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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.4 out of 5 stars
Based on 248 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Cin7, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Cin7

All-in-one Inventory, POS, EDI and 3PL cloud software for both Retailers and Wholesalers, check out Cin7.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Cin7, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Cin7 support centre

I would happily recommend Cin7 to anyone looking for a cloud-based inventory solution. However, please research exactly what you need from your software and make sure your integration team totally understand your needs as not doing this correctly to start can end up with you having to fix/adjust later on. Online Support is good, but Premium support is pricy and the turnaround time for support emails and problem solving is sometimes 1/3 days (query dependant), where a phone conversation can solve most queries quickly. Karma Y Gurung has been a great Support Specialist.

Samantha Collins  

It's fascinating reading the reviews of Cin7 by users - some with great reviews, others with bad reviews. I'd like to offer a balance. First, the disclaimer - My company is a Cloud Software specialist. We have implemented Cin7 well over 100 times and prefer it as the inventory management solution for small to medium size companies. We are independent but earn our revenue through our work with the software.
Cin7 is very good inventory management software, but it's not all things to all people, so when determining if it is the right fit for a business a lot of research is required - more than just talking to a salesperson. Talk to implementation partners to get a wider view. Talk to existing users.
Often the bad reviews have arisen out of a poor experience with implementation. There are options for implementation. Go online and check for Partners who may be able to help.
Support has also received negative feedback at times. If you are struggling to get the level of support you need from the software vendor, talk to a Partner - they often have full capability with the software plus the business acumen to ensure sensible solutions.
Price changes have also raised the hackles of many reviewers. I concur with their view that price increases were handled poorly. The Executives behind that approach are gone. Perhaps a reflection of how their approach was received. There has been one price increase just recently. It was modest and affected just a small portion of users.
As with any software, there is a need to carry out due diligence ahead of selection, finding the right implementation partner and getting the right long term support. With Cin7 you have options - the software vendor and / or the independent partners.
Take ownership of your software and use the best options for your business.

Peter Rowe  

Cin7 not only have a rock solid product, they also know how important it is to offer high quality integration with a wide variety of 3rd parties. In my case it's Magento 2, Xero and my 3PL warehouse, Coghlan. It took a little while to get familiar with Cin7 and to get the Magento and 3PL integrations working as I wanted, but the onboarding and implementation support from Srikanth, Diksha and others has been excellent and the company has definitely fulfilled it's promises. Reasonably priced for small business too. Highly recommended!

Carl Barnard  

I love the software. Perfect for what we are doing.

We are a small furniture business with a main store location, a warehouse location, and an online presence.
This software does it all and the xero connection is great.

It does not sync all of your outstanding items daily, instead there is a dashboard that shows all of the outstanding items and you can pick and choose which ones you'd like to sync over. This helps with organization and workflow.

My previous inventory system synced daily, but synced everything and thus caused issues when I needed to change something or make a fix. I would have to go back and delete the payment on xero then go back and make the change on the inventory software and then resync. It was a nightmare.

The one issue w/ cin7 as a US customer, the customer support is strong but slow and delayed. They usually get back to me quickly, but there is no live support, as they are based out of Australia I think.

Sam Kimball  

Possibly the ease of use. Its faster and we can manage out inventory very easily through this software. Secondly, the support we get from the team is outstanding. Rep has been available to resolve issues and any and all tweaking is possible to do with ease with him. I also want to appreciate the ability to make minor changes in the system software to suit our individual needs. This was possible by Rep and the way he did quickly is commendable.

Abdul Patel  

We operate a small to medium size business in Samoa and made the bold move to embrace technology by integrating a cloud based inventory management/POS system compatible to our Xero accounting system. We were interested in a system that was straight forward and could offer us the back-up support and Cin7 delivered.

Our experience with the Cin7 onboarding was mostly a positive one. We were assigned a Project Manager, Marilyn Oldham (NZ), for the onboarding phase and she took us through the process step by step through weekly scheduled video conferencing/screen share sessions. We did encounter some issues in the response time and delayed level of urgency received in addressing some of our issues as these had to go through another team for solutions which all got sorted in the end.
Despite this, the feature that will assist our business and add the most value is the inventory management system which has helped us track and manage our inventory better. The system is also user-friendly and easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.
All in all, we would recommend Cin7 and found Marilyn to be very helpful.

Tertia Ryan  

I am so surprised by all the comments, my experience has been that we were told Cin7 would do one thing and it certainly doesn't do anything that we were told it would do, we struggle to get response to questions or support and if we do that don't fully answer your questions. Transactions don't export to Xero and I have to nag to find out why, it's been a disaster and a doubling up of work as far as I'm concerned
Not worth the huge amount of money each month for a small business

Susan Schley  

Good software make everything together


This is a massive time saver Cin-7 xero integration -

Any lack of understandings are dealt with quickly and easily, by phone calls & screen shares. I would recommend Cin-7 to any company needing a CRM that requires inventory management, ecommerce integration, xero integration.


Rossco Gallagher  

Been using Cin7 since July this year. Have been really happy with this user friendly system and has integrated into our operations really well. Has made managing our entire workflow a lot easier! Diksha from the team has been especially helpful. Thank you :)

Grant Fleming  

We went live with both Xero and Cin7 in April this year. We've loving the insights we are now getting on product margins, the full visibility of our inventory in multiple locations and the integrations with Amazon and Shopify. We did find the EDI process quite challenging as each one needs to be customised for the legacy grocery systems - the limitations of this process could have been made more clear at the start. We still have more work to do to implement all the features of the system but we have a plan to work with the Cin7 team on this. We found their onboarding process really useful and having a post-implementation consultant has been really valuable.

Rose-Anna Feist  

One of the best inventory software that Xero integrates with. Highly recommended.

Jade Stephen  

I am quite happy with the support team especially the accounting team. Thanks

Maggie huang  

RUN A MILE!!! We invested nearly two months (standard onboarding should take 4-6 weeks by their own admission) and an onboarding fee for what we thought was going to be a great solution to our needs. Unfortunately, we will never know as at the SEVEN WEEK mark we had not even completed step 2 (of 7) of the onboarding process and the sales consultant described the process as 'DERAILED'. Despite this, there will be no refund of our 'onboarding' fee, despite the onboarding process being woefully slow. Don't believe the sales pitch!

Jennie Prosser  

Hooray!! to the new Xero dashboard that Cin7 has introduced. It integrates seamlessly with Xero. It's more user-friendly with each accounting section from Purchase Orders to Sales Orders having its own filters that were missing in the Old dashboard. It has made it more transparent especially with the Discrepancies & Errors tab.

Much easier to now import the COGS & Individual Stock adjustments journals into Xero.
Reconciling Inventory between the 2 systems has never been so easy with detailed breakdown view of COGS, Purchase Orders & monthly stock balances.

A big thumbs up to whole Cin7 team!!

Amarjeet Oberoi  

I have been implementing Cin7 for a few years now and have had great experiences with the product and what it has allowed my clients to achieve. It is capable of handling multiple marketplace connections and manages inventory and fulfillment of orders very well with high level of automation which in turn allows clients to focus on the aspects of the business they really want to rather than mundane admin work. The connection to Xero is robust and gives you a reasonable amount of flexibility in the way you want the system to interact with your accounts. Just like all other saas systems it does have a few bugs and glitches which I think you might run into on occasion. Their support team is quite responsive and helpful in getting these resolved though. What really makes Cin7 stand out for me is the amount of customisation it offers to suit workflows for larger businesses. The functionality it offers is almost a ERP and is generally the last stop for clients before considering Netsuite or SAP.
Overall I would highly recommend Cin7 if you are looking to switch to a cloud based inventory platform.

Deepak Stevens  

We HAD been using Cin7 from early 2014 through until mid 2018 - initially paying a high upfront fee (>$10K), and lower monthly fee's. One of the biggest reasons for changing was the unscrupulous way cloud companies can rip you off (if they so chose) once they have your data. Our monthly fee's went from $89 at the start to a negotiated & discounted rate of $999 at the end when we pulled out (we should have been on $2999/month according to their latest pricing model). Don't think you can sign up with Cin7 and have any certainty of how they intend to charge you.

I will say up front, if we didn't have an accountant going over all the transactions (such as COGS, GST calcs etc) then Cin7 would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars in extra tax that would have gone unchecked.

Late 2016 there were reports the Cin7 servers were hacked - despite Cin7 denying this, my Cin7 user & password, account code, company name etc were spam emailed to me (from retailprosecurity.info) with links to download invoices for "additional services".

If they know you are generally happy with their product, they offer free services such as custom reports to entice you to write a gleaming review on this forum.

Until mid 2018 when we left, there were still inherent issues with the system such as duplicating invoice numbers, COGS errors, figures in reports & dashboard dont report the same way so figures that are supposed to be the same differ (so you dont know which one to believe), freight amounts missing from some sales reports, etc....

Like other users reporting here, server speeds could be good one day, and crap the next. You'll need a manual invoice system to allow you to ship when their servers are down/unusable.

There were many times when functionality would revert to prior versions. ie. you log a report to fix a bug, they fix it, then 6 months later the same bug comes back and you have to report it again. This happened far too often for my liking.

I would seriously recommend people try other packages where the inventory and accounting aspects are all built into the one system, and the vendor has been in business for more than 10 years. i.e. They have the experience and history to already have the bugs ironed out.

Adam Ransley  

We have been using Cin7 fr around 7 months and couldn't have been more happier with the shift. At the start it was a bit tough as it always is which system changes, but as soon as my team came to grips with the functionality of Cin7, it has really helped us streamline a lot our processes.

Joel Woomba  

Really happy with the Cin7 product.

Travis Jewell  

Software is OK, but I've had a few bad experiences with support.

Initial Set Up: On-boarder outright lied to me on what can be done to get me to commit. I also gave very specific instructions on our invoicing needs. It took four months of our paid subscription to get things working. I sort of feel scammed from this.

Reporting Inquiry: While new, I asked for a certain reporting. The rep assigned said I must pay $X for it. It didn’t feel right as it’s a very simple report. I asked another rep and was told it’s FREE. This pissed me off so much, and the rep who gave wrong information was so stuck up he didn’t even apologize.

Invoicing Change: One time, I OKed “payment portals” it but told them not to do anything to effect operations. The rep, without my consent directly changed our only default invoice look that he couldn’t change back himself. We had to apologize to our customers.

After these instances, I told them NEVER to call me to sell me anything. They still do, like recently if I wanted Premium Support for the low, low cost of $300 per month. I would not recommend this software, until clean up a lot of these things.

Donald Cheung  

Cin7 has been a great investment that has enabled us to easily share stock level to all relevant departments. It also have helped us to understand the stock movements and helped us drastically to improve our current stock management process. The team at Cin7 was really helpful throughout the implementation process. Special thanks to Jessica to help us through the transition period. We don’t think we would be able to do it without her support. After implementation Chandni was a great support to us to keep the momentum going. Cin7 team is one of the best customer service teams I have ever come across. I can highly recommend Cin7.

Mohamed Hafsal  

Great onboarding service. They have really helped to get us live with our new distribution website and are always available whenever I have any questions. I would definitely recommend to use Cin7.

Ricky Shah  

We have a start-up importing company and have appreciated all the help from the Cin7 implementation team to get our business underway. Chandni has given us excellent guidance through the process, many thanks!


Deb Salisbury  

Cin 7 and Chandni have been great in assisting with the on boarding and transition from our chaotic manual excel system to a much more streamlined and advanced system that has saved me time already and will continue to save me a lot of time in the future. I won't lie that it is difficult getting your head around the changes and all the integrations (which we have many including Magento 2, eBay, Amazon, Xero, StarShipIt and more) but any time I had issues, Chandni and her team assisted greatly to help resolve it. As with anything, the more you are immersed in something, the more confident you become as I can safely say that Cin7 will assist us moving forward for many years to come. We have had specific feedback about further automation processes that will make our lives and no doubt other company lives easier and they take this on board. I hope to see these come through in the future. Thanks Cin7 and Chandni.

Michael Tyrrell  

We have been with CIN7 since June this year. We have had fantastic support to assist with working the programme. It has assisted us greatly with stock control & purchasing.
We have had a few issue's with stock locations etc, but the team support at CIN7 fixed issue's quickly and efficiently. It works very well with xero and it is a absolute ease to work with this product. Overall very happy we decided to go forward with CIN7. Looking forward to see CIN7 grow. Cheers

Gene Owen  

I have use Cin7 for nearly 1 mouth. Cin7 is very effective for large inventory management. The warehouse manager can easily find the inventory, storage location, and historical storage conditions, from the receipt of orders to the sorting of goods, to the shipment, which is very convenient and can realize efficient and rapid warehouse management. Chandni is enthusiastic and patient, and can solve customer problems in detail. The choice of Cin7 can be satisfied

lin SHI  

Cin 7 is been great till now. Chandni Choudhary has been really helpfull. She helped us with lot of patience. She deserves a pay rise.

test a  

Window Control Systems (2017) Ltd. required the solution that would cater for our very specific needs. Cin7 turned out to be a perfect product for that. Moreover, Cin7 team proved to be very helpful both during onboarding process (Jessica) as well as after we went alive (Chandni). We highly recommend Cin7!

Alen Machina  

We are loving our Cin7 system and the ease of the whole sales and purchasing process.The onboarding team and support team make set up and use a breeze, and are always available to help you sort out any problems.
A great system that will really help with the rapid growth of our company. Thanks Guys!

Dani McCrea  

Brilliant inventory management program! Jessica was also amazing at helping us set up.

Celia Chee  

Cin7的系統真的幫助很大,讓我可以在進銷存系統上面,可以不用擔憂地轉到會計系統,同時我的訓練員Jessica Silverio真的很棒,讓我可以快速的習慣系統

Hsun-Chih Tsai  

High recommend Cin7 Inventory management system. They offer great support and flexibility within their system. Staff are friendly and efficient. Thanks you Mayuri, Srikanth and Jimmy.

Maggie yin  

Thank you for all of your help Chandni. My sentiment is that there is a lot to learn from the somewhat clumsy 'launch' into the Cin7 platform. However I do look forward to utilising the system to its fullest and hopefully optimising our time and information flow in the backend of our business.

Amy Morrow  

I have been using Cin7 to manage my business for over 1.5 years now. I can confidently say that using Cin7 as my inventory management solution was one of the best decisions I made which has been reflected by the growth in my business.

My onboarding to the system was a breeze as I had an excellent and competent onboarder in Nelson. He was always there to ensure I used the product to streamline my business processes and make it more efficient. I have been able to free up my staff from meaningless admin work significantly with the new processes. Furthermore, the Cin7 support team are a very friendly bunch who are more than happy to fix any issues my team have had.

Overall, definitely impressed with Cin7 and can't to see all the new features they are developing to help me further grow my business!


James Thomas  

Really changing how we do business. One of the few systems that offered the flexibility to manage our business without to pay for an expensive custom system. The biggest things for us were the B2B portal, ability to do production costing, POS, forecasting, efficient management of Sales Orders and accessing the whole system online.

Shaun OReilly  

Quite happy with the system. I work from home a lot and I can just log in, see all the important figures and the orders whenever I want. The dashboards are really what makes it easy. We have aligned our business processes with that so orders travelling through the system are clear on the dashboard so we know where every order is in a moment.

John O'Reilly  

Very happy. We went from a very old, clunky system. This is very easy to use, very intuitive that we barely used the training. Even in the first few months when we made some mistakes, they were easy to fix up.

Has definitely increased our productivity and I don't think we are really using it to it's full capacity yet.

Kara John  

5 months in and everything seems to be working well

Debbie Dunbabin  

Cin 7 has been very helpful - thankyou

Southern Cross Fitness Sales Team  

Very powerful integrations, vital for a business like ours that nobody else could do. Even with a bit of customization and support staff happy to investigate special requests. Great experience

Keiren Glander  

Have used Cin7 for 2+ years. We tend to contact support 2-3 times a week to resolve issues that keep re-appearing a month or so later. Functionality is more limited than what it appears to be a first glance, especially surrounding the function of the B2B facility. The system is buggy and very open to user error. Wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Better to spend more for a proper ERP, or go for the nicer simpler systems.

Paddy Kennedy  

We implemented Cin7 in March 2018. We moved away from a very old fashioned software system, and cannot believe what a change it's made to the running of the business.

One of the most significant improvements has been that we have inventory figures that we can now trust without having to do constant physical checks. The integration with Xero is excellent and so streamlined.

We do not subscribe to premium support at this stage, but have found Cin7's basic support very helpful. I typically get an answer from them within 24 hours.

Belinda Newham  

We had been using Cin7 for almost 3 years however we recently switched to another program.

