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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 13 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and SimplePay, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About SimplePay

Payroll software that simply works, for South Africa, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong. Fully online and up to date with the relevant legislation. For more information, check out SimplePay.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with SimplePay, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check this page for information on connecting SimplePay to Xero or contact the team at info@simplepay.co.za.

Simple pay is just great! Very easy to use and integrates amazingly well with Xero by just a click of a button.
The support is incredible with no time delays when you are needing assistance. Highly recommended!

Jean Rossi  

Hi everyone - I have been using Simple Pay for about 8 months. I have found some of the input requirements a little confusing but once these had been resolved, it has been the most fantastic payroll, surpassed only by their support staff who are truly helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering a payroll solution - you could do no better than Simple Pay

Lynne Olds  

Simplepay is really awesome. It makes payroll processing and management so easy / simple. The support staff are extremely helpful.

Danielle Erasmus  

Simplepay really makes payroll easy and the integration with Xero is fantastic. If you are using Xero in South Africa you should be using Simplepay. Support is also prompt and helpful.

Karl Gebhardt  

I have been using this product now for over a year for many different companies for whom I provide a payroll service. I must say I like the product and though company supplying product is based in South Africa, I have found the level of service very good, quickly returning emails and phoning me if more appropriate. I have also found them open to suggestions to adding more functionality to make their product more in line with existing market leaders in payroll provision in Ireland. My main reason for going with this company initially was the link they provide with Xero. Would be happy to hear experiences of other users of SimpePay in Ireland.

Tony O Sullivan  

Simple but powerful. easy to use. quick turnaround from support.

Chris Vos  

Love the Payroll app, one problem. I opened a demo company and I am playing around by sending myself self manage link. Now as the main user I cant log back in need help!! its a bit frustrating.

Kaylene de Vos  

SimplePay's team has polished their Singapore product offering quite a bit over the past few years. It remains a simple, effective payroll and HR self service tool, that is compliant with Inland Revenue Singapore and CPF Board. Would recommend

Namita Sethi  

Does Simplepay support web based T&A & tracking in Xero

Franz Senger  

I would like to add to the rest of the rave reviews about these guys. Especially the initial person saying poor service response. I have had nothing but very generous responses. In fact we had a nasty bug that kept coming up due to an import from Deputy issue and instead of basically saying sorry or nothing we can do, they continued to work diligently to try and figure it out and eventually solved the problem.

Because it comes off a bit no frills, it does takes some time to navigate, but it does what it says. It does everything I need quickly, competently, in-line with the law, and for a very reasonable price.

When you compare it to the biggest player down here (Sage Pastel), I actually think they are better AND cheaper. Sage Pastel looks great, but is actually more complex from a user experience (UX) over the long run, slower, and no-where near worth the price.

Update May 2019: I wrote this review back in 2015 and am still using SimplePay. I still find their support great, I find they keep it updating it with the right mix of keeping it simple and useful, and I still find the price value to be exceptional. We did a review last year and also found that when compared to Sage Payroll in South Africa, SimplePay SA continued to be a far, far better value. We really do love these guys after all these years.

Joshua Cherry  

This is an excellent payroll application. It takes a bit of getting used to initially, and it is possible to make mistakes. However, you can easily undo mistakes. Under the hood, it is extremely powerful. I have some clients with fairly complex payroll needs, and SimplePay makes life very easy. Their support staff are excellent. This application saves me hours and hours. It is essential for payroll processing in South Africa.

Jody Hollis  

In 2013, we introduced you to SimplePay, a slick and easy-to-use payroll software designed for Singapore. Here are some updates for you,

Features that are cool

1. Self-service payslip and leave options: This feature offers employees the ability to download payslips on demand, and even put in leave applications as well. HR personnel can then approve the leave, and leave balances are auto-calculated across categories.

2. CPF submission via electronic returns:It calculates the employers’ and employees portions of CPF and the respective levies. SimplePay generates an ATP file that can be directly uploaded on the CPF website to auto-fill the CPF monthly returns.

3. Syncing iwith Xero: SimplePay integrates seamlessly with Xero.

4. Add new custom item: SimplePay has this great feature where you can add “custom items” to appear on your payslips, these items would fall into income, deduction, allowance or reimbursement categories.

Latest updates

Here are some of the latest additions the team has launched over the past year and in early 2015, and that make payroll processing fast and fun:

1. Partial months worked/unpaid leave:
SimplePay uses MOM formula for calculating worked/unpaid leave,

2. Annual leave settings

3. CPF contributions for the first or second year permanent residence (PR):
SimplePay gives you the ability to set full CPF contributions for your staff who are either first or second year PRs.

4.IRAS approved payroll:
SimpePay is now included in the list of supporting payroll vendors of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Reports in Beta:
SimplePay is currently developing a new set of “Financial Reports”.

There are two reports under this category.

1. Balances – Loans, Savings and Garnishees: These will show the company the amount that employees are holding as loans or garnishees.

2. Leave Liabilities: The report once functional, should help in computing the numbers associated with unclaimed leave to help create provisions

That gives you a flavour of what SimplePay is all about. Futurebooks is the first partner with SimplePay in Singapore.

Futurebooks Team  

Fantastic payroll app. Its simple, easy to set up (they can import that awful Pastel Payroll backup) they respond to email requests quickly and it posts the monthly payroll journal to Xero with one click. If you mess up the payroll run, undo it, fix it and repost to Xero.

Murray Barnetson  

Sometime back my colleague Dewi shared her first impressions of Futurebooks adopting SimplePay during its private beta.

Since then I have used three features of SimplePay so far, and am impressed with the ease of use and customer support experience on each of them

- Self service leave option: This feature offers employees the ability to download payslips on demand, to apply for leave, for HR personnel to approve leave and leave balances across categories are auto calculated.

- CPF submission via the electronic return: Excellent feature, works just as it should calculating employer, employee CPF and respective levies.

- Syncing into Xero : This works smoothly and pretty much instantaneously as well. One improvement that can be bought here is the ability to post into Xero's default "Wages Payable" account. Currently as I understand this is restricted by Xero, and we have to instead create a duplicate Wage Payable account

Well done Dave and team on launching SimplePay for Singapore, wishing you greater adoption and success as well as eventual inclusion on the approved list of Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore and the Central Provident Fund.

George | Futurebooks