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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 11 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Fergus, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Fergus

Intuitive job management software designed for tradesmen by tradesmen. Quotes, schedules, invoices, timesheets, GPS tracking and seamless integration, check out Fergus.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Fergus, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

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Hi there,
I've had a look at the Fergus app site but can't find mention of pricing. Can you please advise?

ivy hodson  

I have found Fergus very difficult to use compared to Geoop, I know it has some advantages over Geoop in regards to projects, multiple site visits etc but my first impression is its difficult to use and a real turn off. As you can see from the prices below its not what i would call great value for money. Geoop is $20.00 per user and Admin staff are free. There isn't an iPad app and the iPhone version looks terrible on the iPad. I just couldn't recommend Fergus over Geoop at this time, in saying that i am going to give Fergus another go and learn the nuts and bolts of it so i can make full judgement.

Full user
at $50.00 each

Office users
at $40.00 each

at $30.00 each

Time sheet only
at $10.00 each

Mark Putland  

I really wanted Fergus to be the answer, so I persisted for some time. It is actually quite dreadful. The Tech support people don't really understand how it works, I have asked a number of questions, been given a brief response and then gone and worked out the answer myself with much pain. It may work for a plumber but is not suited to anyone who has a business where you have more than one employee or sub at a site or if you spend multiple days at the site. This is because the work description is not on the same line as time so if you have 5 people working at a site on one day and they are each doing something different the only way to know who did what is to have three lines per employee per task on the Invoice. That is to say it is for a plumber and then it is clunky, don't try it for anything else

Nic Fyffe  

Hey there

In the 6 months since these reviews were posted, we've made a lot of huge improvements based on user feedback. While we had a bit of a rocky start, we've redoubled our efforts in customer support and are constantly making improvements to help run your trade business better.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at support@fergusapp.com

We are absolutely committed to meeting our customer's needs

Andrew - Fergus Supoort

Andrew Poh  

I have been using Fergus for quite a while now. I believe it is the best job management software on the market at the moment. The tracking of job costings is the most important tool for a business and Fergus does this brilliantly. Labour is entered by workers on site into the iPhone app. Materials can also be entered through the app, or sent via photo on an email to the office, where office staff enter then material invoices. All labour, materials, photos and notes about the job are in one place, so when it comes time to invoice, you have a complete record of what has happened on that job.
I agree with some of the comments above that it can be confusing to start with, but that is no different to any other program that I have tried.
It is a well rounded system and is always developing and improving. The Fergus staff take advice about how they can improve the program, as they know not everyone operates the same.

Luke Moore  

We are a Plumbing Company and have been using Fergus for around 6 months now. Although there were a few teething problems at the beginning we have found that Fergus is a really good system. It has cut down the administration time for both plumbers and office staff - that is the main benefit for us. It syncs well with our Xero account and using both means that we do not miss merchant invoices or materials used on a job. We would definitely recommend Fergus.

Natalie Ripley  

I have been working in offices for years and have used a variety of software programs to complete tasks. I am the office manager for a Plumbing & Gas Fitting Company and have been working with Fergus and Xero for 10 months. I would highly recommend Fergus to run a trades business its effectiveness in managing jobs from Estimate to invoicing is so simple and smart. It allows us to provide a professional service to our clients with all information at your fingertips. Our merchant invoices are imported and allocated against jobs daily so our invoicing is current and the partnership with Xero is gold, giving us the accounting system required to operate a successful business. I would highly recommend Fergus and Xero

Colleen O'Neil  

We are an Electrical business with 17 staff. I can't speak highly enough of Fergus and Xero. We have been using both since October 2013. In partnership with both systems, we are now able to track work progress and profitability of each job, and jobs collectively, daily and monthly. I have used a number of accounting systems to try and monitor progress of jobs and for budgeting purposes. It has always been cumbersome, and historic, rather than real time as we have now with Fergus and Xero.
We are now invoicing daily, as the staff are the ones generating the draft job sheet/invoices, and then we only need to down load our daily supplier invoices, check them against our packing slips, which the boys would have taken photos of, and check the Van stock used, (hopefully the staff have entered this for us as well), and invoicing is ready to be sent out.
The monthly cost of the systems is out weighed by the increased turn over, and profit generated by timely invoicing and tracking of budgets etc. There is a cost in having to have ipads, and phones, but this too is out weighed by becoming a paperless business. My office is now something I enjoy being in rather than the work space I hated, when I saw the mountain of paper work before me i had to attack.
Quite often, i will be waiting on site for a meeting, and I can turn my Ipad on and check 10 or so draft invoices for final billing. Can't get more efficient than that. We are now looking at making our server cloud based as well, due to the instant accessibility of it by this means.
I find the IT staff at Fergus easy to deal with, and they have integrated a couple of things we have suggested already. ( Asked for by our accountant ). As this system is designed by another tradesman, I feel it will only get better.

