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Practice Ignition

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 363 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Practice Ignition, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Practice Ignition

Scalable modern practice with Xero + WFM. Streamline engagements, billing and workflows starting from your website + collaborate with your clients. Check out Practice Ignition.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Practice Ignition, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Practice Ignition.

We are not accountants, but using Practice Ignition has really helped us to help accountants and it makes our new member onboarding process totally streamlined. We've got Zapier plugged in too so as soon as a new member signs up to become a member everything is taken.

But the best thing about Practice Ignition is the excellent support that we get!

Feel free to get in touch if you wanna know more

Ashley Leeds  

We've been a user of Practice Ignition since the early days of starting the Accountants Millionaires' Club. Using Practice Ignition has completely streamlined the onboarding and setting up billing and payments for our new members.

We are so used to PI now, it would be difficult to say how much time it saves us every time a new member signs up. But from memory this is probably at least 1-2 hours per new member.

Our members also love Practice ignition.

If you are reading this and are not an accountancy firm, Practice Ignition is still useful for you. However be aware that the one downside of PI is you can only have one branding per account. So if you are a coaching business and operate 2 different brands you would need 2 PI accounts.

Heather Townsend  

This is a must have for any Accounting/Bookkeeping Practice.

Our clients love the proposals, no end of month Invoicing for us and no outstanding accounts.

Can't speak more highly of Matt Woloszuk (Practice Ignition Customer Success Manger). He was with us all the way to make the process very straight forward.

We love Practice Ignition.

Accounts 2CentsWorth  

PI saves me 3 hours per proposal. Not only did it streamline and automate the proposal process, it also removed any accounts receivable. In addition, we are working on automating the client onboarding process. Thanks to PI and Zapier, we will be saving so much time during the onboarding too!

Marie Phillips  

I'd like to thank Matt Woloszuk (Practice Ignition Customer Success Manger) for assisting me to implement Practice Manager. I felt he went beyond in helping me understand and implement the software making it easier to collect payments from clients. Very happy with his support during the initial 90 day onboarding and would recommend specifically asking for him if thinking of potentially using the software or when you are undergoing onboarding. I still on occasion ask him questions which he responds to.

Admin @ATC  

Can't myself without it! From the time I had the demo I knew this was gong to save me countless hours. No more chasing for payments.

The team there at PI are helpful and responsive.

I have a real sense of client focus with each update they introduce.

Kayum Sattar  

I absolutely love Practice Ignition! We are able to send out really professional proposals to our clients and prospects which they absolutely love! Also, PI has enabled us to streamline our processes and get paid quicker! I'd recommend it to any modern forward thinking accountancy business owner who is serious about transforming their practice - 100%!

Mel Curtis  

Practice Ignition is a must have for any accounting practice looking to streamline the engagement and payment process. I have worked with PI previously and have just implemented PI again within another practice. The onboarding support provided is exceptional. If you are thinking of converting to a cloud based practice or just looking at streamlining your processes you need to really consider Practice Ignition as a must!

Brenda McLaren  

I have been using PI for the last 6 months and through that time I have found it to be a very useful tool in growing the business. Not only are the clients able to get a clear idea of what they are paying for, you are able to setup the direct debit when they sign the proposal. This means you get paid every billing cycle and do not need to chase unpaid invoices.
In the Beta program you have great freedom to bill weekly, monthly or quarterly. This has been a great update and helps us bill our clients in the best possible way.
From the time that we were onboarded, the team at PI have been there to help all the way. From setup, to brochure design, ongoing support and training.
I would happily recommend PI to anyone in business looking to streamline their quoting and client engagement systems.

Kielley Edwards  

Practice Ignition has saved me an immeasurable amount of time on the admin side. From billing and collections, to setting up new clients in Xero and XPM. I get paid faster and know the jobs are created in my workflow automatically now. I can't imagine not having PI going forward.

Christopher DeLong  

PI with Xero has been awesome for my practice. The amount of efficiency I gained back from processing my clients manually has been a godsend. While I appreciate that there is a direct integration with XPM, my secret sauce has been the automation to my workflow through Zaps with Monday, which has definitely game changed my own operations. Love PI!

Claire Van Holland  

Practice Ignition has been a great tool for our practice and our clients love it. The team at PI has been fantastic and special shoutout to Reid Schretlen. Reid has provided support with PI and even apps outside of PI to make our practice as efficient as possible. The constant webinars and check-ins provide resources to continue our practice growth. I can't imagine what we would do without PI!

Jeremy Hall  

Very happy with using PI for onboarding clients. Takes a bit of learning but it adds polish and process to taking on clients and even having engagement letter in one place is ideal. Soon started to invoice clients without really knowing it was happening, which was a pleasant surprise.

Tony Morris  

Pi has provided excellent and timely support this year as I established my business. Any questions were answered quickly and accurately and often, to my surprise, I received a loom video that took me step by step through the required actions. I've filed these for future reference. Responses are always friendly and I get the sense that their consultants really want to be of value and to contribute to your success. Merry Christmas to everyone at PI.

Mary Hackett  

I can't imagine running my business without PI. Onboarding new clients has become a breeze now and I no longer chase clients for payments. The stress of asking for my hard earned money no longer exists and I'm able to run my business efficiently. I also have an awesome Account Manager who goes above and beyond my expectations and is always on the other end of a phone call or email. Excellent Support team too.

Sumi Sivalingam  

I saw this product at Accountex in 2019 and took the plunge with it. Our engagement system used to be labour intensive and always reinventing the wheel. Now with Practice Ignition, I have been able to provide a super swift service of providing an engagement pack which is easy to flex and make bespoke for any case. Couple this with the ability to accept collections by bank mandates the clients like it too. Cash flow improved, efficiency improved. what more can you want. Worth every penny and has massively improved our practice.

John Best  

Couldnt live without it. Automatic - set it up and forget about it.
I shave about 20 hours a week on billing and reconciliation.

Shaileen Shah  

I have been using PI for the past year and in my own practice the past 4 months. I love the tool and its functionality. Most recently I felt that PI was 5 star because once you get past the features and widgets what counts is the end client experience. And I recently signed up a client to do a Xero conversion because they accepted the proposal and were exposed to the end to end PI Experience. That sealed the deal and is what convinces me that PI is 5 star app because it puts money in your pocket

Kenneth Coetzer  

Practice Ignition has solved a number of pain points in our business starting at engagement letters -> XPM jobs -> raising invoices -> collecting payments. It has increased efficiencies in our systems and at the same time improved our client experience.

Greg Rouland  

Practice Ignition has been one of my best tools/apps implemented. It has help collection of client payments including old debtors, avoids the need to chase debtors and helps with working capital.

The integration with Xero from a workflow and debtors management system has eased administrative tasks on hand.

Highly recommend PI!

Anthony Lore  

Practice Ignition has helped us streamline our client on-boarding process, along with our collection of client payments. This has saved us hours in admin time and means we can focus on providing advice and services to our clients rather than chasing payments.

The integration with Xero and WFM means we can easily manage our workflow from acceptance through to completion! Highly recommend to any cloud based accounting practice.

Andrew Higgs  

We have been using practice ignition for years and it has allowed us to completed transform our conversation with clients around pricing and packaging. The recent feature of adding a video to your proposal has also really helped in making each proposal simple yet a unique experience for new and existing clients alike!

Dan Osborne  

PI solves the AR problem while also taking care of engagement letters/client agreements. It keeps your practice running smoothly.

Ian Crook  

Practice Ignition has been a great addition to my recently started accounting & finance firm. The program easily integrates with Xero to create my invoicing. It is also an easy way to send engagement letters and proposals all in the same place at the same time. This eliminates the need for me to store them in multiple locations. I would recommend PI to any accounting firm that is looking to invoice and receive payment from clients in once easy process.

Brian McGeough  

I love Practice Ignition. A real game changer. I initially tried setting up with WFM/XPM but the design and ease of use of PI far outshined XPM. So, do recommend PI and Xero, but not with XPM. The new features to automate billing at custom future dates is outstanding.

Anne Chan  

We absolutely love PI. It's automated so much of what we do, and has really helped us get our debtors under control. I am also really excited about all the developments they are making, as I know it's only going to continue to get better and better.

Also, I have to give special mention to their client service and support, it's second to none. Their response time is quick, and they bend over backwards to help. No question or suggestion is ever silly, and they are always willing to listen.

I can't recommend PI enough.

Tasha Rossiter  

Love this product. Made it so much easier to grow the Practice and scale up

Steve Gandy  

Wonderful product - saves so much time with the on-boarding process.

Philip Antrobus  

I would highly recommend the App
Has smoothed out our engagement letter process and is a great way to manage client expectations on service and fee

Guy Quinn CPA  

Implementing PI as part of my sole-practitioner practice has been a life saver. It's easy to set-up, has saved many hours when attending to STP and JobKeeper compliance, as well as helped me win over several clients with ease.

Shelly Stephens  

The new beta proposals have been a game changer providing flexibility to my proposals. I recently upgrade due to this and love being able to add videos to help explain the process to my clients.

Anne Napolitano  

Loving the new Beta Proposals. Recently I was blown away by some of my existing clients when renewing their current proposal I added other options, the clients who I would not expect to select were the ones who ended up raising their plans. YAY!

Katie Williams  

Highly recommend. Has made onboarding new clients a dream! Billing including credit card all presented upfront and client expectations are set from the start.

Samantha Perez  

Really good app.
We moved from a competitor, but the software is amazing and the support is even more so.
I would highly recommend Practice Ignition to any practice large or small.

Sach Yadav FCCA  

Practice Ignition has revolutionized our client re-engagement process. We previously struggled ensuring re-engagement was prompt after the year end and could only do this manually which did not look too professional. Now with PI, we have our template proposals set up and any new re-engagements needed are never left very long after the year ends. Also, the team at PI have been great at helping us out with any queries we might have had and made the whole process of getting to grips with software far easier.

Joseph Thomson  

I think PI was one of the first apps I added to my suite of apps over 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. It has made the whole engagement process so much quicker; more efficient and more professional. My customers also love it. I am a huge fan and would definitely recommend it to any accountant; bookkeeper or vcfo to use in their practice.

Elan Pamensky  

I started using Practice Ignition in June 2020. The on-boarding process was extremely helpful. I also now have a professional brochure for my firm. PI has helped to streamline the engagement process and make it so easy. Almost 100% of my proposals for agreed monthly fees has been accepted and is been DD each month. The final couple proposals we are fine tuning the services to include more!
Love the fact that it integrates with Xero Practice Manager and my Xero. Client accepts the proposal & bingo job is now in XPM!! Invoice issued from PI & flows thru to Xero, payment received & reconciled in Xero too!! Yay!!
PI has definutely made this admin process so much more efficient.

Lyn Scott  

Amazing support, particularly chat support. For a company that charges many clients recurring monthly fees, PI has been really helpful in keeping our receivables up-to-date.

Jenny Tran  

This company gets it. They understand how to add value to accounting firms at all stages... from onboarding to receiving the money in the bank. Built by accountants for accountants and it seems they are just getting started. 🚀

Carl Diedericks  

From my initial inquiry to being fully on-boarded, the service has been excellent. Lucy, my customer success manager was there for any support i needed along the way and i'm seeing the benefits this software will make in streamlining our own on-boarding process.

Danielle Cole  

PI allows me to put my best foot forward from Day 1 :)

Irene Olwoch  

Practice Ignition has been fantastic, picking up where our job management system does not do a great job. That is in presenting our quotation, reminding our potential customer, gaining a signed acceptance and a paid deposit...5-Stars. Looking forward to our customers also being able to decline our proposal ;)

Guy Jenkins  

PI does everything I was hoping. It does what it says and adds another layer of professionalism to my practice.

Paul Bailey  

Really love PI - it's super easy to use and the proposals look really professional (...and beautiful)!

Annabelle Carmichael  

Practice Ignition is awesome. Following a meeting or phone call with a client, I can quickly login to PI and set up the Engagement then and there. No need to write it all down and ask one of the Admin Team to then prepare a letter - it's all done within PI. Magic is say!

