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Jet Convert

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Conversions

4.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 32 user ratings
If you are a user of Jet Convert, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Jet Convert

Full transactional history and payroll set-up from our professional technical support team. Seamless conversions from MYOB to Xero in 3 days, check out Jet Convert.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Jet Convert, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Jet Convert

@Samantha Sheriff - Thank you for your kind words. We are always delighted to receive feedback like this and trust your clients and very happy now they are on Xero. Hope we can help you again in the future.

Yours, Wendy

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

@Taliesen Hollywood - I am so glad that you found our bank statement service useful. Combined with Xero's great time-saving features it can help catch up on many years very quickly. Thank you so much for posting your feedback, I will let the team know - they will be delighted to hear.

Yours, Wendy

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Love this service! Have used Jet Convert for more conversions that I can remember and have always had nothing but helpful service and awesome conversions. Such a time saver.

Samantha Sheriff  

Fantastic service. We had some old credit card statements that needed to be converted to CSV so I could upload them to Xero. JetConvert did this for me within 24 hours (18 pages, 106 transactions), in perfect order. Compared to typing these in and manually messing around with Xero (because of the functionality that is not available for manually-entered transactions), this saved me several days' work. I would thoroughly recommend this service.

Taliesen Hollywood  

@MitchDudley Thank you for your time on the phone we appreciate your feedback and will take it on board. We apologise you didn’t enjoy your conversion experience.

Once we receive the file we do some checks and send auto emails for any of our conversion exceptions such at Jobs exceeding 500. We send these alerts to clients so they can prompt us to stop the conversion should this not meet their requirements. With MAC conversions we do use a third party to convert your MAC file to Account Right. Once in the Account Right format we use our software to complete the conversion.

We waived the $550 associated with having an Accelerate package for the re-uploaded file which covers our time for providing the conversion however we also needed to pay to convert the MAC file to Account Right twice.

We encourage clients to contact us prior to resubmitting a file for conversion to understand the changes required and also to let us know to put a stop to the conversion.

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Sent my AccountEdge file to them and got an email back saying they can't convert the jobs if there's more than 510 and that I should delete some and resend the company file. I had about 600 odd so I deleted about 200 and resent the file. Next day it's all done so I pay them, log into Xero for the first time and there's no jobs in the file- not 1. Sent them an email and got the response that "because I didn't tell them I would re submit the file, we converted the file without any jobs", which is completely useless to my business (construction). They also converted the amended file and now I'm up for another $220 and have to go through the process of cancelling the first subscription myself otherwise I'll be paying for both files. Very ordinary and not much help from them- certainly no admission of any fault...

Mitch Dudley  

@MironKlein - thank you for the feedback and sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the data that has migrated. During the conversion process we have over 12 quality assurance tests to ensure the integrity of the data delivered matches the source file provided. If you believe there are discrepancies between the source file and the Xero organisation, we ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible, so that our technical team can investigate for no charge.
We have emailed you separately, to get some additional information so that we can best assist you.

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Use Jet Convert.
Job was done very quickly, but with a lot of mistakes.
so far it took me around 10 hours to correct them.


@LindaBorst Thank you for the kind words so glad that is was a good move for your client. We look forward to helping you again in the future. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions with your conversions.

Conversions Jetconvert  

We recently used Jet Convert to bring over three years' of history from a QB Desktop file. It was clear, easy to use and everything came over perfect. I would use this service again in a heartbeat. It makes it very easy to convert a client from QB to Xero. Thanks Jet Convert!

Linda Borst  

@David Barker. It is wonderful you found our Pre Conversion checklist helpful. Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know.

Jet Convert  

I've used Jet Convert several times now. They are very quick and accurate - make sure you follow their guide for getting the best result that way you will not have any issues. One of my conversions was done within hours and the Xero promo code was used to take advantage of the discounts. They have made life very easy for our accounting firm to move our clients across to Xero. Keep up the great work.

David Barker  

@ Peter Rowe - very pleased to hear that you had a very positive experience the first time using Jet Convert. Glad to know that you were impressed and will return. We look forward to assisting you in the future.

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

We used Jet Convert for the first time recently and were 'wowed' by the service. Files were sent late on a Friday before a long weekend and the new instance of Xero was ready first thing in the morning upon returning to work. Had to figure out how a few things worked, but that was mainly due to being rusty with MYOB and it's awful ways of handling transactions. Had a few queries that were answered promptly and fully. Even had a glitch with the credit card account setups but really minor issue and it was communicated to us and resolved.
Great work. We'll be back!

