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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 120 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and OneSaas, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About OneSaas

OneSaas connectors allow you to integrate Xero with a growing range of other specialized online software to manage all aspects of your business, check out OneSaas.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with OneSaas, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the OneSaas support centre or this page for information on connecting OneSaas to Xero.

Had great support from Vince. Solved the issue quickly.

Nathan Harrison  

Had a few questions about using OverSaas as a first timer, Marck was extremely helpful with the information given.

Thank you

Andrew Alty  

Spoke with Troy from OneSaas about the Xero & SquareSpace integration tonight. Excellent service, got straight to my issues and was one of the most efficient and satisfying support experiences I have had (and I have had hundreds). I will be using the trial to start out, and look forward to updating this review once integration is fully tested and running.

Chris Reardon  

Sherwin from OneSaas was very helpful this afternoon. Very grateful.

Alex Rye  

Ronnie was very helpful and patient with our requests. He took us through the process and made it look like a breeze. Thanks and keep up the good work mate !

Martin Hales  

Was extremely pleased with the service and turn around time of getting my issues resolved by Troy. I have experienced a few issues in the past and they have always been rectified in a timely manner.

Daniel Kim  

Great customer service provided by Ronnie.
Thank you

Barel Designs  

Ronnie dealt with my support issue very promptly

Claire Lunnon  

Marck provided great service with a tricky Shopify sync issue!

Mark Nerney  

Rafael provided excellent support. Very satisfied with the customer Service.

Emma Ferguson  

I have been a onesaas user connecting bigcommerce and xero and ebay since 2012 if I remember correctly. When onesaas announced nearly a year ago about the new system and to migrate I didn't want to go through the hassle. But my old legacy started to have issues so decided to get on live chat where Troy helped me(he basically did everything) move all my old onesaas settings to the new system in a matter of 15 minutes and now everything is working even better than before. Thanks Troy, you made it easy!

Josh Solorio  

Support from Hazel was great, just hoping dev team can finish the job.

Would really help to see more joined up support from onesaas, freshbooks and xero so that configuration across platforms was easier

Phil Lear  

Syncing problems from Woocommerce to OneSaas to Xero is still ongoing as will still be looked on my end but Ronnie and Troy has been very patient all throughout. They have assisted me presenting various possible solutions to the problem. Great job guys :-)

Brian & Gladys Sarmiento  

Ronnie from OneSaaa was very helpful.

David Parker  

I just got off a chat with Ronnie who was totally awesome!! He stepped me through all the steps and fixed any issues our file had straight away. I was up and running in no time as I had been putting it off in the too hard basket. I was very happy with Ronnie's service and I think he deserves more moneu

Kylie Hoban  

Marck from OneSaas has provided excellent service whenever we have had issues. Stays on the task until its fixed, super polite, pleasure to have an issue :)

Graeme McLennan  

Sherwin was helpful today but the app is not very reliable for the kind of jo it's required to do.

Blonyx Accounts  

Rafael is awesome with the support!

Colin Sharp  

Marck was amazing!

Aaron Ang  

I had a couple of issues mapping some item codes, I contacted customer service through the online chat and spoke to Hazel regarding my issues. She talked me through the process and sorted my issues within just a few minutes. Great customer service, thanks again for the support.

Craig North  

Great Service by Hazel !

Sharon Hung  

Great service by Ronnie! Quick and very responsive.

James Ma  

Hazel was a star! Thanks for the excellent support this evening.

Time to do some more testing and full deployment.

Scott Larsen  

Very helpful support team, Ronnie manage to resolve our long term issue!

Joey Aw Yong Yu Wei  

Very, very helpful customer service. OneSaas pretty much works exactly as promised. Very pleased.

Forest Evashevski  

Vincent was super helpful and resolved our issues quicklly

Sascha Nicol  

Support is always helpful, Karol on this occasion was very fast to respond and fix my issue.

Samantha Harvey  

Rafael has provided great service, thank you!

Heather Wei  

Ronin got my issues sorted with a great support.
He was polite and very helpful.

Natalia Guidi  

Awesome support. Thank you, Hazel!

Mihaela Moldovan  

Great customer service. Very fast and easy to work with.

Peter Bagale  

Marck is the guy there. He solved my problem super fast and he is a legend.