Jacqueline Ironside  

PI has helped our firm cut back on time spent on administrative tasks. PI centralizes the engagement preparation, billing, and project management processes. Preparing new engagements is simpler and much quicker than our old way of cutting and pasting on a word doc. The billing process is much more streamlined and has taken out A LOT of the manual work, including removing the need to apply payments to client invoices in our account system. The initial jobs are created in Workflowmax which also notifies the newly assigned staff of their client work. I do wish there was an option to automatically bill clients on a quarterly basis, this is a feature they've been working on for over a year and it still hasn't been implemented.

Nely Oakes  

Time saved on preparing standard fee proposals.
Forces a re-think on non standard fee proposals.
Slows down scope creep .. but need to educate clients a bit more.
Requires younger team members with tech savvy to process adjustments to standards
Facilitates job allocation in Xero - helps i planning

Shukri Barbara  

PI has made doing proposals a breeze. It's also helping us convert our clients to fixed priced monthly billing, and it's making billing on completion of work much easier.

Mario Raia  

Using PI was definitely a step in the right direction for our practice. Our client proposals are so much easier to set up, our invoicing is automated and we are able to review our fees, packages and services on regular basis, our payments are automatically collected - just brilliant!

Antoniya Beyriyska  

We've been using PI in our App Advisory team since January 2020 and its really streamlined the way we send out proposals to our clients - I used to have to spend at least an hour for each one, now it takes less than 5 mins. The feedback we've had from clients has been great and its made the whole process so much easier. Its also helped us with scope-creep as we can outline exactly what is included or not in our services from the outset, so clients and staff know where they stand.
Having made the move onto XPM in April 2020, we can now use PI to create and assign jobs in XPM and its made our workflow so much easier to manage too. So much so that we're looking to roll it out across our compliance jobs as well as now too!

Kate Griffiths  

We have been using Practice Ignition for over 3 years. It continues to innovate and amaze us. From a cashflow point of view, we have reduced our Debtors from $60-$80k to $5k! Our WIP is generally negavive or even. There is a massive time saving for accoutnants and admin in the engagement process and the new innovation of STP and JobKeeper Declarations via Practice Ignition make them simple to create, track and don't cost us $$$ like using Docusign.
Thanks PI, we will continue to recomment you to our Collegues and Clients.

Victoria Berry  

Practice Ignition is absolutely the best contract, engagement, and payment management software we have used. It has been our firms go to solution for the past 4 years. We are really loving the deposit on acceptance portion of the agreement and our monthly clients are invoiced monthly and pay monthly without us having to do anything but confirm the automation. Also the contracts are enforceable in court of law, as we have won several cases with practice ignition contracts.

Melissa Murphy  

Practice Ignition has been in our firm for many years BUT this year we took on Payments through PI - absolute game changer! It removes the friction of clients making a purchase decision and ensures we get up each day to do our best work, knowing the payments is not an issue. We don't have to have the 'money conversation' with our clients over failed credit card payments - PI does all that heavy lifting for us !

Katrina Spinazzola  

Our proposals look even more professional and letters of engagement are easy now. The real winner for me is the way our billing is automated and the direct debits match automatically. Far better solution than the fax heavy teledebit system we were using before and will save us time reconciling our accounts. We have already developed 3 brochures for different types of client and are massively impressed with the software and the onboarding team.

Graham Roberts  

As a group we couldn't be happier with Pi, best decision we have made this year, the onboarding process was easy, our aged receivables are ZERO (were about $ 50K ) we are more efficient, XERO integration makes it a seamless transaction, almost 100% of our clients have been re-engaged over the past 3 months, our clients like it as well, overall a 10 star rating from us. Good job PI.

Brad A. Gunn  

PI has made our transition to MRR a breeze. We have been able to push out all our EOFY proposals within 2mths due to the streamlined and easy approach.

Lauren Hillier  

P.I has streamline the quoting and onboarding process for us, exactly how we needed it to. Recommended.

Glyn Jelley  

Practice Ignition would have to be the most user friendly program I have used for collecting fees. We are often complimented by our clients on the direct debiting system. I love how easy it is for Practice Ignition to import jobs into Xero. It makes reconciling a breeze!

Jasmine-Lee Howard  

I changed over to Practice Ignition a few years ago with just the basic and have moved up to a bigger plan. I use to struggle with billing and collecting payments from client, and making sure i have engagement letters. Since switching to Practice Ignition, i have been able to concentrate on what matters, clients and sending out proposals.

Neil Evans  

Practice Ignition has saved me hours and hours of admin time. Our clients love the simple proposals - we had a brochure designed to make it look even better. Allowing the client to view the proposal, read T's & C's and the letter of engagment all in one place is amazing and what makes it even better is the fuction to require payment upon acceptance - this saves so much time as we have payment before we commence the project - Highly recommend!!!

Emma Fox  

My Boss showed me how to use PI a few weeks ago. I immediately fell in love with it ! The integration with XPM is seamless , creates the job , invoicing etc. It's a time saver too!

Tatenda Mkonto  

You will not survive the pace of proposals without this system.

Michael Davis  

Beautiful, professional proposals. Flawless integration between PI, Xero and XPM(WFM). Everything feels so much more in control and so much manual work is eliminated. Takes a minute to set up (as with all software) but the support and advice from the team is on a different level from any other software I've worked with. Well done guys. Would recommend this 100% for your practice.

Sanet Riekert  

Practice Ignition has saved me so many hours and sleepless nights! When I think of the hours lost changing and checking Word Documents and knowing there were errors after they were sent, I cringe. Every proposal was different , so this meant checking each before billing or changing and reading the whole document. Now with a few clicks I can be sure all of the relelvant material is included and offer consistent packages and services. Up front payment for training and one-off engagements removes the worry about getting paid. I'll never go back! Thank you.

Michele Grisdale  

Absolute game changer. The ease of setting up proposals, engagements and recurring billing make this an absolute essential in the All In Advisory cloud stack. It’s integration with Xero to deliver automation is the icing on the cake and is a great way to provide a seamless professional first impression to potential clients.

Aly Garrett  

PI is an easy solve if you are already using Xero and XPM. It integrates seamless, isn't bloated, and makes billing/proposals/reoccuring charges easy for tax/accounting firms.

Chance Ghanami  

Practice Ignition is fantastic user friendly software and its support is fantastic, when ever we have a questions its addressed quickly allowing us to get the full potential from the software.

Elise Bygrave  

Practice Ignition has saved as so much time and created a professional streamline of engagement. Clients love the look and ease of the proposals making the process all the better.
Thanks Practice Ignition!

Catarina Santini  

We have been using PI now for over 2 years. Has helped us enormously to put clarity around our jobflow & invoice processes. Sits nicely next to XPM and Xero. Highly recommended if you want your Practice to move forward & bring debtors down.

Nick Moustacas  

We have been using Practice Ignition for a little over a year now, and it is such an amazing program! We changed most of our software systems last year, and Practice Ignition is my favourite by far. they way it streamlines the process of engaging clients, creating jobs in XPM, invoicing in Xero AND collecting payments has made my life so much less complicated. It leaves me so much more time to do things such as chase new business and improve processes, things I couldn't do before because my time was spent on all the things that Practice Ignition automates!

Diane Tipping  

Practice Ignition has made my engagement process streamlined and time efficient. Not only that but it also makes invoicing easy and no more time chasing up debtors at month end. I only wish I had found it earlier

Nicole Rosen  

Great tool and features. Really helped us with our regulatory administrative obligations for compliance.

Sayem Hasan  

Practice Ignition is an integral part of our business.

We've been using PI for a few years but it's only in the last few months after we switched our payment collection from GoCardless to PI that we've seen the true power of the software. As well as automating the onboarding process for us of new clients the dashboard also provides us with invaluable management information that helps me drive my business forwards.

It's taken our proposal to client journey to minutes from hours.

Alan Woods  

Since introducing Practice Ignition into my business, it literally changed my life overnight. Worrying about cash-flow and forecasting is no longer issue. The administration side of the business is now set and forget - hands-free, I love it. Thanks PI - my lifesaver.

Michelle Timperley  

Practice ignition has been brilliant from the start. The onboarding process was excellent as it forced us to go through the admin of setting up the account. It has also ensured that we price and list all of our services correctly and don't let anything slip through the cracks. Our best experience was the time between a phone call with the client and an accepted proposal being 1.5 hours.

Graham Shapiro  

Practice Ignition has filled a big hole for me in my client take-on process. We spend so much time courting a new client and then the take-on is their first real experience with the firm. PI makes this process slick, user friendly and beautiful. The product is great and it is also a fantastic experience being a client of theirs. Their on-boarding and training process was engaging and attentive. Looking forward to working with them for many years.

Graeme Saggers  

We are newbies when it comes to using PI, however the scope of features the software has to offer is immense! Engaging clients, taking payments and the general admin side of things will be so much easier now that we are using PI. The set up was easy and the support has been great. Many of my colleagues are excited to start engaging clients and it makes the whole set up process look so professional with an added customised brochure!

Hannah Fry  

We have been using Practice Ignition for a year now. It is awesome to have the engagement, jobs, invoicing and payment collection streamlined efficiently. The intergration with Xero and Workflow Max reduces our non productive time and is very efficient.

Judy Johnston  

Fantastic to be able to automate client proposals / billing / collections. Account management and Support is second to none. Integrations make this powerful tool a must have.

Olly Evans  

Practice Ignition is by far the easiest piece of software I have ever used. It is simply a delight. If there is ever anything I don't know how to do my account manager or support replies really quickly, usually with a video to walk me through it. I really wish I'd found it sooner. I rave about PI to everyone!!!

Thank You Practice Ignition - I love you guys xx

Sue Penney  

I hate monthly billing and faffing about with something that can be systemised - PI has been fantastic at taking away that job and making the process very clear for the client. Also the integrations have driven us towards a faster and more streamlined process which has increased relationship results and productivity.

Alexandra Burnett  

Clients love the transparency and simplicity of the proposals and we love it because we get paid on time and without fee disputes. Both parties are smiling!

Andrew Hurd  

Have been using PI for a few years now - excellent functionality. Really love that PI team keep improving it all the time and actually respond to what customers request. Support also fabulous. Highly recommended for small and medium-sized practices.

Alice Davidchack  

PI has been amazing for us, on boarding was easy and has massively improved our on boarding of clients giving them a great first impression of the firm. Internally it’s helped us convert quicker and get paid quicker.

Adam Aziz  

Practice Ignition has been one of the best investments we've made in our firm. The ability to automate the engagement process from proposal to automatic billing, along with flexibility to tailor things as needed, has been a time and money saver. I've actually been able to draft a proposal, send it to a prospect, have the signed contract and payment back to me within minutes, and the link to Xero even does the monthly invoicing for me!

Jeri Ann Cook  

If you're not automating your practice payments, you need this integration. No more chasing AR, no more hours of proposal creation. If you dread the new client process, this app will get rid of that feeling forever.

Mark Kennedy  

PI Has been a fantastic addition to our toolbox, simplifying the on-boarding systems, integrating with our workflow and bookkeeping systems and improving our billings and collections.

Steve Bradshaw  

By using Practice Ignition we were able to substantially increase our revenue without increasing our number of clients. Our proposals are more easily understood by the client, so they are quickly accepted. It's easier for us to demonstrate good value and contain scope, we avoid back and forth negotiations and a huge administration burden has been lifted.
Clients really like it too.
It makes a great first impression for high value engagements.

Electra Frost  

Practice Ignition has been amazing from the start!

The process of automatic job creation from PI to XERO after the client accepts the proposal is such a breeze. We especially love how easy it is to navigate the website and set up your templates and proposals. Even if you unsure, our PI Manager is always so fast at getting back us to help us set these up. They provide online help and meetings to run through any start up questions you have. I barely have to contact my PI manager, but when and if I do, they get back to me instalntly and send me additonal links and videos to further collate our queries and answers.