Peter Rowe  

@narelle and @lorraine - thank you so much for posting your feedback. I am so glad that we were able to help with your clients.


Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Hi I sent a file to Jet Convert at 6.59am and received the converted file back at 7.28am
wow how impressive is that. I have been using Jet Convert service for many years and highly recommend how efficient and quick they are.

Lorraine McHugh  

Wow I am so impressed with JetConvert and highly reommend them. I had a rescue client whose bookkeeper did a bodgy job of converting their MYOB to Xero manually at huge costs so we took the decision to start again with a new file. Sent to JetConvert yesterday and within 3 hours we had a new Xero file including all payroll records and it totally balanced! Seriously best $330 ever spent and the client is over the moon and feeling stress free today (including me)! Well done and thank you.

Jules Breese  

Hi Narelle - thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I am happy to hear you are satisfied with your conversion.

Elizabeth Hayward  

Thank you for the high quality of the conversion you engineered for
our business from Reckon to Xero. It has made my life so much
easier for reporting.

Narelle Boyd  

@TaxAhmad -
Hi Taz - I see we sent you an email immediately after you uploaded your PDF bank statements for conversion to CSV and advised that these types of conversions usually take up to 3 business days, longer for larger files of over 100 pages.

Your file of 200 pages was completed only 5 hours after the 3 business day turnaround time.

I apologise if our communication on the ETA of this conversion was not clear enough and regret that you had a poor customer experience

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Really slow service. No ETA if you make a mistake of asking how long it will take. You will be told off. Pathetic customer service. Zero stars :(

Taz Ahmad  

@RichardClarke Hi Richard - apologies that you received conflicting communications from us regarding taking over your Xero subscription. Rest assured that as you have successfully taken over your Xero subs, we will not delete any information. In fact, we have no access at all to your org as you are the subscriber.
There was a small error with the automated emails sent out by our system, and this was the cause of the reminders.
In future, we ask you to get in touch with us directly as soon as you notice something amiss, so that we can rectify it for you.

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Hi Richard, as part of the conversion service, someone will need to accept the subscription transfer and become the Subscriber for the Xero organisation Jet Convert have set up for the business.
With the conversion complete and the data in the account from March 2019, it sounds like you're an invited user into the account. Next step to take full control over your data, please go through the steps in the email to accept the subscription transfer from Jet Convert. If you're getting a little confused with any of this process our Support can help guide you through the process - come in and explain the step you're needing help with.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Conversion worked fine but the communications were confusing. My conversion was completed successfully on 18 Mar 2019 but today I get an email saying
"Final notice - waiting for you to accept the Xero subscription.
This Xero org has now been available for you to take over for some days now.
We will leave it with you now to take over the subscription and to contact us should the link that we have sent expire.
If we do not hear back the Xero org will be deleted in a few weeks from now."
Which makes me worry as to whether my converted data which appears to be in my Xero account and working is subject to deletion or not.

FYI I believe I have followed all the steps to accept the invitation. The converted org appears like all the others I have access to. There is a paid subscription for it which I am paying. I am the only standard user with these permissions "Standard • Contact bank account admin, Reports, Payroll admin, Manage users". So it looks like everything is done but then I still got this email

Richard Clarke  

Fast, Friendly Service.
Jet Convert quickly made the heavy lifting of conversion very smooth

Dave & Darlene Smith  

These guys are excellent!

Very clear communication and constant updates. I really appreciated their honesty and astuteness throughout the process. Thanks team

Sebastian Smart  

Hi Jet conversion
I have a client using Quickbooks file. Could you please confirm if its possible to do jet conversion to Xero without any hassle?



Amit Chugh  

I have used Jet Convert for over 30 MYOB conversions and they have always excelled. The latest conversion was a messy Quickbooks file that couldn't be converted first time round so they tried again with less data and it has worked. They gave regular updates along the way on the progress of the conversion and the problems they were having. I would highly recommend their services to anyone considering conversion of MYOB or Quickbooks files to Xero. Well done and thank you Jet Convert.

Christine Wilkins  

I love Jet convert - these guys are legends! What a great service, and very pleasant to deal with. Thank you Jet Convert!

