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Receipt Bank

Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 51 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Receipt Bank, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipts and invoices - into Xero data, check out Receipt Bank.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Receipt Bank, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Receipt Bank support centre .

51 Customer Reviews
We always had problem with clients not entering the AP to their Xero account because of the time and hassle. Receipt made it so easy for them,they don't have any excuse not doing it .Now we have better information available to us so we can advice our client and create accurate management reports on monthly bases.Our clients are loving it as well ,because they can manage their cashflow better with having all the information they need in the Xero dashboard at no time.

Brad Golchin  

LOVE RB, wipes out a ton of time, hassle and oh so easy to use. Its been frustrating to see so many business owners trying to turn administration staff into bookkeepers and it just doesn't work, their staff get frustrated and leave because they 'hate numbers'. With Receipt Bank businesses can share the load with staff, no numbers involved - how easy is that!

Gayle Buchanan  

Receipt Bank has become an invaluable tool both for our clients and us. With Xero offering real-time data feeds, the only element that was missing were up to date receipts. Now our clients can snap and bin there receipt knowing that Receipt Bank will take care of the rest. With their easy to use website, once everything is setup, all the purchases are feed directly into Xero, in super quick time. Not only are we impressed with their technology, but the help and support of the team at Receipt Bank has been fantastic.

Paul Rawlings  

Receipt Bank has totally changed the way we run our BookKeeping business

We went along to a Xero Partner event several months ago and saw a presentation from the guys at Receipt Bank, at the time we really thought it sounded too good to be true, "how wrong was I?", it really does do what it says on the tin and the charges really are as advertised, there are no hidden extras.

We regularly have piles of invoices from clients which would have taken a long time to enter but with Receipt Bank we just sort them in to order, scan them and upload them, a short while later they are available to check and transfer across to Xero.

As a Receipt Bank partner we get treated like part of their team, whether we communicate via email or telephone we get a response very quickly indeed and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

Any issues that may occur are quickly investigated and sorted, at times when we have made suggestions for changes to Receipt Bank and these suggestions are always taken on board and developed where possible, our constructive criticisms are never seen as complaints as the guys at Receipt Bank know that being BookKeepers, we know what we need to get the job done.

On a closing note, if anybody using Receipt Bank has suggestions or ideas to how the system can be improved please contact the guys today, they really do value our input when it comes to development.

Keep up the good work guys.

Matt Goodrum  

Receipt Bank has saved us time and money

We have used Receipt Bank for 2 years now and it just keeps getting better!
Add-on partner of the year in 2012, for us it is simply 'The Add-on Partner' every Xero user we sign up is recommended to use Receipt Bank. It saves the client time and money and does exactly the same for us.

The first question I am always asked when showing a new client Receipt Bank is "Is that really all I have to do?". Hours saved, lost receipts now recorded, happy clients and more importantly accurate data into their accounts.

We are proud to be Receipt Bank partners. The team at Receipt Bank are always available and friendly and so helpful with any requests we may have.

I'd like to thank the people at Receipt Bank for making my working life so much easier, but more importantly, keeping my clients happy.

Amazing add-on, amazing people, enough said!

David O'Shea  

We have been using ReceiptBank for a few months - but are giving it "free of charge" to every client as it is such a great tool. No more bookkeepers shifting through piles of paper - ReceiptBank just makes it really easy for us to get the data into Xero, which means we can spend more time analysing and giving our clients added value. The feedback I have had from clients is mainly in the form of one word - "wow".

Annette Ferguson  

We're loving ReceiptBank - It makes life easier for people out on the go. The software is smooth and simple to use once it's set up, and the smartphone app is the icing on the cake! Lots of great free webinar's and a very helpful support team to help you get up and running too.

Eva Perrone  

Receipt Bank has made life so much easier for our clients, they can now upload there receipts when they receive them which means no more lost receipts! Receipt Bank has also saved us lots of time we were spending on scanning. The software is simple to use and also the customer service team are excellent if we ever have any problems. Keep up the good work Receipt Bank!

James Adam  

Receipt Bank is a really great Add On, helps us and customers out no end, a must have tool in the accounting process, also backed up by a great team at RB HQ, nice to deal with people that want to help and not just sell you licences, thanks guys.