We love the online process of securley getting our engagement letters signed faster and online. Our clients don't have to worry about paper! A few of our clients did struggle with the new software change as we have never utelised an online proposal software like this before. So the long term clients did struggle a little but we have found less and less client queries about the proposal everyday! We are even learning more and practising more marketing tools even creating a proposal video to help our client's understand the reason of having a proposal more. As every accounting firm knows, you cannot please them all.

We love the auto collection of payments, again client's are still getting use to this new feature though it saves us time in debt collection. Trainging clients on payments is important and services should always be paid by the due date.

I could go on and on about how great Practice Ignition is but could be here all afternoon. Give it a go yourself. You won't be dissapointed.

Driana Dennis  

Highly recommend Practice Ignition.

The PI Team have been brilliant in helping us get properly set up & using PI in the best way. Then so easy. Makes the whole process simple & a professional & enjoyable experience for both us & our customers.

Getting all the payments set up from the beginning makes such a difference.

Chris Heinemann  

PI has revolutionised the way we do engagement and collection. A fantastic tool

Vic Collins  

I have used practice ignition since starting my business. What a great help. I have never had a bill unpaid and now with Covid-19 PI have helped me to set up some new terms and conditions that have been sent out to my clients. Appreciate all of the help with this.

kay godfrey  

PI really helped control the scope creep and be accountable for work being undertaken. Having a clear engagement with clients aids communication and minimises any potential issues. Working it into my tech stack was a wise investment.
The Customer Strategy Manager that PI assigned me was great to work with also.

Vanessa Weaver  

Practice Ignition is a must-have application for any practioner who is serious about controlling his time issuing engagement letters that are compatable with AICPA standards, and liability insurance underwriters. I went from manually drafting proposals that took 3 hours to 10 minutes using PI. There is a learning curve, but the PI team is really helpful, and will work to make you successful!

Jeffery Davidson  

Absolutely love it. Once they get DD in New Zealand I'll sell my soul completely!

Murdoch Razmi  

Practice Ignition is amazing. It saves us so much time and frees us up to focus our energy and effort on the clients rather than the admin. It provides a seamless way to onboard clients, provide them with an engagement letter and easy payment system. It really streamlines how the business is run and we couldn't be happier.

Philip Milazzo  

PI is a brilliant tool and saves a lot of time. the integrate with XPM is seamless and the support team is fantastic, Pat was awesome. Clients are loving it too!

Rory Byrne  

Loving Practice Ignition and the ability to remotely execute engagements!

Crystal Ready  

A fantastic piece of software that has allowed me to automate and scale client onboarding without worrying about cash flow - It's integration with Zapier and the support given have been of particular use

Adam Pritchard  

PI has become one of our core stack programs used in our Accounting firm.
It seamlessly integrates with Xero, and our clients love the friendly interface.
Cameron Phillips
Fynbos Accounting
Cape Town, South Africa

Cameron Phillips  

User friendly & practical

Cassandra Crawford  

We have been using Practice Ignition in conjunction with Xero for over a year now and have found that we have saved valuable time and headaches in both constructing proposals and chasing payment. The help team have also been incredibly helpful when we've needed them.

Brigitte Wende  

PI has hands down transformed the way I handle sales within the practice, it's streamlined our onboarding process, and coupled with Karbon we can stay within scope for all clients, with minimal efforts - it has solved problems we didn't even realize we had!
please feel free to reach out to me if you have any hesitation about using the product, it pays for itself

Scott J. Scarano, EA  

This is so much more than I first thought! PI is a serious time saver and looks so professional. Had great feedback from new clients regarding the speed at which we've got proposals out to them. The team at PI have been fantastic and so helpful onboarding our clients and migrating them across from other systems. Can't thank the team enough! The best feature of PI is the payments integration with the software. All manageable in one place. Brilliant!

Chris Brown  

We have been using PI since November 2019 and it has been a breath of fresh air. Much easier than our old system and what normally took a few days to bill our clients now only takes a few hours to reconcile. We had a few hiccoughs on the start with clients accepting the new system but now the tics have been ironed out its a great asset to Ward Goodman and our valued clients.

Torie Freestone  

We have been using PI (with Xero & XPM) for a little over 2 years now. The experience for both our team & clients has been fantastic.
PI has seriously increased the speed with which we engage a new client (or re-engage an existing client), obtain approval, and receive payment.
A real winner in terms of streamlining our admin and staying on top of our debtors!

Christian Borkowski  

We run a small IT business and we were having some issues chasing up overdue invoices and outstanding debts. Our accountant recommended looking at Practice Ignition. It's been almost 18 months now and there's no looking back. The automatic payment system has definitely helped reduce outstanding debts and it also works seamlessly with Xero.

The proposal process is not only really fast to create really professional looking quotes and numerous clients have commented on the ease of use. Staff were very helpful in setting things up initially and also following up to see how we are finding working with PI. On-going support with any questions is great as well.

Sounds like some great new features are in the pipeline to enhance recurring billings. Really looking forward to continue working with PI. Keep up the great work guys!

Nicholas Walker  

The thought of completing the client engagement process without PI is not bearable. It has streamlined the process incredibly.

On top of the above you then throw in the workflow, invoicing and cashflow benefits of the program. It seems crazy to think we were not using it before !

Mitch Williams  

The guys at Practice Ignition have been so helpful getting through the on-boarding. I was up and running very quickly and when I had a proposal to create they were available to review what i had done to ensure i was on the right track.

Mark Moore  

Practice Ignition is a brilliant tool to efficiently and effectively sort the engagement process. I have used it from day 1 of my practice and love it. The engagement process takes minutes, clients find it easy and invoicing is a breeze. Integration with Xero brilliant and the Dashboard very informative Highly recommend.

Belinda Dawson  

PI has provided greater clarity within the overall proposal process It has also helped to increase my overall revenue by preventing the bad habits of giving away some of my services for free.
I also use the automatic payment services to reduce my outstanding debts.


Alan Hutcheson Boal  

Excellent App. I've been using it for a few years now. Their integrations have really helped automate our proposal, payment, and onboarding processes.

Nicholas Bird  

Almost completely eliminated credit control for us. Fantastic software and incredibly easy to use.

Nick Martin  

A great tool and was exactly what I was looking for to manage engagements and monthly payments. Terrific support from the PI team to get setup and manage teething issues.

Andrew Webb  

For a small size practise like ours, having PI has been a blessing. Best solution to streamline client engagement, debtor collection and internal job deployment. Highly recommend it to any one wanting to give their clients new age engagement experience.

Savneet Sodhi  

PI has changed my practice. I've been a customer for less than 6 months; I'm hooked. They have a generous partnership program, which amps the appreciation higher. Year one for me, I was chasing down money. I'm still chasing down dollars from pre PI, and I've sent them new proposals to re-start or put them on a payment plan so they can pay off the balance due. Katlyn was my training rep for 3 months and was top of the class! Thank you all!

Justin McAuliffe  

I've been using PI now for 3-4 years, and it's been one of the most consistent, efficient parts of my process. I spent some up front time developing the process, and now it runs like clockwork. I don't have to worry about chasing payments, because everything happens automatically. The customer support is also amazing, and they continue to develop the app and make improvements from year to year to make it even better. This app is worth every penny!

Kevin Cooper  

Love PI and everything they do for us. Never having to chase $$ saves us so much time :)

Kate Stathis  

Recently implemented PI and wish we had done it sooner. Fantastic onboarding experience and the software really streamlines processes, looking forward to seeing the positive results over the next few months.

Jackie Doorly  

Practice Ignition has streamlined our on boarding process, workflow and payment collection. We have PI integrated with XPM, Xero HQ and Xero, no more time-consuming engagement letters and payment reconciliations. Our clients have commented on how easy the process is when completing proposals. Simple and effective. Highly recommended!

Michael Raetzke  

This is an unbelievable piece of software.
We love it and clients love it.
Streamlined processes and cashflows from our end. 5 stars

JohnPaul D'Amico  

Fixed fee billing solution - check
Monthly collections solution - check
Eliminate Debtors freeing up one FTE salary - check
Unlocking $300k of working capital - check
Good looking efficient proposals - check
Meaningful dashboard letting me know where we are at as a business - check
Affordable subscription cost - check
Decent transaction costs - check
Great interaction with Xero - Check

Hmmm checks all of the boxes! I would highly recommend Practice Ignition

Scott Trevethan  

Been using PI for about 12 months now. It has tightened up our engagement process and massively improved our collection process. Our debtors have more or less disappeared.

Paul Manteit  

Just starting out with Practice Ignition, but it has already proved to be very useful. It has cut out multiple steps from the proposal process and will continue to save us time while making everything simple and easy to use.

Matthew Hillhouse  

We have been using Practice Ignition for a while now at EPC Bookkeeping and thing it helped us most with is getting ourselves in a more organised position to not only onboard new clients but to switch to fixed pricing and automate the payments. Love It!!!
Thanks everyone @ PI

Jeremey Cairns  

We absolutely love practice ignition, it's cut down so much on the time spent previously making out LOEs. And the fact that the invoice is made out automatically in Xero as well as sent to the client is such an enormous blessing for us, as this is where the delay often happened.

Anni-Mari Garzancich  

Practice ignition made our client engagement process seamless, simple and fast. We were able to move client ideas to contracts to service. Thanks to this very wonderful platform!

Rommel Coria  

We have been gradually transitioning our engagements over onto Practice Ignition over the last 24 months, and the more we have on there, the better our visibility is over our upcoming billings and cashflow. The ability to see and chase outstanding proposals helps us to follow up with new clients as needed. The support we get from PI is also outstanding.

Georgi Rollings  

We've been using Practice Ignition for nearly a year now and absolutely love it. Having it take care of our fixed monthly fees is so easy and great for our cash flow. We even used it for end-of-year and STP authorities because the approval process was so easy for the client.

Michele Chantrell  

We've been using Practice Ignition for a little over 12 months now and all I can think is 'why did we wait so long'!

Since using PI we basically have zero debtors, our collections process is hassle free and our cashflow has improved. Do you need any more reasons to get on board???

Can't wait to get automating more of our process now with PI/Xero being the main hub of everything.

Thanks rockstars!

Adam WIlson  

Such a breath of fresh air in using PI. So easy to use and the team has been brilliant and responsive every step of the way, including post subscribing. LOVE the automation !! Keep it coming team.

Eddie Borg  

Our proposal process is so much quicker now that we use PI in our marketing consultancy. We had fantastic support from the PI team with all the set up. Fantastic to have another great cloud product which integrates with Xero. Highly recommended.

Emma Pearce  

We have recently started using Practice Ignition and it has completely changed the way we work. The entire process from engagement to workflow to collection is automated and streamlined. The support team are engaging and extremely helpful, going above an beyond to ensure we are delighted with every interaction.

Danii Paladino  

Pracitice Ignition has been a great addition to our practice - I have 99% of my clients onboarded into PI and the process of invoicing, collection of funds and allocation of payments within Xero is just handled all by PI. I love it - I no longer have to worry about the debt collection process as my clients are on direct debit and the payments flow through on a regular basis as set up within the agreed proposal. I no longer have to think about it - it's an easy process select the Proposal - set up the payment cycle and amount and email it off.

Keri Whitelaw  

Practice Ignition is the key in our office to prevent scope creep and manage our jobs. We love the integration between PI and Xero Practice Manager which opens up the jobs (and the clients) as soon as the client has accepted the proposal.

Tzippy Subotzky  

Practice Ignition has been an excellent tool for proposal control and reconciliation

Graham Freeman  

PI has become the essential tool in our client engagement process, providing a clear and concise proposal for client approval.
We love the integration with Xero ensuring client database is automatically updated and work scheduled.
With the dashboard providing an invaluable summary of activity and comparison.

Nathan Cook  

Practice Ignition has absolutely changed our business for the better. From the clients experience of receiving a clear, straightforward proposal to the template engagement letters and simple acceptance, PI is a vast improvement on our manual old quoting process. Clients actually welcome the simplicity of having automated payments come out each month and the recurring retainer model really adds value to our business. Highly recommended!

Cam Sinclair  

The decision to engage Practice Ignition has been overwhelmingly positive for our business. It has helped to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the engagement process for both new and existing clients of our business. The integration with XPM and Xero makes this a seamless process. PI has been our greatest win from a technology stack solution in this last 12 month period. We love PI!

