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DEAR Inventory

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 130 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and DEAR Inventory, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About DEAR Inventory

Enables you and your team to manage all products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one easy-to-use system, check out DEAR Inventory.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with DEAR Inventory, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the DEAR Inventory support centre

I've been using Dear and Xero for several months after languishing in Quickbooks Enterprise for years. There are a lot of positives that wouldn't make me change back. First, Dear is an extremely useful, powerful, and convenient software to use for all my invoicing, inventory, and sales. The B2B portal is a major plus, as is the ability to change bulk prices, inventory, etc. I love the custom price levels, custom discounts for customers and products too. Xero integration has been a huge benefit too. Since Xero handles all my accounting and syncs with all my bank accounts and credit cards.

Now there are some learning curves and I think it takes some trial and error to eliminate some of the pitfalls of using 2 different software. The main issue I've run into is that payments do not sync well when you have to make changes in Xero or Dear and you get duplicate payments. Ideally all this would be under one software, but similar solutions will cost a LOT more.

I am very pleased with Dear and Xero and believe it will only get better with proper feedback and development. I am still learning how to clean things up to prevent sync issues, but the benefits far outweigh any costs.

john lee  

Hi @Marina Holmes,

Thank you for your feedback.

We checked the CRM history and it showed that your director was not willing to pay for access to all 3 accounts which was a showstopper for you since DEAR does not offer concurrent user license like Xero.

Our billing is transparent and is publicly available on our website. At no time do we try hide our named user billing structure. We have special logging/audit tracking for every single named user in DEAR which utilizes a lot of shared resources hence the reason why we charge for it.

Best Regards

DEAR Systems  

The software looks really good, we seriously considered implementation. Whilst discussing final details, we realised they are only interested in the subscription $ and not in ensuring their users get the best outcome from their investment, with very little flexibility on management overseeing multiple subscriptions.

Marina Holmes  

This is a great plug-in for Xero, Compared to other ERP solutions (including the awful purple one whose name will never repeated) Dear / Xero is great. Our staff love the new system. Dear onboarding was a breeze and the support has been excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product and will take this opportunity to personally thank Cale for guiding us through the process.Thank-you Cale (& also the whole team behind you)

Tom Lloyd  

We have just started with DEAR linked with XERO, and i wish we had started this program years ago when we actually started the business!. We have had a few teething problems, but nothing that Cale has not been able to help us with - he has gone above and beyond to assist us in our journey. I am certain once our skill level has increased, there will be no stopping us. Recommend DEAR to all.

Accounts Calibre Craft Beer  

DEAR has been a valuable addition to my business. I wish i had set DEAR up at the start of my business. It's been incredibly helpful particularly with the WooCommerce/Xero integration and of course tracking of inventory. Finally, the support team are magnificent and always help with my enquiries in a polite and timely manner.

Dean Hughes  

DEAR seemed to fit our needs and in the beginning it was definitely a little rocky but this was mostly due to me operating with my blinkers on. Cale (a support agent with DEAR) was incredible, very supportive and extremely patient when it came to assisting me with all of our integrations and day to day operation being streamlined.

It has been just over 2 months now and with Cale's help we have managed to use DEAR as the focal point of our entire company. Just for some context, we are not a small business using this to just handle a few lines stock. Currently, DEAR is handling thousands of lines and allowing us to manage the inventory for our shop fronts, conventions, eBay, Amazon, Square POS and now our website from the one place.

Training staff has been a breeze with the Dashboard being easily tailored to each users needs meaning that you are never in a position where a staff member is overloaded or overwhelmed, ensuring they are only absorbing information relevant to their role.

As far as pricing goes, based on my math, it would take almost 10 years to catch up to the cheapest WMS operating along the lines of Epicor etc.
I honestly cannot see myself ever moving away from this product. Myself and our company back them 100%.
They are driven by the feedback all of us as users provide them.
This is evident in the development, you will find forum posts of issues you can no longer encounter and you will see steady improvement of all of the current functionality that is probably linked again to another forum request for change.

Get behind them and their staff because this solution has enabled the growth of our business and taken it to a level of organisation and seamlessness across several completely different platforms I never would have thought possible without significantly more effort on my part.

Kudos again to Cale, so if anyone from the HO is reading this review, give him a pat on the back.

Matt Wilson  

DEAR Customer Service experience:
Be very careful as it seems DEAR policy is more focused on cash grab than service.
Dear refused a refund of any sort even though our 1 year sign up had been made by mistake, was less than 24 hours into the contract and no item of the product was used. How did this unfold. Our company spent months looking at different packages. Narrowed down to Dear and one other. One member of the team who was away travelling, thought all was good and signed up via credit card. The next day the team decided the other package was a better option and signed up for the alternative. Once we saw that Dear had been signed up as well, we contacted the sales person and explained the situation. They first started by ranting about how the other product was inferior. They then said no refund even though we had paid an entire year upfront. We contacted again and discussed. Again no refund or offer of any kind. The sad thing was, we intended to trial the other package for 3 months. If it was the right choice we would have stuck with it. However, if we made the wrong choice we would have gone to Dear. After a bit of back and forth Dear agreed to refund part. However, they said they would keep 1 month sign up fee (fair enough) and get this, they said they would keep $300 USD for the effort they put into the sale. In other words, we paid them to attempt to sell us the product. In our experience, their product looks good, their service and policy procedure sounds more like a cash strapped company desperate for any money they can get. Not encouraging.

Jim Woods  

DEAR and Xero have a really seamless integration that's made keeping our inventory in sync with accounting a breeze. I particularly like how I can open documents and other transactions in Xero directly from DEAR (DEAR creates a hyperlink that takes me right there). Would definitely recommend for any supply chain / inventory management teams!

Josh Friedman  

Great to have access to a product that gives 100% visibility to the working part of our business. Customer support and setup was excellent and we were up and running in no time. The data that Dear provides allows us to make more intelligent business decisions moving forward. I'd highly recommend the system.

Stuart Cooke  

We went live with DEAR on 4th November 2019 after fantastic support received from Cale Watson at DEAR Systems. So far the DEAR system is working very well in the inventory management given that it was a paper based management previously. Their have been some additional requests that we have asked the support team which have been successfully addressed. We continue to test the systems functionality particularly in the area of establishing key customer quote templates and warehouse consolidated BOM pick lists that have not been resolved as yet and needs further assistance from the DEAR technical team. We continue to run parallel with our paper based process through November and December to ensure all activities are captured, stock movement is recorded and integration with Xero is correct. Intention is to go fully dependant on DEAR integrated into Xero Accounting from 1 January 2020.

Accounts Office  

Hey Margaret, this page is only for the review of DEAR, so users aren't able to comment on here more than once. If you'd like to get a few suggestions from your peers, you can always create a new post in our Xero Central Discussions forum in the Connected apps & services topic. 🙂

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

Dear is a powerful inventory system and we highly recommend it.

Margaret Andersen your email issue can be sorted out if you need support or Training you can email me on todd@worksmarter.co.nz

Todd Dunick  

We are Xero - Dear users as well.
A problem we have at the moment is Dear overwrites all email address in Xero when synced and it does affect our billing process.
Xero has 1 Default email and 5x extra Email spaces for email addresses. Dear fills all 5 spaces up every time an order is processed and synced to Xero for invoicing even if the existing email address is the same in dear.Sometimes duplicates email address upto 5 times! Or overwrites existing main accounts email address with any new email address if an order is sent to multiple locations/person.

Can anyone advise on how this can be prevented?

Margaret Andersen  

Dear dual location linking with Shopify and Dear has great features and capabilities. Plus the support form Dear was insanely good.

James Groombridge  

We at Business Continuum have had extensive experience working with DEAR and other inventory management solutions such as Unleashed, Zoho Inventory, Trade Gecko and Cin7. As DEAR partners and experienced cloud integrators, we have found the integration between Xero and DEAR to be both comprehensive and effective. The integration allows for two-way automatic synchronisation and provides an intuitive and thorough approach to your accounting and operational needs. It works seamlessly.

If you are looking to implement DEAR, get in touch with us at: www.businesscontinuum.com.au.

Minal De Silva  

As a cloud integration consultant working with SMEs in Adelaide and interstate to solve inventory management issues by implementing the right software, DEAR has proven again and again to be the leading choice for these businesses and is now our recommended choice as an implementation specialist.

DEAR has the functionality to provide a central solution to any SME looking to sell online or instore across a number of channels, and manage all the inventory in one place.The integration with Xero is top notch and the most robust I've seen of almost any app that connects to Xero.

