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Debtor Daddy

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 87 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Debtor Daddy, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Debtor Daddy

Simple, set & forget credit control for small businesses. Stop wasting your valuable time and money chasing debtors, take control of your cash today. DebtorDaddy.com.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Debtor Daddy, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Debtor Daddy or this page for information on connecting Debtor Daddy to Xero.

We have a number of difficult debts to collect and DD has systemised this in a very professional way. It is more effective than our own efforts and costs less. Collecting more payments and cutting debtor days is great but the real benefit I think is that it trains your customers to be good payers.

Warwick Schaffer  

Easy to use and love all the customisation options to make the whole process suit our business model. Debtor Daddy has made our process so much easier and effective. Their team is great and easy to work with and always quick to respond to any enquiries. Would highly recommend!

Lucia Kux  

Everything has been really great, Debtor Daddy has taken such a time-consuming task off our plate so really happy.

Stephanie Major  

Once you set this up properly, it flows so smoothly and takes control. I love not having to follow up customers myself and it has reduced anxiety.

Monica Hunter  

These guys provide a great service at a great price

Admin CamRyan  

This is a great service, the time spent on trying to contact debtors with reminders and this is done automatically, we get response and payments! Saves me lots of time and keeps our outstanding funds to minimal

Rose McDonald  

We have found Debtor Daddy fantastic to use as a medium sized business. They are a disciplined, accurate process that is adding extra reach in our collections team. It took a bit for all our account managers to get ontop of the niggly ones that came out at implementation time but since then its been rolling along with impact.

Ed Read  

Debtor Daddy is really effective, simple to set up and easy to use. It removes the time and energy to chase up clients - not a fun thing to do. I also have to put in a plug for the team at DD. They're really helpful and always on hand to talk through any issues, concerns or ideas.

Greg Cockerill  

Been using Debtor Daddy for well over 2yrs now and it’s transformmed the way we transact with our client base. Worst part of running any business is ringing customers and begging them to pay bills. Debtor Daddy now automates this process and we can’t be any happier. Two thumbs up!

George Rizk  

I love debtor daddy. As an accounting firm our core areas are financial reporting and budgeting, but we kept getting held up with chasing debtors for several of our clients. After contacting Debtor Daddy we have been able to spend more time on the things that we specialise in whilst still being able to collect debts and keep cashflow coming for our clients.
Great Feedback and updates each time they call, easy to deal with. Highly recommend Debtor Daddy

Nataleigh Gleeson  

Great value for money business! we have two companies and Debtor Daddy look after both.

Whenever in the past I've given the debtors to a part-timer or the offshore cheap labor my accounts receivable suffer. not with these ladies! now, most accounts pay within 30 days. worth their weight in gold. oh... and what I pay monthly I used to pay weekly for a part-timer!


Jodi Clarke  

We had a massive problem with overdue debt which led to dangerous cash flow problems. My staff were not effective in collecting overdue debt as that wasn’t their core role and they lacked the skills to do it. As a business owner it was extremely tough chasing overdue debt especially when my relationships were important for referral business also. We found out about Debtor Daddy and it has made a massive difference. My admin staff are now focused on other duties and the Debtor Daddy team use their strengths to collect our money. We love that we can also escalate the collections process from ‘Reminders’ to ‘phone calls’ and then to ‘collections’ through legal debt recovery. We highly recommend it to every business that would benefit from redirecting their focus from chasing overdue debt to growing their business.

Sean Brohier  

Fantastic app...it is so pleasing and reassuring for me to know that accounts are being followed up without my input or action. This really does offer great value for money and the system works brilliantly.

Brent Lucas  

Great software and team. Love automation and these guys are very responsive.

Shayne Moore  

Debtor Daddy are great! It's like having another staff member helping with your accounts receivable. They make calls, take comprehensive notes and they proactively help our clients pay their bills by re-sending invoices when needed. They also have a good sense of when it needs to be referred back to me. Highly recommended if you have overdue payers and are a small operation.

Accounts at TradiePad  

Huge help, great tool in effort to keep receivables under control.