The main reason we left Cin7 was the continual slow server speeds and “Server Unavailable” and “Database Error” messages. The server speeds we were getting was so slow that even sales orders and catalogue lookups would time out on the server and in doing so you’d lose all the data you just entered. Even logging in would often take us minutes. We contacted Cin7 numerous times about this and in the end it was all to hard for them. According to Cin7 the issue was our internet and our computers. This was a load a crap given we experienced no issues with any other websites or cloud applications we use. As proof to this, Cin7 even gave us access using their testing server www3.cin7 which worked fine for us when it was active. We even tested the default server with internet speeds of 80mbps at another location and experienced the some problems. When we first came onboard with Cin7 we didn’t have any of these problems.

We found Cin7 most definitely capable of basic things such as selling, ordering and receiving. Our experience with Cin7 was that it can do a lot of things but not really well.

A major disappoint with Cin7 was the price hikes. In our almost 3 years we experienced 2 price increases of 100% each time. I realise that prices do change, but to raise prices buy 100% twice is not how we treat our existing customers. It’s safe to assume it would be fair for customer should you double the price twice you would provide a better service, this is something we didn’t experience.

In our time with Cin7 we found that at the start the support was pretty good. This changed and now to get decent support and have issues resolved in a reasonable time, you need to subscribe to premium support. This is a bit rough given the issues we encountered were in fact Cin7 bugs and server issues.

When we first joined Cin7 we were contacted by a staff member that promised us as many feature requests (within reason) we needed and the best support they could provide, if in return we could leave a positive review here on the XERO Apps Review forum, which we did. When I look at the other reviews here I know first hand that the majority of these are grossly exaggerated or fake.

Overall for the pricing of Cin7, there is a lot of better options.


Craig Coulton  

Cin7 is a great EDI provider. Their ERP is good and quick to maneuver. the team is always quick to help.

Would recommend

Roy Nakouzi  

Cin 7 is a very powerful inventory management system, it never fails to provide timely and accurate inventory information for our company. The modules are user friendly and the reports are really good tools for data analytics.

In addition, the customer service team is very supportive ,whenever I have any doubt about the system I would always submitted the tickets and got useful feedback very soon.

Good product I highly recommend it.

Angel Wang  

We've been using Cin7 for the last 6 months and found the Premium Support line very helpful in answering any questions. We've had to customise some templates and the team in support have been quick and accurate in bringing together what we've requested.

Scott Peacock  

Solid database with easy search functionality. Cloud-based is fantastic. It never goes down and we can work remotely. Easy interface makes order entry fast. If you are using nothing or spread-sheets you will think this is the greatest thing ever! We were using MYOB Exo, so we noticed some improvements, but also some lost attributes. If you look at it on paper, Cin7 has fantastic features that should make running a business effortlessly. These include integrations with ECommerce sites, Smart Buyer for purchasing, integration with Xero, B2B website etc. We were sold on many of these but in reality, Cin7 is not a complete product. Most of the features seem to work, however, if you want two features, they don't work together. If you want the features to work properly they will fix it for a cost.

Most of the problems I see with Cin7 are to do with customer support and knowledge about general business practice. This week we requested a change to the wording on the website from "OUT OF STOCK" to "Back order" or similar for stocked items that are temporarily not on the shelf. The response was for us to change our stocked items (about 5000) to "purchase to order", meaning they are only purchase after a customer has ordered. Yes it would change the message on the website, but it would also result in no stock left on our shelves. Such a ridiculous response from customer support and potentially catastrophic for a business.

Perhaps if they implement a feedback mechanism for customer support it may be improved.

Karen Darley  

We manufacture polymer concrete products and use CIN7 for production jobs + processing sales and purchase orders before sending on to Xero. We are largely happy with the setup, it is simple and we are able to run the system without expensive consultants involved. Helpdesk staff are friendly and have made a few tweaks to reports and templates to get them looking right for us.

John Bohm  

EASY XERO INTEGRATION. and they dont just dump all the information to Xero. You can actually manage and trace transactions and will be notified if there are Sales orders that need your attention before importing to XERO,

Phil Bacungan  

Cin7 has transformed our small business and we could not be happier. Cin7 consolidates all of our sales channels; to include, 2 EDI sales channels. To have all sales channels integrated with inventory management in one application streamlined our business processes and reduced manual admin requirements. Truly, Cin7 is one of a few applications where technology actually reduces workload and frees up our small staff to focus on marketing, product development, and customer service.

The Cin7 customer support is OUTSTANDING. Our On-Boarding Account Manager, Vijay was fantastic. Leon, David, and Advit made our transition to EDI smooth and they patiently trained us to automate our EDI processes. The telephone support provided by Sajeeth and Sonal is priceless. Knowing that we can reach out for help, around the clock, from an intelligent and caring "human" is absolutely essential for our small team of 8 employees. Each of us multitasks and manage many applications...we do NOT have time to be experts in any one application. We do NOT have time to read technical information, use forums, or play the back and forth never ending game of trouble tickets. With Cin7, we don't have too. We can simply pick up the phone and get help Immediately.

In the strongest term, we high Recommend Cin7 to anyone who is serious about running a successful eCommerce Business.
David Dodd
Colonel, US Army Retired
COO, Shields of Strength

Mendi Hanks  

I have been rolling out implementation of Cin7 for my clients across different industry mainly in Retail & Distribution. The support team in Cin7 is extraordinary, they are extremely responsive and helpful in all aspects.

We have also been recevied positive feedbacks from our clients who are now using Cin7, where they have noticed increased and improved efficiency in temrs of workflow by both automation and well-designed Purchasing and Sales modules where it is user friendly and easy to train new staffs on!

Kelvin Chan  

CIN7 has streamlined our inventory management and production processes. The level of detail has been absolutely crucial to improving operational efficiency. We sell food stuffs and can now clearly and easily track our Batch history from origination to re-sale giving us a great deal of security should we ever have a problem with product.

Matthew Kessenich  

Cin7 has been an awesome find for us! The support team are awesome and sort out our issues very quickly. Will recommend Cin7 to anyone looking for a reliable and easy to use system.

Claire Muilch  

CIN 7 allows us to be flexible in our inventory management function with it's range of modules that are available.
It is easy to use, the tutorials are extremely helpful and the customer support is prompt when called upon.
The value add CIN 7 provides to our every day functioning is crucial and it comes at an affordable price as well.

However, we wish there was more options for bespoke solutions across the modules.
Also, the communication of data between modules could be improved.

Prashanth Potluri  

Pretty good stock management product with a wide range of functions. A few bugs and surprising limitations that you discover a long the way.

Vincent Motte  

Thanks to cin7 staff name as Seilala, for his prompt action in rectified the system problem. Appreciate for his patience.

mary chan  

We implemented CIN7 a couple of months ago and I have been impressed so far. It has good integration with Xero and I like that our sales staff are able to see in CIN7 if the customer has a balance owing on their account, along with their account limit so they can decide whether or not to release the order. The support we have received via their general support email address is always very quick and they never had a problem adapting report, features & menus for us. Highly recommended.

Amanda Young  

I have been using CIN7 for 2 years now both for a wholesaling business and more recently for a manufacturing business. Currently we have over 7,000 inventory components, some purchased in foreign currency and we use the Bills of Materials and Production Jobs features to create our final Products for sale. CIN7 allows us to handle large amounts of data and to see where and how fast our inventory is being used. There are some limitations with authority levels and stock take reports but overall a good inventory system that integrates quite well with Xero.

Greg Williams  

Cin 7 it's amazing!! Good Quality and Service and turns our business more profitably.
And the Staff that works there its amazing, specially Jessica Silverio

camila fonseca  

I'm a specialist in cloud ERP implementations. I have clients around the world, usually with international supply chains, in various verticals. I am very pleased to have Cin7 in my solution tool kit. It is very impressive software, developed with a strong vision and with close attention to some of the nooks and crannies of actual use. For more complex businesses requiring support across multiple entities, it stands alone. It also offers many more out of the box integrations, and those integrations are more sophisticated than competitors, such as native EDI, by far the best Amazon integrations and really good set of 3PL and shipper integrations. The biggest point of difference is the very high level of support offered directly to customers and to implementation partners. It is possible to discuss new features with even the founder, and Cin7 is perfectly happy to roll out customer-specific customisations. Cin7 also leads the field in POS, its B2B portal and the optional pick/warehouse module. Downsides: it is more expensive, more complex to setup, the written documentation and self-help materials are not as comprehensive, and it provides a very information-rich user interface, which rewards trained users but which looks more complex. It also doesn't do multiple fulfilments of orders quite as well as competitors.
The interface with Xero is very good. It does not sync payments, although it does offer supplier and customer deposit sync to Xero. As a CPA I have to say that I am pleased with rigor of the Xero interface, its transparency and the reports to help audit and reconcile the interface. I rate it best in class for interface reconciliations, and some thought has gone into supporting high transaction workloads (although Xero is more capable of high transaction volumes that you may think)
Overall, though, it is a stellar product.

Tim Richardson  

good software, i would give them 10/10

Hassan Mehdi  

Our Business changed to CIN7 and Xero about 2 years by now and honestly, it changed our business operation in a much better and efficient direction.

Cin7 offers highly flexible and customizable product that suits our business needs. it's easy to understand and implement.

As a furniture importer and retailer, we have some complex components of our furniture items, but the CIN7 has some tailored figure allows us to allocate parts to make up a final product, work out perfect costings and stock control.

Being on premium support plan, I cannot speak highly enough about the support team. They are helpful, polite and switched on.

With the integration between Cin7 and Xero, it makes our work more productivity. Only little problem that I think there is more improvement space for those two is that we hope they can handle more transactions per day and easier way to reconcile the money in between.

anyway, I still stand by CIN7 and Xero in a big way, and would recommend both to anyone in a retail and/or importing business if you are looking for a system can do you all and save your time.

Diane Xu  

Cin7’s integrations with Xero and Shopify was one of the main reasons we chose Cin7. The system is very easy to use and the onboarding and support from Cin7 is great. They are always very helpful.

As an importer, we rely heavily on Cin7’s ability to track landed costs. We also use Cin7 to track stock in multiple locations.

I recommend using the perpetual inventory method in Cin7 as this updates the stock value in Xero without the need for manual journals.

Cin7 is not a difficult system to pick up and learn how to use, and with the integrations with Shopify and Xero it just makes things easier.

Evelyn Burns  

Excellent Software

We have been using Cin7 for the last 18 months and we have had a great run. Everything works perfectly and their support system is excellent. I remember having some connection issue or server issue once or twice in the whole 18 x months which is pretty good for cloud based software.. I would highly recommend Cin7 for all small to medium size businesses.

Can't thank the support team enough, they made everything so easy.. Love it.

David Jaikumar  

I have been using Cin7 for more than a year now and it has been a great journey so far. The on boarding team were quick to setup my account based on my specific business processes. After the setup, the support team have been very helpful with answering any questions they have. Would highly recommend this inventory software for when anyone looking for basically an ERP solution for a fraction of the price.

Joshua Damien  

Dear June,

Thank you for taking the time to review Cin7. We place a high priority on customer satisfaction, and we were happy we were able to resolve many of your concerns.

We are sorry that there were some processes we were not able to build for you as Cin7 is not a fully-customisable ERP. We appreciate you contining as a Cin7 customer. Please feel free to contact us for any other issues you may have.

Best Regards,
Cin7 Support Team

Made CIN7  

Dear Adam,

Thank you for taking the time to review Cin7. We appreciate your feedback.
And thank you for taking the time to work through your difficulties with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,
Cin7 Support Team

Made CIN7  

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for taking the time to review Cin7. Your feedback is important to us.

I'm glad we were able to walk you through how to use the quantity break pricing tiers and speed up the process for you.

I also want to thank you for your suggestions about customisation. We continuously work to improve Cin7's features, and I have passed your comments on to our Development Team for their consideration.

Once again, we appreciate your comments. Cin7 places a high value on customer satisfaction, and you are welcome to contact our Support Team to discuss and address any of your concerns in the future.

Best Regards,
Cin7 Support Team

Made CIN7  

Hi Han,

Thank you for taking the time to review Cin7. Your feedback is very important to us. I understand that one of our Accounting Specialists contacted you to review the processes for managing payments. I hope this addressed your concerns to your satisfaction. However, please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

Best Regards,
Cin7 Support Team

Made CIN7  

Strongly recommend Cin7 to other Xero users when looking for ERP system. easy to navigate and fully integrated with Xero.

Lili Jiang  

Great and easy to use stock control and invoicing management system. Our company has been using it since 2015 and the support staff is very helpful and willing to customised the interfaced to suit our need.

Cin7 also offered a huge list of B2B integration: Xero, shopfiy, magneto, etc... The import/export tools are excellent as it allow us to import and export data and eliminated the need to re-enter the data across different programs within our company.

The production job is definitely a highlight as it allow you to build/manufacture/addon product from raw materials. Most importantly, Cin7 allow you to customise accounting ledger code, which allow us to integrated our stock (sales and purchase) seamlessly with the accounting software.

Overall, this is a great ERP cloud system and I definitely recommend to others.

Ben Sat  

My Experience on Cin7 has been excellent. My business requires detailed inventory mgmt down to batch tracking and expiry dates. Cin7 provides this in a very simple and easy to use way. In addition the fully integrated B2B ordering site and pivot table reporting adds significant value to my business. These functions are easy to use and quick to set up. Business processes such as calculating accurate landed costings is also easier than before. Cin7 provides more value than larger ERP solutions that I have used in the past. However what exceeded my expectations was the onboarding support to help me set the Cin7 business up to best suit my business. Thank you Jeri & Jas! I have no hesitation recommending Cin7.

Logan Batts  

Highly recommend CIN7, great product and great customer services. CIN7 works perfectly with add-on Xero; very efficient and time saving.

Emma Han  

We migrate to Cin7 from others. There always + and - within each software / app.
We found that Cin7 is more capable compare to our previous software. The set up is slighly more complicated and even we knew how to customised it, there are only some we can modified.
You have to ask before they give you.
We are using their setup but mostly we are doing it ourselves.
Things would be smoother if they provide access for everything at the first time.
But we are satisfied with what they did. Recommend Cin7 for sure

Jim Suhartono  

Cin7 is a Fantastic Inventory Management Software

We have been using Cin7 for about few months now. We find it very easy to use. It suits our Business needs as well. Moreover it integrates very well with Xero. The support that Cin7 Offers is Fantastic. The Tech Support Staff is very efficient. I am more than happy to recommend Cin7 to anyone.

Monika Thukral  

Cin7 is a great, cost effective addition to any business requiring advanced inventory management and synchronisation across accounting, ecommerce, shipping platforms & more. We're constantly trimming down admin time and streamlining our entire retail process from purchasing, right down to dispatch, thanks to Cin7. The team are also happy to do their best to accommodate for special, business specific functionality at very reasonable price.

Clinton Edwards  

Cin7 is a great inventory management solution. Also, the staff are amazing to deal with and are very helpful.

Peter James  

Great easy to use software that is a powerfull out of the box CRM / Inventory management solution but with a bit of customisation can suit even the most demanding standards. Backed by excellent premium support, you really get more than what you pay for.

Adrian David  

Very friendly and helpful support staff.

Bruce .  

I've now been using Cin7 for 2 years. At first we had lots of teething problems and posted lots of tickets as we all were finding our way. Over time the need to contact support has become less and less. I have probably posted one ticket in the last 4 months and it was answered to my satisfaction.
The system is good once you get you head around it. Each business is different so for us we needed to integrate with Magento, Xero and more recently Ebay. Each integration has a "getting to know you" period of educating our staff and ourselves and understanding the 'way' to do things.
My advice to any business starting with Cin7 is to have someone who knows how to drive it spend some time with you to get the basics sorted out. For us it was guy from Rype in Brisbane. It was a basic introduction but enough to get us on the way. The system is not perfect but it is always improving. The best part of Cin7 for us is the B2B and the integrations offered. It's more expensive than other options but it's robust and has become a reliable and scalable business tool.

Global Chef

Tim Grubi  

As a cloud integrator/implementor of inventory solutions, I have found that Cin7 offers the most features in the market place and exceptional value for money. It caters for wholesale distribution/multi location/consignment both from customer and suppliers and multiple sales channels including EDI, Amazon and Ecommerce. For an inventory business that is growing and focussed on making the most of every sales channel - this product is a MUST. In addition, support is second to none, the quality of the online materials is excellent including step by step videos, premium support conducts weekly troubleshooting where customers can ask anything about the product and get targeted assistance. This software vendor is in for the longhaul and is committed to the best customer experience. I am delighted to have Cin7 as one of my partners and can't speak highly enough about their sales and support teams.

Josephine Roberts  

This program was good 2 years ago. But now if you want your staff to look at the computer screen all day and not do anything because of the continual amount of errors we have experience right throughout CIN7 this is the program for you. If you need support to fix their errors they want you to pay extra money.

