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DEAR Inventory

Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Inventory

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 43 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and DEAR Inventory, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About DEAR Inventory

Enables you and your team to manage all products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one easy-to-use system, check out DEAR Inventory.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with DEAR Inventory, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the DEAR Inventory support centre

This is a great product. Software works logically and a lot faster than other add on's we used such as Unleashed which we found very slow. It addresses some of the weaknesses that unleashed has such as a logical process that tracks a shipment in each step of it's process. We have found the software support to be excellent and any adjustments that were required to improve the software have been made after an in depth discussion.

Tim Bloy  

I've had great experience with DEAR's support. They are moving ahead at a great pace, and adding a lot of features that benefit my food manufacturing business: batch/lot tracking, ingredients aging, product expiration. We are just getting up to 100% speed in DEAR, and I'm very happy with it.

FWIW, we are located in the US and working in DEAR is very snappy.

Ross Williams  

Tim and Ross -- are either of you using DEAR's support for serial # tracking? I run a cellphone trade-in company, and we need to track each item uniquely. Right now DEAR is the only inventory Add-On for Xero that supports this. I'd love to hear your feedback.


Brennan Zelener  

Definitely an improvement on Unleashed as unleashed has to record and lock in the cost of goods on receipt and even though you may pay a different amount for those goods with forex etc , the value cannot be changed so actual cog figure is incorrect and therefore so is the GP .
Therefore also the inventory value in xero is different to unleashed value. DEAR solves that very nicely by recording the initial receipt at COG zero value and it is only finalised when you decide all costs are in and correct and then updates all previous sales invoices with the new cog so your GP is correct.

Tina Thorowgood  

Dear Inventory is new to us but was chosen because it could offer us more than any of the other inventory programs and is proving fantastic. Customer support is wonderful and each email we send is answered immediately making the change over in our programing systems fast and easy. Thanks Dear Inventory

Louise Pagnozzi  

DEAR Inventory was chosen by us for its ability to produce invoices with information that we required that Xero could not supply. We do not actually require the inventory management as we do not stock our product.

DEAR's most important features to us are multi-currency, Multi-user access, volume of information that can be added to each product and the ability to manipulate invoices to show the information that we require. Coming from MYOB, its taking a bit of time to get used to the new flow, but I am enjoying what the system can give us.

Support has been absolutely amazing, super quick to reply and even making changes to the system to make it more suitable for us!

Nicola Hajncl  

Wow - amazing solution - amazing support - fast - what more can I say.
Just moved from Unleashed and took a day to move everything over and could not be happier.

Keep up the good work!

Matthew Smith  

After reviewing multiple solutions DEAR was the easy winner. Their system is easy to use, fast and integrates well with Magento/Xero. What really sets DEAR apart is their customer service. We ran into a few issues (our fault) and their team worked with us until everything was resolved. Props to everyone at DEAR!

Bryan O'Malley  

I was looking for an inventory management solution that integrated with Xero. I tried every solution available and found them all frustrating for various reasons.

I am quite happy to have tried Dear. The simplicity, speed, and cost made it easy the and obvious choice. Other solutions charged too much money for very little value. I think you have found the right balance between features and price.

Keep up the good work!


Timothy Christensen  

Easy and user Friendly !! very well designed inventory system , + Easy and Excellent integration with XERO without problems, tried few similar other softwares , this is the best out of all !!

DEAR's Customer SERVICE is Awesome !!
support team help me setup everything from the beginning, answer all my questions ! fixed up all my issues.

Thank you DEAR inventory Support Team

matthew tsai  

Dear inventory is a fantastic system that is ahead of many in its field, as other users have mentioned their support team are sensational!

As a clothing, footwear and accessory wholesaler/distributor, our main requirement is the ability to create multiple variations of the same SKU, a solution that few inventory management systems offer. We had been looking for a cloud based, SAAS (software as a service, pay monthly) system that offered this ability and integrated with Xero for the past four years however found nothing cost effective on the market. Dear's Product Family section allows you to do this quickly and their system doesn't fall over at 50,000 sku's like so many others.