Chris Gollnick  

Great Software, easy to setup and monitor outbound emails.

Dale McGeorge  

Excellent Xero add-on! Makes collecting money easy! We also love the way we can flick over unpaid invoices to Control, where Debtor Daddy calls to retrieve our $. Good work Debtor Daddy!

Michael Randall  

Awesome tool to automate reminders and chasing. Jess and the team provide awesome support too!

Andrew Thomas  

Game changing, helped us reel in a lot of old accounts and keep on top of things.

Highly recommend

Jeremy Chen  

Love Debtor Daddy no more wasting time on the phone month in month out chasing people up for money, Its simple and easy to use. Its a must for all businesses !

Linda Governato  

Debtor Daddy is a perfect add on to Xero...our Accounts area benefits as does our business by minimising the tedious task of following up on payments with a friendly reminder.

Rohan Sabri  

Not only is it a fantastic add-on but their customer support is unreal. I love the graph when you log in and you can see the average debtor days get lower and lower each month.

James Munro  

We have only been using Debtor Daddy for a few months and already can see a big improvement in our cash flow. Very easy to use and recommend this service to any business.

Lisa Dugmore  

We started using Debtor Daddy early 2017 and our Cash flow has improved incredibly! We just did not have the time to constantly be chasing people with phone calls and emails for payment of their invoices. However, with Debtor Daddy automatically sending reminders to those people who are slow to pay their accounts, our time has been freed up to take care of the really important tasks that keep the business running efficiently. We have the extra time to concentrate on providing the awesome service our Clients deserve.

Carmel Brundrett  

Debtor Daddy has seriously changes the way we do business! I am now in a positive cash-flow position and don't have to stress about settling bills at the end of the month. I can recommend this service to any business!

Justyn Spinner  

I have been using debtor daddy for 3 years. I love it. Easy to use and effective. Definitely recommended by me!

mandy matijevic  

Had a look at a few options and decided to go with Debtor Daddy - the results are awesome! Our average debtor days prior to using the software were close to 90. We started using Debtor Daddy in December and the average debtor days have dropped from 83 down to 61, still some way to go but a huge improvement. I was a little concerned about turning on the automatic reminders, but I took the plunge and the results speak for themselves. The emails can be tailored for your business and you can even send out different templates which is great for us as we have two separate trading companies with two customer lists. The support is great if you need it, get a response from Jess with a very positive can do approach. Wouldn't be without it now - highly recommend!!

Christopher Corke  

I have to say i was a bit skeptical of the software and what it would do for us at the start, however i have to say that my doubts were unfounded. We couldn't be without Debtor Daddy now. We set pre reminders 5 days before they are due and this helps us solve a number of queries before the invoices are due. The automated reminders save us approximately 2-3 hours per week in manual work.

Bruce McLaren  

Out-sourcing the time consuming unpleasant job of phoning bad debtors frees up valuable time, and ensures the job gets done as soon as it needs to be. The log against each customer called is a great place to record all communication with the customer, like promises of payment. This is a great facility to keep on track of slow payers, and give the greatest chance of a good cashflow.
I have found Debtor Daddy staff prompt, efficient and friendly - and New Zealand based!

Miriam Harrison  

We have had great success with payments coming in on time by using Debtor Daddy.

Emma Keast  

Debtor Daddy has made the dreaded debt collecting part of our business more professional and streamlined. The approach to our clients is friendly, open and positive and we have seen payments hitting our bank account faster than when we were following up overdue accounts. Thanks Debtor Daddy!

Hayley Carter  

We find it brilliant from the smaller mum & dad customers through to our larger customers. Set and forget. They get one or two reminders, they don't forget & they pay.
Also after a few reminders, anyone with issues alert us and we fix it.
No one gets forgotten!

Colin Caton  

awesome add on. Had to believe it can be so effective at chasing and obtaining outstanding debt!

Glenn Campbell  

Thanks to Debtor Daddys lovely reminders our customers are kept up to date with their overdue invoices. So simple to set up, yet so effective and saves a LOT of time.