Clinton Reid  

This software is fantastic. The customer support is excellent and the integration with Xero works perfectly. I'm so glad I found Practice Ignition - has completely changed the way I on board clients and automate the whole process. I would recommend this to everyone ;-)

Steph Jones  

This software is a winner. I was looking at this addon 2 years ago for my practice then i implemented it a year ago and never looked back.
It does exactly what i need when it comes to payment processing, linking with my Xero Account, auto reconciliation process, professional engagements and a pathway into fixed fee billing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Paul Nay  

If you're not using it then I highly suggest you start.

Michael Youssef  

Practice Ignition is fantastic software. Everyone should use it

Michael Pauling  

We love PI. We can automate our engagements, payments, workflow all from the one platform.

Sandra Price  

Practice Ignition has streamlined our on boarding process and ensured all of our clients scope and terms are clearly defined. Not only ensuring that we don't have to spend time chasing payments, it has provided peace of mind that we are charging the correct amount and producing a level of service and deliverables that suit our different clients needs and budget.

Claire Grimes  

Practice ignition has been a great benefit. We are dropping a lot fewer balls and converting leads into new clients. It integrates well with Xero and has been easy to use.

Ryno van Zyl  

I can't imagine running my boutique-style bookkeeping practice with out PI. We take client care very seriously at Moore Details Inc. and love that PI gives us a polished image when sending our engagements to our clients. Plus, PI is a snap to get paid easily with the payment integration. Recurring revenue = 1 very happy bookkeeper. Secure, transparent and polished engagements = happy clients.

Jennie Moore  

Practice Ignition has been an invaluable addition to the practice. It has changed the way we plan our work flows and track our debtors, helping identify areas of lag and clients that kick the can. Fantastic product, would recommend it 100%!

Blake Jenkins  

Practice Ignition has streamlined our on-boarding processes immensely. The functionality of the software has allowed our team to focus on other aspect of the business.

Lachlan Ingram  

We have been using PI for a few months now and the time saving for us has been huge. Also massively speeds up the acceptance time, to within 10 minutes for one client! Finally, love that we are not printing and posting papers, which is good for everyone.

Katherine Gill  

Really love using the Practice Ignition software. Makes clients sign ups so much more efficient. Love the history tab so you can see that client has reviewed their quote and where they read up to.

Joanne Torrance  

At first we were very skeptical of PI, to tackle the challenge of digital proposals, syncing jobs/clients, and invoicing, with Xero and XPM.
Glad to say 2 years later we are very pleased with the service.
The team work very hard to keep you happy, and are regularly updating with new content.
Support requests are handled quickly and they are very professional.

Johnny Thompson  

Practice Ignition has been a key part of our client engagement for 2 years now. It has made it easier to prepare engagement letters and for clients to accept those engagements. The functionality and integration with Xero is awesome saving the team a lot of time.

Matthew Duggan  

PI is the best client invoicing and billing tool I've used to date. Every feature works seamlessly and we save huge amounts of time and energy with this program. I would recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their invoicing.

Nikos Maniaty  

Saves us a tonne of time at the firm and has such awesome capabilities that shock you when first entering the cloud accounting space. Would recommend PI to anyone with a smile on my face!

Joey Steben  

Practice Ignition has streamlined the on-boarding process. Reduced administration time, minimal follow ups, zero fuss.

Daniel Martinez  

It is no secret that I love Practice Ignition! I wouldn't want to imagine my business without it. Great product, great support and I suspect they are working very hard in the background to make it even better. I've been a convert for 15 months and we are almost 100% PI now. YAY!

Sharon McClafferty  

Absolutely love PI, saves me so much time! Ensures that all our clients have current engagements and I don't have to spend my days chasing up unpaid invoices.

Megan Healey  

PI has streamlined the way we onboard new clients and also re-engage existing clients each year. It make the process simple for both our firm and the clients.

Kim Brearley  

LOVE Practice Ignition and don't even want to think about living without it. PI makes putting together and sending client proposals a breeze, and I love that I don't have to think about my own A/R!! Also, their support and onboarding has far exceeded my expectations. The subscription is worth every penny.

Lisa Briones  

PI is essential to our practice. Couldn't recommend more highly.

Nick Tankard  

The very start of our whole service process, a key bit of software, that ticks many of the boxes we require. Slick proposals, easy renewals and amendment whilst dealing with the engagement letters. We use Xero Practice Manager too so the acceptance of the proposal automatically creating the jobs minimises the set up time meaning we can spend more time on the chargeable stuff. Can’t wait to get the DD payment service up and running to complete the onboarding process. Couldn’t recommend highly enough and the supports been great.

Craig Fitchett  

If you're not into accountancy... this is the package for you! If you're an accountant... this is the package for you! It makes managing accounts so easy, yet is packed with all the things you'd expect a full financial control system to have. Plus with the amount of systems it links to it can automate a lot of the work for you. Your accountant will love it. You as a business owner will love it too.

Gary Hibberd  

Want to improve your cashflow!
This is for you!
P.I is one of the best automated engagement service our firm has used. Integrates seamlessly with Xero, and allows for a streamline process for customers and our office to create work, jobs & invoices all in one software

Perry Lambropoulos  

A great piece of software that cuts down the time it takes to prepare and re-engage clients in addition to significantly cutting down the time of chasing unpaid invoices. Not only is the software great to use but the support received when you experience any trouble is second to none!

Kurtis Thompson  

So easy to use, but so powerful. PI has transformed our debt collection, cash flow, recurring billing, client onboarding and massively reduced time to create proposals. And no fuss integration with Xero and XPM. Oh, and stellar customer support.
It's definitely my favourite software.

Elizabeth Salter  

Using Practice Ignition and Xero together has streamlined our work and taken a lot of paperwork away from our office making online payments streamlined and with very quickly set up clients can pay us as soon as they receive their proposals. Would recommend this to all xero uses.

Rebecca Irving  

very efficient tool which minimize the admin behind billing and follow ups chasing clients for payments

AJ Ghanem  

I just love how seamless the whole on-boarding process is with Practice Ignition. As a sole practitioner, PI saves me lots of administrative time so I can focus more on my clients. I also love knowing that I have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's as far as my professional engagement requirements go. Love it!

Kelly Prevost  

Practice Ignition now allows me to sleep better.
It has changed our client engagement and relationship in a very positive way for both sides.
We obviously love getting paid within terms and the clients love knowing where they stand.
My only complaint is that it took me far too long to make the decision to use PI.
We no longer do any client work without it.
Amazing thank you PI.

Rod Thompson  

We have been using PI for nearly a year now and we have found that it assists us in cash flow, scope creep and debtor collection. It is also giving us a clearer picture of what services our clients are most in need of. It truly is a win win for both us and our clients.

Celeste Peirce  

Excellent software and great value ... I am not yet using Practice Ignition to its full potential but I am still getting great value. I know the team at Practice Ignition are there to support us when we take it to the next level. The Facebook group is also a great way to see how other users are using the tool.

Peter Young  

Has completely streamlined our practice, from debt collection to managing workflow with Karbon. Client integration is done online, it looks professional and you can easily manage and track the onboard process. PI saves so much time, it creates the invoices in Xero, allocates the payment and sends all the documents to your clients. In addtion to all this the dashboard then helps you track where you are against budget to your new client conversion rate. Brilliant!

Anita Cocks  

Easy to use. Almost the most powerful one I ever used.

Norland Huang  

I have been using PI for 2.5 years now and I love it. The process of client engagement has become seamless and I have saved considerable time through using the auto rollover function.

Katherine Haines  

Our Practice has been using Practice Ignition for 9 months now and has made the client on boarding, engagement process and collection of Fee, more efficient. Our admin time has reduced to under one hour per month, we have no debtors and deal with clients that we want to. We are transparent with cost and services provided, the client exactly knows what they are getting from us and the price.

Mick McIntyre  

We've been using PI for just over 1 year now and we are loving the way it makes our new client engagement process so much simpler, more consistent and easier to manage. The integration with Xero, Xero HQ and XPM is great and we are now looking at using more of the functions within PI that we are not currently making the most of, as it is constantly improving

Kim Hume  

It's user friendly and keeps track for us of payment plans for our clients.
It reconcile the transactions and save us the time to chase payments.
It allows our clients to get a tailored plan for their payments according to their needs.
I would recommend using it and the customer service is also great.

Harry Duong  

Since we commenced using Practice Ignition we have not had to chase customers for Client Engagement Letters or money. There is an automatic process and we do not need to ASK customers to PAY us or reaffirm OUR VALUE This is a huge confidence boost and time saver! It helps us live up to our name of PROFIT FIRST ACCOUNTING

Edie May  

Since using Practice Ignition, managing our clients has been so much easier, especially tracking payments and the Xero integration makes things so much simpler. It is easy to use.

Jacqui Gourlay  

Simply impressed with the integration between Xero and PI. Brilliant piece of technology and saves us a lot of time!

Keshawa Tammita  

Practice Ignition has revolutionised the way our practice functions, it has enabled us to really understand what we are billing for and also streamline the on-boarding process.

Jordan Moody  

This is an incredibly functional and streamline tool, we have been recommending this to our clients and we have received compliments when sending out proposals. Any business still writing up proposals need to see this in action - it's saved us so much time and money.

Madeline Clift  

I'm new to Practice Ignition. I am such a big fan, it has revolutionised my client engagement, invoicing and debtor collection. The more I can automate the better for me and this is the perfect tool for any business.

Emma Kable  

I have been using Practice Ignition for 1 year now and extremely happy with the platform. It has completely transformed the way I onboard new clients and provides an amazing dashboard which shows me revenue generated. Highly recommended!

Tamer Soliman  

Practice Ignition is changing the way we interact with our customers to give them clear guidelines about what we are doing and the price we will be charging for it. Enabling the back end automation of setting up jobs and then billing the customer provides us with great automation.

Ben Young  

PI defiantly saves time in billings. We've had a few hiccups, but support has been quick to get back with us.I love that PI takes additional setting requests and keeps trying to be the best software out there! Love the Facebook group so others can also help out and give their best practices!

Sandra Rios  

Practice Ignition changed our cashflow dramatically. No longer do we wait for clients to pay us, PI direct debit system manages all of this for us. From the proposals, to the digital brochure to the integration into Xero and Zapier, our practice would not be where it is today without PI.

Brooke Arnott  

Since we began using Practice Ignition we have saved considerable time when on-boarding new clients and integrating them with our software of choice - Xero.
Completely tailorable in terms of recurring and one off billing for our clients and with options on payment by card mandatory or not along with full integration to Xero.
We have created various engagement templates and service offerings dependant on the services being engaged & uploaded a PDF brochure for clients.
I could go on but need to get back to onboarding the next client!
Here's to you Practice Ignition!

Angela Ashworth  

The software and the APP are incredible tools. Our collection and on-boarding process has been revolutionized. The cloud application and the integration with Workflomax and Xero and our banking was surprisingly seamless...Well Done!

Gavin Correa  

This software has greatly assisted with on-boarding of clients, great for one off tasks that are outside the normal scope.
Means we have agreement around price prior to commencement, giving clients and the team no surprises (well less surprises).
Seamless with collection of monies and invoices, giving the team more time to be productive.
Great work Practice Ignition.

Martyn Ecroyd  

I am really excited about how Practice Ignition will not only help me manage my client invoicing but also the risk management aspect of the practice. Historically timely client invoicing has been my biggest problem and now with Practice Ignition I am able to have upfront transparency regarding the costs involved for my clients as well as invoices raised accordingly to an agreed schedule. Where I am a really small practice, the amount of set up time is obviously regarded as investment time but the team at Practice Ignition go out of their way to facilitate that process and from a support perspective my level of expectation from other service providers has significantly been raised based on what I have received from the team here.

Kelly Robinson  

Loving PI - so much simpler than the 500 step process we were previously managing to set up recurring invoicing, and has changed the game with the direct debit feature! No more hours spent calling clients about unpaid invoices, now we can focus on delivering amazing work instead!

