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3.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 14 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and OneSaas, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About OneSaas

OneSaas connectors allow you to integrate Xero with a growing range of other specialized online software to manage all aspects of your business, check out OneSaas.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with OneSaas, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the OneSaas support centre or this page for information on connecting OneSaas to Xero.

I have been using OneSaas to Sync my WooCommerce and Xero without any issues for over a year now. I have just added Mailchimp and Zoho. Fingers crossed all goes well and the seamless integration just happens without too many glitches. J

Lisa Saad  

OneSaas has been a robust solution for syncing between Neto and Xero. Support is first class and Johnny and Matt in particular need praise for outstanding service.

Brenton Fry  

OneSaas works reaaly well, but what sets them apart is their service, first class. (Johnny has been especially helpful!)

David Sellar  

OneSaaS assisted with a mapping issue client was having in the Woo Commerce/Unleashed configuration. Due to the difference in time zone, client based in South Africa, it was quicker for me to work with the team here in Australia. I was able to log into OneSaaS Woo/ Unleashed and check what had been mapped. With the help of OneSaaS, was able to reconfigure and complete the backend. This was particularly beneficial being able to turn around the process in a few minutes, ready for client to test and continue with their trading without too much interruption. Support is fantastic and highly would recommend OneSaaS. I am giving them 5 star status as my support email was actioned within 1 hr of posting support question.

Gillian Rossouw  

Really appreciate my Apps being kept in sync

Matt // Zingerat  

Customer service is repeatedly very helpful. Adela and all others I've encountered do a great job!

David Moller  

I've been using OneSaas to sync my Volusion and Xero accounts for a couple of years now. Whilst I do occasionally experience issues, the support team are always quick to reply to emails and I've always found the guys on live chat to be very friendly, professional and helpful (thank you Teo, Laszlo & Adela).

Nicole Ferrari  

There is no customer support.

carla geraldi  

I have been using OneSaas since the middle of 2011 to synchronise invoices between my Harvest and Xero accounts.

Although it took a little bit of work to go through the options when setting up the sync between the two services, I can't even imagine how many hours I have saved having OneSaas act as a go between.

The service has worked extremely smoothly and has automatically synchronised thousands of invoices over dozens of months without a hitch.

I was grateful to receive some assistance from OneSaas when moving to their new platform. My transition had to be delayed as there was a feature on the new system that hadn't been implemented yet. They came back to me when it was ready and I've had continued success on the new version.

I can honestly say that I'm very happy with the OneSaas service as it has worked reliably and has saved me significant amounts of time every month.

Christian Malcolm

Christian Malcolm  

I have been using OneSAAS for around 2 years now. It has cut my workload down considerably. There were a few teething issues when they rolled out the new platform, but most of the issues were fixed reasonably quickly.

I have all my invoices from Volusion and eBay got through OneSAAS and into Xero, they go in as Drafts, this lets me review and approve each invoice with just one click. I find this very helpful in case there is a problem with someone paying etc, in this instance the invoice can easily be deleted.

Tarrick Marychurch  

Onesaas is without doubt the worst products I have ever used.
We have been waiting over 3 months to have a simple issue fixed.

I would not recommend this product to anyone.
If you are considering this product and would like more information on how rubbish it is, dont hesitate to contact me for more details before you waste your money on this product.

Yes my rating is 0/5.

Nikil Deo  

Doesn't sound good, Bev! Can you contact OneSaas about this - so they can look into how invoices sent from them are coming into Xero? This page is just for the review of OneSaas, so we can't do too much to help here unfortunately.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

It was working very well until about February 2016 or maybe earlier. Previously all invoices came into Xero as Approved. Since then only Paypal or Stripe paid invoices are treated this way. All other invoices now come as Drafts or Awaiting Approval, involving another step.
Another issue relates to the Invoices not being marked as Sent. There is another step to do so in order for the automatic reminders to be issued.
Are these issues with OneSaas or Xero?

Bev Webb  

For the most part the integration is good. There are some issues with certain products causing sync issues. In addition, once the order has synced it will not sync again. So if you need to alter it (add a product, add a credit, add a payment) you will need to do the same adjustments across all platforms. For the most part though it works well.

Jennifer Hall  

About 7-8 months down the road since i started integrating Xero and Onesaas.... couldn't be happier about how easy it is to work with, and how much time it saves me!

Stephen Nash  

Started out OK but turned into a disaster, regular synching problems, stock standard answers from support "we're not sure what is causing this problem and will get a tech to look into it" then no follow up to tell you if it was fixed. The final straw was when an entire months payables that had been edited and had documents attached suddenly disappeared from 'awaiting approval' to 'Drafts' and all the editing and documents were lost.

Xero said:
I have logged in and had a look and it looks like the integration with OneSaas has caused the bill to update, thereby removing any changes that you added manually. The integration with Xero and Zoho CRM was designed and developed by OneSaas.
You can also check this yourself by clicking on the History & Notes of a draft bill (for example, reference ZO2018087 from Hybrid Construction), to see that the bill was received through the Xero API on the 2 May 2014, then you uploaded 2 files and edited the bill on the same day, then on the 7th of May the bill was again received through the Xero API from OneSaas.
I've discussed this issue with our API team and they can confirm that this relates to how the integration is working.
Therefore OneSaas are in the best position to help you with this situation as they are more familiar with the data workflow between the software, and what the integration can or cannot do.
You can contact them at support@onesaas.com
In answer to your question about he getting the bills back into their completed form, there isn't a quick fix, you will need to manually add the information back to the bill and then submit if for approval again.

Xero API is an interface that used by Xero Add-ons such as OneSaas to interact with Xero and there are some things that possible via Xero API but cannot be done in Xero web interface and changing back invoices/bills that are in "Submitted for Approval" back to "Draft" is one of them.
I'll discuss this with the whole API team if there's a better workflow for this but in the meantime, it is best that you contact OneSaas to see if they can prevent their system from 'updating' the invoices again.

and below is the (only) response from OneSaas

MAY 15, 2014 | 11:44AM EST
Johnny replied:
Hi Greg,

This issue is not something we have encountered before, I have raised a ticket for our developers to look into this further and have made the team aware of this issue.

I will let you know as soon as we have further updates.


Greg Simmons