Adam Primmer  

The syns between CIN7 and Xero isn't great. Regarding invoices, only the % of payment is updated but not the payments themselves. That means I have to enter customer's payment twice: in Xero (for accounting purpose) and in CIN7 (for customer service purpose). I also got troubles with Inventory sync.

Ha Nguyen  

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the serious flaws with Cin7's lack of fully automated integrations to most systems with a one-way without reflecting feedback from the other system e.g. Syncing to Xero requires manually selecting purchase & sales orders and credit notes to Xero. If you change Cin7 subsequently, this won't sync to Xero so you need to manually Xero. If you do any significant volume of B2C sales (e.g. Shopify, Amazon, other marketplaces), some transactions such as returns require manual adjustments to both systems so you may have bookkeepers reviewing thousands of transactions and making adjustments manually. We'd have to hire a team of bookkeepers to maintain this system to review ~50k+ manual transactions, create manual entries & reconcile and without this stock counting becomes extremely inaccurate. Even basics such as invoicing aren't correct. While Xero allows 4 digit pricing, e.g. $0.0001, Cin 7 rounds to 2 decimal places which means your invoices to suppliers & customers are incorrect so your POs won't match supplier invoices (they are aware of this issues as other reviewers below have posted this & Cin7 told us they would charge us an additional $150 to change our invoices on top of having 2 Cin7 subscriptions). The list of problems seems to go on & on. We're looking for other solutions that are scaleable. If anyone has suggestions, please let us know.

June Lai  

Cin7 doesn't have quantity break pricing teirs - because of this it has made the programme extremely time consuming and frustrating for us to use.

If anything is customized by Cin7 you lose ability to customize anything yourself. This is annoying, would be great if you could keep the same amount of customization after support added their bit. Would save Cin7 staff time as well!!

Manisha Chand  

We have been using cin7 for a number of years now, while it does the job there are many limitation that have become increasingly disruptive to work flow. The support network often take talking to a number of people to solve a problem.

Rachel Stewart  

We've been using Cin7 for the past few months and have found it to really speed up our processed and give a greater insight into our business. The MRP and Smart buyer functions are very helpful for our stock management. I know we are only scraping the surface of Cin7 and there is many more functions we will unearth and begin to utilize to take our business into the future.

Lewis Warner  

I have been using Cin7 for about 4 months now and the support has been fantastic. I find it easy to use, packed with must have features and vital information required for our business and integrates well with Xero. I am more than happy to recommend Cin7 to clients

Kerry Groenewald  

Cin7 is a very straight forward system with all the must have features/integrations and fantastic reporting options.
Like any extensive system, its all about setting up correctly from the start, making sure your utilising all the available features that meet your business requirements.
Great customer service from Rush who continually went beyond to make sure we were set up correctly from the start.
Highly recommended.

Jaye Botfield  

I have been using CIN7 for the last 2 years. I have found this programme very easy to use and it suits my Customer Pricing better than any other programme I have trailed.
Information feeds well into Xero. I really don't know how I managed pre CIN7 and Xero.

Laurice Woods  

So far I loved CIN7 very much, all the functions are amazing!! Staffs are very helpful and having good knowledge. POS function is extra bonus to safe $$$$$. Highly recommend to all businesses.

Crystal Dalton  

Cin 7 has been a very challenging experience and has taken many months to make the transition from MYOB. Overall the program is easy to use and links well with Xero, however we are very disappointed with the difference between what we were initially promised and what was eventually delivered in terms of customisation of the product for our business - to the point where major selling aspects were made redundant for us. Communication progressing with the set up was slow at times, however the support team were friendly and did explore every option for us.

Harriet Pfeiffer  

Hi C, Anderson.

I have spoken with our Internal Accounting team and they would be more than happy to contact you to discuss a workflow that will ensure that COGS generates accurately for your sales.

In regards to pricing, we are set as user based subscription per month, We like to work closely with our customers to achieve favourable outcomes. I am happy to speak to you about the comments made on the 07/04.

Made CIN7  

Have been using Cin7 for about 2 years. As a Sales Order based furniture and Interior design business, we have found the Cin7 system seriously struggles. The COG's are always incorrect because our custom furniture orders take too long, the sales orders are constantly getting accidently dispatched, our inventory is never correct (due to COG's Issues) to name a few issues. Due to the nature of our busniess each staff person needs to signed in to the full account (to generate purchase orders, goods receiving etc). This has meant the system costs my small business (1 shop) $439 per month - YIKES!. When I enquired about the amount the system was costing they responded with 'I would suggest to have fewer users' (email: 07/04/17 - Adeel). I It is buyer beware with these systems but - do some research on the best solution for your business.

C Anderson  

Cin7 does everything our business needs. We receive great support for our local rep Grant which gives me great confidence in the system. Our inventory and POS is now all done through Cin7, I look forward to seeing what new innovation Cin7 has to offer done the track.
Highly recommended and very easy to use.

Karl Wokulski  

The integration between Cin7 and Xero is great, It's almost seamless.
It's customisable to different businesses.And most important, very easy to use

Dean Templeman  

Johnson was extremely helpful and total competent with the Cin7 system. He was able to work out my variance in reporting fairly quickly which was a relief for us to know that there wasnt an accounting issue after all. Thank you for your service. Luana

Luana Dowling  

Great software that integrates (almost) seamlessly with Xero. It's easy to use and is very customisable to your business needs.

Julian Kaesler  

Hi Robert, Claire, Julie and Azziza,

Thank you for the great reviews and for the on going support.
We value you all as customers and it is great to see you are happy with Cin7.


Made CIN7  

We recommend Cin7, we have been using it for 5 years now and have been very happy with its performance. It is highly customisable and has excellent reporting.

Robert Wilson  

Adding Cin7 to manage the sales and inventory for our multi-channel import and distribution business has streamlined many of the processes. It easily handles multi-currency and tiered pricing. Plus we now have a reliable source for landed costs and margins on each product and the reports seem to be very flexible. The integration with Xero accounting software is great once all the configuration is done – Sales and payments sync seamlessly with a few clicks.

Claire Lesslie  

As a new user to CIN7, it has been a major change to our business to finally have a system that can provide our business with proper cost of goods sold for products. CIN7 is such an easy and flexible system and not only does it allows us to properly track our inventory at different branches, it’s strong reporting mechanism helps our business not only track inventory but we can also report and forecast on our projected sales.

Coming from a previous system where inventory was tracked manually, the time wasted tracking inventory and looking for batches has now instead given us that extra time to work and improve our business.

I am looking forward to learning more of its features and functionalities as I use the system more.

Airlay Administration  

We looked at several different systems (Dear, Stitch, etc.) before selecting Cin7, now over a year ago. Our business has a lot of nuances (we sell in multiple channels and require several integrations), and many other systems were unable to accommodate our needs. Cin7 offers a far more customizable system than any of the others we tried, and while there was a steep learning curve during the on-boarding process, we are very happy with where we are today. A large part of this is the outstanding customer service - even via email, the Cin7 team is always responsive and very proactive. We've worked with them to come up with several "work arounds" to accomplish our desired goals within the confines of their existing system, and on the (rare) occasions this was not possible, we were able to pay a small fee for Cin7 to build out a custom solution. It seems that Cin7 is constantly improving and offering new features, so we're excited for what's to come!

Azziza BenSaid  

Hi Gustav,

The Cin7 team is happy to respond to your question feel free to send some specifics on what you need through to marketing@cin7.com and I will get someone from support to respond.


Made CIN7  

We have recently installed Cin7. To date all has been pretty painless, but time will tell.

Q- Does anybody know how to setup budgets in Cin7? or is this not possible?

Gustav Eiselen  

After a lot of research, we decided to go with CIN7 and have been using it for about 6 months for our import and distribution company. The on-board team for initial set up and the support team are very helpful. The interface is clear and easy to use, the system integrates well with Xero.

Petra Jarmey  

Cin7 is by far the best software I used for inventory management. And the staff are very helpfull.

Ahmad Abbas  

I Use Cin7 Together with Xero.
Great System both on The Stock Inventeory, POs and accounting part. Quite Flexible. Wery supporting technical team. I Definitely recommed


as a retail/wholesle bakery business with 4 retail outlets and a factory, cin7 has provided us with an integrated system to handle pos and inventory and production.

it is a major step up from previous technology utilised by the business - namely paperbased # allowing us to track sales in rel time and utility of the report funtions are great. setting up was a major job given our wide product line and complex recipes. professional assistance was required which meant additional cash outlay to set up.
cin 7 does struggle in a number of areas which means we do not fully utilise the system as intended.... for example:
-cin7 cannot handle our production jobs becuase with bOMs expanded the production job is over 400 lines so cin7 simply stalls...
-The transfer of product between shops is a onerous process which means staff do not use it. clearly this is meant for the movement of the odd item not many items every single day.
-cin7 cannot generate automatic production jobs based on branch level sales (utilising a min/max funtion), which apprently has been in development for some months...

That said we currently use cin7 with product set as non stock items so we still get all the reporting features and as the system development progresses we can make the switch. a couple of new reports based on sales at the branch level will help in the meantime with reordering/production.
funtinality with pos side could be improved with more flexibility in se5ting pos tabs and product order rather than hqving to amend product codes to adjuwt the order in which they re displayed.
one final suggestion dor development which is minor but would save a hell of a lot of time in a high sale frequency environment is the creation of cash denomination buttons in the sales transaction pop up screen i.e. a 5,10,20,50,100 dollar buttons which would mean the teller would not have to type in the figure in full every time to calculate sale/change. maybe not important for bulky good/manufacturers but if u want to attract retailers that rely on speedy transactions to use cin7, this functionality is a given.
The Bake House bakeries
Sunshine Coast Australia

Alain samarcq  

Cin7 was recommended to us by our accountants, and so far integrating with things has been a small challenge however having said that the integration with Xero directly seems to be working fine and for that a 4 stars is warranted.

Brad Patterson  

Overall we are happy with Cin7 however lately we have been experiencing a few problems... pages not loading/taking a very long and error messages coming up on the screen.

Lacey Stutt  

Recently moved to Cin7 from another inventory software. So many great features it's hard to review them all! Absolutely trumps our old software on every front. The included B2B was a surprise to us and even resulted in us leaving our old ecommerce webstore to use Cin7 exclusively.
The flexibility and integrations are awesome, works well to integrate our accounting software with orders via phone/email, online or in person via the included POS add-on.
The value for money with this product is excellent, offers features you would expect to pay at least twice the price for.
The best part of the whole process has been the support provided by the Cin7 team. Extremely timely responses which are critical in business and refreshing to not just receive a generic "thanks for your email" response. A big shout out to Vijay who has helped us every step of the way to ensure we are using the package to it's full potential and ensuring everything is integrated and running smoothly. It's great to get your own point of contact who works hard to help where possible and actually remembers you and your business - big thumbs up!
Would certainly recommend giving Cin7 a go. It can be a little daunting at first, but the excellent Launchpad and support articles make almost any question instantly answerable.
We've spent thousands of dollars on other software, some we've kept, others we've ditched in favour of something new and none of them have provided the level of support and features you get here.

Konnect Technologies  

We recently integrated with Cin7; after having been using a legacy MYOB system.
Cin7 is very powerful; great stock report, good integrations for shipping, accounting etc and the support is very prompt, efficient and professional.
We only wish we had changed to Cin7 earlier; rather than using MYOB!

Nikolai Mouraviev  

We have been using CIN7 for 6 months in our store. The Support and On-boarding Team are extremely helpful.

Jason Hornibrook  

We got 6 branches, but once we start using Cin7, we work like one branches! Thank for your support team`s help. thank you for much Vijay!
Millen Homeware Ltd

mary chan  

Cin7 ticks all the boxes of ERP system requirements for my business. I have never imagined that I can find a cloud ERP to start a new business or make business process changes in literally one week. I can hardly think any circumstance that any retail business or wholesale business would not be able to switch to Cin7 from traditional costly ERP system with limited functionality.

Cin7 has recently upgraded POS and make it more adaptive to our business process. It transformed our business to an offline - online operation process and lift the game to another level. Customer Service is very responsive and the development of new features is really quick. Premium support is something you should really look into and sign up to.

However, there are a few things that Cin7 need to fix & Improve:
1. promotion matrix error on backward quantity adjustment.
2. POS receipt customisation

Tony Yan  

Hi Daniel and Jadan,

Thank you for the 4 star reviews! It's great to hear Cin7 has helped both of your businesses and that you have both been with us for 8-9 months. It's great to hear you think Cin7 is priced right and that it was easy to setup. Thank you for the honest feedback we're always looking to improve for our customers and have passed this onto support. We look forward to the continued support and value you as a customer.

The Cin7 Team

Made CIN7  

Our business is wholesale. We have used Cin7 for approximately 8 months now. Really impressed with the system. Our staff have used several systems over many years and I would definitely rate Cin7 the best, despite some of these other systems costing A LOT more.
When initially shopping for a system we were shocked at some of the prices out there. We are a small family business so needed something that wouldn't blow our budget. Cin7 delivers this.
Functionality is great. So easy, no unnecessary enters or mouse clicks as we have experienced with other systems. Easy to undo mistakes without going through a big rigmarole. Interface is modern and well laid out.
The system is that simple we actually are self-taught. Very straight forward.
Onboarding experience was great, felt very supported and teething issues were solved promptly.
Xero integration works well and is super easy.
Very happy with Cin7 and have mentioned it to several people on many occasions.

Daniel Lavery  

We have used Cin7 with one of our businesses for 9 months now. We have found Cin7 to be one of the better inventory management systems on the market. The general interface, layout and functionality is good. Very easy to use and setup. Would recommend to businesses who sell individual units rather than sleeves/cartons. Xero integration is good, Neto integration is ok.

The downsides;
-While it allows for alternate units of measure and is the market leader in this, using Alt UOM's limits pricing and other setup options and does not transfer across to integrations.
-We have had fortnightly errors due to database issues (lose useability for 15 minutes+) and this does not yet seem to be under control.
-As others have said the price increase (doubling) was very poorly handled, however still good value for us.
-Customer service is quite slow (we do not have premium support) and they like to give generic responses rather than look at a problem until you really start to jump up and down.
-While others seem to have had luck, we have not been able to get any sort of customisation and all requests along this nature are shut down before the discussion has started.
-Having an ex-gst pricing structure limits features that can be used.

Overall though we are generally happy and will look to use Cin7 in a broader sense.

Jadan Williams  

Hi Dave,

Thank you for honestly rating Cin7 and it's great that you think the integration with Xero is awesome. We do apologise for not having better communication on the matter of the price increase. I have passed your feedback onto upper management who have taken your feedback onboard. As you know already the price for CIn7 is competitive especially when our packages include B2B. We're glad we resolved this with you and you still see value in Cin7. We value you as customer and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

We are an importer, manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter and On-line distributor. It is great to have 2 systems that meets all our diverse needs.
We used Beyond Expectations to oversee the install and customisations. They were brilliant.
No complaints with the integration between Cin7/Xero.
We are now operating B2B with major customers and Internet selling with individuals.
We installed Cin7/Xero from 1/4/16 and had the same appalling treatment expressed by others with the 55% price rise after just 1 month. We echo the sentiments of others in questioning the integrity of a company who would handle a sensitive issue like this in the manner they chose.
Despite the breadth of our operation we are only a very small operation with three seperate entities, all of which got stung with the same increase.
We have finally (after 4 months) had a human response to our grievance.
For this reason alone I rate Cin7 only 3 out of 5 as the alternatives we considered would have given basically the same outcome but without the price hike.

Dave Hogg  

Hi Malcom, Lisa and Jane,

Thank you for the four star ratings. Glad to hear that you would reccomend Cin7 to anyone with complexity in their stock management Malcolm. We value you all as a customers and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

Cin 7 is an easy to use and see software that provides us with excellent information on our inventory in numeric and visual forms. Key data can quickly be sorted and a valuable dashboard makes it easy to use. I recommend Cin 7 for anyone with complexity in their stock management.
Malcolm Walkinshaw
Managing Director
Seabreeze Apparel Ltd

Malcolm Walkinshaw  

We have found Cin7 has been a great way to keep track of stock, purchases and sales, which flow quite well through to Xero. We have had a few issues, but either Cin7 have resolved these, or we have found a way around it.


We have been using Cin7 for nearly 18 months and found it great...I have compared it to other systems and none of the others can do as much as Cin7.


Hi Allan,

Thank you for the five star rating. Glad to hear that you think Cin7 is a breath of fresh air. We value you as a customer and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

If XERO is "beautiful accounting software" Cin7 is "beautiful ERP software". The ability of Cin7 to manage the end to end of process of purchase, manufacture, and sales of Product is unsurpassed, especially at the price you pay for it!
One of the best elements of "the implementation process" (always the tricky bit) is the accessibility and knowledge of the "onboarding" team. You get a dedicated Project Manager who patiently walks you through each step of the process.
Having come from the "big end" of IT, with all its rigmarole and Professional Services costs, Cin7 is a breath of fresh air !!