Amy Light  

Great product, working really well and great integration with Xero. Highly recommend it.

Andrew Mcclurg  

Great add on for Xero! So easy to set up and we barely have to change anything now, just let it run and it does the job! Highly recommended.

Lisa Burgess  

Excellent, simple and very effective product. We have definitely noticed an improvement in our Aged Receivables - very satisfying when it has involved so little effort on our behalf too. Recommended.

Emma Jenkins  

Works well.

Peter Di Tommaso  

We started using Debtor Daddy late last year and have halved our average debtor days.
We are saving 4 hours a week on average not having to chase the debts ourselves.
A must have for every business.

Amanda Mccallum  

Love Debtor Daddy - set and forget (well, nearly) and an email always warns you before the chaser goes out to the client. Clients love the characters and personality of the reminder too - getting great feedback. If you are chasing your own debtors, take a serious look at DD!

Julie Russell  

My business has a high number of low value transactions which means I have a high number of clients. As the business grew, I found it almost impossible to follow up many hundreds of customers who were behind in their payments. A friend told me about Debtor Daddy so I decided to trial it, and was blown away with the response I received. Within 6 weeks my cash flow improved by 50% and I found myself with excess cash in the bank which I invested in more stock to further grow my business. I cannot speak more highly of Debtor Daddy

Rick Morris  

Guys SERIOUSLY If you're not using this add on for your Xero .... What are you doing to chase the out-standings? This is the best set and forget money chaser I've ever come across. It has increased the cash flow in our business without the angst of phone contact with people who are slow payers. GET IT and see if I'm not right!

Stew McKenzie  

Review: Debtor Daddy , grow your business not your debt

Debtor Daddy is an online software solution that connects to Xero to help keep money coming into your bank account, automatically. Debtor Daddy chases your debtors for you, but is it really that easy?

Please read the rest of the review on www.whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

It's been a favourite add on from day one. The easy user interface, the fact that clients are reminded to pay without us having to think about it means that most of the debtor collection process is taken care off! The software has awesome personality too, thanks for keeping a boring process just a wee bit entertaining.

Amy Holdsworth  

Debtor Daddy is absolutely awesome! Makes debt collecting a breeze!!
We use it for the firm and have helped clients set up DD accounts.
DD support staff are quick to respond to any queries and very helpful.

Ashreen Lochan  

A very cost effective way of speeding up cash flow. Invest a bit of time in setting it up and you will be rewarded

Kirk Drinnan  

I have been using Debtor Daddy for quite a long time (years). I am happy that I can have the reminders going out automatically. There are also benefits to the data available on the days to pay because I can use that to see how a company is improving or devolving in their payment cycles/days to pay. This can be really handy if you are considering how financially healthy a company is.
My only concern is that over a period of time companies can get a bit immune to the regular reminders they receive and begin to ignore them. The only way to balance that is to follow up with personal contact that shakes them out of their malaise. The fact that reminders have been sent is often useful during personal contact because they can't say they haven't seen anything from your company!

Michele Cozens  

I have been using this program since signing up with Xero in 2009 and it has saved me countless hours in chasing up payments. Especially since I only provide a 7 day account terms for all clients regardless of size. The biggest key to maximising its effectiveness is reconciling the Xero accounts daily so that you don't have DD chasing up clients who have already paid. My Debtors used to stretch out their payments for 4-5-6-8 weeks without hesitation but I find that now days most have paid up with the 7 days with a few running into the 14 day period. The automatic reminders work wonders for your cash flow and whilst I occasionally get an irate email from a client who has decided to mail a cheque at the last minute and then wonder why they are getting a reminder. All is good and ruffled feathers are soon soothed with a simple explanatory email that the system is fully automated and not generated by me personally as I simply do not have the time to do so.

Eric Brandstater  

Debtor Daddy has put us back in charge of Debt Management and saved us $200/ week and 10hrs / week, for doing reconciliation and debt collecting! Our overdues are now coming in quickly, without any difficulty and no emotional upsetness over discussing debt with irrate people. Professional, efficient, clear and incredibly easy!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe we use to try do it on our own!

