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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Point of sale

4 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Kounta, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Kounta

A flexible and scalable cloud-based POS. Easy to use, yet powerful enough to run most retail and hospitality businesses, check out Kounta.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Kounta, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Kounta support centre

Just bought a Kounta bundle from POS'99, they gave me really good advice and hardware options to choose from and friendly, and is a real business with a retail showroom and stock across Australia: https://www.pos99.com.au/kounta

Pete Evans  

Kounta is a great software for cafes and restaurants. We highly recommend it. We have had great customer feedback as we are a Kounta Hardware specialist - https://www.cashregisterwarehouse.com.au/pos-solutions/kounta-hardware

Dean Simshauser  

Kounta is great, super easy to use and set up, I will not change to any software provider, and bought the Kounta Compatible Hardware from here: https://www.compubox.com.au/kounta-pos-compatible-hardware

Peter Erasmus  

We couldn't be happier with the visibility and reporting of Kounta. Recommend to any restaurant.

Maurie Dobbin  

Hey guys who are recommending to your customers Kounta , don't its terrible !!
Always out on cash up , lack of support for us in London as based in Australia , overall a bad app.

william borrell  

HI we are a new user to Kounta, and found their support very responsive. We are struggling with the option of on account sales though. all our customers charge to on account and then pay 20th of month following invoice. We integrate with xero. We are struggling with the whole on account system, as we have numerous issues that our consultant is working through with kounta support on our behalf. Is there anyone in this forum that is using on account in Kounta successfully with xero, and could talk about how they have managed due date, general ledger code. the connection from xero to kounta closing regularly?

Lisa Kumbaroff  

I am thinking of using Kounta for a motel...any tips and traps re set up or any another comments on the system before I invest would be appreciated.

Also does anyone know the timing of when and if Kounta will integrate with Res Online bookings system?

Sara Rumble  

As easy as Kounta is to use, we are very unimpressed with the daily takings constantly being "out"!
No matter what we do or how its done, we are always short according to Kounta, so having to enter in what we physically bank into Xero just to be safe.
That is our biggest upset sadly but otherwise the system is fab and easy to use.

Abby Honey  

Kounta is pretty much self-training. It' easy to use, has really powerful reporting and is just a snap to setup.

We've setup Kounta for many small to medium hospitality and retail businesses in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and recommend it to anyone looking for a low cost cloud POS.

Mouhamed Assafiri  

I assist small to mid-sized businesses around Far North Coast of NSW migrate to cloud services. For all my hospitality clients I recommend Kounta. I find setting up and configuring is quick and easy, the back office and dashboard are easy to navigate. My clients tell me they like Kounta as a POS system as it’s easy to work with, quick to learn and flexible in its setup.
It integrates will with Xero and a whole suite of 3rd party add-ons.

As a cloud specialist I like the fact that Kounta is proactive in its development, regularly new features are released and the Kounta team are very approachable. That is often not the case with other cloud services. The fact that you can actually speak to a Kounta specialist is much appreciated by me and all my clients.

Miquel Brink  

I am also a Cloud Integrator and we have approximately 30 customers now using Kounta here in Perth, Western Australia and many rave about how easy it has made their lives!

We've been involved with Kounta for nearly 2 years, and their product has evolved markedly over time. We find them responsive to customer requests and they continue to build in new functionality that is asked for.

Kounta leads the charge with regards to integration of innovative Add-ons and Merchant facilities (Credit Card, Paypal etc) and out of the low cost Cloud based POS solutions is our number one pick for Bars, Cafes and Restaurants.

We are working on some bespoke integrations of our own for Kounta, such as integrated Guest WiFi Access (allowing only guests with a receipt onto the Guest WiFi service) as well as integrations with Hotel property management systems.

In an age where the traditional server based POS is dying and the market is littered with one man band POS solutions with no development roadmap and dwindling support, Kounta's robust and innovative offering is a sure bet for any business.

Andrew Wilmot  

I am a cloud integrator and have implemented a number of Xero + POS add-ons. I select Kounta for my customers purely on its hospitality focus and it's table management add-on. I have been really impressed with how it handles the concept of modifiers and how smooth the integration is with Tyro electronic payments.

However, I feel that there is a lot of navigating around the 'back office' to get what you need to get done. The CSV data importers are good, but I still found I had to do many repetitive updates manually via the user interface that the importer didn't support. The user interface is a bit big and boxy for my liking but understandably some see this as a benefit if working off a tablet in a cafe most of the time.

The client registration process was a bit tedious (maybe at least for us implementers/advisers) but when up and running my customers love the product. The POS register is really powerful and soon after becoming power users the only niggling complaint I get are small enhancements to customisations which are unfortunately locked down in the product anyway. e.g. layouts on receipts, dockets, shortcuts panel, etc.

