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Receipt Bank

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 615 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Receipt Bank, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipts and invoices - into Xero data, check out Receipt Bank.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Receipt Bank, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Receipt Bank support centre .

A great time-saving tool. We use RB as a bundle with Xero for all our clients and it has made a huge difference to both clients (who LOVE how easy it is) and to us as a practice. Our bookkeeping is completed daily now instead of yearly and has saved us so much time.

Ruth Hastings  

A very easy tool to speed up the bookkeeping process - especially how it links straight onto Xero. Much easier for the accountants and the clients. Simple and saves so much time in the long run.

Lauren Pugh  

Having used RB for over 6 years now, we've seen huge improvements. Today the software is intuitive, correct and FAST. It's easy to use, easy to understand where the information comes from and how it processes information. The mobile app is great for clients, and the features keep on coming! Great work guys!

Charles Klvana  

I've only been using Receipt Bank for a few months and have found it very useful as the integration with Xero really helps save time. Uploading receipts gets rid of stacks of receipts in the office and our clients can take a photo and immediatly bin their receipts knowing that they are safely uploaded to Receipt Bank.

Georgina Weller  

We have rolled out ReceiptBank to all of our clients new and old. Since starting using the ReceiptBank in November 2018, the integration to Xero has saved both ourselves and our clients many hours of time. It is fantastic and simple to use.

Joseph Thomson  

Receipt Bank integrates excellently with Xero, since joining Receipt Bank in Nov 2018, we haven't looked back since. It is a game changer, we as accountants roll this out to any and every new client. It packs all the latest software innovations and keeps us fully compliant with HMRC for electronic paperwork, plus saves both us and the client hours of data entry.

Finlay Everington  

RB and Xero is a perfect combination tool for bookkeeping especially if it was being utilize properly.

Edison Buenaventura  

I have pretty much made Receipt Bank mandatory for all my clients. It is the best document management app. So easy to use. I call it the electronic equivalent to the shoebox. Another thing to add to that table of things that your phone can now do for you!

Geraldene Dobson  

great to work with Xero & Receipt bank. Clients information coming in faster

Tracy O'Donnell  

They really understand the difficulties of getting information from clients and amaze me with the innovative ways they come up with to make things easier for everyone

Victoria Ellis  

We have been using receipt bank for several years but have issues every month that some receipt just seem to disappear when they've been sent. It's always the same receipts too.Not sure if anyone else has had the same issues or know of any alternative software?

Rhian Boden  

Having been using Receipt Bank for just over a year we are really noticing the benefits, not just in house but to our clients as well. The clients like the ease of uploading documents and no longer having to post or drop them into the office. The mobile app is also great for those clients who are always on the go.


Receipt Bank + Gusto + Xero = AWESOME!

You (or your employees) can take a picture of your receipt and send your reimbursable expenses for approval via smart phone and/or computer. Those expenses can be approved with one click, and with no additional data entry, sent from Receipt Bank to Gusto to Xero, all properly coded: payroll, payroll taxes, and reimbursable expenses.

Jennifer Scott  

Receipt Bank is helping us to reduce the hassle of adding repeated bills and streamlining our entire Xero process. It frees us time to concentrate on the reporting side of things.

Axel Main  

Receipt Bank is a great addition to Xero, which makes it really easy to add invoices/expenses etc.

Andy Brewood  

This is a great app an works seamlessly with Xero.

Nadeem Yusuf  

Receipt bank has brought us closer to our clients, and reduced the amount of chasing we have had to do. This has made for cleaner, more efficient expenses in a timely manner rather than constantly chasing for missing receipts.

Nicola Donnelly  

Love using receipt bank it saves so much time and its easy to use. I no longer have to go through massive piles of paper. The fact that it links to Xero is a bonus as you don't need to pull off any spreadsheet, it all automatically transfers to the clients Xero account.

Sophia Hone  

The combination of Xero and ReceiptBank removes the hassle and time consuming PT from bookkeeping. My clients (and our practice as a whole) are enjoying the use of the system and the added bonus is that the accounts are kept up to date - all with the use of the mobile app. It is as simple as taking a photo!

Even individuals who hate the "bookkeeping, numbers and accounting stuff" are enjoying the simplicity and ease of use of the app.

The guys at ReceiptBank is always trying to improve the system.

Anzelle Boshoff  

Receiptbank is great, but the pricing structure could be improved.
Also would like to see more features like detailed line item extraction.

Grant Edmond  

Great integration and love how robust the VAT returns now are with supporting documents attached. New sales function from RB is exciting too.

Graeme Handley  

Love using this product. A time saver. Hopefully RB will add the feature that notes in an email would populate into the description field.

Karen Kelly  

Makes life so much easier!! Have just upgraded our accountancy practice to the top tier receipt bank level. Makes processing 100x quicker, meaning we can focus on the more complex side of accounting! Would definitely recommend!

Laurence Pettit  

Receipt Bank has been a game changer, I am not chasing as many purchase invoices/expenses like I was. Creating accurate management reports and VAT returns.

Karen Macleod  

Clients love it. I wish it would automatically notice when new accounts or cyracking codes were added so you didn’t always have to refresh the lists.

Alana Nicklin  

Straightforward integration between Xero and Receipt Bank and recommend that all clients set up Receipt Bank. Not only does it save time but also allows the digital storage of all receipts.

David Perkins  

Clients find it much easier to send over everything, reduces our need to chase too.

Thomas Ash  

Receipt bank and xero are the best investment we've made in 25 years! They have opened the doors to so much potential and opportunity. We are saving so much time and were fortunate enough to get a deal on unlimited bank conversions.


Massive time saver on VAT and bookkeeping jobs and the PDF attachments to invoices make it so easy when it comes to client queries

Llyr Davies  

Receipt Bank allows me to keep up with bookkeeping in real time, saves time and delights my clients. A must!

Emma Woodhouse  

A must have product for Xero accountants! Saves so much time and is great value for money!

Jamie Dawes  

Receipt Bank saves time on manual data entry and is so easy to use. It's so simple to explain to clients and those I have onboarded so far are loving it!

Lauren Farrell  

Saves so much time, paper and increases accuracy!

Megan Dymond  

Receipt bank has been very helpful and cut down our data entry time to almost nothing, we use the full automation so the invoices get processed and put straight into Xero without us having to look at them.

David Adderson  

Receiptbank + Xero is a great combination for those in business. The ability to see and categorise multiple transactions on one screen without having to click into different screens is a big advantage. Competing software does not provide this same feature and so I am staying with receiptbank. Also the accuracy of data automation is fabulous.

Steph Shipway  

I believe that ReceiptBank + Xero are best practice for all types of small & medium enterprises. ReceiptBank saves so much time & angst in asking clients what receipts are for. It is very fast and accurate & saves my practice so much time.

Dana Cuch  

Receipt Bank saved my practice a considerable amount of time and improved accuracy.

Kevin Gao  

RB is a game changer.. specifically with our high volume hospitality clients. Integrated with Xero..no more filing.

Don Grgic  

We love Receipt bank so much that we now include it in our monthly set fee packages. Its a great way to get our tradies sending us the info and we can text them direct with questions. It saves us soo much time.

Sandra Price  

Very useful found to be better than competition on the market.

helpful support and accounts management

Dean Kinton  

I love it. It saves me and the client so much time. I don't have to chase them for documentation. I can review their entries and publish them to Xero. I just wish they had class integration at the lower tiers

STEVEN Hamilton II  

If you are using Xero- Receipt Bank is a must. It is a huge time saver.

Jodi Tolborg  

Receipt Bank is an extremely effective tool. I use it for all my clients, the hours saved mean I can spend more time on other activities increasing the value I can add for my clients. Amazing!

Peter Johnson  

Saves sooo much time through the process of using both xero and receiptbank and it is now our preferred method for all our clients. The time saved is priceless and is allowing us to grow our business without increasing our overheads.

Claire Bartlett  

We put 100% of our clients on both Xero and Receipt Bank, it is a combination that gets the best of both worlds accountancy reporting and automated bookkeeping. We have invested a lot of time learning both programs throroughly and take 3 months onboarding process to really understand our clients suppliers so the rules are tweaked constantly to perfection. Thereafter, we have a happy client and a very slick system

Howard Smith  

Great time savings to be achieved.
Quite a lot of our larger clients we found to be scanning invoices after they had entered the data for just a storage option, after showing them RB and Xero they have moved over.
It just goes to show it is not just a product for small business

Ben Taylor  

Lovely interaction between RB and Xero - makes bank reconciliations very clean and immediately highlights what we are missing paperwork wise to allow us to prompt clients almost in real time!

Gaynor Hutton  

Makes bookkeeping a breeze and an essential part of a modern cloud practice. I have also been pleasantly surprised with Receipt Banks social platform for accountants. Treasure trove full of useful content. This company and its products are fantastic!

Lukas Somarakis  

No more paper receipts to deal with!

Muhammad Zuberi  

Great software which has made our practice a lot more efficient.

Dan Harrison  

Receipt Bank has given us valuable time back, our Xero clients love how it saves them so much time and that we can access invoices to get the correct information.

Aileen Lyons  

Receiptbank has made what potentially could be a logistically nightmare far easier - my client is located in one place, I (as bookkeeper) am located in another and the accountant is located in another. Client sends item to receiptbank we can then all see it in xero. This is just one example of how Xero and Receiptbank is making my life far easier than it was previously!!!!

Sarah Barton-Curnow  

I find Xero to be a top notch package - as an accountant I use most of the cloud accounting packages and I find that with in relation to Receipt Bank, all the functionalities work whereas with other packages for example you cannot extract the project from within Receipt Bank etc. I like the fact the you have to option to process as paid, awaiting payment or as a draft - sometimes you don't have all the info but can publish it meantime and then retrieve it later from the awaiting approval section.

Eloise Balmer  

We attach all source documents. Scanning and having TB extract the data and applying auto publishing rules has really helped our processes.

Leigh Cummings  

I Have RB but a little confused on how to manage it in Xero.
1. for the invoices to be paid we allocate it to a specific expense from the Xero chart of account. how does this show up in Xero and also how to we prevent it from being a double up in Xero when the bank feed payments are seen in Xero?

Sunita Nair Niranjan  

Saves time and is so easy to use! Best app to add on to Xero.

Charlotte Bruce  

Continual problems with overcharging and no one responds from Support despite multiple support requests. We have cancelled our subscription and started using Xero Bills.

Giles Ellis  

Its one of our favourite Apps in the Xero ecosystem and has transformed the way we do accounting. Hands down is a must to have as part of your practice!

Peter Magner  

Receipt Bank has made life so much easier for our clients, they can now upload there receipts when they receive them which means no more missing info! Receipt Bank has also saved us lots of time we were spending on chasing client for info. The software is simple to use and also the customer service team are excellent if we ever have any problems. Highly recommend Receipt Bank!

Nathan Price  

Great app, but frankly horrific support. I even gave them a chance to resolve the issue prior to posting this review, but no action. The issue I have/had is support staff bouncing the issue from one person to another, rather than taking ownership of the issue through to resolution.

Hamish Mexted  

Excellent app - No longer do I have to process all the receipts from photos and then upload and code. In ReceiptBank it's all done for me!! Time saver!!

Sarah Tampion  

Super add on for collecting and tracking receipts.

Elios Rossolimos  

Brilliant; no more paper bags of receipts 🙌

Sean Larkin  

Appreciate your seeking help, Eduard. However, as this is a thread for the review of the Receipt Bank and Xero integration each user can only comment and leave a star rating for each review, once.
More than welcome to post for the communities advice in Xero central Discussions - the Connected apps & services topic would be a good audience for this. :)
Otherwise, you can reach out to Receipt Bank Support directly through the link in the top of this thread.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Just started using ReceiptBank and loving it so much

leila sangar  

our data entry best tool

Michael Fox  

RB saves us so much time, businesses no longer have to spend hours entering the data from supplier bills or finding copies of the bills to begin with no that fetch is live!! I would love to see the ability to select a scheduled payment date in RB that flows straight into a scheduled date in Xero so that we can streamline the batch payment process.

Emily Walford  

As a new accounting practice and currently wearing the many hats in the business, i love the xero and receipt bank integration - its saving so much time in my practice financials and clients i am recommending it to are loving the efficiencies they are gaining too (and i love jobs coming to me looking less like a shoe box as a result!)

Mari Ashted  

Great timesaver when using an appropriate subscription level.

Mitch Reece  

Best part is making it easy to attach invoices, many clients were still keeping a shoe box full!!!

Ben Wong  

Love using Receipt Bank with Xero. It saves on the data entry and very easy to see the invoices if you need to review. Well worth it.

Melissa Lange  

Receipt bank is an awesome product to use with Xero, the platform is clear, clean and easy to use. Bookkeeping would be a nightmare without it.

Fiona Klerck  

RB has definitely made my life easier.
Without RB I think I would have had to employ someone, outsource or reduce clients.
I love the product, still using the entry level but am going to upgrade and I know this will make life even easier. My clients that use it, love it.


We've been using Receipt Bank for 3 years and what an impact it's had on our clients. Removing the mundane and replacing our conversations instead with business performance and how to turn the business into cashflow positive, instead of "where is that receipt". RB is a game changing and a compulsory tool to automate and move onto something more meaningful.

Ceri Relf  

OMG RB has changed how I do Business!!
I recently went out on my own and turned my one day a week side hustle which I've had for 10 years .... into a Full time Business!! I quickly changed to Xero for most of my clients and after Xerocon 2018 I've moved all that I could to Receipt Bank! Clients love the fact that they can just take a photo of their receipts on the go and toss them in the bin!! No more storing receipts in the closet or garage ... it's all embedded into the Xero file.

Kylie Hayes  

Receipt bank is a game changer for both accountants and bookkeepers alike. Whether it is compiling the 'shoe box of receipts' or supporting a key partner client it streamlines the bookkeeping process significantly.
My particular favourite is using 'dead' time to code non automated clients invoices. This easily saves me 3 hours a week let alone the time saved in having digital images of invoices just a click away.

Neil Jackson  

Love Receipt Bank, and its even better when paired with Xero. We have gained so much efficiency from using Receipt Bank with Xero - many of my clients love being able to take a photo and send it through rather than having to dig around for receipts to give me each month!

Monique Meacham  

We operate a large practice in Brisbane, specialising in hospitality (restaurants/coffee shops/ bars) they generate a lot of invoices + receipts, which in the past the owner / operators generally misplaced, now with Receipt Bank + XERO, simple, take photo, job done. We can now lodge BAS / IAS on time without any problems. Best investment we have ever made in our clients business and ours for that matter.

Brad A. Gunn  

Seamless Xero/ReceiptBank has saved us a lot of processing time. Thanks

Nicholas Phillips  

Receipt bank, the staff member working 24/7.
Great tech to have on-board.

Driaan Byleveldt  

Receipt Bank has changed the running of our practice completely for the better. So much time is saved and staff are doing less menial tasks. It has uplifted staff, everyone is completely in love with the product!

Laura Evison  

We use Xero, Receipt Bank and WFM. After trying a few months we haven't had much sucess with RB. The WFM integration is linked with Xero so there is lots of manual data handling required. Receipts can't be marked as on chargeable to clients despite having a client field available in the app. If you're just processing supplier invoices or have your receipts all lying around and deal with them once a year great. If you want to improve WFM or Xero workflows it didn't add any value that we could find. Watching the space to see if the integrations improve.

Matthew Rogers  

The integration between Xero and Receipt Bank has revolutionised the way I do the books for my clients and the clients love how interactive it is.
They like the fact that they are more involved in the processes but at the same time there is less hassle for them - they literally carry it around in their pockets!

Grace Townsend  

I've only been using receipt bank for two weeks and already fallen in love with it. I don't understand how I hadn't heard of this before now. Such an easy tool to help reduce the admin time.

Rosie Grimes  

Love Receipt Bank, and its even better when paired with Xero. We have gained so much efficiency from using Receipt Bank with Xero (I know we have saved hundreds of hours this year alone). I have several clean up clients that come to me with nothing done so we take photos of all the receipts and start there. Love that Receipt Bank does the date entry work for us and that the receipt is attached to the entry in Xero. It has been such a perfect match.

Jessica Weismiller  

Excellent app - easy to use, very efficient

Phil Welsh  

Fantastic app, such a time saver. Invoice fetch is a great new feature that will really help with Making Tax Digital as we can retrieve recurring bills from the client's supplier accounts without having to ask the client for any invoices.

James Mattock  

Excellent plugin which works quickly and easily. Makes life easy for clients, and also for accounting firms.

Paul P  

Seamless integration and saving a lot of processing time

Henk Cronje  

A lot of time saved in processing and posting invoices.

Easy to integrate both systems.

Matt Woodbridge  

Xero and Receipt Bank are a perfect combo for smart bookkeeping

Holly Osborn  

Since signing up with Receipt Bank, our clients have been able to help save time within their lives and also get rid of that shoe box that most of them keep in their office. Better yet using it in house has meant that we can save time searching through that shoe box by simply utlising the search and supplier functions within Receipt Bank.

Jesse Hall - Malloch McClean  

On the whole this is a great integration. I'd like to see a little more flexibility with the link to the tracking module in Xero. Also maybe a link to the "Xero Projects" module as well with options to "Bill to client"and "Don't Bill to Client". This would be great for the building trade and job cost monitoring.

Paul Clarke  

Just makes life simple, bills into Xero just by taking a picture or submitting via email.

Makes it easy to see transactions missing bills in Xero which makes chasing clients for information more proactive.

Richard Evans  

RB & Xero is a no-brainer - it makes the entire expense and purchase process effortless and stress free and our clients love it!

Karla Hourigan  

at present, the Extract features are limited compared to what we had and upgrading to the next partner package won't be cost effective for the clients currently using RB

Ryno Bekker  

My clients were always unhappy at having to find receipts, bring them over in a timely fashion. Now they are taking the app by the hand (sorry about the pun) and embracing this better than I ever thought.

Kathy-maree Bartle  

Xero & Receiptbank - The perfect match.. you cannot go wrong!

Pradeepan Velayuthan  

Fantastic App and a great selling point on moving my clients to Xero being able to offer Receipt bank integrated with it

Kelly Robinson  

Receip Bank is a great app and integrates really well with Xero. We love the supplier rules and autopublishing features which allow us to speed up inputting and keep the books in near real time.

Chris Bottrill  

I love the integration between Receipt Bank and Xero. The products combined are great to provide the day-to-day efficiencies my clients, and my practice, are looking for.

Alex Jones  

RB is an important part of ensuring that client information is captured and seamlessly imported into their Xero account. Clients love the ease at which they can upload information, most times on the spot and not worry about lost receipts or having to remember what a particular spend was for after the fact.

Michael Jones  

I love the integration between Receipt Bank and Xero. The products combined are great to promote to clients, and to provide the day-to-day efficiencies my clients, and my practice, are looking for.

Kristy Fairbairn  

We love Xero and Receipt Bank, our firm advises that all clients have to have both in order to run their businesses efficiently. The amount of times a client has called and asked for a copy of a Receipt and we are able to give it to them immediately.

Katherine Pote  

Excellent App, always developing and saves heaps of time highly recommend this system

Todd Dunick  

Been using Receipt Bank with other softwares thus far, and I'm excited about introducing it to my Xero clients!

Pam Shaw-Buffin  

RB helps departmental accounting by having receipts and invoices immediately to the correct department... love it

Eszter Petrinovics  

Tried RB about 12 months ago, and it didn't work out. Recently signed back up, and am gutted I've wasted 12 months. We are going through rolling out to our customers, and so far so good! This will save a load of time...

Wayne McCormack  

Only just started using, but great so far

Sam Collins  

A massive timesaver for me and I have most of my clients on it. The extractions are excellent quality and they go straight into Xero. My days of data entry are long over.

Lisa Stoneham  

We always put our clients on to receipt bank. Some of them do it themselves and some of it I do. I also give them phone support and guidance. I do a huge amount of receipt banking for all my clients. About 300 entries a day. Once the set up is done it takes 10 seconds to process a supplier invoice with copy attached. "getting the clients to go paperless". Manual entry is abt 3 minutes or manual entry with copy attached abt 4 minutes myt, RB is a huge time saver. Also, my clients communicate with me via RB. ie if items were not received or returned they write notes on the invoice so i know and can watch out for credit notes. or if they have spent cash. I get my clients to use RB for every form of purchasing.

Anita Cochrane  

We have tried to put all of our clients on receipt bank - we wouldn't set up our clients any other way now !

Meg Granger  

We have almost all of our clients using RB and they all love it! The integration with Xero is phenomenal.

Varun Sehgal  

We've integrated 100% of our Xero clients with Receipt-Bank. They're a perfect match and it's really a no brainer if you use Xero to use Receipt-Bank as well. We've saved our clients a ton of time and our service has improved tremendously with client work kept up to date almost to the day. I highly recommend Receipt-Bank to anyone using Xero.

Ian Dümmer  

Fantastic product giving clients some ownership over their bookkeeping with such ease. Very little training needed and they can just get on with it straight away. It also means we the accountants have full sight of transaction details without having to request additional invoices. It helps keep out offices tidier with no storage of client records needed.

Dafydd Jones  

Just recently partnered Xero with Receipt bank. I must say my clients love it. They like the ease of just taking a photo. For me, it is the time reduced processing all the data is helping me spend more time growing and developing my business.

Natasha Everard  

Love Receipt Bank, it makes my clients life and my life easier. All receipts are they waiting to me to process. Saves them loosing receipts which is easy to do

Lisa Israel  

Receipt-bank is our go to for client (and our own) receipt and expense processing and has been since day one. This is a product we are using with clients across the globe and its saves hours for both us and our clients when processing receipts and invoices. They have great onboarding instructions for clients and are so quick with support, the interface and mobile app is very user friendly and the product is super-fast.

Rebecca Mihalic  

I like Receipt Bank, however I wish there were a way to retain data from the receipt file name and use that to populate certain fields, for example, the description. For years (before starting with Receipt Bank) I have been saving receipts and invoices using key data in the file name, and now it seems that information goes no where :( apart from that I like RB... please fix this and I will give you five stars!!

Anita Ondine  

Love RB App, it works seamlessly with Xero, taking the hassle out of bookkeeping. Allows us to keep clients records more up to date than historically. Able to chase for outstanding paperwork whilst still fresh in mind, rather than 12 -18 months down the line. Visibility of receipts in Xero saves time if you need to refer back to transaction.