Andrew Smith  

Receipt Bank has changed how we do business. As an example for anyone that understands the restaurant game the paperwork is a killer and the payables process is never ending, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, DD, DC & AP's! We are able to run bookkeeping services for 10 hours a week for two restaurants. Client is very impressed at how professional our service is, our amazing reporting using Xero and that we are providing the service in less time than the previous bookkeeper. RB has cut the payables process time down by 70%. Love it!

Louise Holmes  

Receipt Bank has made our customers lives so much easier. They love it when I show them how to take a photo of a receipt with their phones and 'upload' it to Receipt Bank in seconds. 'What else do I need to do?' they ask. 'That's it', I reply with a smile 'We'll look after it from here'. They find that pretty damn exciting and so do I. None of our team enjoy trying to sort through crumpled shoeboxes of paper. Combined with the use of auto coding functionality in Receipt Bank we are able to maximise our time and therefore our customers money. A win win for everyone.

Clementines Business Support Michele Clemens  

Receipt Bank has totally changed the way we work with our clients. No longer are we waiting for our clients to post their receipts to us. Now they upload everything into Receipt Bank and we couldn't have chosen a better Add-on Partner to partner with. The customer support you get from Receipt Bank is by far the best I've ever received. I highly recommend Receipt Bank to any business owner or bookkeeper!

Kylie Short  

We love Receipt Bank! I can't imagine data entry any other way. Not only does it make life easier for the client, but for us too! The support we get from Receipt Bank is amazing..great product and great service...keep it up! We can't wait to see what you have planned next! I would recommend Receipt Bank to any accountant, bookkeeper or business owner. If you haven't tried it..now is the time!

Kelly Rowland  

Xero is great for having Bank Feeds and Sales Feeds, the only thing that was missing is Expense feeds. Receipt Bank has come along and filled that gap, Receipt Bank truly is the Expense Feed that we have all been looking for. We as a business have been able to win business from our competitors, not based on price but based on the fact that the customer will see the receipt inside Xero. They see this as true value of working in the Cloud.

We have had a couple of incidents where customers have asked for copies of receipts (Stolen Item and some returns). We were able whilst being onsite to provide them with a copy directly from Receipt Bank, they loved the fact we could do it so quickly.

So, thank you Xero for your API and thank you Receipt Bank for a fantastic product and service.

Kieron Townsend  

We use Receipt Bank with both clients and for our business and love it on both counts. Clients love it because it removes the hassle of having to file then find endless pieces of paper - we love it because it transforms the service we are able to provide our clients.

Personally, I just love not having the chore of doing my expenses each month!

It's also worth noting that we have looked at other products similar to Receipt Bank, but the product and the plans of the people running RB for the future development of the product is unsurpassed.

Paul Bulpitt  

One of our firms goals is to move our clients towards “paperless business”

Receipt Bank forms a significant part of achieving this for our clients

Our clients see tangible benefits, such as reducing their administration time with creditors.



Michael McCook  

Receipt Bank has revolutionised the accounting process of our business and our clients and saves a massive amount of time with its automation and integration into Xero.

The Support from staff has been exceptional, the products continued improvement over the months that we have been using it has truly enhanced its capabilities.

The only *problem* is that our clients are now Receipt Bank addicts!

Bruce Campbell  

Love it ! whether I auto forward emailed invoice to Receipt Bank or upload them via the iphone app - they always arrive, always get filed correctly and always end up in Xero. Its simple, reliable & saves a load of work.


Robert McCandless  

Receipt Bank has transformed our bookkeeping offering to our clients. It is a core part of our bookkeeping process now and has allowed us to build a much more streamlined Accounts Payable system, especially where approval for payment of invoices is involved.

We've been using it for quite a while and could not do with out it now.

We love Receipt Bank!!!

Darren McMahon  

Unless you love entering supplier invoices and receipts into Xero I would definitely recommend having a look at Receipt Bank. I have trained a number of Accountants on Receipt Bank and it is great to read all of these positive reviews.

Maree Maxfield - Maxama  

Best general add-on to Xero out there, and a must have for any Xero users wanting an all-round efficiency for their bookkeeping!

Pesach Davidoff  

I've been using RB for a few years now and absolutely love it. It saves me a ton of time, particularly with the dropbox integration and the App. I can give clients much more accurate up to date info. Also, having sight of all invoices easily and electronically makes figuring out what's going on a doddle - especially if a client's uploaded the same invoice more than once, which does happen.....quite a lot!