Uygar Turantekin  

Ronnie was spot on. Had some really really weird sync problems. He sorted it out.

Rodney Brown  

Marck helped me with my issue today and has advised it will be resolved next week which is great! Thanks Marck!

Michelle Woodhams  

Thanks Marck for helping us today when we had a synching issue with eBay and Xero..

Siobhan Morris  

Rafael was fantastic at sorting our integration issues out very quickly. Thank you so much!

Christine Stacy  

Rafael was just very helpful with setting up the new configuration.

Jim Tomlinson  

Communication and support was there when needed. Thank you Ronnie, appreciate it.

Mohammed Kolia  

I asked assistance for some Shopify and Xero integration set up through OneSaas through their online chat service and it was Ronnie who assisted me. He was so patient and polite and was able to assist me with all my queries and helped me with completing the integration.

Thank you Ronnie, and Troy and Sherwin for helping me with our account credits. superb customer service.

Lynn Morcilla  

Marck was excellent - solved my integration issuse with Woo Commerce and Xero and was very helpful and professional

Elizabeth McGowan  

Troy was very helpful with my integration and gave exceptional support!

Bill Jacoby  

Great support Vincent, thanks for the help.

Owen O'Connor  

I had a little trouble syncing the orders in my BigCommerce store with my Xero account so contacted OneSaas customer support. Vince was extremely helpful and showed me where I'd gone wrong. He synced all my orders and merged some items that had mismatched codes.
This is how all customer service should be!

Ollie Ford  

Marck was friendly and helpful.

Simon Huesser  

Marck was helpful in resolving an issue when starting up.

Kate Buechner  

Good that isn't too complicated to link with Xero. They have a very good support team that is very helpful and on hand ready to provide assistance very quickly. Hazel in particular helped me finalise m configuration settings and get everything rolling, I would reccommend using OneSaas if you are looking for a simple and easy way to link your online sales with an accounting software.


Canberk Sar  

i just converted to the new platform. The conversion was painless due to great support from Troy. I always get consistently great service from the OneSaaS team. Thx!

Joseph DeCanio  

Troy from Onesaas was very helpful in resolving our minor issue. Thank you

Lachlan Davy  

We've used OneSaas for almost a year now to sync our two shopify store orders into Xero, and we haven't had any problems with it.

Today i disabled them to try testing another App that i worried might duplicate the orders. When i went to turn it back on i didn't set things up right and the stores were going to re-import a year of orders.

All i had to do was log onto the online chat though and Karol fixed my issues and got everything running smoothly again in no time.

Amazing customer service.

Greg Boon  

We have had a number of user related issues with the integration between OneSaas and XERO and I cannot fault the service provided by the support team. Most recently Sherwin played a large part in assisting the business get back on track. The regular followup emails and his patience was very much appreciated. Problem solved and disaster averted. Users have learnt a thing or two so all a bonus. Thank you :-)

Cheryl Edmunds  

The chat feature for OneSaas is excellent. Vince was very helpful.

Mike Danforth  

Vince and Troy were both very helpful and dealt with my issue quickly and professionally.

Yvette Thompson  

I would like to thank Vincent for helping me solve a problem with integration. super quick!

charlotte Caye  

I would like to thank Ronnie for helping me solve a problem with integration. It was quick and very professional. Great job.

rimma veksler  

The chat feature is excellent. Chatted with Karol who took the initiative and solved my problem. Often one has low expectation of the chat function, some sort of triage but not here.

Erich Husemoller  

Thank you Hazel, you really provide us quick and helpful service to help us solve a problem.

Ashley Yeoh  

I am always on online chats when integrated client's Xero accounts with new software and I have to commend Rafael with his professional manner. He was able to answer all my questions swiftly and was a pleasure to deal with.

Stacey Turner  

I highly recommend OneSaas. I have had fantastic customer service from them for over 2 years. They are always quick to reply and fix my issues easily. My latest interaction was no different. Ronnie was able to dive into my issues and was able to figure out the problem quickly.

