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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Point of sale

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Cin7, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Cin7

A seamless Point of Sale solution to complement Cin7’s powerful inventory and manufacturing engine. Ideal for businesses with 5 or more users, check out Cin7.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Cin7, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

Cin7 has been a great addition toy our business. Improving every aspect of our inventroy control from start to finish.

Suva Hoy  

Acme is a small but influential car part distributor, we were looking for a cost effective inventory control solution that we could manage our full distribution network as well as importing of our brands and parts.
We have found, the team at Cin7 to be most engaging, cost effective and proactive in helping us. It has significantly improved our workflow of our business, hence the productivity of our small team.
Can highly recommend Cin7 as an inventory solution and their team are most helpful.

Nirav Desai  

Our company is new to the importing and sales of goods, we have taken the approach of implementing an inventory tracking system from day 1 to track our inventory and orders. We have chosen the Cin7 system as it is clean, clear and easy to use. Although we are only currently using a limited portion of features that Cin7 offers we can see that as our business develops Cin7 will be able to incorporate everything we need.

The major initial draw card to Cin7 over and above any other system was the B2B website that Cin7 offers. Although we are not currently using the B2B site we can see it as being a great asset to our business in the near future. Of course there is the Xero integration also which is another added benefit and was surprisingly easy to setup.

We would highly recommend looking into the Cin7 system for your requirements.

Charles Dickie
Dickie Direct


Charles Dickie  

We have just upgraded to the new POS interface and love it !

Main advantages we like with Cin7 POS ...

*Using the POS module for picking and packing whole sale orders with Ipads and scanners.
*In our retail stores as normal POS.
* Out door events and promotions we can take the POS where ever we want !

We like the flexibility of being able to use Ipad devices for our POS rather than having
a large computer on our counter.

Also their support and patience is a lot better quality than other inventory support we have received in the past.

Thanks Cin 7 !


Emma Bidois  

While it's early days for us, I have been very impressed with the willingness of the CIN7 team to work with us and guide us through the implementation. The POS interface is just what you'd want- intuitive and versatile. When you package this with the ability of the inventory management capabilities, ability to handle multiple currencies, integration with our magento site and XERO, the suite of products promise to be very well suited for our business.

campbell junor  

As a medium-traffic retail business, with only a few staff it was critical for us to increase POS efficiency. We switched from a complete MYOB system to Cin7/Xero and couldn't be happier. Our average time to process a transaction is down from 4-5 minutes to under a minute now, and in many cases 30seconds.

The POS is as good as any we looked at, but with the benefit of being through Cin7.. We really didn't want the hassel of multiple integrations, switching between interfaces and integration issues. Also means stock changes are reflected in real time, and can quickly go back and open an invoice to make changes etc through main inventory side.

The POS as incredibly simple, meaning no training required. The search results with images is great and makes it so easy to get the right product when not using the barcode scanner.

Our only comment would be having to login to the POS, would prefer if it was just part of the main Cin7 and didn't require it's own login.

Except for that, we can only recommend Cin7 and its POS and are happy we went with these guys.

Outdoor Concepts Ltd

Jane Beveridge  

We are based in the UK and are in the process of implementing Cin7 for inventory and POS. We had previously used Sage Line 200/Sage paypoint but it was not set up correctly by the Sage reseller (major bugs in the system) and Sage themselves refused to put it right.

We spent 12 months searching the world for an new system - literally - and trialled several before we came across Cin7. It was the only one we found that had a comprehensive inventory system suitable for importers combined with POS which was simple to operate(due to the ability to customise it) and was a reasonable price.

Implementing the inventory part was fairly simple, but the POS has taken longer as there have been errors which their developers have had to correct. The production manager at Cin7 - David Choy has been excellent and always replies to my emails the same day.

I shall be rating it as 4 stars as we have not fully implemented the system yet so cannot comment on the integration with Xero.

Brenda Foster  

Having the ability to extend the core inventory module of Cin7 with their POS add-on is a real plus

Brad Golchin  

We moved to Cin7 a couple of years ago and are happy overall.

There were some teething problems for some time where (i think) the developers were adding in new functionality and not fully testing it, this sometimes still happens.

That said we have a great relationship with the guys and they always try to accomodate our needs - some specific to our own business needs, some that are for the greater good of Cin7.

The quote module works well and Smart buyer for raising purchase orders.
Converting quotes to orders is easy and the contact log is really helpful in centralising communication with customers.

The product module is good but could do with some extra or different columns to better understand the current stock situation but this can be worked out by using the information thats there.

Multi currency management is good and managing the overseas currency fluctuations works well.

Xero integration is really tight and easy to use - contacts, debtors, creditors etc plus the feature to customise account codes for specific products.

We also use the product module to manage the products that show on our website, including certain products that are available to buy online or not.

Our website design looks good in comparison to a lot of other websites but we require mobile friendly which is not currently available, plus the online store is not as powerful as say Shopify. In hindsight we would recommend different solution for the website but other than that we are happy with Cin7 and our platform is improving all the time.

We have just turned on the POS feature and the great thing about this is the tight integration with the back end of CIn7 and that any changes are reflected in real time.