Nick Ciccocioppo  

We a cloud integration company that specialises in inventory management and partner with Dear, Unleashed, Trade Gecko, Cin 7 & Tidy Stock. Each system has different pros and cons so it's important to know all these factors when selecting the right system for YOUR business. We are the 2nd largest worldwide partner for Dear, and have setup and implemented over 80 systems for our clients across all of the inventory systems.
Dear is a great system and we would be happy to assist anyone if they need help with setup or support.
Please see our list of client and software partner testimonials on our website:

Rick Monopoli  

I spent a reasonable amount of time preparing a wishlist for a new Inventory system and reviewing about 5 systems on the market, and found that DEAR ticked all the boxes. I was involved with my first DEAR implementation 1 year ago and would like to say that the transition to DEAR, and XERO, at the same time was challenging, but the support from the DEAR team personally, and through support notes has been, and continues to be fantastic. I have recommended DEAR Inventory and DEARPOS to 2 other businesses and am currently implementing in those businesses. The staff are enthusiastic and enjoying working in DEAR and appreciate the extensive capabilities and accuracy of the system. I would recommend anyone looking to replace their inventory software to review the DEAR capabilities and the great value for money.

Michael Galvin  

We've been using DEAR Inventory for 18 month and love it. It is the foundational backbone of the entire business from Xero, Logistics, WooCommerce and B2B Portal integrations.

We originally started with another system, only to find out that nothing worked, everything was extra and the dev team were hopeless. We on-boarded ourselves into DEAR by following the guides and learnt as we went. As we went through the process, it was refreshing that everything did what they said and it was easy to adapt our systems and processes to best use the platform.

Now, 18months later, DEAR is the central hub of the business. It saves an enormous amount of time in our sales cycle and logistics departments. Reporting is a breeze and everything 'just works'.

I wish we knew about this at the beginning, would have saved 6months and $25k. At this point, DEAR runs our business so we can continue to grow it.

Zenoptic Industries  

In our experience DEAR and also the integration with Xero work brilliantly. The businesses we help that move to DEAR and Xero have 99% of the time fantastic things to say about DEAR. More efficiency, productivity and visibility in their business which drives better margins. Highly recommend this software.

Kevin Wiegand  

As DEAR Partners we have had great success with DEAR's integration to Xero and through our broad experiences as Cloud Integrators have found it to be one of the most robust Xero integrations available. The ability to synchronize data both ways, schedule auto synchronization, skip individual transactions if required and identify and correct problem transactions is very comprehensive. Coupled with the ability to import the GL chart into DEAR and provide high level financial reporting this is a solid integration and a great solution for inventory and manufacturing / assembly requirements.

Kerry Johnson  

Versatile & Supportive. We started using Dear about 6 months ago and its made everything so much smoother and easier. Our operations requires taking a whole product, splitting it into multiple products, then splitting some of them again, then combining with other products to form finished goods, and this happens across multiple processing facilities. We tried other inventory systems but couldn't get them to handle the growing complexities of our operation without dodgy workarounds, Dear has been able to handle all our requirements to date, and integrates all of this direct to Xero. Removing all our previous issues with double entries, corrections required. Our bank reconciliations and invoicing has now become so automated it's great.

Mitch Costin  

Hi @Xero Acct,

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Since the date you have published the review we have completed all points raised:

1.We now pull orders from Magento based on Magento’s order status.

2.We have improved and tested the way stock levels updates for bundles are made with Amazon and we are correctly reporting all available stock quantities. There have been no complaints regarding stock level updates with Amazon with any other users since.

3.Since the date you have published your review we have integrated with Magento 2. Magento 1 was a limited integration in terms of product download/listing due to slow soap API, this is no longer a problem with Magento 2 integration.

4.To resolve the issue with high quantity orders we have implemented daily consolidation export for Xero. All sale invoices for the synchronisation period that have common date, currency and tax rule will be aggregated into one single invoice and exported into Xero. For consolidated sales a generic customer "DEAR Sale Consolidation" will be created in DEAR. You can edit the generic customer information from the regular customers page.

If you would like any further clarification please feel free to contact us: support@dearsystems.com

Or book in a call to speak to us at a convenient time:

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

Brad Wood and the support Team at DEAR are great, its a really easy system to use will definitely use it on stock businesses down the track.Their promptness when replying to questions and queries is a big plus. Thank you.

Alex Macdonald  

We've gained a lot more control over our inventory since moving to DEAR and it has integrated well with Xero, giving us more flexibility as a small business. We've also enjoyed excellent support from them with any issues - they respond quickly and effectively.

Rod Power  

I really like DEAR's flexibility (adjust stock, etc.) and how it integrates with Xero seamlessly. The ability to import excel reports is a great feature and may not be relevant to all businesses but is crucial to ours. It has a huge array of reports that are customisable and many useful video tutorials. Customer service is excellent with fast responses and positive attitude. Overall, it's a great system.

Ricardo, NZ

Ricardo Sampaio  

We recently implemented the DEAR - Xero integration. We have been long-time users of Xero, and were pleased we could find a solution that used the power of Xero and also addressed the varying requirements of our B2C and B2B channels. It was straight forward to set up and automatically syncs and writes back from Xero to DEAR. What a beautiful thing! This implementation was part of the development of our integrated end-to-end platform for inventory and sales order management. Our team now have all the key information at their finger-tips to make better informed business decisions

Janet Beaurepaire  

Fantastic piece of software. It is a core part of how we run our business! Very happy with the customer support for when you have any questions or need help. 10/10


Hello Xero Consultant,

First of all thank you for taking the time to review DEAR and your constructive feedback, it is much appreciated.

Over the past 18 months we have released a host of features and new modules, POS, B2B Wholesale Portal, Warehouse Management App are just a small part of the releases which have gone live. Unfortunately new releases were at the cost of upgrading some of our existing integrations to external platforms which generally have been our strong point.

Most major feature releases have been completed and we are now ready to focus on enhancing and building integrations to Xero, Magento 2, Amazon, Shopify and many others we currently support.

If still possible, we would like to work with your client on any issues they are experiencing with Xero/Amazon integrations and find a suitable solution to these problems. Please reach out to support@dearsystems.com and request a contact number or email for Alexei Piltiaev.

Thank you

Alexei Piltiaev (Co-founder)


DEAR Team  

DEAR was a good system overall. Aspects of the interface are frustrating but overall parts that work do work. Mostly purchasing and the Xero integration.

If you manufacture and distribute something or focus on a single marketplace then Dear could work great for you.

Unfortunately their integrations are really where it fails. To start, Magento was done incorrectly; Instead of relying on order status it pulls in orders that are determined to be paid through some convoluted un-Magento like method. The inventory cannot be updated on the magento stores because the integration has to be through Shipstation and magento is disconnected from Dear.

With Amazon it is very basic and not anywhere near at the level of any decent sized Amazon seller. There is no way to really adjust inventory of all the various bundles you are required to sell there. It's basic at best and while something better was promised have yet to see it a year later.

Shipstation integration also had it's problems.

If you are connecting a Magento store you should look elsewhere. I don't get the feeling that magento 1 is one of the open issues getting any attention lately. Last update was 2015. Limited info on what they did for Magento 2 but no one is migrating to magento 2 anytime soon.

Xero integration also a problem if you're a big Amazon seller. Prepare for 10's of thousands of one off "customers" getting imported to Xero every month and there's no way to stop it; except to disconnect completely.

Client is looking to move away after <1yr and starting all over again. No one is looking forward to that.

Maybe considering Odoo 11 as we can at least do their integrations correctly for them.

Xero Acct  

Is anyone using Dear POS? How do you find it?

Riana Auret  

DEAR Inventory can be used "out-of-the-box" after a minimal amount of setup, and can also be used in more complex installations where bespoke software development might be needed. Integration with Xero is petty much straight-forward however do not connect your DEAR account to a Xero demo or Xero testing account unless you intend to wipe all your DEAR data prior to the proper integration.

A multiple warehouse locations field, along with multiple bin locations, not available in some other stock management offerings, is a basic requirement of a stock management system as far as I am concerned and both are available in DEAR.

There are numerous additional custom fields and attributes that can be utilised by the end-user as and when they choose to use them.

Although the reporting functionality in the 'out-of-the-box' version is adequate there is room for improvement. The limitations can be overcome by exporting the files and adapting them as needed. Those with a more specific software development skill- set (or more time to learn) would be able to achieve a great deal more from the software than is possible using the 'out-of-the-box' version.

Whilst the software might appear complex for first-time users, those with experience of stock systems and business processes should find it a breeze to set up and use for the purpose intended, especially if they are familiar with setting up other software. It's an advantage if the person(s) setting it up are able to find their way around creating/editing MS Word mail-merge templates.

I have been able to use the software to accomplish pretty much every task that my clients' have asked of it so far. The ease of integration with other cloud-based applications puts another tick in the box for me. I will certainly be recommending DEAR to others and offering to assist with the setup and integration if required.

Dave Smith  

We're implementing DEAR Inventory to our XERO system at the moment, and have been through a plethora of requirements with Brad. Everything has been handled with aplomb - what we require can be achieved (and some of this centred around ongoing information requirements in a Government tender). The experience so far has been one of absolute pleasure; great product and helpful people!

John Gairns  

Great service from Brad at Dear right up to the last minute of 2017. Thank-you for your efforts to help with the many questions we've been covering off for a prospect. Love how flexible and easy to setup the user permissions are in Dear - no other system can compete on this feature.

