that when they do implement (after MONTHS of asking for them) they ask you to up the plan you are on (to over $200 USD) to be able to use said features. VERY frustrating, especially when the program has a lot of growing to do (which I was willing to go through) but it is definitely not worth $200/month at the moment when you cannot even control the different ways you ship (only options are courier or pick up). Reporting/intelligence is horrendous also and totally unreliable. I often have to check reports it creates to ensure it is correct (and it often is missing many orders that have been entered).

Grace Newman  

Totally Flawed and updates completely ruined my set up. Been a customer for 18 months- but they no longer care about existing customers- Support used to be stellar but now focus is on growing customers not keeping existing paying customers happy. Support takes a week to respond and responses along the lines of what you get at the Warehouse" If its there it will be out there if not we dont have it". Opened a complaint, but no response- the thread just got closed with a response.

Other annyong things include TG branding- You cant remove this in Purchase Orders or Wholesale apps- they dont seem to understand paying customers dont want them to advertise to their vendors or customers.

Have been using them since I needed
Woocommerce integration which only they seemed to have but now Stitch has a great app for Woo that also lets you do much more. Moving over to them- and highly disappointed with customer service at Tradegecko.

Simply Suave  

Hi Michelle, this page is just for the review of TradeGecko. If you have questions about this Add-on or any others, the best place to get an answer is here: Using Xero Add-ons. Thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

My client is trying to work out a way to manage inventory and also get good/integrated reporting within Xero. I have been looking at the Xero add-ons (Tradegecko, Shopify & Carrytheone).

I don't know much about these add-ons and was wondering if I could speak with someone for advice and information on which is the best one to use. My email: mbsrv@tpg.com.au

Many thanks.

Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks  

Very good application for those small/med business looking to streamline their operations. We found the advantage of packing slips really helpful. One suggested feature (which I believe they are looking into) is the two way syncing of invoice and payment information from Xero back into TradeGecko. This would help immensely in our monthly sales calls.

Geoff Arden  

Great app but I failed to sync with xero, and don't give me an option to make invoice from Xero

Mostafa Grp  

Beautiful Warehousing, Beautiful Accounting... & Beautiful Service :)
Many thanks!

Rohan Callander  

I am a cloud integrator and have implemented a number of Xero + inventory add-ons. I selected TradeGecko for a client of mine based on its Shopify integration and a product structure which contained composite and regular variants inside a single product. I was really impressed with how it handled the structure and how smooth the Shopify integration was.
However, even with some improvements made in recent months, I felt the data importers are weak. In many cases I encountered some very strange behaviour. I also had to resort to many manual updates via the GUI for composite variants and image uploads. Despite some of these weaknesses, I do recommend this application for those distribution business that want to sell online and do B2B. With maybe a simple POS module and assembly / dis-assembly capability I do believe this application will do really well and appeal a broad range to businesses that sell “goods” at Retail & Wholesale levels.

Greg Kelly  

I implement a range of accounting and inventory software applications and recently looked at TradeGecko for a client, it didn't have all the features they needed but I decided to trial it for my own small online business that uses Shopify. I was really impressed with how easy to use it was and how much time the Shopify integration can save. I would recommend this program for simple businesses that trade online or B2B. Over time with the addition of a few extra features this program could be a stand out.

Kathy Mitchell  

To put this in context, not only do I build bespoke, integrated e-commerce websites, but I also run an e-commerce business that is integrated with TradeGecko and Xero.

I had a client requirement and spent 3 months looking deeply at all the popular inventory management systems that integrate directly with Xero. After speaking to the team at TradeGecko I settled on their system. The condition was that some additional functionality would be added to their product variants and API to allow me to effectively integrate their solution with my e-commerce platform. They agreed, and although it took over a year for that functionality to be delivered, I am extremely pleased with my choice of TradeGecko over other similar platforms...and my clients are too.

The integration with Xero has been seamless, and although I am probably more technical than their average customer and have navigated my way through some of their limitations, I think a TradeGecko + Xero integration into an e-commerce business is a "no brainer" for small to mid-size etailers - assuming the e-commerce platform selected is both flexible and suitable.

Highly recommended.