Sarah Pemberton  

Love this app. Just forward the invoices by email, get the client to snap the receipts with the app, and boom, can push through to Xero and approve x

Shane Martin  

Getting Receiptbank is one of the best decisions I have made. It has made reconciliation a breeze. Before I was always chasing receipts, and this way they just take a photo, upload it and they are done. it has made my life so much easier!

David Brunner  

Receipt Bank itself is an easy portal for our creative teams who can't stand the idea of paperwork. Plus, that Receipt Bank is glued to Xero means we're always up to date on our monthly financial reports.

David Green  

No more lost invoices.No more back and forth with client asking what expense to classify as what. Reduced shoe boxed. Saved time!

Simran Kaur  

Receipt bank has been a great tool for us and clients, saving time - no more messing about with fiddly receipts! Love it

Sarah Van Ristell  

The Receipt Bank app is incredibly easy to use, so i love it for submitting my expenses. For my clients, it is working well. I have definitely saved a lot of time processing invoices. I am now going to start moving the rest of my clients onto the app.

Alison Cotton  

We have almost 100 clients now and all of them are on Receipt Bank and Xero. Clients love it, as do we, and the accuracy is second to none. Support is great and we love the fact that RB are continually looking at ways to improve.

Dave Wouldham  

Receipt Bank has helped a lot in our migration strategy of encouraging clients to move over from their desktop legacy software to Xero. With all the benefits and efficiencies embedded within a cloud based solution. Everybody Wins

Winston Coerecius  

We love the extra information we get from receipt bank, staff can also work from home more often


Xero and receiptbank are both, in my opinion, the front runners in what they do. I could highly recommend both, they integrate beautifully and resolve a lot of headaches!

Kim Wigley  

We love Receipt Bank + Xero and consider is the 'must have' start to their cloud stack - and often that's all they need. It's saved us time, and our clients money, and is allowing us to have more conversations with clients, and we're getting more information from our clients than ever before without having to ask for it! The mobile app is super easy to use and our clients love it too!

Sarah Stein  

Client says "What is this?" We have been able to show a copy of receipt sent in by client's staff to Receipt Bank to support the coding of the transaction in Xero.

Monika Stelzner  

Receipt Bank has been an amazing addition to my list of tools to recommend to my Xero clients. While working remotely with them, I am able to provide them with up to date financial information, instead of waiting for the weekly postal delivery. No more muddy receipts, or food stained invoices for me :)

Donna Carswell  

I am a big fan of RB and we use it as a major integration to Xero.

Support is good, and development team does not stop amazing us with new features!

Farid Gasanov  

I LOVE Receipt Bank. So many time savings across the online accounting platforms. RB Integration with Xero would be improved by direct publishing rather than publishing to drafts.

Caz Robinson  

I’ve been working with Receipt Bank for the last two years in my practice. They helped me grow as a bookkeeper and I feel empowered because they really listen to the advice that I given from my practice’s and my clients’ perspective. I’ve spent time with the developers and help them grow the program and improve it which makes me feel as though I’m a part of the Receipt Bank experience. Great account managers too! To be honest I think the program just keeps getting better and better because they actually listen to the people use it!

Alexi Boyd  

The integration is flawless. Being able to mark things as paid has saved so much time tracking items in awaiting payment. The ability to split out line items is also great for hospitality clients. Using Xero and Receipt Bank together I have been able to save 20 hours per week, build to a team of 5 and triple my client base.

Jo Doye  

I have found the bookkeeper assist reports extremely helpful! I can just choose the items I wish to download, add notes and then download to a spreadsheet. I send that to my client at least once a week....now....to get them to be more proactive so I don't have to send them the report!!

Todd Chaddon  

Receipt Bank makes it easy for clients to operate a paperless office and takes the pain away from bookkeeping

Ryan Maddock  

LOVE this app so much easier for adding expenses on the go. Question though, do I still need to keep those annoying bits of paper or can I bin them staright after loading?

Tina Leigh  

I love how easy ReceiptBank makes keeping track of paperwork. Just snap a photo and throw it away! ReceiptBank makes data entry easy and when integrated with Xero makes bank reconciliation simple and easy!

Teresa Tidball  

receiptbank is great, i use it for my own practice and most of my clients! my clients have said how great they are finding the app!

Nicola Hageman  

Just watching people's reactions when they use Receipt Bank and Xero for the first time. It's priceless - you can see exactly what they're thinking.

Bronwyn Johnson  

Receipt Bank and Xero take all the paperwork away. No need to sit for hours entering all those invoices. Expense claims are consolidated effectively. Leaving time to do what's really important - giving more up to date and meaningful information.

Emma Dench  

An excellent app! Receipt Bank has made our accounts so much easier, the entire team are onboard and paper receipts that use to get lost or never given to the right person are a thing of the past. I wish I knew about this app sooner! Well worth the money - it will save you time in the cost of the first month. Highly recommend. Great job Receipt Bank!

Lauren Lowe  

I absolutely love ReceiptBank. Best thing ever and takes hours out of book worrk. i just wish we'd moved to Xero and ReceiptBank years ago. It literally turns bookkeeping into half an hour a day.

If you're using Sage and you don't know whether to move - move right now.

Sarah Sadler  

Receipt Bank is so easy for the team to submit receipts, that they have no excuses now to submit timely reports.

Sarah O'Farrell  

Receipt Bank cuts down time spent on a job and definitely reduces the chance for errors. It also increases the speed to get data into Xero and auto publishing is essential. Take the time to set it up right, and it reduces time later on for everyone. Support is extremely helpful too.

Phil Strout  

Fantastic software! I recommend it to all my clients as it makes my life so much easier. It takes clients a little while to be trained, but it's worth investing the time.

Sue Azar  

Great piece of software all our clients use it and it's made it extremely easy for them and us in turn!

Iman Barakat  

We've been using it for about a year and a half and can't recommend it enough. Most of our invoices arrive as PDFs in my inbox so I just forward the emails to Receipt Bank and once a week, log in, check them (they're almost always spot on), and click one button to push them through to Xero. Receipt Bank saves us *a lot* of time.

James Hadley  

I work for a builder who is pretty good at losing receipts, with Receipt bank its much easier for us to keep that under control and streamline our billing with attached invoices.

It saves me so much time not having to manually enter all of the bills.

Clare Luchetti  

We are a family owned and run residential builder. Have been using RB with xero for 3 1/2 years with multiple users in different locations. RB is a convenient and efficient way to process bills.

Anita Veldhuisen  

Receipt bank is a dream!! The auto publishing function is the best

Daniel Cameron  

Very happy with Recipet bank, lot's of time saved. Accurate management reports on a monthly basis.

Kurt Eriksen  

In my opinion Receipt Bank is the best data extraction add on there is. The intergration with Xero is so smooth, and it the auto publishing feature is great.

Lucy Everall  

Receiptbank has made life so much easier. I particularly like the auto publish tool which means you don't need to deal with every receipt. With 22 clients and only 16 hours a week, I've enough time to get everything published, reconcile accounts and have time for a cuppa!

Debbie Curtis  

I work remotely. My main client had a complex system of scanning receipts onto their G-Drive. Once entered, I had to move them to another folder and then move them again once they were paid. The time spent reading and entering details from the handwritten receipts was considerable. Receipt Bank has saved so much wasted time and energy. The integration with Xero makes a smooth transition.

Veronica Stoner  

I have been using RB for a few months now and it is such a time-saver. I save hours a week with my clients. It is a simple and straight-forward, yet extremely clever app.
I recommend this to all my clients and have positive feedback from those who have trialled it.

Melissa Arthus  

Love it! Such an easy tool and saves me hours of time when it comes to receipts and expenses. Highly reccomend :-)

Mark Swords  

Receipt Bank has been absolutely amazing for my practice. It has enabled my clients (often those who are less confident with business finances) to keep on top of their bookkeeping, providing them with accurate figures, up-to-date financial information and also helped them to focus more on their business rather than data entry.

Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey  

Great platform overall. Multiple submission methods are great and it has helped save a great deal of manual entry time.

Adrian Markey  

Receipt bank is really easy to use.

My guys are happy with submitting of the receipts at the time of purchase, we are no longer losing them and the project costings are more accurate.

Karen Roberts  

I have really enjoyed the ease of use that Receipt Bank provides. Running your own business means watching the pile of invoices that need entering grow higher while you try to find time to catch up...usually late at night or on the weekend. Since using Receipt Bank I have got my time back and it's fantastic. It is accurate, fast and hassle free...I LOVE IT!

Sue Isles  

There is no phone support. Email support replies took days. Receipts never matched up in Xero. I was sent a one page document as a workaround and this from support. "Indeed the software is not as intuitive as you mentioned, but we provide a lot of tutorials".

If an application that is to do something as simple as match receipts to transactions needs tutorials they developer should be fired. This is the worst UX I have had in quite some time.

Unless you are willing to dedicate hours to educating yourself about all the bugs this addon has I would strongly suggest you avoid it altogether.

Rick Culleton  

I've enjoyed using recept-bank from it's early days. I like how with xero is recognised bank transactions making it easier to allocate and publish the receipts to the correct account.

Kunal Viyala  

I really love using receiptbank it makes processing payments and creditors so easy and the copy is attached for reference later on.
I can't tell you how many times this has been a great time saver.
The staff at receiptbank are great too.

Corporate Financial Services NZ Ltd  

Excellent software which saves clients and us a great deal of time. The Practice Platform is very useful in planning workflow. We are a Xero only practice and new clients get RB as part of the package which speeds onboarding and improves efficiency. Highly recommended.

Mark Drage  

We often have issues locating invoices whether it be in our clients records or have been lost. Receipts Bank makes it so easy to not lose track of invoices. A great piece of software and highly recommended.

Ben Kilby  

As a small business owner, I can't fault it. It saves time and saves all images fo receipts, which in turn makes Xero reconciliations easier and my accountant's bill lower.

David Evans  

Receipt bank has really helped me in my practice. It makes it much easier for my clients to upload their slips, but more than that, it saves me hours of time that would normally have been spent on processing bills. I love it! I am also very excited about the new feature that allows us to upload pdf bank statements, to be converted to csv. That will be a very valuable service to us.

Linda Bisset  

I really like RB. Took me awhile to realize that it publishes to drafts, but it works really well. I use it in my firm to help with managing AP.

Jenny Tran  

Receipt Bank is simply brilliant. I'm not the tidiest of people in my office so this totally transformed my filing system. Because the system retains photos of my receipts I can track them down at a later date if needed, without trawling through piles of paper. I just had to dig one out from 2017 to answer a query and it took me less than 2 minutes.
I love the flexibility of being able to add receipts from phone, tablet or laptop and especially by forwarding emails with their invoices attached. I bless my accountant weekly for introducing me to Xero in combination with Receipt Bank and Tripcatcher. Saves me hours!
I recommend to all my coaching clients who are business owners that they use Receipt Bank.

Tilla Brook  

Recieptbank has made it so much easier for our team to keep track of all those receipts, and enables us to track spending across various accounts in real time! Handy App is so easy to use you can snap and upload on the go!

SJ Smeeton  

Receipt Bank has made a big difference for me in that it's so much easier to keep track of my expenses. The details it generates into my Xero account are always accurate. I had a big backlog of expenses and it made the process of getting these uploaded very simple.

Dawn Christy  

Receipt bank have made my life so much easier!!
It does pretty much everything for me and recently it has been very quick to process invoices.
It also notify you if there's any problem with the app and if it's corrected.
Thank you Receipt Bank!

Mariam Slim  

Loving Receipt Bank. One of my clients employed a casual employee to enter Supplier invoices. When she resigned, I suggested we implement Receipt Bank. As a result we now have more streamlined processes and did not need to train a new employee, we were able to hit the ground running.

Janelle Redgwell  

Love RB !!! I look after over 30 clients and all of them use it !! It saves a lot of time and afford!
I would recommend it to all !!!

Paulina Zuk  

Receipt-bank is an important tool we use with all of our clients to help manage the A/P side of their businesses.

Mike Pinkus  

I've Just wowed another client with Receiptbank and Xero. They loved that they could see a picture of what they'd spent their money on without having to find the paper invoice. One of the directors is known for being an invoice-loser, but even he thought he could manage to take pictures on his phone. So time-saving, too

Clare Jady  

Great addition to Xero - i'd encourage anyone who uses software that Receipt Bank works with to trial it and enjoy both the simplicity in set-up and also the efficiencies it brings.

John Harrington  

Receipt bank has streamlined my business operation by removing the time it takes to store and processes receipts, bills and invoices. The app is great to take a photo of receipts on the go and the email facility means purchase invoices (whether they are in the form of attachments or emails) can be forwarded and processed effortlessly. Works seamlessly with Xero so bills are fed directly into the accounts. Happy business owner and happy accountant.
Less time required in Admin and more time to chase bills.

John Moran  

Receipt banking has helped me a lot, and saved me a lot of time. Only thing that I am struggling with is when clients sends EVERYTHING to receipt banking and to train them how to use it correctly, but that is a minor problem. I would suggest a step by step guide on all basics for users online before they start using this app.

Angelique Cooper  

Receipt bank has streamlined my operation by removing the time it takes to store and processes receipts, bills and invoices. The app is great to take a photo of receipts on the go and the email facility means purchase invoices (whether they are in the form of attachments or emails) can be forwarded and processed effortlessly. Works seamlessly with Xero so bills are fed directly into the accounts. Happy business owner and happy bookkeeper

Paul Moon  

I am a new user to both Xero and ReceiptBank, and from the small businesses that I know have been using both platforms, it has totally lived up to its expectations :)
I am able to post invoices and bills with no hassle and let my bookkeeper take care of the rest - really enjoy its simplicity!

Garrett Adkins  

Even though it takes a while for Receipt Bank to have documents ready for review on my basic version (says a few hours) once I publish to Xero it only takes a few seconds to sync! So it has been great using between RB & Xero.

Bree Phetcharapohn L.  

It is awesome..It has made my task very easy..:)

Team Befree  

Receipt Bank was the first add on tool I started working with and have been recommending it to both clients and contacts. In actually fact all my clients get Receipt Bank as part of their package. It streamlines workloads and create hours of efficiencies with my practice and for my clients. What's not to love about it!

Elan Pamensky  

I was really unhappy with the service provided after experiencing problems with the syncing in Xero.

After lengthy online chats and emails failed to help, I desperately wanted to speak to someone so that they could understand the issue.

However they don't offer phone support so have cancelled the subscription and now trialling another app.

Kate Mills  

Still new to RB but all is well so far. It definitely saves a lot of time. I'll review again in a few months!

Ken Chapman  

Receipt bank and Xero has saved me HOURS of time. The app ensures I never lose out on expenses!

Isabel Calway  

Using Receipt Bank with Xero is fantastic! It's easy, quick and saves tones of time. I highly recommend everyone who uses Xero gets Receipt Bank as well.

Rosalind Chik  

We've been using Receipt Bank for about 2 years. It's brilliant as it links to XERO and there is an app but best of all it stops anyone losing receipts.

It's extracts all the information from the receipt and makes the expense claim process easy.

Annie Wong  

Receipt bank is the most fabulous program for processing receipts for all my clients. It is user friendly, quick and precise. My clients and I love the functionality and it is now part of my business procedures for all my clients. I highly recommend to everyone with any receipts.

Lisa Wilde  

Receiptbank is the main way our firm interacts with our clients on a daily basis. By having them upload their source documents at the click of a button, we have timely information to be on the ball with client needs.

Jessica Rachow  

Our firm operates mainly in the Midlands area of the UK. Receipt Bank is not widely known in the business community and we are pushing it as hard as we can. We have had 100 percent engagement from the clients we have on boarded as they see the benefits almost immediately. The fact that the image is stored remotely, the data on it can be accessed immediately and the fact that it can be shared via a secure portal, means its a no brainer for the small business owner

john cragg  

With Reps on the road all over Australia and NZ getting them to email receipts was becoming a big problem.
I have been using Receipt Bank for over a year now and it has simplified collection of receipt and data entry enormously.
I love that these code themselves and push though in the exact manner I set up every time.
Using Expense reports for those who don't have a Company credit card has made the entire paper trail and payment of reimbursements so simple.
I am a huge fan of this product !

Julie Chalmers  

I have been using Receipt Bank attached to Xero to process our supplier invoices. It was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't believe how easy it was.
I would say this has saved me a good day of data entry. It has given me so much time to get other things done. It is amazing

Karen Williams  

I've been using Receipt Bank linked to Xero for more than 3 years it has revolutionised the way I work. Data is always live and up to date no more messing about with saving back ups Ijust log in and get on with it. It saves so much time sending the reciepts to RB and then processing them when they arrive on the system usually within a couple of days. The archive is a very useful tool for checking old invoices and looking for duplicates . The processing screen is improving all the time to speed things up. I save so much time now! Once the information is in Xero producing up to date accounts is so much more simple I love it!

Lesley Gane  

I have used RB for 8 months now and i got to say that i am glad how user friendly it is to use for my clients and us. When they have questions they come to us for explanations, some love to use the expense report feature which is easy to work and publish into Xero. I had to work with RB support team a couplf of days and they were fast to reply to my inquiry and resolve the issue which was really appreciated . However, sometimes, RB has some issues with scanning dates and currencies on receipts which we need to change manually. It doesn't take that much time to do it but still wanted to point it out. Also, some clients submit receipts and they have to resubmit it again because it wasn't showing up in the dashboard even though it was sent out the first time ( might be a glitch with the server or something). The integration to Xero goes really fast and i can check live and usually it is published really fast. Other than that, no complains, pretty happy about the service, RB is really reliable and amazing tool to use.

Aude Gbemapou  

I really love using receipt bank. It has saved a huge number of work hours for me and as I have now started working remotely, it is even better. My work colleagues send everything I need to receipt bank either via email, scanner or phone app (by taking photos of the invoice/receipt), then all I have to do is logon and they are all there waiting for me to click a button. Initial set up is the key to it all running smoothly. The best part for me is the phone app, one click to take the photo and one click to process....I just love the whole program. Would fully recommend using receipt bank.....

Julia Slann  

Receipt Bank has really helped me to save a lot of data entry time. It has also helped my office to become largely paperless. Very happy with this app and would highly recommend it.

Super Brand  

Both my practice and my clients have benefitted immensely from on boarding into Receipt Bank....for us the key is identifying the clients that would benefit and also whose behaviour with regard to their accounts payable that best fits to receipt bank - we find using the 'inbox of xero' ie Xero files - as an initial step to digitising their accounts payable actually sells them into receipt bank. they have then changed their receipt gathering methods to be digitised and appreciate a paid model ie Receipt bank and its extra automation.

Katrina Spinazzola  

I have been using Xero and ReceiptBank (RB) for a year now and it works well for the most part. 80% of the time receipts are read properly, the other 20% is where there might be a little bit more work. Receipts in Foreign Currencies do not automatically match nor are they properly read i.e HKD being read as CAD, this might be an area to improve. RB also sometimes misreads receipt dates, confusing the day and the month, this leads to some Accounts Payables not being recorded in the proper period. The new message feature seems a bit redundant since clients can leave a description on the receipt, not too sure what value this brings.

Hasan Shahariar  

It's a great tool. I have managed to save so much money on recruiting a bookkeeper to enter the data as ReceiptBank is already doing all the data entry for me. All of my clients love RceiptBank as they are paper free and can take a picture of the receipt instantly or when hey in the train and have nothing else to do. I cannot imaging work without ReceiptBank, absolutely love it.

Behnaz Rayati  

Great tool to have for anyone who is tired on manually sorting through company expenses! Receipt Bank is easy-to-use & has saved me a lot of time. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to make their business life that little bit easier.

Fabrizio Leoni  

It would be impossible to say how much time Xero has saved our company - it's a real lifesaver. User friendly and dynamic, I have no complaints.

Caitlin Hobbs  

As an accountant, Receipt Bank is a fantastic tool for helping my clients to keep on top of their purchases but also brilliant at helping me to review accounts and VAT returns in Xero, as I can click on the automatically attached receipts to check the details of each purchase. No more chasing clients for invoices!

I've also landed new clients by demoing RB - the ease of use and automatic reading of receipts never fails to impress!

Sean Hookins  

We've been using Receipt Bank + Xero for several years now. It's saved us huge amounts of data processing time and allowed us to spend more time with the clients to build their businesses.

Andrew Sullivan  

I have been using Receipt Bank for 4 months and find it so easy to use! As a bookkeeper it is essential to have a quick programme that will let you create rules and that the clients can use easily and efficiently.

Tom Hookins  

I was reluctant at first to use an add-on that would cost me or the client extra money, but having used Receipt Bank for sometime, I would struggle without it now. Being able to upload documents and have them feed straight through to Xero is such a timesaver and it's extremely useful to be able to check on past purchase receipts/invoices within seconds.

Louise McAnulty  

I found Receipt Bank to be very convenient in coding invoices in a fast manner and would recommend this app for those who dislike data entry!

Janine Emerson  

Receipt Bank has halped our practice streamline AP and expense reporting for our clients. The time savings from data entry alone has improved our overall realization on all clients.

Chris Rogers  

In our practice getting paperwork from clients has always proved a challenge as it is inherently inefficient to have to coordinate with multiple individuals. With Receipt Bank we are not only in better control of the entire process since we have much more visibility but more importantly we give our clients back time that they can focus on what matters to them the most. which is growing their business

Humberto Zuniga  

Receipt Bank is a must-have add-on. Saves valuable time for both us and the client which can be used elsewhere! Very reliable service and the support team are brilliant.

Charlie Monger  

I have only been using Receipt Bank for a month and it has been a life saver in our business. Every small business should be using it. I was always 3-4 weeks behind with processing transactions, especially the credit card ones. With receipt bank they are now reconcile daily. I can't believe how much more free time I have now to spend working on my business instead of in my business. Thank you so much Receipt Bank

Helen Bamford  

Receipt Bank has changed the way I do business - my clients are very happy to be progressing towards a paperless system and I spend far less time on the road, collecting paperwork. The added benefit of data entry reduction has freed up time for me to take on more clients. My business is growing and I am enjoying it.

Tania Conaghty  

Receipt Bank has revolutionized bookkeeping and I truly think every small business should be using it! Clients love the ease of being able to take pictures as they're on the go and not having hold on to paper receipts.

I love knowing that I'm picking up taxes and categorizing expenses properly without having to chase clients down for backup.

Julia Tomkins  

We have been using Receipt Bank for about 3 years and integrating with Xero has certainly saved us a lot of time. It has become an invaluable tool and we recommend to all our clients. Our clients love using it and it is so much easier for them to just snap a photo of the receipt and electronically send into Receipt Bank for us to process for them.

