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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

4.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 89 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Deputy, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Deputy

Brings together people and workplaces in real time with unified scheduling, tasking, attendance, business procedures & Xero payroll integration. For more information, check out Deputy.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Deputy, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Deputy support center or this page for information on connecting Deputy to Xero.

The latest price increase on 1 July has increased the cost of Deputy for me by over 30%. If I stuck with Deputy, I would be spending four times as much on Deputy as I do with Xero! Crazy. I like the app, but not that much. We are looking elsewhere.

Steve Bealing  

The worst saas I have ever come across. I have wasted so much time trying to get the integration with Xero to work, but it doesn't work at all. Totally useless and well overpriced!

Mike Wheatley  

Deputy is amazing Xero is terrible - Sync never works constantly breaks data doesn't pull through correctly everything is a work around I work in the tech industry and I struggle to make it work so the average user has no chance. Support takes too long to respond to questions at Xero's side. If there was a better solution in the UK I would use it but there isn't.

Peter Roberts  

Deputy DOES NOT "do payroll"!. It only "integrates with Xero payroll" which is now DISCONTINUED! Huge waste of time being featured on Xero's payroll integration page (https://www.xero.com/us/marketplace/app-function/s/payroll-hr/). First Xero pulls PR from us, then they waste our f'ing time with useless leads to companies who relied on their existing PR platform. Class action coming...

Ryan Malize  

Hi Xero
We find Deputy very useful however it is not yet integrated with Xero in New Zealand.
Is this in the pipeline and how do we vote to ensure this is integrated soon?

Seton Butler  

I absolutely LOVE Deputy. It's integration with Xero has made my life so much easier with payroll and timesheets, plus my staff clock in and out so I know who is on the premises at what time. We love the news feed and it has boosted our communication as a team. My favourite part is the schedule. Rostering for a child care centre takes hours and this schedule has taken the time down to about 20 minutes!

Laura Couper  

Deputy and Xero is a match made in heaven. Their customer support is awesome and the integration saves me a lot of time, headaches and paperwork! Get on board!

Joel Pearce  

I have been using Xero for a couple of years now and have recently started working in a business who uses Deputy for their timesheets/payroll. I am loving the convenient integration from Deputy to Xero making payroll for a medium sized business easy. As an employee I love the ease of commencing shifts and taking breaks using my mobile phone app. Would certainly recommend!!

Susan Neubauer  

I'm just getting started with xero bu so far they are both top knotch. Deputy and Xero work great together.

Ash Downing  

Deputy has remove a great deal of the headache we faced in managing rostering and payroll across two businesses. When time and costs are such critical factors in a young and growing organisation, the Deputy/Xero combination offer a great deal of relief. We are very happy with out selection so far.

Damian White  

I found Deputy integrates very well with xero. Biggest advantage, it offers transparency to the timesheets submitted against the roster hrs. Workload is not diminished because you still have to re-approve all the timesheets in xero. Still .....worth the effort .

Lino Bettiol  

Things don't get more simple. Deputy is so user friendly for anyone. The relationship between Deputy & Xero makes it easy to review hours and make any adjustments needed. If you need help, someone on the other end will make sure your issues are resolved quickly without stress. Thanks very much

Luke Marshall  

I'm a new user of both Xero and Deputy. I love the functionality of both programs and how well they link together. The service I've received from Deputy has been outstanding when I've probably been asking the most silly questions!!! Really impressed with this software!

Hospital Manager  

Deputy has saved us a lot of time each month with the scheduling. Also it is a great tool for communicating with staff members through to keep them up to date with what's going on.

Russell Nelson  

I have so far loved deputy!
It has significantly cut down the administration associated with payroll. I love that it syncs to Xero and it's just a matter of clicking a few buttons.
My staff also love that they now don't have to keep manual records of their timesheets.
I also love that it GPS tracks staff which helps with any queries at the time of invoicing from clients.

