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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

3.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and GeoOp, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About GeoOp

Online job management for businesses with mobile workers. Features real time job sheets, live job scheduling, GPS tracking, quoting, invoicing & more, check out GeoOp.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with GeoOp, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the GeoOp support centre

Fantastic system - easy to use. Our tradies are loving this. Integrates well with Xero and Unleashed. Clients are finding massive time and money savings by using Geoop.

Astill Hawke  

What an awesome system for anyone with a mobile workforce. Our trades clients as well as IT clients love GeoOP. Such as easy system to schedule jobs and even better for the workforce on the road. No more double handling. No more driving back to hand in paperwork and timesheets. One click and its done.....meaning the workers can fit in more jobs each day :)

Steph Hinds  

Just started using GeoOp and finding it fanatastic. A massive time saver. I do have one minor problem however. I have clients on different payment terms and have found that when sending invoices through to Xero from GeoOp it is not picking up the different due dates for each client. Therefore I am still having to change them manually as GeoOp does not have this function.

Russell Christian  

How much does it cost to have GeoOp linked to Xero

Neha Nayyar  

A little more form than function.. Recent changes have meant that inputting jobs is taking much more time.

Such a shame as they promised so much and we based our processes around Geoop, we've now had to spend a couple more months testing other products..

I'll let you all know of a stable, reliable job management addon when I find one!

Dennis Green  

We are looking to recommend GeoOp to our clients and use with one of our internal divisions.

We want to know what is the best GPS to use with GeoOp (in Australia and more for time management) and how it integrates with GeoOp. We operate in regional Victoria, NSW and SA, so need to ensure coverage.

What do people recommend and your reasons why?


Ann Rowe  

Hi Ann this page is just for the review of GeoOp. If you'd like to ask specific questions about GeoOp you can start a new discussion in the Using Xero Add-Ons section. Much more likely to get an answer there, as in review pages you can only comment once :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I am loving the integration between GeoOp and Xero. Overall I am very happy :)

I just have a small negative:

Sometimes I get problems with the quote not lining up with an invoice (if for say I give a customer a discount for returned parts)

Kathy Quinlan  

What the hell! :(
GeoOp has been stuffing me around for WEEKS now!! :(
I am a very unhappy client - and here I am needing to put 8 guys onto this dreaded program.
They've "quadrupled" up the jobs - I had each job put in recurring for over 1600 clients (800 per account) and the schedule has put the jobs in 4 - 5 times each!
That was 3 weeks ago! I'm STILL waiting for them to fix it. They don't respond to emails, they put everything through the callback centre. The service is disgusting!
My client has been LOCKED OUT of his account - without my permission - I am fully paid up - *I* can still get into the account. I'm so sick to death of their piss poor performance - but I've got little to no choice of where else to take them.
I can't give them negative stars - and if I could it would be a -5.
I give them one star so it has *some* rating - but... I've had it up to here with this crap!

Trish Reeve  

In response to Trish's review above - We are sorry that you have not had a great experience on GeoOp over the last few weeks. Our support team endeavoured to solve this tricky issue for you and we accept that the time to resolve hasn't been the best.

I believe you have been in regular contact with the support team over the last few weeks and have spoken to our Support Lead today with an offer to work through your account's technical issues and updating you we have very nearly solved the problems you have raised.


Scott - GeoOp

Scott La Franchie  

I am on my second stint with GeooP. It has improved significantly since my first trial last year. However it isn't the answer for me yet.

I am currently using a MSAccess based program which works just fine but is no longer being supported for upgrades, so I have to find a replacement soon.

I am finding the GeoOp repeat scheduling unreliable. If I didn't have my original program running in tandem my business would be in a mess by now.

That is aggravated by the screen format for the daily schedule, which if you have more than one job in two hours cuts out most of the job detail.This makes it difficult and time consuming to check your work plans.

GeoOp support have been quick to respond to any comments and have provided some good advice, but I get the impression they are still developing the program and have a long way to go yet.

When I changed to Xero invoicing from my Access program it was quite easy in comparison to this changeover. I would rate Xero A and GeoOp so far C-.

My reason for posting is not to be negative. I really need a good scheduling program, and quickly. Google is full of such programs but trialing them needs full commitment to a tandem program for at least a month. So I need some honest reviews.


I have been using GeoOp for 4 years - signed up 23 August 2010.
Overall it is a very good cost effective system.
I have evaluated 4 other workflow tools that tie into xero since then, but keep coming back to this one.