Andrew Mobbs  

I run a small business with modest needs - I've been using TGecko for over 12 months. Each Month has cost me $99.00 + GST + Currency Conversion Fees (VERY EXPENSIVE). TGecko is SLOW, it is poorly featured and cannot reliably synch with Xero. The Workflow processes are getting better - but after a year of assisting the TGecko people to improve their system (at my expense) I've had enough. If you want a streamlined, reliable Cload based inventory system - this ISN't it!

Try instead Dear Systems or TidyStock.


I tried tradegecko and while it has a lot of good sides, it has some downsides and ultimately wasn't a good fit for me.

I liked:
-The actual Inventory functions seem quite well sorted and flexible.
- Multiple sub-contacts and sub-addresses is great, especially for stores where we ship to multiple locations but bill to only one office.
-The setup is relatively easy.
-The Intelligence section has some cool and useful features.

I didn't like:
-Lack of flexibility in the xero-tradegecko integration. I can't turn off what changes what in either direction, it's all or nothing.
-Lack of flexibility in tradegecko-shopify integration. I can't turn off what changes what in either direction, it's all or nothing.
-Especially aggravating with Shopify is that every order through my web store creates a new company contact in tradegecko and then xero. There is no way to stop tradegecko from cluttering my contacts with hundreds of retail customers, forcing me to ggo through them by hand every week or two. I do retail and wholesale and I'd like to be able to separate how these two channels impact tradegecko.
-Lag. Scrolling down through my contacts in tradegecko meant having to pause every 20 contacts waiting for it to load. I don't have a problem like this in Xero or any other cloup-based app.
-After trying it, the CRM in tradegecko is really basic and doesn't have enough features to be useful to me. You can't do much useful sorting in the main relationships screen. A glaring example of a basic CRM feature that Tradegecko lacks is the ability to search by last date of contact.
-No ability to print invoices/print packing lists and many other things in batches. I typically have 40 wholesale orders a day to ship. I don't want to have to click around a bunch to print them all individually. I want time-saving batch functions and minimum clicking.
-No way to get immediate help due to their customer service people being on the other side of the globe. Most of the time this wouldn't be a big deal, but when I had a problem I needed an immediate response to, there was no way to get help fast.
-Lots of annoying spammy emails during and after the trial period. The emails are all addressed from the VP of customer relations or somesuch, but I never actually communicated with him, just their robo-email software and customer service people farther down the totem pole.

Dana St.Pierre  

Having used a number of other Xero inventory add-ons, I can confidently say Trade Gecko is by far the best cloud based inventory management system in the market.

It is clear while using the application the TG team continue to focus on delivering a first class user experience and functionality that customers need to efficiently manage inventory. Additionally, the on-boarding process (i.e.product & customer import) is seamless and ensures time is not wasted manually entering data into the system, which is exactly what cloud based systems is all about.

The external integrations are also a point of difference. Unlike a number of other systems, TG does what it purports to do by seamlessly integrating data with external systems like Xero and Shopify without the need to correct or adjust transactions post integration.

However, where TG really kicks the winning goal is the online ordering application. Having a propriety application that allows a wholesale business to offer its customers the ability to place an order online is a true innovation and one that sets TG heads and shoulders above its competitors.

If you or your clients are seeking a cloud based application to manage inventory and your customer relationships, look no further than Trade Gecko.

Simon Knapp  

Oh man... I'm a manufacturer that needs to track BOMs and raw materials, but that said if I only sold finished goods TradeGecko would be the company I would align with. I spoke with Cameron the CEO a little over two months ago and at the time he made several mentions of new functions that would be released. Normally these should be taken with a grain of salt, but he actually delivered and then some on all of them which is impressive.

Also, I have tried using it as an interim solution and the support and usability was top notch. My only problem with it is it would be great if it could integrate with Shipwire or something similar and have an API to link with 3PLs.

Peter Smith  

The integration between Xero and TradeGecko is great. Reduces the number of times we have to enter information, and upstream entry by our online customers through shopify means we never have to enter this data again.

Having Inventory levels maintained in Xero is a massive bonus. All up a great integration between two very useful systems.

James McCarthy  

This review is because a customer of mine who tried several different inventory add-ons was so impressed with TradeGecko's platform and ease of use she called and emailed me with thanks. Well done team

Gayle Buchanan