Kylie Harker  

We switched from another inventory management platform to Dear and have never been happier. Its Bill Of Materials and Assemblies modules along with multiple warehouses and bins have made our lives easier. Its in built commissions for Sale Reps was another feature that we needed and it has been handy.

Getting in touch with, and getting the support we need from the Dear team has been great. Emails get responded to quickly and in case phone support is needed, a Skype call can be arranged from the website. We have had multiple calls due to quirkiness of our requirements and the support team has always given us the information needed or guided us through our issues.

A big thumbs up for Dear Inventory.

Umesh Shukla

Linda Li  

I have found the transition to DEAR to be seamless and the serial number tracking great and easy to grasp.
The product support and courtesy that I received from BRAD was most helpful and appreciated.
Thank you,

Andre Herbst  

Having trialed several inventory management products we found Dear to be very user friendly and it has some excellent stock control features. Throughout the trial period Brad was extremely helpful and nothing was too much trouble.


Philip Way  

Hi @Rasa McClure,

Thank you for your review. We aim to address all reported issues and frustrating users is definitely not the outcome we would like to achieve. In this instance all relevant and timely responses were provided to each query. If you or your client’s Magento developer are not receiving these responses, I would be more than happy to resend them or even post them here.

Couple of points to note, we are not Magento developers and do not intend to be at any stage. DEAR integrates to Magento via standard Magento API and this is the only area we are able to accept responsibility. If your client’s Magento store is returning errors to standard API calls it is up to the Magento developer to resolve these before attempting to integrate to DEAR. To date we have explained how the Magento developer can enable logging to try to discover the source of the errors, this advice was interpreted as blame shifting and was ignored. Unfortunately we are unable to assist further given that technical advice our support team is providing is not being acted upon.

We are happy to continue to assist the Magento developer with any questions they may have however developing your client’s Magento store is outside the scope of services offered.

Thank you for your understanding.

DEAR Team  

Very disappointed in DEAR support as of lately. My Client has attempted to integrate DEAR and Magento, which was not integrating to begin with, and instead of offering support, DEAR tired to brush problem of suggesting it was not DEAR issue. After long correspondence integration was finally set up, but two systems still do not "talk" to each other, and with total lack of support form DEAR my client is getting increasingly frustrated, which puts me into awkward position because DEAR software was my recommendation.


Rasa McClure  

Dear systems is great, we have found the integration to Xero excellent with hardly any issues despite a large volume of transactions. We previously used Trade Gecko and had to change to DEAR as Trade Gecko was unable to cope with the transactions and feeds didn't work properly.

Amy Shuai  

I have started using Dear after doing a lot of research and trailing a lot of the options out there and Dear wins, its the best value for money inventory management system on the market.
Brad is a great guy and business development manager

Skin Virtue  

Dear is an excellent and powerful system. I have used the trial and been blown a way on how easy the system is to use. Customer support has been excellent and they always make sure if there is anything they can help you with. Dear has made my business alot more steamline for inventory management, and integrates directly through my xero accounting software and magneto store. The subscription price for dear is good and you get what you pay for and more. Being a cloud system myself and my business partner can collaborate our work at the same time which was a important issue for us. We did alot of research on these types of systems and came down to 2 choices. Dear or Unleashed. Dear blows unleashed out of the water in my opinion and i couldnt recommend dear systems enough. Thank you.
Brandon Gross.

Brandon Gross  

I have been looking for a solution for some time now for my client who imports and distributes wholesale motor vehicle parts throughout Australia and other parts of the world. 12 months ago my client changed, against my advice, from MYOB Premier to a specific Auto Parts distributor software for Inventory management and distribution. This change led to significant losses in efficiency, a lack of visibility, and other difficulties in operations, brought about by the fact that the software did not deliver on any of the promises. After 12 months, I was handed the brief to find a suitable replacement. My client and I have run through thorough testing of DEAR along with a number of other similar popular inventory systems. We have found that the DEAR system will meet the complexities we have in landed cost calculations, stock management, purchase processes, sale processes and other aspects. The particular features of this software are its highly configurable processes, attention to accurate accounting with the direct connection to Xero, and the ability to handle the various steps in each process logically and intuitively. We are looking forward to a future with increased efficiency arising from the combination of DEAR Inventory and Xero accounting.
Peter Seiffert CPA - Seiffert & Co CPA Accountants Mount Colah NSW 2079

Peter Seiffert  

Im pretty new to Dear system, but recently I took over a business who is using Dear, so I have been using it for about a month, all the inventory are imported and works great for making invoices, the integration xero is really good and keep account updated, the help from Kevin was good, he answered all my questions over the phone. Overall I am very happy with Dear and would recommend to you all.

Sky Zhao  

Ticks a lot of boxes. I've found it very technical but support has been great, which I think sets it apart. We have Shopify store and Dear works well as middle man between the Shopify and Xero. Recommend.

Tom Jones  

DEAR Inventory is such a great program. I tested so many different options to sync inventory correctly and DEAR was by far the most advanced and to our budget.

Would highly recommend for any small to medium sized business who want to track inventory!

Support is fantastic as well, which is a must when learning a new program.

Accounts Love Tea  

Dear Inventory rocks!

Our company, Drone Go Home, buys off the shelf computer components and assembles them into a finished product along with our proprietary software. The items are relatively high dollar value sold either direct or through resellers.

The intuitive software for a moderately business-process / supply chain / computer-savvy person allows me to produce the most professional-looking automated sales quotes that will flow through to inventory of any company I've worked for including some mega-global companies.

Dear Inventory enables me as a pre-revenue, start-up business founder to to do much more than I ever thought possible without hiring experts in finance, sales, and inventory management because the software is as much about automating processes as tracking inventory.

I can manage multiple price lists for resellers as well as a direct MSRP list and quote against any of them.

Even though I have no experience in inventory management, I set up the system pretty much independently by watching tutorials and I am extremely hopeful and confident my business is well-prepared for the growth we expect to see soon. Without Dear Inventory I would be very concerned and stressed about how to deal with managing bills of materials and assembling products.

I also rely on Stan, my Dear consultant, for advice on how to approach certain tasks when I just can't figure it out on my own.


Linda Ziemba  

Before DEAR Inventory, our stock management system was a labour intensive mess. With multiple warehouses and several different pricing categories, we were losing time and money manually adjusting stock levels and pricing to keep our records accurate. It’s made a huge impact in a short space of time, giving us the confidence that our records are accurate and that our customers are being served well. We are excited about implementing the B2B feature, with early stage testing showing that this too will have a large impact on our revenue.

David Rowland  

Dear is one of the most comprehensive cloud based systems I had found during my research. The logic and function was been thought through very concisely and covers all kinds of needs, some you may not have even thought of yourself. The support person, Andrew, went above and beyond the call of duty to help my team get onboarded into Dear. For us, it was a bit of a steep learning curve and had it not been for Andrew and the thorough online tutorials provided by Dear, we would probably seek out a more simple (yet not as functional) solution or lost many hours trying to understand how to use Dear properly.

Melissa Loh  

As a cloud integrator, Dear is my first go-to for Inventory Management. Like they say about Apple products, it "just works". There are not many apps in the SME space that can compete with its functionality and how much that functionality can be extended with the various add-ons available.

If you are considering Dear, make it one of your priorities because it really is easy to use while being a very powerful solution.

Happy to help anyone out who is requiring a bit of a helping hand with it.

Jen Gulliver  

I'm really enjoying DEAR. Fast feedback and tutorial videos on almost every page.

If I were to mention a feature that would help, would be the ability to historically post CoGS should a customer use DEAR and only later integrate or use an online accounting package such as XERO.

Gareth Canterbury  

Hi @Bernadette,

Thank you for reaching out here on the forums and sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues with DEAR and Xero integration. I can see extensive instructions that have been provided to you by support, in case you did not receive the responses to your tickets I would be more than happy to forward the tickets to you and also reach out for a quick chat. In summary the issue you are experiencing has to do with the fact that in some cases multicurrency prepayments were utilised instead of actual payments and as a result could not be allocated in Xero, this is a known limitation. Happy to discuss this with you again via email or phone conversation.


DEAR Team  

All the reviews seem to be stunning. Unfortunately I am finding the reconciling an absolute nightmare. DEAR and XERO payments do not seem to run smoothly at least for me.

I cannot seem to get a straight answer from XERO or DEAR. I have sent the same query phrased differently hoping I will get a consultant that will assist without success.

I desperately need instructions. I see the funds in the bank a/c for sales - record them in DEAR - Sync and then reconcile at the XERO bank feed. For PO I record payment in DEAR - sync to XERO and then find and match to reconcile from the bank feed.

We run a cash not accrual system.

Getting ready for the EOFY Tax Return have found LOTS of PP invoices in the XERO awaiting payment and also same PP lines in the Purchases.

Opening DEAR I can see the payments recorded but opening the XERO invoice through DEAR the payment is not allocated.

I want to delete the PP lines that appear to be unpaid (both PO and Sales) but XERO will not allow me. Of course I cannot run a profit and loss report with all these undeposited funds... I don't understand why DEAR is moving them to undeposited funds account in XERO.