Savannah Cross  

Spoke with Rafael after my initial setup of up my intergration. He answered all my questions professionally and promptly. Wish support from all my vendors were like this!
Thanks Rafael

Steven Copper  

thanks Marck for your help. good easy help

Mat McGrotty  

Amazing Help from Hazel & Vince. Thanks so much

Sam Mugabi  

I had a query regarding pulling in historical invoices from Neto to Xero and the issue was resolved via live chat in no time. Thanks Rafael

Bradley Farleigh  

Vince from OneSaas giving quick, direct and honest answers. Great support from OneSaas once again.

Jonathan Adjei  

Amazing assistance when required! Thank you Rafael.

Kelsey Cooper  

Thanks Marck for your assistance with our migration!

Rick W  

Had a great experience with Marck today! Great help and Onesaas makes my life easy!

John Fleming  

I'm still in the middle of setting it up with Shopify and Xero, the stock sync is working well but I'm still getting to grips with importing invoices correctly, thanks to Vince I've been given a bit more breathing space before I subscribe. Still more intergration work to do but it's looking good so far!

Simon Dachtler  

One of our clients needed assistance setting up a One-Saas for Xero - great online help from the One-Saas Team! Thanks Vincent.

Cindy Kemp  

I needed help with Freshbooks to Xero migration to OneSaas new platform. Hazel definitely knows inside out, and get it done without any issue!

John Lee  

Needed help with my Freshbooks <-> Xero integration migrating to OneSaas' new platform. Hazel was amazing and we got it done quickly and without error.

Todd Smith  

I got quick help from Marck on live chat from Onesaas and it was awesome experience. I am very satisfied with his work.

Qual Dev  

Timely and effective! Rafael has high efficiency on answering questions and solving problems.

Sabrina Yang  

Rafael, Troy and Hazel were on it and got us back up and running in no time. A-plus service. Timely and effective. Thank you guys!

Peter Blanchard  

Rafael was very helpful and quickly solved the problem

Chris McGowan  

Absolute great customer service and app works like a charm. Makes business life a lot easier.

Wa We  

For a few years now, my BigCommerce store has been connected to my Xero accounting software via OneSaas enabling syncing of orders (invoices) and tracking of inventory which saves me a huge amount of time through less data entry.

Occasionally something may go wrong with the integration for a particular reason and it has always been my experience that the support from OneSaas is second to none. Response from OneSaas to support requests is always prompt, courteous and helpful with a genuine focus on solving issues for the customer as quickly as possible. This support is not just limited to business hours here in Australia. Support continues after hours. All of the OneSaas support team members I have ever dealt with are absolutely awesome and deserve much credit, including Johnny, Marck, Karol, Adela, Hazel and Rafael.

OneSaas support inspires me with confidence and their help with my business through the proper operation of the BigCommerce-Xero App integration is greatly appreciated.

Angela Gross  

We've just upgraded to the latest version of OneSass which we use to connect two Shopify stores to Xero. Troy was super helpful and showed us the new features which were available (Shopify refunds and fees can now be synced automatically - hoorah!) and he also helped with the changeover. I can't fault the OneSaas experience and would wholeheartedly recommend them

Dan Rye  

Troy was super helpful moving us onto the new OneSaas integration.

Alexandra Osmond  

Marck was very helpful in assisting me to sync to Xero

Alastair Scott  

Works well, and when you run into issues support is on hand to help you out. Would like to mention Hazel in particular as she answered my questions and solved my issues with data sync from my woocommerce store.

Alex Elliott  

I am currently trialing using OneSaaS to send invoices from our Zoho CRM to Xero. The connection is working well, I needed a few tips from the OneSaaS online chat team, they were very helpful and the person I spoke to Marck, had in-depth knowledge about both Zoho CRM and Xero. OneSaaS are looking at adding in more functionality to the Zoho CRM - Xero interface so I will definitely be subscribing to their service.

Matthew Jansz  

The app does a great job, great customer service too (thanks Troy!)

Justin Babet  

Fast response and problem solved are the only expectation when user raised their issue to support team. My big THANKS to Rafael for the support and given me the proof there are still AMAZING support team out there :D

Frangky Hermanto  

I have used Xero for a few years now and Troy, Hazel, Adel and Rafael have been brilliant every time I have contacted them. They are efficient and knowledgeable and have always been able to deal with my problems in a speedy efficient and helpful way. It was because of the customer service feedback reviews that I signed upto Xero in the first place

Christine Clark  

I was having trouble syncing after the upgrade from Legacy to Retail, but Hazel talked me through it with patience and humour (turns out it was user error - best training session ever!)
Thanks Hazel, you are FIVE stars!