Skye Faulkner  

Best app ever - Love it. Forces you to think about best practice onboarding and pricing solutions from day 1. Seamless once set up and doing the billing for you is fantastic. Would not be without it. Just do it - will change your practice and your working life!

Jackie Ryan  

Makes billing easy provided your clients are comfortable with it.

Paolo Del Fierro  

Been using Practice Ignition for a long time and am very impressed with the integration between PI, Xero Practice Manager and Xero. Even better is the presentation of the proposals. We haven't looked back since using Practice Ignition. Creating proposals and obtaining client payment has never been easier.

Chris Pino  

PI simplifies the engagement and payment process significantly. The ability to send a client an engagement letter and from that point, the manual processes below are eliminated;
Collection of payment
Sending invoices
Reconciling payments
Setting up workflow tasks in your practice management software

A massive efficiency boost for firms who use it!

Bobby Doherty  

Firms who don't use PI will fall behind if they don't adopt it in their practice. PI has helped us streamline getting our engagements out and signed, and help reduce time in collecting fees and reduce debtor days.

Nathan Rigney  

We haven't looked back since using Practice Ignition. We have been a Xero only firm and we found it hard to know if potential clients were receiving our proposals. With practice ignition you can which is awesome. And then they prepopulate the invoice into Xero which makes it so easy to keep track where our clients are up to.

Trent Appleby  

Practice Ignition keeps me right when it comes to signing up new clients. The process of producing a professional looking proposal is very straightforward and acceptance by the client is really easy. Clients have commented on the professionalism and the ease of use too. The links with Xero are so helpful when it comes to month end invoicing and it makes sure nothing is missed! Overall I think it's fab!

Susan Lang  

PI was the first piece of our Internal App Stack and we haven't looked back!
It has totally eliminated our debtors & removed the admin from our engagement process! It has been deeply embedded in our business and is integral to our client on-boarding.

Karla Hourigan  

Practice Ignition is the best! We have streamlined our debtors which has helped us to manage our growth with ease.

Natalie Lennon  

Since switching over to PI 2 years ago, we have saved so much time with on boarding clients as well as ensuring that all of our proposals have the correct terms and conditions and also authority forms.

Having everything look so professional is very important.

Thanks to the integration between PI and Xero to save me having to invoice every month also.

Niamh Campbell  

Practice Ignition has changed the way we do business. It has allowed us to automate procedures that were previously an administration burden. From on boarding the client quickly and professionaly using the proposals and engagement letters to the collecting payment, the process is simple and effective from start to finish. Having the ability to know exactly how much revenue I will receive every month with no manual processing is amazing. It's a no brainer for us.

Lee Duffield  

I am so pleased we have signed up to Practice Ignition. I love the ease of sending out proposals to new clients and it gives the right impression for cloud-based bookkeeping practice. All our services are set up in the system and all I have to do is choose what client requires and amend price if need to. It has changed the way we sign up clients and bill for our services.

Rasa D'Alton  

Good platform to create and customise proposals.

Valentyna Kors  

Practice ignition has enabled our concept of charging for value and streamlined our entire proposal and payments mechanism. We have been using them for years, and have loved the customer support and the enthusiasm the company has brought to the industry.

James Webb  

Yes I love it... has completely solved any accounts receivable issues! I talked to the fellow at the Xero road show, he assures me that they are coming with more flexible billing within a proposal... I can't wait for that!

Pauline Haydon  

This has provided so much clarity about how we sell and organize our products. I realized that if I can't explain the service offering in Practice Ignition and clearly show the resulting job in XPM, then I know that I have bloated process. Clarity is hard but it is worth it!

Kurt Grantham  

Creating proposals and obtaining client payment has never been easier. The streamlined functionality has made the administrative side of my business much more simple.

Melissa Thimot  

For years we struggled with clients paying our bills on time. To now receive monthly fees in advance, an automated engagement process and tailored to work within our unique billing model - PI is a dream come true!

Adam Johns  

We have been using practice ignition for a while now, it saves us a lot of time and provides for a very simple but professional looking client engagement process. The recurring invoices feature is invaluable and collaboration with Xero practice manager streamlines the workflow management and invoicing functions effortlessly, we also like the that we have the ability to turn features on and off as appropriate to a particular client. The software is constantly evolving and pressing ahead with new features some of which we have yet to explore.

Karen King  

Loving the new fully integrated invoicing & payments system between PI & Xero! The hassle of having to search through multiple client invoices to determine who has paid is now over. Also liking the ease of proposal setting in PI

Bell Partners Qld  

Loving Practice Ignition - coming from a very manual / word based system, Practice Ignition makes rolling out services and agreements to new clients a breeze. It's also super easy to use and setup - I have never used Xero or PI up until 2 weeks ago. Clients love the system also.

Amanda Smith  

Practice Ignition has save an incredible amount of time. To have a program to draft a proposal/engagement, getting the clients approval, creating the job and then organising payment all for you, saves you paper, postage costs, time & stress. You are no longer constantly following up clients for signatures or payment. The initial set up is effortless and it is an easy to use program. Clients also appreciate the immediate results. Tech support is always quick to respond if there is any issues. I would highly recommend PI to anyone using Xero.

Belinda Bendon  

- a real time saver.

Previously it would take well over an hour to draft, obtain approval, issue an invoice in Xero with engagement letter, terms and conditions.

Then additional time for our Accounts Receivable department to monitor, follow up and match receipts to debtors.

The process involved up to 4 staff.

Now utilising Practice Ignition, it can take as little as15 minutes and 2 staff.

This is a game changer for our practice as it now frees up our staff to concentrate on the provision of excellent service to our clients rather than managing the paper work.

I highly recommend PI

Hamish Kirk  

We are a digital accounting practice. We don't do paper and pens are a thing of the past. We started using PI about 4 months ago and wish we started using it earlier than that. If you understand scale and are serious about using tech to propel your firm from being an accounting practice to being an accounting business, making PI an integral part of your cloud eco-system is a no-brainer. Don't think about, just do it!

Willem Haarhoff  

Practice Ignition has helped us reduce our onboarding process from many steps and software down to just one! We also use it for sales by preparing the proposal before going into a meeting and can onboard the client right there on the spot. The service and support is amazing and I've already referred others to PI.

Leah Mazur  

Practice Ignition is easy to use and customize. They offer tremendous support, have excellent service, and a stellar team that quickly became part of our community. They offer great webinars on how to integrate apps with Zapier. The zaps we have running have taken our productivity to whole new levels. Our billings are clean, and we get to focus on our clients. It's a win-win all around.

Mindy Levy  

At CHN Partners, Practice Ignition plays a vital part in our business and our client engagement strategies. For all new clients, their fist engagement is through PI. We have also started to engage PI on existing or legacy clients and this continues to be a work in progress. However, clients on PI love it - the up front conversation, certainty around fees and an awesome relationship built on transparency.

David Coutts  

PI has drastically reduced our debtors days, breathing cash flow life into our business. Client love it and it ticks plenty of other boxes getting signed engagement letters and pushing accepted jobs back into XPM for workflow management.

Luke Wiggins  

A very clever platform that has been at the core of our business success. It has eliminated our AR, streamlined our billing, given us clarity around recurring revenue and provides transparency around project scoping. The ability of the software to sync with XPM is helpful. A recent development to allow attachments (structure maps, tax saving papers etc) with the proposal is very useful. The software keeps developing which is great and is lead by great founders with a solid support team.

Joshua Wiggins  

We implemented PI into our business six months ago and it has revolutionised the way we can onboard our customers, manage our invoicing and streamline our accounts receivable function. We have saved a significant amount of time by systemising our product offerings which has improved visibility for both internal staff and external customers, which then in turn connects seamlessly with our practice management software XPM. My only regret - why didn't we use this sooner. :)

Natasha Sampson-Ly  

Having only implemented PI a few weeks ago, it's clearly apparent the efficiency and productivity gains to be had through automation. Client feedback has been fantastic with services clearly defined and the ease entering payment details.

Mitchell Neary  

Practice Ignition has been a game changer for our practice. It makes selling, signing and onboarding seamless and frankly, fun! I adore PI.


Sarah Hopen  

This is the start of our app stack it allows us to build a quote and talk through it in the initial meeting speeding up our take on process and breaking down our invoices into monthly payments. PI has helped us move into a cloud based practice.

David Adderson  

Practice Ignition really allows us to save a lot of time with its seamless automation and abilities, really streamlining and highlighting efficiencies that can be made.

Highly recommend for anyone looking to find ways to save time yet also improve quality with onboarding and billing.

Oliver Hopewell  

PI has been essential for our new firm. Using automation to free up our time on admin tasks like onboarding allows us to spend it with clients. The improved proposal features are great, we can now send out polished well branded proposals which kicks the engagement off to an awesome start. We've had great feedback from client's on the ease of use which ticks a massive box for us as well.

Cheers PI, great work!

Andy Chambers  

PI enables our business to be 100% cloud based. It has streamlined our engagement and onboarding process and saved us lots of time.
The ability to capture payment information when a client accepts and have invoices created automatically in Xero is a massive time saver.
The system just keeps getting better and smarter with all the new upgrades.
Love it and could not do business without PI!!

Gareth Yaxley  

Practice Ignition is literally powering my start-up business. It is one of the only solutions I have trialled that effectively and cohesively combines the project proposal phase with a payment plan and automated recurring billing that is actually "automated". The on-boarding and support was honestly exceptional and my life is now 100x easier!

Mitchell Musarra  

Practice ignition has revolutionalised the way we Onboard our new clients as well as our existing managed clients. The integration with Xero and XPM is seamless and as a consequence is a massive time saver on a regular basis. Now payments to reconcile, collect or invoice. No jobs to create just a proposal to build from templates. The Support is also second to none. Could not imagine running a practice without it in this day and age.

Jane Noller  

I was spending a lot of time on the admin work to get a new client on board. After viewing Practice Ignition and how it integrated so well with Xero it was a must too have. It has saved me a lot of time and I do not have to remember to invoice or remind for payments. This is a great seamless application and very professional presentation to impress a potential client.

Helen Wood  

We have recently engaged with Practice Ignition and could not be happier. As a firm that is continuously looking to enhance the client experience, Practice Ignition is the perfect system for the proposal process. The support services and acceptance of feedback is also a strong feature of the business.

Craig Seddon  

I can’t imagine using a different solution that combines proposal, engagement letter, and billing all in one and actually does it all well. I recommend it to clients in other professional services. One critical feedback is no native mobile app. Mobile web is not optimized.

Jarrod Randall  

Great app overall, I use this to charge all my clients and never worry about collections

Yarik Yarosh  

We were spending a lot of time on engagements, especially as a growing practice. We also were making mistakes (as using word) and PI has proved invaluable. We started using it in 2017 and would highly recommend to businesses who need to engage clients / send terms of business etc.
We link with XPM and Xero, and I think we need to iron out a few issues (mostly XPM related!), but could not be without it. What used to take a few hours and not look great, now takes 5 minutes and creates a great first impression. We attach our brochure and kick of the process of engagement / job set up / invoicing etc.
Also better control over changes in terms etc - just one place to keep up to date.

Diane de Garis  

Our business has been using Practice Ignition since the beginning of the 2019 Finacial year. . . it took us a little while to get it set up and operating (only due to time restrictions on our behalf), but once we had it up and running WOW - we can see exactly how much we are receiving each week, and saves us hours each month in invoicing! Thanks PI :)

Linda Hawkins  

I’ve been using Practice Ignition for 2 years now and it has increased our practice efficiency by 100%. Client engagements and compliance are now a breeze and cashflow is now no longer an issue. Before this we used Workflow Max and just struggled with the clunkyness of it all. Practice Ignition is definately the way to go.

Peta Smerdon  

Practice Ignition is a game changer - literally. We have been using Practice Ignition for almost 12 months now and the integration of our firm based Client Service Agreement, service offerings and direct debit payment plans are saving a mountain of time and admin work that we simply didn't have time to complete.