I am working with a XERO guru and he cannot work out what to do either.


Bernadette Clarebrough  

DEAR is the best product of its kind in the market. Very intuitive to use, and comes with excellent support.

Suffian Zamali  

We are loving this software, been using 8 months now and it is powerful. We run 5 ecommerce sites, 4 warehouses and sell in 3 currencies and it's handling all well. Support as mentioned isn't quite as easy as getting on a call but we use their tutorials, common sense, their livechat.
We also paid for assistance with setup as we didn't want to make any mistakese and desired a bit of support from Work Smart NZ, these guys are great too https://www.worksmarter.co.nz/ and worth the extra investment if you value your time

David Roberts  

We are very happy with Dear and with the integration with Xero was seamless. There was a few tricky questions regarding the upload of customer data but the support from Dear was expert and timely.

Roger Gower  

We are only new to DEAR however already love the functionality and yet simplicity of use. I found it strange not to have a phone number to ring for support however the online support is amazingly fast and helpful. I'm looking forward to all the new functionality now at our fingertips. Great work Dear

Ben Lee  

After reviewing a bunch of products Dear was the easy winner on functionality available right now. As long as they keep enhancing the product with new functionality esp around APIs to support manufacturers I see this being a long term relationship.

The support team and supporting reference material were also great to deal with.


Shaun Bosson  

I am looking for a someone in the US who is Xero Certified and a Dear Expert we have bought the Dear software but like others in this discussion our integration has not been seamless and mainly the flow from Dear to Xero needs to be worked on. Please email me at accounting@bluekube.com.

Renae Rubalcava  

I absolutely love this product.
This is a great product for anyone who requires complex inventory management - and a must have for a distributor.
The connection between Xero and Dear is seemless, and has saved our clients so much time, and provides very accurate data - without the need for data manipulation.

Would highly recommend this product for any user of inventory

Hayden - SMART Business Solutions  

If you are reading this and considering buying into DEAR, then I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.

However if you expect to have the sales experience you get from most other software vendors you will be disappointed. You will not get lots of sales brochures, the ability to talk to sales people or otherwise engage with the sales side of the company. You can schedule a demo, but don't expect any follow up. Initially this made me think the company may not be for real, but i took a leap of faith and was glad I did. In retrospect it is nice not to be oversold and chased by sales people !

The product is great and works really well with Xero, Magento and Amazon - a great way to manage stock and the sales process and tie various platforms together.

The icing on the cake as everyone says is the support - the team are really helpful and very responsive

If any one in the UK wants to discuss this product I would be happy to spend a few minutes - this is a great product

Index Marine  

I have to say that not only is this software so easy to set up and amazing to use but the support is genuinely the best I have received from any company in the last 20 years

Schedule a call, they skype in and share your screen, go through whatever you need nothing too much trouble, the help videos are brilliant but the email support I can't get my head around. Its been 9 & 10 pm at night UK time and I am emailing questions in and they are FULLY answered in literally 4 or 5 mins Not some half baked canned response but proper answers based on your question

First Class !


Paul Hirst  

We have been using Dear and Xero for a while now and find that it works exactly how we need it to! Integration is very effective and definitely saves us time.


Bernard Sia  

We are currently going through the process of implementing DEAR inventory in our manufacturing company in Indonesia. The key reason we chose DEAR was the functionality. We have been searching for an inventory management system with manufacturing functionality for a very long time and couldn't understand why it was so difficult to find a system that dealt with what we felt were really core/ basic requirements without looking at customisation. DEAR seems to cover almost everything we need and is working on developing the programme for what it doesnt currently.

The other key reason was the responsiveness of DEAR to queries. I am still waiting for replies from a competitor to my requests to ask a few questions. Andrew has been great helping us get set up. I would definitely recommend.

Graeme Hepburn  

As a partner with Dear we have found the product to be sound and the team to be very responsive. We like that Dear as a indepth list of feature and wide range of integration we can work with our clients on. If you are a stock based business I would highly recommend reviewing their product and we are always happy to help.

Robert King  

I've set up several Dear accounts in the last year and have found the program to be fantastic.
It is easy to use for clients, provides excellent reporting and the support is first class.

It is also easy to set up which is a bonus.

I cannot recommend Dear highly enough and will be pushing to add more clients onto the system going forward.

Gareth Price  

We implemented this for a client who sells inventory out of 4 warehouses, and operates multiple Shopify stores. Dear was able to handle each of the stores, and whenever I had a question, support was always quick to respond. Integrates perfectly and setup was super easy with Xero. We highly recommend Dear.

Chris Bell  

DEAR is an excellent system. I have worked with and sold many top Sales and Inventory systems over many years and DEAR is simple, comprehensive, very low cost and easy to use. Would recommend it to any small to medium businesses in distribution.
The support all via email is excellent - can't say enough about how good they are.

There are a few very minor things that would make it easier to use but value for money one couldn't get anything better

John Gill  

Dear is an excellent inventory management platform, but their technical support is outstanding.

We sell ice cream and chocolate by the oz, and also make ice cream cakes and other related products. The system allows us to calculate our COGS and keep track of our stock at multiple locations easily, which is just what we need.

Highly recommended.

E&B Accounts Officer  

We migrated from Tradegecko a few months ago, where we were having daily accounting issues reconciling sales which did not feed through to Xero.

Technical support from Dear has been amazing, but we haven't really needed it much as the system works very well with Xero and Shopify. We have about 1500 SKUs in multiple locations to track, and are so happy that we can now focus on our business rather than the back end processes.

Raymond Shuai  

Moved over from sage around 12 months ago to Xero and added Dear which answered the major issues I was having with Sage in that the inventory element (sure, that's not what is was designed for) was woefully inadequate for our business.

I have to reporty that 12 months in that Dear has met and exceeded expectations and added real value to my inventory management and customer order processing. Wth the recent addition of the B2B portal, and what my customers will be able to do once is it fully operational will really revolutionalise some of the challenges we faced in, for example, letting customers know what is available from stock etc.

Dear is a brilliant and responsive company, although my only gripe, is that there are few updates or communique's relating to bug fixes or developments of the application. Example is the B2B portal, there are many comments about what features are needed and bug fixes, but as yet no commentary from Dear as to which will or won't be incorporated. Like me, many will become less likely to comment f it is not apparent that they are being acknowledged. Come on Dear, at least add a coment!!

Overall, we made the right move and I haven't seen a better combination of integrated applications than Dear and Xero!
Well done and thanks to both!

Nigel Bobs  

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for the feedback. I have checked support and can see that there are two open tickets awaiting your response regarding Bigcommerce, a representative also reached out and asked you to provide some specific details, and we have now requested this information on 6 separate occasions. Please provide requested info in order for us to assist you further.

Xero integration works as expected, you created a USD invoice in DEAR and this was synced to Xero in the same currency and conversion rate, you may require some further training on both Xero and DEAR as these are basic fundamentals.

Xero integration is described in great detail in our integrational video (there is a specific section covering inventory in Xero and how to go about switching it off) and this is also displayed in the message you receive before integrating to Xero.

You also mention the fact that you are not able to speak to anyone and I am able to see extensive notes of a booking you requested and received on 23rd August. You can always escalate a ticket or book an appointment to speak to someone as you have done in the past.

From what I can see you also receive fairly speedy responses from support on any issues raised, the only tickets which are not closed are pending your response.

We are sure these issues can be easily fixed as long as you provide the relevant info we have requested.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

I've been using Dear now for about 2 months, and I'm having major issues with the integration with Bigcommerce/Dear/Xero. Things that look straightforward in Dear don't seem to flow properly when they're fed back to Xero (foreign currency invoices, for example). And the flow from Bigcommerce to Dear has some strange issues - no $0 value sales come through, even though they've been paid for with a gift voucher. So we have inventory issues - the exact reason we moved to Dear in the first place! Major issues with store credits right now, too.
The setup with Dear & Xero was a nightmare - no mention anywhere that all our inventory would need to be untracked in Xero before it would work properly with Dear, for example. So we had to manually change 3,500 products.
I'll keep going right now as we have so much time invested in it, but I'd think very carefully about using Dear with a shopping cart and with Xero.
Not being able to talk to someone is also really frustrating, and their help/support notes are basic to say the least. They do get back by email within a reasonable time (less than a day, usually), but overall this has been a frustrating experience that we still aren't on top of.

Vanessa Layton  

Dear is a very good cloud-based inventory and manufacturing package. The interface is smooth and fast, and the reporting and searching is the best in class. The integration with Xero works well: documents on either side have links which take you to the source document in the other system. The most interesting feature of the Dear/Xero integration is the ability to map Dear attributes into Xero tracking categories. So for example, warehouse locations in Dear can be booked to a tracking category code with the same name: you can therefore get P&Ls per location, for example. The financial side of Dear is well built. The costing supports landed costs very well. Payment sync is two-way which works quite well, although it struggles with customer overpayments. I have found some bugs here and there (have implemented it a few times now) and support has been fast and effective.