Belinda Holbrook  

I have been using ReceiptBank for over a year now and it is a brilliant tool! ReceiptBank is our main addition to Xero and we recommend it to all of our clients.

The software makes our job much easier and more efficient. The integration with Xero is easy to set-up.

It can save a huge amount of time and money.

Adrian Pubrat  

We love using Receipt Bank along with Xero. Receipt Bank makes it super easy for our clients to send us information in order to prepare their monthly management reports. Also, it allows us and them to easily create a paper trail of their transactions for future use. Lastly, it is all done electronically, so we don't have to worry about any pesky paper receipts any more. I highly recommend Receipt Bank!

John Henline  

We absolutely love RB, we've been using it for 3 years now and we haven't found a better solution so far! During these 3 years we have been part of their growth and improvement. I can't recommend them highly enough. It has saved us plenty of time, made our bookkeeping easier and it's so easy to use! If you have any problem, you can send them a query and they will reply to you very fast. They've always been very helpful and nice!

Nicole Joseph  

We love Receipt Bank! I can't imagine bookkeeping in any other way. The support we get from Receipt Bank is amazing..great product and great service!
I would recommend Receipt Bank to any accountant, bookkeeper or business owner. If you haven't tried it, try it!

Elliott Poulter  

Receipt bank has become an integral part of our business, we suggest it to all of our clients as it saves time for both parties. Processing times are quick and it is in line with the firms aim to move with the digital times.

Xero Admin  

Receipt Bank has revolutionised the way we process expenses. It's so easy to use, it frees up tonnes of time, and space, as we no longer feel the need to keep receipts now they are so well organised in Receipt Bank. It works really well with our accounting software too. And I reckon we manage to reclaim more of our expenses now that they are all kept in one place and with lots of helpful information attached to each receipt so that you can compile lists by date or project code or user etc. I wouldn't dream of not using Receipt Bank again!

Magali Tang  

Receiptbank makes it easier for clients to send through information in a timely manner. It also saves me time (and so my clients money) by speeding up the process of getting information from paper into Xero.

Dulcie Bridges  

Have been using receipt bank for over a year now and have found it saves a huge amount of time in the bookkeeping process. No more duplicate invoices being paid. No longer need to have paper copies of invoices which has saved paper and print costs.
Makes getting all the BAS ready for my bookkeeper a breeze.
It processes the receipt and puts it into Xero seamlessly.
Highly recommend.

Neal Connelly  

Receipt Bank has made the whole AP process a breeze for our bookkeeping firm! We had so many issues trying to get invoices, receipts etc from clients that they had either misplaced, lost or had been exposed to the sun and now illegible! Having the Receipt Bank App has made it as easy as taking a photo and the information is right there in Receipt Bank for us to process! The amount of time saved from this process is truly worthwhile. This process also enables you to have an electronic copy of the original invoice / receipt attached right there in Xero. Yes you could still attach original documents to Xero without using Receipt Bank, however, the OCR functionality and ease of process and approval make it an easy choice to invest in Receipt Bank.

Kielan Faria  

I am an accountant at Lucent Advisory, we offer outsourced finance to the SMBs of SA. Receipt Bank is a pre-requisite for all of my clients due to three big ticket items:

- the efficiency gained from the OCR technology,
- my clients now have a cloud based filing cabinet, no need to store paper documents on site to keep the ATO happy
- it is such a good review tool when it comes time to prepare my clients monthly management reports or end of year financial statements. The source documents attach the the transactions in Xero and can be accessed by the click of a button.

Love, love, love!

Fraser Barry  

Receipt Bank has assisted so many of my clients organise their creditors and help keep track of expenses due. In addition, we now have an audit trail for any expenses made, which helps me and the client internally, but could also help externally if the client needed to substantiate their expenses.

Nathan Rigney  

this software saves me a lot of time and money.5 *

mark Williams  

So, this was a really important integration to me as a (very) small business owner. Xero was great, but I was collecting receipts and depositing them in Receipt Bank... and then 'manually' ensuring everything was correctly catalogued and noted in Xero. Sure it was a lot quicker than analogue processing (i.e. transcribing the relevant details from my scrap folder full of barely legible receipts from 9 months before), but it still was time consuming, especially since, despite my good intentions, it was always seemed to come down to a late-in-the-day annual sprint to actually get the books up-to-date before tax deadline. While it still seems to be a last minute sprint to do that, the whole process has improved immeasurably since the integration and RB & Xero both play a key part in helping my administrative personal chaos have a less deleterious impact on my actual business operation. One day perhaps, I will use their joint potential to improve my timeliness in record-keeping and actually become a well-oiled administrative machine... though I suspect at roughly the same time porcine aviators take to the skies. Until then, this Receipt Bank and Xero integration is a powerful way to more effectively harness both products to at least my financial management head above water...

Philip Martin  

We've been using Receipt bank for 18 months and it has completely revolutionised the way we do everything in terms of loggin expenses and even supplier invoices. It has saved countless hours of spreadsheets! I highly recommend it to anyone that uses Xero and needs something quick easy and painless.

Jonathan Brigden  

Well we have been using Receipt Bank for over a year now and have found it an invaluable tool in our accounting procedures. Apart from being very friendly to the user it has features that compliment the originators. Without it we would be in the "dark ages". The accurate turn around on the financial aspect and management of the accounts has been phenomenal - linked with Xero there is only one way - forward and upwards in leaps and bounds. Thank you Receipt - you can bank on it !!

Diesel Line Manager  

Have been using Receipt Bank for about three years now and find it a huge time saver. The app is also brilliant for capturing easily lost receipts for fuel and sundries. Love that I can either upload directly or email invoices.

Jaclyn Dale  

Receipt Bank is amazing, makes my job so much more efficient, I just post the documents and let Receipt Bank do the rest. Don't know what I would do without it.

Emma Johnson  

As a new Receipt Bank user I can't believe I managed before without it. Clients find it useful and seem to love using it.
Really helpful software and the team at Receipt Bank are too!

Aileen Cherry  

Receipt Bank takes out the repetitive nature & labour involved in bookkeeping. We have saved hours and are impressed with the seamless integration with Xero. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Jackie Carolan  

Fantastic time saver. Ensures accounting processes are easy to do. Highly recommend.

Terence Oliver  

Incredible time saver! Way easier to review and edit receipts instead of having to enter all invoice information every time. While the information retrieved is not always 100% correct, it is most of the time. Highly recommended and will be moving my other companies onto this platform and Xero!

Jay Souilliere  

I have been using Receipt Bank for about 6 months now, it has saved my processing time by half. My client love it and I use it personally for our home renovations as well.

Linda Cameron  

Easy to use...no more papers that get lost!!!

Fiorella Chinchilla  

very helpful, easy to use once a book keeper sets it up for you

WENDY Elliott  

Our accountant put us onto Receiptbank and it's worth every penny. Incredibly easy to use and very efficient, this is a huge time saver. A couple of times the same invoice has been sent to receiptbank by 2 different people in our organisation and receiptbank has picked up on our error both times, processing the invoice only once and informing us of the double up. Highly recommend.

Linda Smyth  

It makes processing easier and very simple.

Raj Seepersad  

Receipt Bank really helps to speed up the accounting process for us. I have recommended it countless times and will continue to enjoy using it. Thanks!

Thomas Dyer  

Xero & Receipt Bank together increase my firm's efficiency

Kate Moakes  

I had an issue where I had inadvertently un-archived a couple of transactions. I emailed Receipt Bank help and within a hour or so they came straight back to me with a very helpful video of what I need to do to resolve my issue. Brilliant customer service.

Marion Peters  

We're using Receipt Bank with Xero for our business accounts. Receipt Bank itself is amazing - means that receipts are entered immediately, no more bits of paper in wallet or on spikes; and the processing is easy and accurate. Then it converts directly into Xero data, which our accountants use. It saves a load of time and effort.

Rob Davis  

We've been super happy with Receipt Bank, especially due to it's integration with Xero. Anything that saves us time and hassle is a +1 in our book.

Matthew Marcus  

Our clients are all on Xero, and we utilise add ons such as Receipt Bank (for all receipt processing) and Hubdoc (for bank statements).
Receipt Bank is a VITAL part of this equation. This helps us automate the whole aged payables for our clients. We also use the new feature of converting PDF documents to CSV - which we absolutely love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Giddings  

RB is super helpful for a company that receives 100+ invoices daily, this software allows us to track and monitor the approval process of all our invoices. The expense reporting side is also really useful and love that our staff can use the app to upload their receipts when they're out on the road.

Ashlee Baron  

Just started a business for the first time which was quite a daunting experience. Using both XERO and receipt bank together has helped make my book keeping alot easier to understand. Also the time saved using receipt bank has allowed me to focus on building my business as opposed to being piled under piles of paperwork. Best thing about receipt bank is its simplicity to use but very thorough receipt processing and storing application. Very happy user

Anthony Pullella  

Receipt Bank is easy to use, both for us and the client. It integrates well with Xero allowing for relatively seamless processing of invoices. Would definitely recommend that anyone with a high volume of invoices use Receipt Bank to save them time and money.

Lee Duffield  

Great AP. Makes life so much easier and efficient. No chasing for slips and wasting time.

Cindy Swart  

Using Receipt Bank on a regular basis makes a huge difference in trying to bring some order and control to expenses management. Especially when dealing with multiple clients, each of whom need to be invoiced separately. Being linked to Xero means that you don't miss key expenses as you are always reconciling between the two. As a new business without RB and Xero it would be extremely difficult to keep accounts in order. Thanks

Fivos Polymniou  

Great app for automating the bookkeeping process.

Rory St Clair  

A great time saver and easy to use.

Philip Dewick  

Love the option of automation in Receipt Bank! You can save incredible amounts of time doing data entry by setting up rules once. This gives you time to do other things that may be very important to the client and business.

Laurel Menyweather  

I absolutely love Receipt Bank. It makes my job so much easier in reconciling in Xero and I get to keep a copy of all my receipts on file so it saves me hours in copying, scanning and filing. I would very highly recommend it.

Laura Couper  

As an accountant - Practice Platform helps so much in keeping on top of client's admin
As a business owner - No more paper and VAT accuracy is spot on!!

Lauren Harvey  

Receipt bank has really changed the way we operate in our practice. It has driven efficiency and allowed us to make a huge step towards a paperless office. The seamless integration with Xero means we are now moving quickly toward real time accounting for our whole client base.

Jim Walker  

Receipt Bank has helped us truely become a paperless office and improved the way we work with clients. It is easy to use and integrates well with Xero. We have just disposed of our last two filing cabinets :)

Bill Gair  

We use Receipt Bank for all of our bookkeeping clients and it measn we can be paperless when it comes to handling clients invoices and expenses. It has complely changed how we work with our clients information dn made the whole process so much slicker and more efficient!

Frankie Sandelands  

We have been using Receipt Bank for almost two years now. It reduces paperwork and allows Xero information to be 'up to the minute', ie real time book keeping. We wouldn't be without it now :))

Emma Unsworth  

As a small business I do the wages and accounts from home on an evening as I have a full time job myself. Before using receipt bank and Xero it was time consuming and used to spend a total night for several hours of typing etc, but now I can dip in and out, its so quick and easy. JuST LOVE IT

Shirley Peacock  

Receipt-Bank is an automatic part of our client on-boarding process. We provide proactive accounting services, keeping our client's financials up to date and current. This tool provides the perfect vehicle for our clients to deliver critical receipts and bills for processing. We find that we are able to provide more effective services to our clients limiting the back and forth communication.

Gina Scott  

We have been using Receipt Bank since February and are delighted.
1. Time saved
2. We don't lose invoices or slips because they get sent to RB as we go
3. Facilitates easy recon and account coding in Xero
4. If one makes a little effort one can go a lot further with Automation - by automating flows into RB. For example, if I call an Uber, the next time I see the transaction is when it pops up in Xero already matched to the Bank transaction.5
5. RB Support Desk is professional and helpful

Suggestions for improvement
1. When photographing receipts in the Mobile app... I would like it if it auto-cropped the receipts. I just dont like untidy borders.
As a result I use a 3rd party app instead and automate the feed into RB

2. Dropbox Integration - The fetch from Dropbox works well but it is too infrequent. If one adds the time waiting for a fetch and add the time to process it is too long.

However despite these suggestions... 5 stars

David Baker  

In principle ReceiptBank seems great, good app, nice UI, cleaver AI etc. but sadly we had a complete disaster trailing it for a year which took weeks to unpick.

We decided only to use it for credit cards, which are held by 4x members of staff. We have thousands of pounds worth of cloud based online apps going out on credit cards every month, together with lots of credit card receipts for various video production jobs.

Many of these cloud apps are from the US so receipt bank needed to carry out currency conversations.

We also purchase a lot from Amazon and by and sell through eBay.

Each member of staff had training on the app and uploaded their own items but admittedly sometimes they uploaded orders, delivery notes etc instead of the actual receipt, which obviously caused one set of replication problems.

RB's translation of invoice receipts was certainly close to great and very clever, but it was making consistent mistakes like creating multiple names for Amazon, eBay, Google etc. which then makes things hard to find without regularly merging the names in Xero.

It also got the VAT and US to UK currency conversations wrong on many occasions so finding the account transactions was tricky as the totals didn't match with what was in the credit card statement.

All these issues made multiple duplications which took a huge amount of effort to fix and comparing with the manual process we had in place before, this was certainly far more effort and took ALL of our part time admin person's available time to work on.

In conclusion I believe receipt bank is probably perfect for certain types of businesses selling certain types of products or services (hence lots of 5 star reviews). However, for us it was a mess and caused a lot of additional work and effort to fix.

We are going back to simply working through each credit card item from paper statements and adding to Xero manually as a purchase with the right name, right VAT amount, right conversation etc from the start so no more needing to check. This actually takes less time than checking imported ReceiptBank items so makes more sense for us.

Sam Hearn  

Wouldn't go back now we have it. Who wants to manually enter in information.

I set up a rule in our accounts email that forwards the emails to recieptbank and marks them unread. Perfect. Means I still have the email and it's sucked up into xero.

Jamie Smith  

Uncertain about the true value of RB in our business, we resisted using the system. However, once we tried it out for all new clients we would never go back to not using it. Absolute game changer!!

Simon Magner  

I loathe paperwork and admin and am so pleased how efficient Receipt Bank and Xero work together. Rather than it being a last minute scramble (with forensic accounting to solve all sorts of mysteries) in previous years, I could probably do my year-end with a moments notice at any time during the year. I shudder to think about the lost tax-savings opportunities with how I was doing it before and much appreciate being able to spend my time on growing my business.

Grant Bullington  

Receipt Bank integrated with Xero has given me my time back so I can pass it on to my clients. I now have complete transparency with transactions so I know what they really spend their money on so can code correctly. Being able to autopublish for specific suppliers has changed everything! Keep those innovations coming Receipt Bank!

Michele Grisdale  

Love keeping on top of all my purchases by quickly taking a photo in my car straight after my purchase and knowing I don't have to keep that receipt..... and I can reconcile my bank account the following day.

Kim Stuart  

We have learnt to set up receipt-bank as standard when we move clients to Xero. The systems really go hand in hand and our clients love how easy it makes life for them. Whether they do some processing themselves or outsource it all to us. Love it.

Diane de Garis  

Receipt Bank saves me time of course but I've found the biggest difference is that my clients love it - it's so easy for them to use and they don't have to worry about me chasing them for invoices and receipts.

Cassie Barlow  

Receipt Bank has been awesome in reducing the amount of time to process payables, and we shouldn't forget the benefit of actually having bills sitting in Xero, able to be viewed anytime.

Bill Mancer  

It keeps getting better and better - great stuff RB. Keep it coming!

Love the ease of use and adoption for building a truly digital workflow and document retention strategy and process.

Scott Kregel  

Cannot recommend enough and wish there were 10 stars not 5

The original and the best

David Kime  

As a company with a large amount of invoices to process the ability to be able to forward invoices directly via email straight to ReceiptBank proves an efficient system with minimal processing which then feeds seamlessly straight into Xero. The App is also a must for those receipts that get handed in or invoices that come through the mail - open the app, take a photo, submit - easy !

Linda Atchinson  

Receipt Bank saves me hours per week and reduces the time I need to spend on the most boring and repetitive tasks for my clients.

Cameron Johnson  

Receipt Bank has taken our Company so much closer to going paperless and also archiving documents in an ATO friendly version. We started with RB as a recommendation from our Accountant together with other Cloud software and wouldn't be without it now.

Brenda King  

Integration of Receipt Bank and Xero has been great. You tend to gather a lot of receipts when you are a long distance truck driver. I may be away from home and the office for as long as 1 month at a time, no more filling up the wallet with receipts. Just a quick photo then in the bin with the paper. The worse thing about receipt bank is now my partner can see if I am eating healthy while on the road!!!.

Richard Simm  

Wow. That’s the typical response I get when I show this to clients. They ask me how it works and all I can literally say is “it’s magic!”
We have adopted it internally by scanning every single invoice into xero as the first stage of a job. Not only does it save time searching, the quality of the records are improved 10 fold. The ability to produce accounts without needing to print and reference importance documents has revolutionised the way I work.
Keep up the good work!

Nick Wilson  

Receipt Bank is fantastic and so easy to use.
It Came as a bundle from my accountant along with Xero, but I wouldn’t be without it now.
The seamless integration with Xero makes life so much easier.

No more wasted time, just use the app to photo receipts and that’s it job done.

Wayne Hadden  

So far so good. I was persuaded by my accountant to use this as he wishes to be paper free. In theory it appears to be working well, I need a full year before I can say categorically that this is the way to go. As I do not like doing accounts myself, I am hoping that this is the answer. At the moment I feel a lot more freedom to do what I do best and not worry about the book keeping.

Brian Calcott  

We love Receiptbank, we were working on going paperless and RB has made this so much easier. Clients who have credit cards use the phone app, and transactions can now be reconciled daily. If there are any issues your can report a mistake and RB get back to you promptly. Once you explain to your clients how it works they are keen to use it immediately.

Beth Stewart  

ReceiptBank has been a game changer for me. I work with a lot of tradies who are notorious for their poor record keeping abilities. The ReceiptBank app has changed all this. They take a photo of their dockets and it is uploaded and then pulled through to Xero seamlessly. No more dirty crumpled or worse, lost dockets to try to pry from them.

Terri Wilson  

ReceiptBank is brilliant. Our business is fully paperless when it comes to invoices and receipts, and ReceiptBank saves us hours of time each month when entering bills. I especially like the auto-publish feature that we use for some receipts or invoices that are always charged to the same account.

Josh Moore  

Receipt Bank saves me from having to hire an assistant just to keep up with receipts. Easy to use and a definite time saver.

Cindy Gunawan  

This is still a work-in-progress within our company, but after a recent visit from receipt bank to our premises, we can definitely see a lot more benefits to using it. With a little more time we can initiate even more of their suggestions - but top marks so far!

Edward Cady  

This saves us hours and hours of time each month. By uploading receipts directly on their phones as photos, we no longer have to try and dig our receipts at the end of each month, it's all done in real time. The ability of receiptbank to read and process even the most hastily hand-written invoices is also very impressive!

David Trueman  

We love using Receipt Bank in our practice.
Our clients love using it too.
Going paperless and having everything filed exactly where it needs to be online is an amazing feeling.
Support Team at fantastic as well.

Katherine Morrow  

I have been using Receipt bank for sometime now and it has made my life much much easier.
I handle all the invoices for a very busy restaurant and therefore have many invoices daily. Most suppliers email the invoices and therefore they are easily transferred to Receipt bank for processing through to Zero which is also an excellent program. Others are easily scanned into Receipt Bank. We no longer need to store hard copy which is another great bonus.

Nicholas Anthony  

As a Gold Xero Advisor it took Receipt Bank a year to convince me to use them as I just could not see the benefit. I was blown away when I eventually started using RB for the practice and started implementing it for my clients. This is the BEST Xero integrated solution, just a pity it took me a year to realise it, well done Receipt Bank.

Marius Higgs  

Since installing Receipt Bank my life is so much easier. Huge time saver for us and worth every cent.
I would recommend installing the app to anyone who wants to save time and money.

Robert Cousens  

I've been using Receipt Bank together with Xero for a few months and I have been recommending RB to every single business owner I know. The amount of time it has saved me, once I set up the supplier rules, has been the difference between me literally losing my mind and my quite enjoying my accounting! Why oh why didn't I find out about this sooner??? Try it, once you get past setting your supplier rules, I bet you sign up.

Lisa Aubrey-Cosslett  

I have now been using Xero and Receipt Bank for eleven months, which is the length of time our business has been open. I find both systems to be very intuitive and the level of reporting available is excellent. My regular weekly bookkeeping is easily completed within an hour, it really is a first class system for small businesses.

Graham Thornton  

How do you not use Receipt Bank? RB forms an integral part of our business and as far as I am concerned RB & Xero go hand in hand. If you want to reduce time spent, need accuracy and believe in giving your client an awesome experience, RB is the way to go.
So cool and easy to use!

Nicole Rousseau  

Receipt Bank, Xero, Google Suite and Evernote - my paperless office
The real question is "why would you NOT use it?"
Purchase items on line and forward the invoice to Receipt Bank, go to Xero and match the invoice in the bank reconciliation - done, filed and available
Purchase petrol at the servo, use the Receipt Bank app to photograph the tax invoice, make sure it is "in processing" hand the receipt back to the cashier and leave. When the bank feed comes through the next morning match the invoice to the statement and it's done and dusted
Set and forget with absolute confidence. No filing, no paper, no worries.

Edward Henry  

After years of manually inputting invoices on accounts systems, Receipt Bank is a breath of fresh air! There is no simpler way of recording purchases and expense claims!
We have many clients who we now use this with and they all love it. It's great having engineers out on site photographing their credit card receipts and sending straight to RB, no more time wasted chasing engineers for receipts from last month!
Good job RB!

Hayley Broomfield  

I used to spend a lot of time scanning and downloading invoices/receipts to save them in Xero until my accountant recommended receipt bank. Accounting's become a lot faster and easier!

Silke Bieda  

Receipt bank is quick and easy to use. It has already saved me hours of work and I've only been using it a short time. I am sure that we will use it for years to come due to the ease, value and speed at which items are processed and available in Xero. I love that you can email over invoices, scan and upload documents or use the app to upload receipts if you have them. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Maggie Dempsey  

Receipt bank reduces processing down to 2 clicks. And stores a copy of the document against the transaction in Xero for easy recall later on. No more filing. There is no better way to do bookkeeping.