Allan Vermeylen  

Hi Kate and Ange,

Thank you for the five and four star ratings. Glad to hear that you have been impressed with Cin7 and found the support team to be first grade. We value you as customers and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

I've been using CIN7 for just over 3 months and I have been extremely impressed. It's miles ahead of other similar software on the market. Such an intuitive system!

The support team have also been first grade - any query or system amendment has been actioned and resolved promptly.

Kate Ellis  

As a SME SaaS migration consultant I partner with several inventory management solutions which I recommend depending on client requirements. I have moved two clients to Cin7 in the last year and it was an easy sell at the old pricing of $225 per month.

For me it is a vastly better system than anything else I work with. The Xero integration is superb and the capacity for a relatively simple set up that can be subsequently customised with many additional features is way ahead of the pack. It's management of sizes and colours in a fashion environment is fantastic.

I have had support form two different Onboarding Specialists over the last year and found both of them to be knowledgeable, helpful and available. I was completely satisfied with the assistance I received during set up.

The inbuilt B2B web sales portal and customer order management is an excellent feature which has allowed one client of mine to replace a combined BigCommerce / Unleashed solution, which provided no where near the functionality, with Cin7 as a stand alone system.

There is definitely still great value there at the new higher pricing but I do feel a lower entry level price point would assist partners in converting more clients to this excellent platform.

The only reason I don't exclusive implement Cin7 is where it is too price sensitive for smaller clients in growth phases.

Ange Hopkins  

Hi Guy, James, Stephen, Chris and Emily,

Thank you for the great reviews it's great to hear the team have been helpful. We value you all as customers and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

Cin7 is an extremely detailed and well thought out system - and works wonders for our business compared to our previous inventory management.

The onboarding process was made extremely easy and simple by the staff, who were available at a moments notice, and provided TeamView tutorials which we can look back on when there is confusion.

The features are advanced, and highly customisable, which has made it super easy when trying to work around new products/suppliers/manufacturing facilities.

Extremely pleased with this service.

Live Longer - Eat Well

Christopher Wilson  

Supportive staff and welcoming customer service make me feel comfortable to express my questions. The reports generated by CIN7 is very helpful for decision-making. I haven't fully mastered all functions provided by the system, but excited to learn more about it!

Reception Admin  

Cin7 has proved a reasonably reliable platform for us for the past 16 months, but I wonder if I am the only one to be shocked by the recent and sudden change in pricing as of September of 2017?

Chris Mills, Director
Kereru Brewing Company Limited

Chris Mills  

We tried a couple of systems prior to Cin7 and it's fair to say they have blown them out of the water! Great onboarding service by Chris and the team are always there to help.

Stephen Linnecar  

We are extremely happy with our CIN7 experience so far (about 9 months).

Previously we had found inventory management systems trying to do too much generally did nothing well. So when we decided to change we were initially looking for something simpler in the hope we could find something that would at least do the basics very well.

After trialing Cin7 we were surprised but also a little hesitant because its has a full suite of features (like our old system). BUT i am very glad we took the risk. I never expected to move so much of our business management out of the backend of our website and into our inventory/sales system. It has changed the way we run our business and vastly improved the information and reporting our staff have available, which also improves our customers experience.

The system is reliable, easy to use, has advanced features, has a fairly straight forward API, and the CIN7 support has also been very helpful. They actually want to set you up and get you using their system properly (whats the point of having all these features if you dont know how to use them).

No off the shelf system is without its flaws as each business is different. For us we would like the manufacturing module built out for more high volume manufacturing, at the moment its a bit boutique. 'Kitting' is also a bit underdeveloped.

This is a good SAS and i would recommend it!

Ecommerce and Manufacturing

James Tinsley  

We have been using Cin7 for almost a year and find it simple to use. After using a desktop based accounting/inventory/POS package for 15 years we are enjoying the convenience of a web based app. The integration with Xero was seamless and the support team at Cin7 are supportive and responsive.

Guy Pearce  

CIN7 have been extremely helpful in responding both to our queries and our requests for customisation solutions for our business.

Accountant Accountant  

Hi Hans and Jacoby,

Thank you for the awesome 5 star reviews great to hear the customer service has been quick when needed. We value you as a customer and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

We've been using the Xero to Cin-7 add on for about a year now and have had zero problems with it. It is a one-click transition from one to the other with a verification of letting you know if everything goes through or if there are errors. I would recommend this to any small, medium or large businesses.

Jacoby Ware  

We’ve been working with CIN7 for 4 months now. It has made our lives a lot easier! Transition was very smooth and the program has been very easy to learn. All our staff from varying departments are working with CIN7 and we’ve had no complaints.

Customer service is quick if needed and there are plenty of ways to customize the system to fit our needs.

We would recommend it to anyone.

hans van schoonhoven  

Hi James, Robbie and Janet,

Thank you for the great reviews good to hear the team have been helpful. We value you as a customer and look forward to your continued support. Thank you for the feedback we're always looking to improve for our customers.

Made CIN7  

My business
I run a technology import company in Melbourne Australia, buying products in foreign currency and selling in Australian dollars. I have been using Cin7 for nearly 3 years now and it is managing over 3000 of our product SKUs

Things I like about Cin7 Platform
- Cloud based platform (I can log in anywhere on any device)
- Handles multicurrency purchases
- Integrates with Xero seamlessly (speed and data flow)
- The capabilities of linking sales order to purchase orders
- Platform customization capability. We asked Cin7 to build custom features specific to our operations
- Customized views for different users / user groups (including our suppliers)
- Backorder capabilities
- Smart Buyers is an incredible feature and make ordering simple

Cin7 Team
The people are really helpful and willing to take the time to guide you through any problems. Willing to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction

What they can do better on
3 years ago, they didn’t have a detailed on-boarding program to get you started and teach you how the mechanic of the platform work and it links to Xero from an Accounting perspective. However, things may have changed now.

Other platforms
3 years ago, I investigated other cloud based inventory management platforms and non were as sophisticated as Cin7 at an affordable price point for a small to medium size business.

Cin7 is worth investigating for your business!

Robbie Habib  

Macjays Clothing have decided to change there Accounting and stock (POS) programs to Xero and Cin7.com. At first it was scary to think all the data will have to change over, especially a data base and company that has been existing for 40 years. Just think how many clients and products and data that is. Cin7 has been great, there team has been very helpful and on top of there game and always willing to help. If they don't know the answer immediately, they will find out and come back to you. When ever I don't how or where to find something Rick and the team is there to assist. They resolve problems and issues so fast and efficient.

I will highly recommend them to anyone. They are brilliant and we are loving using our new systems now and growing the business even better and faster now.

No more headache and we can work from anywhere in the world.....



From the team at Macjays Clothing....

Janet McMaster  

We use Cin7 as a stock management system linked to xero, webstore, physical store whole sale business.
We had some initial hurdles with set up and still have some bugs with transferring stock to our Magento webstore but overall are happy with the product.

I think the customer support has improved and they are quick to resolve issues.
Because they're still a smaller company there are still some teething problems but because of their size they also seem quick to react and happy to take on suggestions.

james Middleton  

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and it’s great to hear that you're happy with what Cin7 has to offer.

When setting up POS, payment types are set up to reflect how the money arrives in the bank. If credit card payments arrive separately, then a separate payment type needs to be set up. Then you will have 'Cash', 'Eftpos', Credit Cards'. When a customer rings up and the goods are paid by a credit card, then 'Credit Card' needs to be selected by the sales person. As a result, 'Eftpos' batch will match Eftpos payments and 'Credit Cards' will match payments by credit cards.

We are happy to discuss this further to assist in personalizing your Cin7 to fit your business processes. Please get in touch with our support team to further discuss this.

Kind Regards,

Made CIN7  

We moved to Cin7 to better manage our inventory between our online store and two bricks and mortar stores. We have utilised their B2B site as we had customers asking for a business portal or trade pricing, so we were able to set up 5 custom pricing levels to facilitate this.

Our other requirement was that it talked to our accounting system (Xero) and facilitated updating trade invoices to Xero and account balances. We rate the Xero integration at about 90%, we do have issues sending trade account sales made at POS to Xero with correct payment terms, and if a customer rings up to pay by credit card, then that payment gets added through POS and is difficult to reconcile with Xero as eftpos transactions are batched daily.

Overall though, very happy with Cin7 and the guys have been very helpful with requests and support. Would probably rate overall 5 Star, Cin7/Xero integration specifically 4 Star.

Timothy Bickerton  

Hi Natalie,

We’ve passed your request to our development and team and we’re looking into whether we can create a custom report for you. We hope once your issue is resolved, you will reconsider the 1-star rating. We will be in touch shortly.

Kind regards,

Made CIN7  

CIN7 - Customer Credit Limits, the current set up only flags on the next order when a customer has already breached their credit limit - already too late (ie their invoiced amount exceeds their limit). We also have a number of custom projects which are only invoiced once the goods are manufactured and are at port for delivery. These amounts aren't taken into account against their limit. Would you please create a report (by billing entity) showing the amounts invoiced and the amounts on order? Credit limit - invoiced amount - orders = available credit limit. Rype and Cin7 have created a temporary work around by adding the credit limit field into Sales by Customer (created date), however this doesn't have the option to be by Billing company. It would be great if you'd create this report!
Update to our Credit Limit issue: A big thank you to Deepak at Cin7 who has added some fields (CL/Account Bal) to sales orders to allow us to see where a customer is at each order.

Natalie Evans  

Hi Sarah and Bethany,

Thank you for the great feedback and it's great to hear your experience with Cin7 is going good. Thank you both for the feedback we will make sure to pass it on as we're always looking to improve for our customers. We appreciate the 4 star ratings and look forward to your continued support.

Kind regards,

Made CIN7  

I have been quite impressed with cin7 since going live with them a month ago. The support service during set up was great, and a lot of the program is customizable which is awesome. the interface is very easy to use and we have had very little issues, although we do not use the b2b function. most things have been pretty self explanatory.

Specific feedback for the flooring industry ::: the software works better for wholesalers than it does for retailers. For example, if you import and sell your own products, the inventory management it superb. However if you are a retailer, it becomes a bit trickier. You cannot quickly add products to the product database. Therefore, to sell a supplier's products if you do not have them in the database, it is very difficult to add them on the spot.
I withhold the last star for this reason - if cin7 can come up with a way to quickly and easily add products during a sale or purchase order, I will change my review to 5 stars.

Lexatonia Tiles  

I think Cin7 has the ability to be a very good system for inventory and different channels for a small-medium business. It does require quite a bit of set up as any system would and in our personal case, we had quite a few errors with the integration from Shopify which i am still trying to set a couple of weeks later. On the whole i would recommend this system, however, i would stress to make sure you learn the whole system first and make sure the integration is done in plenty of time before going live.

Sarah Gooch  

We are six months into implementing cin7 and Xero. This has been a massive task that has involved a lot of hit and miss trying to figure out how best to configure to suit our requirements.

We now have most functions running ok but are continuing to place many tickets for minor changes to improve performance.

However we are really strugglng with the B2B, the number of tickets and developer time required to get just the basic functions operating is very frustrating. We are wondering if there are any other users that have the b2b working well, as from our experience so far it would seem like the b2b just does not work in its current state.

My rating of 1 is total related to the b2b system

Ivan Jones  

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for passing on the great feedback from your clients. It's great to hear the experience went well. We appreciate the 4 star rating and look forward to your continued support.

Kind regards,

Made CIN7  

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“We have recently started using Cin7 and can see a lot of benefits for our business. We are already making good use of the Production Jobs and Smart Buyer modules and can see the benefits of Head Office billing. It is also very easy to email direct to our customers, quotes and invoices through the Sales module. “

Sharon Bolderson  

We moved from a fairly old legacy system to Xero + CIN7 in March. We are located in Canada. The system works well, but does require some customization to get rolling - all of which has to be handled by the CIN7 team. While they are fairly responsive, I feel many of these customization should be available via the system setup.

The support team is great. Craig was the gentleman we worked with during implementation and he was fantastic. I will say though - it is HARD to get a hold of support. You can make appointments and those are generally followed through in a timely manner, but trying to get a hold of a live person at 1pm EST is near impossible in my experience. This aspect very much needs improvement IMHO. Tickets generally get answered within 24-48 hours.

Overall - the system works well. We have used it live for 1 full month and so far we have not run into any major issues. Once you understand how it interacts with Xero, it does make life easier.

I notice above people are complaining about the new price points. I was signed up at $225.00 / 5-users and I believe this is a fair price. Not sure if our pricing has gone up - if it has, I will not be impressed.

Last thing - they should figure out how to offer people a free 30 day open demo instead of using the pre-set demo on the site. This was a major decision for us and we decided to just pay for a month of the product to do testing. It would have been nice to have a proper demo to make our decision but I do understand many accounts need customization's done - see note above.

I will update as time goes on. 4/5 stars for now.

Rob Guella  

I agree entirely with what Murray Barnetson said above.

We have been with CIN7 since April of last year and although it is reasonably good software it is not without its' bugs and issues - and do not bother asking them anything that is remotely accounting related! (also my advise is to NEVER EVER let it makes any adjustments in XERO - BAD idea!)

But at $225 a month it was doing a reasonable job. It's new pricing structure is unbelievable - their notification email mentioned, David Jones, Nordstrom, Amazon, JOOR, DHL and Mainfreight - so perhaps those are the sort of businesses they are targeting cause they sure aren't interested in the SME's in New Zealand

I have already started looking at alternatives and would definitely NOT recommend CIN7 due entirely to their questionable ethics and their appalling attitude towards their customers
13/05 Since my initial review I have had a chance to speak with one of the CIN7 sales team who has provided me with some comfort in relation to the companies ethical standing. I have also been offered some help with outstanding technical difficulties which might go a long way towards being able to utilise the programme to greater effect. If we were getting fuller utilisation of the programme overall I might feel that even with the price rises I might be getting value for money as it is an easy to use and effective programme with a wide scope and a lot of potential.
Once I have seen some result from the technical support I might even increase my star rating

Gill Doms  

Two months ago I got a client to sign up to CIN7 as its interface seems slightly easier than DEAR, which another client of mine is using. The licence was $225 per month for 5 users. Given that Xero is $30 per month for unlimited users, it appeared excessive but DEAR and Unleashed were similar in their own ways.

Two days ago I got an email from CIN7 to say they are changing prices and the above licence now costs $349 per month, a 55% price increase. I have no words! If its CIN7 strategy to drop off the little guys, I guess that's fine, but then why have a licence for 1 user or 5 users?

There are two issues with this price increase. The first is that the amount easily justifies moving to another product, but more concerning is that it is just plain unethical to do this to existing clients. This also begs the question - are they in financial trouble? What is going on that they have to justify such an increase almost overnight across the board?

My recommendation to my client is to choose a new product and I can no longer recommend CIN7 to an SME.

Edit - CIN7 just called from New Zealand to apologise for the way they implemented the price increase. They said they are a new company and have not increased prices before, need to realign etc which is all fine. The only thing they did really badly was the implementation thereof. As we only use a small part of their system, it has now probably become too expensive so we may need to migrate to a cheaper option. I am changing my rating from a 1 star to a 4 star as the product is a good product, but I am no longer convinced of its value for money

Murray Barnetson  

Hi Sara,

Glad to hear that you're impressed with the report personalisation that Cin7 provides. Thank you for the four star rating and we look forward to your continued support.

Kind regards,

Made CIN7  

We integrated Cin7 in February this year, and it has been very beneficial.
Initially we did have some teething issues syncing with Xero; however 2 months in... we are now getting on top of this. We are especially impressed with the report personalisation that Cin7 has given us.

Sara Comi  

Hi Jaafar, Lousie and Gracie.
Thank you for the four star ratings. Glad to hear that you found the support staff were helpful during setting up. We value you as a customer and look forward to your continued support.

Made CIN7  

I would recommend Cin7, we use stock management, smart buyer management. and it's work fine with Xero.
the customer support team very excellent
and you will found answer for everything you ask about
And they will do it for you if you can't


We intregrated Cin7 in January this year and it has been a great experience. They have been extremely helpful in setting up our system and helping us run our day to day business transactions within cin7.

Louise Lilley  

Our Account Manager, Craig, has been extremely helpful is walking us through various tasks in Cin7. We have linked to Xero, and use both to keep our business running smoothly. The interface of Cin7 is clean and easy to navigate.

Gracie Lane  

We are a fashion business, mostly wholesale and were looking for a well priced, quick to implement cloud based system. Cin7 and Xero setup was very easy and migrating data wasn't a problem. The bulk import features are easy using Cin7 Bulk import tools. Size, colour and UPC creation is super easy.