I cannot recommend this system enough, especially to others in the clothing or footwear industry, who have the same requirements as ourselves. Great job Dear!

Hi Lior

Not sure how else to reply to your question other than editing my review... Yes, Dear has multiple suppliers per single SKU, with individual purchase prices so it sounds like this system would suit your distributors requirements.

Arnon Levy  

Hi Arnon - when you mean multiple variations of SKU's, is it possible to have the same product and product code but with different costs? I'm looking for a solution for a distributor who buys the same product but pays 2 different prices depending on who it is purchased from.
Any insight would be appreciated.


Lior Zehtser  

I am still learning the DEAR inventory system and have sort the help of the Support Team, who are great. During my frustrating times, they are really helpful with quick responses and have made changes that have helped me. The product integrates well Xero.

Amanda Fitzpatrick  

DEAR is an excellent program. It offers sophisticated inventory management in a user friendly package. Our transition was simple and it SEAMLESSLY integrates with Xero. Support is speedy and helpful, often they will make a quick minor change in the program to assist you.

As a food distribution company being able to set expiration dates is priceless. Purchasing is simplified by a Reorder list on the home dashboard. We sleep better at night now because we know exactly where we stand with our perishable inventory and our other assets.

Rare Edibles  

We recently switched from Unleashed to DEAR Invetory as it has the ability for multiple COGS. We have found the software excellent and the customer service is one of the best, awesome product and service. Would highly recommend

IT Power Accounts  

Dear Inventory is a great cloud solution for inventory management. It's ease of use is what sets it apart from many of the other inventory platforms. In order to process inventory, Dear takes you through a series of tabs in sequential order so that no steps are missed. As an accountant, explaining inventory to someone with very little accounting background used to be a daunting task, however with Dear Inventory the entire process is simplified. At our firm ConnectCPA, we actually tested Dear Inventory for the first time as a result of reading through the reviews in the Xero Business Community thread. I am thankful that we did as it has been a great inventory solution for our clients and its intuitive user interface has allowed us to cut down our training time with clients considerably.

Mike Pinkus, CPA, CA
ConnectCPA, Chartered Accountants

Mike Pinkus  

Good product and absolutely amazing support! We did a detailed survey and trial of Tradegecko, Unleashed and Dear Inventory before designing our new Accounting/Inventory/Website. We eventually settled on Xero/Dear/Magento(CE) as the ideal setup. We went live last Monday after 4 months spent testing, transferring old accounting records, stock taking and copying across customer and product records. Inevitably there were teething problems and the Dear Support team have been tremendous: they helped with shaking out the last bugs from the Dear/Magento integration, they added new merge fields to enable us make our shipping labels compliant with Royal Mail (and updated their documentation immediately, which in my 30 years of experience in the industry is a first), they added a new feature to the Magento integration which now works like a charm... all in the space of 3 days this week. I've never come across support like it.

Nigel Titley  

Hi Nigel - what about Dear Inventory did you prefer over Tradegecko?

Emma Allison  

So far I generally like the platform. It does have several rough edges still - especially tying into Xero. Overall I would recommend.

We transitioned from QB Enterprise to Xero & DI. The product that we sell manufactured in FDA traceable lots, and has an expiration dates. The startup of the system takes some time, especially with lot tracking enabled. The previous methods our team used for tracking inventory was pretty loose (not in a good way). Fully implementing the DI system took about 30 hours upfront, but is now paying off with better control of stock.

The system does have an issue with maintaining a connection with Xero, for whatever reason. I have to login in about one or twice a week to re-establish the authorized connection between the two systems. There is no real indication of what, if anything, is triggering this issue.

Other issues that could be addressed:
1. Cost per unit of more than two decimal points - this may be a limitation from Xero, but we have products that may be sold in fractions of a cent.
2. Automatic conversation of units of measure - I think this is on the development radar, but I am uncertain. An example would be taking one box of candy bars, and dividing cost & quantity to sell individual candy bars.
3. Handling zero cost inventory - can't do it on an ongoing basis.
4. A bit spendy if limited number of users, less so if you have lots of users and/or locations.

