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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 13 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Practice Ignition, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Practice Ignition

Scalable modern practice with Xero + WFM. Streamline engagements, billing and workflows starting from your website + collaborate with your clients. Check out Practice Ignition.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Practice Ignition, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Practice Ignition.

This is the last peace of puzzle for us to make our practice 100% cloud based.Saving us lot of time, managing all our engagements as well as streamlining the process from customers accepting the engagements to create all the jobs in Workflowmax and creating invoices in Xero.

Brad Golchin  

Practice Ignition has transformed the way I on-board new clients. I can be in an initial client meeting, scope out what we are going to do for them, draft an agreement and have it in their inbox in a matter of minutes. They can then accept it online and be on our way to complete fixed price servicing from day one. No admin, no follow ups, no fuss.

Matthew Goss  

As a new accounting practice we are undertaking allot of new engagements, and having practice ignition as one of our cloud accounting system tools has simplified and streamlined this process and the fact that it then feeds jobs back into Workflowmax and raises invoices in Xero just adds more ticks in the Practice Ignition box. As well as simplifying our internal processes, it has removed the need for paper or electronically stored engagement letters, assisting our paperless office quest; and our clients love it as well. Thank-you

Craig Pisani  

Great piece of software that is saving us loads of time - tick the services that the client wants (or even better with the web connector, the client self servers)...engagement letter produced and emails, tasks set up in WFM and invoice raised in Xero. Client onboarding sorted.

All backed up by an excellent support team. Well done Practice Ignition.

Jonathan Gaunt  

This is awesome - in 10 hours I have completed 135 fee proposals for my clients for the upcoming year. Last year this took the admin team over a week to prepare and then I hate to think how many hours to set up the jobs in WorkflowMax not to mention the time in invoicing. My admin team are delighted to not have to do all that mundane work and I'm over the moon that it is all set up with the jobs and the invoicing at a push of a button by the client!

Amanda Fisher  

Practice Ignition is the dogs bollocks when it comes to efficiency!
Absolutely sensational support team, and issues are usually fixed within the hour!!...
Another great thing is the team constantly update and better the software based on our feedback.
Brilliant bit of kit.

Ben Walker  

Administration 0
Practice Ignition 1

PI makes it very easy for us to onboard and invoice clients for recurring work that we do. Furthermore, special proposals are easily viewable by our team, making sure that we effectively deliver what we promised.

Alexey Mitko  

Practice Ignition will take your firm to the next level. We have heavily implemented it at our firm for the onboarding process. It really streamlines and automates the entire process. We also implemented the connector on our website. A great little tool.

Looking forward to the future :)

Ryan Lazanis  

This engagement letter application integrates with Xero and WorkflowMax. It allows you to create services and items, include basic engagement legal verbiage, and send the letter/qoute to a potential client quickly.

The cons:
- It's quite overpriced, starting at $30 for an app that should be around $10/month.

- It will repeatedly send invoices to Xero, which you will have to delete if you use another billing/recurring billing app.

- It's very basic, making PandaDoc and other apps look much more complete.

- It limits the information you put in about a client initially, missing important fields.


For the price, it doesn't provide much value, but it is a useful "light" app.

Kirsten Barrie  

I have just signed up to PI.
W O W. Not only can I use it to set up a quote while I am at a Client / Prospective Client. It also integrates with my webpage so I can have my packages online and fee into PI to follow up.
Billing and cash flow are king in ANY & EVERY business. But especially in accounting firms as debtors can creap up to 20 - 30%. PI really resolves these issues.

I have use XPM and others but PI is by far, leaps and bounds ahead.
Great work to Guy and the team.

Daniel Moore  

I am looking at using PI , and just wondering if any long term users had any comments - are they still happy with PI and still confident with it.... I have been bitten a few times before with new software that starts promising than does not deliver, so any feedback from long term users (good or bad) wuld be really appreciated...

sean tickett  

I just signed up to PI this week. I couldn't be happier with THEIR engagement process. The PI team really do walk the talk..they actually care about how you are going...and look after you. This app integrates to my website packages and takes the mental and administrative gymnastics out of the engagement process. I'm finding it easier to market my services to my clients now - and it is leading to more engagements per client. So glad I made the move!

Dominic Papaluca  

Have recently started using Practice Ignition and am super impressed with the integration between PI, Xero Practice Manager and Xero. I am even more impressed with the professional presentation of the proposals, the amount of time I am saving by not having to invoice clients directly or create client engagement letters, and to top it all off, the support team are absolutely fantastic! I couldn't be happier :)

Sue Kapperer  

Have been using PI for a while now and could not live without it. A very professional start to a client relationship. It has helped me to respond quicker, close faster and look more professional with clients. An absolute must for any aspiring digital practice.

Paul Layte