Cin7 has easy intergration with Xero, Shipstation and Magento which is a big plus and one of the main reasons we picked Cin7. Having a B2B built in was one of the main selling point for us, having said that we haven't started using B2B yet.

On-boarding support has been good and the team has been very accommodating. They are willing to change and add features as we request them.

Some of our major cons that may be helpful for another fashion business looking at Cin7 and Xero. I hope these can be fixed in the future

- Cin7 doesn’t pass Sizes breaks invoiced to Xero so we can't invoice from Xero, I hope this can be fixed
- Sales orders are 1 full sales order, 1 invoice. You can't bill just 1 line on the Sales Order, you need to back order every item not shipped
- Cin7 doesn't pass the payment term i.e. NET 30 to zero. It passes the due date based on the payment terms
- You can't bulk update pricing on sales orders or bulk refresh pricing on you sales
- You can't cancel a item on a sales order and report on it later, you just delete and it's gone
- Pick tickets print out everything on the order, not just available product
- Pick n Pack works ok on a computer but very very slow on a tablet

Rusty USA

Jeremy Hatch  

Hi Dominique,

Thanks for the feedback and the great rating.

It’s good to hear you had the level of support you needed to get up and running.

We are actively making improvements to our online manual and documentation. As we grow, the more information is being made available online and through our help site.

Once again, thanks for the positive review Dominique.

Yours sincerely,

Made CIN7  

I would recommend Cin7, we use it for consignment stock management, order processing, 3PL management. Syncs well with Xero.

Ken Reynolds  

CIN7 has added alot of value to our business. Support via phone and email has been available for the last couple of months while we have been customising the system to suit us which has been great.
I think it would be worthwhile if a rep was sent out at the beginning of start up to run the company through CIN7 as the online manual is not as detailed as we needed. We also needed to customise alot of areas and this would have saved alot of back and forth.

Now we have this worked out it is a great, visual inventory program.

Dominique Kalucy  

Hi Cheng,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know why Cin7 is not meeting your client’s expectations. We are always disappointed when we receive a bad product review.

Our team has investigated this situation and it appears the issue lies in the way your client’s products have been setup. By default, Cin7 allows customers to customise the original product setup. On this occasion, the change of the setup appears to be the root cause.

Some customers decide to change the product coding if it’s not suitable for their needs, in which case, it’s best to completely re-do the product setup, rather than trying to change the existing ones. This can apply to different units of measure, or other variations to the products. The changes made to your client’s system were made after the discussion with your client.

In respect to the adjustment query, if a sale is made and the product is “dispatched”, but the product isn’t available or the product is in another “branch/location” (and the stock transfer was not made), then Cin7 automatically adjusts your stock. It does this by creating an “auto-adjustment”. To avoid this, it’s best to leave the sale order “open”, complete the purchase order, or transfer the stock and then “dispatch” the goods.

If the goods are physically unavailable - the sales orders need to stay 'open' until the goods are dispatched (as per change of goods ownership rule).

All other adjustments will be created by the users themselves and the adjustment value adds to the stock value/quantities, or reduces it. The initial stocktake adjustment will always add the stock value.

We also note that time zone appears to be an issue for you and/or your client. We encourage you to book a chat with us, for a time that suits and we will cater for this.

Further to this, we’d like to offer your client an hour of our consultant’s time free, to help with any training requirements your client might need.

If you’d like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact me directly on the details below.
Yours sincerely,
Adi Danti
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Phone: +64 21 825 537
Level 12, City Road, Auckland, New Zealand

Made CIN7  

We are an accounting firm in the US that works with cloud based clients. We have one client in particular that we started the onboarding with Cin7 five months ago. We have been at it for five months and although the system allows the client to create sales and purchase orders to satisfy their needs to record sales and purchases, everything else behind the scenes is still unreliable. The client has made plenty of complaints to the onboarding specialist and support people as well as to us about the lack of training during the onboarding process. As a result of that and multiple disconnects in communication, he took it upon himself to change product codes and templates in the system to resolve issues he felt was not addressed due to his lack of training. The help videos and articles were of little help with the customization he was looking for in regards to invoice templates (for example).

Due to the issue with not having unique codes, changes to the client's live data was made without anyone from Cin7 alerting the client or our office of the changes. The client was left with an unworkable system for a few days until they could be brought up to speed with the changes made to the product codes and inventory. This left them with no way to service their own customers and left us feeling helpless.

As of today, we are still struggling to understand the accounting for the adjustments made by Cin7 support for inventory and costs that affect the financials. We have asked for help in understanding where the adjustments are coming from but have had no success. Each month as we work with the client to close the financials for the month, we struggle with what to tell them regarding cost of goods adjustments made in Xero that we can't explain. As we are near the end of yet another month and are beginning to work on closing the books, I can see that another adjustment was made which results in a deficit balance in inventory and overstated amount in costs. Since there are no details for the adjustments, we can't even back into what the reversal should be. When we contact support or the Cin7 accounting department, we are usually waiting on a response due to the time zone differences and the answers are usually vague.

If anyone has best business practices suggestions for us as we work on smoothing out this transition we would appreciate it.

Cheng Vang  

Prompt technical support.

Daniela Sterica  

Hi Jannik and Ian,

Thank you for your four star rating.
If you have any feedback on how we could get to 5 stars we would always like to know as we are always trying to improve for our customers.

Great feedback and thank you for being loyal customers.

Made CIN7  

Our company works with wholesale and men´s fashion. www.from-a-journal.com/journal
We are very satisfied by getting started with Cin7 and Xero.com. The sync between the systems saves us plenty of hours everyday. Easy to get access to inventory level of items on stock. Collections on way to our stock gives us up to date values. Better possibilities to sell goods before it hits the stock. We have been using the system for 2 months and everyday we find new paths we haven't seen before be get started. The support is fast and open for adjustment if needed. We can't wait to integrate with B2B and B2C to optimize to next level. We can highly recommend Cin7 and Xero.

Jannik Heide  

Composite Retail Group (CRG) identified an opportunity for its retail member stores to purchase product directly from international suppliers.
In order to facilitate this, CRG needed an inventory management system.
I have experience with determining, selecting and implementing business systems.
Having previously worked with Datum Connect, I contacted Danny Ing to discuss my requirements.
I wanted an industry first solution that would allow multiple retailers to place orders from the Cin 7 system which would consolidate the orders into containers based on international supplier and port of delivery in New Zealand.
I knew that Cin 7 would handle all of the inventory processes needed and had confidence in Danny and his team to deliver the solution to meet my needs.
The great thing about working with Danny is his knowledge of business and business processes. This is very rare with IT and programming professionals.
The project was scoped and was then delivered within budget.
The solution was more important than the implementation time. I was very pleased with the outcome and the amount of time taken to deliver the solution.
An agile approach was needed with the project.
It is a great product and it just works.

Ian Caulfield  

Thanks for the great feedback Heather and Carrie. It's great to hear both experiences went well! We appreciate the 5 star feedback.

The Cin7 Team

Cin7 @cin7  

We use Cin7 in conjunction with Xero. I find both software tools utilise the benefits of each program to give me one combined business solution.


We have been using CIN7 and XERO since November 2015. I'd highly recommend CIN7 as the on boarding team is very helpful and is always open for suggestions and willing to find a solution to suit your needs. It has greatly improved the stock control and has a lot more functions to explore.

Vitamins Direct
Carrie Yang
Auckland, New Zealand

Carrie Yang  

I'd certinally recommend your software to other manufacturers and really to anyone. Your service is fantastic and you are open to additions when needed. Which is really the two most important services we needed. Thanks again and please keep it up!

jesse Chalmers  

We start to use Cin7 since Jun 2015, its a very good system, and can be customize as our request, thanks for all you helped us. We can manage our inventory easily now.

Chen Yu  

Our business has become paperless and far more streamlined using the partnership between Xero and CIN7. It has certainly moved our company forward with the improved stock control and POS

Darren Witty  

We've been very satisfied with the streamlining of our processes and improved order management and stock control since going live with CIN7 and pairing it with our pre-existing XERO business. CIN7 have been responsive and flexible in customising the solution to meet our business needs and we look forward to working with them this year to make further improvements.

Kate Maffett  

Both Product & Support is fantastic. The best thing is they are happy to continue to work with you to create a customised solution to suit your business needs. Am currently onboarding a second company and have a third in the pipeline.
After being a Myob user for 15+ years with multiple multi currency company files, the change to Cin7 with Xero integration to manage our retail and wholesale divisions has been a great decision. We look forward to the continued innovative development of Cin7 in the future.

Brooke McLaren  

Powerful product that has helped control inventory with batch tracking. This is important for us as a small food manufacturing business. The software also helps monitor the production process.

Ishveer Golian  

I was using StitchLabs for my integration to my POS and Webstore and was finding issue with COS being sent to Xero on a monthly basis. Cin7 sends this data through daily and even instantly depending on the level of integration. Very happy with Cin7 and Xero integration.

Vince Hanisimikali  

I have been assisting a new start up client with their POS system since beginning of November this year. The support has been tremendous with recommendations, email feedback and telephone support from New Zealand. Cin7 support team, thank you so much for assisting me to onboard the client, could not have done it without your help.

Gillian Rossouw
Xero Trusted Advisor and Xero Cloud Integrator
Jill Of All Trades, Gold Coast Queensland

Gillian Rossouw  

We have spent considerable time and money looking for the ideal system for our small business that does manufacturing as well as retail. Cin7 and Xero are the ideal partners for us. The support staff are always helpful and good to deal with.
We enjoy using this software and look forward to more developments in the future.

Cubes Corp is an Apparel Company which manufactures and retails in New Zealand

Lynda McGregor  

We tried Cin7 in a new outlet. It worked out very well. Within a short span of time, we were able to setup everything and started using it. I really appreciate the implementation support given by Cin7.

Staris International Pte Ltd

Krishnaraj Sathiamurthy  

My company has been expanding quickly supplying equipment related to asbestos removal. I needed a product that would assist me with consignment stock and standard supplier purchasing and inventory. I chose Cin7 and Xero for this partnership. I have found XERO to be more intuitive and modern compared to my previous accounting software. Coupling it with Cin7 means I can ring fence my consignment stock from my general stock which means I can control and deliver reports to my suppliers that only relate to them. synching is straight forward so my accounts are updated quickly in line with Cin7. It has literally taken me one day to get to grips with invoicing, purchasing, stock takes and adjustments. I would like to see more videos but hey if I can get to work immediately then thats great.
XERO would be the best accounting package I have used due to its simplicity yet comprehensive means of controlling/monitoring clients and supplier payments.

Ian Napier

Ian Napier  

The integration of Xero to Cin7 is very convenient. At the beginning we thought it will be hard to run an inventory management system and an individual accounting system but 8 month in using these two programs I must admit the system integration is flawless. The time we save using smart systems like these allows us to spend the freed up time to focus more on our clients and marketing. We are now sales driven as opposed to processing driven.

Samuel Gaffer-Mehdi  

A really smart & efficient system that caters to our specific requirements now and for the future. Helpful friendly staff are always available when needed.

Gabriella Drago  

Cin7 has been an excellent solution for our clients - good level of customisation, integration with Xero, B2B ordering site, excellent on boarding and ongoing support. Our clients have been delighted with the impact on their business.

Sara Hearne  

Cin7 has transformed the way we do business! One of the most important features for us is the customer portal where customers can view real time pricing and place orders. It also has batch tracking which is something we have now implemented into our business

Anna Leonardi  

Cin7 is a fantastic product that has changed the way we do business. The ability to seamlessly integrate to both Magento and Xero has meant that we were able to leverage up existing processes. The ability to customise some of the functionality to our niche business has also been beneficial. The key is really the support team to get the system up and working and knowing that if you have an issue they are there to help out.

Norbury Schwennesen  

A great add-on to help us take care of inventory.
Easy to update information from Cin7 to Xero.

Rebecca Wang  

Cin7 was the only ERP tool which suited a direct to customer online shopping business like ours. Their implementation service was very responsive and helpful. In the first 3 months of use, the development activity has meant that new features came online regularly.

I highly recommend this product.

Paul Coia  

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your rating and feedback - as ever, this is much appreciated.:)

Your first point is correct, we do not populate codes into Xero, but instead append the SKU to the product name. This saves us having to sync product data to Xero; which could be very impractical with a big product database. We are looking into other ways of doing this.

The second point is also true - we have had other requests for this feature, so it is definitely on our list for consideration for future updates.

It is definitely possible to bulk email from Cin7 though, which is documented here http://help.cin7.com/prod.asp?idWebPage=70305&ID=922&SID=106227493

Hope you find this feature useful.

Thank you,

The Cin7 Team  

We're still in the process of "going live" with Cin7.

Overall CIn7 seems to be a very capable solution and the Xero integration was a key part of our decision to try it out. We are still learning it and will withold final judgement for later. However, at present we do have the following notes.

Unfortunately the integration is a little lacking in some respects (in no particular order):
- The line item part numbers do not transfer from Cin7 to the Xero copies of invoices. We need at times to validate all line items and this is a nuisance. The line item descriptions do come across.
- The payment records from Xero do not populate into Cin7 - it's only recorded as a "paid" flag. Having actual payment data feed back to Cin7 into the payment record for the Sales Order would be very useful.
- We are using Xero to send out Invoices at present because CIn7 doesn't have a "bulk" send invoice capability. We instead transfer invoices to Xero and send them all at once vie the Xero interface.

Having noted the above, are we continuing with Cin7? Yes.

Peter Westley  

After using Cin7 for 6 months, it has been a game changer for our company. Being in the food business, traceability is critical and Cin7 has made this simple. When we were audited a few months ago our auditor was blown away by the system.

You get a great service and they can even make some adjustments just for your company!

Matt Shead  

We have just implemented Cin7 for our Manufacturing/Wholesale/Retail business and are finding it very easy to use across the board. The team were very helpful and any questions we had.

Tina Adlam  

The service provided by the Cin7 team was outstanding. They made the difficult task of migrating to a new system seamless.It seemed that nothing was too difficult and I am looking forward to the continued relationship!

Gordon Balcomb  

Cin7 is fantastic for wine industry. Craig and the team help us move a client to Cin7 seamlessly. Great support. Prompt reply to email and Skype.

Simon Evans  

Finally a great product with even better support; Cin7 Is the perfect tool for almost all businesses due to its ease of use. This inventory management system not only includes a Contact manager, but can help with production needs as well. Thank you again for all the help!

Sandra Katan  

We went with Cin7 because of its exceptional value and functionality. We were looking for an advanced inventory add-on with quote to sales order flow that would include product images in quotes. Cin7 stood alone in this regard. It is great for inventory control and production flow.

Michael Wilson  

For my Inventory clients who need wholesale and or retail & online sales channels, Cin7 is a comprehensive add on to Xero covering all three. Scoping is essential to make sure any application will meet my clients needs and this is done jointly with Cin7’s sales team to get an accurate evaluation. Once the entire project has been considered the account is set up and integrated with Xero, with Cin7 assigning a project manager to help smooth the process along and do any customisation. Working with many add ons, the support offered by the team at Cin7 has been fantastic.

The recent dashboard upgrade has turned this once ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

Nick Sanderson
Thunder cloud

Nicholas Sanderson  

Hi Layne,

Thank you for your 4 star rating, which has made our day :)

In this case, we advice backordering in Cin7 to be done by splitting the Invoice/Purchase and transferring back-ordered items which will give you the outstanding items on a new Sales order with the same order number and alphabetical addition to the back to differentiate.

This backorder Invoice is then sent to your customer and eventually pushed to Xero once it is fulfilled. The option to see outstanding & shipped items on one Invoice is only there on orders not split but partially dispatched. It does however not give you the option to see outstanding qty's/amounts in Xero if you choose to push it through without fully completing prior (you can push those through by putting in an invoice date/number for the partially receipted SO).

Feedback like this really helps us improve our solution and is much appreciated.

Thank you,

The Cin7 Team  

All in all a very comprehensive and impressive product that highlights some of the great SaaS work that is coming our of New Zealand at present. The inclusion of an assigned Project Manager accessible almost every hour of the business day (NZT) helped make for a seamless integration within our business!

Josh Kempton  

We've recently signed up and gone live with Cin7 and Xero and have so far found the systems great. There is one thing I'd like to mention however - recording back orders in Xero.

A Cin7 pro-forma invoice shows the cartons being charged at the carton rate and then lists the back order in the required field but the Xero invoice only shows what we’ve sent – there is NO record of any products on back order??? I believe this can cause confusion for the customer – especially their accounts payable if they only see the Xero invoice – nothing advising them there are products/items on back order. Can this be fixed easily???

Layne Shepherd  

We have been with Cin7 for over two years now and so far the experience has been great. Great software and friendly support staff.