4/30/2014 Update - the team has updated some code that seems to have greatly reduced/eliminated the issue with losing connection to Xero. Thank you for taking care of that annoyance.

Dean Wilson  

Good system with amazing customer service. We recently moved from MYOB to Xero and Dear. We use drop shipping and Dear is one of very few inventory systems that can handle drop shipping. We are a wholesaler of exercise equipment and only order stock when a sale is made. Our suppliers send our stock directly to our clients. Dear handles this really well.
Dear is also very user friendly. The customer service is superb. They are very accomodating and very helpful especially through set up stage. There are still a few issues that need to be addressed but overall we are very happy with this inventory system.

Silvana Mimiague Salkow  

I'll admit to skipping over Dear Inventory earlier because the name didn't exactly exude 'Business Class Software'. Our experience with it is totally otherwise.

We tried enough ERP / MRP / ACCT business software to fill a barge, including:
Quickbooks, NetSuite, YICRMB, MS Acct. Pro, OpenERP (awful), FIshbowl, SOS, Megaventory, Finale, Unleashed, Eagle, Epicor, Infor Syteline, Lettuce, FIO, Salesorder.com, Openbravo, Ecount, MISYS, Abel, TruERP, Expandable, xTuple, Nola Pro, Monley, FrontAccounting, SMBLedger, OfficeBooks, DBA, Blackline, BlueLink, Paassport, ERP5, Plex and more.

Some of these were pretty impressive, including Unleashed, SOS, Megaventory and Finale.

After this run, I could easily be convinced that most developers start with the mission: "What important features can we screw up or leave out?" Each of these packages had us hamstrung in more than one way, even if you could get past the UI. Some were very powerful, but the prices were usually proportionally horrific, and just as bad, they wanted to saddle us with consultants, support fees, specialists and other various mendiants. The "Open" and Wall Street software bunch and their consultants usually want to latch onto you and your business capital like a remora. Who really wants to manage and live with a system that can only be implemented by specialists?

Dear takes honors as the one that could handle our processes most gracefully. It's a terrific interface and is logical, compact, decently fast, flexible, platform independent, affordable, unusually good customer service, easy data uploading, etc.

Highlight features include: kitting (real kitting, meaning: automatic at shipment time - not a transmogrified work order), BOM, manufacturing, robust quote > sales > invoice flow, great supplier & purchase flow, ability to import orders (though not yet through an API), great search features, easy user/role management, nice dashboard & reports, great integrations, etc.

Lastly, we had our rather complex data uploaded and the system essentially running with the basics over a weekend + day (say, 40 manhours), with no specialists hanging off of us.

If this review can save just one other exec like me from going through the Hades and hundreds of hours & $$ of researching ERP software, then it might be worth it. Best of luck to my fellow entrepreneurs and your companies, out there.

Eric Forsberg  

DEAR is a fantastic program. I've owned a few of my own companies and have worked extensively with a number of different software programs, but I chose DEAR as the inventory management system for my new start-up intermodal container retail company. Before deciding on DEAR, I sifted through various similar programs to find an application that would work with my business. After 2 years of diligently searching for and testing different programs, DEAR was the chosen favorite. Not only does DEAR integrate with XERO ( a program that my main wholesaler uses to manage his inventory), but the system allows you to input serial numbers for all products and then tracks those serial numbers as they are bought from suppliers and sold to customers.

Furthermore, the DEAR representatives that we've spoken with have been extremely helpful and flexible. They are always willing to help us solve problems and figure out ways their system can accommodate our transactions. For example, all of the containers that we buy and sell have associated release numbers, and DEAR was able to make these release numbers searchable in the system for us. We also have more equipment locations than most companies, and DEAR was willing to compromise with us on a deal to give us access to hundreds of locations. Additionally, with this new system, my company will be able to easily track all our equipment, locate those containers that have been bought but not sold around the world, customize all documents for our purposes, and easily email invoices with a click of a button. DEAR has been amazingly accommodating, and we are confident in this system's ability to manage our transactions and inventory around the world.


