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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

3.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 25 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Harvest, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Harvest

Simple time tracking, powerful reporting, and quick invoicing. Trusted by over 10,000 businesses in more than 100 countries, check out Harvest.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Harvest, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Harvest support centre or this page for information on connecting Harvest to Xero.

Harvest has a lot of great functions and tools. Xero has a lot of great functions and tools. But the bottleneck of communicating between ALL of these functions and tools is suddenly bottlenecked by a minimal integration. I will say they do that well, but they are missing SO much more.
What about creating an integration with approved expenses?
What about creating an integration with approve subcontractor times?

Judah Kosky  

Is there a way of using the xero invoice numbering when pushing invoices from Harvest?

Michael Agius Vadala  

I've used Harvest since Feb '15 and Xero since Nov '17. I love them both—easy to use and huge timesavers. Harvest has changed my professional life and significantly upgraded my image to clients. It's awesome that I can check and enter time and invoices on any device & keep notes in my entries that help me schedule tasks from day to day as well as provide detailed invoices. My clients all have their own payment preferences—the ability to be flexible with what I can accept helps me get paid promptly. Xero has blown the useless Quickbooks out of the water for me. So much easier to use, but most importantly I can customize Stripe & Square transactions to reflect the client a payment came from.

As others have said, the integration isn't quite there yet. Maybe what I've been experiencing is within Xero. I would love to find out what Harvest can do, if anything, to help resolve this issue.

When I add the details regarding each check/client in bank deposits with checks from multiple clients (and Stripe payments from multiple clients deposited the same day) when reviewing/adding/reconciling transactions on my bank feed, Xero doesn't connect the individual check/Stripe payment entries with the Harvest invoices they're settling, creating pages of "overdue" invoices. I've been using Credit Notes to clear them, but this results in a duplication of revenue as the credit note amounts are added to the Sales account. This skews my income statements and I haven't found a way to exclude this account from my reports. I don't see any other way to deal with the overdue invoices and I just can't stand seeing that giant stack of "unpaid invoices" staring at me. Why can't Xero record internally that a Harvest invoice has been paid when it's part of a deposit with multiple payments?

Entering those payments as individual deposits will cause reconciliation issues—they won't match the deposit transaction from my bank feed. Hiding the unpaid invoices from my dashboard would be the best workaround until this issue is addressed. But I can't do that.

I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY that I switched to Xero from Quickbooks and I LOVE Harvest and the Harvest-Xero integration. There is room for improvement so both my bank account entries AND my financial statements will be accurate. I'm giving Harvest 4 stars since it has changed my freelancing life and saves me SO much time...but if you and Xero can fix this issue together I'll give you both 5 stars for sure!

Nancy West  

HI, I'm a new client to Harvest but a user of Xero. We've been recommended Xero Projects, but it looks like Projects has a lot of overlap with Harvest, without the east timesheeting functions. Can anyone recommend whether it's worth having both Harvest and Projects?! Or one over the others?

Thank you

Sasha Edmonds  

Harvest is great but like so many others, I don't understand why the integration with Xero is only one way? Payments are recorded in Xero but I then need to manually update them in Harvest. If you can't get the payment information from Xero at least let me turn off the tracking in Harvest so it doesn't care if an invoice is paid or not, that way the information won't be incorrect in Harvest.

The other pain point for me is having to apply the tax every time. Can there be a way of defaulting it please?

Dan Phipps  

Is there a way to push just 1 invoice from Harvest to Xero? I have an invoice that is marked as unpaid, but it was paid. I can't mark it paid in Xero because it was already accounted for once in a previous accounting system - but I need the invoice in there.

So, can I delete the invoice and send it again from Harvest to Xero?

Victoria Kingyens  

Hi There,
We've been using Harvest for two years and its always worked well. Its easy to use and the integration with Xero is solid. The biggest hassle is that you have to apply the VAT/GST/Sales tax to each and every invoice when you create an invoice. This has caused issue when invoices are sent missing the detail and the customer struggles with invoice re-subbmissions. I've asked Harvest for a "default" for a project (where the tax is set once) but they've not been keen to pursue the feature which is a shame. I also agree with the point above about two-way integration on payments would be good. We're continuing to use Harvest because of the rest of the application but the slowness of feature development is a concern.