Matthew Magain  

I have used OneSaas with other accounting programs for years now and the service has always been great... Recently I had an issue with setting up on Xero and Troy was terrific. Really helpful, and got the problem solved in no time. Once again another really good experience with this company.

kerrie Sharpley  

I deal a lot with Rafael and Marck who are both AMAZING. Their patience, their prompt response and follow through have been invaluable to our company. Most issues they have resolved for me in a timely manner. Very happy with OneSaas

Michele Humprhreys  

We started using OneSaas last year to combine our Opencart transactions via Worldpay into Xero and although we have had many issues with orders not coming through this is down to our codes and promotions constantly changing. OneSaas report every day on transactions that haven't imported automatically so you know you won't miss anything. The customer support is very good and I recommend using this app to make your life easier.

Rebecca Tapley  

Marck got my issues sorted in a jiffy...He was polite and very helpful...Great service from OneSaas!!

Nesha Nurse  

Hazel's assistance was quick and fantastic.

Leana Filocamo  

Quick and efficient help from Marck. Highly recommend the service. Some issues can occur sometimes but the team is always happy to help.

Ewa Walszczak  

Hazel was a great help in solving all of the issues I had. I give extra special mention to her because she has been the most helpful out of anyone I have talked to on the online chat! I love that onesaas has an online chat because I can get instant help when I need it instead of waiting or emails! Thanks guys

Jessica Ireland  

Thank you to Marck very patient person and very good help! Deserved all my stars Thank you again

Laura Deambrogio  

I have been using OneSaas for many years and generally found it to be an excellent, robust application. Over the years it has saved many hundreds of hours of manual data input. When issues to crop up (which is rare) their support team is first rate, responding and resolving issues straight away - today Marck helped me out in a prompt professional manner . I would highly recommend OneSaa and their products.

Simon Hadden  

I have just signed up with OneSaas to integrate Xero and Shopify. I loved the easy workflow already created and the app works perfectly for what I need. The customer service, especially Troy, has been outstanding and would have no hesitate in recommending this app.

Jodie Meigan  

We have used OneSaas with Freshbooks and Xero for 5+ years now and our experience has no regrets. The OneSaas team has worked well with all our updates and customization. They have a quick turnaround and have ALWAYS responded within 24 hours for our requests.

Worked recently with Rafael in transitioning us from the Classic version and it was smooth and quickly setup to run as before.

Mitchell Bird  

Quick response with an issue i encountered with 2 orders not filtering through from Onesass to Xero. Marck was very helpful and patient and assisted me with what i needed to send through to fix the issue. Glad it was resolved asap and i didn't have to wait 24hrs for a reply. :-)

Lisa Picerni  

I reported an issue about Xero not synching well in Onesaas, and I am glad that one of their rep named Rafael was so patient and very helpful in sorting things out. He was very detailed and patiently assisted me in resolving this issue and I'm glad that I ddin't have to wait for 24 to 48 hours to have someone help fix this.

Sharon Acebes  

Can't fault the customer support for setting up the integration BUT the new prices are mind blowing. Client I set-up a few months ago is paying £54 month for unlimted transactions, I have just gone to set-up another client & the price is now a whopping £263.35 per month for 10,000 transactions. The client was a little surprised a I had quoted £54 - surprisingly enough he doesn't want to go ahead. My other client already using it will not want to pay £263 either. Not sure what warrants such a big price jump.

Emma Freegard  

It's a little confusing a first, even for someone that grew up with computers and technology.
I was almost going to give up, till i decided to try customer support.

I spoke to a man named Troy and I must say I have never experienced such a high level of customer support in my life. Was excellent at communicating and solving my issues, addressing further issues I would face and staying patient with me.

I look forward to a long time with this company,

thanks Troy!

EDIT: I stuffed things up and an amazing person named Hazel helped too.
Is everyone in this company amazingly skilled at their jobs?

So far everything is running smooth.
This integration is amazing.