My only dislike is the timesheets area. Our business has staff working on different homes and locations everyday. I would love a function where I could click on a location and every record of everytime a staff member was at that location would come up in one place (one large table of information with the date, times and total hours), instead of having to scroll back through weeks and weeks to try and bring up the information and shifts. This would make my invoicing much quicker

Would still highly recommend this app!

Lisa Eddey  

Introduced a residential hotel client to Deputy a couple of months ago to assist with scheduling their employees.
Staff now clock on an off using their phones, we get alerts if they are late for a shift and the back office can see who has been doing what.
Payroll is simple using the HIGA categories and the fact that it imports directly into Xero has made this much quicker.
Would definitely recommend Deputy for staff rostering.

Kim Cottrell  

We have just started moving our clients on to Deputy as this is a perfect solution for staff rosters and time sheets. Throw in the integration with Xero (don't forget award updates) and there are real accuracy and time savings to be realised.

Chris Cook  

So far we are really liking the app. It has made everything streamlined for us. It's simple, effective and organized.

The only changes we would make is to the ability to make change task assignment times, and we wish there was a way to have some sort of differentiated section for administrators.

Kambiz Safaie  

The integration between deputy and xero can seam a little confusing to some at first but its really not. Once its done the two programs work so well together you almost look forward to processing the payroll because its so easy. I say almost because as quick and painless as it makes the process, if you do ever look forward to doing payroll you should definitely get out more. And when you do get out with all your new found time, be sure to let me know what its like out there.

Clancy Travers  

I have just good words for Deputy and the team behind. Excellent service and software capabilities. I definitely recommend it.

Felipe Herrera  

We use it and like it, helps that it integrates with Xero which some products don't.

Paul Tescher  

Deputy is a great system, couldn't do without it now. Thanks Deputy

Jackie Gibbons  

I LOVE Deputy from a simple scheduling and staff communication tool. AWESOME for shift swaps and changes it really does reduce the manager time and the xero integration is fantastic so you can keep a good record or times worked in Deputy even for non paid staff and then link to timesheet in Xero. Had initial glitch with Deputy overwriting my staff employment information in XERO but I do believe this is now fixed.

Debbie Burgermeister  

Deputy has cut down our times for all payroll related tasks significantly. There are still glitches occassionally but the response times from Deputy support are great and we usually have problem sorted quickly.There are still a few things that we have to do the long way but overall great. The recent function - schedule templates, has saved even more time.

Leeann Cairnduff  

We love Deputy and so do our employees! I will admit, we are small (3 employees) so our scheduling is pretty straightforward but the Deupty/Xero integration makes payroll an absolute breeze! I have had a couple of issues with Deputy but access to their support staff is SO easy and they are very friendly and helpful! I would recommend Deputy!

Desirae Allen  

What a time saver Deputy has been with its integration with Xero! Our employees were punching a time clock and adding up all their hours for a two week time period and then I would have to double check their work before writing checks. The times were not rounded up or down so it was time consuming. Deputy has provided a low cost solution and so much faster, the employees love it as well.

Lisa Chicoine  

Hiya Melissa, just as this page is for the review of Deputy, you'll be more likely to get an answer if you contact them directly with you question.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I'd like to know if an employee gets a confirmation that their timesheet has gone through? Our casual employees work on the road and would like some sort of email/past submissions to confirm they have entered a timesheet of a particular shift.
Thanks for your help.

Melissa B  

Beautifully integrates with Xero. Deputy has made our lives much easier. Scheduling, timeclocking, timesheets, and payroll (via Xero) has become a breeze. Thank you Deputy, we love you!


First off, Deputy has wonderful customer service. We are able to talk to a Rep on Chat 24/7. I had a small issue and the customer service rep asked to call ME and called immediately and the issue was resolved. I have gotten several emails from them asking how everything is going. Their help contact info is boldly printed on their website. I WISH I could say the same for Xero.

