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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Calxa, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Calxa

One-stop-shop for your reporting. Automate your 3-way forecasts, budget preparation, KPIs, consolidations and financial statements. Suits not-for-profits, accountants and small businesses.
Check out Calxa.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Calxa, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact info and a guide on how to setup Calxa and Xero, check out the Calxa help centre.

We have looked at a large variety of cashflow forecasting apps that build on Xero. Calxa is the best of all of them for our business. In particular we needed a tool that could product a three-way budget and cashflow forecast. Calxa has done it with easy, based on the information we have in Xero. It has also given us a much better insight into our cashflow movements particularly with Withholding Tax and superannuation.

It might take a little to get get used to, but the quality of the reporting is outstanding.

Simon Herd  

We used Calxa many moons ago, on the desktop. However, as the business envolved we need a true cloud version which was not available at the time.

Of recent, the demand for consolidated reporting across entities and removing the reliance on Excel meant we have revisited the product.

I am amazed at how good the software is and happy to report true cloud.

It's very easy to use, and the budgeting by Tracking Category is a significate benefit.

Additional to the software, the support is excellent. Super prompt and addresses the questions. Very big fan of companies with good support and knowledge of the product.

Well done Calxa.

Roy Mellon  

I have been using Calxa for c.5 years and found it to be a cost effective reporting and cashflow tool that suits my business needs. We are a complex group of companies and Calxa has managed all of our reporting needs. Easy integration to Xero and great support - personal and responsive.

Vicki Smith  

Mick and the team have developed a superb add-on here with a large array of reports and automation options. I'm completely satisfied and still haven't tapped its full potential

Dan Cameron  

Calxa is very good add on to Xero. it helps in making customised reports , creating Customised KPI . we can do it all by ourselves.

CALXA support team is also very good ; I have been dealing with Shem and Chantel both are very good ; prompt support ; In case it is need they can remote log in and solve the issue.
Techinal team also helped me in creating Customised report.

Would definately recommend

prashant Somaiya  

We've implemented Calxa for dozens of clients, both NFP and SME, in addition we use Calxa internally as a reporting solution for many clients. Loving the flexibility of Calxa, customisable reports & report bundles, multiple budgets / forecasts, metrics & KPIs, and many other great features! The 12 month cashflow forecast is my "must have" report for most clients.

Rhys Roberts  

I used Calxa in a previous role and found it invaluable. The reports fitted our needs, it consolidated our budgeting process and then the cashflow tool was great. So I had no hesitation about implementing Calxa in my new role where we need consolidation functionality.

Paul Marlow  

I used Calxa several years ago for NFP clients with MYOB but in October decided to have another look and was so impressed with the new online version that I joined up on the spot. The support imediately offered to me to get setup was absolutely brilliant. The range of reports available is so vast that I have barely scratched the surface, but what I have used so far has really blown away the client and their bank manager! I have only setup 1 client who has 4 businesses at this stage but as I am so impressed I will be adding more as I get time.

Fiona Woon  

We've been using Calxa for over 3 years and found the software simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to handle complex consolidated accounts. Once set up, we can produce monthly reports against budget and forecasts within minutes. In addition the customer service and help is fantastic. We always get an immediate response despite the time difference of being in the UK. Would highly recommend Calxa as the number one cloud based forecasting tool.

Chris Atkinson  

I was wonderring if anyone is still using Calxa? One of my clients is looking for a reporting tool which can consolidate 3 entities and also report along the 8 different "tracking" setup on Xero (which incorporates pulling information from all 3 entities!). Calxa looks like it may be able to do all of this and would be interested if anyone has experience of whether it can or not.

james heywood  

I have been working with Calxa for >2 years in a 4 NFP clients. The results for the organisations are amazing! From youth workers managing the funds of a $600 programme to trustees managing >NZ$1m organisations, everyone is amazed at the relevance and speed of reports generated. The newly released reporting bundle for NZ charities to comply with XRB reporting standards is a winner for Tier 3 & Tier 4 organisations.

Russell du Plessis (CA)  

We are the fist UK partners with Calxa and have been blown away with the functionality this software brings to the table. It will enable us to add yet more value to clients by delivering speedy, accurate and reliable management reports. The seamless link to Xero and ease with which we can specify reports make this a remarkable product. The support provided by their entire team has been second to none - nothing is too much trouble.

Peter Atkinson  

The combination of Calxa and Paul Drendel has taken our business to a new place where we are staying relevant in an ever changing market. We are now offering our clients a solution that is mandatory to their sustainability but not time consuming to deliver. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM

FirstClassAccounts Mordialloc  

Calxa provides reporting beyond what is provided in Xero. Detailed budgets and cashflow that assist forecasting and planning within your business. Customisation is possible for KPI's and creation of management package is a breeze with the reporting batches. I highly recommend Calxa for all my NFP and SME clients.

Bronwyn Baird
B cubed Management Consulting Pty Ltd

Bronwyn Baird  

Calxa is easy to set up and use. It allows reporting on multiple jobs, which is ideal for non-for-profit organisations. Reports can also be customised to ensure you can create the exact format required by the organisation for reporting purposes.
I also found the Calxa support staff very helpful and always available to answer all the questions I had.

Kathy Pitrans  

Calxa is brilliant for management reporting and cashflow budgeting. Goes the next step above and beyond what Xero can produce. Best of all it links seamlessly with xero with no fuss that actually works quickly and easily. You can now produce your entire reporting package from within Calxa - financial statements based on actuals, projected 3-way reports, cashflow budgets, budget P & L compared to actual, and so on, which makes the program extremely useful. Well worth it and highly recommended.

Ian Wheeler
Wise Lord & Ferguson, Chartered Accountants

Ian Wheeler  

Calxa enables us to easily value-add compliance reports and simplify tax planning calculations for
clients. The integrations and tools within Calxa enable it to be used across the majority of our client base

We have now made Calxa an integral part of our practice toolkit and I would recommend that If you are looking at stepping into the world of Add-Ons and advisory services, Calxa would have to be the first product you look at.

Tony Caccaviello
Capitis Accounting Solutions

Tony Caccaviello  

A hidden gem, Calxa is a fantastic product. Quickly & easily you can create budgets & cashflow forecasts. With some of the new features you can now bundle reports together & present them to your clients - providing absolute value via a "click of a button". I love using this product & my clients likes to see graphs that can show them quickly how their business is tracking. The team at Calxa - Mick, Alex, Chem & Paul are all so very helpful. Thank you!

Melissa Newsome  

I have been using Calxa for many years and am very excited about the integration with Xero. Calxa is an excellent tool to assist businesses plan for success. Mick, Alex, Shem and the team provide excellent support. I highly recommend Calxa.

Janelle Redgwell  

It was great to actually meet Shem face to face. His support to myself over the past years has been fantastic. He has always solved my query without hesitation. Thanks Shem

Debbie Innes  

Calxa is a great solution for any Xero user needing simple and reliable cashflow forecasts. It’s easy to setup and use and comes with many useful reports and charts.

Chery Hartley