Mel Engelbrecht  

I love that Debtor Daddy is so user friendly! Simple to use and effective, not to mention a great timesaver for debtors. I used to spend several hours every week following up debtors but now I have a lot more time for other tasks

Christine King  

Debtor Daddy is amazing! Right from day one of using Debtor Daddy it has helped to get our outstanding invoices paid quickly & on time! It has saved me so much time not having to remind people that their invoices are overdue. Debtor Daddy was very easy to set up & I love how it thanks my clients for their payments, I have had lots of people ask me what program I use when they get that email! I have been recommended Debtor Daddy to lots of people as it has saved me so much time & money.

Vicki Hurley  

I have two businesses, one of which issues over 100 invoices each month. It was a real pain following these up when payment was late. But, when I started using Debtor Daddy the incidence of late payment reduced dramatically. The new Debtor Daddy is even better.

Graeme Owen  

Really enjoying the new version of Debtor Daddy, some great improvements and a big leap forward. Miss the list of reminders in my emails as now have to log in to see them but over all happy with the new version.

Warren Beard  

Very good integration with Xero - really can't fault it - and I like the idea of having different 'collectors' adapted to the profiles of different clients. (You can't and shouldn't treat all of them exactly the same way!) Better yet is the option to tailor the emails sent out from each collector - and I particularly like the options to prenotify a potentially problematic client that an invoice is due, and to thank clients who have paid up. If it seems a little pricey for a microbusiness think how much time and effort you waste doing the same job yourself...!

Allan Scott  

Over the past couple of years I have found myself reading peoples reviews before purchasing any products, this has saved me a lot of time and effort. Having started a new company two years ago I wanted to refrain from employing a credit control team as I had in the past. Finding a good credit controller can be very hard and expensive, so I needed an alternative solution to keep my start up costs as small as possible, but my invoices being paid with out me chasing the debts all the time. Debtor Daddy is as good as the best credit controllers, once set up you can relax in the knowledge that your clients are being chased in a manner that makes them pay the invoice.
I will stress that if you want a smooth system you need to set up Debtor Daddy with the correct information, (this is very easy if you are using Xero) make sure you have the relevant contact details of the person who can authorise your payment and then you can relax knowing that everything is automated.
I have just switched over to the new version, (which went very smoothly, the instructions are perfect) and from what I have seen a great upgrade to an already first class product.

Liam Nugent  

I have tested DD for my own business and if you set it up properly the first time it does what it says on the tin. It appears to be a very simple solution and was easy to set up, however, my problem is that my days were initially set up wrong and I wanted to change the wording in some of the letters after it was all set up.

This is where DD really falls down currently. In order to be able to edit schedules and wording, you need to set another Collector to default and I still have not worked it out, but it appears you also have to cancel all schedules set up, some of which I can only switch from Live to Pause. I could not find a way to clear the schedule for some clients. I do remember reading in the set up phase about making changes, but only logging in weekly or bi weekly, this information is forgotten and with something so simple, it should be completely intuitive so one does not need to delve into the help files everytime one logs in.

I think DD has immense potential but I feel they need to simplify the after set up maintenance and make it as easy as it was to set up in the first place.

Edit 3 July 2015 - When I closed down my DD profile, I filled out the exit interview to assist them with future development. Matt McFedries, the CEO of DD then emailed me directly to better understand my frustrations. To cut a long story short, they are aware of my issues internally and are working hard to make the "after set up" seamless. Within two weeks, they should have a duplicate Collector feature as an interim workaround and are also working to make any after set up changes as easy as falling off a bicycle. Accordingly, I am moving back to DD in anticipation of these upgrades. My rating also goes up from 2 to 3 stars and I look forward to allocating them 5 stars in the near future. They really are on the right track.

Murray Barnetson  

The best add-on for Xero, particularly for small business!

