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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and KeyPay, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About KeyPay

Powerful, cloud based payroll system for Australian employers, bookkeepers and accountants. Great for large payrolls & specialist payroll needs. For more information, check out KeyPay.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with KeyPay, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the KeyPay support center or this page for information on connecting KeyPay to Xero.

We have been using KeyPay since July 2017.
We pay over 5,000 employees every fortnight and the only issue we have with KeyPay and our high volume of employees is the fact that we have to split each pay run into 15-16 smaller pay runs.
The easy integration with Xero is just one of the many benefits of it, it is super seamless and user friendly.

Daniela Lunardi  

Highly recommend KeyPay as a Xero add-on. Integration works perfectly.
Very comprehensive, yet easy to use software that won't break the budget!

Tanya Meldrum  

Keypay is a great Payroll software that is user friendly and works well with Xero. I highly recommend it.

Vanessa Sader  

Keypay is the only system I have found that can allocate information to a Xero "tracking category" through all stages of the employee's time (from rostering, to timesheets, through the payrun, and into Xero). The ability to setup custom "rules" in Keypay allows for complex wage processing. I definitely recommend this product!

Cynthia Hawkins  

We started using KeyPay 8 months ago and now have rolled it out for all of our clients (UK based). The system is great and their support is excellent. The system itself is modern and slick, looks great and the option to provide employee portals for clients is a real winner.

Highly recommend it!

Brendon Dallas  

We started using Keypay payroll and Xero accounting one year ago and have successfully moved 7 businesses over to using both. The support we have received from both companies has been exemplary and has been a game changer for the way we run our business especially in this current economic climate. We had over 150 staff using Keypay in different venues (prior to shut down) and it now can take just a few minutes to run payroll for each venue. We are slowly opening our businesses again and Keypay in conjunction with Xero has helped us navigate this process with ease.

Emily Sullivan  

I run a very small business, 11 employees, and I wanted something that was a bit more flexible, and cost effective than xero. Keypay was easy to set up, had great support, and saves us money and time. I honestly expect xero will buy it out in a few year, as its far better than their payroll software system, and for a better price.

Tom Colyer  

I like that you can bulk upload things such as timesheets and employee data. Plus, that you can manage more than 200 employees, which is Xero's limit if you use Xero for payroll.

I've had a lot of issues - too many to list. Basically, there's no setup wizard - when I first starting using KeyPay several years ago, to do it properly there were a whole bunch of 'knowledge base articles' that you had to read and every time I enquired, Customer Support would send me that article. So importing our many employees with their specific needs was slow. Some of the knowledge base articles they sent were old and not the same as the lice software. Having over 200 employees, it's often necessary to change parts of their profiles in bulk, and KeyPay doesn't have that functionality so I have to change them singly, which is laborious. Sometimes they have similar functions but in two different places in the software, and the intended action won't work/apply unless it's been applied in both places, which has caught me out a number of times.

KeyPay can't export payroll figures to W1 because the Xero API won't let them, so I have to manually calculate the payroll figures and PAYGW to put in the Activity Statements, which is annoying.

I've run across many bugs. Often when I contact Support about them, they blame me or Xero, and don't appear to bother to log it or escalate it for investigation unless I press them and then more often than not it's found to be a KeyPay bug. The Support staff have frequently misunderstood my questions or issues when clearly explained, or incorrectly assume they know what I'm talking about and send irrelevant help information, and when I've contacted upper management about it with examples, they've gotten defensive and argued the point.

They're ok as far as payroll software goes and I like the ability to customise the fields on reports. There is certainly room for improvement, if they would listen to feedback and apply it to their product and services.

Bek Caesar  

We’ve been using keypay for many years now across multiple entities and integrate with Xero and a time and attendance tool also. It’s super seamless and is perfect for direct upload to the GL as well as coding to projects or cost centers.

Accounts | Face Medigroup  

We have implemented Keypay for a number of our clients. The Employee portal is great for employees to be able to enter their own time sheets, leave requests and expenses and review their shifts through the Roster functionality. The pay conditions and rules have been great with our clients who are using the Modern award feature.

Integration with Xero is seamless.

The support team are great, they are very helpful especially when I need to set up a complex payroll solution.

Maya Cina  

I've been using KeyPay for a couple years now for the majority of my client base across a range of industries and volumes. Features such as inbuilt awards, pay condition engine and the extensive reporting suite makes life easier for all users, be it employees, payroll processors and managers.
The time savings and accuracy gains we've made using this platform has assisted all aspects of our payroll service offering.
The team at KeyPay have been extremely supportive every step of the way. Highly recommend working with this system and team!
Thanks for an awesome product.

Aleesha Bailey  

KeyPay has been a great tool for our business to manage our ongoing payroll requirements.

Amber Kingsley  

Keypay has provided efficiencies within our business, automated compliance, managed the award interpretation better than anything else we have used. Most importantly the customer service is first class.

Karl Schlothauer  

Keypay's online portal is great for staff. We have finally move our paper-based leave policy into the electronic system and couldn't be happier!

Melissa Reid  

Keypay is by far the best payroll, timesheet and rostering system I have ever used or come across. The system is so easy to use and has so many time saving features built in. We have halved our admin time for payroll. I recommend this to everyone I come across who needs a payroll program. We are very very happy!

Leanne Robertson  

Have been using Keypay for a couple of months for a Non for Profit Charity where accurate and flexible tracking against grants is a must. The time savings in no longer having to post manual journals easily make up for the cost of the add on. The support response time is excellent. The app is easy to use by staff.

Sabine Prill  

KeyPay is incredibly flexible. We are a Community Health Service and employ staff from many different awards and KeyPay can handle this with ease. It also manages our Salary Packaging Requirements and links this all to Xero for us. They staff at KeyPay would have to be the most patient and helpful that I have come across. They are very prompt with their replies and always follow up on anything that is needed. They are also prepared to take requests for any changes suggested. This is a fantastic system that I cant recommend enough for anyone looking for a payroll system.

Bradley Tarr  

Keypay is incredibly user friendly and the support staff is great. It is an Australian based company that I would highly recommend. I personally like the ease of use and the employee online platform. Improvements come through all the time, they have just created a set and forget product.


The "pay conditions engine" is fantastic and enables our clients to keep compliant with Fair Work Australia

Christine Walsh  

I have been using KeyPay for a client in the restaurant industry since June this year and have found it very easy to use. This type of industry requires employers to be up to date with award rates and KeyPay offers this with being fully compliant with the Modern Awards and any changes made to the awards are automatically updated in KeyPay which gives confidence that the employer will always be paying their employees the most current award.
The support team at KeyPay is second to none for customer service and promptness to any queries. The KeyPay help section has also been very helpful with easy to follow step by step instructions on any tasks that I've needed assistance with. Overall this is a brilliant program that covers all aspects of payroll management.

Regina Visser  

Keypay's fully costed employee schedules and the easy to setup and use awards engine helps business's keep labour cost under control as well as remaining compliant with Modern Awards. The payroll is full functioned and easy to use. It has the ability to be a little more granular on payroll access which also handy.

Angeline Bryer