Anthony Buckton  

Harvest and Xero are both great products, the integration is not quite there yet. Almost 5 stars but missing the possibility to automatically mark an invoice as paid in Harvest when it is paid in Xero.

Erik Bogaerts  

Great software, I just wish Retainer invoices can be copied to Xero automatically.

Francis Kim  

I seem to be missing something but one way communication isn't integration. What happens to invoices once reconciled in Xero?

Does everyone just calculate totals in Harvest and then invoice through Xero and then go back to Harvest to tell it the amount has been paid?

Seems to bring new meaning to the term double-entry book-keeping.

Graham West  

Would like to know if this integrates with Xero Payroll also.......anyone?

Mark Stewart  

The integration is great but why do I always have to select the Xero tax option on every invoice? There have been times where invoices have gone out without tax on it because this has not been selected, surely an option to default this would not be too difficult. Thanks

Robert Hyndman  

Hi - I'm interested in knowing if the timesheets and time tracking in Harvest intregrate into the Xero timesheets and payroll?

Nicola Wong  

I've been excited to integrate Xero into Harvest for a while now. I've finally done so only to find out I cannot send retainer invoices across thus I cannot reconcile my accounts so I'm angered to accept whole idea is unusable for me.

I appreciate that retainer accounts get invoiced themselves, but that's a virtual internal invoice that clients never see and so the one that should be blocked from being sent to Xero.

In Xero the actual payments on imported bank statements need to be matched to the invoices of that exact amount ie the amounts on the retainer invoices created and sent in Harvest ...not the internal ones, which vary wildly every month and are not relevant to the banking at all - work done.

What's the thinking here? Am I missing something.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Stuart Hinchliff  

I love Harvest and have been integrating invoices with Xero from the outset. I don't mind the double reconciliation of paid invoices as I only issue a few each month so the burden is low.

However, I have just hit a limitation. I have been forced to run my business through two companies depending on the client I am billing. This is merely a function of the individual project and I don't need or want to operate two Harvest accounts as timesheet reconciliation would become a nightmare.

In Harvest I cannot have two different invoice pro-formas so I have to manually edit the company and bank account details on some invoices. Also, Harvest appears to only link to one Xero account and I will be running with two. This might be the catalyst to test an alternative.

Gillian Akers  

Love Harvest and have referred a number of other clients. However, the lack of two-way integration results in a lot of rework and management. Are there plans to push payment information from Xero back into Harvest? This would really cut out a bunch of waste in our invoicing process....

Any why must we ALWAYS copy the tax rate from Xero? Surely it should default to this?

Ren Hammington  

Harvest is ideal for time tracking and sending invoices through to Xero, however many clients pay by EFT directly into my bank account. These payments are consequently reconciled and invoices marked as paid. I then 'manually' need to go into Harvest and ensure I mark the same invoices as paid within Harvest. This is double entry.

Therefore, it would make sense that the Harvest integration should also send payments from Xero back to Harvest. This would close the loop. Hope this functionality will be included in the future.

Suzy Roberts  

Hi Brandon,

Great to hear that you're enjoying Harvest! Thanks for explaining why it'd be beneficial for Harvest to pull down the tax rates per client from Xero–I see where you're coming from. Unfortunately, we don't have plans to add this to the integration, but I've made note of your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share!


Harvest Admin  

We are enjoying using Harvest to run our small firm with clients across multiple states. One of our only pain points in using Harvest (vs. Xero/Workflow Max) is the fact that you can’t assign a sales tax rate to clients. Many of our clients don’t need to be charged sales tax for service oriented services; however, there are a handful in different states who need to be charged sales tax. If we forget to add this when invoicing the client, then it becomes frustrating. I really wish there was a way for Harvest to look at Xero tax rates, then allow us to permanently assign one of those rates to individual clients. . . would be really really helpful.

Brandon Smith  

Hi Liz,

Thanks for writing in! Unfortunately, we don't have plans to add a two-way payment sync. This is something we've heard, and I can see how it'd be useful for you. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Harvest Admin  

Hi, Probably a question for Harvest. Are there any plans to add a 2-way payment sync? or at least get the harvest payments to update if a bank rec in Xero shows a payment has been made.
I can see this has been asked in various places since the integration launched, has it made a future feature list yet? Same for bulk adding contacts in harvest from Xero.
Both look possible via the Xero API. Cheers

Liz Bissland  

Very happy with the integration- makes tracking billing much easier for the team.
Tim Boeckmann
CoFounder Angeloop

Tim Boeckmann  

Hi Vivek,

You can absolutely create invoices as drafts in Harvest and copy them over to Xero. Once you create an invoice in Harvest, you'll want to go to the More Actions menu and click Copy to Xero. The invoice will be copied over as a draft to Xero and then you can send it out to your clients and manage the payments from there! Note that you'll need to manually update the Harvest invoice as paid once you receive the payment since updates to invoices in Xero do not get copied over to Harvest.

