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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 17 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and FlexiTime, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About FlexiTime

FlexiTime saves you time on pay day and improves the accuracy of your payroll by combining rosters, timesheets and payroll in one great online tool, check out FlexiTime.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with FlexiTime, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the FlexiTime support centre or this page for information on connecting FlexiTime to Xero.

I have helped all our clients using Flexitime immigrate over to PayHero, and the process was so easy and fuss free. PayHero is always my first recommendation to our clients.

So easy to use and the support response time is really fast. Enjoy working with the PayHero team and they where really supportive.

Jozette Welgemoed  

We use PayHero inhouse and find it great for casual employees, a big plus for us is the comprehensive support and answers that we get in reply to our technical questions.
Great integration with Xero for tracking departments, and IRD for Payday filing


Bronwyn Gregory  

Payroll issues are something we see every single day with businesses. Most business owners believe that their payroll is compliant and its not a problem but unfortunately what we see is that a lot (maybe even most) are not. 3rd Arm Admin are proud to be a PayHero Partner and absolutely love their approach to payroll compliance which fits perfectly with our philosophy at 3rd Arm Admin.

Sue Inkersell  

I have found in the two months I've been using Flexitime that the support provided is by far the biggest upside, no matter the question the crew are knowledgeable and personable.

FlexiTime has also proven itself to be very competitive price wise with software which does just a portion of the job. 10/10 and I will continue to promote it to anyone looking for payroll or billing help.

Big thanks to all the Flexitime team but especially Sam and Jill for putting up with all my questions!

Jeff Banbury  

Massive "Fan of FlexiTime"! Only payroll system I know of that not only has the power of the rosters and timesheet function but can run payrolls for "variable" pay cycles, makes paying KiwiSaver Employer Contributions inclusive in Salary a breeze! And links with Xero so fantastically (including being much easier to customise to each individual Xero COA -probably better than Xero's own payroll does!!). The name says it all as it is so flexible for payrolls where you have different staff doing different things and paid in different ways, yet you want the one solution. Brilliant - wouldn't use anything else!

Susan Lummis  

I use flexitime and loved it!
Plus when I need help they are very kind.
Thank you Sam

Daniel Mezacasa  

As a payroll intermediary for 30+ Businesses, Flexitime has to be the best payroll and employee time management solution I've come across both in terms of their product and their dedicated support team.

Flexitime has managed to handle everyone of our client's varying payroll needs. From casual employees, expense reimbursement and variable pays to GST contractors and complex commissions. We haven't found a payroll situation yet that Flexitime hasn't been able to facilitate.

Client feedback has been centred around ease of use, time savings and a general reduction in stress around payroll. Features like roster templates, warnings for timesheet overlaps, automated public holidays and the obvious Xero integration have been big pluses for them.

Personally, it's the friendly and helpful support team at Flexitime that gains my full endorsement. Being able to call and speak to someone at Flexitime support directly is a huge bonus as well as their great email support and online knowledge base.

Flexitime has simple, affordable pricing plans and migrating from your existing payroll solution is a breeze.

5 Stars.

Marc Burborough  

I've been testing Flexitime on behalf of a client who employs 2000 staff on variable length assignments, spread across 5 companies. Flexitime was chosen for it's ability to easily handle this volume of staff, capture their hours worked & allow timesheet approval at many levels. The client billing functionality is like an added bonus. Flexitime delivers a solution that is simple yet highly functional and which has made the testing and, ultimately, the go live, very easy and intuitive. Flexitime has delivered reliability, functionality and ease of use from the start and I expect it will only get better. The support offered by Flexitime has been superb - long may it continue.

Jeff Drum  

Flexitime is certainly helping me to run my business more smoothly. I'm a new user and the support team have helped me when I really needed it. I'm so glad I only have enter things once in the time sheets/rosters and this does all my employees time sheets, payroll, and creates customer invoicing.
Cloud based makes it a flexible use anywhere system. I can hand over this admin stuff to other staff who work from home. Fantastic! Thanks Leanne

leanne mulder  

Very easy to use, support is fantastic! Clients love the staff setup wizard and how easy it is to file PAYE returns on their own. And if they need help we got the advisor panel for easy access.

Anja O'Connor  

At Jones Business Solutions we love Flexitime! Their support is excellent - both to clients direct and with us as a Partner. Quick and easy to setup, rostering functionality is brilliant. Cost effective option for small businesses.
A+ for the team at Flexitime!

Leaine Jones  

For a payroll system that is easy for clients to use and understand FlexiTime is it.
I find it great to manage and assist our clients on their payroll and file their PAYE on our clients behalf. FlexiTime is a great and simple product. It also links into Xero and helps our clients reconcile their wages quickly

Scotty Jenkin  

Flexitime is brilliant. Does the core function of payroll very well, but really comes in to it's own for those clients with needs beyond payroll. The roster and time capture features are really useful in retail and hospitality, the tablet app Flexitime Shift takes away barriers to time entry by staff. One of our clients who can be likened to a recruitment company is using the billing feature integrated with Xero and has commented regularly that it is as close to a perfect system as they could get.

BSSL Xero Administrator  

Flexitime has made doing payroll so easy. And because it's cloud based it's now allowed me to outsource Payroll (and Xero) to an accounts resource who is a new mum working from home. Isn't the cloud great!

Brent Spicer  

I'm also loving Flexitime. Such a simple add on for clients to enter time sheets and rosters, to then processing the pay run, reports and batch payments and processing return with IRD.


Ivana Dryland  

Love Flexitime - simple for clients to use, plus (I suspect, because it isn't a payroll bureau) easy export of payroll payment file to banks and export of PAYE reports (including a KS1 file) to IRD. And good integration with Xero (of course). Also love the ability to build and customise your own reports so you can easily drill down into payroll information. And the support team in Wellington are great.

Mary Moore (accounts2u)  

Do you do rosters? If so why no re-use that time with payroll ... so simple (no need to use more admin staff time), generate you payroll straight from rosters ... super simple

Gayle Buchanan