Patrick Gallegos  

Excellent experience with OneSaas. Their customer service is impecable and very fast My queries were answers straight away. Very happy with the integration! Thanks Marck for your help!!

Julien Bertoli  

I needed to sync my woocommerce with my xero, Hazel was there step by step helping me throught that, I never felt rush while doing it (took me a long time), and she answered all my question, so I could sync everything. Really helpfull, I have been using the integration for almost a year now, and I am still very satisfied with the app.

Florence Brunet-Doré  

Extremely quick response, great help from Adela @ Onesaas. The Onesaas software integration between Xero and Shopify has been the missing link in our business for a long time. I am extremely happy with the software and support

Ryan Dawson  

Just a quick thanks to the support team, Rafael quickly sorted a sync issue (tax config) and gave us time to re test it - very impressive and helpful service.

Stephen Payne  

Year end... when I get to play a bookkeeper, always comes with anxiety. This isn't what I do, but I have to keep it all straight. Integration and use of OneSaas to connect Freshbooks and Xero was much easier than I expected - it took me all of 5 minutes and it's worked as expected, without a single issue. Our entire business is digital, so this alone was a bonus!

I had reason to contact support, expecting delay, as we're used to with other providers not based in the US. Johnny was on it, responding quickly, which was pretty awesome, but even better... were additional questions that had to go back and forth. So, not only did I get attention far quicker than expected, but the cherry on top was being able to cross the item off my list almost as fast as it was added.

Thanks, OneSaas, for providing a great service... both product and PEOPLE!

Michael Belba  

The OneSaas functionality is excellent and easy to use. Even more importantly, the OneSaas customer service is always very helpful and responsive through their chat feature. Hazel just helped resolve an issue that was difficult to figure out on my own.

Brian Haas  

Onesaas provide a number of great solutions if you need to connect different systems. Over the last 7 years I have used Onesaas for several integrations, the most common being Woo Commerce and Xero.
The Onesaas settings and preferences does allow the business to customise the solution and control the flow of data between your systems.
I have found the Onesaas support techos to be really prompt with the email support and they always take the time to assist and explain.
Thumbs up.

Nigel McDermott  

Very happy with one saas, Hazel solved a problem we had very quickly and was very professional

David Wise  

Hazel from the live chat is performing an outstanding job. She was helping me all the way and also providing advice in different areas including Xero and shopify. If you have any question, look no further no doubt she will sort it out right away.

Jose Salazar  

Super service and support. Great integration. Motivated and helpful personnel.

Kurt Dupont  

I have been using OneSaas to Sync my WooCommerce and Xero without any issues for over a year now. I have just added Mailchimp and Zoho. Fingers crossed all goes well and the seamless integration just happens without too many glitches. J

Lisa Saad  

OneSaas has been a robust solution for syncing between Neto and Xero. Support is first class and Johnny and Matt in particular need praise for outstanding service.

Brenton Fry  

OneSaas works reaaly well, but what sets them apart is their service, first class. (Johnny has been especially helpful!)

David Sellar  

OneSaaS assisted with a mapping issue client was having in the Woo Commerce/Unleashed configuration. Due to the difference in time zone, client based in South Africa, it was quicker for me to work with the team here in Australia. I was able to log into OneSaaS Woo/ Unleashed and check what had been mapped. With the help of OneSaaS, was able to reconfigure and complete the backend. This was particularly beneficial being able to turn around the process in a few minutes, ready for client to test and continue with their trading without too much interruption. Support is fantastic and highly would recommend OneSaaS. I am giving them 5 star status as my support email was actioned within 1 hr of posting support question.

Gillian Rossouw  

Really appreciate my Apps being kept in sync

Matt // Zingerat  

Customer service is repeatedly very helpful. Adela and all others I've encountered do a great job!

David Moller  

I've been using OneSaas to sync my Volusion and Xero accounts for a couple of years now. Whilst I do occasionally experience issues, the support team are always quick to reply to emails and I've always found the guys on live chat to be very friendly, professional and helpful (thank you Teo, Laszlo & Adela).

Nicole Ferrari  

There is no customer support.

carla geraldi  

I have been using OneSaas since the middle of 2011 to synchronise invoices between my Harvest and Xero accounts.

Although it took a little bit of work to go through the options when setting up the sync between the two services, I can't even imagine how many hours I have saved having OneSaas act as a go between.