Sure there are issues and it is a bit of a case of 2 steps forward, one step back - but it has definitely improved our company support times.

The latest roll out of the scheduling features was a bit of a nightmare - so many negative comments on the release page they locked the page a deleted the comments - not the best way to respond to paying customers!

Still waiting to be able to use a Google calendar in GeoOp - most other workflow apps have this in place.

The round tripping of invoices out of GeoOp into xero then emailing to clients on site is excellent - if you link up all your xero inventory items to GeoOp charges.

David Stone  

Geo Flop. This software doesn't work. Therefore its useless, Geops managers wont contact you to sort out issues. Customer service is slow, all talk with no action. Your business could be brought to its knees by this faulty product and nobody would care. This product and company should not be operating, the way the treat customers will soon put them out of business.

Steven White  

Hi Steven
I’m so sorry we’ve not been able to solve your issues despite being in touch with our Support Team Lead and our Australian MD, amongst others, over the last two weeks. Our Android customers will see significant performance improvement within the month, with the latest release that our Dev team have been working flat out on. We’re always working to refine GeoOp. We hope the gesture of goodwill discussed will go some way to compensating any disruption your business has experienced.

Vanessa Hamilton  

Have trailed the program. It's quite glitchy and slow. Maybe its my operating system but I doesn't yet stack up to other programs I have used. Customer service have been good in my dealings.

kent griffiths  

Implementing GeoOp has been the biggest software mistake we have made - it has too many bugs and they take days to fix them - which means we are unable to load jobs and it brings our allocation of work to a standstill. It is very unstable, regardless of the browser you use. Despite the latest upgrade, it is still difficult to move around and make changes quickly. I think they should invest a lot more time in getting the product right before they add more features. When I compare it to my Xero experience it does not rate well at all. We will be moving to another scheduling tool as soon as we find a suitable one.

Paula Moore  

Hi Paula,
I’m sorry things have been less than ideal for you. That is not what the GeoOp experience is all about. We’d be grateful for a chance to take a closer look at the issues on a case by case basis. Please drop me a line bryony.h@geoop.com with more detail and I’ll have one of the team get in touch. Rest assured that we place great importance on performance and stability. It is at the core of what we do and is central to success as we continue to expand.

Bryony Hampton  

I used this for a while but found it slow, and I couldnt make it work well with unleashed. I wouldn't recommend it.
On another note I note above everytime a geoop employee leaves a comment above they give it 5 stars falsifying the user rating average. Not cricket.

Adrian Hill  

I have recently starting using Geo Ops for my small business and am loving it. It easily integrates with Xero and has saved me so much time. I would highly recommend to anyone who has staff on the road.

Emma Sollo  

We love GeoOp - so easy to organise teams each day, and jobs get done on time. All our data is stored in the cloud, and our teams can access the job information in the field - and provide us with accurate updates. The service desk is brilliant and I've never had to wait on hold. Love the integration with Xero. No complaints at all!

Kelly Hitchins  

I signed up to Geo-op in December 2013, a bit dubious about the whole thing. But once we got up and running, and with literally 2 days of working through the logistics and details of the program back and forward with the boys, Geo-op has cut my time in the office by 50%. We have a staff of 6 plumbers and apprentices. All of us now carry I-pads, and I-phones, and are able to load the job when completed, whether a large renovation, or a small maintenance job, on site, increasing our efficiency and profitability hugely. Would highly recommend the program to any trade company a similar size.


Andrew Dalton  

I have been using Geo-op since july 2014 it has been the best thing it works well with our other programs Xero and Unleashed. We use tablets and smart phones on site to do all of our jobbing and the office staff check and invoice.It makes our down time small and profit on job acurite and the farmers like that.

Peter Boulton  

Using Geo OP and now linking it with Xero has really changed the way we are running our growing business. The boys find it really easy to use out on the road and so do I in the office! The time it takes to invoice a job once it is complete is amazing, super fast and easy to do. I have found the help desk to be great to deal with, especially Tom who has helped me set up the system the way I want it.

Thank you!

Cassandra Alexander  

I would happily recommend Geo Op to other business's. We find it very easy to use. However the most important reason i like using the system, is that the team at Geo Op actually care about the product and how it fits in with our business. The support we have received is outstanding and they're always asking for feedback and are actively trying to improve the product based on the needs of their users.

Chantel Gilbert  

We have now used GeoOP for about a year, and find it fantastic, and easy for our staff and myself to use.
I would love it if it also had geo location so that jobs auto start and stop when staff get onsite

Rob Lyons