Jason Pater  

Receipt Bank has made my life so much less complicated. Photograph receipts on the phone, click a button and it's submitted - no form filling, filing, finding at the end of each month. Upload and send immediately and expense claims are a breeze.
Just about to start using Xero for invoicing clients and can't wait to make life easier in that department too!

Noelene Blair  

I highly recommend and advocate Receipt Bank if you would like to SAVE TIME, COSTS and data entry errors.

Raquel Centeno  

Receipt Bank has been invaluable in creating more time and efficiency within our practice - its so easy to use and saves hours of inputting invoices. No more missing receipts and spending ages trying to smooth out and decipher faded ones!

Rebecca Ashton  

Xerox and Receipt Bank - The ONE and ONLY solution to safe, quick and easy Bookkeeping!

Ina Annandale  

Such an easy way to get your receipts into Xero, I have my gmail setup to forward invoices straight to receipt bank where they are processed and automatically added to Xero where they are normally just lined up to reconcile straight away.... couldn't be simpler! Saved me HOURS of work over the time and its also saved me LOADS of headaches and hassle

Richard Davies  

If business is not using Receipt Bank, they are wasting time. This is one of the best inventions in modern times. One click, send to Receipt Bank, check when available to publish and publish. Everything is done while you are busy attending to other things while these are processed for you. A must have program.

Sue Franklin  

Every bookkeeper and accounting firm should be using Receipt Bank. End of story.

Giles Wilson  

Xero and Receipt-Bank together is the best thing! Something wrong if you're not using it! More importantly... getting your clients on board to use the app and get all the receipts and invoices into receipt bank for you!

Arno Kleingeld  

Receipt Bank - greatest invention since the ball point pen. Insane if one doesn't use it. Time saving , fast, all docs PDF'd no need to keep hard copies of invoices. Mad if not using .

Geoff Worsley  

Just onboarded a couple of clients - integration with Xero - easy peasy. Now looking forward to moving forward with this great app!

Heather Allan  

So userfriendly it's surprising. Save time and effort to manage invoices payment. Our team is happy to work with this software and enjoy the customer service. Long life to Receipt Bank / XERO.

Hélène Samuel  

Receipt bank is so easy to use, take photo on my phone or attach via email. Love being able to throw the paper copies in the bin - no more chasing paper!

Lisa Wiseman  

I love Receipt Bank, my biggest client is in Sydney, I am in rural Victoria, they can photograph all receipts as they happen and submit them to Receipt Bank, so no more lost fuel receipts in the work trucks and utes! Also, their largest supplier emails me invoices daily, I can check them then forward them straight into RB, where I have them set as auto publish to Xero, with 50-100 invoices a month from this supplier this saves me an enormous amount of time.
I cannot imagine Bookkeeping with out Xero and Receipt Bank, they make my life so much easier.

Julie Anne Holloway  

Why didn't I know about this sooner? I'm sure that there will be some things that will annoy me, but for now, I can't wait to get more clients working with it!

Cathy Burge  

I have managed to handball entering receipts into xero and now have suppliers emailing direct to receiptbank and employees not losing receipts as they simply forward them. Great system, and great customer service for someone like me who ain't too great on a computer!!

Andrew Whyte  

I love ReceiptBank - it saves me having to faff about with bits of paper, or worrying about ink fading on old receipts. If I buy something, I take a snap of the receipt on my phone, and send it for processing. I can log in later to fill in details of what the receipt was for, then pop it over to Xero and it's job done. I don't need a bookkeeper, and the neat little combo of Xero + ReceiptBank means for micro businesses like mine I save loads of money on accounts services.

Sarah Gordon  

Been using Receipt Bank with Xero for around a year now and can't live without it! With my staff all over the place and travelling a lot, it just streamlines my expense claims and record keeping - no more papers!!

Juan Furmie  

I have been a user of receipt bank for the past 2 1/2 years. I have all my clients using receipt bank and XERO together, from using receipt bank I can save least 30% of the time that I would normally spend on the bookkeeping therefore saving my clients money giving my business services value. The training and support from Receipt Bank is a very superior service compared to some other software providers. Receipt bank is a very important tool in my bookkeeping business and I am always keen to see the new, innovations that are emerging from this company as they are leading the way in their industry.

Gary Jones  

This has made my life much easier as receipts can be sent through in real time, I do not have to chase documentation/ receipts to keep accounts up to date and the financial status of the company can be easily checked. The dashboard enables a bespoke analysis for the directors to look at whenever they want.

Kelly Barry  

Receipt Bank has changed my role completely! I now have my business owners sending through receipts in real time using the app on their phone - they love it as they don't have to carry them around any more. I love it as by the time I log into receipt bank they are all ready to be processed so click click and they are in Xero waiting to be matched against the transaction! I now spend my time on value add activities and not on chasing documentation and coding expenses.

Kate Heaney  

Receipt Bank has dramatically improved my productivity on entering purchase invoices! Very little laborious data entry any more; just a few clicks of the mouse. It is well integrated with Xero. A further significant benefit is that I no longer have to keep paper copies of invoices for future audits. The scanned (or original) PDF is stored right alongside the Xero accounting entry. So much simpler!

Bruce Terry  

I love ReceiptBank! Not only is the technology simple to use and makes my book keeping so much easier but the company acts in the interests of it's customer. When my transaction volume went up, the accordingly increased the price plan that I was on. However, this was just a blip and they contacted me later and put be back to the lower plan.

Michael Cooke  

Receiptbank saves me a lot of time, So long as you take the time to set it up properly in the first place then it's a real bonus. I have made sure that I have No VAT versions of my main purchase accounts otherwise if you choose No VAT within Receiptbank it will change to the default for that account once it is pulled in Xero and if that default is 20% then you are overstating your VAT.

Katherine Charge  

RB is a win-win for me and my clients! Removes the laborious task of data entry and keeps electronic copies of invoices & receipts on file both in RB and Xero. The mobile app is brilliant, especially for my tradies who can snap pics of the paperwork on the go. I get to work remotely and not have to deal with the 'shoebox' full of paperwork.

Kylie Hall  

Big fan of Receipt Bank. It saves us so much time now, it makes us money! We are using the 300 transaction mutlipe user option. I also loves that all invoices are now visible as PDFs in Xero which we have never had before. I was recommended to do the free trial by another small buisness owner and I was sold within an hour! So my recommendation - give the free trial a go. You have nothing to lose.

Greg Brown  

We were recommended RB as an add-on to Xero and have been delighted with its ease of use and functionality. It rarely picks up data incorrectly but, even if it does, it's straightforward to put it right. I like the archive - so simple to check on what's already been processed and to unarchive it and reprocess it if necessary. Remote access is great as is our progress towards the paperless future!.

Margaret Lyon  

Pretty poor really, There are alot of mistakes made both by Xero & by receipt bank

Gary Coughlan  

We have been using Receiptbank for almost 2 years. I was introduced to it by one of my clients and was told how easy it made his office work going to a paperless office. I joined up straight away and really like the fact that I no longer have the issue with missing receipts as when I make a purchase I use the App and take a pic of the invoice and send it. I just have to check the coding in receipt bank then publish it to Xero. All copies of invoices are now stored electronically so my accountant if they want to query anything they just open up the transaction and can view the invoice online.

Malcolm Bradley  

We all know of the drudge stuff in bookkeeping/accounting. ReceiptBank totally removes one of them - repetitive keying of invoices, receipts etc. I cannot estimtae the wasted years of my life accumulated over the years keying bills etc that RB handles my accurately than I could do consistently. Enough - I'm off to to smell the roses in the time saved. If you're not using RB, you may be brain dead.

Peter Moon  

The best receipts add-on!
Our team spend most of the year overseas and are often using their credit cards in non-English speaking countries. Instead of coming home with a wad of paper, using the app has been amazing. As a not for profit we have an unusual chart of accounts but the team at Receiptbank do a reasonable job of getting the coding right. We see the occasional error in data entry, but hey, we're all human right?

Accounts Snowsports  

I give Receipt Bank and XERO a ten out of ten for their product, good service and ease of use.
I have recommended receipt bank and xero to other service providers. Receipt Bank and XERO work so well together and you can log in from anywhere at any time to use or see reports. This service is also cost saving. I highly recommend Receipt Bank and XERO to anyone managing accounts.

Debbie Sturt  

I would highly recommend 'Receipt Bank'!!! It is user friendly, can be used from your mobile and is a time saver.

Amanda Meyn  

Receipt bank is an excellent tool that I was introduced to by a client and am now in the process of signing up all my clients because it makes life so much easier.
No more having to hold onto scrappy receipts, each client can upload them to the app immediately and it's a breeze for me to reconcile the bank accounts in Xero.

Katie Barden  

I use Both Receipt Bank and Xero and love the integration.
I assist clients to set up and work within their business with Receipt Bank to make processes easier.
Receipt Bank is easy to use and a great asset to any business. We also have small business clients who don't have accounting software using it as their expense tracker due to the excellent OCR.

Melissa Worthington  

Great app that has saved me a huge amount of time, highly effective and easy to use.

Accounts Blackstar  

I have been using RB for a year. I could not recommend it more! Processing a purchase invoice is so easy and time efficient. The company I work for now have about 350 invoices per month - I cannot imagine posting the invoices in Xero manually - it would take ages! Also, pdf attachment is cost efficient - you save on printing and storage and you would never have to spend hours looking for old invoices. All neatly stored within Xero. The best ap ever!

Karolina Kerswell  

Recommended by our accountant and she was right! Just use the app to capture the receipt then check the details online and sync with Xero, all you have to do is Match and reconcile with OK. And now they've activated referrals if you want 10% off just use this link http://ssqt.co/mQc1bvG or code KRISTYNCALEY :)

Chris C  

I love using Receipt Bank with Xero for my own practice and my clients love using it, too. It saves a lot of time and effort, reduces stress of what to do with invoices and minimises the risk of lost invoices. Accuracy is improved with GST picked up correctly in invoices with mixed GST rates. There is room for improvement for dealing with multiple line invoices.

Karen Bradshaw  

We've been using ReceiptBank for 2 months now. It is worth every cent. No more lost or forgotten invoices. Everything is in one place, integrates fantastic to Xero and saves us loads of time every month.

Thanks for a great product.

Hein Du Plessis  

Highly recommend receipt bank for all the usual reasons time savings on posting invoices etc. even if a client mis-posts an invoice there's no more rooting through files to find the original document.

Angela Hilton  

I've only been using Receipt Bank for a relatively short time; however, I am loving it and so are my clients. The support I've had from my account manager has been truly exemplary in every way.

Natasha Wyatt  

Hi - I work with some off-the-beaten-track farmers and they simply LOVE receiptbank- no more invoices lost in cubby-holes of ute's! Highly recommended

Abel Erasmus  

Receipt Bank with Xero make life so much easier. Take a photo of your receipt and send it to receipt Bank, it will after your approval publish into Xero waiting to be reconciled. No more lost receipts or mismatch. Very easy to use and lot of time saving.

Sybille de Bretagne  

We have been using Receipt Bank for 6 months and this has cut down on paperwork for us. We can now either use our mobiles to photograph bill or receipt or just forward emails of invoices direct to receipt bank and these are then automatically approved for payment showing up within a couple of hours under our customers profile.

Bronwyn Adams  

Receipt Bank is just the best bookkeeping solution I have come accross and enabled me to reinvent my business. Combine it with xero and you have a perfect bookeeping integrated solution. No more data entry, no more shoe boxes. I LOVE IT!

Catarina Gruendling CPA  

I have been using it for over 2 years now and it is a fantastic product! It is great that it works for invoices too and the integration with Xero makes just so easy!

Urs Burkart  

We always had problems with clients losing documentation or forgetting what a payment was for. Now they use the Receipt Bank mobile app to record all their expenses. They have extended this and have now started to import invoices that are received by email. We can now provide them with meaningful reports on a regular basis to their performance and profitability.

Stephen Petrie  

Use to spend hours entering bills into Xero, not anymore!

Jordan Van Der Voorden  

BOREDOM be gone!!!!
Love the ease of snapping a photo or forwarding a PDF. Gone are the tedious hours of data entry. The recurring suppliers are automatic and the adhoc expenses take a few seconds to handle. Love being able to have a quick look at the original as needed without having to sift through piles of paperwork. Has made it so much easier to get receipts from staff members so I can reconcile everything. Love it 😀

Tasha Palmer  

We've been using Receipt Bank and Xero since 2015 now and are delighted with ease of it all. No hassle, quick and easy entry of invoices and receipts both emailed electronically and through the phone App. Great stuff, save loads of time, would definitely recommend.

Lee Prescott  

I've used both Receiptbank and Xero for just over a year. I cannot imagine xero without receiptbank. Itsseamless. I can take a photo of a receipt/invoice with my phone and send it up. Scan or email so easy. Strongly reccommended

Julie Bastow  

It's been so easy to use and the integration to Xero is seamless.

Siphamandla Sankqela  

Receipt Bank makes life easier for both me and my clients. No more chucking their receipts/invoices in plastic bags to drop off to me. Instead it is uploaded to their Xero file from Receipt Bank in Real time. Such a time saver & keeps their files up to date!

Joanne Bovis  

I love Receiptbank for the time saving qualities, hardly any missing invoices now as clients take photos of receipts, invoices and send direct to Receiptbank

Mary Rogl  

I've been using Receipt Bank for 6 years now and it has saved me a fortune in time lost and bookkeeping fees are kept to a minimum.
Snap a photo and import it into Xero. Job done, all the bookkeeper has to do is reconcile with the bank. And I got my garage back from storing 7 years of receipts and invoices.

Sanjay Shah  

It is a great tool and clients love it!!! Snap a pic and we do the rest.

Best add on we have used.

Amanda Blinco  

I would not, and could not be without it!

Derek Barkham  

Receipt Bank has been a godsend for doing my bank recons more effectively. It is extremely clever and has been a real surprise to work with, as I didn't think something like this was actually possible. No more scratching around for invoices when it comes to our VAT submissions. Everyone who buys anything on the company account now has this app on their phone and all they need to do is take a good picture of the receipt/invoice and submit it, which means that even technological philistines are finding it a pleasure to work with!

Sarah Lovemore  

There is nothing like it and now that I have it I can't imagine life with out it! I am not a fan of bits of paper and shoebox accounting and spreadsheets. Recieptbank and Xero handle that in one swoop!

Bryn Gilbert Grant  

Receipt Bank has been a great addition to our business! It's easy to use and the variety of using the program from your laptop to your mobile keeps it simple. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Purcell  

Receipt bank is the most efficient way I have found to keep on track with invoices and simplifies data entry. Always have a copy of the invoice on hand and saves hours of work.

Jacqueline Gebbinck  

I just integrated my receipt bank with Xero. Have been using receipt bank for ages and love the time it saves. Have an awesome chart of accounts on there and about 15 projects, so each receipt has a category and a project. Sadly the second I integrated with Xero my 2000 receipts lost all their projects and categories. I've contacted Receipt Bank to rectify and not heard back yet. If it can't go back to where it was I essentially have saved no time at all.

Gemma Broomfield  

Excellent! So easy

Sue Shaw  

Nothing in my experience saves as much time in an environment into which a large number of invoices are being received and/or handled than Receipt Bank. Couple the convience of accessing all the detail of any given invoice/bill and we have a tool we value and could recommend to anyone.

Monika Kasiniak  

Receipt Bank saves me a lot of time, because most of the work gets done by RB while I can then spend the time doing other work. It's quick and easy to use. I can also access it and work in RB while waiting for kids etc. Very convenient.

Carmen Hoogenboezem  

Love it. It improves our work efficiently with Xero.

Serena WEN  

The first app we add to every client's platform. Slashes bookkeeping costs and completes their paperless office. Easy to use, fast and great value.

John Oddy  

Receipt bank is a great app and saves time, my only gripe is it takes too long for the info to come back. Originally it was under and hour and now I have to wait up to 6 hours for my invoices, in some instances I don't have the luxury of time.

Lidija Karakolis  

If you're a small business and dont have receipt bank then you are wasting a lot of time and effort!

Wayne Marler  

Really useful! great app that works surprisingly well! just wish it didn't cost quite so much!
use this for 10% off http://ssqt.co/mQcqOaW

Graham Lindley  

Amazing!! Must have bookkeeping tool. Saves the client and me time.

Maudiènne A. Winklaar-Carolina  

Have been a bookkeeper for six years and using Receipt Bank for three months now, it is so much more time efficient, there's no going back!

Pauline Erwin  

Receipt Bank is a remarkable time saver. It eliminates 90% of the aggro of receipt and invoice handling and integrates beautifully with Xero.

John Ashton  

It just works. Brilliant and unmissable app.

Oscar de Vries  

Receipt Bank saves me days of work at quarter end when I have to do my VAT return and it's so easy to use, I use the iPhone app to scan them in in batches, and quickly check them online before exporting - done! Wish I'd had it a couple of years ago!

Tim Hulse  

Easy to use and saves us time and money

Michelle Leonard  

Just get it!

You will not regret it!

Neil Hocken  

Love receipt bank, I no longer have to match up little slips of paper to transactions on statements! Saves me bucketloads of time. I used to dread reconciling my credit card statements but now it's almost pleasant. Such a great idea.

Nigar Till  

I had no problem using receipt bank. It's easier for me now to update bills in xero. I don't have to add bills manually. It's really helpful for us all bookkeepers. :)

Joy Talapiero  

I wish I had discovered this when I first set up in business. It is so quick and easy to use and great that your accountant can access the same information. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Angela Hain  

Best decision ever to use Receipt Bank wouldn't be without it and can't recommend it enough, so easy to use.

Jo Waters  

Massively speeds up processing time and takes the hassle out of obtaining client paperwork. Would definitely recommend to any Xero users.

Chloe Waight  

Absolutely love Receiptbank. Just email your receipt or forward your invoice to Receiptbank. Especially handy for my situation. We have restaurants and often there is a GST free component on each invoice. I used to waste hours doing the split between GST inclusive and the portion that was GST free for these invoices. Now, Receiptbank does all this. I note in the past couple of days they have also started keying in the Project, Chart of Accounts number, description and then selecting the bank account to be charged. This saves so much time. I also hate filing however, now I don't need to worry about it as there is an electronic copy in the Cloud.
Highly recommended for those that struggle with managing time for boring book keeping work (I'm an accountant by trade too).
Great for taking a snap shot of a fuel invoice or, supermarket document then sending through to Receiptbank for reimbursement.

Andrew Wilson  

Receiptbank makes keeping track of receipts so easy. I simply forward invoices by email, or snap a picture of the receipt on my phone, and it's all taken care of. I couldn't do without it.

Michael Scott  

I love, love, love Receipt Bank. It saves heaps of time, but the two things I love the most is not having to keep screeds of paper in the office and if I want to look up a receipt or invoice I just login into Xero, do a search and voila it's there! My clients love the phone app. Click and submit, throw the receipt in the rubbish. Magic...

Kim Hamill  

Receipt bank is always learning and improving this is what I like about it.
Your team is always working on improving per requirement and demand. Very fluid and organic system. Time saver overall. :)

Sureyya Demirel  

delighted so far. I am a real numptee when it comes to systems on the computer, but as an owner of 2 businesses that have been running for 18 years i set out to modernise them using an online booking system for one and an ecommerce platform for the other. I use Shopify, Dear (stock control), Xero and receiptbank for the latter and love it. Several full time jobs and a huge accountants/bookkeeping bill no longer required. I'll shortly be adopting Xero and receiptbank for the online booking system once the developper has integrated xero so I'll then be using receiptbank for both businesses and saving even more. it's a fun app to use too.

Samantha Sandberg  

I have been using Receipt Bank and Xero together for many years and find that the automation is great, they are a company who hear their clients and continually update and forge ahead of the competition. There are alternatives out there, and I have tried a few but I keep on coming back to Receipt Bank!
For multiple clients RB is what really ticks most of the boxes for me. It is simple to use for clients and still offers a complexity for bookkeepers and accountants. The support has always been friendly, outstanding and quick. I will always recommend Receipt Bank as standard.

Emma Campbell  

Awesome program that integrates with Xero. Clients are very happy and find it much easier than sending loose docs through the post. So much easier and efficient than waiting for clients to send receipts after they have faded as well :)

Peter Hunter  

My job is to save my clients time and recommending Receipt Bank to them does just that!

Ruth Cringle  

As I first time business owner I felt very overwhelmed with Receipt keeping etc.
I found it very hard keeping on top, spending alot of time working on establishing my business to then find the time and teaching myself how to manage and input paperwork. Since finding Receipt bank and Xero it has made it fool proof! So much faster, virtually paper-less and trustworthy. I could not recommend enough! Thank you!

brendan kearton  

I run a bookkeeping firm...Receipt Bank...Well...
My clients love it, their accountants love it, my staff love it and when that many people love something you know you're onto a winner. Keep up the good work Receipt Bank #effortlessbookkeeping

Kristina Parslow  

I have been using Receipt Bank for several months. We are a small globally distributed firm so invoices and expenses arrive in many different currencies. Until we started using Receipt Bank, bookkeeping was a nightmare. Not any longer!!

We have had several interactions with customer service and received thoughtful and timely responses every time so we decided to give some very detailed feedback on areas we thought could be improved. Most of these ideas have been acted on and we have now been invited to join the Alpha Test of some exciting new features.

ReceipBank is not only an excellent product it is also a responsive company that cares deeply about its customers.

Peter Borner  

Since we're using Receipt Bank connected with Xero, processing the bills saves me a lot of time. I Just add all items in the morning (doesn't matter how much ), get on with something else, and review them after a couple of hours.
In the past it took me almost a day to manually enter (and check) 60 bills.....now I do it in just over an hour.
Loving receipt bank from the Netherlands !

Patrick Jansen  

Receipt Bank has been a really great find for us. We use it predominantly for supplier purchase invoice and receipt processing (but not employee expenses yet), on PC rather than mobile app. The value of time saved by using RB for this aspect of our business alone is more than enough to cover the monthly fee. Great value. I can recommend this software with hand on heart; the UI and integration with Xero continue to be enhanced.

Charlie Harris  

Receipt + Xero helps me to have a paperless office - literally.
I either take photos of receipts / invoices on my phone, or I forward the email invoices direct to my RB Inbox.
The processing is quite fast, and more importantly it's very accurate.
I run a design agency, so I also use Getharvest for timesheet capture / invoicing.
Between these 3 apps - I can get all of my Accounting / Bookkeeping / Invoicing done each week in less than 1 hour.

