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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Inventory

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 6 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Cin7, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Cin7

Manage complex inventory requirements, manufacturing, multi-currencies, and mobile and online ordering. Suitable for 5 or more staff, check out Cin7.


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6 Customer Reviews
High 5 Cin7 for producing a high quality product that works .. thank you

Gayle Buchanan  

We were able to recommend Cin7 to some of our more complex clients, and their software managed to fill massive gaps in their business models. A cool add-on to Xero for any business owner that needs slightly more support and functionality from their stock/manufacturing/ordering systems.

Eva Perrone  

I paid the deposit and spent two weeks trying to get the show on the road with Cin7.

Cin7 offers a highly customizable l product. This customization is great so long as you live in New Zealand. If you're elsewhere in the world get ready for some wild work hours as their support staff are only available during NZ work hours. Because of this I had to respectfully decline from using Cin7 - it is so customized that you are more or less tethered to support team.

All in they are very nice guys, they're onto something good and I imagine in the near future, with global support and further tweaking, they'll have something great.

Peter Smith  

I’ve looked at a few different systems including entry level systems like Unleashed and more complex applications like Cin7, and we even had a brief look at some of the top tier systems ($200K+ ) and here’s what I’ve found with Cin7:

They have an unusual customer onboarding process that has allowed me to confirm for myself – or not – if their solution will do what we need, with a small fee ($1,000 I think) retained from our deposit if it ended up that we hadn’t gone ahead with a complete installation. So far so good on that count.

Configuring and customizing the software seems to be complicated, but their guys do seem to handle that pretty well, although we have needed to communicate with a few different people on the team there during the customization process. OK I guess, although I do prefer to work via a single point of contact whenever possible.

The manufacturing process and stock management we needed to sync with Xero, and our online shop and the warehouse is all good now, and now it’s hard to imagine how we did things without something like this before.

All in all, the control and efficiencies we were looking for across a few different locations works well, and the total spend has been bearable, compared with other systems that don’t seem to offer a much better level of functionality. (In fact we haven’t been able to find another fully “live” option off the shelf, to make a direct comparison with.)

Happy users right now, impressed with the depth of functionality available, and the extent to which the application can be tailored to match our business and business processes.

Bill Smith  

I can honestly say that CIN7 and Xero have changed our business - for the better.

We are a contemporary furniture importing and retail business with only 3 staff, and I feel that CIN7 in particular, has made up for almost 1 full time staff member in terms of increased productivity.

The fact CIN7 is so customisable means that we have been able to tailor a "back end" POS and inventory management system that allows for staff (and through our website - customers) to get all the information we/ they need, in the shortest possible time frame.

Being an importer, the ability to allocate and apportion freight and customs charges in NZD directly to USD purchase orders, then import it directly to Xero, has meant I no longer have to manually enter this info and spread it across a shipment in a spreadsheet, then enter it again - manually, to our old POS system. It also means that our costs are very accurate and therefore our GP figures are too.

We have fairly complex components of some of our furniture items, but the CIN7 B.O.M builder allows us to allocate parts to make up a final product, taking away any messy guesswork with costings and stock control.

I cannot speak highly enough about the support team. They are helpful, polite and switched on. I have found them a pleasure to work with.

There ARE improvements to be made around the reconciliation between Xero and CIN7. The process is relatively easy, but it is a bit "clunky" and slow. The exporting and importing process however, is pretty seamless and instant.

The only obvious other "improvement" I can see fro CIN7 would be to give it a "design makeover". She is a bit ugly, and could certainly use that "xero" brush swept across it....

These last two comments said, I still stand by CIN7 and Xero in a big way, and would recommend both to anyone in a retail and/or importing business, no matter how complex your inventory requirements are.

Chris Heard
Bauhaus - Contemporary Furniture
19 The Strand
Auckland, NZ


Chris Heard  

After a fairly exhaustive research and selection process we chose to make the leap from MYOB to CIN7 paired with Xero and the decision was an excellent one which i truly believe has helped increase our sales, improve our customer service and improve our inventory management.

As a retail furniture business with a strong customised solution focus it was very important that the system could deal with a lot of "one off" stock situations.

The inventory system, BOM builder and Associated Expenses Module have enabled us to better track on product costs allocations and track our stock on hand more efficiently.

The system has been adopted easily by our staff who enjoy using it. Tracking their sales, following up on sales quotes and the ability to sell anywhere at anytime with a cloud system has hugely benefited them.

Our business would benefit even more from CIN7 with a few improvements to the Xero integration, reconciliation process and 3rd party website provider integration (like Shopify). Which are all projects I believe they are working on.

The team at CIN7 are fantastic to deal with and have a great can do attitude to working with you to find the right solution for you however sometimes those solutions can be a bit slower than I would like.

I recommend CIN7 on a daily basis to a variety of retail / wholesale / manufacturing and importing businesses.

Scott Fisk
Dawson's Furniture
Auckland, NZ


Scott Fisk