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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4 out of 5 stars
Based on 10 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and AroFlo, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About AroFlo

Job scheduling and task management designed specifically for the service based industry. Jobs, scheduling, materials and billing integrated with Xero, check out AroFlo.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with AroFlo, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact AroFlo

Our Company has used Xero since early 2016 & we find the buisness software to be more then helpful to use & easy track past invoice,receipts,bills & manage my company progress, I would incurage all of my freinds to yous this program.
Big Plus to all the avaliable extra add-on products Xero Software at a low costing.

Travis Barham  

Aroflo and Xero have been a great addition in making our business run smoothly! Coudn't be happier with how it works and makes everything so easy!

Taylor Jones  

I have been using AroFlo since working for my current company and have always found it to be an extremely good service.

I was provided little to no training when I arrived but realised very quickly that the service is very easy to navigate and self explanatory in most instances.

In regards to working with Xero alongside AroFlo, they integrate perfectly and allow for effortless invoicing and record keeping.

Richard Green  

We have been using Aroflo for a little over 9 months as a flexible option for tracking costs on small jobs and large projects alike. The team at Aroflo have been an immense help with training, but also integrating our needs into the software. The Xero integration has worked flawlessly, (while to begin with the two step integration seemed cumbersome, we now love the ability to control the timing of the integration to our needs) The ability to go back and amend details and update items has been a godsend in our business as suppliers cannot always supply exactly what you requested and the ability to make changes to every step in the process to reflect this has enabled our cost reporting to be more accurate and up to date. We would recommend Aroflo to anyone.

Suzy Rinsma  

Love working with AroFlo and Xero. We have been using for approx 4 years now and the dashboard in Xero shows exactly where we are with accounts - receivable and payable.

Robin Carroll  

Aroflo has revolutionised our HVAC companies.
We started using this as a replacement for our Service Management tool, but have now integrated it across our major contracting projects company and our manufacturing company. The integration with Xero is seamless and gives us immediate access to our financial reporting.

Jav Greaves  

We have been live with Aroflo and Xero working together and since adopting aroflo and having them integrated it has made our payments and receiving more efficient and saved our business quality time we can spend in other areas. there are always small tweaks and changes to your own business which we have requested and have had great feed back from Aroflo regarding templates. Other than this, the software is great to use and is very user friendly. being able to work from anywhere has been an amazing upgrade to the previous system.

Jake Codey  

The integration of AroFlo and Xero meet our current business needs.
The systems are easy to use and instantly updated when integrated.
Simplicity of the two systems in comparison to previous packages use has saved the business a lot of administrative work.

Simone Barrett  

AroFlo now supports Credit notes https://help.aroflo.com/display/intro/2017/06/05/Introducing+Credit+Notes+for+Suppliers+and+Clients

Guy Arrowsmith  

We have been Using IMS / Aroflo since 2005. I think its fantastic. I have found the technical support to be amazing . They have never let me down. I can highly recommend this product to anyone.

Darren Gibney  

Aroflo have marketed themselves as 'integrating with Xero' (and charge a $900 fee to do so), however as per the comments below, they only integrate invoices, not credits. Before we signed up to Aroflo, we made it very clear to the team that supplier invoice/credit imports was one of our most important criteria in a workflow system, as we process a large number on a daily basis (as do many trade businesses). In June, we supplied their Sales & Development Team with samples of our import files (showing invoices & credits) which they assured us could be set up to be imported and integrated. Finally in October, after months of supplier import issues, we were told Aroflo was unable to import credits and the credits could not be integrated with Xero. Further to this, we have been told upon our cancellation, that Aroflo were aware the entire time that this was the case. We invested a large amount of time and effort in setting up Aroflo and feel we have been very mislead. Xero is the financial heart of our business and our financial accuracy has been been impacted badly. Be wary of the smooth talking sales team and their slick website, this is a clunky, glitchy workflow management system that does not integrate well with Xero.

Jessica McDougall  

Hi Phoebe, we appreciate you taking the time to document your feedback about AroFlo’s integration with Xero.

The current level of integration we have with Xero meets the accounting needs of the vast majority of our clients but we do acknowledge that we don’t currently facilitate the handling of credits. Most of our clients occasionally receive supplier credits and are happy to manually enter them but we understand that due to the unusually large volume of credits you were receiving from supplier’s each month, this wasn’t a viable option for your business.

We feel that your feedback was immediately acknowledged and addressed, along with other enhancement requests you made. We fast tracked your request for auto invoice imports for your specific supplier that wasn’t currently on our list of supported suppliers. This normally takes a few months but we actioned your request immediately. We also assigned our most senior development resource to your account to address your unique purchase order reconciliation process which he worked on for days.

Your request for the reconciliation of supplier credits was allocated as a priority enhancement but, as is the standard across our industry, we have a long list of customer enhancement request so we always try to prioritise those that will benefit the majority of our client base. We appreciate that it is frustrating for your business that we could not immediately rectify your particular issue with our system but unfortunately it’s not viable for us to tailor our system to cater to one client’s unique business processes.

It’s disappointing that we weren’t able to meet your expectations and wish you the best of luck in your search for a system that meets the specific accounting requirements of your business.

Kind regards,
Guy Arrowsmith

Guy Arrowsmith  

We have found Aroflo to be substandard to other workflow packages in terms of it's integration with Xero. Aroflo only performs a small part of the functions available in Xero and will import/export supplier invoices but not supplier credit notes or anything with negative numbers. Aroflo charge a substantial amount for their 'Xero Integration' Function (approx $900 AUD per company link where most apps offer Xero integration for free) and advertise themselves as being streamlined and minimising double handling however it increased our workload dramatically as all credits had to be manually entered into Aroflo and imported separately into Xero. We have since cancelled our Aroflo subscription and would definitely not recommend it in it's current state. Since raising our issues with Aroflo about this we have been basically brushed off and told that its in development however the package we were sold was meant to fully integrate with Xero so a very disappointing experience.

Katey Calvert  

Frances this section is just for the review of IMS Service Track, as you can only post one comment :) You're more likely to get an answer to your question in this part of Community: Using Xero Add-ons.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

We use both IMS & Xero, Most things integrate fine, accept invoices from our service department integrate both ref number (task number IMS) Customer order number & task address. Anyone have clues how to stop this?

Frances Campbell  

We have been using IMS since 2009, it enabled us to improve our business on many levels and opened my eyes to the advantages of cloud computing. When I became aware of Xero there was little doubt that it could improve my work flow and get my accounting data up to the minute.
The two products work brilliantly together, with IMS feeding all my client, supplier and invoicing data into Xero.

Jason Tait