Edward Johnson  

Many thanks for another conversion from MYOB to Xero.

When I started using Xero 2012, I handled the first few conversions manually - partly because it helped me learn Xero behind the scenes and partly because Xero did not include a conversion service at that time.

All the conversions I have done since Xero provided this terrific service have been via JetConvert.

These have all been 'clean' MYOB files that had I looked after before the conversion. The only time I would consider not using this service would be for a messy MYOB file.

Again, thanks for another conversion completed will within the estimated completion time.

John Pugh  

Jet apologies unreservedly to Gabriel Lim who posted a poor review. Jet Convert makes mistakes and in this case it was very unfortunate that we did not address Gabriel's issues promptly. Some we were unaware of. There were 4 different causes why we failed Gabriele. (1)We had released a beta version of full multi-currency MYOB to Xero for Singapore and there were some data issues we had not resolved at that time.(2) that time unfortuately coincided with changes in tax rates back end stuff that Xero was implementing for Singapore and (3) it co-incided with Xero release of simplified GST in Australia with complications for conversions that put Jet get a week behind and our focus was on Australian end of year completions and finally, (4) some email blacklisting that meant many customers (including Gabriele's) did not receive our communications.
Rest assured we have learnt from this in our communications, and we have sorted the other software issues. For those in Singapore who are contemplating multicurrency check our our FAQ's on MYOB multicurrency as it is complex process. Thank you for your comment.

Jet Convert  

Worst experience ever. No timeline as to when my file will be done. Asked for a estimated time which was said to be 3-10 days. I have no idea how that is an estimate at all.

After 2 weeks there are still no updates as to when the file will be done and the only response I got was that there was an error code and they are working on it but could not give me a timeline as to when it will be done.

MYOB to Xero conversion in 3 days is false advertising.

Gabriel Lim  

Hi Alan,

I am sorry that your Reckon experience has not been great so far. Unfortunately when we are in Beta testing we cannot always predict bugs that will surface and our development team continues to work hard on data extraction from the source files.

We will still be in Beta testing for a little while as yet and ask everyone who is involved to be patient while we sort things out. We will happily reconvert a more up-to-date file once we have successfully processed the original which should minimise disruption to clients.

I'm not sure what happened with the emails as we are normally right on top of them. If you ever experience a non-reponse within 4 hours (in business hours) please feel free to call us on 1800 77 00 35.

I hope to have your Reckon data to you later this week.

Yours, Wendy Elms
Business Relationship Manager

Conversions to Xero By Jet Convert (Xero Staff)  

Hopeless. Have had my Reckon file for over a month.
They are having technical issues. Haven't even replied to my last 2 emails 2 weeks apart.

Alan Murray  

I love JetConvert!! Fantastic service.

Kate McMeniman  

Jet convert has saved us an incredible amount of time & work converting our files to Xero. The turnaround time is nice and quick and the standard of service fantastic. We particularly like the recent change where we can map accounts before the conversion process.

Hudson Williams  

Hi Tamsin,
Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate all feedback and are especially interested in helping you out if you have had a negative experience.

Our conversion service has been developed to not only deal with difficult MYOB files, but to actually help you unearth these legacy problems and clean them up. In our customised Action Checklist that you get with each conversion we highlight incorrect entries that might have been hidden in MYOB.

Including full history even if not squeaky clean and adding adjusting journals has the benefit of creating a strong audit trail. The things we see that need to be cleaned up usually relate to one of the following:

1) Irrelevant historical invoices/bills that have not been removed/written off
2) Future dated transactions that have not been picked up during reconciliation
3) Out of Balance issues around Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accounts

All of these have had an impact on earlier figures created out of MYOB, so adjusting them through journals and paying invoices/bills off from the correct accounts will clean up the problems and reverse incorrect figures that might have been lodged in the past.

The other problem we've seen is that End of Year accounting journals have never been added to MYOB. Based on that feedback, we will be releasing on option of a "naked" conversion where you get a conversion with all the non financial data but no opening balances and no transactions. That way it will be easy to add the correct accountants' figures.

Looking forward to our conversation next week to understand the specifics you have been facing. Hopefully we can integrate your feedback in our constantly evolving conversion tool so that any future conversions you do will be a great experience, even if there is difficult legacy in MYOB.

Best regards
Alexander Kohl
Founder of Jet Convert

Alexander Kohl  

With a squeaky clean file, low number of chart of accounts and uncomplicated payroll, I would possibly use JetConvert if it was free.

