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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 41 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Tanda, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Tanda

Pay staff correctly for the time they work. Manage rostering, time clock attendance & award interpretation with Xero payroll. Get the most from your workforce.
For more information, check out Tanda.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Tanda, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Tanda support center or this page for information on connecting Tanda to Xero.

Due to the way we pay our employees - "not in hours", Tanda is not that entirely suitable. Other set backs are, internet accessibility in remote areas on job sites and some employee's understanding and difficulty of how to use apps on phones. Although have found the "Onboarding" an ABSOLUTE WINNER. We have many new casual employees every week and this has been invaluable way to getting their correct details quickly and then its pushed through to Xero. Even though we cannot use Tanda to is full capacity, Tanda should seriously think of just having an "Onboarding" package for businesses like ours - Shearing industry (shearing of sheep).

Jodie Middleton-Clark  

Tanda for Xero payroll is excellent - admittedly there has been a few teething problems in the beginning as we have three stores, one of which has a different pay structure. Tanda support team were fantastic, their response time was pretty much instant. They really held our hand the whole way. This has saved us days in rostering, processing timesheets, clarifying payroll and financial reporting. It really has been a game changer.
Cannot recommend this integration enough. Thanks Tanda

Account Bright360  

We are in the final stages of our custom build and setup for Tanda use. I have been very happy with the IT and general support we have received so far. Considering we have over 100 employees and a rather complicated EBA to build from, nothing has been too much for the Tanda support team to tackle. We are confident we will be running our first live pay run next period and can rid ourselves of our current 2 day manual payroll process.

Renee Thompson  

One of the businesses I manage already had Tanda in use when I started in my position. I found it easy to learn and easy to use. There support is also fantastic. We are just in the process of installing it in the second business I manage.

Leigh Reid  

We have been using the Tanda time clocks app to capture staff working hours for the last few months. The Tanda software accurately records employee working hours and seamlessly exports the data into Xero with the press of a button. This has cut down on manual processing time and has added value to our business.

Brent Carraill  

We trialed a couple of options for Staff Management software and finally decided on Tanda. Our business has 17 to 25 employees, salaried, full timers, part timers and casuals. We have never regretted this choice as not only Tanda meets all our needs with rostering, budgeting, Awards, electronic time sheets, payroll integration with Xero, automatic pay rates updates, etc, etc, but they also have an absolutely amazing customer and technical support teams. We had a few hiccups on the way and Tanda team have never given up on us regardless how minor the task was. It also integrates with POS data that helps us to see when and where we need more or less staff involved. Tanda are also constantly working on improving and adding new, very helpful features. I honestly think that Tanda support team on its' own can be the reason to go with this software. I have no hesitation in recommending Tanda to any business.

Lydia Ryabtseva  

We have just recently transferred all our payrolls to Tanda and Xero. I have used lots of other payroll software and I have found Tanda and Xero to be extremely user friendly and simple to complete a payroll. The timekeeping software is a great record keeping tool which helps the managers and supervisor keep track of their staff’s hours. We run 7 payrolls each week and it is such an easy process with having all the timesheet data there ready to export to Xero.

Rebekah Eley  

We trialed Tanda and Xero for 12 months with two of our Companies before deciding to move the remaining five Companies over from our third party provider. We've found the weekly payroll process so much easier and faster as we have regained control of our processes and data. Having 7 payroll Companies has provided some challenges but it hasn't taken us long to tweak the rules and pay items to suit. The reports and payslips from Xero are clear and user friendly. Tanda is absolutely fantastic and we've had good feedback from employees and Managers who use it on a daily basis. Would recommend both Tanda and Xero for payroll to other businesses.

Kathryn Williams  

Our company has been using TANDA for over 5 years now. Since its inception, we've found our payroll processes have become more streamlined and efficient and our employees are more conscientious about commencing and ending their shifts at the correct times. The support has always been quick and helpful and if the first support member couldn't assist, they've quickly passed the issue to a more senior member.

I've been involved with testing new features, and providing feedback to the developers about how I found the user interface. I'm more than happy with the software and how is integrates with XERO - I can't imagine ever going back to paper based timesheets.