I couldn't look after the number of clients that I do without RB so it's essential to my business.

Deborah Taylor  

We started using RB in 2012 and rolled it out to clients in January 2013. Its been a fantastic addition to our firm and our clients. For a low monthly fee you can not only cut down on bookkeeping time, you vastly improve your cost control as RB puts a scan of every invoice on Xero for ease of review. We find it reads invoices very accurately, even hand written ones!

We love the smartphone app as our clients that work on the move can just snap pics of their receipts / invoices and we do the rest! Dropbox integration is also very popular with our clients who just want to save all invoices to their dropbox folder and hey presto they end up in Accounts Payable in Xero 2 days later!.

If you use Xero and have more than 5 bills per month you would be crazy not to use RB.

Sean O'Rourke  

Great addition to Xero which has limited expense functionality, clients love the iphone app and the ease at which expenses can come into the system. It is very easily customised and once it gains the ability to decipher between expense and bill based on payment method used or invoice terms it will be perfect!

Simon kallu  

Receipt-Bank is one of our most popular Xero add-ons and used by a wide range of different clients. Some use Receipt-Bank for their expense claims and others put hundreds of invoices a month through the system.

As a Receipt-Bank partner we have been very impressed with the communication and support we have received from the team, including multiple visits to our premises. Our queries are always dealt with quickly and any input we give always valued.

It has been very interesting to watch Receipt-Bank grow over the last couple of years and we look forward to seeing how it develops in the near future.

Duncan Folkes  

Receipt-Bank is really effective and a great way to show clients who are looking to use Xero just how immediately they can change the way they do their bookkeeping.

Debbie Chapman  

Can I add more to what's already been said? I use RB over shoeboxed most of the time, it works the way I want it to, communication and support is great and the integration with Xero having it post as an image directly on the purchase is my favourite option.

I don't use the apps for it but my clients do and they keep up with it.

Avery Dorland  

Been using RB for a few months now, I think it's an excellent app.

When I used to be contracted out in-house, I would set up a filing system and stay on top of receipts for my clients. Now that I use Xero remotely, I find this a great solution for my clients to keep their receipts digitally - as most don't have the time to keep track of lots of little papers flying around!

I would like the turn-around time to be a bit faster, but it's already pretty fast, one or two days usually.

The team over at RB are GREAT! Friendly, smart, very helpful (and great accents)!

I have all my clients set up on this, and encourage everyone to use it!

Kirsten Barrie  

The best way for me to describe how fantastic Receipt Bank is, is to quote a tweet from one of our clients who is a PR consultant - "Never thought I'd be tweeting about accounting but I'm LOVING my new accounts system Xero and Receipt Bank. I can honestly say that Receipt Bank has changed my life!! I've been telling everyone who'll listen about it :) Thanks Pillow May!"
We also use Xero and Receipt Bank for our own accounts and they save me so much time and help me keep my email intray clear of invoices!

Jessica Pillow  

This service is an absolute godsend. We moved to Xero after 11 months on SageOne and I had a large drawer of personal receipts that I couldn't bring myself round to adding to the system.
Now they've all been uploaded into Receipt bank and I am manually processing them off. 5 here. 5 there. Making light work of it./ Will probably move to the paid service once I have got through this initial batch but just great. No more carrying round paper receipts of personal expenses. Great!
I request would be to have a Windows Phone app (I am a Nokia user) but I do generally carry an Android phone around so not a disaster but would be great not to have to rely having it on me.

Rupert Englander  

We absolutely love Receipt Bank. It makes our work so much easier, but the clients absolutely love it. The app is so easy to use that it's just a no-brainer when recommending it to clients.

It also makes our interaction with clients better too, as they find it so easy to use Receipt Bank, but we are having meaningful dialogues through the year about what they can and can't claim, and making sure that receipts are being accounted for correctly. We are also seeing an increase in amounts being claimed for VAT and tax purposes, which the clients also love.

Can't recommend Receipt Bank highly enough - my favourite Xero Add-On!

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

Receipt Bank has really revolutionised the way our clients deal with expenses. We are a Xero Platinum partner, so have a huge amount of Accounts Payable paperwork to deal with. Receipt Bank has completely taken care of this.