Tim Richardson  

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the review and glad you are finding the system easy to use. For businesses with simpler requirements or higher volumes we provide the ability to automate certain steps of the sale process, for example you can skip Pick, Pack and Ship steps in settings to allow you to complete orders faster. If you have any questions re this feature or would like to speak to a representative please reach out to support@dearsystems.com.


DEAR Team  

This system is good value for money and does everything I'd expect from an inventory package (my business has fairly simple inventory requirements). It's easy to use and quick to pick up. My only beef with it is that it's fairly slow. If I was in a high transaction business I would definitely NOT get this package, if you only have a few orders a day to process it's fine (though still a bit annoying).

Nicole Lamond  

We've been using DEAR for about 6 weeks now to manage inventory and it's working well. 90% is common-sense and works as expected.

The documentation isn't as well written as Xeros but support tickets are quickly responded to when I've had issues.

Tristan Thomas  

I love it! I tried other inventory addons and dear is by far the best one of the lot :) works fast and gets the job done

Sergio Quintal  

DEAR are going to really shake up the whole software development industry. Ive never experienced such great service and the product itself is brilliant. Its intuitive and very user friendly. My staff have picked it up very quickly and its improved our whole business process. Standard response times after submitting a ticket are usually in a couple of hours- (It takes me 3 days to hear from my website developers). Best of all, we needed a feature customised for us, and after contacting DEAR, they had the feature available on the platform within a number of days. 10/10.

Thomas Towhidi  

I have been using DEAR for a few months now and it's very impressive! I tried all (well, many...) the other inventory management systems out there and they are really a step above! So far almost all my problems were solved in the next 24h :) Keep it up!!

Nic Lap  

Gotta hand it to DEAR Inventory, every time we bring on a new customer with inventory DEAR comes through with flying colors. No matter what they are tracking or what their workflow needs to be the app works. We've tried Trade Gecko and Unleashed with a few customers and they all struggled. Thought I'd share our experience. If you're on the fence between those apps, choose DEAR!

Rhett Molitor  

DEAR is an excellent inventory management system especially in expiry date management. Very user friendly, clear workflow, transparent progress status, providing very fixable reporting and document templates. I am very pleased with their support team which providing prompt and helpful response. Thank you so much to providing a such powerful system and professional service.


Andy Leung  

I have been searching for an inventory and customer order solution to be able to manage everything from one place for all our eCommerce stores and tie in to our accounting software. After tons of research I decided to go with DEAR. Not only do they provide the services I have been looking for but they offer so much more and they do it well. I am very pleased with their service and all the features and will be using their service for years to come.

Michael Spurgeon  

Hi Therese,

For any application related queries please contact our support team @ support@dearsystems.com they will be able to provide you with an answer.


DEAR Team  

Questions re DEAR.

When invoicing customers - does back order stock show on the invoice?

Therese Carroll  

I've been exploring DEAR for the past 3 months and found a solid, well thought-out solution for inventory management. We recently moved from the Netsuite ERP solution to Xero, and were looking for an inventory solution that will allow us to keep track of finished-goods and component inventory across multiple locations, as well as handle COGS in a transparent and reliable way.

DEAR does exactly that, with attentive and responsive support, and solid synching into Xero. Exactly what we needed, and highly recommended.

Oded Lev-Ari
Anzic Records, LLC

Oded Lev-Ari  

We've been using the DEAR system for quite a while now and I must say I couldn't be any happier. It was a seamless transition from our old system, and I especially appreciate how well DEAR integrates with our accounting software. This makes everyone's work a whole lot easier. I have contacted support on several occasions with questions that I had, and I always received a quick, thorough, and very helpful response. We manufacture our products as well wholesale and retail them with an online store, and everything works so well together with DEAR that it really helps us focus on building our business rather than focusing our attention on trying to keep up with inventory and ordering. I would highly recommend DEAR systems to anyone looking for a new inventory management system.

Robert Weiss  

I've been trialling DEAR for the past 2 months, exploring all that it is capable of. I've found it to be the most complete system available for our situation and super easy to figure out. We manufacture, import, wholesale, retail and sell online. I believe this is a trend in small businesses and software hasn't been available until now! This integrates with the big names in POS, Ecommerce and more, so it makes sense to make this our central data source.
Definitely give it a go.

P.S. The support so far has been the best i've experienced. Getting email responses to questions in under 20 minutes. Love it.

Jason Ure

Jason Ure  

After a full Trial Period with DEAR, we couldn't be more pleased! We needed a centralised inventory system with CRM capabilities that could seamlessly integrate and sync to SHOPIFY, XERO, as well as our offline sales channels (in which we generate our own invoices). Being in the food industry, we also needed a system that could track the shelf-life of our products, and make sure first expired items are sold first. This is an important feature for us that we did not find in TradeGecko, which we tested out as well. Though we have only be using it for under a month, DEAR has so far lived up to our wish list with flying colours; I particularly enjoy the level of detail available to us, to store relevant information such as supplier SKUs and multiple price lists. The system is sturdy and the UX is straightforward and intuitive, which has made the transition easy for the whole team!

Tamara Agusta
General Manager
Profood Ltd

Tamara Agusta  

Hi Allen,

Thanks heaps for sharing your experience with us! We are glad you are enjoying it.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

What we love about DEAR is the ability to utilize the Trial Period with FULL capabilities BEFORE we bought it! I was concerned about switching from our existing inventory management software, but DEAR supplied great support with the uploading of all of our existing products, customers, and suppliers which really made a difference for us.

So far the responsiveness of DEAR has been stellar. Our previous system would take so long to bring up the Inventory List or perform a search. We are totally content with our choice to go with DEAR!

Allen Melody
Operations Manager
AquaSmoke LLC

Allen Melody  

Hi John Clotter,

Thank you for your feedback. The query you have raised relates to changing/disconnecting an existing Xero account from your DEAR subscription. As changing Xero companies is not recommended, your request needs to be reviewed and then implemented by a senior support representative. In this instance the Xero account was disconnected and a response was provided in under 8 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

Generally we have a 24 hour response time however in most cases responses are provided much quicker, especially to simple queries not requiring a review from higher levels of support.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

Hi Rainbows and Clover,

Thank you for your feedback, glad to hear you are enjoying using DEAR. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with anything.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

Rainbow and Clovers comments 10 Sep 2015 are absolutely correct. VERY SLOW to simple support questions! AArrgghhhhh!

If email support is the quickest as referred to above by DEAR team 18 Sep 15- I would not like to experience the slowest!

John Cotter  

Hi Julio,

Thanks for the feedback. We did have a small issue with our data center provider which we managed to resolve quiet quickly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, this affected only a small number of clients and our provider has assured this will not happen again.

In regards to phone support & live chat we will look at bringing out a phone support package at the beginning of 2016 which will be an additional cost to the base subscription.

However our email support support@dearsystems.com will always be free to our users and is the quickest and most efficient way to get an answer you are looking for in a timely manner.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

This system stability is not good, it always have the issue that can't login, especially this month it have been happened twice already. No phone number that i can call to stress the problem and it completely stop my daily operation. Now i have totally no idea how to issue invoice to customer that standing in front of me. It is just chaos

16/9/2015 The problem yesterday solved in 60mins, and Dear system reply quite fast this time. I hope they will learn from this and problems will not happen again. Overall it is a good system, but i would like a online chatroom or phone number so that i can reach some real person if there is any issue.

Julio Chau  

Hi Genevieve,

Thank you for the review and glad to hear you are enjoying our product & support.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

We use DEAR to link XERO and our two SHOPIFY websites. We've only been using it for 3 months, and we're all still getting used to it, but what we know about it, we like :)

Hello Media Accounts  

We are now into our 4 month of using DEAR and it's just great! The constant support and readily available information surpasses any of our previous accounting systems. A big thanks in particular to Max and AM!

Genevieve Fennel  

Hi Luke Chant,

Sorry to hear you are unhappy with DEAR please see responses to your concerns below:

1) DEAR provides an extremely robust dual integration with Xero allowing you to create bills, invoices, payments, customers, suppliers and products in both DEAR and Xero. We are still working on dual credit note integration and currently credit notes can only be created in DEAR and sent to Xero. All users are made aware of this during the trial. We have provided you with a solution to account for credits in DEAR that are applied in Xero but you have advised that your bookkeeper is not willing to learn how to use DEAR so unfortunately it is beyond our ability to assist you any further.

2) DEAR has 16 sale reports, all of which are highly customisable and help you achieve an unlimited number of variations and layouts. You created a topic on 19/08/2015 requesting for sub totals to show in the exported excel sale report. We rolled out this feature specifically due to your urgent request in our release dated 23/08/2015, the enhancement is available with the following export options (without totals) & (with totals), we think that a 5 business day turn around for development is quite good.

3) Comments fields are not available through the Xero API therefore this is not a DEAR limitation and we have discussed this with you numerous times.

4) Regarding support, to date you have received on boarding help, over 3 hours of free phone support, template customisation and report customisation which are outside of your current “Base” plan and were provided as a courtesy. We have also responded to over 25 separate tickets and emails.

