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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Conversions

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 user ratings
If you are a user of Movemybooks, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Movemybooks

Sage & Quickbooks to Xero data conversions - the quickest and easiest way to get your clients moved to Xero by UK software version specialists, check out Movemybooks.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Movemybooks this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Ledgerscope

I used movemybooks about 2 years ago and it worked fine. Now it doesn't seem to work at all. What has happened?

Claire Sparham  

I hadn't used Movemybooks for about 3 years, then it took around 3 days to compelte the conversion from QB to Xero.
Last Friday evening I received a Sage back up file from a client looking to convert to Xero.
From downloading the converter to completion the whole process took just over 15 minutes!!! Wow!!!
And it was free!!!
This product is now a fantastic tool for modern accountancy firms.

Mark Telford  

Fantastic service, the perfect solution for converting clients to Xero!

I cannot recommend Movemybooks enough. As a growing book-keeping practice certified as Xero partners, we now have the majority of our clients using Xero. The ones that we moved from Sage and Quickbooks have been exceptionally pleased with the speed and accuracy of the conversion and we would not hesitate in using them each and every time.

They provided an outstanding service and we are thrilled! The fact that Xero subsidise this is a bonus, but even without it we would use this service.

Ellie Farrell  

As a practice Tulip Accounting have worked with Movemybooks for several years now. The bonus of the partnership with Xero offering this service as complimentary really helping clients make the best move they can, over to Xero. The service has always been excellent, working to help us in every scenario. Fast and efficient we can't recommend their service enough

Sarah Tulip  

A quick and reliable service every time. If I have ever had any questions prior to conversion of Sage to Xero - I have always had a good response and no delay.
A great service I will continue to use each time for clients wishing to convert from Sage.

J E Woods  

Quick and easy service transferring client data from Sage to Xero. Will continue to use as we increase our Xero portfolio.

Paul Robinson  

A brilliant way to transfer data from Sage to Xero, the process requires little user input and the data is ready for use very quickly. We have used this service many times to help clients convert to Xero and have never experienced any issues with it.
One tip we have is to ensure that all your Sage data has been checked prior to conversion - the conversion process does exactly what it says on the tin and if you have poor accounting records in Sage the data presented in Xero will be exactly the same. Giving Sage a quick health check prior to conversion can save quite a bit of time post conversion.

Mark Overend  

I have used the MoveMyBooks service successfully a number of times converting from Sage to Xero. My clients love never have to log back into Sage!

Sue Weighell  

I used the Move My Books service when I took on a new client using Sage, converting them to Xero. I don't use Sage at all so had no access to the Sage backup file from the previous accountant, I sent it to Move My Books and it was quickly and accurately converted onto Xero. I'm very happy with the service and would use it again.

Rebecca Taylor  

We switched from Sage to Xero and this was such a smooth and easy transition thanks to Movemybooks. We had good communication from them from the start and had all questions answered in a professional and speedy manner. Highly recommend them.

Cindy Wallis  

I have probably used Movemybooks to convert 20 odd clients over to Xero and it has been flawless every time. Ranging from SAGE and QuickBooks Desktop files.

The conversion takes roughly 4 hours, start to finish with my pre and post conversion checks. Being able to choose my dates prior to converting also makes it better from an accountant's perspective since we tend to convert as at a particular date eg VAT quarter end or year end.

I would recommend it every time for you want a quick hassle free conversion.

Vanish Patel  

Fantastic service and really quick. Took all the stress and time from conversion away, would highly recommend Move My Books to anyone looking to convert data from Quickbooks or SAGE. We use Move My Books frequently in the office now and have yet to come accross any problems.

Carys Turner MAAT ACCA  

Very good and quick service.

Daniel Jaworski  

We've been using MoveMyBooks for over 18 months now and the service from Liz and her team has been nothing short of awesome - it's a great tool to help us demo Xero to clients that are currently on either Sage or Quickbooks desktop versions and we'd definitely recommend to anyone :-)

Alan Woods  

Movemybooks provides an excellent service. I have done a number of conversions and I have always been pleased with the results. I would recommend getting your client to check data in Sage before you submit the file. If you don't have Sage yourself it won't be obvious what the year end is in the system and when the year end process has been completed in Sage. For the best results get your client to run their year end before taking a backup. Also try and match up payments in customer / supplier accounts and reconcile the bank as this is handled differently in Xero and creates unnecessary work. Remember the adage Garbage In Garbage Out. If the client has a wayward attitude to accounting in Sage this will only be amplified in the conversion process.

Tim Alter  

Excellent service. I was using a really old version of Sage Line 50 and MoveMyBooks still managed to transfer all the data and balances.
Now I've made the switch Xero is pretty much reconciling on its own & my accounts are always up to date. No more late nights just before a VAT return.

David Saker  

I have used this service twice and about to use again.
They are usually very quick - a few days at most.
Initially I was apprehensive but, when I had to ask advise Liz came straight back and all of a sudden I received prompt, personal service.
Very good, very impressed.

John Mauchline  

I have just used this service for the first time and it went exactly to plan.

Sarah Steel  

I have done 3 conversions now from Sage to Xero using Move My Books and each time the conversion has gone very smoothly.
I had some issues with my client using an old version of Sage and the problem was resolved very quickly and efficiently.
The last conversion was done and dusted within 24 hours - couldn't ask for better!
I will definitely use them again when the need arises and would happily recommend them to my colleagues

Carol Dufour  

Fast and accurate conversion from Sage50 to Xero. Large volume of data moved over with no fuss at all. Post conversion checks and tidy-up only took 1 hour. Seems to be a lot more automated than when I last used the service a year or so ago. Very happy and will use again.

Jane Blaber  

Have used successfully and trouble free many times. Support and Customer Service seems efficient and proactive to me. I have used this for simple and complex conversions and Movemybooks were helpful and able to deal with questions on the complex conversions.

File upload process is straightforward and easy to use.

Olly Evans  

Hi Simon,

I'm sorry that you are unhappy with the service we provided. Unfortunately we cannot identify an incorrect file submission. We have performed 1000s of conversions for satisfied customers (see https://ledgerscope.customersure.com/en/reviews) and have got used to unlikely filenames. We have to rely on the customer to supply us with the file they want converted, clearly if it wasn’t a valid accounting data file we would have contacted you as we would have been unable to process the file. 

The free promotion you took advantage of was fully funded by Xero and we have to account for every conversion we do at their cost and not unreasonably they would not accept charges for duplicate conversions to the same Xero account. I can assure you this is not a process where just you hit a button, we have a team of accountants to check that the data after the conversion exactly matches that in the submitted file, which in this case of course it did. 

In summary, we did exactly what you asked, speedily and accurately and can’t really be expected to be accountable for the errors of others.


Ledgerscope Limited  

Poor service from a company clearly more bothered about volume than quality. Accidentally sent the wrong Sage Backup and it appears that no checks are made of data, not even a simple file name check prior to conversion. As a result they automatically imported transactions only to my year end, and then wanted to charge me £180+vat to run it again.

According to their own website this is a 'do it for me' and 'fully managed' service which is clearly not the case. They are simply pressing go on an automated system and reaping the rewards with no aftercare or service.

Had they checked my filename, or even had a look at the data they would have realised the file was incorrect. In fact, it was me, after reviewing data in both Sage and Xero that had to bring to their attention that the backup was the wrong file, they didn't even bother to check after raising queries.

Little help offered in putting the matter right. I would avoid using the service and look for alternatives.

Simon Hatfield  

The perfect solution for switching clients from Sage or Quickbooks to Xero - enables you to bring across the history.

Great service, great price point - a 5 star product.

Jonathan Gaunt