I have also been really impressed with Kounta's email support and communication on release notes. You can really tell they are working hard in making this product better and better. Personally, I would like to see more flexible pricing plans for store owners that have multiple (small-sized) cafes, which will hopefully encourage the greater use of bump screens for the Kitchen/Barista and mobile registers where waiting staff can take orders + electronic payments at the table. Maybe I am just over the little pad and pencil.

In short, I am a big fan of Kounta POS in food & beverage. Totally recommend.

Greg Kelly  

I signed up for the trial. They were very quick in responding and were not forceful in their sales pitch.

As for those that did not want to enter their details: I find your attitude very poor, your in business too so you know that you should be maximising every lead, and the the fact that you want to try everything without handing over some information is poor. The videos give you a good indication of if the software will suit you or not and if it turns out it does not, tell the salesperson "no" and they will leave you alone.

I had some problems with the printer, but the support staff were helpful and got it fixed for me quickly whilst still on the free plan! We have signed up now so it was time well spent on their behalf.

Finally for those that are thinking about Kounta, remember this, it is a month by month contract without a lock in. If you are not happy at any time and/or you find something better you can move on, though I doubt I will be.

Ashley Gale  

Hi Ray, thanks for getting in touch here. We've looked into the issue and it seems you've filled out the sign up form so should have received an activation email. Unfortunately it looks like you've entered some details incorrectly so we've attempted to resend the invitation link to you manually so you can try out Kounta. Once you've activated the account one of our team will be in touch.

Kounta Point of sale  

Hard to believe but the above is actually true, we filled in the request forms, but no response nothing..

We tried one of the others on the Xero POS list, got a response within an hour..
These guys don't seem to care less..

ray joyce  

I have been using Kounta for about 6 months now. We have a busy cafe / restaurant in Sydney and were looking for an pos solution that is flexible, up to date & integratable with Xero - Kounta ticks all the boxes and more. Highly recommended for any food & beverage environment looking for a robust yet cost effective system that continues to innovate.

Robert Knight  

@Isis, thanks for your review. You can only post once on Review threads, so if you want to continue this conversation, you'll need to re-post in Using Xero Add-Ons.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

I found Kounta support very helpful. They responded immediately to my request for assistance and guided me through the set up process efficiently. I managed to achieve what I had set out to do within minutes. Very happy with the support. Thanks.

Isis Ashton  

We have found the same issue with Kounter. We would love to trial the product. We have filled in the form requesting an invitation, twice, with no response. Couple this with the fact that there is no phone number listed on the site, means that we will not be using this product.
As stated in previous posts, this is not a review on the product itself, just the process one must go through to even trial the product. Steer clear.

Ben Laing  

We are opening a small store very soon and have subscribed KOUNTA because affordable and looks simple to use.

In the process of setting up, we found auto bar code field did not work.
That is KOUNTA recognises bar code but product scanned is not added to selling panel which should be automatically added to.

KOUNTA told us it would be due in their next release but not mentioned when.

It sounds like KOUNTA is still in development if they are having problems with this basic sort of thing.

Our store includes a small grocery section so bar code scanning system is quite important. And so why I have no choice but look for 'Plan B' because it's no use subscribing POS software which doesn't run our store properly.

What a shame...

Update re above review on Wed, 6 November;

KOUNTA support staff satisfactory addressed the issue and now bar code function works properly.

I could say POS software and hardware are usually expensive but necessary. In this context, to me, KOUNTA software is quite reasonable in comparison. Also when POS system is being implemented usually getting consultants is recommended for setup and training but KOUNTA is simple enough to setup on a DIY basis with its support staff.

Well, I think I can recommend KOUNTA for most small business.

Yuki Hasegawa  

I have the same issue as the first reviewer. In order to try the product and need to get an 'invite' and for the invite you need to provide a phone number. So I thought I'll give them my name but not the phone number. I got a reply quickly with the following questions:

"We would love to hear more about you and your business;
Where is your business located?
How would you like to use Kounta in your store(s)?
Please include a Website or Facebook page if you have one."

Yeah right .. . I asked whether they're the Spanish Inquisition ... no further reply.

How can I take a company like that serious and trust them with a mission critical application such as a cloud POS?

I signed up for Vend ....

Frederick Willeboordse  

Not a review of the product but on the experience. I was looking to change my current set up and thought would trial these guys. Well I wont be now, because they would not let you sign up unless you tell them who you are what your business is and what you want to do. Well this would give them a heads up as to how they can tailor/ show the product works for me in their pitch, but a huge put off as I like to have obligation free trials; the site didnt have a demo so cant see what it will actually do. This made me a potential lead feel like its a privilege to be given a trial, while most companies have the outlook of its a privilege to have you trial our product.

Simply Suave