Mark Davies  

Receipt Bank has made my clients and my life so much easier. Clients are loving it as they are able to copy a receipt at point of sale, ensuring all expenses are claimed - No more lost receipts.
RB enables me to assist the client remotely to ensure correct expense allocation in real time.


Very quick to process receipts and easy to use.

Roxana Savu  

What a great find! ReceiptBank with Xero saves filing and copying and entering all those purchase invoices. Saving PDF's into DropBox and having them swept up into Xero makes life and bookkeeping easy. I was going to out-source the bookkeeping but the combination of the three iCloud solutions is both simple and time-saving and I keep control of expenditure.

peter cookson  

Receipt bank has been a massive help in streamlining our business. Bookkeeping barely features in our schedules anymore thanks to its near-seamless integration with Xero.

Highly recommended.

Samuel Jack  

We have been using Receipt Bank for approximately one year. We find it is a valuable resource because we can have all of the bills attached to the transactions in Xero which makes it easier for processing Business Activity Statements as we have the information on hand and don't have to hunt around for that piece of paper. The support from Receipt Bank is exceptional. The program is easy to use. Highly recommended.

Lesleigh Richardson  

If you're catching up on a backlog (a couple of hundred items) then be patient with it but I love it.

Andrew Davis  

I love Receipt Bank - I don't know how we coped without it.

Faye Dexter  

We have been using RB for over a year now and we are extremely satisfied with the service and the easy to use software.We can say without hesitation that this Add On to Xero revolutionized the way bookkeeping is done.
Scan it ! Publish it ! Approve it ! Pay it ! , Voila doing beautiful business with both RB and Xero.
I recommend RB to be an essential part of conducting any successful business.

Ramzy Kassouf  

Works great! My clients love it!

Julio Davila  

Extremely useful app to have. Even without any data entry experience, clients can easily use it thanks to the friendly interface it provides. The automation is exceptional and it picks up lines that are sometimes even hard to guess - e.g. currencies of local invoices.

Toni Dragu  

I'm very new to the game but so far Receipt Bank has made receipt data entry and tracing very easy. Sends over to my Xero and I can see the transactions and match it up with expense reports and accounts. Very happy and expect I will only become more in love with the app as I get more comfortable in its use!

Devon Pinchak  

Love Receipt Bank. It saves so much time is a great way to help small business deal with large amounts of paper.

Liza Goodall  

Great System. Makes my life so much easier.
Honestly don't know what I'd do without it now.

Lia Biddulph  

Love RB its so easy when using with Xero its cut my work load in half. Also its so portable I can do my work anywhere.

Love it

penny smith  

We have used Receipt Bank for about 2 years now with excellent results it makes the inputting of the invoices and receipts so much easier. It saves a lot of time.

Peter Lattimore  

Receiptbank works well for our company. Many employees need to submit expense claims and Receiptbank makes it easy. It communicates so easily with Xero, we have all information there quickly and can plan our cashflow for payments to be done. A good match in my opinion

Helena van Wyk  

Receipt Bank has cut down on the amount of paper we now have in the invoice. So simple to use and saves lots of time

Joanne Adair  

ReceiptBank is quite superb - and intelligent - it learns from its own experience so the more you do the same thing the quicker it works. I think of it as deserving all the E's. Efficient, Effective, Exceptionally Easy to use. And the integration with the equally superb Xero is seamless and rapid. As a small business owner it is absolutely Essential - that would be the last E.

Howard Walwyn  

Receipt Bank is a fantastic tool that saves myself and the organization a lot of time on reconciling data. We are using it specifically for Corporate Credit cards and the card users simply email the receipts to the dedicated email for these to be then processed right into Xero. I have tried some of the 'free' solutions for this purpose as well, but at the end of the day went back to Receipt Bank as it is reliable and stable.

Michael Balzer  

Receipt Bank is an amazing tool. It logs all the data you need for transferring into Xero. I have a very complaisant other half that is terrible with receipts, however having receipt bank means they can take a quick picture of the receipt and it is then saved and logged so if the receipt is then misplaced it is not such an issue for our records.
I would recommend everyone to use receipt bank if they are using Xero... Excellent software.

James Bennett  

It really a time-saving, I mean life-saving app for an entrepreneur who is travelling too much like me. It'd a nightmare without receipt bank to read numbers, classify the bills etc. So worth to try, then you can't give it up.

Aaron Sarac  

Receipt Bank is such a seamless, easy to use program. For internal processes it has saved us so much time - we no longer groan when we receive our wad of crumpled receipts. And clients just love the fact they can snap a photo and we have their work regularly not just at the end of the month. By giving their staff logins it has resolved so many "missing receipt" issues!

I can't praise the Receipt Bank staff enough - they are well trained in their product and have wonderful suggestions on improving workflow, answering all my queries quickly. All reps we have had kept in touch to assist in any way they can. I feel like they understand the problems bookkeepers face every day.

The integration with Xero is second to none. I have rarely had occasion that it has gone down and never for very long.

If you are in doubt I would suggest you give it a go - you won't regret it!

Therese McLennan  

Easy to use and integrates well with Xero, including a copy of the receipt attached to the Xero transaction. Receipt Bank saves so much time, we get all our regular bookkeeping clients to use it, and they find it easy to use as well.

Janine Jefferys  

Have saved so much time with this application, excellent value for money, a no-brainer really.

Nick Cookson  

Does the job really well...

Simon Redding  

Very Happy worth the money and saves me a lot of time. I love being able to simply forward invoices to receipt bank and press OK when it lands in Xero. Defiantly take time to set it up properly or get your bookkeeper to assist you so you get the most out of it. Highly recommend.

Chantel Gilbert  

Receipt Bank has been fantastic!

It has saved us so much time, and we don't miss sorting through all that paperwork of endless receipts/invoices at the most hectic time of year!

The support from the Receipt Bank team has been great to get us up and running. One of our tech savy client's has been snapping away on their mobile app, now I wish all of our client's would use this!

Sohal Patel  

Without the support of the Team at Receipt Bank, I wouldn't have a successful business. Receipt Bank is essential for my clients.

Sarah Hoffman  

I am in love with this add-on. The monthly fee you pay is by far cheaper than the hourly rate you would pay your accounts to data entry this information. It saves time and a lot money. No more chasing staff for receipts on company expenditure. You can set up supplier rules for recurring transactions. Well done to the team at RB. Keep up the great work!

Jodie Smith  

Amazingly easy to use and has saved days if not weeks of time! A huge fan and would recommend to anyone.

James Eder  

Receipt Bank is a very good add on and was one of the first of many to get the integration with Xero. The Integration is seamless and allows different setups for different clients who get it right and who get it wrong. It suits big companies very nicely though smaller ones a bit of a sticking point.

Jeremy Ferendinos  

Receipt Bank is a very useful tool saves me a lot of data entry with using the auto publish where I can and the ability to add payments from various accounts. However one thing I would like to see included is the ability to use inventory on here too, we can see projects and clients etc but no inventory which means I have to do this manually in XERO which then defeats the object of automation. On the whole though this is really good if used well.

Jenny Neale  

The convenience of scanning a receipt and then binning it is without doubt good. Waiting for between a day and 2 days for the results is not good, it's appalling. The last time, we were told by Receipt Bank it was because there was a holiday in India. It holds us up from progressing our accounts. Has no-one else had this experience?

Rob Pratt  

I make no secret of the fact that I love Receipt Bank.

I recently did some work for a business who used one of Receipt Bank's cheaper competitors. I tried to get them to use Receipt Bank but they refused to see beyond the cost. All I can say is that the cost of my time sorting out the errors created by their cheaper software choice would have paid for Receipt Bank for a year.

The experience made me love Receipt Bank that little bit more.


Claire Owen-Jones  

ReceiptBank is the key to taking the pain out of our expense processes. Simple to use, mobile and fully digital. I now find it incredibly easy to stay on top of what used to be a very painful process. Thanks ReceiptBank.

Dean Hopkins  

Easy, quick and timesaving!

Melanie Williams  

Weather you are a business owner, or a professional involved in accounting advisory and bookkeeping; There is no simpler, more efficient and sane way to manage your and your clients payables then with Receipt Bank. For me, there is no going back!

Marcin Delecki  

Straight forward to use, and our clients love it. Has made doing their accounts so much more convenient.

Katherine Louw  

Receipt-bank saved me hours of work every week. Now I don't have to enter receipts or invoices manually in Xero - I just forward supplier emails to receipt-bank and the app does the rest. Also, if you carefully review your "supplier rules" in receipt-bank and set some forward rules in your email client (forwarding automatically your supplier invoices to your receipt bank account) you'll have virually zero interaction with your supplier stuff. Some things may come up when you reconcile your account at Xero - and then you'll use it to further refine your supplier rules. Amazing!

Joao Pedreira  


Would automate receipt data entry again

Jack Davis  

Receipt Bank has saved us time and money

We have used Receipt Bank for a few months now and it just keeps getting better! Unless you love entering supplier invoices and receipts into Xero I would definitely recommend having a look at Receipt Bank.

My client selection rate is now based on two factors: They must use a cloud based accounting system AND it must integrate with Receiptbank. If they can't agree to that, then they are not respecting my business values and are a client that I'd prefer not to work with.

Thanks Xero and Receiptbank.

Michael Thomas  

Receipt Bank and Xero work brilliantly together! Processing all those emailed invoices through Dropbox is great but what I really love is the ability to photo and immediately post the small receipts that end up scrunched up in my wallet. Great time saver!

Steve Rees  

We like to think we are the biggest ReceiptBank fans getting round...but suspect everyone feels the same way we do! We, and our clients owe so many efficiency improvements to it! It has helped complete, and revolutionise our practice. Receipt Bank continues to improve its features, and this allow us to improve. This software forms a foundational piece of our service offering, and basically, we could not operate with out much to the same extent we could not operate without our practice management software. It is that good!

Tyler Wise  

Receipt Bank has saved us so much time! The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, the customer service is extremely efficient and new and improved features are continually being added. In order to take full advantage of the product, we've set up some automatic rules which make the integration with Xero even more seamless.

Marie-Claude Paquette  

Receipt bank have saved so much of my clients' time !!! They absolutely love how easily the receipt can be scanned and uploaded using their phones.

Tracy Liang  

I recommend RB to all my buddies... It's the single greatest time saver I've found when it comes to my booking... JK

James Klobasa  

We are a small team who have recently lost our financial controller and we were able to integrate this system so easily and now share the load, loading our own expenses and processing them. Its a system that saves lots of time and is easy to follow, anyone can do it.

Peta Cooke  

Amazing, time saved means we can all help grow the business and spend less time on boring Admin

Brett Strivens  

This software was great when I first started using it but it has gone from strength to strength. It just does exactly what you want it to. They call it "Receipt Bank" which gives a vague sense that it's for expense receipts but we use it for ALL of our invoices and it saves an extraordinary amount of time whilst providing you with simple hands on access to all of the information. I really couldn't rate it highly enough. It is the perfect partner for Xero.

David Louis Puttick  

This is integral for your Xero use. It's iOS integrated and well organized.

Benjamin Feldman  

I love Receipt Bank as it makes my life so much easier. Either myself or one of my team can simply forward emails on for processing. I can photograph receipts for them to be uploaded and then it all automatically synchronises with Xero. I wouldn't be without it!

Lorraine Ashover  

I can't tell you how great Receipt Bank is!! I have clients who use it 100% and others who don't which means I have to manually enter their invoices which is time consuming and tedious. Receipt Bank saves so much time plus it's accurate and keeps you organised. No more sifting through piles of paper invoices and the integration with Xero is seamless. When somebody has a question, the invoice is easily retrieved. I wouldn't run my business without RB, thanks guys! In fact, any client I can't convince to use RB will probably need to find another bookkeeper !!!

Darren Jackson  

I couldn't believe life (work life...) without the combination of receipt bank and xero - amazing.

Josh Clark  

Receipt Bank & Xero, a match made in heaven. Receipt Bank is so user friendly with email receipts & photograph sending of receipt options, love it!

Jacqui Archer  

It seems Receiptbank is best used if you are in field sales submitting receipts for your airport cappucinos. When submitting a high number of supplier invoices Receiptbank causes too many mistakes with incorrect data such as multiple supplier accounts, totals without VAT, causing confusion & more work. It's so quick to add invoices/receipts to Xero anyway, I don't think it's worth it.

James Hartley  

I can't imagine Xero without Receiptbank.... it's absolutely fantastic, saving me a massive amount of time whenever and wherever I am in the world travelling and incurring expenses.

James Madelin  

Receipt Bank is a game changer for the accounts payable and expense claim functionality in so many ways. Our clients who have adopted Receipt Bank are reaping the rewards of better quality data, productivity enhancements, cloud based storage of receipts and purchase invoices and many other benefits. Being able to drop in my recent expenses into Receipt Bank whilst in Melbourne's CBD for our internal accountant to process cut down many manual steps in what used to be an otherwise tedious process.
The old way:
1. Get receipt and put into wallet to take back to office (or lose receipt and don't get reimbursed!)
2. pull hard copy out of wallet, scan and email to internal accountant.
3. internal accountant processes an expense claim in the accounting system but because I didn't advise where to code in the GL has to come back and ask where to code
4. coded in GL and processed then reimbursed sometime thereafter
The new Receipt Bank way:
1. take photo of receipt using the app on my phone- hard copy straight into the bin
2. automatically coded based on supplier rule and pushed into Xero
3. internal accountant sees expense claim in Xero, processes and reimburses me that afternoon.
...there's no comparison - stick with steam engine technology or go for Receipt Bank. I know which one I'd choose.

Billy Lacey  

Easy, simple and it's making my clients smile

Our customers are loving the Receipt Bank app on their smart phone and we are all smiles here in the office at EOFY. No more do we have to spend hours contacting our clients via email and the phone to provide us with missing receipts/invoices.

This tax time has been the best ever, with more clients asking for this product into the new financial year. Thank you for making our and that of our client's lives easy this tax time!!

Amanda Hoffmann  

Having tried Entryless for free, quickly came to realise they just lure you in and then the processing times drop to 25+ days!!!!!

Moved to receiptbank and not looked back...

wish you could have more invoices for the subscription OR have a very low cost for less than 10 invoices a month?

GTROC Treasurer  

I am worries about Receipt Bank and quite frankly not impressed. We deal with a huge amount of Pharmacies who have large amounts of Supplier Invoices. Up to now we have had duplicated Supplier invoices synced from RB to Xero - a RB error, supplier invoice dates incorrect - incorrect mapping - our clients are getting less than impressed with our use of RB.

Liz Peacock  

Receipt Bank has save me loads of time great tool, its a shame xero can not use the
project and client facility, well you can use client but you have to create a invoice first before you start to get a name or list into receipt bank.
as for project xero cant handle this ! if some one has found away round this let me know
5 stars for receipt bank

Dave hickman  

It would be great if you can include "payment method" in "Reference" for Spend Money transaction in Xero while sync with Receipt Bank. Especially for corporate credit card with multiple card users I quite often set up the payment method with staff's initial and last 4 digits of the credit card number (ie. SL-VISA0001). You'll be able to tell who put through this transaction and which credit card this belong to just by looking at the reference.

Sharon Liu  

Beautifully simple, effective and efficient software. A total time saver and worth every penny of the monthly usage fee. Steve Jobs would give 2 thumbs up!

Scott Reis  

Purchase Order that is 'Mark as Billed' and then ‘Copy purchase order to a draft bill’ box is ticked and then the bill is approved – it MUST be possible to merge this bill with an invoice generated via syncing with Receipt Bank.

At this point I end up with two bills which are for the same thing: a bill that was created as a final step of a Purchase Order copied to a draft bill which then got approved and a bill that came through via syncing with Receipt Bank

Can you please fix it?

Jay Bodys  

We are enjoying our RB experience. The shift for us is that we needed to change our thinking about our practice, which is to use the automation to our advantage, rather than trying to belt it into our workflow. How can we provide "a better, faster, cheaper service to our clients"... rather than "how do we keep our staff occupied because we are paying them anyway". We need to be an offsite service with the lowest costs, because our clients (all non-profits) would rather spend money on good causes than paying for inputting bits of paper into the computer.
Its not an easy shift (and so I thank RB for the book they gave me recently which has changed my life :) )
If people are expecting a perfect solution from day 1 (or perfect communication Nicola) from any new and disruptive application, you are setting yourself up to fail. Be patient, go with it for a while, lean in... Most of the time it pays off.
Thanks RB for inventing stuff to give my staff a life.

Morri Young  

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for raising your feedback & I'm sorry to hear this has been your experience. It sounds as though there's been a miscommunication, which I'm very keen to find our more about - so I'll be in touch to follow up further.

The Practice Platform metrics enable you to have real visibility over your clients workload, so you can prioritise your day. These metrics have become a key part for many of our partners workflows. Happy to talk you through these metrics or introduce you to some of our partners who are successfully using them.


Sophie Hossack  

Is anyone using the Practice Platform for Receipt Bank for $55 per month? I have just started using RB and the "sales" guy took my credit card details and signed me up without telling me there was an option not to use this analytics with my clients. The prior week he'd told me I could as a bookkeeper use RB with no charge. After I asked him why he didn't mention the free platform again he said he would downgrade and I wouldn't be charged... however I have now been charged. Royally annoyed with this and I'm not even sure I want to use it anymore due to their sign up tactics. I was going to sign up multiple clients but their sales team have not haven't impressed me at all. I understand charging my clients but I'm not sure why they are charging me for something I didn't sign up for. Not impressed.

Nicola Wong  

Great service that "almost" replaces a bookkeeper! Great support, I even had my requirement of including line items on invoices taken into account. Using this on two of my Xero companies. Great add on!

Laurie Barker  

Find Receipt-bank's data entry highly inaccurate, supplier names are more often incorrect than correct and thus a lot of babysitting still required as documents are input into Xero. I have a ticket open but the response so far has been less than helpful.

Jesse Archer  

Receiptbank is effortless bookkeeping! For businesses with lots of paperwork, and those who hate being surrounded by paperwork, Receiptbank is a great solution for ensuring you have pdf copies of receipts and invoices against your transactions, so the paper can go in recycling! Extremely happy to have receiptbank as part of our financial toolkit, as it's a must for those wanting to be paperless, and who doesn't?!?

Hayley Bradshaw  

Not impressed. We are constantly having to chase items that take an age to show up in Xero as well as experiencing key logging errors.

James Noonan  

What a time-saver! Take photos, upload, check, publish, boom - done.
And the customer service has been great too. Thanks guys.

Ian Walker  

I would highly recommend Receipt Bank to any professional firm. It saves so much time and once you've done the training its very easy to use. Great support with lots of amazing ideas on how to grow your practice.

Michelle Hannemann  

I love Receipt Bank. Aside from creating amazing opportunities to save time and money, Receipt Bank really knows how to deliver great customer service - above and beyond. Special thanks to you, Chelsea, for all of your amazing support!!

Ed Stattmann  

There is no need to keep all those tiny, annoying receipts anymore. The idea of Automating and saving my clients money is too good an opportunity to pass up. Spend the time on setting each client up properly and automating as much as you can, will lead the victor to the spolis.
Yes, there will be some clients that it wont fit 100%, however, you will still save a huge amount of time in processing as much as you can through RB.

Kim Macdonald  

Definitely an exciting product to link to Xero. I think it will greatly assist our firm in gaining efficiencies with our clients and greatly help with substantiation of items. They have a great team who are very helpful and easy to deal with.

Timothy Middleton  

Receipt Bank has completely transformed our bookkeeping practice. We hit Xero Gold status without employing a single extra staff member solely because we can process client work so much more efficiently than before by using Receipt Bank.
I LOVE cloud bookkeeping and the difference it has made in our professional space. However not being 'on site' has come at the price of not reliably having access to the source documents. This has led to inefficiencies and frustration where staff have to communicate with clients, often many times, when the bank transaction line is just not enough information. Receipt Bank addresses this void. And does it very effectively.
I also took up the Practice Management Receipt Bank addition. This enables me to have a daily overview of jobs' status within our organisation and identify and address any inefficiencies.
Add to all of the above that they have an amazing support team and you know you are on a winner!

Cindy Drew  

Hi Simon, Nelson here from Receipt Bank. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues! Please get in touch with us on support@receipt-bank.com as we can definitely help with setting up rules and reviewing your account to ensure you have the highest level of accuracy.

Nelson Da Silva  

I am finding it very unreliable in accurately scanning documents. Everyone has to be checked and double checked before I dare put it into my accounts as a result does not save much time and increases frustration

Simon Mummery  

We love receipt bank, it improves our productivities and saving a lot of our account managers' time in submitting expenses.

Feed Back:
Can we request Receipt bank to improve the speed of the processing

Thanks Receipt Bank


We also love Receipt Bank.
I love how they send the full photo of the invoice to Xero so I can double check invoices in Xero on the go wherever I am. I don't even look at the invoice in RB once it is uploaded because I trust their application of my rules, and I like to see the invoice in Xero where I can spend more of my time doing work rather than paperwork.
They are very quick, often getting work done within the day - and even granted my request to save the reference no as the supplier's invoice no which makes finding invoices in xero really quick - using statements etc.

The only thing I would add as a 'con' was that sometimes they change the supplier's name a fraction or two which makes sending remittances in xero/or doing batch payments annoying as you have to manually change the name to get it all aligned.
Still a small price to pay!
Thanks Receipt bank

Laura Ford  

I can’t speak highly enough of Receipt Bank. It has made our life so much easier trying to track receipts, invoices and reimbursements. The mobile phone app is my favourite part of the process – taking a photo of a receipt and uploading it immediately to reconcile against the bank statement in Xero is brilliant. My husband is a CA accountant and even he is thoroughly impressed. Thank you Receipt Bank!

Ruth Eldridge  

We LOVE Receipt Bank! Easy to use, great interface, and it saves us time. It just works!

Michael Randall  

We've been using the add on for over 8 months now and it has saved us tremendous time. The storing of invoices in Xero to each transaction saves us time trying to locate the invoice as we have previously kept them as hard copies in folders. Going paperless has never been simpler and no longer is a bulk of time used for data entry.

The new layout is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Thao Ly  

Goodbye data entry... it's all been said already but I have to give additional 'wow' marks for support and service, and the expense report function.

Kirsten Forrester  

Have been using Xero add-ons for years and I came to Receipt Bank much later than I should have. Implemented it for my wife's architecture business about 6 months ago and the whole process was a breeze. Its auto-pilot for accounts payable, the integration with Xero could not be simpler and the pricing is just too good to ignore.

