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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 103 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Fathom, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Fathom

Beautiful reporting starts here. Powerfully simple financial analysis, management reporting, dashboards and consolidations.
Check out Fathom.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Fathom, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact Fathom.

Much needed add-on with great default templates - one you start using you'll wonder how to managed without it.

Richard Martin  

Amazing add-on! The interface is really slick and smooth, features are amazing - but most importantly, the insights you instantly gain are priceless. For us, this add-on has been an great step forward. I get excited whenever I'm logging in to the "Analysis" section!

Dwad Lane  

Amazing App which gives all information on your finger tips. Preparing Management Accounts and complex tasks such as consolidating number of entities is such a breeze. I am one happy customer and would recommend it highly to anyone looking for an upgrade from Spreadsheets Age!

Rajni Ahuja  

Fathom integrates seamlessly and immediately with Xero and creates gorgeous and wildly useful reports. The ability to upload non-financial KPIs and peg them to financial indicators is genius.

Jimmy McW  

Awesome tool - Immediately helped us to identify areas we need to improve to run a more profitable business. Easily worth the low cost, easy to use, and highlights KPIs

Neal Quesnel  

I have been using Fathom for a month or so now. The free trial was great to see if it suited what i needed. I realised how good & automated the software is, linking straight to Xero.
Was a little overwhelming at first setting up cost centre groupings (i have about 20 cost centres across 4 companies), with the online instructions and a bit of help from the troops at Fathom i now have consolidated reporting going automatically to each department manager... & its accurate & timely data!!!
I will only ever turn off Fathom if my company outgrows Xero

Nick Dyball  

Fathom has exceeding my expectations. We have been hunting for software like this for a while now, but they have all be so complicated and not very user friendly. Fathom is very user friendly and easy to navigate your way around.

Jeanine Nienaber  

Fantastic tool.


FathomHQ has been a glorious answer to prayer for me. I’ve been trying to get my head around my financial statements for the three years I’ve been running my business. Fathom has open a door of understanding for me that has been elusive. And at just the right time. I had just started reading Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs and was getting a better grasp of things. I had gotten to the section on ratios when I went hunting for a system that could give me better KPI reports and discovered Fathom. I have been forwarding Fathom on to any business friends that will listen to me. They too have been impressed and excited.

Paul Jackson  

I have been looking for a reporting tool for my quarterly client reports and love Fathom!

Natalie Lennon  

Excellent tool, beside the nifty reporting and analysis it is a great way of forcing compliance and discipline into the Xero users (if someone books anything funny the direct feed into Fathom will reveal it).

Henrik Ekstrom  

I love Fathom. I think it is easy to use and gives me a lot of insight to my company's financial performance.

Alex Fine  

Love Fathom and their recent updates! Awesome new Report Centre and report editor. Seamless benchmarking on tracking categories from Xero. Great customer service too!

Aleks Nastevska  

We love Fathom - it's so quick and easy to use and gives great visuals and data for the client to help them understand what is happening with their business. Highly recommended!

Tracey Nicholls  

A great tool no matter how many organisations you're looking at, but i'm even more impressed by the superb customer service I've received.

Sue Madigan  

Whether you're a business that knows exactly what you want to measure, or if you're figuring it out, Fathom is a great app for every Xero user. I think the product is so great, I've encouraged contacts within Xero to buy Fathom and integrate it into Xero.
Not only does Fathom have a great set of standard KPIs, it allows you to customize the KPIs very well. Importing your data from Xero is easy peasy, and the ability to map your accounts to the right metrics is awesome.
In case you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan!

Chris Farkas  

Great tool ..helped us to understand our KPI's and once we understood the goalseeker tool it has really help us to improve our business efficiency. Would recommend!

Wayne Marler  

So it seems that all the reviews posted so far are 5 stars. Well there is a reason! Fathom surpasses their competition in logical construct, ease of use and practical application. It offers depth of analysis and presents the information simply and effectively. Check it out for yourself, I know you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Selwyn Gishen  

I find Fathom to be a fantastic tool to use. It is quite easy to use and customize. Fathom certainly makes my job easier. Fathom reports are great and their customer service is fabulous!!!!

Janak Palihawadana  

simple to use and extremely detailed, we reviewed almost everything and fathom was head and shoulders above the rest

Paul Norris  

This is a great add-on. It produces great reports, visually appealing, but most importantly helps business owners to gain prompt understanding of state of business and therefore make decisions that are relevant.

Karen Baker  

One of my functions is to present month end figures to our bright executive team, Fathom has made reporting easier to explain and the simple green/red presentation of cash flow and the plotting of growth against previous months is assisting me in explaining the "why" when we need to adjust our monthly strategy.