However, our experience using JetConvert had caused no end of strife in our larger companies. By inputting the balances and doing the setup ourselves, the results have been much simpler and easy to use going forward. The trade off is not having historical information in Xero which in my opinion isn't devastating for two reasons
1. You can always access your backup if required,
2. The historical information is very difficult to fix if it was incorrect in MYOB and thus transferred accross as incorrect in Xero. As the clients who will use this are moving away from MYOB, they would understand the multitudes of scraps that can be left in MYOB if not maintained by an extremely competent bookkeeper.

I'm not a naysayer by any means but from experience I would just advise extreme caution if the files aren't immaculate.

Additionally, it is great for a 'spring clean' of the accounts if you do it manually.

Tamsin Nolan  

I have used Jet Convert quite a few times for MYOB to Xero conversions and love the service they provide. The latest one I submitted was done and dusted in about 2 hours from start to finish - absolutely amazing!! I love the detailed report that you get rather than having to work out the details for yourself as I have to with other conversion providers. Their support team are also fantastic and will bend over backwards to ensure everything goes smoothly. I will always use this service for my MYOB conversions and have no hesitation in recommending the service they offer.

Sarah Atkinson  

Have been very impressed with the Jetconvert myob conversion process.
Service is quick, the detailed report report supplied after conversion is great and makes moving myob clients on to xero a breeze

Thank you!

Debra Fraser  

We have converted both small and relatively large MYOB files over the past couple of months and I was not sure how it would go.

The reality is that the Jet Convert team was:

1. Quick;
2. Reliable;
3. Fantastic on communication of MYOB/Xero conversion issues.

Working through post conversion issues with our clients has been so much easier with the post conversion report supplied by Jet Convert on completion for each file.

Thank you

Daniel McGregor  

After seeing that others had positive experiences, I thought I'd test them out for some clients. Nothing short of impressed by both myself and the clients. Quick conversions on what I considered to be large files. Thank you to the Jet Convert team, happily & highly recommended!

Michael Davis  

Excellent service. Just had the first conversion done and I spent less than an hour on it finishing off. Highly recommended. 30 May 2014

I see my first review on 30th May 2014. Well since then I've had quite a number of MYOB files converted. It's a fantastic service and so so quick. I've just received my latest file back and worked through the comprehensive check list. All good. Again!

Thank you so much to the Jet Convert team. You make my life easier. Clients love it that they still have their history back to 2014 ( in this case). 6 Stars from me.

Lesleigh Richardson  

We have used Jet Convert for MYOB to Xero conversions and they have a great service. We have also used them to convert paper bank statements to CSV files which has saved us a tremendous amount of time.

Wendy Thompson  

We have used Jet Convert many times and have been very impressed with the quality and timeliness of their service. Great work team, you have made our life so much easier than attempting to do full conversions on our own. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jet Convert!!

Scott Edden  

Jet offer a fantastic service. We have had quite a few conversions go through the Jet process and are more and more impressed every time. What a great way to get your clients onto Xero quick and with ease.

Steph Hinds  

I have used JET CONVERT for lots of conversions from MYOB and I love it- it's such a great service to offer my clients at a cost that is really affordable, It makes the conversion so much easier as the client is looking at data they recognize. The staff are wonderful and have answered my 'silly at times' questions with great courtesy!! JET CONVERT come highly recommended by me!!

Vicki Wilkinson  

I have no hesitation in recommending JET for MYOB conversions .. great turnaround, very helpful, and responsive. Having a full conversion of all transactional data is the key factor and, to my knowledge, isn't matched elsewhere in the marketplace. Well done JET!

Jason Sharp  

Having used the Jet Convert services, I would totally recommend them for MYOB conversions .. great turnaround, great communication on the job. Full transactional data converted is fantastic and as Liz says .. very cost effective way to migrate across to Xero

Stu Wehner  

I have used Jet Convert for 7 client data convrsions from MYOB to Xero since March this year and would have no hesitation in recommending their services. They have been a pleasure to deal with, delivering each data conversion on time and to specification. If there has been any followup required, the staff have been very helpful and willing to help resolve any anomolies from MYOB data that has been less than perfect. I will continue to use their services and know that this method of conversion provides my clients a very cost effective way of getting started with Xero.

Elizabeth Woodgate