I have since introduced the product to my healthcare clients and they are blown away by it. For industries in the dark ages, products like Receipt Bank are like moving them to the arctic circle in the summertime.

Oh and great support from the RB team. Look forward to working with you on many more implementations in future.

Marcus Wilson  

Receipt Bank is such an essential part of our workflow, Xero and Receipt Bank are now just as important as each, as other without one you cant take full advantage of the other. RB is now not just a recommendation to our clients its just a given that it's part of the software suite.

Also cant speak more highly of their support staff and management, quick to respond and love getting suggestions.

Great product, vital to the future of business and cloud accounting!

Dave Gorter  

Time equals money, I cannot afford not to use ReceiptBank and strongly recommend it to all my clients - we love it!

Denise Palmer  

ReceiptBank has such a great reputation that our clients are asking us to sign them up, now!

Nicole Lynch  

Receipt Bank has proven to be a great success for now almost all of our clients. The practice platform is a terrific dashboard to get an instant snap shot of my client base and what needs to be done! The support provide is also 1st class. Thanks!

Daniel Hardy  

Receipt Bank really fits into my Business. I have alot of Clients that I not only maintain their payables but also the offsite filing of the documents. Being able to store the documents online with the Transaction easily is fantastic. When questions are asked it is quick and easy to find the Invoice in Receipt Bank and answer any questions.

My Staff now have an easy Electronic Process to receive, process and store Payables. Receipt Bank is to thank for that.

Don Doolan  

Receipt bank helps minimise the risk of loosing documentation and then not being able to claim the expense.
Documents scanned into receipt bank do not fade like receipts in a wallet/purse do.
Transmits information to Xero to make reconciliation a breeze by matching expenses to their invoice/receipt and allows an audit trail to be established.
Multiple people can access receipt bank to monitor and correctly allocate receipts, so if an individual is unsure, their bookkeeper can log in and correctly allocate the expense in receipt bank before it transfers to Xero.

Kyle Adams  

At Cornerstone we LOVE Receipt Bank. It has completely changed how we work with our customers.
- major reduction in chasing paperwork and therefore verifying transactions
- saved us hours and hours of data processing time
- made managing payables a much less stressful process as we have all supporting documents online and in Xero
- less stress reconciling credit cards as each receipt is captured and visible
- helps our customers start the paperless journey...very liberating

It has also meant we can deliver against our fixed price packages for customers. As long as they use RB consistently. If not they know the drill...

The new dashboard is AWESOME. The team love it and already can't do without it. Great innovation and really helpful. If you haven't tried it , give it a go...you won't be sorry.

The team at RB are excellent and a valuable asset to our team. Always helpful and quick to respond to queries. We really appreciate all their efforts.

Thanks RB we think your the BEST!


Tim Hoopmann  

We have used Receipt Bank for a while now and it keep’s getting better and better.
It has not only saved a ton of time, but it makes finding documents you need to view simple!
Easy to use and the support we get from Receipt Bank is amazing.
I recommend it to everyone– 10/10

Alana Reeves  

Receipt Bank is one of those apps that makes both the clients business and my practice easier to run. We now mandate that all client come onto the RB platform to maximise the efficiency of it.

David Boyar  

Receipt-bank is a great product - best of breed. Not only is the product itself excellent but the team behind is always looking to improve its functionality, ease of use and value-add with innovative features. After thoroughly investigating other receipting/A-P options, we decided on receipt-bank as it is far superior to its competition.

Kim Maine  

We have been using Xero + Receipt Bank for some months now - Brilliant! I know we still have a lot to learn about full automation in Receipt Bank but already it is saving us time and, more importantly, our clients actually LIKE using it, so no more missing paperwork. Keep up the good work Receipt bank.
Will give 5 star when receipt bank brings the supplier invoice number into Xero.

Barbara Ford  

Receipt Bank is a godsend, not only for our clients, but for our firm too! Receipt Bank provides us perfect records for an audit trail, eliminates the necessity to hold onto pesky paper receipts and saves us HOURS each week. The app is especially helpful for uploading receipts on the go. With an amazingly supportive, helpful and innovative team, it is easy to see why so many people are turning to Receipt Bank to track and manage their expenses.

Brooke Holmes  

I just love love receipt bank and so do all my clients, they just can't believe that receipt bank will even read a hand written receipt! Receipt bank is especially fantastic for those in the food industry as so many receipts can have gst free and gst inclusive items, receipt bank will do all the hard work and split the gst and gst free items for you, saving hours and hours of manual data entry. Receipt bank we couldn't imagine life without you! :)

Georgina Dixon  

What a FANTASTIC program. Not to mention the support team and staff are wonderful and incredibly good looking. Receipt bank is the cornerstone to our AP Processing. Life is good.

James Webb  

I love receipt-bank and so do my clients. It's so affordable and simple. Receipt-bank a simplely and beautifully replaces the functions of 1. holding on the the receipt 2. getting it to your bookkeeper 3. keying it 4. filing it 5. storing it. Further, you can code all your receipts from one screen (and that after coding once it smart-codes) AND there are settings to auto code and push to xero without even using the interface (I'm getting bookkeeperee' now). R.O.I. wise (we always want R.O.I.) what does it cost you to process functions 1 through 5 for 75 receipts a month? A lot more than $20 a month right? And.... if you ever get audited all your receipts are there BOOM! Data entry is dead. Receipt-bank is the bomb!

Jeannie Doherty  

In our office, we play a game "What's your favourite software?" More often than not Receiptbank wins this game. Most of our clients have this now. Awesome.

Martin Tunley  

I have been using Receipt Bank for a few months now and have cut down my processing times by 23%. I imagine that will grow to a further reduction in time as i become more and more knowledgeable about the many features of receipt bank. My clients find it quick and easy especially the App method of sending invoices in. With Receipt Bank enough time is saved that i can take on more and more clients.

Peta Smerdon  

I run a small and very lean consulting business and have never been very good at managing my expenses. I was increasingly frustrated with the time and effort it took to track them properly. This is particularly challenging when trying to track expenses across a number of different clients. As a result I was spending hours every month entering data only to track part of the true amount of expenses and bills. Now that I have switched to using Receipt Bank, I have so much more time. Integration with Xero has gven me at least a day a month back and, importantly, because it is so easy to capture and track expenses, I am now tracking my costs much more accurately. Receipt bank pays for itself and some every week. Thank you. I now focus on managing the business rather than data entry and manual book keeping.

Adam Evans  

Receiptbank is part of my bookkeeping system that I offer clients. It is convenient and easy to use and solves the problem of getting the paperwork to us. Seeing Receiptbank evolve over the past couple of years has shown me that they are worth using as a tool for my processes. Very happy with the customer support that makes my job easier!

Katrina Houlbrook  

Receipt Bank is the bomb! We use Receipt Bank as part of our clients' bookkeeping process! I love RB Practice Platform to manage our bookkeepers efficiency and productivity! So many of our clients love the fact they don't need to deal with the paper. Love the accuracy and reduction in data entry! Anna Cochrane is an amazing person who gives great personalised service!

Jen Swenson  

Receipt Bank is the best! We love it and so do our clients!

The fact that Receipt Bank extracts data quickly and accurately as well as uploading the picture file into Xero is amazing! We are also super-impressed with the new UI and extra functionality that it gives us.

The flexibility and simplicity of the mobile app is just legendary, its so easy to use and if ever we have an issue, the customer service is faultless. We love that our Partner Success Manager, Anna Cochrane is just a phone-call (or tweet!) away when we need her expertise.

Keep doing what you're doing Receipt Bank team! You guys are awesome!

Taylor Boldrini  

Loving Receipt Bank! Reduces the risk of data entry errors and love that feeling of throwing those receipts in the bin (no filing!). My favourite aspect of Receipt Bank is having all our receipts attached to the transaction in Xero.

Their customer service is of high standard. Always helpful.

Once the upload bug is killed in the App 5 stars will be deserving.

Megan Fawdon  

Receipt Bank has been a great tool for my clients. It has to be the easiest way to meet record keeping obligations for tax.
The support from Brooke and Chelsea and the support team has been excellent and Receipt Bank is consistently finding new ways to improve the product and service.

Simon Birdsall  

The latest update has made huge improvements... RecieptBank is now super fast to use and a real timesaver. It has dramatically reduced our lost invoices. The only thing that would help us even more would be descriptions entered for line items... but they keep up the development so I'm sure this is coming! Good work RB team.

Phil Williams  

Our 3 Subway stores would be a nightmare if we hadn't found Receipt Bank.
I am now almost a paperless office and Receipt Bank has made that happen.
No more holding onto bits of paper in the wallet, take the photo with the app and its done!

Benn Farrawell  

Can't imagine life without it. In our small organisation, everyone works from home, so employee expenses are dealt with really easily. Just remind everyone to only take a photo of one receipt at a time rather than try to scan and upload several receipts at once. We are able to easily allocate expenses to appropriate cost centres and no trees are harmed in the process!

Melanie Todd  

Receipt Bank has been fantastic for my clients. It has helped us save countless hours on data entry and has streamlined the process of invoice entry and employee expense reimbursement.

The staff have been extremely helpful as well and quick to offer support.

Well done on being such a great service!

Slava Inberg  

Receipt Bank (the service) is an integral part of our service - we automatically roll it into every client because it absolutely improves timely and accurate capture of the basic financial transactions through our bookkeeping service. Clients love the snap 'n send on their phones and being able to simple-forward on any supplier invoices.

In addition because of the capture of source documents it means that any R&D tax incentive or EMDG grants have full audit-ability of transactions down to as low a level as you like.

Receipt Bank (the team) have been awesome in working with me to nail the setup / processes so that the end result is a service that "just works" for clients ... and for us. First Chelsea, now Brooke have been fantastic and are always responsive.

Remco Marcelis  

We absolutely love Receipt Bank! We now include it as part of our packaging as a standard add-on for all managed clients. Having a receipt/purchase document with the transaction saves so much time for not only us but our clients and their accountants too!

We love that Dru is always quick off the mark with any queries and nothing is ever too much hassle.

Thanks RB :)

Amanda Hingston  

I trialed Receipt Bank on my client whose greatest joy is handing me his paperwork to sort out. I wasn’t sure if it would work, because things are stapled on the back and can’t be scanned. I decided to photograph them with my phone. That is already connected to Dropbox, so from there I loaded up into Receipt Bank. Even easier with the new interface. At first I tried to check the quality of the photographs, but gave up. Only one or two each batch need review, so it is much faster to just fix those ones. I have gone from a massive backlog of paper to completely up to date. Using Receipt Bank was fun and the drudgery was taken out of doing the work. I no longer look at a pile of work with dread and my client is getting a better service. I love Receipt Bank!

Caroline Smith  

Hi all,

RB changed interface and decommissioned some features, including batch upload from the computer. Also, one now can not send corrections to Xero (normally I correct ~10% of their outputs). The app becomes unusable.

Does anyone know alternatives? I have heard Concur was building something like this, but Concur is a rip-off. Any other options?

Eugenia Ziranova  

Receipt Bank is a great tool - easy to use and provides access to the paper trail required for compliance record keeping. Being up to date with the accounting records and being able to correctly allocate transactions whilst viewing the documentation, is a great service to offer our clients. As we say to our clients, "we don’t have time to do data entry". Our clients are impressed - a great product to compliment our business, as we show clients how “we save time” and “save them money”.

Great customer support – thank you Receipt Bank.

Gayle Goldberg  

Receiptbank – Simply the best Xero add on!

Our clients love using the app to send through invoices -which means we actually receive them for a change! This makes our bookkeeping service so much more efficient and stream-lined.
The new interface looks amazing and makes a great product even better. We can monitor our staff’s progress and productivity across all our clients in one spot on one screen.

The support service they offer is timely and the processing times between when it hits the Receiptbank account to when its ready for export have also reduced considerably over the last few months, sometimes happening almost instantly. Best of all is the continued development for the add-on as the functionality is always being improved. Simple things like ‘bulk edit’ are a saviour for us and its innovation like this that makes Receiptbank stand out.

Our staff and clients both love it – everybody wins!

Jamie Davison  

I must admit I'm a real novice with RB right now but have managed to see & make some magic happen. Made a mistake today though and emailed my manager for assistance. Norman "my man" phoned me and all was fixed under 5mins!! Thanks!

Monica Brooklyn  

I love the idea of ReceiptBank but my small clients just don't get it! I'd be interested to know how other accountants have persuaded their smaller clients to adopt it. I have a few larger clients who love it for their staff's expenses claims, but it doesn't seem to offer much to a one-man band who already owns a scanner. Most of them work on a cash basis, coding from the bank statements. They don't need AP/purchase ledger too.

Nigel Harris  

IGNORE OUR PREVIOUS RECOMMENDATION FOR RECEIPT BANK. Not because it is wrong but because the new Practice Platform has taken RB to a whole new level of innovation and efficiency. On top of the previous benefits to clients and our business from their existing services the PP has now added a whole new layer of managing our processes, staff and client engagement. Within 15 minutes of implementing the new platform we had identified 6 areas where we could improve our internal efficiencies and client service levels. In terms of the benefits to our clients and our business this has to be the biggest single efficiency improvement released into the Eco-system over the last 12 months at least. Well done guys! This shows why you are the #1 add on partner and a must have for all Xero accounting and bookkeeping partners. I'm looking forward to the next release.

Greg Tuckwell  

RB not only ensures that our Clients' Xero files are kept in best practice (i.e. with invoices attached to payments) but also helps us work more efficiently, and lets us do what we love most - add value to our Clients'!

It also has allowed me to scale up my business without hiring yet another data entry person to keep on top of things - all for a fraction of the cost of hiring somebody!

The RB product is light years ahead of its competitors and offers really great features (eg having the ability to upload one file with multiple receipts - that in itself is a scanning delight!). Highly recommend it.

I'm just frustrated with myself that I took so long to embrace RB!

Julie-Anne (Jewlz) Ellem  

I'm a firm believer that Successful Business is all about the 4 pillars, PEOPLE, Strategy EXECUTION and Cash - the mantra GoFi8ure processes and training are built on. The first thing I have to say about Receipt Bank is the people who work there are genuinely passionate about their profession and building a global community success story, and that would come from the top being that Michael and Alexis are gods in software technology and wanting the world to be a better place. #Softwareiseatingtheworld and this flows to the teams in UK, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand; simply put it feels like family when you are dealing with one of their team. Their customer service is A+++ and they are focussed on being not only the best in servicing but the best solution to market. The team live and breathe the marketing strategy in their DNA and its very nice to be in the company of loyal and caring advocates for the product they uphold so strongly. I admire this and like to align my business and my team with good people like that!

Secondly Receipt Bank's strategy for their products and how they execute development, sales, marketing, training, vertical partner liaison, conferences and roadshows shows a level of excellence in strategic positioning that caters to all markets and clients that is world class and award winning! Award winning criteria must surely be proven numbers of accountants, bookkeepers and clients who have taken up the solution and the worldwide growth of Receipt Bank clients must demonstrate they are the fastest growing technology solution - a close second to the other famous accounting solution starting with XERO :)

I can also see quite clearly that the Receipt Bankers get out there and actually ask their community what they want - isn't that refreshing? They are constantly improving and delivering quality solutions with skill, expertise and great personality - that is emblazoned in their software - I just love it - being able to see the efficiencies, the time-savings not just at data entry and creditor reconciliation level but at audit and financial statement time, gives me goose bumps when you realise that increase in net profit due to automation can be a win win for your clients and your own bookkeeping practice!


Lisa Martin  

Being a cloud based bookkeeping firm, the use of reliable cloud technology is of utmost importance to us and our clients. We love Receipt Bank. It has enabled my team to streamline their work loads, as we are not chasing up receipts, and we now have AP in Xero instead of nothing. This makes the reporting we provide a lot more accurate, as we are reporting on accrual basis instead of half cash half accrual. Love it! Anything I bring up with them is dealt with efficiently and we are not left hanging around waiting for answers. Great product, great apps, and our clients love it too.

Di Crawford-Errington  

Awesome solution for us and our clients being able to streamline any type of business to save time, paper and data input within their business. Auto-syncing the majority of bills have transformed our clients who once kept folders of invoices for each supplier, which is now a thing of the past with the ability of having all bills / invoices/ credit notes attached and held within Xero.
Brook Pengelly at Receipt Bank has been awesome to deal with and has provided great training to our firm to get us up in running in the early days.

Thanks team for developing a great solution for us to introduce to our Xero clients and other advisers using Xero.

Scotty Jenkin  

Add on Partner of the Year for the last few years Running.
That says it all really.
It is a fantastic platform with several different ways to set it up and structure it. This can really add to the Cleints experience as it can be tailored specifically to their needs.

I am looking forward to the Multi account log in that is in Dev at present.

Great work Michael and the Global team

Daniel Moore  

I used to love Receipt Bank. I swallowed the occasional error in processing - wrong currency, usually, or forgetting the VAT. But the error rate on my expenses seems to have gone up in the last three months. I am guessing that they've expanded and haven't hired people who are paying as much close attention - or they're processing more receipts without extra staff. One recent series of errors on the same receipt suggested that a bot must have been handling it, because I had the same incorrect total amount error made three times despite my increasingly explicit requests and instructions (the receipt was in an email I forwarded; a ticket was attached to the email, but it excluded the handling fee; I kept on telling them to use the receipt not the ticket, to no avail). Either way, it's making me less excited about them than I've ever been. I hope it gets better again when this growth spurt settles down.

Caroline Webb  

Receipt Bank was my first foray into Xero add-ons and it has been and a great add-on for my business. Working remotely from clients, I was relying on clients scanning & Dropboxing any documents I needed. By using Receipt Bank I now get to see and correctly allocate transactions that I was not always able to get from clients. This has saved HOURS! in data entry allowing me provide more information to my clients.
The intergration with Xero allows client to monitor their AP easily.

Peta Henley  

I love signing my clients up for ReceiptBank. The joy on their faces when their record keeping becomes easy, is a great blessing to my heart!
Some of my clients use ReceiptBank with Xero and other use ReceiptBank on its own to help with their GST and tax returns (excellent for estate agents).
My experience with the support team at ReceiptBank has always been outstanding. Quick responses, clear instructions and always a can-do attitude with every request that I have made.

Linda Klok  

I use receipt bank with all my clients. I love the Xero/Receipt bank combo. It's easy to use, it eliminates a big chunk of the boring data entry, and eliminates paper.
Its a win/win - It makes running my business and the clients business more efficient.

Andrea Wenborn  

Receipt Bank is perfect for the paperless office. Our clients are able to drop off their receipts and we can then scan / picture and upload to Receipt Bank. Alternatively, clients can do the uploading themselves and we can do their bookkeeping in a timely manner. Paperwork can be returned to our client but we still have the necessary information available at the click of a button when producing management / year-end accounts.

Daniel Bell  

As a bookkeeping outsourcing business, we have many clients who provide us the infamous 'shoe box' of receipts, invoices and paperwork, although I do believe it is more a huge 'plastic lug' of paperwork now, not as small as a shoe box.

We started using Receipt Bank a few months ago, for some of our clients and it has indeed helped us provide them with a more efficient and cost effective service by using Receipt Bank to upload many transactions, instead of manually entering unlimited amount of receipts and invoices.

It has allowed us to complete our bookkeeping tasks quicker for our clients and providing them with a rapid turn-around period. Receipt Bank allows our clients to upload their own receipts, so we have their documentation on a regular basis which enables us to maintain and reconcile their accounts on a daily/weekly basis, opposed to monthly.

It results in a 'plus' 'plus' for our clients and also for us and the services we can provide them.

Tricia Carson  

Receipt Bank is an ingenious app that is leading the way in digitising the flow of information for SMEs. Accessible with an upload option to suit any scenario with our client base. Why every business would not consider using this it is perplexing.

Garth Belic  

ReceiptBank is the perfect accompaniment for my small business clients, allowing them to deal with their purchases on the run, effortlessly capturing that 'must have' documentation. I've tried the alternatives and nothing comes close to the ReceiptBank functionality. Experience the ReceiptBank difference today.

Paul G  

Love Receipt Bank, and how it has helped to stream line the information we need from our clients. The support we have received from Jose, with Receipt Bank, has been fantastic!!

Megan Gardner  

Love working with ReceiptBank. It compliments Xero really well and removes the hassle of all the paperwork. Help and support have been great. Allows us to focus on the important stuff.

Olly Evans  

Wow! I simply cannot speak highly enough of Receipt Bank. The capabilities, the staff and the support, the time saved, the pricing - it just makes sense. There's no longer a reason to be desk-bound inputting data for your clients - let Receipt Bank do that, and get on with adding real value for your clients. Seriously.

Gabrielle Osborne  

Receipt Bank has reduced my business and my clients' need to scan and attach files using a printer! We now scan our receipts directly into Receiptbank. This is great if my clients are out and about, they can scan the receipt then and there which can and are easily misplaced! I also no longer need to wait for my clients' to send me paperwork - it is there ready.

I have just used Receipt Bank to do expense claims reimbursement in Xero which again is great as Receipt Bank takes across each receipt which needs to be reimbursed, adds it to the expense claim section in Xero and I can batch up all receipts to each individual employee.

I am sure there are still other great aspects which I am yet to use fully.

Nicki Ford  

Receipt Bank is proving valuable for our practice, our clients love to use receipt bank app and send their expenses which has saved a lot of time.

Sarfraz Fayyaz  

Receipt Bank, what did people do before it? Takes all the hassle out of AP, its been a great help to my business and my clients' businesses. 5 Stars all the way!!!

Nick Kay  

Receipt Bank is a fantastic innovation and a must for anyone with any significant AP. We have been using the product extensively in our practice and the time saving/ease of administration makes it a no-brainer. The RB support team are terrific, very responsive and keen to always develop the product. Happy to recommended RB to all clients based on our own terrific experience. Using the app whilst meeting a client at a Cafe is always a hit too!

Stuart Brandman  

Receipt Bank is the second greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead of letting purchase invoices pile up for a dreaded day at the end of the month when they need to be posted, just fire them straight at Receipt Bank and hey presto, they are in your accounting system. World class!!

David Houston  

At Archie & Doris we've been using Receipt bank for a long time now, and try and we try and sell it in right at the start to ensure we get everything off on the best possible foot. I've always found the Receipt Bank team to be incredibly helpful, friendly & fun at a party too! Marcus x

Marcus Warry  

ReceiptBank makes our lives as accountants and bookkeepers a breeze. Would like the turnaround times to be improved on processing. Great support and would highly recommend the app.