I am new to accounting and I do appreciate many things about Xero. But the slow times to get back to me about issues is a bit of a problem. I have an issue today, a Saturday, and sent an email and am worried that I will not hear back today. I have an issue where I just realized I failed to approve three days worth of timesheets in Deputy and SOMEHOW Xero still exported the timesheets and paid the other days that I had approved. I didn't think that was possible, but it happened.

So now, I owe 6 employees for 3-4 days of wages. I already gave them their checks (because I am still jumping through hoops with Xero's third party direct deposit people, Forte) so our employees already cashed them. I also already electronically paid the Federal taxes for their wages. Therefore, I am not sure about doing a reverse pay run

So now I am waiting to find out how to go about this since I am not able to export the unpaid timesheets from Deputy since these days were already included on that pay run.

All of this is the reason for the three stars. I am not sure which entity is at fault here in allowing timesheets marked "pending" to be pulled along with other approved hours, but it really shouldn't have happened.

So now that I had some free time waiting for Xero to get back to me, I decided to leave this review.

Karen Kimball  

We started with Deputy when there was a business change and I became responsible for Payroll. Until very recently I have had no problems with the integration with Xero although it took quite some time to set up the Award information. I have a small glitch at present which is puzzling me but generally I find it great and the time taken to pay around 25 staff is only about 15 minutes.

Graeme Bardsley-Smith  

Overall I would say 3.5/5 Stars. Like what people have already been saying about the award interpretation. Getting the timesheets to the Xero file isn't a problem so far, however, because we had an existing company file with our pay rates set up already, going back and changing 40 payroll lines to achieve the perfect syntax is a little outside of my hours that I have available in a day. The workaround is alright and does save time overall, and the scheduling doesn't have a fault.

Aside from that deputy works as intended and has definitely saved me time overall each week.

Shannon Skinn  

Really smooth Xero-Deputy integration. Took us less than a day to get it sorted. This integration saves so much of our manual entry time and also prevent mistakes! Payroll is really quick and smooth now thanks to that.

Kristen Ho  

Deputy is a great platform that makes roster management easy, but my gosh the integration with Xero is so incredibly painful to set up! I count myself good at figuring these things out and I struggled big time (it was so frustrating).

The award interpretation system is the furtherest from user friendly it could be, and it can't even achieve what I need it to with how we structure overtime. I need to manually adjust the payrates every time overtime is applicable. And the Deputy-Xero link is tenuous. Syncing employees to Deputy only works properly one in every ten.

I love where the system is going, and I've been able to get it mostly to do what it says (with lots of frustration), and now it is making life easier through easy approval and export of timesheets, but it really needs work to make it easier to get set up.

Paul Shakhovskoy  

Im overall disappointed with the final solution to an ongoing integration issue that has reached the four corners of Deputy.

Their final solution was a refund when I leave the app.

An integration issue that they cant resolve that is important to the functionality and costing of your rosters (one of the key points they discuss in the sales video) So if you want to cost your roster you need to run a manual excel spreadsheet aside the paid app or upload a manual CSV file to Deputy to get accurate figures.

Deputy also know that its process to imbed the app into your company and that you cant just leave.

Its pretty, staff enjoy the interface but other than that my experience is soured by this unresolved flaw.


Frank Grabbi  

Great app overall, makes our clients' processes around payroll quite efficient. We have 9 clients that we set up Deputy for, 6 of which we handle their payroll, and here is their feedback.

- Beautiful, modern design - iPhone, iPad, & web
- Accurate and precise timesheets
- 100% up time! This is major improvement from the other systems we used prior to Deputy
- Simple to use, excellent user interface, little-to-no-training required of new employees.

- iPad kiosk is missing a critical feature, a running total of weekly & biweekly hours. Employees are kept in the dark of how many hours they have accumulated throughout the workweek or pay period. This is a major issue and the single greatest pain point for our clients. Deputy's suggestion was to have employees also use an iPhone or the web, which isn't always an option, nor efficient to have employees maintain another system solely to check hours.