Calum Reid  

I am the office administrator at a Plumbing company. We have been using Fergus Since August 2012 and we love it! We have tried other job tracking systems, but they haven't fulfilled all our needs as Fergus does.
As we also use Xero, being able to sync seamlessly is crucial for our accounting.
Using Fergus saves our tradesmen a lot of travel time, as they no longer need to come to the workshop very often to get job information. They can get all job info in real time from wherever they are, they can easily go from one location to the next with all info in the palm of their hand. Not only that, they are able to eliminate paperwork by entering details to their iPad onsite, even entering in packing slips. This means the office can see exactly what materials have been used and completed jobs can be invoiced the very same day which is excellent for cashflow.
The job calendar is very easy to use. From entering jobs to shuffling around the day/week .
Each job has a history so you can see who has done what and when.
We feel the rates for Fergus are very reasonable, especially as it creates an efficient workflow and helps to improve cashflow.
Whenever we have any queries or suggestions, the team at Fergus are always quick to help out, and grateful for any suggestions.
I would definitely recommend Fergus to any tradesmen to help streamline their business

Anna Pivac  

I am an accounts/admin person and currently work part time for 3 different employers all using completely different systems. The plumbing business I work for uses Fergus and xero.
I have to admit I was a little nervous at the idea of a paperless system when we first transferred onto it, having worked for 25+ years with paper invoices/job cards etc.
However, having worked with Fergus and xero for well over a year now, I would not go back to the old system! Everything is so instant with Fergus... from creating jobs & scheduling in the calendar (including making changes), to invoices which sync to xero, to bank reconciliations which then sync customer payments back to Fergus.
And entering merchant invoices is so much easier with the 'drag and drop' option - it used to take ages having to manually enter all that info whereas now its just a matter of seconds. And for those invoices to sync to xero also again is so time saving.
I've heard some people thinking it costs a lot for each user in Fergus. I disagree. The amount of time saved by having all this info instantly transferred, it saves masses of admin time for both admin staff and the tradesmen. Time is money in business. Which means the tradies can spend more time on chargeable jobs rather than on the admin stuff they used to have to do. Not to mention the time/fuel saved each day with the guys not having to call into the office to pick up job cards as its all on their ipads/iphones. Its definitely worth the outlay.

Jo Rasmussen  

I was employed by a plumbing company to enter merchant invoices and chase bad debtors. We used a couple of different programmes before we started using Fergus which were cumbersome and didn't always do what you thought they should do. Since we started using Fergus, it has all just go so much better and more efficient. Having to type in those lengthy paper invoices into the system we used was very time consuming. Now with Fergus the job is so much easier, faster and saves valuable time. Chasing debtors is also much more streamlined. The notes and history function in Fergus is invaluable as it keeps track of all the emails sent, questions and notes on the job so all staff can see at a glance what is going on. I particularly like the fact that once the invoice is sent by email you can tell when it has been "opened" by the customer and know that they have received it.

Leanne Briggs  

Odd how after a bad review there are a couple of perfect 5 star reviews from 'different trades' on nearly the same day if not the day after... almost perfect that different companies came to the ratings review rescue.

Anyhow, i'm looking for trades app to manage the guys on the road, Geoop has some great demo videos, really sells i can't see anything on the fergus website that demos the product, just a try it for free...

chuck a video up guys so we can see YOU demo the product for us.

No rating given - Cheers Andy

Andrew Boot  

We have been using Fergus for about 5 months now and would honestly never look back. Before Fergus everything was handwritten onto job cards, merchant invoices were collected and by the end of jobs we were spending hours going through stacks of paperwork. Invoicing was a massive task that would take days and often things would be overlooked or forgotten about. We had been running our business for 25 years like this with a lot of crossing fingers and guess work required. Now with Fergus jobs are constantly tracked, merchant invoices uploaded against jobs and workers times are logged straight away. At any stage of a job we can go in and see how we are tracking, and how close we are to our quoted price. It has really engaged our workers and enables us to pass on notes about jobs without having to ring and disrupt them from a job. We were extremely nervous about the switch, and making such a big change. We spent a good two months looking at all job tracking systems and did a few trials. As soon as we met Dan and the staff we immediately went with Fergus and are so glad we did. When we first switched we had an amazing tutorial, and constant support which is still ongoing today. If we have any issues, or would really love to see something added or changed our requests are always listened to and we receive communication back letting us know how everything is going. With Fergus you can see how much money you have tied up in jobs with the click of a button, and one of the most important features for us is the back costing. A lot of our work is quoted and back costing used to be something we didn’t do often enough and when we did, it would take a really long time. With Fergus everything is there right in front of you and you can see exactly how much you have made on a job. Our workers absolutely love Fergus and find it really easy to use. Fergus has helped us keep on track and we can even invoice out the same day if we need to. The relationship the staff at Fergus builds with its customers makes you feel truly valued. You speak to the same people, who know you and your business, not a call center or service where the person on the other side of the phone couldn’t care less and has no clue who you are. You may spend more than other software programs but because of the support alone, it is well worth the cost. We couldn’t recommend Fergus enough to anyone who is considering – get the trial now and you won’t be disappointed!

Tilyard Plumbing  

We currently use Fergus linked to Xero, We made the transition in October 2014 and have never looked back. Fergus staff are great and integration with Xero works beautifully. Highly recommend both Fergus and Xero products

Jan Lewis  

In a previous life I was a Systems Analyst for one of NZ's largest companies. These days I run my own small business (electrical services), and started using Xero, at the same time I reviewed several Jobbing and Invoicing Applications that linked with Xero. Fergus was definitely the best value for dollar and saves me a considerable amount of time and money. From proritising customer sources (Gives you feedback on the ever draining advertising dollar) too seamless supplier invoicing integration, this is a great system.

What sets Fergus apart from the rest is that they listen to customer needs and then create a robust change to fit the need.

Fergus lets you start small (and free!) and supports you as you grow bigger.

I'm very happy and refer Fergus to all trades focussed friends... except my competitors

Kelly Walker