Ryan Coates  

Fantastic company, with fantastic people, making fantastic products!

Motty Vogel  

I have only been using Receipt Bank for a couple of months and I am already beginning to see the benefits. The time it saves me I can use to add value to the service that I provide for my clients.
Integrating your client onto Receipt Bank can be a pain but once that is sorted using Receipt Bank s a 'no brainer’ and I will happy to recommend it to my colleagues and clients. It is definitely one of Xero's best 'add-on's'.

Ambrose Gordon  

A great company is made up of great people who sell a great product at the right price to the right market with great back-up service. I love ReceiptBank for these reasons, except for two - the people and the product. They are not great, they are fantastic. What a pleasure to award them with 5 stars!

Michael Mori  

We've only been using Receipt Bank for a few months but we couldn't do without it now. To be able to pass on the tedious task of sorting the receipts is fantastic.

Chris Skelding  

We moved to Receipt Bank about 4 months ago having tried various other products. The system is well designed & service levels are high - of the system & staff. The issue that you are always going to find with such systems is in respect of VAT where it isn't always clear whether an invoice is zero rated, no VAT or Exempt - particularly when it is a foreign supplier. Receipt bank offers various alternative methods, which helps to take the pain out of this & it is important that any user spends time understanding how each works.
Whilst we are still finding our feet with the system the benefits are becoming apparent & it is quite a nice feeling to simply scan-in invoices & go & work on something else rather than have to enter them all yourself, particularly when busy. It allows you to control workflows well. Of course the added benefits are that it saves on filing space & makes location of documents far easier.
We don't provide access to clients because we prefer to keep control of documents being uploaded to Receipt Bank to ensure that they are fully compliant. However, we may do going forward.
I don't think that any system is going to be fool proof but Receipt Bank is the best that we have used & we are not yet using all functionality.

Martin Pope  

We have been using Receipt Bank for a number of years now and find it an invaluable resource. Our clients especially love the phone app that allows them to quickly snap pictures of coffee receipts, train tickets and other small receipts and avoid the traditional bulging wallet of expense claims paperwork. It saves clients money as they don't lose their paperwork in the first place so claim back more expenses and get the tax relief for these.

The improvements to the app are making it more useful and we look forward to the upcoming releases that promise to make it even better!

Gail Bainbridge  

Receipt Bank is undoubtedly one of the best ad-ons for XERO. The way it works is really amazing, makes office paperless and brings every invoice just a click away. It saves significant bookkeeping time with great accuracy and accessibility. It is simply awesome and highly recommended.

Arif Bashir  

I am loving using receipt bank for our business. It is not only time saving but ensures accuracy of data as well. I know that others are also very impressed with simply uploading their photos without worrying about collecting receipts! Great system, and support is very efficient and helpful also.

Amanda Gooding  

Receipt Bank works well with Xero, taking automation to the next level. A real time saver for lots of my clients and it also means that there's no need to keep paper receipts/invoices anymore!
I would definitely recommend to others :)

Carl Gallagher  

Receipt Bank is like having an AP staff that works 24/7. Ive been impressed by the efficiency and quality of the OCR process, even on some handwritten invoices. RB allows me to offer services that historically may not have been a good time investment, and makes having a detailed transaction history available without any significant extra work. Whether for client work, internal records, or even personal/household use, RB is a big time saver that is easy to navigate and use.

Andy Parker  

Receipt Bank really helps to streamline processing of invoices. It helps many clients reduce admin time to focus on their businesses. By clients utilising Receipt Bank it makes reviewing accounts so much easier as all purchases have the scanned image of the invoice attached.

I would recommend using Receipt Bank, it's a great add-on for Xero.

Alex Graham  

Let me start by saying, What's not to love? Receipt Bank simplifies the way we work as bookkeepers. Instead of constantly asking clients what a particular expense or purchase was for we now have a copy of the transaction on screen in front of us - all the information we need is available to us. This and the fact that the client no longer has to keep all their EFTPOS dockets and cash receipts is an added bonus. I am attempting to get all my clients on board and the one's that are using so far, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Everyone should be using it!!!!

Sue Kapperer  

If I could give a 4.5 rating I would. Our whole team loves Receipt Bank and we have almost all of our monthly clients using it. We found that Xero increased our efficiency significantly, but with the addition of Receipt Bank it increased even further. Having a copy of an invoice available at all times is priceless.

Our Xero pitch almost always includes Receipt Bank, and if work is to be done in our office then it is mandatory. Clients love the fact that all they have to do is take a picture and their work is done.

As fabulous as Receipt Bank is it can be a little clunky for some tasks and the online help could be more comprehensive. Also, I'm not keen on the brown. :)

However the pro's definitely outweigh the con's and the staff are all lovely! Keep it up guys!

Receipt Bank is worth every penny.

Zoe Kosky  

We often times have clients coming to us after they hear about what we do or watch the explainer video on our website. Time and time again, they always ask us..."so you're telling me I can take a picture of my receipts and throw them away?!?". We always tell them that it's the go-to feature of our firm. We then demo them on Xero with the Receipt-Bank integration, and time and time again they are blown away. Receipt-Bank makes adding a client and integrating with Xero extremely simple and the user interface makes training a client on it a breeze as well. It's a must-have for every client as it removes the headache of paper receipts. We use it at our own firm as well and I even use Receipt-Bank for my personal receipts. And lastly, I am very impressed with their customer service - they take a pro-active rather than a re-active approach.

Lior Zehtser  

I'm sure when it comes to our clients and getting there paperwork especially those pesky thermal receipts that it can be like herding cats - yes!!?? Well Im so impressed with Receipt Bank and how its user friendly or rather client friendly and affordable too. So Im on a mission to put all my xero clients onto receipt bank then we all have the ability to see documentation when needed - yipppeeeee I may actually get to have a personal life now!!! Thank you muchly Receipt Bank!!! :)

Debbie Severiny  

We have been using Receipt-Bank for about a year. One of our services is the provision of an outsourced Finance Department for SMEs. I know accountants who went into this market a few years ago and spent tens of thousands on custom invoice reading systems. Starting at £10 per month, R-B is a great value tool. I am based in Belfast, Northern Ireland but R-B gives me the opportunity to service Clients anywhere and that is the unique benefit of Cloud applications. Paperless is now a reality thanks to R-B and Xero. I have a London based Client in the Leisure industry who has a number of Venues and each requires separate accounts. R-B allows each venue manager to upload or mail invoices to R-B with their own unique user code. This allows R-B to attach the correct tracking to the transaction which Xero recognises. I have a Client who owns a Pub in Cape Town and is delighted with the phone app and uses it to upload all of his invoices. Together with a Cloud Point of Sale system, it allows my firm to produce monthly accounts for him 6000 miles away. Also I recently got a new Client in London because she was so impressed with my brief demo of the R-B phone app. Two London Accountants had pitched for her business but even though they were slightly cheaper she chose us because of the brilliant App!

Ray Baxter  

ReceiptBank is great for helping clients to capture their data quickly, rather than having a heap of small fiddly items to deal with at the month end or even losing those "on the run" fuel/small stationery items/etc type receipts, so missing out on claiming these against their tax - just a quick photo with a mobile phone and they can forget it. For other invoices the option to single page scan or scan multiple invoices to one file is a great time saver. And once I got the rules set up properly, it streamlined tasks even more. I'm aiming for paper-free and RB means that clients either don't need to send me paper copies, or if they do, then they are far fewer and in my office for less time than would otherwise be the case.

Ruth Wailes  

We started Receipt Bank 2 years ago and totally fall in love with the system. Comparing with other system available in Australia, Receipt Bank is miles away in term of user friendly interface & functionality!

Just like XERO, Receipt Bank is becoming the future of bookkeeping & accounting industry. I had an interesting chat with one of the top IT guru in the country about how people are using phone on their daily activities and we are both amazed by the "overnight effect" of people using phone to pay for bills. He said "Even the bank was surprised about how many customers adapt so quickly with the change". Receipt Bank is one of the best app in my phone and I use that every single day...instead of putting the receipt in your wallet and then go home dump it to a folder...then 3 months later having to sort one by one then enter them in accounting system...I just pay for thing then open phone up and take a picture straight away in front of the sale person. It takes same time as saving it to your pocket!

Receipt Bank will become part of our life, our work and our community.

All the best for the team and keep it up!

Harry Hoang  

Seeing how most reviews are already 5 starts, I am not sure how much my opinion will impact your decision to give Receipt Bank a try, but here it goes:

Receipt Bank is a great product, but you need to play around with it as there are several ways to structure your paperless process. If you have a single account, you would implement the add-on differently to a business where you have multiple accounts. You may wish to use it for all your invoices, only for credit cards, or only for cash receipts. You can also decide on different submission methods for different type of paper/electronic invoices. You can also set the synchronisation option on, so that Receipt Bank runs in the background and you manage everything in Xero. The great thing is that Receipt Bank allows for this flexibility.

The value that Receipt Bank brings rises exponentially the more receipts you need to enter. Entering a single receipt, can be done manually, and takes just several minutes. Entering 50 receipts takes 1-2 hours of focused data entry, and it is a draining experience. In comparison, snapping the pictures should not take more than 20-30 minutes and couple minutes scanning through the bills before importing them into Xero. Now imagine doing the same for 200 receipts! The value is definitely there!

Unfortunately Receipt Bank is not a substitute for general administration skills. It can make the process easier, but if you are not able to track what receipts have already been submitted, if you cannot take clear pictures, don't reconcile your accounts regularly, it can also become a frustrating experience, but that's not Receipt Bank's fault :)

I work for a public accounting practice, and many of our clients use Receipt Bank. Once the integration with Xero is set up, client gets trained and accustomed to using RB, we hear nothing but praise.


Alexey Mitko  

I love this addon solution so much I wrote a blog piece on it! It just makes sense. Make a purchase, get a receipt, capture/photograph the receipt, load the receipt, reconcile the receipt, bin the receipt and be totally compliant with record keeping and your annual accounts. Every Xero implementation we do now comes with the recommendation of using Receipt Bank to enhance and streamline the overall solution. Its also hands down the easiest app to use!

Amy Holdsworth  

Loving not having those piles of receipts all over my office floor any more. Thanks Receipt Bank. My clients think its great to snap a picture of the receipts and move on. It gets the ifno to us quicker which means their accounts are more up to date than they would otherwise be.

Jac Gallagher  

Receipt bank is a fantastic add on for Xero for those businesses that want to completely automate their accounts instead of wasting time inputting data and looking for receipts! The integration with Xero is excellent and with some of our clients who are using this it saves us and them an enormous amount of keying in the data. I would strongly advocate this is the way forward for SME's and would have no hesitation recommending receipt bank and Xero to our clients.

Aidan Malone  

Since joining the Xero revolution a little over a year ago we've been steadily exploring the Add-On community to identify the best of breed complimentary solutions on offer. Receipt Bank has been an awesome addition to the bookkeeping solutions we offer clients and has now become a standard part of the package we present to new clients. Integration with Xero is excellent, clients love the APP and combined with bank feeds on Xero clients' records cluttering up the office is becoming a thing of the past. A truly paperless office is fast becoming a reality!

Eamon McManus  

We have been using Receipt Bank for over than a year now and couldn't imagine working without it.

Not only has it streamlined the way we process invoices but it made life so much easier for us but for our clients as they can snap a photo with the app instead of hoarding paper.

We will definitely be continuing to use and recommend Receipt Bank to our clients and peers!

Carbon Bookkeeping (Payroll)  

I used to scan, upload, rename, upload again, allocate and reconcile each and every one of my clients receipts, that's what bookkeepers do right? All the nasty data entry and paperwork sorting and brain numbing puzzling is what we get paid for right?

I've learned that we are so so SO much more than drudges. We solve problems, we provide outstanding solutions for clients who have a nightmare in their accounts tray. We make their lives more fulfilling by providing systems and processes that make the running of this aspect of their business a cinch. Easy, simple, piece of cake.

Receipt Bank is one of those wonderful tools we use right alongside our calculators to manage our clients accounts. In my opinion, it's as important as my calculator in the hierarchy of office tools.

I can now provide my clients with a faster, MORE cost efficient and effective solution to the bookkeeping needs of their business. I LOVE that I can continue to be their point of contact buy collecting their docs and uploading them myself, in half the time!

It's as simple as scanning in receipts, whizzing them off to RB for processing and hey presto! There's an email saying we're ready to roll!

Fabulous system, don't know what I'd do without it now!

Rebecca Gadd  

Where should I start...Receipt Bank takes the data entry out the equation, which is wonderful as I would prefer to spend my time with my clients looking at ways to better their business rather than sitting down entering data from receipts.
Receipt Bank allows my clients to easily capture the data from their receipts before they lose them, get them wet or the kids ruin them.
I no longer have to waste time chasing clients for copies of receipts to reconcile to their bank statement as copies of the receipts are all nicely sitting in Xero waiting for me to reconcile.
Receipt Bank certainly makes my work life easier and makes the clients happier.

Katie Marshall  

Our clients love the value that Xero and Receipt Bank together provides to their day to day business processing. We recommend this combination to our clients because it hands-down saves them (and us) time when bookkeeping and managing their Accounts Payable. We love it and our clients praise us for recommending such a winning time and cost-saving solution!

Nadi Elias  

Receipt Bank legit saves our clients at Inspire CA 10 - 50% of their time that they used to spend when using it with Xero, compared to their old systems.
We love it and recommend every business accounting firm to adopt or suggest this for clients - it pays for itself in triple digit multipliers!!

Ben Walker  

RB saves one of our Restaurant customers approx 3 hours per week and they no longer need to keep mountains of Invoices. Enough said...

Chris Eccles  

We deal with a number of add on Partners and Receipt Bank is far and away our #1 partner. Our clients love it because it helps them get rid of unnecessary admin and lets them focus on their business. We love it because we receive our clients data in a uniform, consistent form with a copy of the invoice attached in case we have a query. Overall it's a win/win for us and our clients. A great partner and a great team that we recommend to every client.

Greg Tuckwell  

Love this for two reasons. One, we use it in our own business both for expense claims and bills. Secondly, it's a value add that we give clients during our bigger projects, and ALWAYS wows them without fail. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Waypoint Client Support  

Xero and Receipt Bank...like Peaches & Cream, a perfect match! The integration and eradication of paper has made this a must for all my clients. The ability to edit, and post to Xero seamlessly a joy. Being able to archive and view source documents from both Xero and Receipt bank gives peace of mind.
My clients absolutely love it and me for introducing RB to them !!
I have made it a standard part of my 'package' offering, so clients feel they are getting even more "value" than they thought. The bottom line is it makes the whole process cleaner, more efficient and therefor more profitable in the long run. Gives us more time and space to do more 'sexy' consulting work eg cloud integration and advisory work.

The team are fab to work with and support excellent. The development team keep working on improving the features and the upcoming 'line splitting' capability is really exciting.

Like most software, you only get out what you put in, so take the time to explore the features learn what it can do for you and your client. Customising things for each client does not take long but worth the time and effort as it will save time in the long run and ensure accurate recording and data

Oh...and did I mention.... RB is simply a cool and fun thing to use and great for the environment... loved by all the tree huggers :)

Give up Receipt Bank....over my dead body.

Mitch Uzelac  

Love, love, love it Receipt Bank! Favourite things are merging duplicate receipts and GST & GST Free lines being split out when pushed to Xero. Really looking forward to lines on the invoices being split out too. Has completely changed (for the better!) how we work with clients.

Karen Boyle  

I'm so glad we discovered Receipt Bank. We've been using it for about a year now.

It means my clients have less time to lose their receipts as they can upload them as soon as they get them.

I can see the end of data entry ( not a day too soon) especially following the upgrades to allow even more standard entry settings.

Clients love it as they don't have to do the filing.

My clients can now upload their receipts and they will appear in Xero as a draft and I won't have done anything how good is that?

Great work Receipt Bank I'm sure there's more to come!

Lyn Navin
First Class Accounts - Kawana

Lyn Navin  

Why we love Receipt Bank

- Easy to use
- Increased capacity which allowed our business to grow without increasing staff
- The time saved using Receipt Bank compared to it's is easily 10 fold
- Turn around times are good compared to other services

It really does give us more time to do the interesting part of job rather than boring old data entry!!

Melanie Pollock  

Wow, Wow and Wow - thats one of the best ways to describe Receipt Bank.

We have been using it for around 8 months now, for both ourselves and our clients, and the benefits are tangible. We have clients pushing through between 10 - 1,000 receipts per month, and the efficiencies and time savings we are achieving, combined with the slick interface with Xero, is saving our clients $, and freeing up our time to provide higher value services to our clients.

The support staff at RB have been fantastic. We have been able to rely on the support of RB to be available to assist us with any implementation issues as and when required - nothing seems to faze them.

If you're expecting RB to be a silver bullet in its own right, then don't. You can't just enable it and then walk away - you need to ensure it is customised correctly for the end user (not difficult, but if you dont do it, then you're wasting opportunity). You still need to provide a level of validation on the processing - it gets smarter, but at the end of the day, its still only software, and will still be subject to nuances. Understand that, work with the application, and the benefits soon become obvious.

Our plan is to make RB an intrinsic element of the bookkeeping services we deliver to our clients.

Cassandra Scott
Laurus Bookkeeping

Cassandra Scott  

At @Cassons we look on Receipt Bank as a vital part of the overall solution for businesses managing their financial affairs. On one level, it deals with all the bits of paper but more importantly it is another brick in the wall to help businesses to have really useful business management information to act on.

Tony Reynolds  

Hi Hazel Weldon-Mack,

It would be good to discuss your experience with Receipt Bank, please contact us at partners@receipt-bank.com.

Best Wishes, Helen

Helen Swan-Thompson  

Dovetailing Xero and Receiptbank has revolutionised my practice !

I focus my practice on providing timely and relevant data to my clients. Whilst book keeping is an essential part of the process, it is also the most time consuming, and the one with lowest margins.

Utilising RB together with Xero has streamlined my practice to the extent that I dont need to employ a book keeper.

Of course you still need to manage the data, and ensure the receipts you transfer over have the correct information but in my experience RB is 99% accurate, and this takes a fraction of the time of manual entry. Plus you get a scan of the invoice attached to the Xero entry automatically, which clients think is amazing.

I use the mail in service for big batches of invoices, but scan in invoices which RB can misinterpret (utility bills), or of I have only a few. I also use the app which is by far the easiest way to submit paperwork. Clients love to submit stuff this way too.

A tip, take the time to synchronise Xero and RB before you submit any invoices to RB. Also link up your Suppliers with the Nominal code that normally relates to that supplier (if possible) - saves you even more time in the long run.

Highly recommended.

Adam West  

I'm still in 2 minds about RB. Initially I had to agree that the concept was ideal. I have several clients and some have an incredible amount of data input hence RB sounded perfect.
Unfortunately I find the time delay between sending items and their entry on system is too long, along with having to send some items more than once. Several invoices need to be edited as information is incorrect. Incorrect information in turn makes Xero overlook invoices already on the system ie during bank reconciliations and Xero is then left with several un-allocated invoices sitting on the system.
Hopefully RB and Xero are exchanging customer reviews and RB are looking at fine tuning what in theory is a fantastic idea.

Hazel Weldon-Mack  

A fantastic add-on, clients records come through in much more timely and better format for us, integrates well with Xero and clients enjoy the minimum effort required of them in recording their expenses.

Highly recommended!

William Gallop  

We've been using receipt bank for some time now and it's a really great solution for some of our clients. The days of data entry are numbered.

Mark Wright  

We love Receipt Bank - it saves us time and money on our internal bookkeeping jobs and does the same for our clients who use the service directly.
The team are a pleasure to deal with and provide outstanding customer service.

Lucy Danon  

Receipt Bank customer service is awesome! It's nice to see a company that cares so much about helping their clients!

Mark Willison  

Receipt Bank is great and dramatically reduces the amount of time I spend on data entry. The integration with Xero is fantastic and has already reduced the amount of paper lying around the office! It's great to be able to log in and see copies of the receipts for future reference. The mobile app is really useful - and means that we never have an excuse for not uploading a receipt!

- It saves time, it's user friendly and the customer service is fantastic.

Sian Evans  

Receipt Bank is the perfect tool that we use to Scale our Business - I love that I can set an email address fro notifications to be pushed to people when items have been submitted so that the person assigned to that client can login and process transactions through the system - this saves our clients doing it, and allows us to process write through to Xero - it is a perfect combination.

We use the post method primarily which may be old fashioned but a paperless office appeals to so many people.

Chris Cheeney  

We love Receipt Bank as much as we love Xero! It's our office manager's job to get all our receipts and invoices into Xero. This has been taking longer and longer each month as the company grows and is a real waste of a good resource. With Receipt Bank the time she spends on data entry has been dramatically reduced, which means she can focus on more important tasks (like chasing payment on invoices!), which are also more enjoyable for her.

Additionally, it is SO USEFUL having a scan of every receipt / invoice saved in Xero. It means we can address discrepancies really quickly and I have all the information I need regarding payables on hand. No more finding the payables file, then checking the invoice has been logged in xero before paying it and then filing the paper.

Heather Baker  

Easy to use, saves us a lot of time and the fees are very reasonable.

Clients love that we can offer this service and in particular find the smart phone apps very handy!

David Arden  

ReceiptBank is a great tool and our clients love it as well.

It saves us a lot of time and improves accuracy of posting, the ability to drill in to look at a copy of an invoice/receipt with one click is fantastic.

Our clients have found many ways of uploading invoices, including batch scanning using the office copier/scanner and then automatically sending by email.

Using ReceiptBank takes our service to another level and clients are totally bowled over.

Just waiting for credit notes to arrive with a copy attached.

Keep up the good work with the improvements to the service.


Chris Kemp  

We have been using ReceiptBank for a long time and we are now giving it "free of charge" to every client as it is such a great tool. No more bookkeepers shifting through mountains of paper - Receipt Bank just makes it really easy for us to get our data into Xero, which means we can spend more time analysing and giving our clients added value. The feedback I have had from clients - "Brilliant".

paddy gahan  

Receipt Bank is an invaluable tool for us, enabling us to quickly upload receipts and invoices for our many clients in a way which is simple and efficient. We save time on data entry and find that we don't have anywhere near the amount of papers out around the office.

The only thing we are waiting for is for credit notes to arrive in Xero with the image attached as it does with invoices and receipts. Although this is still manageable by just attaching the image afterwards, it would be a little slicker if it happened automatically. As I understand this is being worked on.