- Unlike Tsheets, there is no simple way of knowing when the system automatically closes a timesheet, without manually searching for it. We had to create a secondary system/process to resolve this - which is costing us a lot of money. Notification is hit and miss, potentially creating State compliance/legal issues, so we had to create a parallel system just for auto-closed timesheets.

- There is no way to add pre-determined holiday hours to the timesheet. For example, there is no way to mark a specific day as holiday and automatically add certain number of hours to the timesheet (say, 8 hours for Labor Day) for all employees. This currently has to be done manually, for every employee.

- Cannot change email or kiosk pin # once it's assigned, even with admin rights! This one is just plain dumb.

- No customization option at the employee level, currently only at the location level.

As a tech driven CPA, our firm is overall happy with Deputy, but it is becoming harder to recommend it any longer, as they have failed to address missing features for over a year now.

Farah Ali  

I'm new to both Deputy and Xero. Both these programs have been so easy to manoeuvre around support has been excellent. Tracey

Tracey Harris  

great support from the Deputy support crew :-) solved my integration issue within minutes. well trained staff

James Buultjens  

Only does half the job I was hoping for
We have short Fridays, and different rates for overtime based on how many hours worked. Cut a long story short, for this to work with full integration I'd have to have separate payslip items for Mon-Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Way too confusing. The integration seems very messy when using award interpretation.
iPad kiosk seems to work well, but would be handy to generate a PDF report from Deputy so I can manually enter into Xero

B F  

We are a restaurant with hourly rate and salaried staff. When we bought into the Xero/Deputy integration we truly believed that all our prayers had been answered. My restaurant manager loves the simplicity of creating rosters, approving holiday/time sheets which reduces the amount of paperwork and my staff love being able to check-in and out with the use of their smartphones or iPad Kiosk. BUT for my payroll officer it has created more work! Hourly rate employees are OK but Deputy can't export time sheets for salaried employees so that has to be done manually in Xero. Exporting only the hourly rate employees is tedious, if you select the salaried the software generates an error. Holiday can be requested through Deputy but it is not recognized so the time sheets are bundled together and appear as time/hours work before and after they are exported. The reports are basic, there is nothing to print to check hours/rates with Xero payslips. Please read the reviews before signing up!

Chilli Banana  

The ease of getting my timesheets and subbie invoices into both my xero companies is making it so much easier it has cut down my workload by about 3 hours a week. when fully implemented i estimate it will save me about 5 hours a week
and whilst i have to still approve them in xero it is like a final check before posting the payroll

graham brettle  

I like Deputy, but it in no way shape or form automates payroll in Xero. Even if all pay sheets are approved, they have to be reproved in Xero, meaning you might as well input them by hand.

Katrina Ryan  

There were several reasons I switched to Deputy, but the key one was the integration with Xero. I haven't been disappointed as it has saved me at least 30 minutes per pay run which is a lot for a busy business person. It did take a few goes to set up correctly, but I now have the time sheets and pay cycle running very smoothly.

James Hogg  

We switched to Deputy so we could simplify our payruns with the Xero integration.... Honestly it took a little bit of effort to set up as the integration process is not as intuitive as the rest of Xero and Deputy but very very worth it in the end.
Would be great not to have to set up draft pay runs in Xero and then exactly match the date range in Deputy..... But I'm being picky!

Shai Lambert  

since starting our business and using the old paper style of roster, and then having to enter all the employees details at the end of the week, which was very time consuming, Deputy has made the job easier and quicker. Thanks to the online support who answer my questions promptly, and put everything into 'laymans' terms and posting links for me to follow. The two programs work well together. Great Gob Deputy and Xero

Regards Ruth
Wendys Franchisee

Ruth Anspach  

We run a several hospitality businesses and have been using Deputy online rostering software for about 18 months. It is saves a lot of time. We use ipad kiosks with the Deputy app for employees to sign and sign out of their shifts. Once these shifts have been approved by a supervisor they can be easily exported to Xero (or other payroll software) to process pays. Check out: http://r.deputi.es/3nbvz

William Brooks  

DEPUTY has been a life changer for me. The added bonus of being able to export directly into XERO is such a time saver. My only small, tiny criticism is that once I've scheduled and published I have to keep my fingers crossed that the team show up !!
Your support team is excellent. Thank you for making my life easier !!