In the firm, using technology to improve the level of service we offer to clients is crucial. Using fantastic tools like Receipt Bank really allows us to do that. It fits perfectly into our fixed price offering, and we are already Gold Partners!

We cannot recommend Receipt Bank enough - it is an essential add-on for any Xero user.

Stephen Paul  

Receipt Bank is an awesome addition to the awesome Xero program!
It saves me a lot of time and is really easy to integrate and use.
They are also really on top of things and updating their program on a monthly basis as Xero is doing which means the program gets better and better each month.
Also if you have feedback for them they really take it seriously and try to implement all the feedback they get!

Awesome People and Awesome Program!

Every Bookkeeper and Accountant should use this!

Matthias Ossyra  

We love Receipt Bank and more importantly our clients really love Receipt Bank. Especially the ability to take photos of receipts on the move and bin them. Makes the client look good which makes us look good!

Adam Shaw  

We have been using Receipt Bank for a while for our clients and we love the system. The combination of Xero and Receipt Bank is unbeatable and the ability to truly achieve real time data is definitely a reality. We couldn't recommend Receipt Bank enough.

Daniel Balakrishnan  

There are obviously a lot of happy users here!

This space is one where competition will surely drive increased functionality. As existing companies (Shoeboxed, Expensify, OneReceipt, etc) increase their Xero integration options, it'll become an even more interesting playing field. Even as Xero introduces their 'Files' offering, it'll be interesting to see how the market reacts over time to document management strategies.

Right now (and at the rate of tech innovation things change on a dime), Receipt Bank is the market leader in my opinion for the masses. With Invitbox constantly increasing their offering (multi-line extracts, etc) it'll drive both companies to work harder and faster at releasing innovative upgrades.

What separates Receipt Bank now:
- Can handle the big three - Invoices, receipts & Expense claims (and approval)
- Price per transaction
- Xero integration options
- Number of data extraction points sent to Xero
- Processing time (given their recent growth one or two days is quite reasonable)
- Search capability & data exports

What could be improved:
- Attaching images to expense claims (both in RB and in Xero)
- An internal approval process for invoices/receipts (not super important as there are other approval options)
- Increased accuracy for expense coding
- Auto reload of GL accounts (vs. manual refresh)

We give all customers Receipt Bank for free at LiveCA in Canada.

As time goes on, there will be other offerings that will work great with Xero. Like any young market, innovation will occur and as consumers we'll all benefit. To say one app is better than another app is taking a quite general approach that I'm not willing to put my hat in the ring for. It really comes down to each situation and what works best for that company individually given their internal resources/aptitudes and their needs. Sometimes we forget that when recommending apps to one another. Who knows, in a month or two there could be another player on the market that just completely sweeps us off our feet.

For now, Receipt Bank, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Chad Davis  

Loving Receipt Bank!
Sophie has been great in getting us underway with client setup. We are pleased to see the correct treatment of gst transferring through to Xero. Selecting any Xero Add-Ons needs to be done with care and good inhouse testing to make sure no surprises in the Xero ledger.
Easy to follow support resources from Receipt Bank - and friendly people to boot!

Leaine Jones  

I've used Receipt bank since the early days and have always found it to be a very useful tool in my day to day arsenal.

The guys (and gals) there are fantastic in support and listening to their users. Top notch company!

Sean Price  

Im obviously the odd one out here, but after reading all these great reviews I thought Id give RB a try .... and to be honest, I was disappointed and cancelled my account after 4 days use.

The issue is that probably half of the scanned invoices needed attention and it takes to long between submitting the receipts and them appearing in Xero …. I also don't really see a major benefit in terms of speed for entry … between making changes, updating the GST and reviewing the original document to ensure its been entered correctly, its probably just as quick to add the receipt directly into Xero.

the ability to take a photo is quite neat - but you can do that directly in the Xero app, or countless other apps converts a photo to PDF and saves into dropbox.

And for $79 a month ?

Awesome customer service - very quick twitter response times.

Andrew Hemphill  

I have been using Receipt Bank for my business for a while now and I can't recommend it enough. Receipt Bank has allowed me to really use Xero as a truly real time business tool as now all my expenses and invoices get fed into Xero as close to real time as possible.

Submitting via the app is first class and getting my petrol, coffee, parking receipts and even some paper invoices (the ones that still come through the post) into Xero couldn't be easier.