Ella Perry  

Tanda program is fantastic and works very well with the Xero program

denise rodwell  

I started using Tanda when I opened my second café. With an increase in staff in made clocking and out easier than timesheets for staff. Unavailabilites are entered by staff online and these are visible when rostering. The link with Xero allows my payroll team to process the weekly payrun easily and quickly.

Cherie Craigie  

Exporting timesheets from Tanda to Xero is very efficient. Tanda could still improve it's integration with Xero in relation to rounding differences.

Jocelyn Pagaran  

I have been in business for over 10 years. I wished Tanda was around when I started. Have used Tanda for the last 3 years and it has been one of the best decisions in my life. Staff rostering, Staff clocking in & clocking out and exporting time sheets to my accounting program Xero has definitely made my life easier and save me a lot of money. The ongoing updates that have happened makes everything even more easier. Customer support is amazing and the staff there are very friendly to deal with.
I have highly recommended Tanda to all my business associates. Will keep using for the rest of my business life. 5 STARS :)

My Nguyen  

We changed over our five sites and approx 50 staff to Tanda and have been extremely happy! We are saving a bucket load on previous payroll systems. The rules for timesheet approval simply the process even further, and a simple export direct into Xero saves hours. If you're looking to simplify your processes and save money, look no further than Tanda!

Sam Haans  

We have been using manual time sheets for the past decade and Tanda makes payroll a breeze. Support staff are super quick! Thanks Tanda

Jodie Badenach  

We have been using Tanda and Xero for 12 months. Payroll itself used to take 3x staff a total of about 32 hours each fortnight, we have approx 120 staff. Now we have 1x staff member taking about 12 hours per fortnight! Rostering is easy. Support is very helpful and quick to respond. The implementation team are understanding and very patient. Thank you Tanda.

Tamie Blanch  

Tanda is great rostering and attendance app. Integration with Xero makes payroll a breeze.

Greg Barnett  

Tanda is brilliant. Xero is great (oh so nearly brilliant)... we've just started using the Tanda interface to Xero and it's a massive timesaver so I guess...that's brilliant too :-)

Elliot Hamilton  

Tanda is amazing. A life saver for our retail business (20 staff). Rosters are so simple, staff can easily sign on and off with Tanda timeclock. Saves so much time, no more manual timesheets and also ensures staff are paid easily and correctly for their relevant award. Export to Xero takes less than 1 minute. Tanda support is local and has always been prompt and issues resolved straight away. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tanda.

Rachael Duncan  

We have recently become active users on Tanda and manage 30+ staff on the system. It has been amazing so far and has decreased payroll processing time in Xero by at least 1 hour per week.
The automation has already shown an improvement in accuracy and we are looking forward to using all of the services provided by Tanda in the future!

Megan Fisher  

Tanda is a huge time saver for our business. Time spent on rostering is less than half what it was despite a significant increase in the number of staff. We also find it economical and the help team are second to none. I don't even need to be at the computer to have my questions answered, I email the question and when I come back to my desk an hour or so later my answer is there. We haven't considered using any other service and it integrates with XERO brilliantly. Thanks tanda team.

Kristin Brown  

Tanda is utterly superb and the integration with Xero works like a dream.

Stephen Hill  

Hey Matt, thanks for your review and bringing that issue to our attention! Just wanted to let you know that we have fixed this now, so your pay runs should be all good from here :) Cheers, Alex

Tanda - Xero Payroll Automation App  

I love Tanda it has been a time saving god send to me and my business. The only issue I have come across on one employee only is Tanda has exported a 38 hour time sheet to xero but it has come up in xero as 37.99 hours. I don't know how to fix this glitch or how it has come about. I just need to keep an eye on her payroll.

Matt Douch  

I implemented TANDA into the workplace over 1 1/2 years ago. Even though we weren't using it to its full potential at the beginning, it was still a great time saver for both staff and payroll. Over time, we have unlocked more of its personality and it has proven to be a great add on to XERO payroll. It is very user friendly and seems to integrate fairly seamlessly. If you are looking for a Time and Attendance system, I highly recommend TANDA.