Bettina Kirk  

New to the business world and managing my own business has been so much fun and seamless with Deputy and Xero. Amazing applications. I can't imagine how tough it would have been without both these programs. My mentor recommended both these programs and has talked so much about how chaotic is would have been tracking and having paperwork and other not so neatly presented programs !!

Alexander Lim  

It works, setting it up is easy and painless and I don't have to resort to paper time sheets. There are definitely some things I would improve UI wise with Deputy itself, but the integration seems to be faultless.

Drew Johnston  

The integration with Xero is superb, it even picks up my Saturday and Sunday categories on Xero with no extra effort on my part. I think that maybe the problems for others are possibly being caused by not having a draft pay-run ready when the export is attempted or be logged in to both programs on the same browser because I think it's seamless on the Australian payroll. I've been told that the NZ payroll is not so extensive so that might also be a reason for the different reviews.

The comparison of Rostered hours (schedule) and hours worked on Deputy is not so great, I find it a quite difficult to follow and some employees even managed to work out that if they clocked out 15 minutes early that it would be rounded on default settings to the half hour. It would be a lot easier to be able to do a report by day (so that employee's hours can be compared together rather than separately) and the comparison of roster and timeclock should be much simpler.

Richard Seager  

I agree with Louise Allen (above) as I too am having a lot of difficulty setting up the system to have it export seamlessly into Xero.
We are having similar issues to what is being described above.
I have spent a few weeks on setting this up with support from my Xero consultant and Deputy support but I am in the same place as I started.
Currently we are doing a test with the award interpretation but it seams that our award is to complex for the system to understand.

Andrew Sullivan  

We are frustrated! We need help! And we don't seem to be getting anywhere quickly with Deputy or Xero help - no one seems to understand us and the time sheets are not exporting seamlessly into Xero - clearly, many people are using this perfectly well and it is a wonderful program. For us, it is beginning to cause many headaches! If anyone has any tips, or might be able to pinpoint what we have missed. We have 1 business in Deputy, but 2 locations - are we missing something here? We've been through the award interpretation syntax and thought we had that right, but its not picking up any of the codes we want it to

Louise Allen  

Awesome time saver. No need to waste time entering timesheets since we are still using manual time sheets prior to deputy. Easy to round it up and not to worry about which pay category each day belongs to, so minimise payroll error when it comes to public holiday pays.

Judia Andrew  

Deputy has reduced the errors made for our small business in the payroll process, staff rosters and staff management as Deputy is easy for staff and managers to use. Both Xero and Deputy talk to each other both ways and it has simplified the payroll process from start to finish.

Trevor Oliver  

Deputy is a great program. When used correctly with the Xero integration is very effective and works perfectly for casual staff businesses.
Have recommended to clients.

Todd Smith  

Awesome timesheet and leave management. Seamless integration with XERO when it doesn't have to reconnect with Xero each timedoesn't

michael togias  

The most efficient add ons for Xero amongst everything I got!!
Save us a lot of time. And not to mention the great service we get.
It is such a good one to recommend.

Yali Lu  

Deputy does some things really well but other things aren't nearly as easy as they could be.

Rostering is good if you have casual staff who work varying shifts and you're having to manually enter their rosters anyway - this is fine in Deputy. But if your team works fairly predictable, regular shifts, there is no way to create a 'recurring' roster or a 'roster template' which repeats indefinitely unless altered. In our case, we have to manually copy each week's roster even if it was the same as last week.

Timesheets in Deputy are great - staff can clock on & off using the iPad 'kiosk' which records start & finish times to the minute. Automatic rounding rules are powerful too. Timesheet export to Xero works well.