Not only are we using the platform to complete service agreements and quotes, but we are now using it for debt recovery as well!

Couldn't speak highly enough of the product. 5 stars.

Matt Schaefer  

We've loved the digital engagement letter experience for our customers for several year and we are excited to be finally moving all of our payments on board with Practice Ignition. Love the development of software over the years.

Scott Kregel  

Practice Ignition has streamlined our proposal preparation and sending, receipt of funds and preparation of invoice processes!
I love the easy to use functions and the fact that the company is always adding and improving.

Sarah Gillis  

Loving Practice Ignition so far. I am still in the set up phase. It's making me think of my pricing and value in a whole new way.

Leigh Ann Smith  

We have been using Practice Ignition for about a year. It is absolutely vital to our front end operations since it integrates with Xero and WorkflowMax. It automatically executes our client specific jobs and tasks every month to seamlessly manage one-time and recurring client projects, raise invoices, collect payments and reconciles invoices with very little effort. It saves a tremendous amount of administrative time.

John Boyle  

Practice Ignition makes it easy to send high quality, consistent proposals. I really like the new client interface and especially the ability to attach a pdf - a couple of clients have commented on how easy they found to navigate the proposal and the process. The capture of the electronically signed document is great.

Kirsten Forrester  

Coming out of a very paper intensive, central server based operation, PI has been a huge breath of fresh air for this forward-looking business reboot. Making proposals is fun!

John Platt  

The best way to issue a proposal quickly and efficiently!

Alexy Rollins  

This has made a huge difference for our cash flow and the ease of our client proposal process

Brian Goodridge  

Practice Ignition (PI) has elevated our team by allowing us to provide exceptional service to clients with clarity, precision, autonomy and efficiency. We have minimal issues with debtors as we are paid on time/before work is commenced, and our clients love the fact that there are no unexpected fees to negotiate. Simple is best, particularly when it is broken down into smaller chunks and the client knows exactly what they are paying for.

Justin Golds  

I have been using Practice Ignition for years. You never get sick of getting proposals accepted and paid straight away. So much time saved.

Katie Marshall  

We are 100% cloud based, and using PI with Xero has been great. It is seemless, we really dont need to think about anything when have clients sign up for recurring subscriptions. PI has streamlined our proposal process and we are turning them around quicker than ever. Our clients love them too since they can review, sign up and pay all in a matter of seconds. It has been great for our business.

Veronica Duckett  

PI Is a game changer for us! We are 100% cloud based, it's integration with WFM, Xero & Zapier have allowed us to integrate all our apps. From customer sign up to recurring invoicing and automated payment, our admin function has reduced by 60%. I wish we had joined years ago!

Bookkeeper Hub  

PI has provided a stress free solution to onboarding clients and ensuring all payments are received on time

Megan Sexton  

I love Practice Ignition. We migrated our clients across to it recently as part of our transition to the cloud. Getting proposals out quickly and efficiently and knowing that you'll paid on time is great. In addition to that the auto creation of all the jobs in XPM is a massive time saver and keeps me on top of the workflow within my practice. Not to mention the automatic monthly invoicing in Xero and reconciliation of payments!

Nicole Crean  

Practice Ignition is making a huge difference in our speed of quote generation, monitoring pipeline and receiving monthly installments against invoices raised in Xero. This is a massive project for us to migrate all of our clients onto PI but we are already seeing the benefits!

Katherine Robertson  

PI is making a significant impact in making our practice more streamlined and efficient. We strongly recommend it and clients love it too!

Lauren Wiggins  

PI is great because: Clients like it - and they sign up.

The new client view of proposals feels very professional, and lays out things (message --> summary --> detail --> payment schedule --> terms/engagement letter) in a way that means they don't miss anything and cannot later say: "I did not realise that ..."

The team at PI respond quickly & helpfully (eg lots of Loom video explanations) on the PI Facebook group.

Malcolm Veall  

Don't know what I would do without it. Love the built in payment processing and the reconciliation with Xero works perfectly, unlike some other integrations. If you are a cloud firm, you need PI. Full stop.

James Martin  

I love Practice Ignition - it has changed my world, and also improved our customer experience for the better. I've also received great support from the team - I wish we had jumped onboard earlier - Thank you

Clair Amery  

Practice Ignition has made the way we on-board clients so much easier. This has saved us a lot of time that we would have spent on administration that we can spend on turning out billable work.

Adam Cambrook  

Really decent system, and the support you receive is personal and responsive.
It used to be a hassle to keep track of our prospects and make sure they got the right paperwork, but PI has made the whole process hassle-free. The clients get a professional quote package that they can accept on the spot, and it all ties in nicely to invoicing and collecting the money.
Big time and hassle saver, and well worth the money.

Andy Hyland  

Practice Ignition is excellent as it automates my practice and makes my practice much more efficient during the on-boarding process, as well as management of my engagements.

Darren Yeo  

Practice Ignition has led to a massive improvement in how we engage new clients. Our old process was very clunky and manual but using PI has made the whole process more professional and much slicker. Clients are very impressed by the speed of turnaround.

Dave Wouldham  

Practice Ignition has made our process of issuing proposals and renewing fixed engagements so much simpler. So glad we signed up at the last XeroCon as it was on our list of things to do to make our practice more cloud based.

Kylie Jones  

PI made a HUGE difference in making my practice more efficient. I highly recommend it, even for small practices like mine.

Thomas Gorczynski  

PI lies right at the heart of my practice together with Xero.
The two applications have streamlined my practice and has seriously improved the service delivery and also exceeded any ideal of corporate image I would have ever hoped for.

Thank you PI

Juan Conradie  

PI is a fantastic product and allows us to virtually automatically send proposals to pour clients and receive them while we sleep. It makes payments a breeze, legal T&C's a breeze and allows us to easily know the status of our proposals at any given time. Highly recommended!

Tony Rosier  

PI has not only given us a streamlined approach for WIP within the office, but it has killed our AR issues. The Admins have less duplicate work, we get paid faster and get a reduced merchant processing rate, and the clients have a clear cut expectation of work all wrapped up in a shiny format. Truly, PI has been an integral part of our path to office modernization.

Abby Miller  

Practice ignition has truly ignited growth in our business. When a client of ours mentioned they also need to streamline their proposal process I recommended PI and now they are also happy Ignitioneers.

Simon Birdsall  

We love PI in our practice, it has streamlines our engagements and direct debits saving us heaps of time. It syncs seemlessly with Xero. I've recently discovered the Zapier integration allowing me to explore even more ways to improve our processes. Practice Ignition allows me to concentrate on my business and our clients not the admin that used to bog down my time.

Sarah-Jane Bishop  

Great software with excellent backoffice support which you lack from other players. Practice ignition has the potential to revolutionise your practice by standardising the engagement and proposal processes.

Inty Ahmed  

Bringing Practice Ignition into my business has allowed me to be more accepted professionally as a cloud accountant. Thanks to the advice from the support team my current clients are signing up quicker and new clients are giving a positive response. I have now also incorporated additional work in PI which gives me security when dealing with those extra work clients ask me for.

Gary Deans  

Great bit of software! Its been a game changer for us. We have received great support on the set up too! It's a no brainer, do it!

Rhys Edwards (B.A. Hons, FCCA)  

We love! love! love! Practice Ignition

PI is so flexible and easy to use.
They listen to feedback and are constantly releasing enhancements.
PI has solved all of our engagement and billing issues.
We set agreed fees upfront with clients = happy clients :-)
Each proposal has an engagement letter = happy CAANZ :-)
Adding Jobs to workflow is automated with XPM = happy Admin :-)
No EOM billing crush = happy me :-)
We have virtually no debtors = happy cashflow :-)
We are not focussed on WIP and productivity = happy staff :-)
Our main KPI for the team is job turnaround = easy to manage :-)

Needless to say the bad old days of time based billing after job completion are a distant memory.

As far as I am concerned LOCKUP is just simply we do as we leave the office for the day.

Just do it - this one's a no brainer - especially if you use XERO & XPM

Leanne Walcott  

Fantastic software. Very user friendly from both ours and the client perspective. Greatly aids streamlining and adds greatly to our efficiency. Would highly recommend.

Ronan Gibbons  

What a way to streamline!!!! This is saving up a lot of admin time.

Highly recommended.

Belinda Minnaar  

PI has worked wonders in my Practise. Not only has its streamline payments but my overdue bills have been caught up dramatically.

My clients all know where they stand now with what they are paying for and its been DD'ed from there Credit Card so its once less bill they have to remember to pay.

Would highly recommend to anyone!

Simon Griggs  

Practice Ignition is the best thing to happen to me in 2018!!!
Simple to use, saves hours of time, saves even more brain time, not having to worry about remembering/checking and chasing bits of paper.
It is also quite addictive to use, viewing the cash reports and monthly forecasts.
The team are pretty awesome too - big shout out to my account manager Reid 👍🏻

Andy Smith  

PI has been a real eye opener in our practice, finally putting us in a position where we can integrate several manual processes into one ensuring not only time saved but also improved risk management and cash flow to the business.

Arnold Scholtz  

Practice Ignition has transformed the engagement and billing process for accounting firms. For us it means all clients will sign an engagement letter, all clients have agreed to a fee prior to the commencement of work and best of all is knowing we will receive payment within our terms via the direct debit facility.

John Barrett  

I can't imagine running my practice without PI. This helps us manage our forecast and projections with its dashboard.

Bryce Stewart  

Loving PI! The setup, help and automation of everything has saved us so much time! It's so easy to navigate and is making life much easier! It's great that PI is open to new ideas that we think would help in the future too is awesome.

Kayte Ratcliffe  

I first came across PI via my Xero Account Manager and a Futrli blog. Of course, I hesitated for a while because it could not be that good, surely not?!!!! When I started the working with Reid at PI, I was blow away, not jut the product and service and content that PI has accumulated. My meetings with prospects are just miles better and . I feel more comfortable, professional and confident to give a quote on the spot.

David Mahwe  

Saving me time, money and lots of headaches. I'm afraid to leave this review as the entire profession may latch onto this great idea but Practice Ignition deserves the credit for an amazing product.

Eric Killian  

Took me a while to actually make the decision to use Practice Ignition. Wish I hadn't procrastinated. My admin time as reduced immensely and the client on-boarding process is streamlined. Highly recommend this add-on for any practice.

Felicity Mathews  

Love love!
Practice Ignition sets up how we work with our clients - online and paperless!
So easy to prepare proposals from our library of packages and easy to price up too.
It's renewal time that it really shines - so easy to rollover (with a little increase) send out to all clients.

Nicole Lynch  

I have to say that I'm a little mad at myself for waiting so long to use Practice Ignition. I originally through it was too expensive. BUT after one billing dispute with a client I quickly realized how silly I had been. In addition to eliminating the collection issues, it has saved me HOURS in creating engagement letters and bills for clients. Before PI I was manually creating engagement letter sent for electronic signature then manually creating bills in Xero. Any cost is far outweighed by the time I save. The Xero integration is fabulous. The same information is in both PI and Xero without me having to do anything other than the initial integration. I highly recommend this app!

Bette Hochberger  

Great Product, It has reduced my quoting time down to 5 mins from 1 hour.

Eric Cheshire  

Practice Ignition has almost completely removed any rifts between my partner and I when doing pricing. It's so easy to complete the templates that we no longer fight over wording or how something should be presented. Even pricing a customer has been less combative.

It's also awesome to see MRR on the dashboard and projections in the pipeline. Keeps you cognizant of revenues so that you can plan better.

Brian Clare  

Brilliant product. Excellent and knowledgeable support team.
A timeline/pipeline of expected projects/updates/released/integrations would help. We have suggested a few features to help speed up the proposal process so it can be done in less clicks.

Tom Newton  

Practice Ignition is one of the greatest tools I've added to my practice. My jobs deploy seamlessly to Xero Practice Manager and clients love the proposal to engagement letter format! It's easy to keep up with and manage. I couldn't be happier. Also, if I have a question, support responds quickly and is right on top of it!