Riaan Davies  

Thrilled with Fathom. Fantastic functionality that has made consolidation of our Group reporting more efficient.

Nicolla O'Brien  

Not only is the tool flexible and great to show clients, the goalseek and historical views work hand in hand to provide the clients with a great visual picture of business performance. Looking forward to beefing up my use of Non-financial kpi's to round out the view even more!

Adam Ramage  

Linking Fathom with Xero has revolutionised our business. The insights that you can get are amazing. We also input other KPI data and it all integrates beautifully.

Fiona Moir  

Fathom + Xero! I just love this tool most especially the analysis. It helps a lot to ease my work.

Jona Pancho  

Fantastic reporting tool with great analysis of the company figures. Far easier to use than the traditional Excel dashboard spreadsheet we have just deleted...

Brian Curran  

The more information a business owner has available to make business decisions, the better the decisions. For my clients and us Fathom is the best tool we have come across in 15 years of business development to provide timely, accurate and useful data to determine the best path of action to keep building successful companies. I recommend ALL my clients to get connected and they are all benefiting. Thanks for building such a great business tool.

The Team At Prosperity Business

Anthony McNab  

We have been using Fathom for nearly two years now and still think it was on of the best add ons for Xero that I came across. Being able to get consolidated accounts and meaningful KPIs instantly on linking to Xero was brilliant

Andrew Madigan  

We use Fathom as our BIS, integrating results from our own and 6 franchisee operations to get analytics and benchmark comparisons over all of our businesses. Not only do we source this information from Xero, we also pull from Excel spreadsheets comparative information such as customer satisfaction ratings and client numbers to get a complete view of the business. Easy to instal. And we are based in portugese speaking Brasil. Well done and thank you Fathom!!! www.santograo.com.br

Marco Kerkmeester  

Only just started using the Trial, but already can see that Fathom will be an integral part of helping me with my small business.

Dean Rose  

Fathom has saved us so much time with consolidating multiple Xero accounts. I highly recommend it

Lisa Andrews  

Being able to set up custom KPI and targets for our business in one dashboard has made managing our business so much easier. Our monthly meetings are able to focus on the key areas of our business and easily identify areas of focus

David Carney  

Great tool, I find it great for consolidating our company accounts across multiply currencies and on Xero and MYOB platforms.

Tony Smith  

Very useful tool! Our clients use this to track trends, assess their performance against targets and to benchmark themselves against other businesses.

Sam Chapman  

We use it for management meetings and board packs, the information and customisation is great.

Synaq Accounts  

Fathom is one of the best kept secrets for us and we use lots of cool cloud-based apps. No matter how experienced the individual is, they are all amazed to see the type of reports we can pull it of our Financials and custom KPI's.

Highly recommend.

David Jacobson  

Amazing tool, easy to use, perfect for overseas board meeting to analyse / easy to show financial data, especially for those who has no financial background

Support team is very supportive and response very quick.
Really love it, my favourite one

Nataliia Kalashnikova  

Fantastic tool, easy to use and understand. Would definitely recommend it!

Charlene Tucker  

As Advisers to a rapidly growing retail franchise account, Fathom is a critical tool that allows us to get a complete view of their finances and store performances across the entire franchise network. With XERO & Fathom we can get up to date financial information that is easy to group alike stores, measure KPI’s, benchmark & compare. Having real time information allows us to deal with issues before they become problems. Fathom allows us to be proactive and keep our “finger on the pulse” for the franchiser. Fathom’s support team is awesome too.

Connie Francis  

Wish I had this 10 years ago - It helps paint the complete picture for all relevant parties. There is no hiding from the data, we now focus as much or more on the KPI's. We view the financial results as a bi-product of getting the key activity drivers right. Found it simpler to setup than alternatives on the market. Keeps a focus on the results that matter and what levers to pull to keep things on track, no more fiddly spreadsheets, fantastic being able to share with key stakeholders (wife, trustees, accountant, banker etc).

Nick Sowman  

I'd recommend this to anyone - it has saved me so much time and gives me the insights I desire about the business.

The ability to consolidate by businesses across multiple countries into one view of the world has been just gold.

Sam Dean  

Highly recommended - It makes multi-company consolidation a breeze.
We use this with our clients to gain massive insights into their business

Mitchell Reece  

Simple yet powerful, Fathom has helped our business to analyse our store performances and benchmark them against each other. It is very user friendly, integrates with Xero seamlessly, great functions and visuals, and great support by the Fathom team.
Highly recommend this tool.