Dear Inventory is excellent, I love the user interface and easy integration with Xero. The reason I like the user interface is that it is very similar in navigation and feel to Xero. Additionally Dear Inventory can operate multiple currencies and warehouse locations, which is a great help.

The support is excellcent and very quick. I was able to start using it right away and my team members in Ghana can also use it as they are familiar with Xero.

Caleb Morrow  

I have spent months researching many inventory systems that will work for our complex system. Dear inventory has managed to meet all our requirements! The simple integration from our shopify stores(multiple) right thru to xero is great. I really like that you are able to select which functions you need to be able to customize the system to work how we need it to. The support team is so friendly and helpful and super quick to respond to any queries. We have also found that development of features is also really quick when they say they are going to do it it is done. I would highly recommend this system to anyone needing a good inventory system with great support.

nikki clay  

Hi I am hoping someone can help me out. I have tried Dear but the big problem is that it imports all orders from magneto (even unpaid pending orders). We only want paid orders from magneto to be imported into Dear. How do other people handle this?

Charlie Meaburn  

@Charlie this page is only for the review of DEAR Inventory. To make sure you get the right answer to your question can you please start a new discussion on our Using Xero Add-ons section? Otherwise, I'm sure the DEAR Inventory team will be able to help you out - get in touch on their website. Thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I use Dear Inventory in conjunction with Xero. Dear tracks our stock which uses both batch numbers and use by dates. I'm not that technical orientated and find that Dear support are very helpful no matter what problem arises. Great software package. Certainly works for me.

Debbie Reeve  

We have just finished implementing DI for the first of our clients. It took some time, as with any new software, to work our way through, but we are pleased with the results. We expect future set ups to be substantially quicker.
DI's response time for queries was very good, and they were quite helpful in assisting us along the learning curve.
As with a number of Xero Add-ons, the rate of application development means that online /embedded help or tutorials lags behind. However we see that as a function of the rate of development in this field in general.
Any issues we have had with the system have come back to our understanding of how DI is intended to work, rather than any bugs or limitations.
Our applications to date have been built around Xero integration and that has worked well. We would like to see three way integration, namely with Receipt Bank, and we understand that this is in the wind.

Steve Warwick  

Dear Inventory has been great to work with, linking well with Xero and including features and functions over and above what other programs offer. I was also impressed with the high level of customer service provided with queries answered in a prompt fashion.

Garry Dukes - Project Manager
Ocius Digital

Garry Dukes  

We used to be MYOB customer and we are selling tubeclamp fitting. In the last 2 weeks, we were trialing few inventory softwares: Dear Inventory, Unleashed, Trade Gecko, Quote Sell Stock and found that none of them is a perfect software with us.

For that reasons, we had numerous phone calls and emails to all of them
Dear Inventory consistent with excellent customer service
I can assure you that one of the others took 4 business days to answer.

For numerous times, we tried the speed at inventory apps at different time
Dear Inventory consistent with no downtime in 1 week (early August 2014)

For capabilities,
Dear Inventory has more tick list capability compare to others

For first time users
Dear Inventory is the only software that has the mind of our business operations

For those reasons, I choose Dear Inventory compare to others

Jim Suhartono  

We implemented DEAR for a client who was looking for an inventory management add-on which integrated with ecommerce and POS. For ecommerce and POS platform we used Shopify as this was a natural fit.
Data was converted from MYOB into DEAR templates and the process was fairly straight forward with a little help from support.
Sales made in both Shopify store and via POS are automatically entered into DEAR as pending orders and can then be either consolidated or shown as individual sale orders. Pick, pack and ship steps of the fulfilment process can be auto completed, essentially helping to automate some of the backend processes.
Our experience with DEAR has been very good and we are yet to use all of its capabilities.
Would definitely recommend this app to others.