Processing leave applications for permanent staff is laborious & error-prone. Before you can approve leave you have to manually type the employee's usual start & finish times for every single day of the proposed leave period, by referring back to their normal roster which you have to have open in another window or tab. You also have to make a manual adjustment for unpaid meal breaks on each day of leave, because Deputy doesn't allow for this in calculating paid leave. So approving say a fortnight's annual leave application can take quite some time for an owner/supervisor, and is not just a matter of ticking a box.

Employees are unable to see their colleague's future approved leave applications meaning it's hard for them to plan their own holidays around co-workers. We have to manually print out a screenshot of the leave applications screen (accessible only to owner/supervisor) and pin it on the noticeboard so that staff can see when other staff have approved leave (so they know not to bother applying for leave at the same time).

Deputy has a messaging function for team communication but the mobile app doesn't seem to have the badge icon function (little red number on the iphone icon) so it's too easy for staff to miss a message. As a result, we have switched to using Facebook messaging for staff news etc.

Deputy's support is very good - fast, efficient responsive & friendly.

I'd say if you have a casual workforce with different shifts every week, clock-on & clock-off requirements, and no annual leave applications to process then Deputy would be awesome. But for a permanent workforce with regular predictable rosters and leave applications to process, things could be much easier than what they currently are.

Dom Willson  

A terrific software when integrating with Xero. The help desk was excellent when I was having difficulties in setting up the system. It takes less than 3 minutes to do my pay run.

Extremely easy to use. I highly recommend Deputy to any Small/Medium Business Operators

Anthony Wong  

Its a dream. Integration is good, couple of issues that are mentioned below but I'm sure they will be solved soon. Multi outlet/ zero integration would be great addition.

Easy to use and excellent reporting.

Alister Dyson-Holland  

I was hesitant at first to move across to deputy as I was using another time sheeting system but I decided to give it a trail, If anyone is going to complain its employees :-) and this is the first system they have used where they don't! We have been using it now for 6 months and I had a issue with the Sales budget feed, within minutes of logging my query I had Nahid reply through the app and within 24 hours he had implemented a fix for me. Training videos are great as well. Again its one that new employees can just understand as its simple to use.

Jonathan Grainger  

Only new to using Deputy but so far, the export of timesheets entered by Staff to Xero has been seamless. Looking forward to seeing what else we can do.

Rowena Cairns  

Deputy makes it simpler to record staff hours, however in my business I need to be able to accrue Time in Lieu - this makes all the benefits void as I have to manually adjust all timesheets in xero :(

Jodi Homer  

Deputy has made staff Rostering soooooo easy. It marries so well with Xero. At the end of each week, in a few quick steps:
1. approve time sheets in Deputy (one click)
2. export time sheets from Deputy to Xero time sheets (for payroll) and invoices (two clicks)
3. approve time sheets in Xero (one click)
4. approve pun run in Xero (one click)
5. approve and email invoices from Xero, using email templates and contact details (two clicks)
6. duplicate this week's roster to next week (one click)

Wow! 8 clicks on a Friday afternoon and:
* my staff are ready for next week
* my staff are paid
* my clients are invoiced

Happy Happy Happy! :)

Lee Graydon  

Deputy has made scheduling staff so easy. In the old days a client would ask us "How much did we spend on wages?" Now, we can easily see "How much will we spend on wages?" As a manager of a business you can easily see who is at work and then run the payroll from Xero. It has saved time and money.

Martin Tunley  

Very Happy with deputy, it's made rostering in our 3 stores so much easier. the integration with xero makes processing payroll a breeze. So glad we found out about deputy.

Mark Kostner  

We used to use a timesheet application that was part of LightSpeed POS system that made our store manager go insane on a weekly basis. So I had to find a new solution and keep him sane. Deputy is so cool and easy to process timesheet and saves us at least 2 hours of week (+ some sanity). Great software.

Regards Jim

Jim Pandaz  

As a complete novice to payroll Deputy has been amazing. It just works and makes payroll as easy as can be.

