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4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Airsquare, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Airsquare

The quick & easy way to create your own business website or online store. Sell products online and receive payment, seamlessly integrated with Xero. Check out Airsquare.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Airsquare, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

See this page for information on connecting Airsquare to Xero.
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Hey there

As a long time Xero user (well, over 3 years!) we are always looking to streamline our workflow and when we opened our first transactional website we looked for a solution that would integrate smoothly into our business processes. We came across Airsquare as it ticked most of the boxes, it has seamless integration with Xero and looked very simple to set-up and get selling.

We signed up for the Airsquare trial and immediately we created a simple site that was on brand and enabled us to quickly list products for sale. The payment side, with clients able to buy via PayPal or bank transfer, is super simple and easy to track.

Airsquare is great and we continue to invest time in making our site better and learing all the time. This is helped by Airsquare having the best support I have ever come across, the day we went live we had a few issues that needed resolving and I was able to work with the support team directly to get everything resolved. They are also there to help suggest tweaks and make your journey as smooth as possible. The integration with Xero is very, very simple and just works, nothing tricky or cumbersome.

If you are looking at Airsquare and it ticks the boxes then I would recommend it, its been a totally painless journey to getting our first transactional website!

Thanks, Tim


Tim Williams  

We spent time researching various website and eCommerce providers in an attempt to simplify our online presence as well as have a professional looking website. Airsquare ticked all of the boxes with a easy to use CMS, a range of great page layouts and a seamless eCommerce platform.

The website launch process was simple with content population and easy integration of rich media and widgets making the website more interactive for users. We are continually learning new aspects to the website back end and enjoying the experience of Airsquare.

In addition the customer service from Airsquare has been very helpful and supportive with regular emails showcasing new features and possible improvements we can make to our website. The Xero integration has been very helpful which makes life easier for our admin team. I highly recommend this tool.

Paul Daly  

As a small business user using MYOB for many years I took the plunge and signed up with Xero, and what a world of difference this was. This started to open my world on the endless possibilities of fully integrated systems that assist and make like easier, faster and more efficient for SME’s.
Next step was to find an application that would make our life easier with our out-dated homebuilt website and to cope with the ever increasing online sales we were experiencing. I put out the SOS on Xero’s blog and Dave from Airsquare contacted me regarding his company’s software application.
We used Airsquare to fully re-build and re-design our website ourselves and now we have total control of the site with the ability to make any changes at any time. The site has great widgets, templates and an e-commerce package/stock system that is so easy to use.
We rushed to build our site in a week to re-launch at the Food Show and Dave was very helpful at all hours to assist my ever increasing thirst for knowledge with not only answers but suggestions and ideas. I have never experienced such personal hands on online help before and I think that that’s what makes this application user friendly and quite special.
Now not only do we have a great website with an e-commerce package but the interface between Airsquare and Xero is brilliant for alerting of new sales, invoice generation, shipping, tracking and stock management. Dave still lets me bother him when all is up and running with my random questions and ideas.
A great package and highly recommended

Michael Chinnery  

Airsquare does what it says on the tin with pizazz: great functionality, easy to use platform, online shopping and integration with Xero. But what really sets Airsquare apart is their good, old-fashioned service. Dave and Clare are literally at the end of an email or phone call with timely, helpful support to make sure everything is running like clockwork. Personalised service is worth its weight in gold and I'd definitely recommend Airsquare.

scott johnston  

Whist researching website platforms for a new eCommerce website, we came across Airsquare. Right from the start Dave and the Airsquare team were uber helpful and recommended one of their lovely templates that suited our products and site needs perfectly.

Once we were up and running, we found the administration of the website very straight forward and easy to use. There's lots of helpful advice available within the websuite, including lots of extra guidance that goes above and beyond day to day administration. The connected services section is very helpful, in particular the Xero accounting platform connection, which is seamless and saves so much time administrating invoices.

Even though we're based on opposite sides of the planet, we've always felt we've had a very personal and professional service. Shield of Joy would highly recommend Airsquare for anyone wanting a quality, value for money website supported by superior customer service and a team that really know their onions.

Shield of Joy

Andrew Sainsbury  

I explored a number of eCommerce websites that integrated with Xero and finally selected Airsquare because of their strength in some key areas of functionality for us, such as the ability to sell digital download products. A good range of payment methods are offered such as PayPal and eWAY payment gateway.

We decided to make a slow transition from our old site to Airsquare, and to iron out any problems along the way. During this process, most issues we encountered could be solved, and in this regard, I can't speak highly enough of Dave and the support team. They respond to queries very promptly, going beyond the call of duty and have even added functionality to the CMS and webshop for us where there was wider potential benefit to other customers.

The ability to make changes to our many hundreds of products by spreadsheet upload, was a particularly welcome and time-saving area of development that was recently introduced.