A representative from DEAR spoke to you approximately 2 weeks ago and you advised that everything was going well apart from the subtotals in reports (which we delivered 5 days later) and you did not mention any other “small” issues which make DEAR hard to use.

Lastly we are very selective of clients who join DEAR and we never advise users to sign up if we believe DEAR is not going to be a good fit for their business. This is the reason we offer courtesy 1 on 1 pre-sale consultations and a 2 week free trial to allow potential clients to get an understanding of what the application offers.

Best Regards

DEAR Team  

Do Not Use DEAR

Dear looks good on the surface but has a lot of smaller issues that seriously affect its usefullness.

1) A credit applied in Xero will not be sent to DEAR. Full invoice payments will but a part payment will not.

2) Sales reports are limited.
If you are looking to report on items sold sub totals are shown when exported to PDF but not to Excel. Which makes no sense as Excel is where you want the most data not the least.

3) Comments made in the comments field in DEAR are no sent to Xero.

4) Customer service are quite quick to respond but only with lines such as,

"That's correct if part of the payment was paid via applying a credit in xero this amount will not be brought over into DEAR."

There are lots of smaller issues like this that make it really hard to use. Ensure you can do EVERYTHING you want before signing up.

Further to my last comment. DEAR did fix the issue with the subtotals quite quickly.

It was fixed within a week or so. So that was excellent.

However I am now left paying a consultant $120 an hour to come get the system working properly for me as my emails to support are no longer being answered. I understand that DEAR are upset about my comments on this forum. However not answering my emails and forcing me to pay hundreds of dollars to get the system working is not very helpful.

Luke Chant  

We installed DEAR just over a year ago, and it has been outstanding. Since taking on DEAR we have been able to manage our business which has got more complex with less time, resulting in a doubling of our sales in the last year. We have reduced out of stocks and at the same time managed our inventory investment which has given us the free cash to grow. As we manufacture and sell a perishable product, we simply could not have done this without a product like DEAR.
I highly recommend it.

Dave Cashmore  

DEAR is my top choice when it comes to implementing an inventory system for my clients. With affordable and fair pricing you get the full functionality including all integrations and open API, production, kitting, basic job costing, support for serial numbers, batches and expiration dates, unlimited number of customizable document templates, unlimited locations and bins, reorder low stock and backorders, credit limit control, ability to design a system of discounts, multi currency, barcode scanning, many useful customizable reports exportable in different formats, fast email customer support. As an accountant I like the reliable integrations allowing pulling orders from multiple sale channels, processing them and pushing the transactions into Xero.
It is also great that anyone can schedule a demo and talk to a representative to check if DEAR meets his requirement. I also like that they listen to the users suggestions (there is a forum where all users can post their ideas) and the most popular requests do get implemented. And if an improvement is easy to implement you can even get the update right away which is amazing.There are many things to love about DEAR and it's hard to think of any equal alternative.

Valiantsina Zianishyna  

Dear has some of the fastest support I have ever dealt with for any Xero Add-On, with most responses clocking in at about 5 minutes. More to the point they are also incredibly helpful, and are clearly well informed about their product and how it works.

We use Dear combined with Shopify POS and Web, and have found that it's a natural extension for these apps and Xero. If you are running a retail store and have been searching for an inventory system, I highly recommend Dear.

Ryan Davey  

Great product and awesome support. They're really fast

Nicolas Goulet  

Love the product - I have been using it for over 8 months. Some learning curve in the beginning but support is great and patient!

Urs Burkart  

We assemble Hydrobikes and other products which require complicated assemblies. Dear handles the different BOM perfectly. Its tie in to Xero helps us to manage our receivables and inventory levels.

What really makes me excited is that we have built a custom web application to handle “unique” processes such as credit card payments, commissions, and advance reports. Dear Inventory does its core mission very well and we can build around it using their API.


Corey Malczewski  

We conducted a comprehensive and thorough comparison between the top Inventory Management contenders that integrate with Shopify and Magento. Our client had a revenue of 5million in B2B and B2C sales which included phone sales, walk-ins and online orders. DEAR was chosen primarily because of its intuitive workflows, ability to handle complex sales order processing and its impressive features including drop shipping. Payment status flows through from Xero and updates back into DEAR. The support team have been outstanding in assisting with migration issues and providing an understanding of the advanced features of the solution.

Our client has been using DEAR inventory for over a month and the feedback is they are very happy with the solution, so much so, that we have hardly received any support calls which is true indication of a quality solution. As a result, we have implemented this solution for our own Shopify store and are loving the change. We are also Shopify experts and approved Shopify POS hardware resellers with a focus on inventory integration for the retail industry.

Overall an outstanding solution!!


I was really looking forward to using DEAR for my business. The trial period was great with great tech support but after the trail period was over things changed. There seems to be only one person in tech support. I had several questions when setting up my business in DEAR and I always get the same guy that is very rude and condescending. I really like the features DEAR offers but I will be looking for an alternative.

Karen Graham  

After a painful experience with TradeGecko, we moved to Dear and it's a much better product for our needs. We're a B2C mail order company based in Ireland. We've integrated Dear with Magento and Xero and the system is working well.

Things we like:

- well thought out app that allows for complex workflows that real businesses need (e.g. drop ship, assembly of products, returns etc)

- very customisable templates for invoices etc (although a bit fiddly with Word mail merge)

- excellent pricing structure - you get all the features and just pay based on the number of users.

- good customisable reporting module

- support has been reliable and helpful (although a little slower as of late - hopefully this is just a blip!)

- good documentation and training videos

There are many more features that I could praise as Dear feels like a relatively mature product with many edge cases considered.

I've taken off one start for performance. The app runs quite slowly. They're using AWS and some improvements need to be made especially for staff trying to process orders in a telephone sales environment - sitting watching a spinner for 5 seconds after many interactions is not acceptable. Support has promised big performance improvements in the next few weeks. I'll come back and give 5 stars if they manage to do that. Finger's crossed!

Tom Atkins  

DEAR is excellent value for money solution.

For those businesses wanting a web based fully functional stock management solution that integrates with Xero as well as integrating with Shopify & Magento - its a good fit and an easy choice.

Based on my experience, its a clear market leader for most SMEs with its batch tracking, expiry date function and intuitive order management.

Its what it should be. Great product, reliable performance, and accessible support when needed.

Nigel McDermott  

I have used Dear for several clients now & have been impressed with the ease of setup & the integration with Xero.
The functionality of Dear for the price is outstanding, including the ability for assembly & disassembly and template editing.
I have no hesitation in recommending this product to my other clients.

Rebecca Hull  

DEAR is a solid, intuitive inventory management system. Native features and workflows are ahead of competitors at a similar price bracket.

Support team is top notch - swift, knowledgeable and practical responses which show their understanding of the product and best practice stock movement processing.

As an accounting practice and cloud integrator, we have no hesitation recommending DEAR for inventory management and accounting sync for our B2C/B2B clients.

Adrian Lai  

Great Inventory Add-on. I have had clients use this software and have found it very user friendly, efficient and offer a great support system.
Definitely have my backing and recommendations. A+++


We love Dear, it's interface is light, bright and colourful, but what makes our lives easier as cloud integrators is Dear's process is easy to understand(and therefore teach our customers) It's easy to see the processes for purchases and sales orders because the process is all on the one page. Dear Support are fantastic, really quick to get back to us, and we love the ability to book an appointment with one of the support team, Great work!

Ezidebit Integration  

I have just completed a blog comparing Unleashed and Dear which may be helpful - its a bit long but there are a lot of features to be covered http://bit.ly/1CMUMtj

Margaret Carey  

Be aware that Dear cannot provide a costed inventory report as at a particular date to support the balances in Xero. I've just spent a day trading emails with support to eventually find this out.

This is a major deficiency from an audit trail perspective.

Rob Turnbull  

I have to say the support has been outstanding. I have had some challenging BOM builds and needed help with reports and the system, the answers can back very quick...thanks and appreciated.
It's still early days and will not go live for a couple of weeks. so far so good !

Kym Bolton  

Excellent so far! (3 weeks) Will update review once we have more experience with it. Can't see ourselves not continuing to love it and use it indefinitely, has great scalability and the customer service is responsive and helpful.

H&H Accounting Dept  

I was about to give up looking and finally I have found a system that can DECONSTRUCT a product, butchers everywhere.... here is your system!

Michael Law  

After trying out several different inventory systems, I finally came across Dear and scheduled a demo. The service was outstanding and the system itself is very simple to use and so easy to navigate. There are a ton of features and being in the online/wholesale/retail distribution business, we needed something that can track and manage all of that in one central place. Dear does just that and we couldn't be happier with the system and the service so far! Highly recommended!

Ayman Hbeichi  

After finding Xero did not offer inventory tracking or ways to cost products we looked into which add-on best suited our needs for costing and keeping track of inventory. We scanned the reviews section of the different inventory add-ons available and it was clear from the reviews Dear was the program to try. After the 30 trial we found Dear exceeded our expectations and provided so many extras we didn't even think of needing but became very useful. The staff are very quick and VERY helpful with any questions we had setting up and maintain our Dear system. We couldn't be happier with Dear and their team and would definitely recommend to others.