Nico Harjanto  

Highly intelligent software that produces high quality data in a fraction of time. Have just attended a business advisory meeting with a client this week that has increased EBIT by $500K in twelve months, built on the back of analytics from Fathom. I love the goal seek tool that is eloquently simple and demonstrates the required strategies.

Chris Mullins  

Love it! Fathom provides very useful metrics and easy to understand reports for our clients.

Kishor Senghani  

Unique and intuitive graphs. Enjoyed going through the demo data. Also, their support staff is very responsive, I asked them to add an extra currency to the system, and they manage to close my request in less than 48 hours.

Hani Elmalky  

We use this to consolidate our xero entities and a couple of companies still on different systems via excel - it is very nice, very easy to use and reports are mostly very pretty.
I would love it if it allowed you to produce a slightly more detailed P&L with a few more tags, if you could merge the budget view reports into the main report and if they would add polish zloty currency - (as they have promised they will). It is very good value for money for all it offers and a definite improvement for us over doing everything in excel.

Gemma Whinder  

I love Fathom, as a non accountant, I need somehting that is easy to use and easy to inform. Fathom does both. I added some of my own KPI's and the support crew were excellent in providing quick turnaround responses which were super helpful. I am a real fan.

Damian Kernahan  

Have tried virtually everything out there and Fathom is awesome - allows more flexibility with mapping the COA than any of the others and is very easy to set up and use. I love it and clients love it. Really brilliant for high level reporting to board meetings and delving into key metrics for internal controls.

Jane Aylwin  

Overall very satisfied with customer support. They respond quickly. Small bugs here and there but I can see that there is support to fix these-currency not showing, updating getting stuck. The reporting is definitely a great plus in addition to the eliminations tools for consolidated reporting. The customization of reports is a bit lacking but, it is balanced by the plethora of available reports. I do hope that it will be possible to combine parts of different reports and have a written portion so it can look professional.

Witek Lukaszynski  

I was very pleased to get a prompt (virtually immediate) personal response from an email I sent on a public holiday regarding a glitch with the upgrade. I couldn't update my consolidated group reports. It was corrected late that night and so all was sorted by the time I was at work the next day. Very surprised and greatly appreciated. Great to know the team has their clients needs as a priority.

Sue Elliott  

This is by far the best KPI reporting tool i have found for Xero. It makes things really easy and takes the guess work out of your most important metrics.

You can also upload and track non financial KPI's which is amazing.

Ben Norman  

Great KPI reporting tool. Easy to set up and update and easy to understand and explain.

Mariko Rogers  

Excellent tool and I am glad I found it. Especially for reporting to our shareholders and external investors the visuals and the integration with Xero are saving me a lot of time month after month. I reviewed the other options, but for our business Fathom is the best of the tools for a Xero integration. Well done.

Michael Balzer  

Liking it for the variety of reports to suit the client (and us as advisors). Integration is nice and simple

Andrew Brown  

We've been using Fathom for some time now as one of our tools as part of our monthly and quarterly client meetings. We find that our clients love the visuals (it's not just numbers!) and that they get meaningful data on their business measured backwards against historic data and compared with their budgets.

We love that it's quick and easy to update from Xero and MYOB, and that our clients are always keen to see how their numbers are looking. It's a great conversation starter to open up the real issues affecting their businesses.

Thankyou Fathom!

Dale Edwards  

Fathom is simply brilliant software. It is highly visual and clients that cannot understand traditional P&L and BS can get a real handle on their businesses financial position with the Reports that are produced out of Fathom.

Lachlan Ballinger  

Great software and excellent support. I have and will continue to recommend.

David Gill  

Great tool. Very easy to use and provides easy consolidation. Highly recomended

George Steele  

Great tool for providing regular reports for management purposes. My clients love the visuals and find them really easy to understand and identify the areas we need to focus on.

Amanda Fisher  

As the CFO of a few companies all using Xero both in Australia and the Philippines, finding software that seamlessly integrates with Xero still amazes me that within seconds you can have a complete reporting analysis of monthly, quarterly and annual results in a professional presentation – my job has just become a lot easier. Thank you Fathom

George Larcher  

"My accounting practice uses Fathom to recognise and identify issues that are affecting business growth. We can then provide our clients with real time business solutions that are both effective and timely. We are very happy with Fathom, it's working wonders!"

Adam Wilson  

I love Fathom!

Karim Osman  

Fathom is a fantastic when it comes to data analysis! It has become an integral part of business and really helps visualise important KPI's that are often looked over. Can't recommend it enough.