If you have questions, feel free to drop us a line at support@harvestapp.com


Harvest Admin  

I was a Harvest user in the past and now use Xero + Freshbooks but want to go back to Harvest. One question I have - and maybe I didn't research it properly before posting - is whether I can just have Harvest send a draft invoice into Xero and then have Xero be the one that sends it out. I want to be able to use authorize.net or another payment gateway that I use that integrates with Xero.

Vivek Mittal  

Hi Cindy, thanks for reaching out! The copying of payments from Harvest to Xero has been going well. Unfortunately, the reverse (copying payments from Xero to Harvest) is not available. We've heard from customers that this would be useful, for the exact reason that you said – the Xero bank feeds. We don't have this on our radar right now but your feedback is noted. Sorry I don't have better news for you!

Harvest Admin  

Hi Katie from Harvest. One of my clients has just started with Harvest and I've got him on Xero. Just wondering how the copying of payments of invoices in Harvest to Xero is going and whether there is the option of the reverse (payments from Xero into Harvest)?

As bank transactions feed directly into Xero, it is quicker and easier to assign payments to invoices in Xero and then have those payments sync back to Harvest.

Thanks :)

Cindy Parnis  

Very easy to configure and set up. Especially like the fact I can track time from an app on mobile or on the website.

Lisa Kirby  

Seamless integration for timekeeping & invoicing. Saves a TON of time!

Eric Axelrod  

Plan to move to Xero, but depend on a good invoicing system for doing recurring invoices/payments. Thought it could be a good ide to use Harvest for this?
How "tight" is the integration?
Is the transfer of invoices, payments, reversal of payments, creditnotes 100%?

Would like to use the AR in Xero for reporting, and as the "master", and would realy need to be confident that nothing is "lost in translation". Are there any "reconciliation" reports regarding the Ar balances in Harvest/Xero?

Thank you!

Lasse Hoydal  

@RD Katie from Harvest here. I wanted to let you know that copying invoice payments from Harvest to Xero is just around the corner. If you want to be a part of the beta group, drop us a line here: http://hrv.st/hURkj6. Thanks!

Harvest Admin  

Any thoughts on the best way to post payments in Xero that were paid and posted in Harvest?

RD Hutton  

I've been using Harvest for several years. Just migrating into Xero and am very happy to see the links. Harvest allows seamless addition of new employees whether part-time or full-time and one or multiple project areas. Easy for complex patterns - for staff and contractors

Johan Stroman  

I'm currently four days into a trial with Harvest. Can't believe how simple it is to configure and use. Have already sent out a few quotes and my first invoice today. Excited much!!

Personally I'm glad that the integration only works one way as I prefer to manage AR from within Xero and wouldn't want to clog up my spanky Harvest account with a whole lot of repeating invoices that are irrelevant to the way I intend to use it.

Michelle Harrison  

I agree with Kevin. It's nice having the integration, but why make it only one way? Why not have any invoice reconciled in Xero record payment in Harvest?

Kind of feels like only half the effort was put into this plugin....

Aaron Magon  

The integration is good as far as it goes. However, wouldn't it be even better if payments posted in Xero were passed back to Harvest (just like the integration between WorkflowMax and xero) meaning that entry didn't have to be made in both systems?

Kevin Meakings  

Very good integration, makes our posting to Xero and billing so much faster.

Darryl Collins  

If it were not for Harvest would be still using "old school" paper timesheets - we have been best friends forever for close to 2 years. Recommend anyone in business large or small hop onto their regular webinars and see how cool it is to use. Billing time and expense claims breeze.

Gillian Rossouw  

I use Harvest all day, every day, from any device. Love the ease of use! The integration with Xero is perfect!

Susan Cisternelli  

Beautiful software for those who use time to bill ... seamless integration with Xero

Gayle Buchanan