Robby Mathis  

We have been using PI for our third year now. We love how it streamlines our invoicing and payment collection process. We are always trying to automate our clients admin and we use PI as our example of how we have automated some of our processes. Now that we can use zapier I feel that PI is now even better. We now link our services provided to clients into Infusionsoft which is our CRM

Matt Sharwood  

Practice Ignition is now one of the most important pieces of kit we use in our firm. The ability to sign new clients up from anywhere and within seconds has made the onboarding process much quicker and simpler - plus clients love it!

Julian Day  

Practice Ignition is an integral part of my practice, and is the first crucial step to establishing work scope with my clients. This process seamlessly allows clients to negotiate within the proposals and once accepted by the client - the job is automatically created via integration with my work flow system. Provides great transparency for scope and can be easily modified if the engagement changes - avoiding scope creep. Invoice payments can also be managed through Practice Ignition. At the start of a new financial year I simply rollover prior year engagements and modify if required - another great time saving feature of Practice Ignition.

Support team is very responsive and provide excellent service.

Katie Kirkland  

very happy with this app. It was the first add on we chose for Xero. Helps us have negative debtor days and have had a client thank us for offering this service. Makes the engagement and billing process so much easier. At the end of the job we no longer need to have that awkward billing moment.

Richard Bull  

When I started my own practice I did feel overwhelmed with the various proposals that I needed to put together. Practice Ignition really has made this much easier for me. One of my new clients who received and accepted my proposal via Practice Ignition was so impressed that they have implemented Practice Ignition for their law firm.

Susan McCracken  

Easy, integrated and responsive. PI is great for our business.

Angus Ferguson  

I had tears of happiness when I found PI - now I'm jumping for joy with the new integrations!

Heather Moore  

I've been using Practice Ignition since I setup my accounting practice and can't rate it highly enough. Not only does it eliminate the need for chasing debtors but it streamlines my internal processes and cuts down on administration.

Ryan Maddock  

After a little bit of a rough start with PI, I finally got the hang of creating proposals. I love being able to create customized proposals using my templates. I can adjust the scope and pricing as necessary. The best part is that PI sends invoices to and processes payments from my clients. The downside to that is it takes 5-7 days for an ACH to be deposited into my account. I've recommended PI to other bookkeepers.

Judi Walker  

I have been using Practice Ignition for my engagements and invoicing/collections for three years now. Not only does it make it quick and easy for us to send a proposal, it makes it even easier for a potential client to except it making them a client, no longer potential!

The payment feature is the only way to go, no worries about invoicing or collecting from clients. It’s like adding a staff member to your firm without all the overhead.

Their support is just as good, have a question on how do use the software, just post the question to them and you will get an answer quickly.

I highly recommend PI to anybody running an accounting firm today!

Jay Kimelman  

Really worth while for our practice... we don't use XPM or similar, we use Wrike for task deployment and team management, but we use this as an acceptance page for our proposals and scopes... it's perfect for that 'final step' and provides an easy 'checkout' for detailed and customised engagements. Can't wait for the Zappier integration so we can hook it up with our practice and project platforms, web and marketing platforms and GSuite! Cool Beans!

Cate Kemp  

I love working with PI- the app and the people! I recommend it highly, as I know many accounting professionals need to be sending engagement letters and don't. It sets such a great impression with the client, and also makes sure you are paid up front for recurring work. The process is easy, and roll-over to the new year is awesome. Every client, every time has an engagement letter with Practice Ignition.

Carla Caldwell  

Practice Ignition is great at improving the efficiency and can really help you maintain a regular cash flow. They have a fantastic support team and any issue is always solved quickly. With easy integration with Xero I would recommend this to anyone!

CATS Accountants  

I had looked at PI on a number of occaisons but held off, not being entirely convicned the cost would justify the purchase. I was very wrong! We have now been using PI for several months and every month we have paid for the subscription several times over by reducing scope creep and invoicing for all those small items clients request.

Add to this the ease of creating proposals and letters of engagement and it forms an essential part of our practice.

The only missing piece is the ability to collect via direct debit as well as card.

Overall great add in.

Rob Mollan  

Practice Ignition is more than just a nice plugin that automates recurring revenue collection for your clients. It's an entire platform for managing your client onboarding AND billing. The integration with Xero is seamless and the thought that has gone into this software translates into a tool that encourages businesses on a service model to really think through and hone their service offerings. More than a nice-to-have, consider PI an essential part of your service toolkit because it will quickly become that!

Matt Wilmot  

Practice ignition has totally professionalised our client engagement. We are now being paid for all the work we do for our clients and it is the sole creator of our jobs in WFM (xero practice manager) for business clients. Within three months it has reduced our debtors by more than 35%. We are loving the streamlined payment process and the continuing improvements that come on a regular basis. All in all 100 out of 100

Robert Schammer  

I have been using Practice Ignition since day one of starting my practice. Even though cash flow was tight at that stage I knew it was going to be an extremely valuable tool to my business.

I did most of the setup myself (my one tip if you are going to DIY, is to set aside a day or so to really work out your services and get it setup with your engagement letter etc), but got great support from the PI team, they are always happy to jump on a call and give updates on the product, or advise on some best practice methods.

Adam Grigsby  

Practice Ignition is incredible. I can't (and don't want to) remember my practice management and proposal writing process before PI. It's simple, affordable and yet powerful and scalable. PI is the foundation for any cloud based firm and I highly recommend it!

P.S. They listen to your suggestions and complaints.

Darius Tullis  

Practice Ignition (PI) closes the loop between leads generated from our website and invoicing via Xero. Clients love the electronic signing of our engagement letters and with PI we never forget to invoice. We preach the importance of fully integrated systems to our clients - PI allows us to practice what we preach in our own business.

Adriaan Basson  

We like Practice Ignition a lot! Everything online and in one place so different members of the team can see the client info as and when needed - and payments has helped to establish clear rules of engagement with clients about payment terms.

Alex Harvey  

Practice Ignition has streamlined the client engagement process for us. Getting the 'Services' fleshed out, priced and ready to drop in to a proposal was the key to make the on boarding process efficient. I love the flexibility of how client's can pay, recurring charges, etc.

Mary-Clare Switz  

Practice ignition is the 1st and foremost app my would-be clients are exposed to as a follow up to any meeting as I would send my customised electronic proposal cum engagement letter for them to sign and accept. Not only being Super cool, it projects an image of professionalism which is second to none. Thank u Practice Ignition for making my 2 practices in Singapore and Malaysia look great. It's been a wonderful experience. Congrats on the Xero Industry Specific Award 2017 you guys just won! You deserve it! 💕

Mohamed Fazluddin Mohd H  

Practice Ignition has systemised our proposals and pipeline. The rollover facility keeps us focused and on track and the pricing of services is so much simpler. We love it.

Deborah Whitaker  

Absolutely love Practice Ignition! Makes our proposal process fluid so that prospects become clients with the least amount of effort. We've had feedback from our clients that they love it too!

The dashboard is also brilliant for a snapshot of the companies sales and pipeline.

Chloe Waight  

I love how you can set up services, send out an engagement to a client, then it automatically collects payment and sets up the job. Has cut hours of admin time per week and we have eliminated the dreaded "Debtors"

Nick Kyriopoulos  

As a sole practitioner I've been searching for a cost effective practice management suite to help me manage my processes. Practice Ignition is a perfect solution to help with the all important initial quote and engagement system. It saves me approx 2 hours per client on setup/job allocation and enables me to see my budget income quickly. This has recently enabled me to make important decisions with employing staff to help grow my practice. The staff at PI are very patient and helpful when you first signup, as well as the ongoing support are quick and efficient. I use Workflow max and Xero for the remaining elements of my practice suite and PI integrates with these with no issues. The payments system in PI works really well and saves me so much time not having to chase clients for their money. Thank you Practice Ignition.

Alistair Porter  

We have recently started using Practice Ignition in our practice. Setting up the service library really made us think about our practice and what we had to offer. Once that was done everything else is easy, easy, easy! You just put a proposal together and send it to the client. It is a game changer for us. I would use it even if it didn't integrate with Xero.

Summer Wilkinson  

Beautiful and intuitive and literally covers all bases of how to engage/charge a client. It is the beginning and the end piece of software for a client's lifecycle. Engage your client, set the terms of the service you are offering, require payment details, client clicks to accept and gets billed upon acceptance, recurring or completion. You have clear parameters for the work you are doing set out for the client and payment, all in one system. It is actually my number one piece of software I recommend to clients! I think EVERY Accounting and service based business should have PI implemented, it's more important than a job management solution and with the payments feature, no more debtors and a vastly improved cashflow!

Amy Holdsworth  

I was hesitant to sign up over the years since PI started. I bit the bullet and it's one of the best things I've done for the business. Payments platform is amazing and even though the merchant fee is a bit steep it's still worth the investment for the time saved.

James Carey  

Practice Ignition has been a complete game changer for my business. Not only do we receive our payments in a timely manner, because of the direct debits inbuilt into it, we can plan out our bill payments due to the frequency of scheduled invoice disbursals, we can onboard our clients in a more streamlined fashion as it incorporates our engagement letter and confidentiality agreement. I love the support from the PI team who are there to assist us in whatever we need. As we are a bookkeeping practice who were traditionally working on hourly rates we have now been able to package our services and enjoy the ongoing fruit of that. Guy mentored us in that process via Webinar and provided the tools to actually outwork it in our business. The main reason I joined PI is because I met Guy early in their journey in 2014 and his passion for automation and providing value based fees helped me to be won over. One other thing that's often forgotten is being able to roll over our annual agreements. PI Makes it simple! I love PI and wave the flag! It's one piece of software I wouldn't like to do without!

Jen Swenson  

We are brand new to PI having just sent out our first 2 proposals. The set up process wasn't difficult and the automation and integration the software provides is excellent. This will save us hours and be convenient for clients. Everyone's a winner!

Tim O'Hara  

Practice Ignition has been a business saver!
Very easy to work with and speedy help staff (if needed).
Its making our engagement letters and service packages seamless. Plus we're able to project our yearly earnings and this knowledge at a single touch is invaluable.
Would definitely recommend.

Emma Klymenko  

Practice Ignition is fantastic. The simplicity of on-boarding, job creation, engagement letters, rolling over and tracking proposals has saved us a lot of time. The support and training is excellent and we highly recommend Practice Ignition. Thank you Practice Ignition.

Elona Purcell  

Practice Ignition just simplifies our contracting process and initiates our workflow that makes engagement with clients on services required and billing fully aligned. Would recommend PI to any service orientated company. World Class!!

Ryan Coates  

Simply put - our firm has reduced the billing confusion by 100%

Stuart Reynolds  

I love PI. It's removed the whole burden of client on-boarding. Every practice that is on fixed price billing should be using PI. I found it super easy to implement and the seamless sync to Xero for invoicing is a life saver. No more Word documents and emails <hurrah>. Worth every cent. I now run a true paperless office.

Giles Wilson  

We run a 100% cloud, paperless bookkeeping practice and follow this through when it comes to our clients as well. Practice Ignition has made client enquiries from our website, proposal generation, client on-boarding, job creation, invoicing & payment a seamless process that requires very little effort and saves us time to do the things that really matter. Look after our clients!

Erika Williams  

I am so happy with the streamlined process and the job and reconciliation integration. Compared to our previous so called 'paperless' office, I can now manage all of the engagement and billing simply - and track/update the existing proposals!

Luke Costa  

Practice Ignition has been a life saver this tax season. The ability to quickly send out engagement letters, get payment terms setup and have the invoicing happen and sync to Xero seamlessly saves a lot of time and automates our onboarding process. Great app!

Joshua Lance  

Preparing engagements and on boarding customers all around the world is so much simpler with the use of Practice Ignition! I love that there there is the functionality for everything to accepted, signed and paid all in one area! Our clients have found it so much easier too! And it's helped us with becoming more paperless! We should have jumped onboard sooner!

Karen Ng  

I absolutely love Practice Ignition. I'm so happy it was recommended to me and now I'm recommending it to other professionals. Makes life so much easier and the integration with Xero and Xero Practice Manger is a dream. I particularly like the ability to required payment details for all proposals and to choose whether a client will pay all up front, 50% up front and then on completion or just on completion. This give me so much more control over debtors and improves cash flow. The support team are marvellous too.