Jon Miles
Managing Director
Innerspace Commercial Interiors, Perth WA.

Jon Miles  

As my capacity of a fashion show Creative Director over the past 30 years I have dealt with many Owners/Directors of fashion brands. What I've discovered over the years is the POS has been an ongoing struggle for my clients.

I have seen Cin7s POS in action and happily recommend to all my Retail clients to make that part of their life easier.

Amanda Bransgrove
Photographer and Show Director

Amanda Bransgrove  

Currently using pos for our show room . Perfect the staff love it , has made life simplier . And faster for service of customers . Be able to find product without barcodes is simple , with the images and seach funcition .
We tried other options, but not flexible enough . thanks cin7

Mark Prieditis  

We have been using CIN7 for inventory purposes in our Office Supplies business , great product.

Now creating a 2nd entity that has a requirement for POS, forced us to look at CIN7 again,

We have reviewed the Cin7 POS and it has all the features that we require to run our new business.

Ruari Richardson


Ruari Richardson  

I have been using Xero for almost two years now. When we were looking for an inventory program that was integrated with Xero, CIN7 ticked all the boxes.
The implementation took only 10 weeks and the team at CIN7 were very accommodating and easy to deal with.
It has been 3 months now since we have used CIN7 and the flexibility of being able to log in from where ever in the world is amazing!

Their different solutions gives businesses the option to use what they need, from Inventory, Manufacturing and Forecasting & Reporting Or POS and B2B Online Ordering.

They remove the hassle of the waste of having unnecessary features!

Great program and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Ragail Rassos
Operations Manager
mysupply pty ltd


Ragail Stewart  

As a Business Partner for CIN 7 we recommend this fabulous software to our clients with complete confidence that they will be getting the very BEST cloud Inventory and POS system on the market.
The seamless integration offered with XERO – “Beautiful Accounting Software” makes this selection a total “no-brainer”.
CIN 7 offer a complete turn-key solution with the bonus of website integration for platforms like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Neto and WooCommerce. Added to this it has seamless integration to quality CRM's such as SalesForce and Capsule.
There are too many great features in the standard system to list, like the built in B2B platform and Loyalty program – but the really neat thing is that CIN 7 will also configure the system to meet your business needs.
You will feel like a STAR when you select CIN 7 to partner with – they have a very friendly team who listen and offer a complete service from concept to completion.

Judi Bond CA
A2Z Data Limited

Judi Bond  

Cin7 is a great an robust system. The new interface looks really clean and clear and it is extremely intuitive to use.

While it is simple and clear on the "outside", the functionality "under the bonnet" is extensive and what makes Cin7 different from the rest is the customization that is availab.
No other app in the Xero marketplace offers tailored customisation as Cin7 does.

It is a very powerful tool and the value / cost is impressive.
Moreover, the product is always evolving and the team at Cin7 are always implementing user requests and implementing new changes very rapidly.

I can strongly recommend it.


Enrico Ziglio  

I can honestly say Cin7 has changed our business for the better. I feel it has made up for almost 1 full time employee in terms of efficiencies gained.

The POS is easy to use and the search functions work well. There is so much information at your finger tips, it really is down to how much of the system you use, as to how much you will get out of it.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Cin7 to any other retail business. I think it's great.

Chris Heard  

Cin7 is an excellent cloud-based system that seamlessly integrates our physical shop with our website online and then imports important data to Xero. Stock sold online or in store is automatically instantly adjusted, virtually eliminating the possibility of an out of stock item being ordered.

Customisable promotions and pricing ensure great flexibility. When we operate a pop up shop at a show or expo we simply open the POS on a laptop and are able to trade as normal, without any additional stock control.

There are several integrations available with Xero, including invoicing, purchase orders, inventory/stock levels, electronic and cash sales reconciliations. As a user, you can select which ones most suit your business systems.

The reporting features on Cin7 are extremely useful and, as the previous reviewer mentioned, can be customised to suit your needs. For instance We deal with a large amount of consignment stock and Cin7 is able to track these stock movements separately.

Overall - highly recommended

Katey Rudlin  

We use Cin7 for all our inventory/sales system and it has been great so far.

Before Cin7, I've tried all sort of POS/Inventory system whether its OS based or cloud based, and they all have quite limited feature or missing some very crucial feature for us.

Cin7 is very well designed, its also highly customizable and the team is very helpful and resourceful. They also do regular upgrade/update to the website to improve its feature and user experience.

Things I love from the Cin7 POS:

Full integration with Cin7 system that allows:
1. Easy importing/editing of product from excel
2. Bulk image upload of multiple products at once (or multiple pictures for one product)
3. Multiple price schemes
4. Multiple promotion schemes (special price, buy 1 get 1, discount, integrated Gift Voucher)
5. Offline capabilities for POS! just connect when you are able to and everything will sync
6. Multiple user level of authorization and security feature for your employee (ip based etc)
7. Easily see stock available from your branch or other branch.
8. Too many to list, but its quite complete

Requested features that we specifically request are also quickly put in by the team.
They're also upgrading to POS 2.0 soon with even more feature, can't wait to use that!

Richard Thng