Using Receipt Bank really adds another level of brilliance to Xero. On first discussion, most people I've spoken to are astonished that there is a product out there like Receipt Bank that works so accurately. It really has revolutionized the way in which we work.

Danny Hassall  

Xero and Receipt Bank...A marriage made in heaven. The integration and eradication of paper has made this a must for all my clients. The ability to edit, and post to Xero seamlessly proves the pedigree of both the products. Being able to archive and view source documents from both Xero and Receipt bank give peace of mind for any pending audit or inquiry.


Roger Barber  

Receipt Bank is the most popular Xero Add On used by our clients. Our clients who have more than a handful of purchase invoices and/or receipts each month save alot of time and worry by forwarding these to Receipt Bank to capture.
We also use Receipt Bank ourselves and it creates consistency in our purchase ledger as it reduces the risk of human error from our staff typing up purchase invoices themselves www.MyAccountancyPlace.co.uk

Paul Barnes  

No wonder Receipt Bank have been Xero Add on partner as its an excellent add on with outstanding customer service.

Paul Miller  

A great piece of software - well done Receipt Bank. It means that our records come through in much better format than when clients try to enter purchases themselves, and it's a great way to offer value to businesses.

Highly recommended!

Paul Pritchard  

Receipt bank saves us time every day. We can upload receipts for each of our clients and get on with something else knowing that Receipt Bank is working for us in the background. This allows us to be a lot more efficient and take on more business as a result.

Ian Gibb  

Saves us a LOT of time and gives us confidence our data is being entered accurately.

Luke Budka  

Receipt Bank is proving to be a great add on for us - we use it in house for client management account and bookkeeping assignments. Its essentially allowed us to take on bookkeeping work that previously would not have been profitable, and combine it with the excellent reporting aspects of Xero.

Receipts are read and categorised with amazing accuracy. It is worth understanding the synchronisation options within Receipt Bank settings too as these can further enhance and fine tune the process.

Alex Smith  

Receipt Bank is a cornerstone piece of software in our bookkeeping firm. Without it I'd be lost now. I use it to default coding which helps with consistency. It makes the process of our customers getting information to us so much quicker! This relates in great turn around times in producing financial results. I love the fact then months later when I'm in Xero and I've forgotten the nature of a purchase I can look up the attached image to refresh my memory. Receipt Bank, you rock!

Michele Clemens  

Receipt Bank has just saved us so much time with our latest new client! Most of the Quarter's VAT receipts were 'snapped' and uploaded in much less than half the time it would have taken to key-in, let alone total wipe-out of any possible keying-in errors, which are of course inevitably followed by further 'correction time'.

We much prefer organising, reconciling and managing clients accounts than just sitting and keying-in...anyday! Thank you Receipt Bank!

Jayne Smith  

The more I use Receipt Bank, the more I discover new features and I have begun to appreciate how well RB has been designed and how much of the Xero work it does for me before I even transfer my docs across from RB.

The more I use it the more impressed I am at the features it offers and its useability and simplicity. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to process receipts in bulk.

Philip van Zyl  

Receipt Bank is my all time favourite integration that I recommend to all of my clients. Keep up the nice work Receipt Bank!

Ryan Lazanis  

I like the idea, however there are some quirks which make the RB experience less than satisfying. For example, there does not appear to be a way of entering line description when coding payable invoices (yes I know the image is attached, but when you export reports from Xero then images are not attached), it is an annoyance to have to use the mouse to select the date during coding process, and finally the way receipt bank deals with VAT rounding adjustments creates unnecessary transactions in Xero. And RB's coding itself is rather errorsome...

UPDATE: Received a call from Receipt-Bank. Encouraging to see them respond to forum feedback. Turns out there were features in the software that I had not yet discovered. Booked a demo to run through full feature set... Rating revised.

Haider Ali  

Our clients love using Receipt Bank to send us their documents. The iPhone app is super easy for them to use and my bookkeepers are very happy with the Receipt Bank interface. We used to have to scan receipts/invoices/checks for our clients--now they do the work for us!

Blake Oliver  

Finding Software for SME's that works will in the South African market can be a grind. Finding software for South African SME's that integrates well with a world leading product like Xero can be almost impossible. But Receipt Bank and Xero now offer South African SME's a fully integrated solution that is easy to set up, easier to use and which in the words of another famous South African brand...is Saving you Time and Saving you Money!

Colin Timmis  

The integration between Receipt Bank and Xero is superb. It allows my bookkeepers to spend their time on analysis rather than data entry, which in turn has added value to the information we provide to our clients. Our clients are now more proactive in ensuring we have a steady workflow, and are able to comment on receipts and invoices more easily which also ensures we code things correctly and reduces the number of queries. It also ensures I have oversight over all the receipts my clients are claiming. Overall it has made my practice much more efficient and accurate, and has brought us right up into the 21st century. Where would we be without Receipt Bank?? I dread to think...

Tasnim Mustafa  

Here at Milestone Management Solutions Ltd we are busy converting as many clients as we can to Receiptbank not only because of the speed and efficiency but because of the cost reductions that it creates. Our clients are telling us that it is reducing their book keeping costs by as much as 75% if used in conjuction with Xero.

Tony Miles  

Receiptbank is a vital part of the accounting platform Finling offers to its clients. We are able to run a completely paperless service - it is like having additional bookkeeping teams in the background. My team loves it, and my clients love it even more!

Jennifer Denning  

We have been using receipt bank for the last few months and find it an extremely useful add on. We find it reduces staff time in dealing with purchase invoices. It also allows us to easily co-ordinate invoices processing by different staff throughout the firm. The fact there is a scanned copy of the document attached to the purchase invoice in Xero really reduces the level of paper files in the office and the client can review any invoice at a single click. We are looking at how we can expand our usage of Receipt Bank.

Warren Keogh  

I have been using Receipt Bank for my business for a while now and I can't recommend it enough. Receipt Bank has allowed me to really use Xero as a truly real time business tool as now all my expenses and invoices get fed into Xero as close to real time as possible.

Submitting via the app is first class and getting my petrol, coffee, parking receipts and even some paper invoices (the ones that still come through the post) into Xero couldn't be easier.

I did kid myself initially that I could key in the information faster into Xero than sending it into Receipt Bank but that tends to miss the point. Its all about getting the information into Xero as close to real time as possible and its about spending the time I would spend keying in the information to actually work on my business.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Receipt Bank and Xero to all business owners but frankly I wouldn't want the competition to know how I have so much time to bring more money into the business than spending it on administrating the business.

Celeste Dos Santos  

Im obviously the odd one out here, but after reading all these great reviews I thought Id give RB a try .... and to be honest, I was disappointed and cancelled my account after 4 days use.

The issue is that probably half of the scanned invoices needed attention and it takes to long between submitting the receipts and them appearing in Xero …. I also don't really see a major benefit in terms of speed for entry … between making changes, updating the GST and reviewing the original document to ensure its been entered correctly, its probably just as quick to add the receipt directly into Xero.

the ability to take a photo is quite neat - but you can do that directly in the Xero app, or countless other apps converts a photo to PDF and saves into dropbox.

And for $79 a month ?

Awesome customer service - very quick twitter response times.

Andrew Hemphill  

I've used Receipt bank since the early days and have always found it to be a very useful tool in my day to day arsenal.

The guys (and gals) there are fantastic in support and listening to their users. Top notch company!

Sean Price  

Loving Receipt Bank!
Sophie has been great in getting us underway with client setup. We are pleased to see the correct treatment of gst transferring through to Xero. Selecting any Xero Add-Ons needs to be done with care and good inhouse testing to make sure no surprises in the Xero ledger.
Easy to follow support resources from Receipt Bank - and friendly people to boot!

Leaine Jones  

There are obviously a lot of happy users here!

This space is one where competition will surely drive increased functionality. As existing companies (Shoeboxed, Expensify, OneReceipt, etc) increase their Xero integration options, it'll become an even more interesting playing field. Even as Xero introduces their 'Files' offering, it'll be interesting to see how the market reacts over time to document management strategies.

Right now (and at the rate of tech innovation things change on a dime), Receipt Bank is the market leader in my opinion for the masses. With Invitbox constantly increasing their offering (multi-line extracts, etc) it'll drive both companies to work harder and faster at releasing innovative upgrades.

What separates Receipt Bank now:
- Can handle the big three - Invoices, receipts & Expense claims (and approval)
- Price per transaction
- Xero integration options
- Number of data extraction points sent to Xero
- Processing time (given their recent growth one or two days is quite reasonable)
- Search capability & data exports

What could be improved:
- Attaching images to expense claims (both in RB and in Xero)
- An internal approval process for invoices/receipts (not super important as there are other approval options)
- Increased accuracy for expense coding
- Auto reload of GL accounts (vs. manual refresh)

We give all customers Receipt Bank for free at LiveCA in Canada.

As time goes on, there will be other offerings that will work great with Xero. Like any young market, innovation will occur and as consumers we'll all benefit. To say one app is better than another app is taking a quite general approach that I'm not willing to put my hat in the ring for. It really comes down to each situation and what works best for that company individually given their internal resources/aptitudes and their needs. Sometimes we forget that when recommending apps to one another. Who knows, in a month or two there could be another player on the market that just completely sweeps us off our feet.

For now, Receipt Bank, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Chad Davis  

We have been using Receipt Bank for a while for our clients and we love the system. The combination of Xero and Receipt Bank is unbeatable and the ability to truly achieve real time data is definitely a reality. We couldn't recommend Receipt Bank enough.

Daniel Balakrishnan  

We love Receipt Bank and more importantly our clients really love Receipt Bank. Especially the ability to take photos of receipts on the move and bin them. Makes the client look good which makes us look good!

Adam Shaw  

Receipt Bank is an awesome addition to the awesome Xero program!
It saves me a lot of time and is really easy to integrate and use.
They are also really on top of things and updating their program on a monthly basis as Xero is doing which means the program gets better and better each month.
Also if you have feedback for them they really take it seriously and try to implement all the feedback they get!

Awesome People and Awesome Program!

Every Bookkeeper and Accountant should use this!

Matthias Ossyra  

Receipt Bank has really revolutionised the way our clients deal with expenses. We are a Xero Platinum partner, so have a huge amount of Accounts Payable paperwork to deal with. Receipt Bank has completely taken care of this.

In the firm, using technology to improve the level of service we offer to clients is crucial. Using fantastic tools like Receipt Bank really allows us to do that. It fits perfectly into our fixed price offering, and we are already Gold Partners!

We cannot recommend Receipt Bank enough - it is an essential add-on for any Xero user.

Stephen Paul  

We absolutely love Receipt Bank. It makes our work so much easier, but the clients absolutely love it. The app is so easy to use that it's just a no-brainer when recommending it to clients.

It also makes our interaction with clients better too, as they find it so easy to use Receipt Bank, but we are having meaningful dialogues through the year about what they can and can't claim, and making sure that receipts are being accounted for correctly. We are also seeing an increase in amounts being claimed for VAT and tax purposes, which the clients also love.

Can't recommend Receipt Bank highly enough - my favourite Xero Add-On!

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

This service is an absolute godsend. We moved to Xero after 11 months on SageOne and I had a large drawer of personal receipts that I couldn't bring myself round to adding to the system.
Now they've all been uploaded into Receipt bank and I am manually processing them off. 5 here. 5 there. Making light work of it./ Will probably move to the paid service once I have got through this initial batch but just great. No more carrying round paper receipts of personal expenses. Great!
I request would be to have a Windows Phone app (I am a Nokia user) but I do generally carry an Android phone around so not a disaster but would be great not to have to rely having it on me.

Rupert Englander  

The best way for me to describe how fantastic Receipt Bank is, is to quote a tweet from one of our clients who is a PR consultant - "Never thought I'd be tweeting about accounting but I'm LOVING my new accounts system Xero and Receipt Bank. I can honestly say that Receipt Bank has changed my life!! I've been telling everyone who'll listen about it :) Thanks Pillow May!"
We also use Xero and Receipt Bank for our own accounts and they save me so much time and help me keep my email intray clear of invoices!

Jessica Pillow  

Been using RB for a few months now, I think it's an excellent app.

When I used to be contracted out in-house, I would set up a filing system and stay on top of receipts for my clients. Now that I use Xero remotely, I find this a great solution for my clients to keep their receipts digitally - as most don't have the time to keep track of lots of little papers flying around!

I would like the turn-around time to be a bit faster, but it's already pretty fast, one or two days usually.

The team over at RB are GREAT! Friendly, smart, very helpful (and great accents)!

I have all my clients set up on this, and encourage everyone to use it!

Kirsten Barrie  

Can I add more to what's already been said? I use RB over shoeboxed most of the time, it works the way I want it to, communication and support is great and the integration with Xero having it post as an image directly on the purchase is my favourite option.

I don't use the apps for it but my clients do and they keep up with it.

Avery Dorland  

Receipt-Bank is really effective and a great way to show clients who are looking to use Xero just how immediately they can change the way they do their bookkeeping.

Debbie Chapman  

Receipt-Bank is one of our most popular Xero add-ons and used by a wide range of different clients. Some use Receipt-Bank for their expense claims and others put hundreds of invoices a month through the system.

As a Receipt-Bank partner we have been very impressed with the communication and support we have received from the team, including multiple visits to our premises. Our queries are always dealt with quickly and any input we give always valued.

It has been very interesting to watch Receipt-Bank grow over the last couple of years and we look forward to seeing how it develops in the near future.

Duncan Folkes  

Great addition to Xero which has limited expense functionality, clients love the iphone app and the ease at which expenses can come into the system. It is very easily customised and once it gains the ability to decipher between expense and bill based on payment method used or invoice terms it will be perfect!

Simon Kallu ACA  

We started using RB in 2012 and rolled it out to clients in January 2013. Its been a fantastic addition to our firm and our clients. For a low monthly fee you can not only cut down on bookkeeping time, you vastly improve your cost control as RB puts a scan of every invoice on Xero for ease of review. We find it reads invoices very accurately, even hand written ones!

We love the smartphone app as our clients that work on the move can just snap pics of their receipts / invoices and we do the rest! Dropbox integration is also very popular with our clients who just want to save all invoices to their dropbox folder and hey presto they end up in Accounts Payable in Xero 2 days later!.

If you use Xero and have more than 5 bills per month you would be crazy not to use RB.

Sean O'Rourke  

I've been using RB for a few years now and absolutely love it. It saves me a ton of time, particularly with the dropbox integration and the App. I can give clients much more accurate up to date info. Also, having sight of all invoices easily and electronically makes figuring out what's going on a doddle - especially if a client's uploaded the same invoice more than once, which does happen.....quite a lot!

I couldn't look after the number of clients that I do without RB so it's essential to my business.

Deborah Taylor  

Best general add-on to Xero out there, and a must have for any Xero users wanting an all-round efficiency for their bookkeeping!

Pesach Davidoff  

Unless you love entering supplier invoices and receipts into Xero I would definitely recommend having a look at Receipt Bank. I have trained a number of Accountants on Receipt Bank and it is great to read all of these positive reviews.

Maree Maxfield  

Receipt Bank has transformed our bookkeeping offering to our clients. It is a core part of our bookkeeping process now and has allowed us to build a much more streamlined Accounts Payable system, especially where approval for payment of invoices is involved.

We've been using it for quite a while and could not do with out it now.

We love Receipt Bank!!!

Darren McMahon  

Love it ! whether I auto forward emailed invoice to Receipt Bank or upload them via the iphone app - they always arrive, always get filed correctly and always end up in Xero. Its simple, reliable & saves a load of work.


Robert McCandless  

Receipt Bank has revolutionised the accounting process of our business and our clients and saves a massive amount of time with its automation and integration into Xero.

The Support from staff has been exceptional, the products continued improvement over the months that we have been using it has truly enhanced its capabilities.

The only *problem* is that our clients are now Receipt Bank addicts!

Bruce Campbell  

One of our firms goals is to move our clients towards “paperless business”

Receipt Bank forms a significant part of achieving this for our clients

Our clients see tangible benefits, such as reducing their administration time with creditors.



Michael McCook  

We use Receipt Bank with both clients and for our business and love it on both counts. Clients love it because it removes the hassle of having to file then find endless pieces of paper - we love it because it transforms the service we are able to provide our clients.

Personally, I just love not having the chore of doing my expenses each month!

It's also worth noting that we have looked at other products similar to Receipt Bank, but the product and the plans of the people running RB for the future development of the product is unsurpassed.

Paul Bulpitt  

Xero is great for having Bank Feeds and Sales Feeds, the only thing that was missing is Expense feeds. Receipt Bank has come along and filled that gap, Receipt Bank truly is the Expense Feed that we have all been looking for. We as a business have been able to win business from our competitors, not based on price but based on the fact that the customer will see the receipt inside Xero. They see this as true value of working in the Cloud.

We have had a couple of incidents where customers have asked for copies of receipts (Stolen Item and some returns). We were able whilst being onsite to provide them with a copy directly from Receipt Bank, they loved the fact we could do it so quickly.

So, thank you Xero for your API and thank you Receipt Bank for a fantastic product and service.

Kieron Townsend  

We love Receipt Bank! I can't imagine data entry any other way. Not only does it make life easier for the client, but for us too! The support we get from Receipt Bank is amazing..great product and great service...keep it up! We can't wait to see what you have planned next! I would recommend Receipt Bank to any accountant, bookkeeper or business owner. If you haven't tried it..now is the time!

Kelly Rowland  

Receipt Bank has totally changed the way we work with our clients. No longer are we waiting for our clients to post their receipts to us. Now they upload everything into Receipt Bank and we couldn't have chosen a better Add-on Partner to partner with. The customer support you get from Receipt Bank is by far the best I've ever received. I highly recommend Receipt Bank to any business owner or bookkeeper!

Kylie Short  

Receipt Bank has made our customers lives so much easier. They love it when I show them how to take a photo of a receipt with their phones and 'upload' it to Receipt Bank in seconds. 'What else do I need to do?' they ask. 'That's it', I reply with a smile 'We'll look after it from here'. They find that pretty damn exciting and so do I. None of our team enjoy trying to sort through crumpled shoeboxes of paper. Combined with the use of auto coding functionality in Receipt Bank we are able to maximise our time and therefore our customers money. A win win for everyone.

Clementines Business Support Andrew Neill  

Receipt Bank has changed how we do business. As an example for anyone that understands the restaurant game the paperwork is a killer and the payables process is never ending, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, DD, DC & AP's! We are able to run bookkeeping services for 10 hours a week for two restaurants. Client is very impressed at how professional our service is, our amazing reporting using Xero and that we are providing the service in less time than the previous bookkeeper. RB has cut the payables process time down by 70%. Love it!

Louise Holmes  

Receipt Bank is a really great Add On, helps us and customers out no end, a must have tool in the accounting process, also backed up by a great team at RB HQ, nice to deal with people that want to help and not just sell you licences, thanks guys.

Andi Smith  

Receipt Bank has made life so much easier for our clients, they can now upload there receipts when they receive them which means no more lost receipts! Receipt Bank has also saved us lots of time we were spending on scanning. The software is simple to use and also the customer service team are excellent if we ever have any problems. Keep up the good work Receipt Bank!

James Adam  

We're loving ReceiptBank - It makes life easier for people out on the go. The software is smooth and simple to use once it's set up, and the smartphone app is the icing on the cake! Lots of great free webinar's and a very helpful support team to help you get up and running too.

Eva Perrone  

We have been using ReceiptBank for a few months - but are giving it "free of charge" to every client as it is such a great tool. No more bookkeepers shifting through piles of paper - ReceiptBank just makes it really easy for us to get the data into Xero, which means we can spend more time analysing and giving our clients added value. The feedback I have had from clients is mainly in the form of one word - "wow".

Annette Ferguson  

Receipt Bank has saved us time and money

We have used Receipt Bank for 2 years now and it just keeps getting better!
Add-on partner of the year in 2012, for us it is simply 'The Add-on Partner' every Xero user we sign up is recommended to use Receipt Bank. It saves the client time and money and does exactly the same for us.

The first question I am always asked when showing a new client Receipt Bank is "Is that really all I have to do?". Hours saved, lost receipts now recorded, happy clients and more importantly accurate data into their accounts.

We are proud to be Receipt Bank partners. The team at Receipt Bank are always available and friendly and so helpful with any requests we may have.

I'd like to thank the people at Receipt Bank for making my working life so much easier, but more importantly, keeping my clients happy.

Amazing add-on, amazing people, enough said!

David O'Shea  

Receipt Bank has totally changed the way we run our BookKeeping business

We went along to a Xero Partner event several months ago and saw a presentation from the guys at Receipt Bank, at the time we really thought it sounded too good to be true, "how wrong was I?", it really does do what it says on the tin and the charges really are as advertised, there are no hidden extras.

We regularly have piles of invoices from clients which would have taken a long time to enter but with Receipt Bank we just sort them in to order, scan them and upload them, a short while later they are available to check and transfer across to Xero.

As a Receipt Bank partner we get treated like part of their team, whether we communicate via email or telephone we get a response very quickly indeed and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

Any issues that may occur are quickly investigated and sorted, at times when we have made suggestions for changes to Receipt Bank and these suggestions are always taken on board and developed where possible, our constructive criticisms are never seen as complaints as the guys at Receipt Bank know that being BookKeepers, we know what we need to get the job done.

On a closing note, if anybody using Receipt Bank has suggestions or ideas to how the system can be improved please contact the guys today, they really do value our input when it comes to development.

Keep up the good work guys.

Matt Goodrum  

Receipt Bank has become an invaluable tool both for our clients and us. With Xero offering real-time data feeds, the only element that was missing were up to date receipts. Now our clients can snap and bin there receipt knowing that Receipt Bank will take care of the rest. With their easy to use website, once everything is setup, all the purchases are feed directly into Xero, in super quick time. Not only are we impressed with their technology, but the help and support of the team at Receipt Bank has been fantastic.

Paul Rawlings (nimbus)  

LOVE RB, wipes out a ton of time, hassle and oh so easy to use. Its been frustrating to see so many business owners trying to turn administration staff into bookkeepers and it just doesn't work, their staff get frustrated and leave because they 'hate numbers'. With Receipt Bank businesses can share the load with staff, no numbers involved - how easy is that!

Gayle Buchanan  

We always had problem with clients not entering the AP to their Xero account because of the time and hassle. Receipt made it so easy for them,they don't have any excuse not doing it .Now we have better information available to us so we can advice our client and create accurate management reports on monthly bases.Our clients are loving it as well ,because they can manage their cashflow better with having all the information they need in the Xero dashboard at no time.

Brad Golchin