Dianne Kennedy  

Great system with a very helpful support team. Highly recommend.

Marcus Wolfgram  

Great software that's transformed our onboarding and payment collection processes. PI is intuitive, efficient and effective. I also can't say enough about PI's staff... they're awesome.

Tim Burgess  

PI has made a huge difference to our onboarding and billing process. Instant transmission and acceptance of engagement letters and using xero and GoCardless effortless collection of funds.

Phil Lewis  

Have been using PI for the last 12 months. Has definitely help reduce debtors and get clients to sign engagement letters at the same time. The fact that all engagement letters are all stored in one place and ease of receiving payments is a winner.

Aaron Colley  

I am now using PI for the second full tax season. Although no software has all of the things everyone needs, we have been able to get engagements to our clients before we start any work. Because we provide our pricing in advance, we have not had any objections when we present our bill. The integration with Xero and Practice Manager (WorkflowMax) has allowed us to finally get all of our administrative software talking to each other so we are not repeating the same task for multiple software.

Stephen Archibald  

This software is a winner. It does exactly what we need when it comes to payment processing, linking with our bookkeeping in Xero, auto reconciliation process, professional engagements and a pathway into fixed fee billing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Tim Garth  

We absolutely love Practice Ignition at Growthwise. We have saved 3-5 hours per client per year in our engagement + onboarding + payments process, all thanks to PI! The dashboard is excellent at keeping us on track and showing progress for the year as well.

Steph Hinds  

I am a small accounting/bookkeeping service. We've been doing this for over 20 years. One of our biggest issues has always been chasing down payments for A/R. Many clients would take whatever time works for them to pay by credit card or mail a check. A colleague mentioned how much they like PI.

I decided about a year ago to give PI a try. A learning curve to be sure, but not onerous. I tried it out with around 15 clients, and after startup goofs on my part, got it running smoothly.

It has worked extremely well, and A/R issues are a thing of the past. Near the endo of last year we informed all clients that as of 1/1/17 all billing transactions would be using PI, and a full explanation was given, questions answered, etc.

All our business is now conducted through PI, with the exception being one old, cranky client who pays very quickly anyway. We are very pleased with the PI / Xero integration and have recommended it several times.

David Goldstein  

PI is the best proposal and payment management software which has created business efficiencies for our firm. Our clients are impressed as well. Thank you to the entire Team at PI for making our lives so much easier.

Sandeep Singh  

Practice Ignition has saved us a lot of time at the office. It has made client engagement smoother, faster and more transparent. No more changing word templates.

Raj Vallabh  

Knew about Practice Ignition for a few years but wondered if it was worth it...it IS.
I create dummy clients for standard templates, add name, company name, email, mobile, then duplicate the proposal for AAA New Co Setup or AAA New Co Book&Accg to the new potential client, then double check and send. Previous time per proposal 10mins basic to 50mins complex. Now: 2mins basic and 10 mins complex. So worth it!

Scott Kay  

A natural add on for any accounting business engaged with Xero. Handles the compliance side of engaging clients and more importantly improves cashflow. Also enables a focus on monthly recurring revenue which is arguably the most important KPI for a cloud engaged practice. Clients love the tool too - gives them certainty over price and included services, and allows the accountant to effectively manage scope creep.

Peter Morgan  

We have been using Practice Ignition for 7 months and it has streamlined so many tasks. I used to use (and Pay for) multiple programs; when I found PI through Xerocon 2015 I was hesitant because of the monthly subscription. After an analysis, I saw I would not only be saving money, but time, and we all know what that means: more money savings. I was using Adobe eSign for online contracts and accepting payments through a myriad of processors: Bill.com, Stripe, PayPal, Intuit, checks... Practice Ignition wiped all that away. The initial setup of products and templates was a monster; so set that time aside (why we switched in May/June after tax season). I adore being able to easily customize a proposal now with a few clicks and all of the payment options: recurring, upon completion (with or without a down payment), estimates (hourly or price range). Not only does Practice Ignition integrate with Xero, but it also updates Practice Manager (workflowmax) and we have everything mapped (clients, products, jobs, dates, manager). Now, I cannot imagine not using Practice Ignition. The dashboard is great too! Since our contracts are annual; in the first month of the year, we can see our projected annual income based on accepted contracts At A Glance without running any reports. (obviously, I can go on an on)

Mariel Diaz  

Practice Ignition is awesome! We use it to engage every single client and we couldn't run our practice without it. I highly recommend enabling payments for every proposal - the simplicity of collecting payments means our debtors are non existent and we save an immense amount of time. The product and support guys are very helpful plus the product is constantly evolving with more and more functionality.

Chris Tinta  

Great and easy to use. Simplifies the process of managing your clients and contracts. Highly recommended!

Pieter Barnard  

The makes life easier when trying to have control of engagement letters and jobs great tool!

Alberto Ibarra  

Practice Ignition makes it simple, quick and easy to create proposals for all clients providing clarity of which services are being provided and clear upfront pricing. The process makes it easy for clients to agree to proposed fees, services and the terms of engagements and the acceptance process ensures that signed agreements are complete and filed correctly. The time saved by invoicing directly through Practice Ignition frees our time so we can spend more time providing great outcomes for our clients.

Paul Sweeney  

If you run an accounting or bookkeeping business and have ongoing fee arrangements with your clients, you need to be using Practice Ignition.

Our old process was Xero repeating invoices + EziDebit. Make the move to PI and you'll never look back.

Jen Gulliver  

PI Integrates seamlessly with Xero and Practice Manager. It saves a lot of time of double handling client's info and projects.

On top of that, it saves you time from creating an invoice and proposal separately. The ability for PI to directly accept payments when the proposal is accepted saves a lot of headaches of going back and forth with the clients.

It's a great tool! Highly recommended

Rizal Ramzan  

For those who are 100% Xero firms, Practice Ignition is the missing link between firm administration and clients. We have found it makes conversations with clients around services and billing easy and streamlines the introduction of client work into our workflow.

Campbell King  

Practice Ignition has changed how my business operates. I am able to do proposals and invoicing seameselly. It has improved my cashflow, I now don't do any work unless a client has accepted a proposal with the bank or credit card details entered so it saves me time in chasing down a slow pay or not getting paid at all. Seriously it is so awesome!!

Amanda Knight  

Practice Ignition is great. My proposals are consistent now and much quicker to prepare. Also roll overs are streamlined. I love the interface and would really recommend it even for sole practitioners like me as I've found it saves me huge amounts of time and has a very professional look.

Nicola Holman  

This is a great bit of a kit and has changed how we do things massively. There are still some tweaks and improvements to be made to the platform but the PI team are awesome and always listen to how they can keep improving and developing the application.

David Hassall  

Practice Ignition is at the core of my practice. I couldn't and wouldn't want to operate with out it. Professional, quick and seamless way to onboard a client, client accepts scope of work / agreed fees, invoices pushed to Xero for issuing, fee collection processed. All my fixed fee / value based work (80% of my revenue) is automatically collected on the 1st of the month, every month. The BEST thing I ever did for my cashflow. And now with the new dashboard I get an overview of my business for the year ahead, including projected revenue, projected payment, clients engaged and a breakdown of which of my services is making me the most money. Love it!

Sally Brindle  

We are close to two years with PI. Very good app if you want to work online. The support is exceptional. PI engages your client, creates the job in XPM, creates the invoice on completion and provides a payment solution for the job.

Lessons learnt:
- Get it set up right from the start. Service templates, job templates, letter templates, etc.
- Required change management from our organisational point of view and also for the clients.

Five stars.

Ben Elliott  

Have been using PI for a while now and could not live without it. A very professional start to a client relationship. It has helped me to respond quicker, close faster and look more professional with clients. An absolute must for any aspiring digital practice.

Paul Layte  

Have recently started using Practice Ignition and am super impressed with the integration between PI, Xero Practice Manager and Xero. I am even more impressed with the professional presentation of the proposals, the amount of time I am saving by not having to invoice clients directly or create client engagement letters, and to top it all off, the support team are absolutely fantastic! I couldn't be happier :)

Sue Kapperer  

I just signed up to PI this week. I couldn't be happier with THEIR engagement process. The PI team really do walk the talk..they actually care about how you are going...and look after you. This app integrates to my website packages and takes the mental and administrative gymnastics out of the engagement process. I'm finding it easier to market my services to my clients now - and it is leading to more engagements per client. So glad I made the move!

Dominic Papaluca  

I am looking at using PI , and just wondering if any long term users had any comments - are they still happy with PI and still confident with it.... I have been bitten a few times before with new software that starts promising than does not deliver, so any feedback from long term users (good or bad) wuld be really appreciated...

sean tickett  

I have just signed up to PI.
W O W. Not only can I use it to set up a quote while I am at a Client / Prospective Client. It also integrates with my webpage so I can have my packages online and fee into PI to follow up.
Billing and cash flow are king in ANY & EVERY business. But especially in accounting firms as debtors can creap up to 20 - 30%. PI really resolves these issues.

I have use XPM and others but PI is by far, leaps and bounds ahead.
Great work to Guy and the team.

Daniel Moore  

This engagement letter application integrates with Xero and WorkflowMax. It allows you to create services and items, include basic engagement legal verbiage, and send the letter/qoute to a potential client quickly.

The cons:
- It's quite overpriced, starting at $30 for an app that should be around $10/month.

- It will repeatedly send invoices to Xero, which you will have to delete if you use another billing/recurring billing app.

- It's very basic, making PandaDoc and other apps look much more complete.

- It limits the information you put in about a client initially, missing important fields.


For the price, it doesn't provide much value, but it is a useful "light" app.

Kirsten Barrie  

Practice Ignition will take your firm to the next level. We have heavily implemented it at our firm for the onboarding process. It really streamlines and automates the entire process. We also implemented the connector on our website. A great little tool.

Looking forward to the future :)

Ryan Lazanis  

Administration 0
Practice Ignition 1

PI makes it very easy for us to onboard and invoice clients for recurring work that we do. Furthermore, special proposals are easily viewable by our team, making sure that we effectively deliver what we promised.

Alexey Mitko  

Practice Ignition is the dogs bollocks when it comes to efficiency!
Absolutely sensational support team, and issues are usually fixed within the hour!!...
Another great thing is the team constantly update and better the software based on our feedback.
Brilliant bit of kit.

Ben Walker  

This is awesome - in 10 hours I have completed 135 fee proposals for my clients for the upcoming year. Last year this took the admin team over a week to prepare and then I hate to think how many hours to set up the jobs in WorkflowMax not to mention the time in invoicing. My admin team are delighted to not have to do all that mundane work and I'm over the moon that it is all set up with the jobs and the invoicing at a push of a button by the client!

Amanda Fisher  

Great piece of software that is saving us loads of time - tick the services that the client wants (or even better with the web connector, the client self servers)...engagement letter produced and emails, tasks set up in WFM and invoice raised in Xero. Client onboarding sorted.

All backed up by an excellent support team. Well done Practice Ignition.

Jonathan Gaunt  

As a new accounting practice we are undertaking allot of new engagements, and having practice ignition as one of our cloud accounting system tools has simplified and streamlined this process and the fact that it then feeds jobs back into Workflowmax and raises invoices in Xero just adds more ticks in the Practice Ignition box. As well as simplifying our internal processes, it has removed the need for paper or electronically stored engagement letters, assisting our paperless office quest; and our clients love it as well. Thank-you

Craig Pisani  

Practice Ignition has transformed the way I on-board new clients. I can be in an initial client meeting, scope out what we are going to do for them, draft an agreement and have it in their inbox in a matter of minutes. They can then accept it online and be on our way to complete fixed price servicing from day one. No admin, no follow ups, no fuss.

Matthew Goss  

This is the last peace of puzzle for us to make our practice 100% cloud based.Saving us lot of time, managing all our engagements as well as streamlining the process from customers accepting the engagements to create all the jobs in Workflowmax and creating invoices in Xero.

Brad Golchin