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5 out of 5 stars
Based on 23 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and invitbox, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About invitbox

Automated line-by-line data extraction from accounts payable bills - seamlessly sent to Xero, inventory systems and a cloud-based filing cabinet, check out invitbox.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with invitbox, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the invitbox support centre or this page for information on connecting invitbox to Xero.

I am a new user of invitbox and am really impressed with the product. Invitbox has more features then its competitors. I am a little concerned that invitbox has stopped taking new registrations and appears to have dropped off the Xero marketplace. Is there any reason for me to be concerned with the future of the product? I am quietly hoping they are giving it an upgrade, but the lack of any blogs or newsletters makes it hard to know what is happening.

Does anyone have any info? I have sent a message to invitbox asking for an update.



Bryan Corfield  

Invitbox and Xero have transformed our lives! Wish we had found you guys sooner.

Invaluable tool for any hospitality business.....

Gavin van Staden  

Loving Invitbox. It is an awesome tool for our own firm and our clients. The time saving this provides is extremely valuable.

Scott Murray  

Invitbox is part of the essential business tools that we recommend to everyone and we're setting up with all of our clients.

Christopher Emmanuel  

As a book keeping firm and consultants we are always on the look out for resources that will lesson our data entry load and allow for lean processes. After researching what is available for the Supplier invoice data entry processing it was very apparent that in terms of features, customer service and intuitive software use, that Invitbox far outshines the other services of similar nature that are available. Once I viewed the product I was hooked. I now have quite a few clients using Invitbox and they all still thank me for " saving them so much time and making their lives so much easier"
I have just introduced a building industry client to the software and as a result we have identified that the new admin clerk they were about to advertise for will no longer be necessary. That's an estimated $25,000 saving a year. This is largely due to the processes each supplier invoice is required to go through however we identified that the workflow in Invitbox will handle all of these processes with ease.
Love it !

Ablaze Consulting
watch this space for a new Invitbox Page !

Sally-Ann Gorojovsky  

Invitbox is a great solution to speed up a terribly boring job!

It does what it says it will do, which is a great thing.

Rowan Alexander  

Invitbox, what can I say? Fantastic Solution.
Accounts payable made easy, saving time, less data entry gives business owners more time to focus on the running of the business rather than been tied down with data entry.
Cut time of processing Accounts payable by more than 1/2
The functionality in Invitbox is amazing. I love that when you set up a new supplier adding the ABN allws you to see if the ABN is a legitimate ABN & if that ABN ids GST registered, kills 2 birds with 1 stone. No more ABN lookup required another time saver.

The Staff are amazing, happy to assist, friendly, very prompt with any assistance required.

This is an amazing Solution & I strongly reccomend.

Kay Laws  

Love it! Invitbox makes working on the go and filing so much easier and saves me time processing bills for multiple clients.

The best thing about invitbox for me is how easily I can process importation invoices with their large sums of GST straight to the GST account in Xero. No complicated positive and negative lines like MYOB or manually entry.

I also think it needs to be mentioned that the staff at Invitbox are great, everyone I'll dealt with have always been more than helpful and are very prompt at following up anything I've needed.

Sarah-Jane Bishop  

Can't be more pleased with the results since implementing invitbox. Have been running it for 6 months and has literally changed our AP from a 4 hour a week job to 30mins.

And it's a top notch filing solution. The link straight to the invoice from xero and excellent filing system makes it easy to find things.

It has also been a good selling point when trying to convert clients to xero. I've literally picked up a couple new clients from mentioning the solution at networking functions.

Very happy user

Adrian Alessi  

Epic solution. Turned our AP process on its head. Cannot recommend it enough. Get on board and lets get all suppliers worth their salt sending text-based PDF invoices to Xero users through Invitbox. And do yourself a favour in the process.
AND....top shelf peeps running the show to boot.
Thanks guys ... love your work

Marcus Wilson  

Invitbox is one add on that just works. So easy. We were up and running with multiple clients from day 1. Customer support is second to none. Chris gave me his personal phone number and he always answers and always follows up. Love invitbox.

Kirsten Blake  

We have put Invitbox in for a client who is geographically removed from our office and the benefits of the system are huge!

Massive time saver
Easy access to documents for everyone
Authorisation process is great
Support has been brilliant

Looking forward to getting it in place for more clients!