Hamish Parker  

As a Xero Add-Ons Implementation Specialist, I am supporting a business where most of the products are not held in stock, but drop-shipped from their suppliers to their customers. Dear was the only inventory system we could find that would manage this in easy steps. The new interface looks great and is really easy to orientate around. The search bar is really powerful and is used extensively by my client. Reports are really dynamic once you learn the steps involved to adding filters. It is also great to be able to extensively customize documents such as Purchase Orders. Streamlining the use of Dear for my client has been made so much easier thanks to quick responses from the Dear Support Team. This is is a powerful tool for inventory and order management.

Ming Scott  

As a wholesaler, we buy from multiple suppliers and even drop-ship direct directly from some suppliers - Dear gives us the flexibility to choose if purchased goods are to come into our warehouse for consolidation before onward shipping, or go direct to our customers, saving us time and costs. Being in the cloud, we're always connected to what's going with our business.

Nigel French  

DEAR Inventory...... WOW... what else is there to say?

After investigating several inventory management systems for a client who was integrating to Xero, I managed to find a shining light by the name of DEAR Inventory...

DEAR has all of the bells and whistles and ticks all of the boxes in my opinion. It is a program that has the capabilities of managing all aspects of stock control from the small backyard business who simply buys and sells basic goods, through to the much larger scale companies who assemble and/or disassemble product at multiple locations.

DEAR Inventory is a well rounded system and the customer support is second to none.

Definitely an inventory management system I would highly recommend to prospective businesses.

Julz Comito  

Spent some time evaluating a new inventory management system as TidyStock had too many issues. We settled on DEAR and have been very happy with the way its working. The integration with Xero is excellent and we are looking forward to the UI update coming in the next few weeks. Email support from DEAR during our switchover was helpful too.

Thank you DEAR! We can now trust our inventory records, buy and sell prices and margins.

We just now need to choose a CRM system that suits Xero-DEAR and welcome any suggestions from users in the same position.

Dave Gowenlock  

Just finished implementing DEAR as our inventory management system that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Xero. Overall we're very pleased with how simple and streamlined DEAR is. Takes a little bit (about a week or so) to work through the setup process and get familiar with the system but the support is amazing and help whenever you have a question. DEAR is robust enough to handle our product that has 6 sub assemblies and over 35 parts involved with 8 different manufactures. It replicates real world operations 1:1. We've tested multiple other platforms for a startup manufacturing pipeline and haven't found anything that's is as solid as this for the price. Definitely recommend it.

Scott Campbell  

We implemented DEAR for a client who was looking for an inventory management add-on which integrated with ecommerce and POS. For ecommerce and POS platform we used Shopify as this was a natural fit.
Data was converted from MYOB into DEAR templates and the process was fairly straight forward with a little help from support.
Sales made in both Shopify store and via POS are automatically entered into DEAR as pending orders and can then be either consolidated or shown as individual sale orders. Pick, pack and ship steps of the fulfilment process can be auto completed, essentially helping to automate some of the backend processes.
Our experience with DEAR has been very good and we are yet to use all of its capabilities.
Would definitely recommend this app to others.

Chris Riordan  

We used to be MYOB customer and we are selling tubeclamp fitting. In the last 2 weeks, we were trialing few inventory softwares: Dear Inventory, Unleashed, Trade Gecko, Quote Sell Stock and found that none of them is a perfect software with us.

For that reasons, we had numerous phone calls and emails to all of them
Dear Inventory consistent with excellent customer service
I can assure you that one of the others took 4 business days to answer.

For numerous times, we tried the speed at inventory apps at different time
Dear Inventory consistent with no downtime in 1 week (early August 2014)

For capabilities,
Dear Inventory has more tick list capability compare to others

For first time users
Dear Inventory is the only software that has the mind of our business operations

For those reasons, I choose Dear Inventory compare to others

Jim Suhartono  

Dear Inventory has been great to work with, linking well with Xero and including features and functions over and above what other programs offer. I was also impressed with the high level of customer service provided with queries answered in a prompt fashion.

Garry Dukes - Project Manager
Ocius Digital

Garry Dukes  

We have just finished implementing DI for the first of our clients. It took some time, as with any new software, to work our way through, but we are pleased with the results. We expect future set ups to be substantially quicker.
DI's response time for queries was very good, and they were quite helpful in assisting us along the learning curve.
As with a number of Xero Add-ons, the rate of application development means that online /embedded help or tutorials lags behind. However we see that as a function of the rate of development in this field in general.
Any issues we have had with the system have come back to our understanding of how DI is intended to work, rather than any bugs or limitations.
Our applications to date have been built around Xero integration and that has worked well. We would like to see three way integration, namely with Receipt Bank, and we understand that this is in the wind.

Steve Warwick  

I use Dear Inventory in conjunction with Xero. Dear tracks our stock which uses both batch numbers and use by dates. I'm not that technical orientated and find that Dear support are very helpful no matter what problem arises. Great software package. Certainly works for me.

Debbie Reeve  

@Charlie this page is only for the review of DEAR Inventory. To make sure you get the right answer to your question can you please start a new discussion on our Using Xero Add-ons section? Otherwise, I'm sure the DEAR Inventory team will be able to help you out - get in touch on their website. Thanks!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi I am hoping someone can help me out. I have tried Dear but the big problem is that it imports all orders from magneto (even unpaid pending orders). We only want paid orders from magneto to be imported into Dear. How do other people handle this?

Charlie Meaburn  

I have spent months researching many inventory systems that will work for our complex system. Dear inventory has managed to meet all our requirements! The simple integration from our shopify stores(multiple) right thru to xero is great. I really like that you are able to select which functions you need to be able to customize the system to work how we need it to. The support team is so friendly and helpful and super quick to respond to any queries. We have also found that development of features is also really quick when they say they are going to do it it is done. I would highly recommend this system to anyone needing a good inventory system with great support.

nikki clay  

Dear Inventory is excellent, I love the user interface and easy integration with Xero. The reason I like the user interface is that it is very similar in navigation and feel to Xero. Additionally Dear Inventory can operate multiple currencies and warehouse locations, which is a great help.

The support is excellcent and very quick. I was able to start using it right away and my team members in Ghana can also use it as they are familiar with Xero.

Caleb Morrow  

DEAR is a fantastic program. I've owned a few of my own companies and have worked extensively with a number of different software programs, but I chose DEAR as the inventory management system for my new start-up intermodal container retail company. Before deciding on DEAR, I sifted through various similar programs to find an application that would work with my business. After 2 years of diligently searching for and testing different programs, DEAR was the chosen favorite. Not only does DEAR integrate with XERO ( a program that my main wholesaler uses to manage his inventory), but the system allows you to input serial numbers for all products and then tracks those serial numbers as they are bought from suppliers and sold to customers.

Furthermore, the DEAR representatives that we've spoken with have been extremely helpful and flexible. They are always willing to help us solve problems and figure out ways their system can accommodate our transactions. For example, all of the containers that we buy and sell have associated release numbers, and DEAR was able to make these release numbers searchable in the system for us. We also have more equipment locations than most companies, and DEAR was willing to compromise with us on a deal to give us access to hundreds of locations. Additionally, with this new system, my company will be able to easily track all our equipment, locate those containers that have been bought but not sold around the world, customize all documents for our purposes, and easily email invoices with a click of a button. DEAR has been amazingly accommodating, and we are confident in this system's ability to manage our transactions and inventory around the world.


I'll admit to skipping over Dear Inventory earlier because the name didn't exactly exude 'Business Class Software'. Our experience with it is totally otherwise.

We tried enough ERP / MRP / ACCT business software to fill a barge, including:
Quickbooks, NetSuite, YICRMB, MS Acct. Pro, OpenERP (awful), FIshbowl, SOS, Megaventory, Finale, Unleashed, Eagle, Epicor, Infor Syteline, Lettuce, FIO, Salesorder.com, Openbravo, Ecount, MISYS, Abel, TruERP, Expandable, xTuple, Nola Pro, Monley, FrontAccounting, SMBLedger, OfficeBooks, DBA, Blackline, BlueLink, Paassport, ERP5, Plex and more.

Some of these were pretty impressive, including Unleashed, SOS, Megaventory and Finale.

After this run, I could easily be convinced that most developers start with the mission: "What important features can we screw up or leave out?" Each of these packages had us hamstrung in more than one way, even if you could get past the UI. Some were very powerful, but the prices were usually proportionally horrific, and just as bad, they wanted to saddle us with consultants, support fees, specialists and other various mendiants. The "Open" and Wall Street software bunch and their consultants usually want to latch onto you and your business capital like a remora. Who really wants to manage and live with a system that can only be implemented by specialists?

Dear takes honors as the one that could handle our processes most gracefully. It's a terrific interface and is logical, compact, decently fast, flexible, platform independent, affordable, unusually good customer service, easy data uploading, etc.