Sabrina Brewer  

I introduced Tanda to my small business in July 2016 to streamline payroll activities and monitor employee attendance. Since its introduction I have seen a regular reduction in weekly salaries of nearly 10%. I have saved the cost of a years' subscription with Tanda in less than a month using the clock in and clock out function. For that reason alone, I recommend it highly. It integrates seamlessly with Xero, what took me four hours of jumping back and forth between software, is now finished and complete it 30 minutes. The IT support of Tanda is very comprehensive, nothing is too much trouble.

Richard Kay  

I have been using Tanda since 01 July 2016. We used to use the very out of date manual clock card system to do our timesheets. Literally a whole day of work with a calculator and scribbled notes. Tanda helped us set up an electronic time clock and with the nature of our business being deliveries it is so easy to get all of our drivers' timesheets perfect! Tanda Support has been highly efficient and our fortnightly payroll has now become a speedy and accurate process. The feed through to Xero is quick and very accurate. Thank you Tanda!

Fiona Watson  

I have been using Tanda now for a couple of weeks and could not be happier with it. I have implemented and used a few payroll systems before and have found Tanda to be one of the easiest to implement and use. The support I have received has been exceptional. All the staff at Tanda are more than willing to give advice and help you out and have found that no matter who answers the phone they all have had the knowledge to help with any enquiry I have had. Well done Tanda you have made my life so much easier.

Kate de Jong  

I have 19 casual staff, 3 salaried, 2 apprentices and a permanent part time employee. With Tanda export to Xero and Xero export to my bank, weekly payroll takes under an hour. It used to take half the day. Well worth the money.

Elizabeth Slakey  

To be honest this is my first business, and I've never paid staff or approved hours or anything before.. but I would hate to think how managers and business owners have done it in the past.. this way seems very easy and very automated.. so glad I live in the future! ;)

Tracy Coleman  

Tanda saves hours of work each week calculating and entering payroll, setting up rosters and tracking staff hours, and gives piece of mind that Award rules are being interpreted correctly, exports easily and quickly into Xero.

Suzanne Pedler  

Fantastic support and assistance with set-up. Moving from calculating payroll manual to Tanda has saved huge amounts of time and eliminated human error. The integration with Xero is excellent.

Emma Forbes  

We have been working with Tanda/Xero for a number of months now and it is a huge help to our small business.
The support is excellent

Ian Phillips  

As a bookkeeper, specialising in payroll services, I have worked with many rostering system that integrate and export data into payroll/accounting systems. I have found Tanda to be one of the easiest to work with. The standout point of difference for me was the excellent after sale support. Each time I had reason to contact Tanda, the staff were fantastic, and took on complete ownership of solving each issue. This happened even when it wasn't directly related to Tanda! It also helps that the call centre is local and the staff have intimate understanding of Australian business and payroll. 10 out of 10 Tanda...well done!

Rob Alborn  

I just exported 32 timesheets from Tanda to Xero for payroll, and it only took a minute. So much faster than paper.


Tanda has been very responsive to our business in trying to work with us to customise for our business and work through initial glitches. The export is working much better now and is much faster than paper.

Ana Kolembus  

The export function saves so much time and mitigates all irregularities and discrepancies.

Calvin Leung  

Pretty easy to work with, and when there are any queries, issues, processed efficiently and expeditiously. Pretty happy.

Tony Freeman  

Yes, i just exported 9 timesheets from Tanda into Xero. So easy. Loved it.

Vy Tran  

I just exported 20 timesheets from Tanda to Xero for payroll and it only took a minute...So much faster than paper

Kim Versteden  

I have saved a lot of time every fortnight from changing from manual timesheets over to the tanda timeclock. Once set up, it's awesome and worth the money!

Blokker Admin Freesias  

I have a small business with 7 staff, for nearly a decade I have been manually entering wages into a spreadsheet then transferring them across to a wages software program to then process the wages. Tanda makes the whole process just a couple of clicks and has saved me hours of work. The import from Tanda into Xero is seamless, robust and almost instant. At the end of the day a program is only as good as its support and the support team at Tanda have always gone the extra step. Feeling the love thank you!

Scott Wanchap  

Tanda export to XERO has saved me hours in double entry, the export is seemless and is errorless. I love it

Leanne Smith  

Tanda export to XERO is great. Efficient and user friendly.

Sarah Smith