The service has worked extremely smoothly and has automatically synchronised thousands of invoices over dozens of months without a hitch.

I was grateful to receive some assistance from OneSaas when moving to their new platform. My transition had to be delayed as there was a feature on the new system that hadn't been implemented yet. They came back to me when it was ready and I've had continued success on the new version.

I can honestly say that I'm very happy with the OneSaas service as it has worked reliably and has saved me significant amounts of time every month.

Christian Malcolm

Christian Malcolm  

I have been using OneSAAS for around 2 years now. It has cut my workload down considerably. There were a few teething issues when they rolled out the new platform, but most of the issues were fixed reasonably quickly.

I have all my invoices from Volusion and eBay got through OneSAAS and into Xero, they go in as Drafts, this lets me review and approve each invoice with just one click. I find this very helpful in case there is a problem with someone paying etc, in this instance the invoice can easily be deleted.

Tarrick Marychurch  

Onesaas is without doubt the worst products I have ever used.
We have been waiting over 3 months to have a simple issue fixed.

I would not recommend this product to anyone.
If you are considering this product and would like more information on how rubbish it is, dont hesitate to contact me for more details before you waste your money on this product.

Yes my rating is 0/5.

Nikil Deo  

Doesn't sound good, Bev! Can you contact OneSaas about this - so they can look into how invoices sent from them are coming into Xero? This page is just for the review of OneSaas, so we can't do too much to help here unfortunately.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

It was working very well until about February 2016 or maybe earlier. Previously all invoices came into Xero as Approved. Since then only Paypal or Stripe paid invoices are treated this way. All other invoices now come as Drafts or Awaiting Approval, involving another step.
Another issue relates to the Invoices not being marked as Sent. There is another step to do so in order for the automatic reminders to be issued.
Are these issues with OneSaas or Xero?

Bev Webb  

For the most part the integration is good. There are some issues with certain products causing sync issues. In addition, once the order has synced it will not sync again. So if you need to alter it (add a product, add a credit, add a payment) you will need to do the same adjustments across all platforms. For the most part though it works well.

Jennifer Henry  

About 7-8 months down the road since i started integrating Xero and Onesaas.... couldn't be happier about how easy it is to work with, and how much time it saves me!

Stephen Nash  

Started out OK but turned into a disaster, regular synching problems, stock standard answers from support "we're not sure what is causing this problem and will get a tech to look into it" then no follow up to tell you if it was fixed. The final straw was when an entire months payables that had been edited and had documents attached suddenly disappeared from 'awaiting approval' to 'Drafts' and all the editing and documents were lost.

Xero said:
I have logged in and had a look and it looks like the integration with OneSaas has caused the bill to update, thereby removing any changes that you added manually. The integration with Xero and Zoho CRM was designed and developed by OneSaas.
You can also check this yourself by clicking on the History & Notes of a draft bill (for example, reference ZO2018087 from Hybrid Construction), to see that the bill was received through the Xero API on the 2 May 2014, then you uploaded 2 files and edited the bill on the same day, then on the 7th of May the bill was again received through the Xero API from OneSaas.
I've discussed this issue with our API team and they can confirm that this relates to how the integration is working.
Therefore OneSaas are in the best position to help you with this situation as they are more familiar with the data workflow between the software, and what the integration can or cannot do.
You can contact them at support@onesaas.com
In answer to your question about he getting the bills back into their completed form, there isn't a quick fix, you will need to manually add the information back to the bill and then submit if for approval again.

Xero API is an interface that used by Xero Add-ons such as OneSaas to interact with Xero and there are some things that possible via Xero API but cannot be done in Xero web interface and changing back invoices/bills that are in "Submitted for Approval" back to "Draft" is one of them.
I'll discuss this with the whole API team if there's a better workflow for this but in the meantime, it is best that you contact OneSaas to see if they can prevent their system from 'updating' the invoices again.

and below is the (only) response from OneSaas

MAY 15, 2014 | 11:44AM EST
Johnny replied:
Hi Greg,

This issue is not something we have encountered before, I have raised a ticket for our developers to look into this further and have made the team aware of this issue.

I will let you know as soon as we have further updates.


Greg Simmons