David Maslen  

Client responses have been great and it is very easy to use

Steven Odgers-Jewell  

We use Fathom with a lot of our clients in the creative industries. It makes it so easy for visual people to understand their financial data: a critical challenge when dealing with creative people. It's an incredibly easy tool to use, but has great customisation capabilities if you really want to use it to its full potential. And the guys who run it are incredibly responsive when you have any questions or suggestions for improvement...

Ian Murray  

I've found Fathom to be the most comprehensive and elegant data analysis for Xero. The graph's are well thought out, diverse and invaluable to any business. I highly recommend anyone interested in expanding their understanding of what is behind all the numbers we dutifully have to enter into our Xero accounting. It goes way beyond what is available in Zero alone. Set your goals and watch hopefully your growth towards them.

Neal Rossel  

Fathom is a great add-on. User friendly and the customer support you get is great. Works great with both Xero and MYOB. Thanks you. Keep going with making the product even better :)

Asela Fernando  

Fathom is amazing even for a small business like me, it has given me a view of my company results from a few different angles and will definitely lead to some changes in the way I conduct some aspects of my business. The auto plugin to Xero is AWESOME , thanks Fathom & Xero!

Jo Hanlon  

Fathom is simply, Brilliant.

Nicholas Wormald  

I use Fathom to consolidate & report across 144 xero accounts. I find Fathom very user friendly, & have been very impressed on how easy it has been to integrate with multiple xero accounts & produce the reporting I needed. Fathom´s reporting is great - it consolidates multiple accounts very well, & I have been especially impressed with the visual reporting available to compare entities based on the important KPI´s I need to monitor.

Jim Jessep  

We've been using Fathom now since July 2012 and now have almost 200 of our companies in the system. We get real value out of Fathom, using it for monthly company benchmarking reports, during our business planning sessions and also to provide alerts to our Support Team of any businesses that are not performing as expected. This helps us to be more proactive as a workforce and allows us to focus on the important information in our businesses. It is a slick and easy to use Xero add-on that brings our financial data to life. Fathom are great at providing continual updates packed with impressive new features.

Ashley Clemmett  

Fantastic Product, really helps explain financial reports to non financial people

Christopher Galloway  

Have recently subscribed to Fathom. Fantastic range of reports and ability to consolidate and compare entities. Highly recommended

Mark Wills  

I am a very recent Fathom convert/user and am very impressed with the overall package. I have been thinking/researching for quite a while for a consolidation package at a minimum. Fathom does this very well on a simple, efficient, clear to understand basis. Its reporting menu is extensive and growing. The benchmarking tool is a great addition and now to set it all up.............

Stephen Hannon  

I have been using Fathom since the very early days when they first launched their application. It is an awesome application help you understand the drivers of a client business and provide significant insight into your clients accounts in a format they can understand.

The team is also very friendly, listen to feedback and always a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend starting to use Fathom with your clients.

Robert King  

We've been working with an excellent management accounts advisor who has markedly improved our ability to understand what elements of the business we need to be tracking. Fathom is now the icing on that procedural cake - automated management accounting with great looking visuals and huge flexibility to change both financial and non-financial KPIs.
This is very helpful for us both internally - in tracking our own progress, but also for banks, investors etc in professionally presenting our situation.
I understand that exciting developments are in the pipeline which means the Fathom team, like all great companies, are looking to keep at the cutting edge of the possible.

Carl Benfield  

Fathom delivers the reporting I'd always dreamed of. Financial reports are now easy to understand at a glance, compelling to read and valuable for our agency ExCo. Keep up the good work.

Alex Myers  

Very powerful tool for distilling complicated issues into easy to understand reports for all levels of users.

Highly recommended.

Jake Phillpot  

Functionality at the click of a button. Upload out of MYOB or Xero and provide clients with a real time solution for relative reporting of information. Not a boring P and L but a visual representation of information.

Enjoyable staff to deal with any problems and a big plus to our business.

Christopher Gray  

True indepth reporting and analysis at the click of a button. Very easy to use. You can create your own KPIs. Great find.

Cedric Charpenet  

Have been extremely happy with the functionality and ease of use of Fathom. The reporting makes explaining operational performance for financial and non financial easy to understand. We are also using Fathom in developing a very valuable database of KPI tracking to assist Podiatry practices benchmark key metrics in their businesses. Fathom is proving to be a very valuable tool to enable that process for us.

Greg Gunther  

Fathom is an incredibly useful tool that helps us to illustrate operational performance. We've utilised it for KPI tracking along with client analysis including both financial and non-financial targets. The reports that are generated are undeniably slick to display, and the interactivity is top-notch.