Chris Riordan  

Just finished implementing DEAR as our inventory management system that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Xero. Overall we're very pleased with how simple and streamlined DEAR is. Takes a little bit (about a week or so) to work through the setup process and get familiar with the system but the support is amazing and help whenever you have a question. DEAR is robust enough to handle our product that has 6 sub assemblies and over 35 parts involved with 8 different manufactures. It replicates real world operations 1:1. We've tested multiple other platforms for a startup manufacturing pipeline and haven't found anything that's is as solid as this for the price. Definitely recommend it.

Scott Campbell  

Spent some time evaluating a new inventory management system as TidyStock had too many issues. We settled on DEAR and have been very happy with the way its working. The integration with Xero is excellent and we are looking forward to the UI update coming in the next few weeks. Email support from DEAR during our switchover was helpful too.

Thank you DEAR! We can now trust our inventory records, buy and sell prices and margins.

We just now need to choose a CRM system that suits Xero-DEAR and welcome any suggestions from users in the same position.

Dave Gowenlock  

DEAR Inventory...... WOW... what else is there to say?

After investigating several inventory management systems for a client who was integrating to Xero, I managed to find a shining light by the name of DEAR Inventory...

DEAR has all of the bells and whistles and ticks all of the boxes in my opinion. It is a program that has the capabilities of managing all aspects of stock control from the small backyard business who simply buys and sells basic goods, through to the much larger scale companies who assemble and/or disassemble product at multiple locations.

DEAR Inventory is a well rounded system and the customer support is second to none.

Definitely an inventory management system I would highly recommend to prospective businesses.

Julz Comito  

As a wholesaler, we buy from multiple suppliers and even drop-ship direct directly from some suppliers - Dear gives us the flexibility to choose if purchased goods are to come into our warehouse for consolidation before onward shipping, or go direct to our customers, saving us time and costs. Being in the cloud, we're always connected to what's going with our business.

Nigel French  

As a Xero Add-Ons Implementation Specialist, I am supporting a business where most of the products are not held in stock, but drop-shipped from their suppliers to their customers. Dear was the only inventory system we could find that would manage this in easy steps. The new interface looks great and is really easy to orientate around. The search bar is really powerful and is used extensively by my client. Reports are really dynamic once you learn the steps involved to adding filters. It is also great to be able to extensively customize documents such as Purchase Orders. Streamlining the use of Dear for my client has been made so much easier thanks to quick responses from the Dear Support Team. This is is a powerful tool for inventory and order management.

Ming Scott  

After finding Xero did not offer inventory tracking or ways to cost products we looked into which add-on best suited our needs for costing and keeping track of inventory. We scanned the reviews section of the different inventory add-ons available and it was clear from the reviews Dear was the program to try. After the 30 trial we found Dear exceeded our expectations and provided so many extras we didn't even think of needing but became very useful. The staff are very quick and VERY helpful with any questions we had setting up and maintain our Dear system. We couldn't be happier with Dear and their team and would definitely recommend to others.

Hamish Parker  

After trying out several different inventory systems, I finally came across Dear and scheduled a demo. The service was outstanding and the system itself is very simple to use and so easy to navigate. There are a ton of features and being in the online/wholesale/retail distribution business, we needed something that can track and manage all of that in one central place. Dear does just that and we couldn't be happier with the system and the service so far! Highly recommended!

Ayman Hbeichi  

I was about to give up looking and finally I have found a system that can DECONSTRUCT a product, butchers everywhere.... here is your system!

Michael Law  

Excellent so far! (3 weeks) Will update review once we have more experience with it. Can't see ourselves not continuing to love it and use it indefinitely, has great scalability and the customer service is responsive and helpful.

Ray Edison Jr  

I have to say the support has been outstanding. I have had some challenging BOM builds and needed help with reports and the system, the answers can back very quick...thanks and appreciated.
It's still early days and will not go live for a couple of weeks. so far so good !

Kym Bolton  

Be aware that Dear cannot provide a costed inventory report as at a particular date to support the balances in Xero. I've just spent a day trading emails with support to eventually find this out.