Paul Munro  

AMAZING!! Wish I had this 5 years ago when I started my business! Can't thank this software enough!! Good to see continual improvements and additions too, can't wait to see what this can do in years to come

Aaron Taylor  

has paid for itself for the next 12 months in the first month, got paid on some very old invoices

Marcus Valmadre  

Debtor Daddy saves me so much time when clients do not pay on the due date. The reminder schedule is easy to set up and once done takes the thinking and the worry out of reminding my clients to pay. Every SME should have this service attached to their accounting package.

Dave Sewell  

Debtor Daddy is one of the best add-ons I have use with Xero. Not only is it simple to use, but if you have a problem their tech support is fast and efficient.
Keep up the good work and keep evolving!

Clayton Burridge  

What a brilliant add-on. I am run off my feet with my work load & to have Debtor Daddy help with the load by doing something no one likes to do - call to collect money - It's a relief. It's never a pleasant experience having to chase money or to receive a call from someone chasing money so we chose the collector 'Audrey' who gets to the point but who softens the blow with a little humor. 'Audrey' strikes a good balance between brevity and business, which we also endeavour to achieve.

Chrissy Sullivan  

As long as we have email addresses in place, Debtor Daddy has made a huge difference to our debt collection process. It has significantly dropped the amount of time spent on phone calls and letters. Customers love the humorous reminders sent, we quite often have a response back regarding payment within an hour of the reminder going out. Customer service is also top notch with quick replies and results.

Anne Sleep  

love the easy of use and gets responses from clients

Montse Vidal-Wallace  

Debtor Daddy has been a very essential add-ons to my Practice. It is a must for every SME to create a system to recover their debts and DebtorDaddy has technically simplified this process. I love it so much and I am recommending it to all my clients and part of my package for all my VIP clients.

Christopher Emmanuel  

This is a must-have.
I have seen a dramatic reduction in my overdue invoices since using Debtor Daddy which has helped my cash flow greatly.

Stuart Oliphant  

This is a must-have addon. It has taken a huge chore off our plate. It makes us money. Thumbs up!

Harry Metcalfe  

This is simple and extremely effective add on. It ties into Xero and ensures that each client is flooded up systematically. If you use Xero and have more that 10 customers it is a must have.

Chantel Peacock  

Fantastic add on which ensures that both we and our clients are paid quickly. It takes a lot of the hassle out of day to day debtor control.

Karen Woller  

Debtor Daddy is a very easy simple way of reminding customers that a payment is due and i have a lot of success with it. It well and truly pays for itself.

Marg Gravener  

We tell EVERYONE about this - Its like employing another member of staff - I really wish we had found this years ago.

Many Many thanks

Pippa Scott  

Using Debtor Daddy has been one of the best business decisions I've ever made. The fact that clients are receiving weekly reminders if they don't pay their invoices on time, means in the majority of cases invoices are now being paid on time & it means I don't have to keep chasing people up. I would highly recommend it.

Genevieve McLachlan  

I've been using for a week so far, with great results. Very easy to set up and I received 4 x my normal daily collections on the first day. And it's saving me heaps of time. Unreservedly recommended

Brett Oaten  

We love using Debtor Daddy for ourselves and our clients. A great way to ensure debts are chased in a timely, efficient and consistent manner.

Cassandra Scott  

Debtor Daddy is the cheapest staff member I've ever had, it's fantastic! Saves me so much time each week chasing Debtors, not to mention helping us get paid sooner - added bonus! Fast and simple to get started, before you know it you're underway. Support is fantastic, always get back to you. Sign up today, you wont regret it.

Natalie Chellew  

Great add-on. IT saves me several hours a month and lots of stress!

Peter McCarroll  

Have been using and recommending Debtor Daddy to clients for 2 years, still the best product in class by far (being a serial app collector) - love the innovation and approach in the latest version. Delivers on its promise to reduce debtors and free up cash flow, no brainer to recommend - gets instant results

Greg Byers  

This has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. The only better thing than this is getting someone to break kneecaps. I can't wait to see how they grow with more functionality as planned.

