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Debtor Daddy

Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Debtor tracking

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 10 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Debtor Daddy, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Debtor Daddy

Simple, set & forget credit control for small businesses. Stop wasting your valuable time and money chasing debtors, take control of your cash today. DebtorDaddy.com.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Debtor Daddy, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Debtor Daddy or this page for information on connecting Debtor Daddy to Xero.

Fab add-on, every SME business should have it. Who loves calling people who owe us money - not me, I just set Debtor Daddy up and it runs on remote control. Super simple and easy to use - does the work while I sleep.

Gayle Buchanan  

I could not believe how effective Debtor Daddy was until used it myself. After sending out my first couple of reminders, received payment within 48 hours. We are big on telling our clients how to chase up their aged debtors but can be less proactive for fear of offending or loosing business. Debtor Daddy removes this problem and focuses on achieving results.

Gillian Rossouw  

This has to be one of the BEST plugins!

Within 20 minutes of implementation, we had 6 outstanding invoices settled. HOW GOOD IS THAT!

It has saved us heaps of time with chasing invoices and made the chasing consistent. No more having to try and find time in the day to chase, DebtorDaddy just takes care of it and allows me to get on with business.

A must have for ALL companies, big and small!

Greg Lipschitz  

I’ve used Debtor Daddy for several months and it’s significantly reduced my businesses debtor days. I unreservedly recommend it to all clients whose business model involves outstanding receivables. Debtor Daddy improves cash flow, productivity, and reduces the stress of dealing with slow paying clients at a fraction of the cost of other solutions I’ve tried.

I have written further about my experience with Debtor Daddy here

Heather Smith
Author Xero for Dummies


Heather Smith  

The first time we used Debtor Daddy we collected $10k in a week from clients who had overlooked outstanding accounts.

It is a great way to remind customers it is time to pay, and the direct link to the invoice in Xero means there are no excuses for not what is due and when. The history tracking means you can see when they have been reminded and how often.

It is key to monitor reminders before they go out though! Reminding a customer to pay two days prior to due date when they always pays on time is not a good look.

We regularly recommend Debtor Daddy to clients who hate having those hard conversations about overdue accounts.

Margaret Holmes  

Went back into the black for the first time in years last month.

Highly recommended

Ronnie Lennon  

DebtorDaddy has significantly reduced our Accounts Receivable amount even though our revenue has grown during the same period. The integration with Xero was simple and seamless. We did have to tweak around the messaging & frequency between emails a few times based on our client feedback but we seem to have got it right now. The price for the service is very reasonable, and well worth it. The user interface and playfulness of DD as a company plays right down our alley.

My colleagues Dewi & Namita wrote an article on Futurebooks' experience with DebtorDaddy .

Overall - loving it.

George Mathew  

Debtor Daddy the idea is great, and sending out reminders to clients automatically is great, and has certainly helped our business as well. It's really a set & forget service, so all your overdue invoices are chased up automatically while you sleep.

Support is responsive to any issues. Some more flexibility in customising the reminders would be great too.

Charles Klvana  

Looking to have a trial but this is the only Xero debt collecting add on that requests credit card details prior to testing for 30 days.

Chris Allen  

Great UX but unusable if you bill in more than one currency (any company doing business in more than one market).

Debtor Daddy supports different currency symbols, according to the country specified in your Xero account. However, if you want to send reminders using the currency the invoice was raised in this is currently not possible. DebtorDaddy does not support invoices in different currencies, we only use the currency of the Xero account that is connected to it.

David Barclay  

Like Chris Allen I would be interested in having a poke around before entering my credit card details...

Graham Proud  

UPDATE: @David the new Debtor Daddy app sends reminders in the currency the invoice was raised.

The brand new Debtor Daddy is now in beta... no credit card required to try it: http://www.debtordaddy.com/beta

Automatic reminders are not yet supported, but will be added very soon. Stay tuned for further updates and feature releases coming in December and January.

You can submit any feedback on the beta here, we're keen to hear it!

Matt McFedries  

Awesome, easy to use platform to follow up people for unpaid accounts. Easy to use templates to enable a polite & personal, yet automated gentle reminder. Our late payers have become a thing of the past with such easy follow ups & it has enabled m to work more on developing our business for growth rather than chasing up lagging payers. AND the support and help is top notch & friendly, which is so nice!

Megan Macfie  

This has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. The only better thing than this is getting someone to break kneecaps. I can't wait to see how they grow with more functionality as planned.

Barry Schutte