Brady Haseler  

Thanks Ashiki

Cynthia Wu  

The best thing since sliced bread! Works perfectly for my business needs. About to implement the kiosk on an iPad soon which will make it even more useful. The only challenge I have is to make sure all staff signs on and off at all times, but that's not deputy's issue.

Benny Pettersson  

Great integration makes DIY payroll much easier

Belinda Lai  

I have several of my clients using Deputy and it is a huge asset! I really like the award pay rates deployment feature. My only issue is having to manually update pay rates in Xero when juniors have a birthday. It would be nice if this could be automated

Mary-Clare Switz  

Deputy has been a huge time-saver for our business with its integration with Xero. Whilst it did take some time initially to set up the pay item coding, ultimately, it has shaved hours off our payroll process each week.

Tim Air  

Anything that is automatically integrated with my accounting software, is easy to use and generally helps this healthcare provider focus on providing care rather than time spent on accounting is a major plus in my books.

Susan Pausin  

The amount of time I have saved by the integration of Xero and Deputy is unbelievable. I have had no issues with exporting and the support that I have received during my learning phase was helped tremendously by the staff at Deputy.

Carole Martin  

deputy is a great solution thats solves the gap for the timesheet issues that xero has. their support is also fantastic. I got help on a sunday morning. This is when I usually do the pay runs.

Dilip Rao  

Like many others, this software has been a great relief. I no longer have to use an excel sheet or keep track of my employees. I just overview and approve the hours, export them to xero, and then payroll is done in minutes. Obviously less work for me and my employees can get paid faster!

Kevin Arregoces  

Deputy's integration with Xero is fantastic. I have been using Deputy for some time now and really appreciate the time that it has saved me me. I have mounted an iPad on the office wall for my staff to clock in and out. My payroll has never been so accurate.

Well done guys.


Michael Fletcher  

I am not totally satisfied with it. I have spent over half an hour this morning chatting to someone about how It can be better for us, I am still waiting for him to get back to me.
We don't use it for rosters although I can see if we did it would be awesome. I'm finding though that by using deputy it is not saving me anytime. Most of our employees are full time and therefore do a standard of 38 hours a week give or take a few minutes here and there. I've found myself having to manually approve timesheets and having to click the round button everytime, sometimes this ends up more than 38 hours. I then have to adjust manually in xero. If overtime is worked, I then have to change all the times in xero to equal 38 hours and then write down the extra hours and then put in into the time in lieu leave section. As you can see at the moment it isn't saving me much time at all. I am hoping that deputy will get back to me with some ideas on how to get around this.

Jane Stubbs  

hi jake,
deputy and xero work beautifully together. its smooth and seamless.
and yes, it does save me plenty of time.

Adam Rasmussen  

Deputy certainly has helped our company in regards to our retail operations of store staff.
It is easy and quick to monitor what time staff check in store, without having to call up each morning to see if they have arrived, as we only have 1 staff working in the mornings.

The team communication board is great to use, and is effective in getting messages across to staff members instantly.

We have had some issues in regards to exporting our timesheets/actuals to Xero, and has been a process of having to unlink and reconnect the Deputy-Xero integration. Deputy know about this, and I'm assuming are working on it. We've had issues on the last 3 pay runs, but this week's went by with no issues.

Yellow Earth Australia


No serious problems ever, and excellent support when we need to get coaching.

James Thompson  

Don't know what I would do without Deputy. If it wasn't for this amazing tool my start-up would definitely not be running as smoothly as it is today. I have been running it from day one and am pleased with all that it has to offer, especially it's seamless integration with Xero and our Super have saved me countless hours!

We are a pedicab company doing things pretty differently. Deputy makes taking breaks and communication with our team while we are on the road effortless!

Thanks so much guys!!!

Daniels Langeberg  

Deputy has taken a painful chore of rostering, payroll & timesheets & have made it a pleasurable part of work duties & have helped reduce office time by a massive amount allowing me to do what i know best! Integration into Xero just sweetens the process & makes it a done deal for our company. Have recommended Deputy & Xero to so many people & most of them are or nearly converted!! THANK YOU!!!