Barry Schutte  

Awesome, easy to use platform to follow up people for unpaid accounts. Easy to use templates to enable a polite & personal, yet automated gentle reminder. Our late payers have become a thing of the past with such easy follow ups & it has enabled m to work more on developing our business for growth rather than chasing up lagging payers. AND the support and help is top notch & friendly, which is so nice!

Alan O'Donnell  

UPDATE: @David the new Debtor Daddy app sends reminders in the currency the invoice was raised.

The brand new Debtor Daddy is now in beta... no credit card required to try it: http://www.debtordaddy.com/beta

Automatic reminders are not yet supported, but will be added very soon. Stay tuned for further updates and feature releases coming in December and January.

You can submit any feedback on the beta here, we're keen to hear it!

Matt McFedries  

Like Chris Allen I would be interested in having a poke around before entering my credit card details...

Graham Proud  

Great UX but unusable if you bill in more than one currency (any company doing business in more than one market).

Debtor Daddy supports different currency symbols, according to the country specified in your Xero account. However, if you want to send reminders using the currency the invoice was raised in this is currently not possible. DebtorDaddy does not support invoices in different currencies, we only use the currency of the Xero account that is connected to it.

David Barclay  

Looking to have a trial but this is the only Xero debt collecting add on that requests credit card details prior to testing for 30 days.

Chris Allen  

Debtor Daddy the idea is great, and sending out reminders to clients automatically is great, and has certainly helped our business as well. It's really a set & forget service, so all your overdue invoices are chased up automatically while you sleep.

Support is responsive to any issues. Some more flexibility in customising the reminders would be great too.

Charles Klvana  

DebtorDaddy has significantly reduced our Accounts Receivable amount even though our revenue has grown during the same period. The integration with Xero was simple and seamless. We did have to tweak around the messaging & frequency between emails a few times based on our client feedback but we seem to have got it right now. The price for the service is very reasonable, and well worth it. The user interface and playfulness of DD as a company plays right down our alley.

My colleagues Dewi & Namita wrote an article on Futurebooks' experience with DebtorDaddy .

Overall - loving it.

George | Futurebooks  

Went back into the black for the first time in years last month.

Highly recommended

Ronnie Lennon  

The first time we used Debtor Daddy we collected $10k in a week from clients who had overlooked outstanding accounts.

It is a great way to remind customers it is time to pay, and the direct link to the invoice in Xero means there are no excuses for not what is due and when. The history tracking means you can see when they have been reminded and how often.

It is key to monitor reminders before they go out though! Reminding a customer to pay two days prior to due date when they always pays on time is not a good look.

We regularly recommend Debtor Daddy to clients who hate having those hard conversations about overdue accounts.

Margaret Holmes  

I’ve used Debtor Daddy for several months and it’s significantly reduced my businesses debtor days. I unreservedly recommend it to all clients whose business model involves outstanding receivables. Debtor Daddy improves cash flow, productivity, and reduces the stress of dealing with slow paying clients at a fraction of the cost of other solutions I’ve tried.

I have written further about my experience with Debtor Daddy here

Heather Smith
Author Xero for Dummies


Heather Smith  

This has to be one of the BEST plugins!

Within 20 minutes of implementation, we had 6 outstanding invoices settled. HOW GOOD IS THAT!

It has saved us heaps of time with chasing invoices and made the chasing consistent. No more having to try and find time in the day to chase, DebtorDaddy just takes care of it and allows me to get on with business.

A must have for ALL companies, big and small!

Greg Lipschitz  

I could not believe how effective Debtor Daddy was until used it myself. After sending out my first couple of reminders, received payment within 48 hours. We are big on telling our clients how to chase up their aged debtors but can be less proactive for fear of offending or loosing business. Debtor Daddy removes this problem and focuses on achieving results.

Gillian Rossouw  

Fab add-on, every SME business should have it. Who loves calling people who owe us money - not me, I just set Debtor Daddy up and it runs on remote control. Super simple and easy to use - does the work while I sleep.

Gayle Buchanan