Highlight features include: kitting (real kitting, meaning: automatic at shipment time - not a transmogrified work order), BOM, manufacturing, robust quote > sales > invoice flow, great supplier & purchase flow, ability to import orders (though not yet through an API), great search features, easy user/role management, nice dashboard & reports, great integrations, etc.

Lastly, we had our rather complex data uploaded and the system essentially running with the basics over a weekend + day (say, 40 manhours), with no specialists hanging off of us.

If this review can save just one other exec like me from going through the Hades and hundreds of hours & $$ of researching ERP software, then it might be worth it. Best of luck to my fellow entrepreneurs and your companies, out there.

Eric Forsberg  

Good system with amazing customer service. We recently moved from MYOB to Xero and Dear. We use drop shipping and Dear is one of very few inventory systems that can handle drop shipping. We are a wholesaler of exercise equipment and only order stock when a sale is made. Our suppliers send our stock directly to our clients. Dear handles this really well.
Dear is also very user friendly. The customer service is superb. They are very accomodating and very helpful especially through set up stage. There are still a few issues that need to be addressed but overall we are very happy with this inventory system.

Silvana Mimiague Salkow  

So far I generally like the platform. It does have several rough edges still - especially tying into Xero. Overall I would recommend.

We transitioned from QB Enterprise to Xero & DI. The product that we sell manufactured in FDA traceable lots, and has an expiration dates. The startup of the system takes some time, especially with lot tracking enabled. The previous methods our team used for tracking inventory was pretty loose (not in a good way). Fully implementing the DI system took about 30 hours upfront, but is now paying off with better control of stock.

The system does have an issue with maintaining a connection with Xero, for whatever reason. I have to login in about one or twice a week to re-establish the authorized connection between the two systems. There is no real indication of what, if anything, is triggering this issue.

Other issues that could be addressed:
1. Cost per unit of more than two decimal points - this may be a limitation from Xero, but we have products that may be sold in fractions of a cent.
2. Automatic conversation of units of measure - I think this is on the development radar, but I am uncertain. An example would be taking one box of candy bars, and dividing cost & quantity to sell individual candy bars.
3. Handling zero cost inventory - can't do it on an ongoing basis.
4. A bit spendy if limited number of users, less so if you have lots of users and/or locations.

4/30/2014 Update - the team has updated some code that seems to have greatly reduced/eliminated the issue with losing connection to Xero. Thank you for taking care of that annoyance.

Dean Wilson  

Hi Nigel - what about Dear Inventory did you prefer over Tradegecko?

Emma Allison  

Good product and absolutely amazing support! We did a detailed survey and trial of Tradegecko, Unleashed and Dear Inventory before designing our new Accounting/Inventory/Website. We eventually settled on Xero/Dear/Magento(CE) as the ideal setup. We went live last Monday after 4 months spent testing, transferring old accounting records, stock taking and copying across customer and product records. Inevitably there were teething problems and the Dear Support team have been tremendous: they helped with shaking out the last bugs from the Dear/Magento integration, they added new merge fields to enable us make our shipping labels compliant with Royal Mail (and updated their documentation immediately, which in my 30 years of experience in the industry is a first), they added a new feature to the Magento integration which now works like a charm... all in the space of 3 days this week. I've never come across support like it.

Nigel Titley  

Dear Inventory is a great cloud solution for inventory management. It's ease of use is what sets it apart from many of the other inventory platforms. In order to process inventory, Dear takes you through a series of tabs in sequential order so that no steps are missed. As an accountant, explaining inventory to someone with very little accounting background used to be a daunting task, however with Dear Inventory the entire process is simplified. At our firm ConnectCPA, we actually tested Dear Inventory for the first time as a result of reading through the reviews in the Xero Business Community thread. I am thankful that we did as it has been a great inventory solution for our clients and its intuitive user interface has allowed us to cut down our training time with clients considerably.

Mike Pinkus, CPA, CA
ConnectCPA, Chartered Accountants

Mike Pinkus  

We recently switched from Unleashed to DEAR Invetory as it has the ability for multiple COGS. We have found the software excellent and the customer service is one of the best, awesome product and service. Would highly recommend

IT Power Accounts  

DEAR is an excellent program. It offers sophisticated inventory management in a user friendly package. Our transition was simple and it SEAMLESSLY integrates with Xero. Support is speedy and helpful, often they will make a quick minor change in the program to assist you.

As a food distribution company being able to set expiration dates is priceless. Purchasing is simplified by a Reorder list on the home dashboard. We sleep better at night now because we know exactly where we stand with our perishable inventory and our other assets.

Regalis Texas  

I am still learning the DEAR inventory system and have sort the help of the Support Team, who are great. During my frustrating times, they are really helpful with quick responses and have made changes that have helped me. The product integrates well Xero.

Erin Rundle  

Hi Arnon - when you mean multiple variations of SKU's, is it possible to have the same product and product code but with different costs? I'm looking for a solution for a distributor who buys the same product but pays 2 different prices depending on who it is purchased from.
Any insight would be appreciated.


Lior Zehtser  

Dear inventory is a fantastic system that is ahead of many in its field, as other users have mentioned their support team are sensational!

As a clothing, footwear and accessory wholesaler/distributor, our main requirement is the ability to create multiple variations of the same SKU, a solution that few inventory management systems offer. We had been looking for a cloud based, SAAS (software as a service, pay monthly) system that offered this ability and integrated with Xero for the past four years however found nothing cost effective on the market. Dear's Product Family section allows you to do this quickly and their system doesn't fall over at 50,000 sku's like so many others.

I cannot recommend this system enough, especially to others in the clothing or footwear industry, who have the same requirements as ourselves. Great job Dear!

Hi Lior

Not sure how else to reply to your question other than editing my review... Yes, Dear has multiple suppliers per single SKU, with individual purchase prices so it sounds like this system would suit your distributors requirements.

Arnon Levy  

Easy and user Friendly !! very well designed inventory system , + Easy and Excellent integration with XERO without problems, tried few similar other softwares , this is the best out of all !!

DEAR's Customer SERVICE is Awesome !!
support team help me setup everything from the beginning, answer all my questions ! fixed up all my issues.

Thank you DEAR inventory Support Team

matthew tsai  

I was looking for an inventory management solution that integrated with Xero. I tried every solution available and found them all frustrating for various reasons.

I am quite happy to have tried Dear. The simplicity, speed, and cost made it easy the and obvious choice. Other solutions charged too much money for very little value. I think you have found the right balance between features and price.

Keep up the good work!


Timothy Christensen  

After reviewing multiple solutions DEAR was the easy winner. Their system is easy to use, fast and integrates well with Magento/Xero. What really sets DEAR apart is their customer service. We ran into a few issues (our fault) and their team worked with us until everything was resolved. Props to everyone at DEAR!

Bryan O'Malley  

Wow - amazing solution - amazing support - fast - what more can I say.
Just moved from Unleashed and took a day to move everything over and could not be happier.

Keep up the good work!

Matthew Smith  

DEAR Inventory was chosen by us for its ability to produce invoices with information that we required that Xero could not supply. We do not actually require the inventory management as we do not stock our product.

DEAR's most important features to us are multi-currency, Multi-user access, volume of information that can be added to each product and the ability to manipulate invoices to show the information that we require. Coming from MYOB, its taking a bit of time to get used to the new flow, but I am enjoying what the system can give us.

Support has been absolutely amazing, super quick to reply and even making changes to the system to make it more suitable for us!

Faulkner Accounts  

Dear Inventory is new to us but was chosen because it could offer us more than any of the other inventory programs and is proving fantastic. Customer support is wonderful and each email we send is answered immediately making the change over in our programing systems fast and easy. Thanks Dear Inventory

Louise Pagnozzi  

Definitely an improvement on Unleashed as unleashed has to record and lock in the cost of goods on receipt and even though you may pay a different amount for those goods with forex etc , the value cannot be changed so actual cog figure is incorrect and therefore so is the GP .
Therefore also the inventory value in xero is different to unleashed value. DEAR solves that very nicely by recording the initial receipt at COG zero value and it is only finalised when you decide all costs are in and correct and then updates all previous sales invoices with the new cog so your GP is correct.

Tina Thorowgood  

Tim and Ross -- are either of you using DEAR's support for serial # tracking? I run a cellphone trade-in company, and we need to track each item uniquely. Right now DEAR is the only inventory Add-On for Xero that supports this. I'd love to hear your feedback.


Brennan Zelener  

I've had great experience with DEAR's support. They are moving ahead at a great pace, and adding a lot of features that benefit my food manufacturing business: batch/lot tracking, ingredients aging, product expiration. We are just getting up to 100% speed in DEAR, and I'm very happy with it.

FWIW, we are located in the US and working in DEAR is very snappy.

Ross Williams  

This is a great product. Software works logically and a lot faster than other add on's we used such as Unleashed which we found very slow. It addresses some of the weaknesses that unleashed has such as a logical process that tracks a shipment in each step of it's process. We have found the software support to be excellent and any adjustments that were required to improve the software have been made after an in depth discussion.

Tim Bloy