Ben Hoseus  

Fathom has been wonderful for our growing psychology practice. It helps us to keep track of how we're travelling and my business advisor believes it's one of the best EIS systems he's seen. It is really so much more than KPI tracking - but it does do that very well. A great tool for tracking growth and managing risk.

Andrew Tompkins  

Amazingly easy to prepare consolidation worksheets with full audit trails and elimination columns for our individual State ledgers. This will provide an invaluable audit trail between the individual ledgers and the final consolidated statutory reports.

Glen Fairweather  

We love Fathom! We tried similar softwares and this one is by far the best and easiest to set up. Their support team is also really responsive and efficient. If you're looking for a way to better track your KPI, you should definitely check it out.

Ophelie Rat  

I would like to thank Geoff in specific and the Fathom team who helped us to resolve an integration issue with Xero. Thank you for bearing with us and getting to the bottom of it. It is great and comforting to know that we can escalate any queries etc. and have it dealt with in such an efficient manner. Thanks again!!!

Michelle Lawrence  

Great tool to help clients understand what's going on in their business. We've looked at loads of similar software but this is the best we've come across.

Marc Lawson  

A truly powerful management tool that will empower your clients or yourself as a business owner. I cant commend this product enough.

Jodie Marshall  

Quick and easy way to display KPIs without sorting through the in-depth detail. Consolidation function is also handy.
Once setup to suit your business, its a great time saving measure.

Rhys Munro  

It's an "easy to understand" tool, that provides you important facts (financial and non-financial) about your company. They are always improving the way you manage your companies and KPI's. It's totally worth it.

Thales Sonoda  

We've been using Fathom for well over 2 years now and couldn't work without it. The Goal Seeking Function is a huge 'light bulb' moment for clients to help them with their business.

Chris Eccles  

Pros: great visuals, very easy to map chart of accounts (!) and customize KPI metrics, intuitive design makes it easy to navigate between reports without prior experience, powerful interactivity allows to drill down into metrics and see how accounting data flows into the add-on (this ability is quite important if you want to understand workings of the add-on)

Cons: cashflow function is limited (i.e. doesn't allow for cashflow cycle analysis or to drill down into elements forming the report); having said that, the report provides some help via "?" sign if you want to drill down and reconcile accounting data

Roman Medvedev  

love the consolidation function. I can generate a consolidation report with all elimination lines in a hour! 12 entities, intercompany account elimiated automatically! Magic!

Jerry Zhao  

We find Fathom invaluable for our medium sized companies, particularly explaining variances to budget and setting out cashflow in an easy to understand manner.

It is very easy to use and offers enormous flexbility in reporting. It's a first rate product.

Angus Ogilvie  

We find Fathom makes sense of the numbers, and love the fact it explains cashflow to clients. The fact that it is interactive and you can work on how to achieve the result differentiates it from others.

Brian Alexander  

We use this with a number of clients... this is making a big difference in our practice.

Dave Willson  

Amazing tool! Professional looking reporting instead of spreadsheets. Much added value for clients.

Please add some more reporting options, such as 5 years P&L and BS comparisons, Trend analysis for 5 or more categories. Bar chart options for reports.

Really liked the excel import options and customization. This allows great deal of flexibility for non cloud clients. Highly recommended!

Edin Ahmed  

This is a wonderful, powerful KPI reporting tool. The team at Fathom has built a solid product.. and it's beautiful to look at and use. Kudos Fathom!!

Jon Willson  

Great looking reports. Easy to use. Fast.

Phillip Marzella  

Fantastic tool. I've used this from another slant which was a role involving a franchise using it to report on individual franchise outlets. Great look and feel to the product, very easy to use. Also David and Daniel from Fathom are highly approachable.

Daniel Fairbairn  

Fathom is ahead of the game when it comes to analysis of client results. Each KPI is shown in a genuinely unique way that allows a thorough understanding of the KPI.

I've found there are a huge number of KPIs, so generally just pick a few key ones to run through with the client rather than overwhelm them. It is really good having such a wide selection though so I can pick what is most appropriate for the client.

Fathom itself is a pleasure to use. The animation of each area is so slick and is impressive to show clients on the screen. You can see the love, care and attention to detail the developers have spent on this.

I can't recommend this add on highly enough, and with a free trial you'd be crazy not to try it out.

Anthony Wardley  

Love this tool and it's very easy to see why. There is to much to put here so why not check out the review we completed when testing Fathom.

Fathom Review

Jon Jenkins  

Excellent Tool for more in depth account analysis. Great KPI tracker. Also allows client log in which is fantastic.

Business Buddy