This is a major deficiency from an audit trail perspective.

Rob Turnbull  

I have just completed a blog comparing Unleashed and Dear which may be helpful - its a bit long but there are a lot of features to be covered http://bit.ly/1CMUMtj

Margaret Carey  

We love Dear, it's interface is light, bright and colourful, but what makes our lives easier as cloud integrators is Dear's process is easy to understand(and therefore teach our customers) It's easy to see the processes for purchases and sales orders because the process is all on the one page. Dear Support are fantastic, really quick to get back to us, and we love the ability to book an appointment with one of the support team, Great work!

Carbon SYS01  

Great Inventory Add-on. I have had clients use this software and have found it very user friendly, efficient and offer a great support system.
Definitely have my backing and recommendations. A+++


DEAR is a solid, intuitive inventory management system. Native features and workflows are ahead of competitors at a similar price bracket.

Support team is top notch - swift, knowledgeable and practical responses which show their understanding of the product and best practice stock movement processing.

As an accounting practice and cloud integrator, we have no hesitation recommending DEAR for inventory management and accounting sync for our B2C/B2B clients.

Adrian Lai  

I have used Dear for several clients now & have been impressed with the ease of setup & the integration with Xero.
The functionality of Dear for the price is outstanding, including the ability for assembly & disassembly and template editing.
I have no hesitation in recommending this product to my other clients.

Rebecca Hull  

DEAR is excellent value for money solution.

For those businesses wanting a web based fully functional stock management solution that integrates with Xero as well as integrating with Shopify & Magento - its a good fit and an easy choice.

Based on my experience, its a clear market leader for most SMEs with its batch tracking, expiry date function and intuitive order management.

Its what it should be. Great product, reliable performance, and accessible support when needed.

Nigel McDermott  

After a painful experience with TradeGecko, we moved to Dear and it's a much better product for our needs. We're a B2C mail order company based in Ireland. We've integrated Dear with Magento and Xero and the system is working well.

Things we like:

- well thought out app that allows for complex workflows that real businesses need (e.g. drop ship, assembly of products, returns etc)

- very customisable templates for invoices etc (although a bit fiddly with Word mail merge)

- excellent pricing structure - you get all the features and just pay based on the number of users.

- good customisable reporting module

- support has been reliable and helpful (although a little slower as of late - hopefully this is just a blip!)

- good documentation and training videos

There are many more features that I could praise as Dear feels like a relatively mature product with many edge cases considered.

I've taken off one start for performance. The app runs quite slowly. They're using AWS and some improvements need to be made especially for staff trying to process orders in a telephone sales environment - sitting watching a spinner for 5 seconds after many interactions is not acceptable. Support has promised big performance improvements in the next few weeks. I'll come back and give 5 stars if they manage to do that. Finger's crossed!

Tom Atkins  

I was really looking forward to using DEAR for my business. The trial period was great with great tech support but after the trail period was over things changed. There seems to be only one person in tech support. I had several questions when setting up my business in DEAR and I always get the same guy that is very rude and condescending. I really like the features DEAR offers but I will be looking for an alternative.

Karen Graham  

We conducted a comprehensive and thorough comparison between the top Inventory Management contenders that integrate with Shopify and Magento. Our client had a revenue of 5million in B2B and B2C sales which included phone sales, walk-ins and online orders. DEAR was chosen primarily because of its intuitive workflows, ability to handle complex sales order processing and its impressive features including drop shipping. Payment status flows through from Xero and updates back into DEAR. The support team have been outstanding in assisting with migration issues and providing an understanding of the advanced features of the solution.

Our client has been using DEAR inventory for over a month and the feedback is they are very happy with the solution, so much so, that we have hardly received any support calls which is true indication of a quality solution. As a result, we have implemented this solution for our own Shopify store and are loving the change. We are also Shopify experts and approved Shopify POS hardware resellers with a focus on inventory integration for the retail industry.

Overall an outstanding solution!!

Silverback Tech