Suzan Whale  

My name is Tanya and i work for an industrial company.
We previously had our own software system which we stopped using the end of June.
We have since been using Cin7. It has been fantastic. The integration with xero was quite smooth. The Tec support team were fantastic during this process.
Cin7 has given us more capabilities as a company and has allowed me, as a sales manager to drill into our sales more in depth.
Cin7 also has an excellent inventory program.
Converting to Cin7 was the best thing Lifting Victoria could have done.
Regards Tanya

Tanya Smith  

We have looked at a few different accounting systems and finally impressed with the depth of functionality of Cin7 and Xero. It is really fast and easy to use when you are trained. The guys handle the requirements are pretty well and our single point of contact has been very helpful and supportive to customised our needs in particular. We recommend Cin7 and Xero to most businesses who wish to grow.
Rex Armangoo
Sales Manager
Armano Home & Garden Collection

Rex Armangoo  

We have been looking for a inventory and order management platform to run alongside Xero and our website for a long time now and were thrilled to be recommended Cin7 by our accountant.

We have had Cin7 up and running now for a couple of months and couldn't be happier. Our sales team are able to keep realtime track of payments allocated directly to Sales Orders within Cin7 as all payments reconciled in Xero are pulled back into Cin7.

Purchase ordering is now 10 times better with all the order details seamlessly getting pulled from Cin7 into Xero.

We have had a few custom requirements which the Cin7 team have responded to and made for us with out any issue.

We are all looking forward to the new found transparency and data accuracy that we can now achieve through Cin7.

Many thanks from the Team at Jumpflex.

Stephen Tubbs


JumpFlex Limited JumpFlex Limited  

@Paul Fitzgerald Thank you for such great feedback.We currently support Hong Kong from 1 am HKT to 2 pm ( Mon to Fri ) and by October / November we'll extend that to 24 hours ( Mon to Fri)

The Cin7 Team  

Pretty good if you are willing to work through the modifications with the developers to make the program work for your company...

Laura Buermann  

Cin7 is a great tool for our electronics manufacturing business, I can see the not-too-distant future for Cin7, when the developers realise that it is much more than a clothing industry specific application. It has a lot of potential, that more and more people will come to appreciate. There are a lot of things that Cin7 does very well, and the ability to link it with a Shopify site is a welcome bonus. The production systems and inventory control are a great fit for our business, and allow us to accurately control product assembly and logistics.

A good label printing system, that accepts multiple label types would really round out the application, and make it perfect for any business.

Guy Reynolds  

Cin7 is a bit of an all-encompassing beast, and covers most angles that any SME (and larger) will likely require. The integration with Xero is a neat trick; works like a dream. The learning curve on Cin7 is longer than, say, TradeGecko, but is still pretty intuitive. The guys in support know what they are doing and keen to help. The only thing to be improved is the support hours; great if you're in NZ, not so great if you're in another time zone. Once they come up with that, they'll have all the bases covered.

Paul Fitzgerald  

After an exhaustive search we decided to go with CIN7 given it was the best out of the box system that could meet all our needs - Inventory Management/B2B/Shopify and Xero and POS integration. We made the right decision as the CIN7 team have supported us to implement an integrated system tailored to meet our business needs.

The training materials are excellent and easy to follow. Our people are confident in using the CIN7 system and we are right on top of our inventory which was not the case pre CIN7.

The B2B component is exciting and we are looking to further develop our B2B site to maximise this channel.

I recommend CIN7 to any business involved in both wholesale and retail.

Andrew Boag
Model Behaviour Group

Andrew Boag  

CIN7 is the best inventory system in it class that i have used.
connects well with Xero and has alot of enterprise features.
i take my hat off to the support and integrations team they have been fantastic!!!
Highly recommended.

kamal Sarroff  

We have been using Cin 7 for 5 months now and it has revolutionised our business.

It integrates brilliantly with Xero and has saved us an enormous amount of labour, and therefore money!

The support is brilliant, not only whilst setting up our Company account, but has continued without any less attention throughout the following months. The technicians are extremely helpful, incredibly knowledgable and most important - patient!

We would highly recommend anyone looking for a fantastic inventory management program, particularly in the fashion industry.

Kendall Casey
General Manager

Kendall Casey  

We have a researched a number of different types of stock control add-ons with a Bill of Materials component as well as foreign currency. What we initially chose, unfortunately did not met our expectations and became a labour intensive and costly exercise.

We went looking for another application and Cin7 was perfect for our requirements, connecting perfectly with Xero as well as our online store, and CRM program.

The NZ service is exceptional, we have never had trouble getting a response (usually no longer than 24 hours). The support staff were helpful throughout every step of our implementation and still are even after a couple of months of use. Thanks Rick you are wonderful!

Whilst this application is for clothing manufacturing it has the flexibility to work perfectly for our coffee roasting business.

We would recommend Cin7 to any business small, medium or large in the future!

Louise Clark
Financial Controller


Louise Clark  

Works perfectly!
Connects to Xero on every level to allow proper separation and processes between our accounting staff and sales operations teams without any manual entry.

Cin7 has a solution for UOM that you will not find anywhere else.
Great Support and other integrations.

Give them a shot and take the necessary time to set it up well on the front end and you will not be disappointed.

Only challenge is they are on different time zones and US customers are found waiting at times.

Rob Callaham  

We were looking for new software for my company, and were recommended that I should look at Cin7.
That recommendation changed the way we operate, control stock, suppliers and customers.
We have a midsized manufacturing and online company with over 80 distributors and about 3000 products.
We have complicated BOMs with labour content that need to be linked across two clients and be able to have my web sites pull APIs for product pricing.
We made a lot of changes to the layouts of many of the forms, CIN7 staff were great in the way it was done, and the speed it was achieved in.
The software interface is easy to train staff and very forgiving.
The handshake between CIN7 and Xero Partner is seamless.
We would recommend CIN7 to any big or small business.
We are looking forward to the challengers as our business grows knowing that CIN7 and their staff (Jeff/Shyam Thanks guys) are there to help.
Evan Wilson
Rakavan Pty Ltd

Mark Sykes  

We design and produce custom high-end women's garments - as such we needed a system that would work with our unique production processes, and create a solid platform for our large product range - something that could grow with the brand, that could be flexible and adaptable, and make inventory and stock control a breeze.

So far CIN7 has proven to be everything it has set out to be, and we are so glad we went with this system. Although daunting and rather time-consuming at first, we have found CIN7 easy to work with and set up - even though our processes are not as straightforward as many other fashion retailers.

The customer support has been fantastic - thank you Sam C for all your help and guidance. I would definitely recommend CIN7 in future.

Jessica - Karen Gee Pty Ltd

Jessica La Grange  

We are very happy with out CIN7 system, were already using Xero so was just a matter of changing from our previous inventory system which we didn't like to CIN7. Thanks Daniel J for helping us with this.

Juliette - Play'n'Learn

Juliette Hart  

We are very new in implementing the Cin7 platform so still early days. We are also brand new to xero in this new financial year.

Running several Battery Stores in the NT we needed something to integrate the inventory. Melding the three stores old MYOB data together has been 'interesting' to say the least seeing that the old data was not the best with double ups of barcodes etc because our previous system did not communicate to the others. Cin7 have helped us greatly with this.

Now, we have all the data linked, we are becoming more congruent each day.

There is a lot to learn, but I will say this. Cin7's customer service has been outstanding. Shyam gets onto things straight away and has helped us each step of the way, thanks to Skype calls etc.

What I like about Cin7 is that the system is evolving and changing to suit the needs of customers. I am giving four stars for now and will most likely upgrade this to 5 in a few weeks when we have been operating for while!

Well done guys.

Kelly Farrell - Outback Batteries NT Australia

Kelly Farrell  

We are a wholesale apparel and accessories business set up in the Australian market. We were originally looking for a system to step up from MYOB with but had limited capital to move into one of the larger systems. After many months of researching and demos we made the decision to go with CIN7 / Xero combo.

From the get go we have been extremely happy with how this setup has worked for us. We were up and running within a few days due to the ease of migration and the on hand support we had from CIN7 when anything did pop up.

I have used many systems in the past and to be honest they all have their issues and difficulties. The thing we have loved about working with the CIN7 team is their availability to help resolve any issues or implement system changes specific to our needs.

We recently merged our business with another company and the setup of inventory / customers / orders and accounts in CIN7 / Xero was completed in less than a day which meant we were back to business the next day!

We are very happy with what CIN7 offers as a whole and the support we have had from their team.

Thanks CIN7!

Stem Distribution - Sydney Australia


Layton Thomson  

We are in the consumer products business distributed through the US in specialty retail, department stores, independent retailers, spas and resorts and through our own ecommerce platform. Simply said, without Cin7 we wouldn't be able to use Xero. We extensively searched through all of the solutions on the market and none of them were able to offer all of the functionality that was so important to us, including build of materials, multiple warehouses, tracking of warehouse bin locations and tracking of lot numbers and expiration dates (which is very important to us as we manufacture sunscreen products, which are governed by the FDA. Cin7 has been able to integrate with WooCommerce and Xero and we have gone beyond that through the use of the robust API. They have also been very patient and attentive in helping us implement the system and deal with issues as they arise.

Stephen Emery  

We have been using Cin7 since April 2013 and it was certainly a significant improvement on the manual systems that were in place prior to implementing this solution. As a reasonably small but complex business operation, Cin7 provides the level of integrated functionality required for both the manufacturing and sales sides of our business.

The solution required some company specific customisations to address some of our brewery operations which on the whole, has been good, although getting support to ‘fix’ any issues and undertake further development has been a challenge due to limited knowledge transfer and understanding of these customisations. More recently we have seen an improvement in the general support of the system and priority in addressing our most urgent requirements.

We initially struggled with the lack of any training or process documentation which resulted in our team lacking the confidence and knowledge to use the system as designed. As a result, we dedicated a resource to capture and publish our own System Procedures Manual with (process and functional flows plus supporting screen shots for system navigation). In addition, we did not have a separate training or test environment which further impeding the ability to gain an thorough understanding of how the system works. The good news is we have a commitment from Cin7 that this will be addressed going forward and assist with both existing and new users of this solution.

We are happy with the integration to Xero and it works well to meet the business needs.

Wendy Sawyer - McCashin's Brewery, Nelson

Anne Lawson  

I switched over to Xero a few years ago after using MYOB for many years and would never consider going back. I own a clothing manufacturing company and Xero handled everything efficiently with the exception of the inventory system. After many months of researching the add on systems I could not go past Cin7. It was the only system I could find that would handle our manufacturing process right through to the POS. Like all new systems it took some time to set up and understand all the processes but the support from the Cin7 team was fantastic and very efficient. The fact that Cin7 is not rigid and can be customised in some areas makes it a very workable system. We are now able to get accurate costings of our products and the ease with which it integrates with Xero is a great feature. Even though we have still not finished setting up everything we can already see the benefits of using Cin7.

Gail Everett  

I have to agree with Bruce.

This system is very robust, but the time involved in getting this system in place is immense. Despite the team on the Cin7 backend to help you implement this system, you will still be lost overall trying to figure out the ins and outs, unless you've been in the logistics business.

Our use case was as a furniture retail store and design studio. We are boutique, so we only stock about 10% of the products we use, and order everything else. We needed a quick way to price out thousands of pieces and on multiple rates for trade, design clientele, and retail customers. Cin7 nailed this aspect, but it took a month of back and forth during the new year to get this situated. I guarantee you'll be talking to support to ensure your sales orders are selecting the proper rates. And the POS system is definitely no dream. There is really no way around this. Between log-ins and log-outs it was ultimately easier to just create a sales order in the admin side.

If you're used to XERO's fluidity and ease, don't expect the same in Cin7. The help docs seem straightforward to the support team, but they're pretty much useless and you should expect many hours learning where things are going. It is definitely based in Windows compared to a Mac environment, which can turn your team off immediately when you need to teach them all the necessary functions.

On the accounting side, this is where I hoped the system would shine in automating purchase orders and sales orders. There is definitely an uneasy feeling when you need to export and import this information back into XERO. You will definitely get the feeling XERO and Cin7 are only marginally synced together.

If you're working on the West Coast, don't expect much Skype help until late in the day (4-5pm) because of the time difference. If you're on the fence about the $225 per month as well, know that costs will escalate to $250-300 per month with any communication with support.

Now that XERO has introduced their own inventory system, I think our small business will migrate back until something US-based stands out or Cin7 finally opens their US offices.

Zach Cole  

My review of Cin7 is based on our attempted onboarding with them.

We have used TradeGecko for the last year. We run a consignment hybrid model.

My initial conversations with Cin7 (prior to paying) left me feeling very confident that we had found the "complete solution" for what we needed. It was going to be well over double the cost, but the communicated benefits for a growing company like us seemed to justify the cost.

We paid for the first month and began the onboarding process. (there is no real free trial, only the ability to play around in their demo system) Here is our experience prior to calling off the entire process.

The Good:
-Powerful and robust system
-plenty of experience in our chosen arena
-dedicated person to import your infrmation

The Bad:
-Dependent on person overseas to do your imports
-Their import tables require a lot of data manipulation
-entire onboarding process is up to you, they do not handle your data other than to import it for use
-Help sections are lacking. They are VERY basic; not thorough at all
-User CP is somewhat dated.
-B2B portal is confusing to modify and use

In short, we couldn't afford the enormous investment of time it required of us. I expected that there would be someone there to help us make the transition, in our minds, to the new workflows etc. I had many skype chats attempting to understand this however when I asked for a call and a complete walk through via phone/video chat, I was told that I could pay an hourly fee to have someone help me, but that it wasn't included.

In short, I expect that my business is valuable enough to elicit some serious support. I felt very much like they were more interested in my money than they were in my satisfaction.

Bruce Brown  

Cin7 is one great program. My company has been manufacturing jewelry for over 20 years and in the past used bulky and over-featured, complex MPRs/INV control programs. Way too much trouble.
The thing that has been great about Cin7 is that it is easy to learn and use but it has the ability to grow in complexity as your needs get more sophisticated. The team at Cin7 was well-versed in what we needed for pulling out the right info for us at the right time.
It was great to have a process that got more straightforward as time went on.
On top of it all, they've been great to work with, very responsive.
But the best feature is how orders get downloaded from Shopify right into Cin7 and then Xero gets updated and it all turns into a nicely functioning closed loop.

Lisa Jenks  

Patriot Campers have been using Cin7 for approximately 6 months. We are so happy using Cin7 and xero together and they integrate together quickly and without any hassles.

If we have had any teething issues Cin7 have dealt with these in the most efficient way.

Without Cin7 we would not be able to run our stock system as efficiently as we are now.

Hannah Edwards  

Viking Kayaks NZ have purchased Viking Kayaks Australia - and with the use of Xero and Cin7, we are basically running an Australian business by remote control, with all of the admin being run from New Zealand.

We couldn't have done it without CIN7.

One Factory in Mooloolaba, a retail store in Warana, and another Retail Store in Brisbane. Quite a complex setting, however CIN7 has handled it well.

Serial Trace-ability is one of the key elements we have utilised in tracking where the stock is and when the unique kayaks are made, moved to a new location and also sold.

The POS System works great also. We have not yet implemented the Barcode scanners, but that would make the process even easier and that will be done shortly.

Great System, that ticks all of the boxes.

Andrew Taylor  

Learning new systems is always quite daunting but the transition has been surprisingly easy.
Any initial teething problems we have had were always dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We are so happy with CIN7 and Xero that we are moving our larger company over too!

Kirsten 1895  

Cin7 and Xero are very good. They make our business easier to operate, and I cant recommend them enough.I would go as far as to say, they (Cin7) the most comprehensive Inventory Mgt product for Import based businesses, working with Xero

We tried the others in the Add-on directory, even tried other inventory mgt products in production with a new subsidiary of the business, but then found that it didnt cut the mustard and we went all Cin7.

I found that I needed something to make my business easier to operate - Cin7 delivers this, and makes Xero into a better accounting solution as well as a result.

Mike I  

Firstly, I have to say that Im very very happy with Cin7 Online Inventory and POS.
I have been struggling over the last couple of years with the likes of Unleashed....with the lack of customization and major shortfalls in functionality....typical to all of the 'out-of-the-box' systems out there. Then I discovered Cin7 and now feel that our business has a good easy to use system, that is properly set up for our needs.

The major benefit I feel is that Cin7 offers not just online inventory, invoicing, etc, but also a Point Of Sale facility, all in the same package. The POS works in seamlessly with inventory tracking, sales reporting, etc. We are running the POS system on a dedicated touchscreen POS terminal, and on a standard PC - both working very well in the front end of our business. We use the Cin7 POS with a barcode scanner at our front counter, and it works brilliantly. In the back office, we use the backend of Cin7 to generate all our invoices, picking slips, and shipping labels for all outgoing orders. We also use Cin7 to generate barcode labels for all of our products, which are printed directly from the Cin7 platform, without the need for any additional software.