The site is good value for money and the price just got even cheaper when previously premium add-ons (eg Xero and MailChimp) were included in the standard subscription.

We're very happy with how the Xero integration works and have no hesitation in making a 5 star recommendation.

Neil Cornick  

I currently have 2 web sites with Airquare which integrate with Xero. I think they are fantastic. Their sites are easy to create, user friendly, easy to the eye on the internet and completely functional. Dave and Clare are so helpful and their response time is amazing. With all programs being cloud base it can be a little scary and to know they are there for you is so reassuring. I am about to start teaching a 3 day course and one of those days is to instruct my attendees on how to us Airsquare and to integrate it with Xero. Well done Airsquare.

Cate Coote  

‘We use Xero as our accounting software and Airsquare as our database and database management. The integration between Airsquare and xero has been helpful as we can match our event tickets bought by customers online automatically. Xero also sends an automated receipt to a customer once they have bought a ticket on the Airsquare website. One downside is matching up transactions on Xero has been difficult as business name is listed on Xero and customers name is alongside ticket in Airsquare. However we can search each one individually on Airsquare just takes time. Airsquare has been helpful in assisting us when needed if we have any questions about the integration . Get back to you within just a couple hours.’

Anneka Rowe  

I conducted a thorough review of a number of websites across the globe and found Air Square the best (like some many Kiwi products nowadays). It has a painless and simple process to commerce building your own website, especially where you need many SKU’s with your site as I have to. The added advantage is their support, fast and quick with their replies and they make it so simple to understand.
I fully recommend them for your website answer
Barry Antees

Barry Antees  

As a new and small business, we looked at a number of different platforms to launch our eCommerce website on.
After trialing a few, we were really impressed with the feel and ease of Airsquare. We wanted to make sure that all of our business flowed smoothly and efficiently. Airsquare helped us do this, not only by the extremely simple integration with Xero, but also other add on's.
The customer service from Airsquare is one of the best we have come across. They are extremely fast at giving you support and you feel like you are speaking to genuine people who care about your business.
Gareth Richardson

Gareth Richardson  

Last year, I had to set up an on line shop and website for my business so we choose Airsquare. We picked Airsquare because it was affordable, easy to use (especially if you lack computer knowledge) and had Xero integration.

I have found it so easy and time efficient having the Xero integration. Both products work well and compliment each other extremely well. They are both so user friendly. So easy to keep track of transactions in the bank account and on the on line shop.

Ali Brenton-Rule  

We have recently aligned Airsquare and Xero and have found the process smooth and easy. As a company new to this kind of software and accounting, we were relieved at how simple it has made things. Tracking transactions from our online shop to money in the bank is fast and efficient, and more importantly, safe!
The team from Airsquare have helped us, maybe even nursed us, along the the way and continue to offer great support should we need it.
Toby Wild
Moana NZ SUP Ltd

Bridget Wild  

mypopculture.co.nz recently added xero to air square and are happy as, our accounting just got a whole lot easier, so nice that everything talks saves a ton of time :)

Zoe Gaudin  

As a new business we looked at a number of different options to launch our eCommerce website.
After looking around and having a trial, we found Airsquare to be amazing! Not only was it easy to navigate and create our own website, the quick customer service we received was outstanding! Any niggles or questions, they were there in a flash to help us out.
When we saw that they integrate with Xero our lives became even easier as it creates an invoice and enters straight into our accounting software...EASY!
Thanks again Airsquare!


janita numa  

This is my third Airsquare website and my first with Xero integration. Makes things so easy and Dave and the team at Airsquare are only a quick email away and are always so helpful! Airsquare is easy to set up and load products.

I have downloaded the Tablet App and very excited about sitting down and having a thorough play this weekend!

I cannot speak higher of Airsquare and recommend them to everyone that I meet.

Sharon Devery
Cake My Day

Sharon Devery  

I've used a number of CMS before and Airsquare is the absolute stand out for me. It's so easy for a non-ICT person to monitor, update and even create. It's the only CMS I've actually enjoyed working with.
We've received so many complements about our website from the public. People like how it looks and how easy it is to navigate. Airsquare works seamlessly with Xero, and although we've only recently added the eCommerce capability, it's been working like a dream. The reporting is great and their support is excellent!

I highly recommend Airsquare.

Emma Godwin  

I highly recommend this platform for website only OR for eCommerce. It is extremely user friendly and looks fantastic. The eCommerce cart & store is easy for customers to navigate.

Customer support is excellent; Dave is always very helpful and replies quickly.

Best of all my websites have received a lot of positive feedback and customers are finding my business!

Amy Hooke
Off The Hooke Bookkeeping www.offthehooke.com.au

Amy Hooke