I did kid myself initially that I could key in the information faster into Xero than sending it into Receipt Bank but that tends to miss the point. Its all about getting the information into Xero as close to real time as possible and its about spending the time I would spend keying in the information to actually work on my business.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Receipt Bank and Xero to all business owners but frankly I wouldn't want the competition to know how I have so much time to bring more money into the business than spending it on administrating the business.


Celeste Dos Santos  

We have been using receipt bank for the last few months and find it an extremely useful add on. We find it reduces staff time in dealing with purchase invoices. It also allows us to easily co-ordinate invoices processing by different staff throughout the firm. The fact there is a scanned copy of the document attached to the purchase invoice in Xero really reduces the level of paper files in the office and the client can review any invoice at a single click. We are looking at how we can expand our usage of Receipt Bank.

Warren Keogh  

Receiptbank is a vital part of the accounting platform Finling offers to its clients. We are able to run a completely paperless service - it is like having additional bookkeeping teams in the background. My team loves it, and my clients love it even more!

Jennifer Denning  

Here at Milestone Management Solutions Ltd we are busy converting as many clients as we can to Receiptbank not only because of the speed and efficiency but because of the cost reductions that it creates. Our clients are telling us that it is reducing their book keeping costs by as much as 75% if used in conjuction with Xero.

Tony Miles  

The integration between Receipt Bank and Xero is superb. It allows my bookkeepers to spend their time on analysis rather than data entry, which in turn has added value to the information we provide to our clients. Our clients are now more proactive in ensuring we have a steady workflow, and are able to comment on receipts and invoices more easily which also ensures we code things correctly and reduces the number of queries. It also ensures I have oversight over all the receipts my clients are claiming. Overall it has made my practice much more efficient and accurate, and has brought us right up into the 21st century. Where would we be without Receipt Bank?? I dread to think...

Tasnim Mustafa  

Finding Software for SME's that works will in the South African market can be a grind. Finding software for South African SME's that integrates well with a world leading product like Xero can be almost impossible. But Receipt Bank and Xero now offer South African SME's a fully integrated solution that is easy to set up, easier to use and which in the words of another famous South African brand...is Saving you Time and Saving you Money!

Colin Timmis  

Our clients love using Receipt Bank to send us their documents. The iPhone app is super easy for them to use and my bookkeepers are very happy with the Receipt Bank interface. We used to have to scan receipts/invoices/checks for our clients--now they do the work for us!

Blake Oliver  

I like the idea, however there are some quirks which make the RB experience less than satisfying. For example, there does not appear to be a way of entering line description when coding payable invoices (yes I know the image is attached, but when you export reports from Xero then images are not attached), it is an annoyance to have to use the mouse to select the date during coding process, and finally the way receipt bank deals with VAT rounding adjustments creates unnecessary transactions in Xero. And RB's coding itself is rather errorsome...

UPDATE: Received a call from Receipt-Bank. Encouraging to see them respond to forum feedback. Turns out there were features in the software that I had not yet discovered. Booked a demo to run through full feature set... Rating revised.

Haider Ali  

Receipt Bank is my all time favourite integration that I recommend to all of my clients. Keep up the nice work Receipt Bank!

Ryan Lazanis  

The more I use Receipt Bank, the more I discover new features and I have begun to appreciate how well RB has been designed and how much of the Xero work it does for me before I even transfer my docs across from RB.

The more I use it the more impressed I am at the features it offers and its useability and simplicity. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to process receipts in bulk.

Philip van Zyl  

Receipt Bank has just saved us so much time with our latest new client! Most of the Quarter's VAT receipts were 'snapped' and uploaded in much less than half the time it would have taken to key-in, let alone total wipe-out of any possible keying-in errors, which are of course inevitably followed by further 'correction time'.

We much prefer organising, reconciling and managing clients accounts than just sitting and keying-in...anyday! Thank you Receipt Bank!

Jayne Smith  

Receipt Bank is a cornerstone piece of software in our bookkeeping firm. Without it I'd be lost now. I use it to default coding which helps with consistency. It makes the process of our customers getting information to us so much quicker! This relates in great turn around times in producing financial results. I love the fact then months later when I'm in Xero and I've forgotten the nature of a purchase I can look up the attached image to refresh my memory. Receipt Bank, you rock!

Michele Clemens