The customizing work and configuration setup did take some time to get correct, with many emails back and forth to a dedicated person at Cin7 assigned to setting up our account. The process was made relatively simple due to just the one person at Cin7 being responsible. Reply times were always quick, and any changes usually carried out within 24 hours. There were some costs involved in all the custom work...perhaps sometimes a little bit on the steep side....but the results are definitely worth it.

The document templates for invoices, picking slips and shipping labels can all be fully customized to look exactly the way you want. At the moment, Cin7 personnel have to make all these changes, which at times can be a little bit frustrating since even small changes like changing a font size, or moving a column by a few millimetres will require you to first explain to them what is is you want changed, for them to then make the changes for you. But I believe that they have some update in the pipeline to enable the users to develop their own document templates, to be more inline with how Xero works (and even Unleashed). Im very much looking forward to this update.

The whole system is well thought out and well designed.....and Im a very happy customer!


Janne Nilsson  

its a good system, it took a while to tease out issues and set it up to fit our needs - but it was worth it- still tweaking it now, but has made our systems more efficient

Emily Nash  


This is a review based on using Cin7 for apparel/fashion based products. I had been looking for a replacement for a highly developed in house software system and had not been able to find anything that could handle style/colour and sizes involved with apparel or for that matter most fashion products. My first evaluation gave me a glimpse of an extremely versatile piece of software but because of my attachment and familiarity to our existing system could not see the benefits of what Cin7 had to offer.
After 6 months I discovered Cin7 was available as a monthly subscription that represented excellent value for what was on offer so decided to have another look at it with a more open mind. WOW. What I discovered was an extremely well developed and powerful program that had a lot to offer anyone in the fashion business or for that matter any business. It also developed enough to accommodate the growth of your business up to a larger scale.

From the apparel perspective we not only manufacture but also have retail which most software systems struggle to deal with. Cin7 manages this very well.
I have only scratched the surface of the program and based on my initial use of Cin7 can only say how much I underestimated its capabilities.
The support to date has been excellent especially with getting set up.
The user interface once you have learnt the basics is very easy to get to grips with as there is a pattern that follows through on most of the main templates that are used.
Based on my experience with Cin7 I would recommend getting some initial training to gain a better understanding of what the system can do for you because setting it up in the beginning to meet your requirements will reward you with a software package that will help getting your team on board as well as provide you with a valuable reporting system.
Another benefit is because it is cloud based you can utilise it from anywhere you have an internet connection which has allowed me to operate from anywhere I happen to be.
My background is 40 years in the clothing industry both as a manufacturing wholesaler and a retailer with 20 years of developing a bespoke software system for our business.

John Heskett  

We moved to Cin7 in October from Quickbooks. We needed a solution that was flexible enough to cover every aspect of our business: Retail (POS), wholesale, support multiple branches and with a solid solution for managing landed costs / customs calculations. So far Cin7 has really delivered – providing accurate data and (in conjunction with Xero) saving me up to 80% of the time I used to spend on Quickbooks.

That being said, and as a lot of comments on here purport, it is not really a plug-and-play solution. There is quite a bit of set-up involved and customisation from the Cin7 team is required to really get the best out of the system. Thankfully, the Cin7 team are ultra-responsive and extremely helpful.

It must be said that it is still a relatively new system, and as such, I have found a number of bugs. More in-depth testing would have caught a number of these. However, I understand that the flexible nature and wide array of different types of organisations using the system, makes it difficult to do so. Everything I have found has been, or is being fixed in a timely fashion.

Transferring to Cin7 has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. There is nothing out there that remotely matches the functionality that Cin7 delivers.

***Update November***

We are still getting a lot of bugs and support has gone down hill. The pricing has increased by 45% in less than 2 years and has been justified by 'great new features' etc. - however, you have to pay more for these! I raise 10+ support tickets per week for bugs and refuse to pay additional $150 for premium support (which used to be free). Cin7 is good and I like the multi-branch features. If you need more functionality it is great - otherwise go to Vend!

Jason Robinson  

We started using Cin7 in October 2014. The team at Cin7 have been really pro-active and helpful in getting us setup. As with any switch it wasn't seamless but being able to send a list of issues at the end of the day and come back in the morning with it resolved is brilliant. The the improvement to our workflow and data is exactly what we were looking for.

Jon Doyle  

We also started using Cin7 in August 2014 and have been really impressed with the system so far & the support provided. We've previously used Unleashed and it was simply a disaster. The Cin7 team have been really helpful during the set up phase and have been incredibly responsive with their ongoing support. Our mobile staff use CIN7 easily on their tablets with ease, providing them all the information without having the need to contact the office for support.

Tristan Roberts  

I highly recommend CIN7. Great product and wonderful support team.

Cin7 are responsive and always willing to assist to ensure a high level of client satisfaction.

Diana Siddall  

Cin7 is a great product. We find the Xero integration very stable and does a great job for our clients.

As it is with all the add-ons, they can't be all things to all businesses. That's why we're always careful and detailed in our scoping of business needs before implementing.

Our clients using Cin7 love it and we find the support team are great to work with.

Kris Hofer  

Here at Centrevision we had installed and deployed the opposition product and after three months have decided to start again. After searching for suitable Inventory Management Products we chose to go with Xero and Cin7.
After Investigating, Trialling and now Deploying Cin7 over the past month, we believe that we have chosen the best product available for our Business. Centrevision are Importers, distributing CCTV Security Equipment throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim and we have found that Cin7 with its speed and user friendly platform, our staff have no problems using Cin7.
We now have a much better picture of what is happening within our business right down to the individual stock counts with full serial tracking.
I am sure that over the next few months Cin7 will continue to help us understand better ways to run our business more profitably, as we are based in Australia we also found that the Cin7 team could work well with us remotely.

Rod McKenna - Operations Manager
Ran Liderman - Director

Centrevision, Melbourne Australia

Rod McKenna  

Cin 7 really came to the table for our clients. Needing a unique solution to add value to their industry, Cin 7 gave a relatable and customised demo, show casing the ability of the product. This really blew our guys away and they are excited for the business future that lies ahead. - Anita Hayhoe, Sidekick Chartered Accountants

Anita Hayhoe  

Since flipping their business model in July '14 from full bespoke to "guided" implementation we've had a great takeup of Cin7.
By enabling us as Xero Add-on Implementation specialists to get involved in the onboarding and setup process we've been able to help clients onboard promptly with all the change management they need.
We've found Cin7 to be a great product for clients with more of the "complex" inventory requirements such as serial and batch tracking, custom fields and full custom pricing.

If you manage any kind of production or have retail with a high amount of make to order sales Cin7 is the best option in the Xero marketplace to date.
It is a much bigger and more complex product than what has previously been available on the Xero marketplace and for that reason I would highly recommend using their implementation partners.

Support only working NZ time can be a bit painful at times but if you're working with an implementation partner you wont be going direct during the implementation anyway.

Daniel Farthing  

Our company is new to the area of importing and the sales of goods. We have taken the approach to implement an inventory management system from day 1. We can see that where our business is headed in the future Cin7 will be able to incorporate everything we need.

As we are new to the industry our sales and purchasing structure has been simple to setup in Cin7 as we currently have limited products and suppliers. Cin7 has provided us a great base structure to run our supply and orders from and although at our current size we only use limited features that Cin7 offers we can see huge benefits in working with Cin7 to setup a system best suited for our company as we go through various development phases.

We highly recommend this system and as we have done recommend other companies implementing the system in the early days of trading as it provides a great platform to develop from.

Charles Dickie
Dickie Direct

Charles Dickie  

I have been involved with inventory for many years across a wide range of national and internal corporations. During that time colleagues and I have mused "If only it could do this...or why does it do it this way, making us "slaves to the system". I haven't stopped smiling or laughing since I first saw Cin7. It's abundantly clear that people who really know the operational needs of a business have been involved in the creation of Cin7. It is written in layman's language with flow and uniformity of structure. The liberation from "enslvement to the system" to the "system serving us" is so empowering, so exciting and so future focused on creating winning businesses.

Mark Holman MBA (Dist), PGDpMgtSt

Mark Holman  

We started out as a very small company over a decade ago with one office member, a director, chemist and a warehouse worker and have graduated to a medium size business with 3 office staff, a director, chemist, 4 warehouse staff, a delivery driver and a GM based in another state.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of building products and in the beginning our basic accounting and invoicing system along with an excel based production program sufficed but over the last couple of years as we have steadily grown this system was no longer practical and was actually costing us productivity and patience.

Looking into a better system, it seemed that most that met our requirements of being effective as a multi-user program and also tying in inventory and manufacturing held all the answers with an extremely big price tag and from feedback sometimes even bigger problems. We finally came across CIN7 and Xero and have not looked back since.

From the very beginning all the staff that we have dealt with at CIN7 have been friendly and professional and listened with open ears as to what exactly we wanted and needed from a new system. They understood we were also wrapping our heads around tying in two old systems to create one new coefficient system of accounting, inventory and manufacturing. With plenty of communication and thought, CIN7 provided us with the system we are now using today. We have only been actively using our new system for the last couple of months but we had been setting up this system with CIN7 since the end of last year. Both CIN7 and ourselves were in agreement that the more preparation involved in setting up the system, the easier the transition with the most benefit to be gained.

CIN7 along with Xero has been the best move forward for our business and it’s nice to know that we can ask ongoing questions about ‘can we do this?’ or ‘how does this work?’ and CIN7 are happy to respond and it’s always in a timely manner. We also know that there is plenty of room to expand the system in the future for example, if we decide to use a POS system through our website.

Finally, we have been knocked out with the responsiveness and keenness to assist even after the system was installed and paid for and cannot speak highly enough of CIN7 and their staff.

Kylie Draper  

The CIN7 team is ultra responsive and committed to refining a fully customized system. It is a huge asset to have a team like that! Highly recommended!

Black Dove Manufacturing

Evan Sugerman  

CIN7 has been the only inventory system to allow me to track my products to the right charts of accounts, allowing my business to have a more clear view of our product accounts.

Thanks CIN7 Team for your support!

Javier Calzada
El Cielo Foods

Javier Calzada  

We had a very short amount of time to implement CIN7 and Xero for our business and the assistance we got from the guys at CIN7 was amazing. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Ant Elliott
Burke Marine

Antell Nominees Pty Ltd  

We have been using CIN7 for a year now and it is amazing. It offers us all the features we need as well as the seamless integration to Xero.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cloud based solution for their business.

5 Stars :D

Kyle Giliam

Kyle Giliam  

I have been searching for months different POS / Inventory Management / CRM products. I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to either get a couple of different systems or simply go without certain features my business needed. Then came along Cin7. I now have a system that can be 100% configured to handle my business' Inventory Management + POS + CRM requirements. Not to mention the 'Parts Assembly' capabilities. As I said to one of my staff members…"I love Cin7"!!!

James Osborn  

I have implemented CIN 7 for two entities in the US and plan to add another entity next week. Before starting this process our team evaluated two other products, Unleashed and Trade Gecko. CIN 7 is far superior in it's reporting functionality and customization.

I had a positive experience with my implementation consultant despite the time difference between NZ and the US. She was very responsive and supportive which was important since the implementation services were critical to configuring our account to meet our business needs.

Key process improvements using CIN 7:

Production scheduling
Accuracy and completeness of outstanding orders
Smart buying
Efficiency through Xero connection

Michelle Fortunato  

We got Cin7 on board 9 months ago, it was quite slow to get the process started, but we got there at the end. We are dealing quite a lot with purchasing from overseas and distribution of the goods for various projects. One of the things that Cin7 helped us to achieve was
* Cut admin time per pick
* Greater accuracy by having automated stock in and out
* Less paper work - one Sales order become a picking and packing list-> becomes an invoice
* Less duplication for the same reason mention above
* Visibility of the stock movements and orders processing
* The stock valuation is a lot more accurate than we ever had
It also gave us a chance to better forecast, now we actually have a clear report that will tell us what sells and what does not.
We have looked at other programmes when we decided to pick Cin7. We recognised Cin7 potential in developing new features and opportunity to integrate with other programmes and we already see progress.
We would have liked to see more initial setup from Cin7 at the beginning, I think maybe there should be standard check list of the requirements that company has, for example GST number on the invoices and company address.

kathy smith  

Cin7 is a great an robust system. The new interface looks really clean and clear and it is extremely intuitive to use.

While it is simple and clear on the "outside", the functionality "under the bonnet" is extensive and what makes Cin7 different from the rest is the customization that is availab.
No other app in the Xero marketplace offers tailored customisation as Cin7 does.

It is a very powerful tool and the value / cost is impressive.
Moreover, the product is always evolving and the team at Cin7 are always implementing user requests and implementing new changes very rapidly.

I can strongly recommend it.


Enrico Ziglio  

We have implemented CIN7 for a large retail business, which supplies various items, including clothing, accessories, home wares and stationary. This business has permanent stores, but also runs casual popup stores, so at any time they have between 15-20 outlets, CIN7 is a great solution for their business, and we would happily recommend CIN7 to any business looking for a solid inventory management solution.

Ezidebit Integration  

We are based in the UK and are in the process of implementing Cin7 for inventory and POS. We had previously used Sage Line 200/Sage paypoint but it was not set up correctly by the Sage reseller (major bugs in the system) and Sage themselves refused to put it right.

We spent 12 months searching the world for an new system - literally - and trialled several before we came across Cin7. It was the only one we found that had a comprehensive inventory system suitable for importers combined with POS which was simple to operate(due to the ability to customise it) and was a reasonable price.

Implementing the inventory part was fairly simple, but the POS has taken longer as there have been errors which their developers have had to correct. The production manager at Cin7 - David Choy has been excellent and always replies to my emails the same day.

I shall be rating it as 4 stars as we have not fully implemented the system yet so cannot comment on the integration with Xero.

Brenda Foster  

Previously, I never had the time to comment on posts like these. Since implementing Xero and Cin7, I now can.

We are a small design and manufacturing company. We make great products and up until Jan of this year controlled production, sales with complex custom labeled spreadsheets. These made perfect sense when we created them, but became confusing within a week. Add Sage accounts to the mix and things fell apart.

We knew there must be a better way - We investigated accounts packages with manufacturing capabilities. The truth - one company couldn’t do it all, but two with apps perfectly synchronized could. Xero, a simple accounts package paired with a killer inventory system was the way to go. We looked at Unleashed and delved deeper. we found it wasn’t flexible enough for us. We then looked at CIN7 and started trialing.

The guys at CIN7 where incredibly helpful, they freely gave insight on how to handle an array of different scenarios, some of which we hadn’t even considered. We where sold.

Switching any system takes an incredible amount of time, labor and money. To save costs we naturally considered implementation in house. We didn’t get very far and within a week we where looking for consultant’s. We just didn’t have the skillset and our time was best spent designing products. It’s what we do best.

We spoke to three Xero consultants and picked Maree from maxama.co.uk. She did an absolutely terrific job, all within ten days. It was money well spent. Pick a good consultant and you wont regret it.

Today, the sales team can confidently sell knowing it is actually in stock. Current Production is visible to all so keeping on top of backorders is easy. The Cin7 API syncs inventory stock levels, pricing, and description every 60 seconds, so our website is always up to date. Web orders are also automatically pushed directly into CIN7 making selling and shipping a breeze. All orders are synced to Xero, so reconciling is incredibly quick. My partner (also our bookkeeper) has managed to cut her hours from 72 per week, to 23. She’s now part time and able to focus on the more important aspect of our company. Like credit control. For me, I’m now able to design new products; that’s the bit I love. And of course this generates additional income. I can easily measure the performance of our business anytime, anywhere.

Andy Subratie
United Kingdom

Andy Subratie  

CIN7 has been fantastic for our company as it is highly customisable.
We have been able to specify numerous add ons and merchandising tools to meet our exact needs. The mobile stocktake app is highly recommended. With our stock stored in three separate locations we have the ability to compile numerous stocktake figures which easily reconcile into one adjusted inventory list. With everything syncing with Xero, it makes our accounting so much easier.

Kirsty McMorron  

Olivado utilises CIN7 for two entities, NZ and Europe which standalone but are both managed at our Head Office in NZ. Having a cloud based system certainly has advantages for a business operating in at least two different markets, producing and invoicing in both. This obviously has cost advantages as one staff member operates both systems.

We have now had CIN7 in place for nearly 18 months and we have undertaken significant customisation for our purposes. We are now entering a stage where we want to expand our production planning and materials purchasing planning and we expect CIN7 will assist with customising these features/ reports as we have with other areas.