Steve Lowery  

The ultimate way to save time with data entry!

Simple - Automatic - Save Time.

Increase accuracy, save time and money. Better still, find it all in one place - as well as in Xero.

Justin Walker  

Invitbox is fantastic! The time automation and hence time savings it provides is great. So handy for clients to see a copy of the invoice when the are viewing purchases in Xero. Works particularly well for clients with many invoices from the same suppliers each period. It also allows you to analyse a clients cost base in more detail as each line on each invoice is imported into Xero. Not just one summary line. The Invitbox team is also really helpful. They have a real "can do" attitude. Love the product and love working with the team.

Angeline Bryer  

We have used invitbox for a while now for a number of clients.
It has turned a mundane and time consuming task into a breeze.
We make use of the grouping function, as this allows us to segregate the duties of our clients.
It also means my desk is clutter-free and no invoice gets lost. I can access invoices on the go, and see a detailed history.

Daniel van der Heyden  

Invitbox extracts your accounts payable details straight from the PDF source code, No OCR and with 100% accuracy. Of course they're nice guys so they'll also take care of your non PDF invoices too. The Invitbox team are responsive to issues, supportive with training and guidance and are open to ideas on improving their product.
I love this app! It's easy to use and much more affordable and secure than sending your data offshore for processing.

Colleen Stromei  

Our firm has been using Invitbox and also we also have some clients using it. It is so easy to use and saves a huge amount of data entry that more than pays for itself. One of our larger clients who implemented Invitbox has reduced their payables team by 1 FTE and reallocated staff due to Invitbox. This was a huge saving!!
Thanks Invitbox keep up the good work!

Wayne Findlay  

Following the one month free trial I asked my first Invitbox client if he wanted to continue using Invitbox once he had to pay. His response?
"Absolute no-brainer - it's essential to the way we operate now".
This story has repeated itself with every client I have introduced to Invitbox. Perfect for maintaining control, transparency and efficiency particularly for invoices who receive, or can organise to receive, many of their invoices by email.I use it for my own bookkeeping business as well.

Joanne Crumpton  

We've been using Invitbox for one of our clients in the construction industry for almost 6 months now and the benefits have been enormous. Not only is it easy to use, it saves a massive amount of time and the paper nightmare that used to be, is no more. After a using it for a short period with this one client, we then moved onto using it for our office accounts and have saved at least 4 hours a month there also. Looking forward to rolling it out with some of our other clients who will benefit from the cost-matching side too. Top marks to Invitbox for making the accounts payable function so much easier.

Amanda Fisher  

I have been using invitbox for a little over 3 weeks. I was amazed that I was able to use the software in the business the day after I received my 2hr tutorial. It was simple & easy & immediately added value. My client loves it as they can approve invoices every morning & there is no time wasted with printing & scanning documents. Invoices are no longer "lost" and everyone has visibility to the documents they require 24/7. Cash flow forecasting is easier as if the invoices are not in Xero, we can see them waiting in invitbox. This software is a must for businesses working from multiple offices / sites.

Leigh Davie  

I've implemented invitbox for one of my clients a little over a month ago. We are already starting to realise significant time savings as well as improved visibility and control over payables. The mapping process is relatively easy to apply (it really doesn't take much longer than manually entering invoices into your payables ledger) and once it is done you are free from data entry! Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about improving the efficiency of their accounting and administrative functions

Matthew Bell  

Love love love it! Can share access with our clients so they can approve the invoices pre import to their Xero files.....no paper and excellent storage and recall....also excited integration with Workflow max is coming soon too

Big Boss  

We originally signed up with Invitbox just to try it for a month, however, now realise that it is a much more efficient and economical way of getting our invoices into Xero. The potential for our clients, especially those that have invoices with multiple line items of stock, is very exciting and is another example of a cloud based product that we can recommend that enhances our reputation in our clients eyes. Thank you Invitbox.

Craig Pisani  

I signed up for Invitbox last month and loving it! Data entry time is cut down by around 75%, and no bits of paper to file! We had been considering hiring a storage facility as it quickly became apparent our home office wasn't big enough to house our bookkeeping client records. We are no longer thinking about that. And the ability to recall an invoice and email it on is so much quicker than retrieving the paper invoicing and faxing or scan/email it back to clients.

Gillian Krzanich