Daniel Fean  

Great System, Great Support, and Great Flexibility. The systems work exceptionally well together and have made a HUGE impact in making things SIMPLE for the various platform users at Greenwood.

Malcolm Honey  

Great system, great service...

Pete Boyce  

We use Deputy to run our 600 strong payroll and it's Xero integration works like clock work every time. Awesome product backed by a very passionate team...highly recommended!!!

Matthew Knee  

Deputy is awesome!!!!

Umesh Agarwal  

We have been using Deputy in conjunction with Xero from the 1st of July 2014. The support we have received from Deputy has been fantastic, they are there immediately and have been able to fix things in the background that might have taken us a good amount of time to do. Thank you Deputy team for your continued support great job.

Wendy Guest  

Hi - the integration has been great and saves a lot of time.
Improvements could be made around overtime provisions. I have to manually go into the Xero timesheet and change an employees time sheet to reflect overtime worked.
It would also be good to integrate leave taken with the Xero records. At the moment I have to go into Xero and manually enter leave through the employees file

Dominic Osborne  

Deputy has given us the ability to focus on our key strengths - our high quality care and responsiveness to our client's needs - knowing that the 'back end' and detail is taken care of in a way we are thrilled with.

The Deputy/Xero integration has saved us huge amounts of time and money and we couldn't be happier, as we continue to refine the way the two systems 'speak' to each other.

Deputy is an amazing product with fabulous and responsive support. They have been working with us to enable the integration with Xero to work seamlessly.

Alexandra Conroy
Reliant Healthcare

Alexandra Conroy  

Deputy's integration with Xero enabled a major shift in my business. I am now able to manage my own payroll, save time through elimination of duplicate data entry of employee timesheets and improved accuracy.

I would recommend the Deputy <--->Xero integration for any small business looking for efficiency and ease of doing business.

Gena Karpf
SWEETNESS The Patisserie

Gena Karpf  

What was a four hour per week manual entry nightmare is now a 4 minute, full integrated dream. The cost of Deputy is negligible in comparison with the time saved and the increased accuracy that comes from having data imported verbatim.
The best, greatest time saving app we run in conjunction with Xero.
Also, the CEOs videos on the website are probably the greatest intro to a piece of software of all time. Awesome to see a forward thinking company that does things with a sense of humour.
We've recommended the system and the integration to every hospitality operator we know.

Dave Kerr  

Has made collecting time sheets simpler, but some features that need work/development
- leave - employees need to be able to enter days as leave days with an approval proceed that is after the event (not before - in the real world people don't always document/ record leave approvals formally before the leave is taken, particularly for sick/personal leave)
- time in lieu - no effective process for recording time in lieu accrual rather than paying overtime
- administrator is not necessarily an employee, may be an advisor, so we don't want to set them up in xero as an employee
- award interpretations, need better/more detailed system for interpreting overtime provisions, overtime or other activity allowances, ability to add or reallocate items where employees are temporarily working in a different role

25/06/15 - have just checked out deputy again, looks like moving in the right direction, although still not across all mobile phone platforms (necessary with a mobile workforce) - looks like the award interpretation process has been tightened up to. Nice to have an organisation being responsive to real world users...

Libby Skipworth  

The trouble I am having is when you have multiple location Xero and Deputy isn't capable of handling more than 2 locations at one time. Can this be fixed?

I also have some issue previously with payrate not syncing with each other ... solutions? I don't know...

Otherwise ... deputy has been wonderful .. :)

Erwin Tanaja  

Deputy has made our rostering, timesheet and payroll systems not only more effecient but has also reduced the amount of mindfulness required to achieve a good result. A big part of this is the easy to use and very functional integration with Xero. Thanks Deputy :-)

Joshua Cuneo  

I'd like to say what a relief deputy is and how capable dedicated and proficient a particular operator is , you know who you are Mr A. thank you for your time support and dedication they have been a great help
Tux Akindoyeni Crossguard Group

Tux Akindoyeni