All in all the system works well for Olivado and we anticipate another 12 months of refining our processes and CIN7 set up for our requirements will result in a very useful, time saving tool for our operations

Jason Vokes  

We are just kicking off, but our decision was at the end of an extensive investigation process, and the ability of this integrated system to work for our retail, on-line, wholesale, international wholesale, distributor and consignment stock needs and feed information through to Xero is a real winner!

campbell junor  

After a month of getting up and running, with all our products and stock in etc, we couldn't be happier with our new inventory system.

Cin7 is very powerful and cover all aspects our business requires.

As an importer and exporter in both retail and wholesale markets are requirements were somewhat complicated but this was no problem for Cin7. Everything works well and no issues with the multi-currency.

Most importantly, stock management is great. We feel we now have complete control over our stock requirements. One big positive is the tracking of orders, cin7 is smart, and we can very quickly find what order's have yet to be completed and what stage they are at, whether stock is available etc.

Moving from desktop cased system to cloud based has also been a huge bonus. Being able to check on something from anywhere at anytime without going into the office pleasing, and not having to worry about backups is also great.

If we could make one recommendation it would be to get rid of some the excess unused fields (maybe just on a client to client basis), as at various times the interface is a little daunting for some employes. Nevertheless it works as design and we are very happy we went with cin7. If you have a remotely complicated business structure and need a customised solution, Cin7 is probably your best bet as an SME.

Outdoor Concepts

Jane Beveridge  

Cin7 has been very helpful in managing our stock, distribution and sales. Its very user friendly and easy to use, its also comprehensive enough to allow us to move large amount of data easily.

We use cin7 for POS, purchasing, stock keeping, checking stock movement and sales promotion programs, printing everything related to sales/transfer (product barcodes, invoices, delivery order etc).

Stock taking is also very easy with its offline Mobile Stocktake module. Its also very helpful for us that each Branch can have multiple sub-location (some other programs don't have this). So for our warehouse we keep track of the stock by the bin.

We can export/import sales data, product information, and product picture in bulk, and Cin7 also integrates directly with Xero, so that saves a lot of time for the accounting side.

The team there is also very helpful in helping accommodate our company's specific needs in a timely manner. Looking forward for more and more feature from Cin7

Richard Thng  

Our experience with Cin7 has been great. They offer great support and flexibility within their system. For growing small businesses Cin7 is a great alternative to enterprise ERP and allows businesses to stay on Xero as they grow.

Brad Golchin  

We have just migrated our accounts to Xero and installed Cin7. A task that seemed a bit daunting but it has run smoothly with the support we have had from the Cin7 team. We now have a much better picture of what is happening within our business right down to a batch level. Being based in Australia we found that the Cin7 team could work well with us remotely.

I am sure that over the next few months Cin7 we will continue to help us understand better ways to run our business more profitably.

Susan Bruce
Poachers Pantry
Hall, Australia

Susan Bruce  

I have been using and working with CIN7 now for around 2 years, have a customizable system in both CRM and ERP is truly invaluable.

Also being able to have multiple currencies and also languages, as we are a Apparel and Accessories company based in China means it makes our lives very easy working with our factories here and our customers around the world.

Being a cloud based system means I can communicate with my staff and clients with accurate information on production schedules, pricing and shipping in real time. Without this things use to take twice as long as shuffling through 100 spreadsheets when on the run was defiantly not ideal.

The support staff are always pleasant to deal with and efficient in sorting any problems that have arisen or adding what we need to the system as our needs and business change.

We have found that working with CIN7 has added a new dimension to our business, in having live data and having and interrogated system between CIN7 & Xero has certainly lowered or operating overheads.

Our over all experience to date with CIN7 has been a positive one and can only speak of them in a high manor.

Jeremy Maclaurin
China Textile Traders


Jeremy Maclaurin  

I was one of the very first customers for the Cin7 system. I have enjoyed using it for the past seven years. Although my business was not their target market the system was so flexible the Cin7 team went out of their way to make it work for my photography, modelling and fashion show business.

The CRM has been a great success to my company. Its user friendly and fast.

Amanda Bransgrove

Amanda Bransgrove  

We've been using CIN7 now for 3 months now. The integration, whilst challenging has been backed up by first class customer services and humour even in those head banging desk moments! The program has allowed me to cut staffing costs by circa 30% and allowed me to manage the company from the beach, mountains and office as opposed to the constant badgering of staff for information office to office. The start of our relationship with CIN7 has been great and we look forward to continued development of the program as we expand as a business globally.

Pete Hunt

Peter Hunt  

We have been using Xero for a year and a few months ago integrated Cin7. It has made our PO and inventory process much better. The link between the two software programs works very well. I have used the help link with great success and Cin7 has been very prompt and helpful with any questions and set up.

Kandy Sauer
Copeland Supply Co., LLC

Kandy Sauer  

Hi Guys,

We have been using Cin7 now for the past 6 months.

For us the advantage with Cin7 was that it was able to connect our wholesale, website and retail stores under one umbrella and then snyc with xero. This allowed us to save a lot of time
and money.

Cin7 positive features.

*User friendly interface which means our team were a lot more receptive to embracing it.
*The ability to use Ipads for point of sale in our retail stores.
*The ability to use scanners and tablets for picking orders in our warehouse.
*Daily support from the Cin7 team when features need adapting/issues arise.
*Easy bulk style importing process. (dream compared to other systems we've used)
*Constant development and improvement.
*Flexibility to change and update certain features.

Over all we are happy with this product and would definitely recommend it!

Emma Bidois
Summer Supply Ltd
Importer of havaianas nz.

Emma Bidois  

A2Z Data Ltd recommends CIN 7 for your Inventory and POS requirements because we believe in the product and the company who developed it.
Software selection is a painful process - with so many products to choose from – how do you choose?
CIN 7 makes it easy for you to quickly see the wonderful benefits of using their system.
Regular live Webcasts reveal the user friendly screens, easy processing and great reports that are available.
At a great price - you get the full system and simply turn on the features you want.
This gorgeous system ticks all the boxes as the pinnacle of “Cloud” processing.
• No Installation
• Easy setup
• User friendly
• Seamless integration with accounting system and e-commerce websites
• Not hindered by Internet interruptions
• Great “Help” documentation
• Friendly and timely support
• Outstanding online training
CIN 7 is a great fit for discerning businesses seeking the best solution to meet their needs and budget.
We love the “Light bulb” moment our clients experience when they realise how well CIN 7 delivers their expectations.
You’re onto a winner with such powerful processing and reporting at your fingertips.
Make the right choice the first time and choose CIN 7 for your Inventory and POS system.

Judi Bond CA
A2Z Data Limited

Judi Bond  

We moved to Cin7 a couple of years ago and are happy overall.

There were some teething problems for some time where (i think) the developers were adding in new functionality and not fully testing it, this sometimes still happens.

That said we have a great relationship with the guys and they always try to accomodate our needs - some specific to our own business needs, some that are for the greater good of Cin7.

The quote module works well and Smart buyer for raising purchase orders.
Converting quotes to orders is easy and the contact log is really helpful in centralising communication with customers.

The product module is good but could do with some extra or different columns to better understand the current stock situation but this can be worked out by using the information thats there.

Multi currency management is good and managing the overseas currency fluctuations works well.

Xero integration is really tight and easy to use - contacts, debtors, creditors etc plus the feature to customise account codes for specific products.

We also use the product module to manage the products that show on our website, including certain products that are available to buy online or not.

Our website design looks good in comparison to a lot of other websites but we require mobile friendly which is not currently available, plus the online store is not as powerful as say Shopify. In hindsight we would recommend different solution for the website but other than that we are happy with Cin7 and our platform is improving all the time.

Jon Miles
Managing Director
Innerspace Commercial Interiors, Perth WA.

Jon Miles  

We switched over from Unleashed to Cin7 a few months ago and it has certainly given us more flexibility and order management transparency. The product can be customized for our individual needs and sales channels which has been a big help as we added eCommerce and multi-currency. Also the integration with Xero is further along than others we considered and used in the past. We are pleased with our decision and look forward to working with the development team as more tools and robust reporting become available.

Wendy Wixon
Business Manager
Canterbury of New Zealand, North America

Wendy Wixon  

I have been using Xero for almost two years now. When we were looking for an inventory program that was integrated with Xero, CIN7 ticked all the boxes.
The implementation took only 10 weeks and the team at CIN7 were very accommodating and easy to deal with.
It has been 3 months now since we have used CIN7 and the flexibility of being able to log in from where ever in the world is amazing!

I have already recommended CIN7 to several businesses and will continue to do so.

Ragail Rassos
Operations Manager
mysupply pty ltd


Ragail Stewart  

We started using both Xero & CIN7 in January 2014 and so far, both systems are working extremely well for us.

We have two business units. We roast and package coffee locally here in Australia as well as import a premium finished coffee product from Europe.

Cin7's ability to produce a customised system has allowed both business units to seamlessly integrate with Xero.

Our production module within Cin7 allows us to accurately record raw materials and WIP so as to correctly transfer our stock position into Xero. Additionally, the BOM module really supports our customised selling strategy by allowing us to take different products to make up a customer specific final package. There are numerous benefits of this module which include detailed packing slips to ensure accurate picking, summarised invoices so that the customer receives a neatly finished invoice and very importantly, accurate costings.

Cin7's foreign currency and freight allocation capabilities has also allowed our imported products to be accurately record in Xero.

On the front end, our B2B module built by Cin7 has resulted in efficient order taking that integrates into Xero with the push of the data transfer function. This is extremely efficient during the bank reconciliation process.

The main area for improvement revolve around Cin7's handling of gst free products.We had some teething problems on both the purchase and sales side of things as the majority of our products are gst free. However, by working closely with the Cin7 support team, we have been able to resolve this from both a recording of revenue/purchases and reporting perspective.

I would definitely (and already have) recommend Cin7. A cost effective and efficient customer and inventory management system.

Chris Nikolakopoulos
General Manager
Kaffeina Group Pty Ltd


Chris Nikolakopoulos  

We have been using Cin7 for almost a year now and we have found the solution to work well for our business. Being able to convert sales into purchases orders via their smart buyer facility saves us valuable data entry time.

I would happily recommend Cin7 to anyone looking for a cloud-based inventory solution.

Alan Purchase
Managing Director

Whistler Leather Ltd
210 The Design Centre - London - SW10 0XE


Alan Purchase  

cin7 is a beauty and much better managed our products from importing to sales, the seamless integratation with xero saves us heaps of time. we have done lots of home work studying systems alike before get cin7 on board, a great decision so far! cin7 team is just nice and so quick in replying and solving your problems, very proffesional!
Highly recommended...

Protex Workwear
North Shore, Auckland

Mengpu Bian  

We started using Cin7 in August 2014 and have been really impressed with the system so far & the support provided. We've previously used Unleashed and currently use Tradevine in another business but were looking for something that could be customised for our manufacturing and distribution business. The cin7 team were really helpful during the set up phase and have been incredibly responsive developing specific reports for our manufacturing business very promptly. Cin7 is a relatively intuitive system and is fast and easy to use. As a result of using Cin7, we have reduced data entry, increased productivity and have better access to real time information about our costs/yields/sales. We are looking forward to getting the B2B ordering set up as this again should drive our costs down & help sales. Well done Cin7 team.
Jo Freeman, JIG Limited trading as The Daily Squeeze & Ice Rescue.

Jo Freeman  

During last year we had Cin 7 develop an account package and a website.
Having already been running with Xero for a while, it was a very smooth transition to continue with them and have Cin 7 ability to load into Xero.
The development team led be David Choy were very understanding of our needs and I can highly recommend their services.

Roger Mckinnon
Parnell, Auckland

Roger McKinnon  

Cin7 has been amazing with keeping track, of our inventory. We carry 1000s of parts and now with multiple sites across Australia. with out cin7 i would go crazy. They have been a great help from the start 5 months in full use ( after setup time 60 days for us ) The guys at cin7 have customized a few little things along the way , never to hard .
There has been no hidden costs also.

All of our quotes are now in a central location. Being cloud based has made life easier for all of my staff, with the flexibility of working from home.

They seem to be always working on improving and adding features , thanks cin7

We also use the POS part also for our show room , makes life easier . we carry thousands of products and not every thing has barcodes yet , so the seach funiction helps with the images . thanks cin7
Telephone Wreckers
Mark Prieditis
Brisbane, Australia

Mark Prieditis  

After a fairly exhaustive research and selection process we chose to make the leap from MYOB to CIN7 paired with Xero and the decision was an excellent one which i truly believe has helped increase our sales, improve our customer service and improve our inventory management.

As a retail furniture business with a strong customised solution focus it was very important that the system could deal with a lot of "one off" stock situations.

The inventory system, BOM builder and Associated Expenses Module have enabled us to better track on product costs allocations and track our stock on hand more efficiently.

The system has been adopted easily by our staff who enjoy using it. Tracking their sales, following up on sales quotes and the ability to sell anywhere at anytime with a cloud system has hugely benefited them.

Our business would benefit even more from CIN7 with a few improvements to the Xero integration, reconciliation process and 3rd party website provider integration (like Shopify). Which are all projects I believe they are working on.

The team at CIN7 are fantastic to deal with and have a great can do attitude to working with you to find the right solution for you however sometimes those solutions can be a bit slower than I would like.

I recommend CIN7 on a daily basis to a variety of retail / wholesale / manufacturing and importing businesses.

Scott Fisk
Dawson's Furniture
Auckland, NZ


Scott Fisk  

I can honestly say that CIN7 and Xero have changed our business - for the better.

We are a contemporary furniture importing and retail business with only 3 staff, and I feel that CIN7 in particular, has made up for almost 1 full time staff member in terms of increased productivity.

The fact CIN7 is so customisable means that we have been able to tailor a "back end" POS and inventory management system that allows for staff (and through our website - customers) to get all the information we/ they need, in the shortest possible time frame.

Being an importer, the ability to allocate and apportion freight and customs charges in NZD directly to USD purchase orders, then import it directly to Xero, has meant I no longer have to manually enter this info and spread it across a shipment in a spreadsheet, then enter it again - manually, to our old POS system. It also means that our costs are very accurate and therefore our GP figures are too.

We have fairly complex components of some of our furniture items, but the CIN7 B.O.M builder allows us to allocate parts to make up a final product, taking away any messy guesswork with costings and stock control.

I cannot speak highly enough about the support team. They are helpful, polite and switched on. I have found them a pleasure to work with.

There ARE improvements to be made around the reconciliation between Xero and CIN7. The process is relatively easy, but it is a bit "clunky" and slow. The exporting and importing process however, is pretty seamless and instant.

The only obvious other "improvement" I can see fro CIN7 would be to give it a "design makeover". She is a bit ugly, and could certainly use that "xero" brush swept across it....

These last two comments said, I still stand by CIN7 and Xero in a big way, and would recommend both to anyone in a retail and/or importing business, no matter how complex your inventory requirements are.

Chris Heard
Bauhaus - Contemporary Furniture
19 The Strand
Auckland, NZ


Chris Heard  

I’ve looked at a few different systems including entry level systems like Unleashed and more complex applications like Cin7, and we even had a brief look at some of the top tier systems ($200K+ ) and here’s what I’ve found with Cin7:

They have an unusual customer onboarding process that has allowed me to confirm for myself – or not – if their solution will do what we need, with a small fee ($1,000 I think) retained from our deposit if it ended up that we hadn’t gone ahead with a complete installation. So far so good on that count.

Configuring and customizing the software seems to be complicated, but their guys do seem to handle that pretty well, although we have needed to communicate with a few different people on the team there during the customization process. OK I guess, although I do prefer to work via a single point of contact whenever possible.

The manufacturing process and stock management we needed to sync with Xero, and our online shop and the warehouse is all good now, and now it’s hard to imagine how we did things without something like this before.

All in all, the control and efficiencies we were looking for across a few different locations works well, and the total spend has been bearable, compared with other systems that don’t seem to offer a much better level of functionality. (In fact we haven’t been able to find another fully “live” option off the shelf, to make a direct comparison with.)

Happy users right now, impressed with the depth of functionality available, and the extent to which the application can be tailored to match our business and business processes.

William Smith  

I paid the deposit and spent two weeks trying to get the show on the road with Cin7.

Cin7 offers a highly customizable l product. This customization is great so long as you live in New Zealand. If you're elsewhere in the world get ready for some wild work hours as their support staff are only available during NZ work hours. Because of this I had to respectfully decline from using Cin7 - it is so customized that you are more or less tethered to support team.

All in they are very nice guys, they're onto something good and I imagine in the near future, with global support and further tweaking, they'll have something great.

Peter Smith  

We were able to recommend Cin7 to some of our more complex clients, and their software managed to fill massive gaps in their business models. A cool add-on to Xero for any business owner that needs slightly more support and functionality from their stock/manufacturing/ordering systems.

Eva Perrone  

High 5 Cin7 for producing a high quality product that works .. thank you

Gayle Buchanan